Joe Rogan Experience #1337 - Dan Crenshaw

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Dan Crenshaw is a politician and former United States Navy SEAL officer serving as the U.S. Representative for Texas's 2nd congressional district since 2019.

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21 Ago 2019



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Vatatheo Anonymous
Vatatheo Anonymous 5 horas atrás
As a Democrat, I'm happy this guy is a senator. He seems to have a solid understanding of what's actually going on. I would vote for him as president, but I doubt he would want that position.
Vatatheo Anonymous
Vatatheo Anonymous 5 horas atrás
At the very least, he seems willing to listen to the opposition.
Vatatheo Anonymous
Vatatheo Anonymous 5 horas atrás
"Democrat" honestly, I don't like to pick sides, but I've always agreed with democrats, more than Republicans.
Pipi κ
Pipi κ Dia atrás
That was a very good one
Kristoffer Vikan
Kristoffer Vikan Dia atrás
Joe, get Tulsi and Dan together on the show!! I'm dying to see this happen! (copied Ethan Rogers)
Everyone has an opinion
Imagine if this was how Republicans and Democrats debated in government! I feel like there would be so much more progress
Porter Rockwell
Porter Rockwell 2 dias atrás
Crenshaw is a Zionist snake. Republicans across the country oppose unconstitutional red flag laws yet this little schemer is cosponsoring a federal level red flag law. He calls anyone and everyone critical of Israeli policy an "antisemite". He is not serving the American people.
Christopher Rinker
Christopher Rinker 2 dias atrás
Tax dollars paying this guy to make a coin? Come on pimp focus on not being like the rest of the scum politicians
speedwayaudio3 2 dias atrás
the left are the only think toxic.
Anders 2 dias atrás
Joe “Joe Rogan” Rogan
TunedCavityLasers 2 dias atrás
How many bowls in?
Guyle 2 dias atrás
Joe trying to convince Dan weed is the best lmao. Some people just dont like it. I personally think it smells terrible. That's it.
Guyle Dia atrás
@TunedCavityLaserspeople make it seem like it's bad to not want to smoke. What so wrong with that? What about where Rogan says weed has negative effects on brains not fully developed brains?
TunedCavityLasers 2 dias atrás
The benefits far outweigh any negatives when used responsibly.. There is no other herb on the planet with so much to offer. Besides, a man in his position cannot admit to use even if he did it on occasion. Still too much stigma attached. As to smell? Edibles....
BigBotz One
BigBotz One 2 dias atrás
"They always bring a kid with them to be sure they can stay." Where are they getting the kid? They bring a kid because they have a kid lol. Statements like that are what muddies the conversation. Why throw that nonsense sentence in when the truth is reason enough to have the immigration conversation. Everyone needs to stop all the hyperbole so we can discuss real issues truthfully. Loopholes are great and Trump says these loopholes are good business if you find them for tax law but if people find them to help them get a better life its wrong. I think we need to close all loopholes.
BigBotz One
BigBotz One 2 dias atrás
I love listening to someone having discussions acting like he's being objective but every idea brought up gets explained and resolved using what he believes to be true no matter what other evidence is introduced. I really enjoyed the fracking discussion, "the earthquakes are rare and the lighting of water on fire is debunked." Anything he likes cannot have a single bad thing associated with them. We need truthful discussions about all these policies without personal beliefs from all parties involved. We need to only listen to the science of all these things and take personal thoughts out of it completely.
BigBotz One
BigBotz One 2 dias atrás
He doesn't "feel that way" about politicians and its just cynical. When laws that are passed are the opposite of what policy the voters want there is an obvious corruption. The second time a politician gets a pac or bundles from a corporate entity they are corrupt because corporations do not make bad investments and its 100% against corporate policy to do anything that doesn't maximize profit. We can have the discussion about how damaging it is or isn't but to say it's not happening is being disingenuous.
BigBotz One
BigBotz One 2 dias atrás
The problem with some states isnt that its hard to vote its when registered voters get removed from the rolls and end up not having their vote counted on election day. It killx an already low turnout.
Tlotti 0115
Tlotti 0115 2 dias atrás
We need more moderate politicians....
greg sheppard
greg sheppard 2 dias atrás
Two gun grabbers for red flag laws. This man is a trader a rino pos
Seth Jessen
Seth Jessen 3 dias atrás
“Are you hurt, or are you injured?” questions I ask my son all the time... So glad to hear that said on this podcast
JohnLuke 3 dias atrás
Joe has had a handful of guests who dispute the claim that gun crimes and mass shootings have increased. And joe always disagrees and then seems to agree with that stats and numbers. Or at least it looks like he does. But then he always brings up the same questions as if his opinion has never changed. It may well be that his opinion hasn’t changed. But only thing I can say is, how can he dispute these facts multiple times? He’s pro gun yet when an anti gun advocate is there he seems to fold. He could be a great asset to the 2nd amendment yet he seems to be a rival at times.
David Wethington
David Wethington 3 dias atrás
Crenshaw 2024!
Shane 3 dias atrás
Gross we dont need an AIPAC sponsored pres
KURT MUSTANG 3 dias atrás
Dan Crenshaw is against the 1st Amendment. FUCK YOU DAN
AnIrishMusician 4 dias atrás
Strange how there are so many dislikes. This was a very enjoyable podcast.
AnIrishMusician 2 dias atrás
@Porter Rockwell citations please.
Porter Rockwell
Porter Rockwell 2 dias atrás
Probably because Crenshaw is a total Israel first neocon that calls anyone critical of Israeli policy an "antisemite". Also could be his cosponsoring of an unconstitutional federal red flag law. He is a fraud.
Flavius Belisarius
Flavius Belisarius 4 dias atrás
52:00 Joe your country rebelled over tax,not ideals. Democratic republics existed and lasted centuries before America was even discovered. American democracy is a merger of British parliamentarianism and federalism common in Germany at the time. It's philosophical standing was based mainly on British and French thinkers and it looked back to Rome for many parts. America is an enlightenment era country through to the bone, the only thing different from any other is large amounts of hubris. I'm not saying it isn't unique just that it isn't the first to do most of it
Siscast 4 dias atrás
After watching this, there is literally no reason to dislike this video. So ask yourself why you decided to dislike it.
Grumpy Cat-Bear
Grumpy Cat-Bear 4 dias atrás
Crenshaw 2024
Pirates Fate
Pirates Fate 4 dias atrás
Another FRAUD!!!
AAA 5 dias atrás
Joe, your statement about Politicians needing to have served, I'd remind you that FDR hadn't served. He did fine in WWII, that's part of why the Joint Chiefs exist.
Xantheus07 5 dias atrás
A Joe i suggest you look up the Barbary War we had 0 troops in the world at the time and they were attacking us back then as well.
Game Breakdown
Game Breakdown 5 dias atrás
I really like the part where joe points out that competition is necessary for some people especially men and the results if competitive people don’t compete.
phrozen17 5 dias atrás
Kayla Cameron
Kayla Cameron 5 dias atrás
Get Dan and AOC on together to discuss the Green New Deal
micah larimer
micah larimer 5 dias atrás
38:41 I would NEVER comment on a youtube video.
Connor Greenwell
Connor Greenwell 5 dias atrás
"Hanging and dimpled chads"
neu dae
neu dae 5 dias atrás
I hate to explain a joke, but him saying "whatever" to something as serious and incredible and amazing as being a war hero ... is the joke. It wouldn't be a joke if being a war hero wasn't a huge deal. It's intentional absurdity.
Hllbllybdass 5 dias atrás
best example why we need the electoral college, Virginia now.
Felipe Ritter
Felipe Ritter 6 dias atrás
Well you don't need an uber battery to reduce carbon emissions via wind and solar energy capture. You could still power your devices through renewable energy sources while spending less finite energy sources. At least during the day. You could still power your stuff off grid during the day and use the power grid during the night. I think the objective is to reduce non-renewable energy sources, for the moment; not to erradicate fossile fuel. With that said, the man sounds very reasonable, even though my country doesn't care about energy efficiency.
Jarl Steinn
Jarl Steinn 6 dias atrás
Dan is a really smart guy. I just don’t see how people can argue a lot of his points.
MrR1D3R 6 dias atrás
I just don’t understand how Joe says he is against woke culture but can somehow still support Bernie. Who will not in anyway shape or form try to make it any better
MIKENIKE 4 horas atrás
@Matt S. The way I understand it is that there is no doubt that global warming is real. The thing scientists are in disagreement about is how much humans are actually contributing to climate change, since the earth's climate has shifted in much more violent ways in the past, before humans began expelling greenhouse gases. Another thing is that I noticed you're voting for Bernie because he "seems" like the best guy. Just because someone seems nice, doesn't make them fit to lead the country. Bernie would destroy the economy with his fiscal policies, and expand the deficit by trillions each year to pay for medicare for all. While Bernie likes to rant and rave about billionares needing to pay more in taxes, he has also admitted under his plan that all americans with $29,000 (Below poverty line) or more in annual income will pay more in taxes too.
Matt S.
Matt S. 5 horas atrás
@MIKENIKE I see what you're saying, but nothing changes if no one tries. I can hit you with platitudes like "be the change you want to see" all day, but it ultimately comes down to how you view the world. If that mindset doesn't apply to you, that's a little unfortunate, but I understand your reasoning all the same. My perspective of the world is that climate change is a catastrophe, so nothing else really matters. I would rather say I tried, than die knowing I didn't. A lot of people disagree with the science, which is -- again, a little disappointing. I can't force people to view the same reality that I do, so I just vote how I can and hope for the best. At the end of the day we're all going to die anyways, so it's not like it really matters. I try not to put much thought into it. I like Bernie, and he seems the best to me, it's pretty straightforward.
MIKENIKE 7 horas atrás
@Matt S. Well then we have different priorities. I also care about the environment but I don't think we should kneecap the US economy to try to single-handedly save the planet. There's a whole world out there doing much more polluting than us, namely China and India. Without their cooperation things will only get worse and good luck with that.
Matt S.
Matt S. 7 horas atrás
@MIKENIKE To me? Because he values climate control more importantly than any other candidate. No matter what someones stance on climate change is (as sad as that thought is), wanting to better the environment should be high priority. Whether you (in the general sense) think climate change is an inconvenience, or a catastrophe in the making, wanting a cleaner environment only serves to help us all. There are other things as well, like his credibility, but that's more of a physical appeal than a logical one. I also don't feel like making an essay.
MIKENIKE Dia atrás
Matt S. Why is Bernie the best candidate?
Javier Sola Trinidad
Javier Sola Trinidad 6 dias atrás
1:00:00 hour in, for a little political ballet for this tough guy. A littel sad.
John Patz
John Patz 7 dias atrás
The reason marxists in the US use "identity," as opposed to economic status is very simple, those behind this push are overwhelmingly rich. As for marijuana, I think the paranoia it can cause is much preferable to the liquid courage that alcohol provides.
John Patz
John Patz 7 dias atrás
People tend to oppose "other people's" lobbyists. A prime example is gun rights, anti gun groups complain about the NRA donating to campaigns and lobbying lawmakers, yet have no issue with anti gun groups doing the exact same things, just with the goal of eliminating gun rights instead of protecting them. The anti free speech movement taking place is identical as they only want to silence dissenting opinions, but think their rights to preach their views shouldn't be restricted in any way.
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith 8 dias atrás
If Dan Crenshaw gave the exact same "State of the Union" as Trump 2020, would Pelosi have ripped it up for being untrue?
This Guy
This Guy 8 dias atrás
With regards to the free speech and private company challenge, I propose a thought experiment........ wind the clocks back to the late 1800/ early 1900’s, a private company refuses to sell printing equipment to political forces, say the woman’s rights movement, where do we left and right stand. Can the company do that or not? Maybe this can be a starting point
Brandon Gonzales
Brandon Gonzales 8 dias atrás
Symbology? Symbolism what is the symbolism...
Billy Bo Baggins
Billy Bo Baggins 8 dias atrás
Dan the “republican Crenshaw lel bs
dasparado 8 dias atrás
The Nazis were ardent socialists (hence the term "National socialism"). They believed in free health care and guaranteed jobs. They confiscated inherited wealth and spent vast sums on public education. They purged the church from public policy, promoted a new form of pagan spirituality, and inserted the authority of the state into every nook and cranny of daily life. The Nazis declared war on smoking, supported abortion, euthanasia, and gun control. They loathed the free market, provided generous pensions for the elderly, and maintained a strict racial quota system in their universities-where campus speech codes were all the rage. The Nazis led the world in organic farming and alternative medicine. Hitler was a strict vegetarian, and Himmler was an animal rights activist. Tell me, what is right wing about this?
Rahamses Galvan
Rahamses Galvan 8 dias atrás
Dan Crenshaw 2024
Samuel Pascall
Samuel Pascall 8 dias atrás
Big Boss! 🤯
bls454 8 dias atrás
18 more years in Afghanistan protecting the world's Heroin supply...That's a winning strategy
Willz828 8 dias atrás
Your like a word harvester
Tibi Alexandru
Tibi Alexandru 9 dias atrás
Joe, for the voting thing.... look into the Romanian diaspora voting.......... most Romanians outside Romania wait in line for hours to go vote for their president back in Romania. I think that problem has been all over Europe. I know people that waited for like 8-9 hours in line in London to vote. I did wait once for like 4 or 5 hours. SOme people don't even get to vote as the pools close before they got to it.
Willz828 9 dias atrás
Hes rocking the morpheus side eye patch without the strap that he usually wears and its sick, totally would wear that if i ever lost my eye
Botanical Biohacking
Botanical Biohacking 9 dias atrás
If Dan Crenshaw is correct about this, then the only answer would be world conquest. The Romans certainly thought so. They were correct in a sense. On one hand the roads they built into Northern Europe literally paved the way for their own destruction, but this was only the case as their power started to wane. They had the same bullshit propaganda from the beginning with a preemptive strikes and "helping" their subject nations. I'm not interested in the propaganda he's sharing. Thats a bit insulting to our intelligence, but he does have a question that points to a greater question. Can you become an empire and then just go back to being cool with everyone? Given that every empire that loses power gets eaten up by those it used to bully there will be a lot of people coming to eat us if we show weakness. As far as stabilizing the middle east, thats more a question of economic development, but thats not our purpose. Our purpose is maintaining the empire at whatever cost because once we show weakness we can expect further divides and if we follow Rome, we will have an Eastern Capital and a Western Capital as we become assimilated into new power bases.
Patrick Ayers
Patrick Ayers 9 dias atrás
Very late comment, but #1337 is the perfect number for this interview :)
Scott Harris
Scott Harris 9 dias atrás
Crenshaw in 2024.
my7571 9 dias atrás
No way. He will try to destroy this country. He hates america.
Joe bring this guy back early November
Harukiii 10 dias atrás
The argument with weed as a social lubricant is really interesting to me because drinking alcohol you get more of an upity time you feel more like a piece of the puzzle but contrast that with weed the conversations tend to be over more complex topics and in my opinion weed helps you grasp and understand more complex topics through the easing of social barriers. How alcohol enhances your personality i feel that weed allows you to reflect on it and be more thoughtful than with alcohol both are enjoyable but for different reasons. I drink to have fun and laugh but i smoke to think and have deeper conversations.
blue boy
blue boy 10 dias atrás
What are the benefits to marijuana legalization. Heres how you know hes full of shit. He's saying since I don't think it will benefit society you should rot in a cell if you do it.
Seeled 10 dias atrás
Neo-Con garbage
Lore 10 dias atrás
lmao joe is a 1337 hax0r
Lorgar Aurelian
Lorgar Aurelian 11 dias atrás
Thank you for having him, it was good to hear his take of the red flag trash.
Shaud Ordonez
Shaud Ordonez 11 dias atrás
You have to run a business as if you are on the right. If you run it with left policies you go broke
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