Joe Rogan Experience #1337 - Dan Crenshaw

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Dan Crenshaw is a politician and former United States Navy SEAL officer serving as the U.S. Representative for Texas's 2nd congressional district since 2019.

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21 Ago 2019



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s currey
s currey 5 horas atrás
Dan said something like, "Switzerland has the most guns per capita." Every website I hit has US at the top with 101 guns per capita. Am I missing something? Be interesting if another country has more guns than US. Could shift the conversation to mental health care funding and truely start supporting each other instead of blaming a gun?
NaseMaser 4 horas atrás
He may have meant to say gun ownership per capita. When he said that, even I went I dont think that's true but then when he went on to say that that may be why they have low crime is because almost everyone has a gun, I reevaluated the statement. But yeah good call because I think most people are going to get that confused since he seems to have worded it poorly
Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane 13 horas atrás
Americans talk about ‘getting rid of automatic weapons won’t have any effect on mass shootings’ 🙄 Ban all guns in America and gun related deaths will drop by 90% in America guaranteed. But no American politician will propose to ban all guns because it will bury their career
The Poison Bucket
The Poison Bucket 12 horas atrás
Automatic weapons are already banned.
Cassandra Cataldo
Cassandra Cataldo 13 horas atrás
we're not the most divided, we're the most visible.... ewww seeing people's emotions on screen all the time.
CallMeBronco 17 horas atrás
Only 10 minutes in and this guy seems more competent than most of the presidentual candidates
Daniel Graham
Daniel Graham 17 horas atrás
Amazing conversation! Thanks for this Joe and thanks for having Dan on. Such a cool calm cat.
Hunter Schultz
Hunter Schultz 21 hora atrás
I like how he avoided the pot that was awesome
Delbert Winters
Delbert Winters Dia atrás
When talking about gun violence and solutions he says we can’t go after the tool cus it won’t solve the problem, and it infringes on law abiding citizens’ rights, AND YET republicans just banned vaping flavors because teens get illegal cartridges and there’s been 6 deaths out of the thousands a year caused from smoking tobacco products and the even more thousands caused by the influence of alcohol, Republicans just love talking out of their ass don’t they?
NerfGanondorf Dia atrás
I really like Dan. Nice guy. Great domestic policy and insight generally. It's a shame he has no idea what he's talking about with foreign policy. Or, maybe he does, and that's even worse.
Vincent Serafini
Vincent Serafini 18 horas atrás
Yea I'd be willing to bet that he knows so much more than you could imagine. He's a former SEAL and now a respected politician.
Pat Leonard
Pat Leonard 20 horas atrás
Oh and you do apparently...
Andrew Torgerson
Andrew Torgerson Dia atrás
id vote for him for prezzz
Pat Leonard
Pat Leonard Dia atrás
Dan of the good guys! Enjoyed the rapport between the two of you.
David Cameo
David Cameo Dia atrás
We should call that reality show, "Handi-Capitol"
Yahegao Dia atrás
Dan Crenshaw is 1337 confirmed?
B W Dia atrás
He seems reasonable but he's also spinning things in a way that is basically bullshit. Everyone knows that mega-donors get around that $5000 limit by donating hundreds of thousands that is then split up into individual campaigns by the party. Donation limits are a joke now and it's disingenuous of him to pretend otherwise. If not, how TF is Trump raising $5 million at a single lunch event? Why are all the people at these events typically rich and/or famous if our system is so equitable? Wealthy individuals can still wield vast influence over an entire party. You can also look at the record of corporate interest bills vs public interest bills and the rate at which they get passed and see a vast disparity. I want to like this guy. He has really sensible things to say and he seems genuine. But then I hear him trying to paint a picture of lobbying that is obviously untrue. Using that old slimy trick of creating a false image by revealing only a small portion of the truth. Clearly he's intelligent enough to know he isn't being honest. Damn shame. And if your elections are so great why are many Texas counties still buying and using voting machines with no paper trail. Why not paper ballots? Why not a national holiday on voting day? Huh? You were soft on Trump after he exposed his belly to Putin. You're constantly on the 'no collusion no obstruction" bandwagon, which is so obviously, provably untrue that it's just insulting to continue hearing people say it. Mueller himself said that his report does not exonerate Trump> Crenshaw stated that the Mueller report "unequivocally absolves" Trump. I think you're just like all the other Republicans willing to let Russia fuck with us as long the fuckery works out in your favor, Dan Crenshaw. I think underneath your air of calm, enlightened reasonableness, you have the same dark inclinations for disingenuous and manipulative politics that people hate about Hillary and Mitch McConnell. You're just way smarter and better at it, and you come from a more respectable background. Prove me wrong, Dan.
a Life to Summit
a Life to Summit Dia atrás
Of course this guy loves the idea of the electoral college, his party is the one who benefits the most from it.
Justin S
Justin S Dia atrás
Crenshaw joined the military for political clout. That's it. Evey maga dipshit knows they can get a nonconfrontational platform from Rogan.
Johnathan Patterson
Great podcast excellent conversation but if people want guns they well get guns especially bad people
Dönald Trümp
Dönald Trümp Dia atrás
The government has failed to protect the people for so long now. I think it’s time that the citizens took protection into their own hands.
Justin S
Justin S Dia atrás
lol dork
Jasjot Heer
Jasjot Heer Dia atrás
Don't complain to a SEAL about making things "easier" lmao
Scott Lee Clayton
tom henderson
tom henderson Dia atrás
Two homo midgets waiting for the commercial breaks so they can blow each other.
derek smith
derek smith 2 dias atrás
I hate to say it but American isolationism is what led Nazi Germany to take over all of Europe as the most powerful country in the world we can't just be on the sidelines
derek smith
derek smith Dia atrás
@AmigoRoberto yep we took what we wanted then closed the doors on the world
AmigoRoberto Dia atrás
We were pretty imperialistic at that time
Thomas Flavin
Thomas Flavin 2 dias atrás
between this guy and Andrew Yang, I suddenly feel better about the future of Politics in America
Liam Porter
Liam Porter 2 dias atrás
Totally changed my perception of this guy. Amazing.
Whitesp44 2 dias atrás
#1, In Massachusetts, no ID required at polling place. I like to show it and they laugh at me. #2, The AG decided to ban the sale of assault rifles even though none were used in an active shooter event throughout the history of the state, feel better not doing better. #3 I remember working at a night club in Hyannis on comedy night when Joe was on a circuit. Great guy hung out with the door staff, we laughed and shot the shit. Love these podcasts.
Tyler Turner
Tyler Turner 2 dias atrás
internet comment etiquette has really come a long way
Maciek Kuznicki
Maciek Kuznicki 2 dias atrás
Big boss
RayGunz 2 dias atrás
I agree with Dan Crenshaw about having guards at the schools I want a job that pays me decent and that I can help kids with and secure there future by keeping them safe that would be excellent, what would be more rewarding? I would be proud to do that for my country.
RayGunz Dia atrás
@Dönald Trümp so many veterans are still looking for a job.
RayGunz Dia atrás
@Dönald Trümp I totally agree the same goes for people in the security field. As far as some of the latest stuff I have seen,I would like to point out that there was a fake sniper shooting in California where a police officer claimed he was shot by a sniper and even the mayor claims he came to visit that police officer in the hospital it made local news over there and then it was exposed as a fake. I am starting to believe some of these shootings are not real and that they are simply being perpetuated to get people in a panic buying situation. Also I believe that there is an attack on the Second Amendment quite clearly a lot of it is manipulation and a lot of it is true. It would be nice if they would just leave our constitution alone.
Dönald Trümp
Dönald Trümp Dia atrás
RayGunz yeah, especially all those veterans who are looking for a job. They would be proud to put their skills into protecting their children.
RayGunz 2 dias atrás
they already have police officers they are why not have a security office its in every building that I work in because I do security Joe Rogan do you even know what you're talking about,its their was a security guard armed and a room with cameras to watch the building and was taking the job seriously this could be prevented quite simply easily
RayGunz 2 dias atrás
No they are lying what it is is tools to find out who has the guns and who doesn't
RayGunz 2 dias atrás
right these Mass shootings are theatrical alright look at the sniper case in California where a police officer claimed he was shot and the news aired it! The mayor even claimed he visited the police officer! lies and ever since I've been speaking out like this even in the comments it has gotten the harder and harder to use talk to text all of the misspellings that were not happening before
RayGunz 2 dias atrás
There's no solving other than putting proper security forces in the proper place that's all grow up and get to the point higher some people who need jobs to work at the schools instead of leaving them vulnerable you know what the solutions are you guys just want to take away the rights of the people as a means to say you did something that's it
RayGunz 2 dias atrás
This guy is about altering the second amendment which I am NOT so he doesn't have my support seems like a nice guy though
RayGunz Dia atrás
@Dönald Trümp he has to be careful what he says when he thinks the cameras aren't rolling.
RayGunz Dia atrás
@Dönald Trümp he's for the Taps Act, which I happen to know quite a bit about. Not to mention he's been caught on camera by a journalist, where his wife snatched the camera away because he was talkin about supporting red flag laws and the Taps Act. Bottom line he's a left leaning conservative from what he has displayed, if he wasn't and he supported the Second Amendment wholeheartedly. I would support him, but I can't.
Dönald Trümp
Dönald Trümp Dia atrás
RayGunz dude what? He literally said that he doesn’t like red flags
Calvin Madsen
Calvin Madsen 2 dias atrás
RayGunz Did you even listen to the podcast?
Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell 2 dias atrás
Dan Crenshaw is 1337
Nils Ersson
Nils Ersson 2 dias atrás
mcginnismtt 2 dias atrás
This guy provided more actual science on climate, tech, and economics than anyone I've heard lately.
mcginnismtt 2 dias atrás
I listened to this right after the Neil Degrassi Tyson episode... Does anyone get the feeling NDT is at best a douchebag, at worst a con man compared to Crenshaw?
Agent 13
Agent 13 3 dias atrás
Here we go boys, 1337
Chris Ashe
Chris Ashe 3 dias atrás
Dan thinks Medicare for all is the socialist downfall of america. Dude also routinely votes to loosen regs on fossil fuel extraction that will lead to more deaths. Dan Crenshaw is an old fart republican who needs to get voted out
David John
David John 3 dias atrás
1:43:30 Let’s do that instead of paper straws
BILL Gurr 3 dias atrás
what a big ass liar !!!
Nick Arrington
Nick Arrington 3 dias atrás
Bring on Hasan Minhaj!!!
Ricardo Galindo
Ricardo Galindo 4 dias atrás
He's Eye Patch Morty!
Ryan Mcginness
Ryan Mcginness 4 dias atrás
The Carr Show
The Carr Show 4 dias atrás
18:56 Excellent observation!
Chief Weed
Chief Weed 4 dias atrás
Can someone tag how many times we heard the phrase “Self Evident”?
Herps Derp
Herps Derp 4 dias atrás
It's easy to register to vote. It's hard to get off work to actually vote and to do that multiple times a year for different elections.
AmigoRoberto Dia atrás
3 hour wait time for the last 2 elections for me. Just make voting day on saturday already
Dönald Trümp
Dönald Trümp Dia atrás
Herps Derp you work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for three weeks at a time? It’s not hard to go down to the mail shop and press a few buttons on who you think has better policies.
J Green
J Green 4 dias atrás
What do we give to these countries other than “protection”
Anthony O'er
Anthony O'er 2 dias atrás
Economic stability which is # in preventing conflict. Learn your history.
Eknowbateeb 4 dias atrás
J Green Goods in the form of weapons.
Roger [kirby] Waters
Roger [kirby] Waters 4 dias atrás
This man is a traitor who wants to take away ur guns
Steven Larsson
Steven Larsson 4 dias atrás
Anyone else hear him say "symbology" and instantly think of Boondock Saints?
Chrusaster 4 dias atrás
well its not like germany and co has a joice if it comes to your bases america...
Anthony O'er
Anthony O'er 2 dias atrás
They do... For instance, Poland wants US bases to discourage Russian expansion. #Crimea...
Ramzi Kawas
Ramzi Kawas 4 dias atrás
I feel like this guy is literally a clone to every republican that ever existed, no original ideas, applies himself to the republican mold on all facets.. disappointing
Justin S
Justin S Dia atrás
@Michael Mendosa Especially the parts about excluding, women, slaves, Native Americans, and the poor.
Anthony O'er
Anthony O'er 2 dias atrás
He's a neo con... We need more libertarians.
Michael Mendosa
Michael Mendosa 4 dias atrás
That's how conservativism works, dumbass. They follow the constitution (which was written a little while back).
SkinnyKitchen 4 dias atrás
51:48 that's fucking right. comedians and musicians should not be engaging in political shit. you're an artist, you're here to perform. do your act, perform your song, and other than that..... shut the fuck up, nobody cares. i love pink floyd; i think Roger Waters is immensely talented, but i don't think he should ever open his fucking mouth unless he's singing Money
Zoran Joksimovic
Zoran Joksimovic 5 dias atrás
Wow Dan is the man. Fucking amazingly honest and genuine and logical. This is guy I could vote for president but unfortunately political ambition is inherently destructive to character. Yo rogan, your weed argument is does so harm and not just to the user but to others and early Colorado and California stats show it. The old legal weed eliminates illegal dealers is silly...the Mexican cartels love legal weed since they can launder their illegal weed into the supply...and that's just the tip of the iceberg
Rob Street
Rob Street 5 dias atrás
for the love of god quit saying nuanced people!!!!!!!!!!!
Westley Parker
Westley Parker 5 dias atrás
Eye patch coin
Reverend Dickie
Reverend Dickie 5 dias atrás
He's pushing for "Red Flag Laws". He's not who we think he is. Seems like a George Bush Neo-Con to me.
BlackSh1rtandJeans 5 dias atrás
@Reverend Dickie Yeah but you can live with some cancers. Trump has plenty of neo-con sensibilities. But he's also shaping up to be the best president in 30 years.
Reverend Dickie
Reverend Dickie 5 dias atrás
@BlackSh1rtandJeans Sure, I can agree with that. But that's as bad as saying "Well, some Cancers are better than others." It's all bad.
BlackSh1rtandJeans 5 dias atrás
Crenshaw is a neo-con for sure. But I think he is the least objectionable neo-con in politics today.
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson 5 dias atrás
If anyone's interested in Dan Crenshaw, go watch Jacko's podcast when he has him on it. It's much better than this one, because Jocko actually knows Dan. You find out about Dan being blind for months and then gaining his vision back, the struggle of going up against the machine of politically connected individuals. Overall a great listen if you want the real side of Dan.
Winston Churchill
Christian Anderson I will be sure to check it out.
Daniel afg
Daniel afg 5 dias atrás
Such a neo con
D Michael H
D Michael H 6 dias atrás
How about we figure out who you are before we let you vote. A ballot is far more dangerous than a weapon.
Herps Derp
Herps Derp 4 dias atrás
Because that then creates: " BOB IS AN ENEMY OF THE STATE! HE DISAGREES! TAKE HIS VOTER RIGHTS!" A slippery slope if there ever was one. It's like saying we should lock up anyone who is deemed mentally ill at the drop of the hat. A tactic that was previously used to silent people that knew too much, were political opponents or simply were sided against due to bigotry (Ex: Women being institutionalized by husbands they wanted to divorce). Saying you can't vote if you aren't a citizen or are a convicted felon is a fair baseline. How to make voting easier doesn't require changing that or bringing ID's. You simply need to make companies actually let their employees go take time off to vote. The voting process needs to be streamlined more so it is faster to do. In many stations you could be waiting a half hour or two hours. Aside from a terrible public transit structure nationwide those are major reasons why people don't vote.
Cutchdog GW1
Cutchdog GW1 6 dias atrás
The right amount of Fucking asshole!
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