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JJ Redick of The Old Man and the Three podcast joins Draymond to discuss JJ’s top five shooters in NBA history, his favorite years with the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Clippers, what it’s like playing with Dwight Howard and Joel Embiid, plus much more.

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23 Nov 2021



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Comentários 317
King Effet
King Effet 7 meses atrás
Is it me or JJ is so good that at one point i thought Draymond was the guest 😆
EzyE 12 dias atrás
Sound? I can hear and understand Clearly what they’re talking about. Dre’s mic and sound is perfect. Check the ear wax… 4-Trophies sound good too.
EzyE 12 dias atrás
Like Dre mentioned at the beginning, it’s all about the guests voice, and in this case, JJ has been in this game much longer. Not to mention, he doesn’t want dumb f’s on his show…
George 17 dias atrás
Winford James
Winford James 25 dias atrás
@rudinah p
J Mês atrás
legit thought the same until i saw this comment
Matthew Elias
Matthew Elias 7 meses atrás
I'd love to hear you guys chat regularly. This is the kind of basketball discussion that doesn't exist on ESPN/FS1. Great stuff.
Aquarian Soundtracks
@Clifford Goff I know. Lol
Clifford Goff
Clifford Goff Mês atrás
@Aquarian Soundtracks ESPN not the platform for this
I agree I miss just pure basketball talk. I only see it funny enough with Tim legler and jj Reddick on ESPN lol
Aquarian Soundtracks
Aquarian Soundtracks 2 meses atrás
@SPACE GHOST He's right.
SPACE GHOST 4 meses atrás
Oh hush
EBey 7 meses atrás
I just started this podcast. Draymond listened and didn‘t interrupt JJ. That is definitely a plus and a reason to continue listening. Keep em coming 👍🏼
Serious Aleks
Serious Aleks Mês atrás
Exactly !!! So many times on debate shows people just speak over each other yelling. This was a REAL conversation between two REAL dudes
Mehicana Mês atrás
@11 11 who the fuck is vlad
11 11
11 11 5 meses atrás
I noticed he doesn't interrupt, too. I like that. Like Vlad... horrible interviewer.
The Wildlife Guy
The Wildlife Guy 7 meses atrás
I was always a JJ Reddick fan when he played, but I never thought that he was this cool. He is very down to Earth
BRONCOBOY 7575 Mês atrás
I fw JJ cuz 2k in the clippers days 🤣😭😭😭
MR. CSANY 6 meses atrás
@zxsw85 stop talking about yourself
Madara 7 meses atrás
@zxsw85 he was injured do your research
Adeesh 7 meses atrás
Dray is an awesome media person. This is a great segue into his future career but maybe sometimes i think it might be happening too soon, cause he's got still many years of great basketball in him.
TWAndrews Mês atrás
Could totally see these two and some others taking over for Shaq and Chuck when they retire.
ArcheryTalk 7 meses atrás
Love to see these two do a regular show/podcast together. Both really good on their own, but they would be sensational together long-term - especially after they start to get more comfortable with the dynamic.
Michelle Branch
Michelle Branch Mês atrás
Love the respect factor that neither is talking over the other, yet they are chit-chating back and forth.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 7 meses atrás
Nice job Draymond. Very good interview with a insider look perspective. Best of luck with the podcast big boy. Keep doing your thing. Look forward to more interviews from you
gubi mart
gubi mart 7 meses atrás
Citizen of the World
Citizen of the World 7 meses atrás
JJ was unfairly the most hated player when in Duke and retired as the most likeable and relatable player. I was one of those haters in middle school back in his Duke years
ms p
ms p Mês atrás
He was hated at Duke because he was GIVEN stuff he did not deserve. 1. He was two time national player of the year and only made the Sweet 16 both years. 2. He was the Sullivan award winner as the best amatuer athlete in the US. 3. Who did he beat out for the Sullivan Award - Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Bodie Miller (World cup skiing champ), and 4 Olympic champions. 4. The only other men's college BB winners of the Sullivan award were Bill Bradly (1965) and Bill Walton (1973), two top 10 all-time college BB players. Kareem, Bird, Magic, Ewing, Jordan, Laettner didn't get the award, but Redick did?
Hammertime 5 meses atrás
@Nathan Branson The white stars at Duke were coddled. You couldn’t really touch them. And they were sneaky dirty. They also seemed like goody goodies lol
Hittz 7 meses atrás
@Nathan Branson that's the thing .. he didn't. He just proved he was NBA ready
Nathan Branson
Nathan Branson 7 meses atrás
@Citizen of the World Yeah that makes sense. Why do you think some basketball fans hated the white stars at Duke?
Citizen of the World
Citizen of the World 7 meses atrás
@Nathan Branson We made the transition not him. He was always himself. The issue was basketball fans naturally hated Duke especially the white stars (this is coming from a black guy btw)
TheEconomicExpert 7 meses atrás
Definitely want to hear the Draymond + JJ collab in the future
Matthew Danna
Matthew Danna Mês atrás
absolutely! I needs it
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez 7 meses atrás
Awesome hearing these two great players talk! Love this new Dray podcasts
crossingborders 7 meses atrás
So much respect for these two guys, even beyond basketball. Journalists/media personalities are too often reckless. Two differing personalities like Dray and JJ who commonly create their own narrative and actually listen to their guests is what more media professionals should aspire to. The wealth of knowledge regarding their expertise is also important as a listener/viewer, equally as is the way they communicate their points. I hope you guys can influence a shift in the way the public receives their news. You both spoke highly of Stephen A Smith, which is understandable, but truth be told the world needs less click-baiting people like Stephen A and more honest discussions like Draymond and JJ emphasise in their respective platforms. Great podcast Draymond. I’ve followed JJ’s since the bubble and I’ll definitely be following yours from now on
Nathanael Johnson
Nathanael Johnson Mês atrás
Great show, DG. This is some great chat on shooting. I don't think I've ever heard someone break down how great Steph is at shooting. For those of us who don't know, it's easy to just look shooting %, but Redick's explanation how shooting worked for him and other great shooters -- and how Steph is different -- was informative. Good chat.
Sextus The Vampire
Sextus The Vampire 7 meses atrás
Great episode. I hope this podcast stays consistent!
Messer Moreaux
Messer Moreaux Mês atrás
A JJ and Draymond show would be the best thing to happen to sports punditry for athletes
Epatt14 Mês atrás
These guys are amazing together! Gotta love intelligent players that aren’t just gatekeepers for an old era
Cashsteele 7 meses atrás
I’m proud of dramond he’s doing a great job
Edward Worrall
Edward Worrall 4 meses atrás
yes!! hes a natural
cyberft 7 meses atrás
This two have real chemistry. Respect.
Pistachio 7 meses atrás
JJ Reddick is genuine, unpretentious, articulate and an elite 3 point shooter. Damn he is also so easy to look at. Good vibes with Green
Espressbros 7 meses atrás
Oh wow, Draymond's got a huge future in this - great interview!
Will Chan
Will Chan 7 meses atrás
Draymond in his post-NBA career is going to be flames!
Snail 425
Snail 425 7 meses atrás
This was so awesome the idea of you guys doing the Peyton/Eli show for the nba is awesome!!!
Kev Ns
Kev Ns 6 dias atrás
"You gotta Stand on that !" Get em Dray! Love that mindset and attitude! New Media has the potential for accountability hitherto unheard of.
M_J S 7 meses atrás
Draymond & JJ make a great combo conversation. Id enjoy if they a semi recurring guest drop in on each other's shows maybe 3 or 4 times a year. That'd be great.
Dario From The Future
Dario From The Future 7 meses atrás
My feeling on the '16 warriors -- it's harder to go 73-9 then to win a championship. That's a historical event. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Rishitiran Anandeswaran
Very hard. Thats why my respect for the 96 bulls went up like crazy. 72-10 and won the chip. Thats crazy man
Michelle Branch
Michelle Branch Mês atrás
I like how the game has come around, that the 2 point shot at the rim is become that shot to open the floor for 3 point shots. GSW and Steph has also proven that small ball and position less players works as well.
Craig Gray
Craig Gray 5 meses atrás
2 amazing content creators now! I love what both of ya'll are putting out! fire for sure!!!
Johnathan 7 meses atrás
Them having a show would be 🔥
Jim Dolen
Jim Dolen Mês atrás
Incredible interview and a window into the future of National hoops broadcasting. I love the TNT crew but there day is coming!
Kevin Bunn
Kevin Bunn 7 meses atrás
This is something too many people overlook when arguing who's the best team or who's gonna win in a given year... Injuries and luck. You never know what's gonna happen
Kevin 7 meses atrás
Love all the knowledge coming from the participants in the making of art, rather than the (often only)opinions of the critics!
Dilla 7 meses atrás
Dray get your mic quality up my guy. Love your analysis!
BiznessBoog 5 meses atrás
@Dilla lol I just read your comment and it coincidentally was @12:04 where it cleared up lol
J Brown
J Brown 7 meses atrás
I think on zoom he had the computer mic selected lol
Jeffrey Anthony
Jeffrey Anthony 7 meses atrás
I was thinking same thing lol
Dilla 7 meses atrás
Nevemind... got 12 mins in lol
Emmitt Traynor
Emmitt Traynor Mês atrás
Glad to see love shown to Kyle Korver. Dude was the sniper of all snipers in his prime.
Wyatt Friend
Wyatt Friend 2 meses atrás
bro i gotta say 14:16... JJ shooting off of screens, on the move, moving w out the ball and finding space, some of the craziest shots to watch live and in the playoffs he was just different!
Ryan 2985
Ryan 2985 7 meses atrás
I have a feeling this will be the start of a truly great and long podcast series. If you haven’t heard his Mel Tucker episode go listen
SuperDopeHipHop 5 meses atrás
I disagree with draymond saying Trae and Steph will pass Steph assuming he plays 5-7 more years and stays healthy because (this year aside 38%) he’s much more efficient then them, so far ahead now and Steph shoots a ton.
DeadArmed 6 meses atrás
I think hes had him on the podcast but kyle korver has to be up there. That guy could get hot and hit threes over double teams with dudes up to 6'10 as the only shooter on the team
Julian Searcie
Julian Searcie Mês atrás
JJ you were one of the best damn shooters I've seen ..your off ball mastery and quick release marksmanship was impressive .you retired to soon young fella .
Dahmeid George
Dahmeid George 5 meses atrás
Great episode, great basketball talk.
K C 7 meses atrás
This would be an Awesome team! Humble Fire!
Dklpep Dklpep
Dklpep Dklpep Mês atrás
The mavs started it long before that. Nash, Finley, Dirk, Lafrentz, etc. they would run 5 shooter lineups with lafrentz as a stretch center. Dallas was on the 3 game early
Nahual Lhorente
Nahual Lhorente 7 meses atrás
Looking forward to the Red&Green shows to come...
Eli Alkash
Eli Alkash 7 meses atrás
Awesome feedback from JJ on how to grow on BRvid. Straight facts. Draymond is a natural, this has a bright future
Tony H
Tony H 2 meses atrás
JJ on sports TV is a breathe of fresh air.
Boots Bailey
Boots Bailey 7 meses atrás
They NEED to do that show together.
Ryan 2985
Ryan 2985 7 meses atrás
Day day and JJ Friday night basketball on TNT!! That would be amazing if it was done somewhat like the manning brothers
Edwin Capidos
Edwin Capidos 7 meses atrás
Draymond will have a great career post NBA career.
Andy Sauro
Andy Sauro 7 meses atrás
Dray with the 6-figure contract and the 2-figure microphone 🤣
Anthony Luangphasi
Anthony Luangphasi 7 meses atrás
8 figure contract, 1 figure mic.
ThatChickKim 4 meses atrás
JJ has a HELL of a memory!
Steven Stubbs
Steven Stubbs 6 meses atrás
These are my two of my most favorite celebrities, the way they speak there mind and I love J.J's since of humor. Talking shit with a smile
Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon 7 meses atrás
2011 Mavs with Dirk were a "jump shooting team" that had already won the big one before Steph was even an all-star quality player.
Vivek Vishwanath
Vivek Vishwanath Mês atrás
@kimton coleman The threat of the three was what let Dirk work in the post though. Couldn’t even try to double him.
kimton coleman
kimton coleman 7 meses atrás
Dirk played in post, but could shoot 3s... was not not a solely 3 point shooting team
Ace Cants
Ace Cants 7 meses atrás
I wonder if JJ could interview Ben Simmons.
RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy
RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy 7 meses atrás
I see what you did there 😉😂
Aquilla Steele
Aquilla Steele 7 meses atrás
I am happy for draymond all the best
FB Graphics
FB Graphics Mês atrás
Imagine if JJ played a season or two with the dubs, and he’s on the floor the same time as Klay and Steph, all 3 of them running around on offense, who do you guard?
Yul Ja Ma
Yul Ja Ma 5 meses atrás
2010-2011 Dwight Howard is definitely top 75
Chillin TBH
Chillin TBH Mês atrás
Raw and intelligent 💯 love this combo
AJ O 7 meses atrás
Awesome job Dray and JJ
August Moon
August Moon Mês atrás
100% out of bounds! His whole foot is leaning towards the inside of his foot, it comes down, then pops back up.
Rashon 7 meses atrás
Facts. Dwight should have an MVP if not for the D. Rose miracle season
EzyE 12 dias atrás
Back when players started shooting 3’s, defenses dropped back and dared the shooter to drop the shot. Defenses then started contesting the shot. Defenses started tightening up and would get deeper in their face. That’s still the case for today’s 3 point shooters, except for Steph and usually Clay. These two guns are always double teamed and sometimes triple teamed, always! If both of these two were playing when threes became prevalent, scoring would be off the hook!
PB X Mês atrás
2 of the top IQs and personalities in the game. When they talk people respect and listen. They lived this life and know their shit.
B Miles
B Miles 2 meses atrás
Athletes taking it back. You gotta love it.
Zepoxohr 6 meses atrás
Man, JJ and Dray make a good tandem
outta east
outta east 22 dias atrás
This interview never grow old
SPACE GHOST 4 meses atrás
Crazy that his top 2 was Steph and Klay LOL drafted by the same team that’s crazy
Wyatt Friend
Wyatt Friend 2 meses atrás
Man I love hearing these two talk
Bryan Everidge
Bryan Everidge Mês atrás
ocorir Mês atrás
Man how well spoken and academic JJ is about basketball ball...this truly is the pinnacle of basketball discourse
Mark Sawyer
Mark Sawyer Mês atrás
JJ and Draymond the two best sports journalists we have, regardless of sport.
Asher Collazo
Asher Collazo 20 dias atrás
Best jj squad was the 2015 clips team that was up 3-1 on Hou they had the best chance to win a title in my opinion
Boss 2 meses atrás
JJ's top 5 is good but he needs to replace Korver with himself
Michael Friedland
Michael Friedland Mês atrás
Two incredibly intelligent dudes. Awesome.
ColeTraNe1212 Mês atrás
I fucking love JJ. So glad to see him getting his laurels after a lifetime of people hating him for being a talented cocky white boy.
Julian Searcie
Julian Searcie Mês atrás
he was cocky because he's a elite shooter and team player ...white .black or otherwise good people
Michelle Branch
Michelle Branch Mês atrás
I dont normally listen to Draymonds pod cast, justvhappen to watch another one when this came on, had to stay and listen, such great commentary, this is the JJ I would like to see on TV more often, his face has so many expressions that it seems like he is not happy or he is upset.
Elanic _
Elanic _ Mês atrás
Draymond is my favorite sports commentator at the moment.
Casey McCormack
Casey McCormack 7 meses atrás
Klay Thompson is the real Microwave.. He is the funniest dude ever.. I appreciate everything these two legends discussed today but the highlights I watch most are Klay's amazing scoring outputs.. He owns some of the most legendary scoring records ever.. How many points did he get with 3 or 4 dribbles?. How many in a quarter? How many threes in a game? What was it 60 in less than 3 quarters?? And he was a Coug!!!! Great Job Draymond. And great job J.J.. I love listening to people who know and love the game because I learn so much.. And yes.. Steph is the best shooter ever and may be a top 5 player ever. If he was 6'8" and 260 lbs he would be called the goat...
Flash T
Flash T 7 meses atrás
If he was 6'8 and 260 he wouldn't have worked on his J like he does now. Hence, he won't be a player like he is right now. The only way Steph is Steph, is because he is a smaller guard who had to go against bigger guys.
Mr QH Mês atrás
Damn I forgot how Raw that Magic squad was ; shoot your damn eyes out !!!
MonsterPill 7 meses atrás
Great interview. We probably don’t need to know all the accolades though, that took like 2 minutes lol
sshaxy Mês atrás
You got to give Kobe some credit for three point shooting even though he wasn’t a three point shooter. He had the record for most threes in a game for a long time. He popularized shooting an unassisted 3 in yo face.
Kyle Kestler
Kyle Kestler 7 meses atrás
12:05 dray mic quality changes and this becomes an amazing listen after
MonkeyMan Mês atrás
@Fitzgerald it was set to his face cam mic probably then he switched it
Κώστας Κωνσταντινίδης
was about to change the video, thanks
turnerburner922 4 meses atrás
Fitzgerald 7 meses atrás
how was it even so bad when he's using a studio mic in a sound room lol
John Pettus
John Pettus 7 meses atrás
Came to say same
Jesse Manriquez
Jesse Manriquez Mês atrás
I'm 58 & it's weird, cuz, in the late 1980s & early 1990s, I was already shooting alot of 3s, lol!! But, I didn't think about the other players, not shooting that many.. So, at my age, I could have adapted easily. In this age in this time... Lol!!!
Josh 7 meses atrás
The clarity in audio at around the 12 minute mark on was a religious experience
Thomas Veleba
Thomas Veleba Mês atrás
YOU GOTTA DO THAT "MANNING NIGHT FOOTBALL" THING!!!!!!!! That would be GOD tier television
Neuri Mês atrás
“JJ ‘n Drey” once a month please!!!!!
Israel Duncan
Israel Duncan 7 meses atrás
He should call it the Green show( or the green ray) and he should always wear green during the podcast
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl 6 meses atrás
I know I'm not the only one who's waiting for CURRY to start his own podcast. omg
Sleezo Porter
Sleezo Porter 7 meses atrás
I love these 2 together
DayBeforeTomorrow 4 meses atrás
Before the Splash Brothers, the Golden State Warriors almost always had good 3 point shooters.
Leo Dunson
Leo Dunson 7 meses atrás
I agree with that Draymond and JJ Redick Manning brothers
Damian Lopez
Damian Lopez 7 meses atrás
Im surprised JJ is on this podcast with Draymond after Klay called him a talking head for doubting the warriors lol
ChristopherRobins420 7 meses atrás
Leaving Larry Bird off a top 5 shooters in NBA history list is criminal. Otherwise I have no problem with JJ’s list. But it’s just stupid to think Larry wouldn’t of been a Steph-esque 3pt shooter if he’d of been born 30 years later.
ChristopherRobins420 2 meses atrás
@Koh Smoger Larry Bird had a career FG% of .496 compared to Steph’s .473 so yeah, they are comparable. I saw essentially every televised game Bird played from 1984 on and I can assure you that he’d of been as good of a 3pt shooter as Curry if he’d played in this era.
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger 2 meses atrás
Nobody is Steph man. His release his range and handling are like no other.
Last name first
Last name first 7 meses atrás
I notice jj says smart players a lot he sees what the fans see that the play has been low level lately
Dylan Neuens
Dylan Neuens 4 meses atrás
It's interesting to talk about how you need luck to win a chip to some degree, and nobody questioning the luck that many championship teams get... except Milwaukee. There are so many people and pundits who can never talk about Milwaukee without mentioning Durant's toe on the line, or Kyrie going down. Harden's hamstring was his own fault for being out of shape to get out of Houston. Maybe in a few years it won't always need to have an asterisk, but it's so disrespectful and cherry-picked. /rant
diazjordan54 22 dias atrás
They do with other teams not just the bucks.
It'sYou'reNotYour Stupid
I don't believe that at all. Which is why it's a series and not one game like the NFL. It thins out the chances of luck contribution. You may have 1 lucky game but 4 of them? And as the saying goes, it's never just one play that costs the game. That's Doc trying to justify being the only coach to lose multiple 3-1 leads. Doc is lucky he had that Celtics team that incredibly underachieved or he wouldn't even be holding a job.
XaviierM 2 meses atrás
man said i was mcdonalds game mvp🤣love both of these guys. Keep doin you !
burt Lancaster
burt Lancaster 7 meses atrás
Anyone else notice Draymond has a quality mic in front of his face but is using his comps internal mic? The producer shoulda caught that so draymond dosent look foolish
pahountisg 7 meses atrás
also he uses auto white balance so each time he moves the colors are changing
pahountisg 7 meses atrás
I was wondering why he sounded like crap !
Neuri Mês atrás
JJ probably set up his own audio interface and bought that sweet condenser mic after doing some online research whilst ordering a nice new shirt 👍
Muhammad Hassan
Muhammad Hassan 7 meses atrás
Lmao I can’t believe he brought up the Duncan Robinson shooting slump
Ryan Isier
Ryan Isier 6 meses atrás
D W Mês atrás
I dont like draymond as a player, just personally. I respect him. will be a great analyst
Leo King Jones
Leo King Jones Mês atrás
I agree guys. People have just forgotten who Dwight Howard is in this league... including the Lakers 🤔
TheMusiqKing Mês atrás
Dwight Howard is the most disrespected athlete of our generation. This dude at his prime was better than lebron he really couldnt get past prime dwight and Orlando Too bad all that nonsense happened to his career