Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Staff with His Wax Figure

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Starting tomorrow a wax figure of Jimmy will be on display at Madame Tussauds Hollywood. At the museum, they have what they call the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live Experience,' so we decided to have that here too. We brought 'Wax Jimmy' into our office and put it in strange places to surprise staffers with special emphasis on Jimmy's cousin Micki.
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Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Staff with His Wax Figure


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10 Dez 2019



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Comentários 100
Halliwell Entertainment
Ranbir Singh
Ranbir Singh 11 horas atrás
this is the best prank
movieklump 11 horas atrás
I think the wax figure would get better ratings.
Jag Nagarajan
Jag Nagarajan 11 horas atrás
So funny ! 😂
Jerry Doe
Jerry Doe 12 horas atrás
Lots of cellphones got hurt i see, man that Jimmy is really scary.
Guille Gribaudo
Guille Gribaudo 12 horas atrás
Jimmy's Cousin: 'It is so... insane... but so cute' Sweeeet Home Aaaalabama 🎵🎶
Elias Salman
Elias Salman 14 horas atrás
Pls say gosh instead of god cos using his name in vain is a sin
Zachary and Autumn Bruggen
How Jimmy pranks Micki it kinda reminds me of Ellen pranking Andy
GR AWAKENDREAM 15 horas atrás
they react like that because he's a nice person.
Miro jka
Miro jka 19 horas atrás
I wonder why no one ever saw Drax . He was there the whole time.
Amv forever
Amv forever 20 horas atrás
The phone landed on the table 😂😂👍
Louis Griffiths
Louis Griffiths 23 horas atrás
This has appeared 7 times in my recommended, and I’ve watched it every time ffs
Doran Clerinx
Doran Clerinx Dia atrás
I would ask jimmy to buy me a new phone...the most expensive one..bcs I need it.
Fred Davis
Fred Davis Dia atrás
Asif Aman
Asif Aman Dia atrás
1:14 She was like Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S
juanvega653 Dia atrás
Cousin Micki😍😍
Mithun Raj
Mithun Raj Dia atrás
That thing with cousin was totally scripted and she over played her part..."pay cut for you Micky"
jaytube2112 Dia atrás
I'd ask for a week off after that.
Murilo uaha
Murilo uaha 2 dias atrás
fake overrated
yuvraj singh
yuvraj singh 2 dias atrás
RIP to that phone
Judah Schwartz
Judah Schwartz 2 dias atrás
Why are people so scared of Jimmy?
Krishh Lala
Krishh Lala 2 dias atrás
3:07 can we get a moment of silence for the pain the phone had to go through.
Dao Le Hoang Minh
Dao Le Hoang Minh 2 dias atrás
dropped my phone
BARRIES 2 dias atrás
he takes care of his staff better than ellen
SunnyMoonProductions 2 dias atrás
namık ozata
namık ozata 2 dias atrás
you need to buy her a new phone..
Gabriela Trindade
Gabriela Trindade 3 dias atrás
"did you know it was me all the time? we don't even have a wax figure" "WHAT" lmao
Paula Catlover
Paula Catlover 3 dias atrás
1:10 funniest one except for Cousin Micki I wonder what Jimmy did to Micki when they were young!!??
Khiem Ngo
Khiem Ngo 3 dias atrás
Let's play a game,take a shot of vodka everytime u hear 'Oh mAh God' in the video
Guy North
Guy North 3 dias atrás
That is seriously one of the best practical jokes I have ever seen. Poor lady!
Regina George
Regina George 3 dias atrás
How can you get scared multiple times by literally the same person?. Beats me.😂
Sami Belhareth
Sami Belhareth 4 dias atrás
3:46 Imagine if she hurt her back when the fell The prank wouldn't have been so happy... that's all I could think about
Robert G.
Robert G. 4 dias atrás
She's a trooper.... I would have gotten angry in there somewhere.
Galaxy Sports
Galaxy Sports 4 dias atrás
R.I.P. her phone
svampen 4 dias atrás
3:46 i think her phone screen broke pepehands
Shlok Suman
Shlok Suman 4 dias atrás
"50 rupay kaat overacting ka!!" 😂
Srinivasan Ayyan
Srinivasan Ayyan 4 dias atrás
Such a Fake Video. Clearly see doesn't know to act surprised
Owen Branch
Owen Branch 4 dias atrás
Her phone was so cracked by the end....
Nishanthi Perera
Nishanthi Perera 5 dias atrás
RIP cousin micki's phone
J. Kerr
J. Kerr 5 dias atrás
Sorry, Jimmy - the reactions are a bit hammed up. Good try, though.
Precise Gaming
Precise Gaming 5 dias atrás
I just want to know...did Micki's phone survive???
Anmol Sarin
Anmol Sarin 5 dias atrás
Wow, that last scare. I knew it was coming but it escalated way more that I had expected.:D
Sad Stormtrooper
Sad Stormtrooper 5 dias atrás
Cousin Micki be like: _Everywhere I go, I see his face_
John Rambo
John Rambo 6 dias atrás
If I was 20 years younger I would definitely knock cousin Micki around.
ramenai 6 dias atrás
0:41 i didn't know John Oliver had a sidegig working for Jimmy Kimmel
Brian Parker
Brian Parker 6 dias atrás
You’re going to hell 😂
Grayson Davenport
Grayson Davenport 6 dias atrás
She's hot.
Sean Kratovil
Sean Kratovil 6 dias atrás
That woman feared for her life for a half a second.
jeffery hall
jeffery hall 7 dias atrás
1:33 did she get electrocuted?
danrick nicki frivaldo de castro
Im sure its fun to be one of the staff of Jimmy Kimmel, unlike to be Ellen's.
glena cejas
glena cejas 8 dias atrás
Oh my GOD!!
Lucia Stefakova
Lucia Stefakova 8 dias atrás
That was sooo good 🤣🤣🤣 poor Micki 😂😂😂 and that last time she finally want to have a picture with his statue it was actually him 😂😂😂
Purujit Chatterjee
Purujit Chatterjee 8 dias atrás
Gave me some serious laughs after a very, very long time!!!
NXT 45
NXT 45 8 dias atrás
3:06 I hope she and her phone is okay!
Elsa Reynolds
Elsa Reynolds 8 dias atrás
This should be called" scaring cousin Micki with Jimmy's wax figure for 3 minutes straight"
Molly and Kendall
Molly and Kendall 8 dias atrás
Wait but is her phone ok?
Akw9939 8 dias atrás
I watched her phone hit the table and you could see the black part when it was dropped😬
the_wylde 8 dias atrás
Title should be: Jimmy Kimmel pranks cousin MIKKI lol
Anton Jude
Anton Jude 9 dias atrás
So not scripted
deepikashah72 9 dias atrás
I pity her phone
Enderkick 9 dias atrás
I like how seeing jimmy kimmel triggers a fight or flight response
Hasham Siddiqui
Hasham Siddiqui 9 dias atrás
Milorad Cukavac
Milorad Cukavac 9 dias atrás
50% of this video: Micki getting scared 50%: *OH MY GAWWD*
Ken Rascon
Ken Rascon 9 dias atrás
This whole prank was so fake!!!!
Mr. Z
Mr. Z 9 dias atrás
This is my favorite bit he's ever done
200 IQ PLAY 10 dias atrás
looking at jimmy kimmel's face is a prank jk😂
Lily Scott
Lily Scott 10 dias atrás
Jimmy kimmel is amazing
Mat thew
Mat thew 10 dias atrás
How can anyone fall for it....
gabee R
gabee R 10 dias atrás
I Do not believe for a single second that the last take is not fully set up...
FleeBiss 11 dias atrás
I feel like this is fake because how come micki only tried to take a picture with the statue when it was acually Jimmy
Tinnitus J
Tinnitus J 11 dias atrás
Rip her phone.
Kevin Siv
Kevin Siv 11 dias atrás
All fun and games untill someone has a spaz attack
Aidan Nottke
Aidan Nottke 11 dias atrás
Jimmy turns head Everyone: AAAHHHHH
Minør 11 dias atrás
Her phone must've died
yuh mum
yuh mum 11 dias atrás
this is the most staged thing i've ever seen
xx_izzy_xx 11 dias atrás
am i the only one that would say hello to the wax figure and not even notice 🥴
Choco Rocky
Choco Rocky 11 dias atrás
Alternative title, Jimmy Kimmel puts people into cardiac arrest, but not before they throw their phones far enough to break.
Hitesha 2001
Hitesha 2001 12 dias atrás
Her phone though😃😃😃
CarliNicole 12 dias atrás
This whole time I thought it was a wax figure
Meme Central • 90 years ago
Drinking game: everytime they say “oh my god” take a shot... YOU WONT... PUSSY
Gachanatics 12 dias atrás
I just got a Dairy Queen ad RIGHT after I was told no when I asked so thanks Dairy Queen 😔
Ninja Tokes
Ninja Tokes 12 dias atrás
I bet he put it in the bathroom too, but the scene can’t be filmed.
James Smith
James Smith 12 dias atrás
I've watched this and Arnold's version over 5 times...still makes me laugh.
XxSimbaM321xX 12 dias atrás
This is a definition of human torture 😂
Hejha Piran
Hejha Piran 13 dias atrás
ellen needs to see this
Popcoolboi 13 dias atrás
JG Vlogs
JG Vlogs 13 dias atrás
4:09 imagine if the real statue also started to move... *Illuminati theme plays*
Ivan Nikitin
Ivan Nikitin 13 dias atrás
Why is everybody so scared of him 😂
Lisa 13 dias atrás
Jimmy is going to have to buy his cousin a new phone.
Like a Boss
Like a Boss 14 dias atrás
Cousin micki is sexy.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 14 dias atrás
why would you be afraid of that in the reception? There must be someone there anyway
1K subs with only 1 video challenge
What did Jimmy do to his staff that they are that much scared of seeing him
Felix K.
Felix K. 14 dias atrás
Why r they so scared of him tho?
kimmkroo 14 dias atrás
so jimmy employs family, no wonder that incest pool
sam E
sam E 14 dias atrás
I wish Jimmy would use his family more often.
Noe Montano
Noe Montano 14 dias atrás
Cousin Micki through her phone every time she got scared if it got cracked I would laugh and feel bad
Yungbeck 14 dias atrás
That could not have gone any better hahahah
DDRUTOU 14 dias atrás
1:15. That chick is gorgeous
Ibaan789 ‘
Ibaan789 ‘ 14 dias atrás
The last one doe
Wonder 3000
Wonder 3000 15 dias atrás
Super entertaining
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