JH Diesel Flipped His MegaTruck Into Cleetus' Pond...Now We See If It Runs! (6.0 Powerstroke)

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At Cleetus McFarland's LeMullets pre party JH Diesel ran over a van that uncle Chet paid Cleetus for on the spot just to smash it... we all know what happened after that lol. The other day I helped him tow it back to the shop. Will it run though? Today we find out!
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21 Nov 2020



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Comentários 100
Stapleton42 2 meses atrás
I don’t know about you guys... but I can’t wait to see JH 4x4 launch his built Powerstroke burnout truck after this weekend
Colton Abston
Colton Abston 20 dias atrás
5 starters done
Colton Abston
Colton Abston 20 dias atrás
Do in the starters probably done
غسان حيدر
غسان حيدر Mês atrás
aidenov Mês atrás
Plug Mês atrás
Rachael Desjardins
thats a nice ferd
Roger Gregory
Roger Gregory 11 dias atrás
ŁűČĶý 18 dias atrás
Is it just me or is the camera guy a look alike for cleeter but with brown hair???
Colton Abston
Colton Abston 20 dias atrás
Why did bed Dexter probably rusted
aj200415 Mês atrás
“Suck it Cole...”🤣🤣
Lindsay Dempsey
Lindsay Dempsey Mês atrás
I hope the you also changed all the fluid filters. Had a similar experience many years ago with seawater. Got going again ok, but didn't think to change the engine oil filter, ran all the bearings about 6 weeks later. We assume that the oil filter went into bypass or fell apart sending trash through all the bearings.
Wankel Motor
Wankel Motor Mês atrás
Did it rust that bad just from being in the water for 24 hours? It was not even saltwater right?
Natisha Short
Natisha Short Mês atrás
650k views in a week but only 52k of them subscribed. You biishes. Hit the like an subscribe!
Cameron Mês atrás
Throw a new body on er
sijonda Mês atrás
When they confirmed they had fuel I immediately thought spark..... But diesel engines don't have spark plugs........ mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Compression?!!?!?!? I have zero experience with Diesel engines but I do have an interest.
sexytransam Mês atrás
No start with the key maybe a PATS problem with the switched out pcm
Vice Grip Garage
Vice Grip Garage Mês atrás
Was nice to meet ya there guy, you handsome doppelganger feller
B0G3S Mês atrás
“Helping” typical content creator. Standing around asking questions
Jay McElwain
Jay McElwain Mês atrás
BIG DETROIT FAMILY Maybe they had on your oddsmaker
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
is there a video of the recovery
Jay McElwain
Jay McElwain Mês atrás
Hey you bugger keep for your acountant How much for to statrt bit battery Stapleton42 Will pay All electronics
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
itll fire its a 6.0!
Jay McElwain
Jay McElwain Mês atrás
20..000.00 dollars would like you know Yeah Right U tube Justin kick his
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Mês atrás
I appreciate this so much! Lol ❤️
matthew anderson
matthew anderson Mês atrás
You can't just weld new fittings on that ram. They're friction welded
matthew anderson
matthew anderson Mês atrás
@Stapleton42 they'll leak
Stapleton42 Mês atrás
Well they did
deep blue aquatics
deep blue aquatics Mês atrás
Nah get that thing a new cab an bed
Justin Burdette
Justin Burdette Mês atrás
Lil trans fluid in the intake. She will fire.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
is this cleetes older brother? sounds just like him
Dave E
Dave E Mês atrás
Just what I like when I am trying to think and troubleshoot. Some dude asking me a bunch of dumb questions...
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
great vid babe
Sammy the Ditch Doctor
Haven’t seen the end of the vid but I’ll put $20 on a dead FICM
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
16th on trending with less than 50k subs I'm impressed
That's what happens when you constantly steal content from other well known tubers...
VANDALOV Mês atrás
JH Diesel needs to make videos on his channel for sure with this truck project
Stapleton42 Mês atrás
he is uploading one now...
Jake Pysz
Jake Pysz Mês atrás
Will run, not well, and wont drive forsure
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
JH is the most underrated Cleetus regular in the entire crew. JH you rock bro.
Matt Spors
Matt Spors Mês atrás
My money on a ficm power supply. Hopefully its a 4 post.
Dylan Dickey
Dylan Dickey Mês atrás
Sounds like a wanna be cleeter
Hayden Rose
Hayden Rose Mês atrás
itll fire its a 6.0!
That Guy
That Guy Mês atrás
is there a video of the recovery
Cleetis McDougall
Cleetis McDougall Mês atrás
Of course it will run, all you have to do is flush and change fluids and scare the 🐊 out of the cab.
butti fdft
butti fdft Mês atrás
Cleetus has a whole network of channels associated with his shenanigans now. 😂 It's so cool to see y'all in each other's videos and doing things together.
Thomas Szemeti
Thomas Szemeti Mês atrás
this guy's a mini Cleeterr, HELL YEAH BROTHER!!!
butti fdft
butti fdft Mês atrás
Oops lol
Tired Iron
Tired Iron Mês atrás
FICM replacement was a given, after that a data logger to see if it had the proper RPM, fuel and HPOP pressure it should fire. If all that is good it should light. Not much to those really but they are a different animal than many diesels.
Erik Tyler
Erik Tyler Mês atrás
"I don't know what all these codes are but I'll just clear them!" Codes: cylinders 1 thru 8 injector circuit faults!
Couldn’t think Of a name
"also the guy that fliped his monster truck into Cleetus's pond" the most American thing I've ever heard
Paul Easterbrook
Paul Easterbrook Mês atrás
Ho cares it's just a ford
anthony costa
anthony costa Mês atrás
is this cleetes older brother? sounds just like him
anthony costa
anthony costa Mês atrás
@Stapleton42 ahhh so you're the younger brother then 😂😂
Stapleton42 Mês atrás
Cleetus is older than me lol
Keith Mahoney
Keith Mahoney Mês atrás
Leave it an full send
ETM Mês atrás
Hell yes brother leave it as is
Highsenbuurg Mês atrás
JH needs his own youtube channel!! He knows what hes doing
Very Angry Citizen
Very Angry Citizen Mês atrás
JH is the most underrated Cleetus regular in the entire crew. JH you rock bro.
Siiello Mês atrás
lexan over plexi hoss
Feenix Mês atrás
I'd do a back yard style hammer dent removal on the cab mostly and call it.
Darren Sebens
Darren Sebens Mês atrás
If it has pats, make sure you do a parameter reset after changing the pcm.
John Jones
John Jones Mês atrás
Depending on year it won’t have pats. I have an 04, no pats. It depends on what the key looks like. Also work as a ford tech.
ian evenknowit
ian evenknowit Mês atrás
This is my crash course in diesels and i love it
Intelligence Mês atrás
All i gotta say is thank god cleetus removes that gator
Trevor Bingham
Trevor Bingham Mês atrás
Has he tried putting it in some rice?
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Mês atrás
There could always be residual water trapped in the wiring harness that seeps its way into something important!
Aaron Mitchell
Aaron Mitchell Mês atrás
Oops lol
Aaron Mitchell
Aaron Mitchell Mês atrás
@misuyy fong oh I don't doubt that one bit 👍🏻👍🏻
misuyy fong
misuyy fong Mês atrás
Dude you'll learn alot from a guy like jh, From what i've seen on yt he DEFFO knows his stuff and is relentless 🤘
ReloadingRADIO Mês atrás
Need a jh needs to be more active on channel
Michael Payne
Michael Payne Mês atrás
Too many commercials.
Raleigh Taylor
Raleigh Taylor Mês atrás
Earl P
Earl P Mês atrás
Its a 6.0 ps they come prebroken for your amusement.
travis spencer
travis spencer Mês atrás
Spoiler alert it doesnt start
Sargvision831 Mês atrás
Fix it guys and let er rip. Hell yeah JH
randy Teese
randy Teese Mês atrás
because it’s a ford
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stjoetalon Mês atrás
Change the spark plugs
Celtic Drones
Celtic Drones Mês atrás
What the f. Ok I can see why I don't watch him with glasses he thinks he so cool buy
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Mês atrás
May need to do a pats relearn if it has a pats key. That would explain the no crank
Moto Tech
Moto Tech Mês atrás
Im checking this truck saw this flip boostedboiz ending.
Ricer E Scooter
Ricer E Scooter Mês atrás
Leaching much?
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Mês atrás
"Ran when parked"
Comfortable Fetus
Comfortable Fetus Mês atrás
For sale: minor flood damage
Yanko Dimitrov
Yanko Dimitrov Mês atrás
imagine how much of pain in the ass changing the windshield is going to be
Upside down
Upside down Mês atrás
Dude you'll learn alot from a guy like jh, From what i've seen on yt he DEFFO knows his stuff and is relentless 🤘
Upside down
Upside down Mês atrás
@Stapleton42 thats how we all learn, absorb then try, and one snippet of advice i will give you about diesel fuel systems, air IS THE ENEMY avoid at all costs lol
Stapleton42 Mês atrás
Agreed. I’m a sponge when he’s in the zone
Reddevil2SS Mês atrás
Honestly yeah suck it cole
Cee Gee
Cee Gee Mês atrás
Battlescars.. ...
Blair Woodhouse
Blair Woodhouse Mês atrás
Hmm are you related to Nick Savage? Do I know the deal?
Stapleton42 Mês atrás
No I’m not related lol
Edmunds Enterprises
.....this is what happens when you decline the factory scotch-guard upholstery option
00UncommonSense00 Mês atrás
The tires still look good...
Chris Harney
Chris Harney Mês atrás
Is this guy related to Ol Cleetur??
Stapleton42 Mês atrás
No I’m not lol
Eli Smith
Eli Smith Mês atrás
For being water it sure make a fuckin mess
Jeffrey Murdock
Jeffrey Murdock Mês atrás
Now my wondering is if JH can help me convert my 1980 f350 over to a newer diesel. Lol
Jason Bierschwale
Jason Bierschwale Mês atrás
JH! I have an issue with my fathers '14 ram 3500. The turbo actuator has locked up (surprise surprise). He's retired on social security - he can't afford $900 for the city diesel upgraded actuator. Do you have any suggestions on what he needs to do to get his truck back in working order? He is still driving it, since it is his only vehicle. But the turbo is stuck on the bigger end, so it's a dog until he gets to highway speeds. I told him we could go with a 3rd gen fixed geometry turbo, but he really likes getting 24+mpg and the exhaust brake.
Seth Adling
Seth Adling Mês atrás
"Ran when parked"
Luke Jaffe
Luke Jaffe Mês atrás
May need to do a pats relearn if it has a pats key. That would explain the no crank
Tyler Q
Tyler Q Mês atrás
Keep it how it is and run it
Legion Red
Legion Red Mês atrás
I'd say some water or something in a sensor is immobilizing the ignition. That'd explain why it won't turn over when you turn the key.
Glockspecific Mês atrás
I think it runs
D_SQUAD 13 Mês atrás
pov you start taking out spark plugs
Rodney Mês atrás
Gotta love how youtube works. He has 50k subs but video in 2 days has over 500k.
Stapleton42 Mês atrás
It got on the dang trending page somehow 😂
Gearheads and Gamers
what wait JH WHO?!
Shiloh Rowden
Shiloh Rowden Mês atrás
Hey just an idea I had a Ford ranger and it had a rollover sensor in it. I know that’s a gas engine and totally different but wondering if that would have a rollover sensor keeping it from firing.
slibsager Mês atrás
Jh sure knows his stiff, I had a 6.0 one time that needed an .5 of an Ounce of oil in each cylinder through each glowplug hole and put the glowplugs back in and crank to get oil back into the piston rings. Sounds like the oil is out of the piston rings causing low compression. It’s spinning pretty fast in my option.
AdamzLife Mês atrás
Daniel Mongelli
Daniel Mongelli Mês atrás
I wish I got random calls from Cleetus McFarland 😂
a456987 Mês atrás
It'll run but not very well
Damir Selimovic
Damir Selimovic Mês atrás
This video really made me realise how much of a great guy JH is, big fan.
ReviewTube tv
ReviewTube tv Mês atrás
Hell yeah it will be a Phoenix rising again!!
Justin Hanneman
Justin Hanneman Mês atrás
I have the same initials and he's strait disrespecting me by running these garbage fords..
Justin Hanneman
Justin Hanneman Mês atrás
Omg listing to these f tards makes me feel smarter. Lolololol
Justin Hanneman
Justin Hanneman Mês atrás
All his endeavors will fail with that shit flavored blue oval..
Justin Hanneman
Justin Hanneman Mês atrás
darryl haynes
darryl haynes Mês atrás
Cletus wouldn't need a ladder to work on that motor.
Hong Bitter
Hong Bitter Mês atrás
Spray a quart of either in her
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Daniel Bates
Daniel Bates Mês atrás
Of course it will run. Its JH DIESEL BABY! Lol eventually that is. To be Continued....☝️❤🇺🇸
Guillermo Hernandez
Just leave it in rice overnight and it will start right up in the morning 😂
Deejay C
Deejay C Mês atrás
I’d say junk it 🗑
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Mês atrás
JH is a good man, always enjoy seeing him make an appearance on Cleetus’ channel.
Justin 'J Money Show' McClure
Clearly by the views, JH is popular.
Justin 'J Money Show' McClure
@vliduu zeeb wat
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Mês atrás
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