Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Actress: 2013 Oscars

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Jean Dujardin presenting Jennifer Lawrence with the Oscar® for Best Actress for her performance in "Silver Linings Playbook" at the 2013 Oscars®.
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4 Mar 2013



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Comentários 5 847
Samuel DeJaeger
Samuel DeJaeger 2 dias atrás
the pratfall effect
Dan96 5 dias atrás
Holy shit I just realised the Impossible was Tom Holland's first movie. Back then we didn't know who tf he was. Apparently he was on the shortlist for best lead actor as well for this year.
Kate Elizabeth
Kate Elizabeth 5 dias atrás
Jennifer is always willing to get some attention, daahhh!, so Fake 0:46 mins
ELLE 7 6 dias atrás
Quanto è bella 🇮🇹
I speak the truth
I speak the truth 6 dias atrás
0:58 wow that little girl is nominated in best actresses list
Federico Saldias
Federico Saldias 8 dias atrás
Meh, should have gone to Naomi Watts or Emmanuelle Riva.
Tanija Nawrin
Tanija Nawrin 9 dias atrás
Wolverine helped Mystique
Enrique Parra
Enrique Parra 12 dias atrás
My favorite actress, love her!!! She's so beautiful
Jay Lamont
Jay Lamont 14 dias atrás
Anyone else notice Robert De Niro go to stand as if Jennifer would give him a hug too after Bradley at 1:29 I’d say he was standing for the “standing ovation” but it looks like he hesitated and went to sit back down.
Rose Diggory
Rose Diggory 15 dias atrás
2:25 man in middle row on the end When your crush starts talking and laughing with your best friend
Jay Lamont
Jay Lamont 14 dias atrás
Rose Diggory Robert De Niro?
Rose Diggory
Rose Diggory 15 dias atrás
1:22 Quvenzhane Walis When the teacher picks the person beside you to take papers to the office when you raised your hand first
Giulia Brasini
Giulia Brasini 17 dias atrás
On the left 0:38 Harry Potter😂
Uzy 17 dias atrás
Mate she puts on such an act to seem stupid or accidentally comedic, it’s so obvious
karlena sanchez
karlena sanchez 18 dias atrás
Yomara Desousa-Santos
Yomara Desousa-Santos 19 dias atrás
Quvenzhane should've won. Don't @ me.
Alyna Michelle Forgus
Alyna Michelle Forgus 22 dias atrás
Captain Jakemerica
Captain Jakemerica 24 dias atrás
She gave a great performance but wow Jessica Chastain was also fucking incredible!!!
Sarif Nawaz
Sarif Nawaz 24 dias atrás
She sounds like Alia Bhatt of India
All Cool Names Taken
All Cool Names Taken 25 dias atrás
Naomi Watts what a beauty
laureta jackson
laureta jackson 25 dias atrás
Does anyone know the song at 1:24
A bunny that will chew on your cables
De Niro looks so sad cause he didn't get that hug lol I'm sure Jen didn't forget him on purpose though, she's just being her usual "all over the place" Jen. That's why she also tripped 😁 Oh, bless her lol 🤗
10,000 subscribers with no videos?
Omg Daniel Radcliffe was in the back
IL B 26 dias atrás
У Брэдли Купера такая неприятная мать
A bunny that will chew on your cables
Jennifer deserved that Oscar. Even though some may disagree that her performance in Silver Linings Playbook wasn't "Oscar worthy", I think that we can all agree that she deserved it for her role as Katniss in the 4 hunger games movies. Sadly, we all know that that kind of franchise movie 'never' gets nominated for academy awards :( So this Oscar is kind of for her hard work in Silver Linings Playbook and in the Hunger Games movies
A bunny that will chew on your cables
*To all of those saying rude things about Jennifer and how she didn't deserve that Oscar:* Stop criticising a talented young woman and accusing her of things she didn't even do. You should never put somebody else down, you should rise up with them and applaud their success and encourage them in their work. Working in this kind of industry is hard enough as it is. Mentally and Physically, especially mentally. So please, just think before you write or say something that isn't true as it's not fair on them. How would you feel about it? If you've achieved so much at your work, at your passion and then someone goes up to you and says that you're not worthy of it and accuses you that you've done "bad things" to get there. This is not fair. One should encourage hard work, not destroy it by saying such things.
Anonymous Acc
Anonymous Acc 29 dias atrás
Wait wait wait........ Meryl Streep not nominated... Shocked!! Oh my god
Riddle me this
Riddle me this Mês atrás
Inside Jennifer Lawrence's head WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? *NOTHING* !!!
Виктория Белякова
Puppy_ Boo
Puppy_ Boo Mês atrás
She looks like a living doll 😍😍😍
Prasham Kumar
Prasham Kumar Mês atrás
De niro??????
Lowri. Mês atrás
That dress is so beautiful!
steve tarrant
steve tarrant Mês atrás
What a joke
Name Mês atrás
Of course she fell on the stairs. She wouldn't be Jennifer Lawrence if she didn't haha.
Phu Dang
Phu Dang Mês atrás
She'll be back again
Pewdiepie official
Pewdiepie official Mês atrás
2019? august
Gadget Palace BD / online shop
happy birthday
Laura Ann
Laura Ann Mês atrás
I love Jen so much, only her would trip while receiving an Oscar 🤣 She brushed it off so well though 😍
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael Mês atrás
You have to suck a mad dick to get oscar for that role
Savannah Ray
Savannah Ray Mês atrás
Jennifer: athletic enough to survive the hunger games Also Jennifer:but not athletic enough to make through Oscar stairs
Baby Kangaroo
Baby Kangaroo Mês atrás
As long as i love J lawrence but Naomi Watts performance in the movie The Impossible is touching and captivating..
Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez Mês atrás
Jessica was robbed. Masterful performance in zero dark thirty
madison harressey
madison harressey Mês atrás
Awe I feel so bad, she must have been mortified
KınG TROY Mês atrás
1:38 thats me
Ridhima Pathak
Ridhima Pathak Mês atrás
i love jen
Essi Linnavirta
Essi Linnavirta Mês atrás
I love how Jen looks confused after they show her clip and claps to herself ::D I stan
Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea Mês atrás
does stranger things jennifer lawrence?
schiggy.x Mês atrás
Hahahahah xD
Chris Azmo
Chris Azmo Mês atrás
She blew Weinstein for that Oscar. Truth hurts.
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez Mês atrás
They should have given to that little girl. Though I didn't see the movie.
1:33 Jennifer Lawrence did a Kristen Stewart.
Axel Mês atrás
Drunk drink
s1mple enigma
s1mple enigma Mês atrás
That old bitch was salty af when announced JL
Ken Mês atrás
And the award goes to.... not that black girl.
Duch ess
Duch ess Mês atrás
She took another oscar in red dress she this must be her second win..
And the Oscar goes to - Harvey's talentless whore. Kinda easy to win awards even if you're not that talented when you're fucking Harvey Weinstein, ain't it?
Kinda easy to win awards even if you're not that talented when you're fucking Harvey Weinstein, ain't it?
lapcat20 Mês atrás
Am I the only one who believes this was a supporting performance?
Joseph Veron
Joseph Veron Mês atrás
Naomi Watts should’ve won...Her performance was way better than Jennifer Lawrence...
Joseph Veron
Joseph Veron Mês atrás
Naomi Watts should’ve won...
Joseph Veron
Joseph Veron Mês atrás
Naomi Watts should’ve won for The Impossible...
Joseph Veron
Joseph Veron Mês atrás
Naomi Watts should’ve won for The Impossible...
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