Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Actress: 2013 Oscars

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Jean Dujardin presenting Jennifer Lawrence with the Oscar® for Best Actress for her performance in "Silver Linings Playbook" at the 2013 Oscars®.
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4 Mar 2013



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Comentários 6 035
Tomp Dia atrás
Soooo, no one gonna talk about her thanking harvey weinstein?
Żebrak Dia atrás
Lawrence out
Sonali Verma
Sonali Verma 3 dias atrás
That fall was so fake 🥱
Hone Whetstone
Hone Whetstone 4 dias atrás
This is so cringeworthy
Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza 4 dias atrás
still those days I don’t UNDERSTAND why she won
herlambang hashemi
herlambang hashemi 5 dias atrás
If i win oscar, I am not even care that I fall on the way yo the stage
Pineapple Express
Pineapple Express 5 dias atrás
That's the most fake thing I've ever seen 😂
Daniel Marca
Daniel Marca 6 dias atrás
Comment 6000 ✌️
Anna Magdalena Galli
Anna Magdalena Galli 6 dias atrás
if hugh had gone up to help her in 2020 he wouldve been booed
A B 6 dias atrás
Can't understand how J.L could win an Oscar for that role...
RANYLEE malika
RANYLEE malika 6 dias atrás
I feel bad at 1.30
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur 6 dias atrás
Aajlal randiyan hi kamal kr rhi h... Bhenchod me yha baith kr hila rha hu.. Or mere family ki sari randiyan sali job kr rhi h.... Bhak madarchod
MaddySYD&QLD 6 dias atrás
Without Harvey Weinstein to get her the Oscar she would not have won anything... he’s out of Hollywood and so are his girls!
Sandpit Turtle
Sandpit Turtle 6 dias atrás
0:38 Harry Potter? Is that you..?
cam ‘s
cam ‘s 7 dias atrás
Jean du jardinnnnn 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Ms.muffin NonBussines
Ms.muffin NonBussines 7 dias atrás
Kudos for Hugh Jackman
Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro 7 dias atrás
I belive this oscas deserve to Naomi Wastt
Giulia Chagas
Giulia Chagas 8 dias atrás
Oh God
SweetNovember 8 dias atrás
Jessé Franco
Jessé Franco 8 dias atrás
1:36 Hugh Jackman being Hugh Jackman
Margaret Riordan
Margaret Riordan 8 dias atrás
Now we know how she got award.
Valerie Martinez
Valerie Martinez 9 dias atrás
1:38 poor gentleman who rushed to her rescue just got ignored :(
AlHuKa ,
AlHuKa , 6 dias atrás
That poor gentleman is Hugh Jackman
ali 9 dias atrás
imagine how embarrassing that must’ve been I would’ve ran and cried my eyes out sldnskd
ali 9 dias atrás
she’s the love of my life. No one could’ve played katniss or mystique better
Laisha Duvergé
Laisha Duvergé 5 dias atrás
i know right
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez 9 dias atrás
Hugh is such a chad
Andrea A
Andrea A 10 dias atrás
boring speech
Wahdiatin Firda
Wahdiatin Firda 10 dias atrás
Even when she fell ,still look beautiful
Nebula 11 dias atrás
Those stairs were mad that she won
Ibikari1 12 dias atrás
I like the little black girl, just so cute
Andres Carbone
Andres Carbone 12 dias atrás
Older lady wasn’t having it
OOFER GANG 13 dias atrás
I remember those days when iFunny always featured memes with either Jennifer Lawrence and Will Ferrell since they were praised all over the internet.
mysterious billionaire
mysterious billionaire 13 dias atrás
man she's so annoying
Sara vandom
Sara vandom 13 dias atrás
We all hear to see the fall XD
muzzledcroc c
muzzledcroc c 13 dias atrás
De niro is so tired of that shit 2:30
fat matt
fat matt 13 dias atrás
Cant stand Jennifer... Worst actress ever.... How many blow jobs she had to give to get film contracts,?? Worst acting.......
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman 13 dias atrás
Jennifer Lawrence is the modern-day definition of "Anime Face". She basically looks like a hot anime character.
Ju' 14 dias atrás
Pourquoi c'est Dujardin qui présente mdrr?
So 14 dias atrás
Shessoooo beautiful
MuRtyZ 14 dias atrás
*Jennifer Falls* *Hugh Jackman 10 decades later* : Oh let me help you
ok, again im on oscar winners marathon before Oscar 2020
Дмитрий Курсант
1:33 Хуяк...Это тебе за "Красного воробья", шкура!
Mary Zhao
Mary Zhao 15 dias atrás
who else saw Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter at 0:37
Abdul Aleem
Abdul Aleem Dia atrás
Yes I saw
ahceda09 15 dias atrás
Thats a cute trip
Mohamed Amine Bourouaï
I LOVE her voice. She's such a great actress !
Ala Bouaziz
Ala Bouaziz 17 dias atrás
She fell , then she stand again This is the meaning of keeping up strong in life
Lucija B.
Lucija B. 6 dias atrás
@miss girl lol exactly
miss girl
miss girl 16 dias atrás
tf else she supposed to do? stay down there?
Zey Gigi
Zey Gigi 17 dias atrás
I loved!
Ginny G.
Ginny G. 18 dias atrás
Ese Oscar era para Naomi Watss ó Jessica Chanstain
Chris Azmo
Chris Azmo 19 dias atrás
We all know she blew Weinstein for that Oscar
Shahd Q
Shahd Q 19 dias atrás
Why do I feel like this was 2~3 years ago??
Megan Sampson
Megan Sampson 19 dias atrás
I love how the 8 year old knew what was up more so than J Law... when they were announcing the nominees ahah I think she fell because her dress looks like a King Size comforter wrapped around her ahhaha
Rocio Rodríguez
Rocio Rodríguez 20 dias atrás
Pobre se re callo jajaja
Franklin Roosvelt Hitchcok
Ese Oscar era de Jessica Chastain.
Rust Cohle
Rust Cohle 22 dias atrás
0:59 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Daniru Jayasuriya
Daniru Jayasuriya 22 dias atrás
"This is nuts!" the thrill in her voice
Elaine Maria
Elaine Maria 23 dias atrás
A emoção foi tanto que caiu
Taimuraz Tadzhibov
Taimuraz Tadzhibov 23 dias atrás
Жаль не разбила ебальник при падении! Гнилая русофобка! Желаю,чтобы она упала по карьерной лестнице! Сучка!
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 23 dias atrás
Harvey gave her that
Marvel Cinematic Beagle
Let’s face it, we all came here just to see her fall
marchbros 2000
marchbros 2000 2 dias atrás
Nope, I came because she put in the work and was deserving of a win. I love how jealous people undercut successful people’s success! 😂
Roberto Lyrio
Roberto Lyrio 7 dias atrás
No I didn't.
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina 11 dias atrás
Yes kkkkk
SportER 22 dias atrás
Nope i didnt
Rasverma Verma
Rasverma Verma 22 dias atrás
Gabrielle Gibbs
Gabrielle Gibbs 23 dias atrás
Her fall is great She's just amazing
Pineapple Express
Pineapple Express 5 dias atrás
Fake 😂
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