Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reunite for 'The Morning Show' l GMA

Good Morning America
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The pair, who played sisters on "Friends," star in the new drama with a star-studded cast that includes Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass and Karen Pittman.
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28 Out 2019



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Comentários 321
opji Dia atrás
the cast from the morning show on a morning show talking about friends
Laurie Lees
Laurie Lees 2 dias atrás
Matt Lauer all the way.
So far so good
So far so good 2 dias atrás
hate how they applaud 'strong women' WHAT ABOUT THE WEAK WOMEN? Don't they deserve encouragement too? 'Weak' women are the ones who encourage other women to be 'strong' - ironically. They are selfless and emotional and put others before themselves. Js
bluedance lilly
bluedance lilly 6 dias atrás
Is there a way to watch The Morning Show not on Apple? Is it only on iPhones? Or a subscription thing? Not another thing to have to subscribe to, please. Groan.
Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton 6 dias atrás
NYC TV Media has this program called; The Vanguard: Men in Media, by media its assumed-on television, were they are expected to be heavily hair dyed, preferably blond, in trashy facial make-up that includes red clownish looking greased lip coverings. Oh wait, the correct title is The Vanguard: Women in Media…my mistake…
Hasmin Nedd
Hasmin Nedd 13 dias atrás
Always delightful to see Jennifer Aniston.
Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton 14 dias atrás
I’ve just completed a viewer’s tour of assorted cable and broadcast networks that once specialized in news gathering and programing, both locally and nationally, am appalled by what I found, and that nobody is as outraged as me by the seemingly trashy exploitation of blond dye head women as dance hall girls as if of the old west, and women of color in straight haired wigs pushing drinks to dull the senses, along with gun slinging dye head males playing the part of lonesome teenagers well into their fifties and sixties. I once called such displays as the new ‘show business’, but its much worse than that, its dam right scandalous that seem to be fueled by marketing dollars and not the want of a true calling of excellence in journalism, concluding with the plea, Lord, deliver us from this evil of ‘appearance journalism’ and send us home to be free back in your loving arms of news and integrity, we seemed to have lost our way…
Moses Malone
Moses Malone 15 dias atrás
I hate Robin is a homosexual, she would have made some man a good wife.
1SirGrandMasterMrKINGRobertMichael CrofootGod1
Dear Class, "Mrs." Reese Witherspoon looks so great and good and nice! What awesome "perfect" hygiene, and she is so nice about things, and cool and calm and collected, and informative. Reese is helping us out with so many things out here Class, working at and re Eternal Universal Defense, including of herself, lol, through absolutely "immaculate" hygiene for one thing. I just think it's great to see, I love to see all of my peoples being happy, enjoying their "life & existence", enjoying good food & shelter, and good hygiene, and whatever else we can earn out here for us. I think it's a great idea to have and allow good peoples like Mrs. Reese Witherspoon, and George Stephanopoulos "The Hygiene Saint", himself, lol, out in the Public, and into the Public media to help us with School Business and Project(s). It's wonderful to see, it's good for us, it cheers us up and inspires us, and ultimately it helps us all in our training..what to try for, how to act, how to be, what to do in your life and how to help peoples, and so I just thought that it was important to mention. Mrs. Reese Witherspoon's Husband must be very happy, and feeling very good and blessed to have such a good girl Mam woman Wife like her for him, I am trying to find a description of Reese in this Interview, if not just always anyway re her, but, in one sentence "Mrs." Reese Witherspoon is.........."100% totally good and EUD(health) oriented, and very obviously "total" in her approach of/re the Universe and re things, including in/re her wonderful good health and job that she does out here, working for the old School, and her form is outstanding right now, she was in "top form" for this entire Interview, and it was miraculous to see, including her force training in the event that we legally deserve to know of it Class, and such things are Private and Classified always, but sometimes some peoples may legally deserve to know of some of it, because it's good for the Class, and good for her, and good for the Universe too, we get to see such total strength man, wow, and so in closing with this extremely long sentence, lol, in 1 word for this Interview anyway, if not always, Reese is.........." Spantankerouslybuenoesteresponsablia' ", oh yeah, lol. Good job Reese, and nice suit!
wadha A
wadha A 17 dias atrás
This is definitely weird interview for GMA
Holly Lanagan
Holly Lanagan 20 dias atrás
What a boring interview. Loving the show though.
Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier 20 dias atrás
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Karine Buinier
Karine Buinier 20 dias atrás
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Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton 21 dia atrás
I have not seen Apple tv+, ‘The Morning Show’, I can bet it looks a lot like local morning news show programing that are available in the greater New York area every week day, featuring a string of young blond dyed head females looking every inch like hookers, one of these shows has taken to marketing themselves with the line, ‘expect more’, to me only means as can plainly be seen as more hair dye than anywhere else…even on the heads of their empty headed co-anchoring males…
Harlem Harris
Harlem Harris 21 dia atrás
This show is fire at its best
fismail 22 dias atrás
The show was basically taken from a book about the metoo scandal, Jen forgot to point that out maybe
D 22 dias atrás
They are all like their characters from the show irl
AKzebraMiner 24 dias atrás
Plot Twist: They are all reading teleprompters.
Lara Starry
Lara Starry 24 dias atrás
Wooooh everybody there is smiling wide 😍👀
bisexuel bisexuel
bisexuel bisexuel 27 dias atrás
Jennifer& Reese sublime
jacksonmwatson 28 dias atrás
after watching the first four episodes of the show, seeing this is an ultimate mindfuck.
bananapie 29 dias atrás
Jen is 50! At least she makes me feel good about aging
Basse Banan
Basse Banan Mês atrás
Strong Women im so sick of thaa line nobody talks like that i real life .. i mean WHO THE F tells a man he is strong and powerful ? maybe in the Olympics ....!!
Maria Fletcher
Maria Fletcher Mês atrás
Jennifer looks gorge and seems to carry the role well, pretty important story to be told in this movie, Reese, too!
Josh.C Mês atrás
I'm sorry but Reese is so ugly.....Her face is just ugly. Jennifer is pretty for being that old.
Sophia Earls
Sophia Earls Mês atrás
Jennifer seems very off in this interview...she seems annoyed or maybe she is boring and not as intelligent as i thought she was..reese has more of a personality actually..
Cak Redi
Cak Redi Mês atrás
I think that Bradley Jackson character is the female version of Craig Ferguson.
Cristina Mendoza
Cristina Mendoza Mês atrás
The morning show has only one word to describe it: brilliant!!! good for you actors and producers but most of all the writers of it. congratulations.
mb8577 Mês atrás
It’s a GREAT show!
Soy Millennial
Soy Millennial Mês atrás
It’s funny that he said ‘’it looks like our set’’ bitch it’s an straight suggestion that is your show
Almudena Carnero
Almudena Carnero Mês atrás
Eduardo Rodrigo maria pon ese. Luminoso ay mismo que. Lo. Vea el mundo mtv. Music. Estan. Uy esto. Leches ya diré. Sigo. Seguiré. Es. Por. Ty. Por my. Gracias Alo.
Rebecca Monroe
Rebecca Monroe Mês atrás
Urghhh I want the next episode, I love their show,love themmmm , i love george laughs as well
Faisal Adil
Faisal Adil Mês atrás
Can we for once not mention that friendship show when talking with Jennifer!
Shame0nNick Mês atrás
Faisal Adil you mean friends ?????? Jesus
Vera Mês atrás
Love both of them. Great actresses. They have class and are funny.
Carrie Mês atrás
Lov'n the new show!
AnimeGirl 8792
AnimeGirl 8792 Mês atrás
If I still watch tv I would watch this series but love the duo friendship working on screen together
Hone Whetstone
Hone Whetstone Mês atrás
It’s like they used the morning show as an excuse to talk about friends
Kriss Kross
Kriss Kross Mês atrás
Talking about Friends when you have Friends cast members on your show is inevitable.
David Elligott
David Elligott Mês atrás
It makes you really respect Lucille Ball that she had her own production company in the 50's and 60's when these two powerful and successful women are talking about how unlikely it seemed for them to executive produce a single TV show.
David Elligott
David Elligott Mês atrás
@yvonne shanson Yeah, I didn't know about that. I mainly know about Desilu because without Lucille Ball, Star Trek wouldn't exist.
yvonne shanson
yvonne shanson Mês atrás
David Elligott actually Marilynn was the 1st actress to have her own production company but she has always had been so stereotypically viewed in a sexist manner that no one ever knew about it...:(
Charles Testrake
Charles Testrake Mês atrás
Min: 11:07 Apple may be “incredible partners” who gave the cast and crew total “creative freedom”, but every single character uses an iPhone. I thought Martin Short’s character should have used an Android!
maryam mure
maryam mure Mês atrás
Jennifer's outift from the movie looks very similar to the one Rachel wore in the episode the prom in s2. Wow. That was my first thing when I saw this promo. It looked her waitress outift from the episode.
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