jeffree star is trying to contact james charles again..

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after james uploaded videos with tiktok stars charli d'amelio and addison rae, jeffree reached out to him again



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Comentários 80
Sendong Jamir
Sendong Jamir 9 dias atrás
Js is just a whole lot of bs
Bon Soir
Bon Soir 16 dias atrás
One day, James's subcount will go into such a peak, his old dramageddon subscriber cliff will look like a tiny bump downwards. And jeffree won't "win" that battle
koriyan 17 dias atrás
I'm loving how James Charles is so cool with it and just playing those games filter on Instagram. Lol go sisterrr!
Itz Weeber
Itz Weeber 19 dias atrás
James is keeping to himself y’all need to respect that don’t act like ur 8
Yung Ang5t
Yung Ang5t 20 dias atrás
If James is smart he will let Jeffree dig his own grave
h o n e y m o o n
h o n e y m o o n 20 dias atrás
Lilu Lovely
Lilu Lovely 21 dia atrás
Jeffrey is being so desperate for attention from James while James already moved on and is focusing on growing his career and being successful. I can't believe that Jeffrey is acting like that despite his age, then on the other hand there's James who is just in the start of his 20s and is already a lot more mature than him. I love James so so so much honestly, I just don't get why Jeffrey is still trying to get close to him, though it's probably because if he made a collab with James and they would be good again it would make him look good, but hell I am so glad James is not even bothered by him honestly.
Mikalia Davis
Mikalia Davis 22 dias atrás
I just think James need to block him before Jeffree do some BS on purpose.
5 Tips with Lindsey
5 Tips with Lindsey 25 dias atrás
We don’t do toxic fam - say no to manipulators. 🤚🏻
Sister Kaylee
Sister Kaylee 25 dias atrás
Fuck Jeffree 💕
J W 26 dias atrás
Jeffree is literally in his thirties, James JUST turned 21 and already this successful. He’s winning
Jonas JJ
Jonas JJ 9 dias atrás
yh but do uno how rich jefree is
Austin S.
Austin S. 14 dias atrás
@J W the internets obsession with makeup and the beauty community's growth is a fairly recent phenomenon. It was only natural that someone like James Charles grew so fast because of this.
J W 14 dias atrás
Austin S. But Jeffree has been doing make up before James was even known about James only been around for not even 6 years
Austin S.
Austin S. 14 dias atrás
I will say that James did come from a place of privilege growing up in a upper-middle class family while Jeffree grew up with his mother in a 1 bedroom apartment.
a trash
a trash 19 dias atrás
@Chilly Chikkun ok
Loretta Lopez
Loretta Lopez 26 dias atrás
Jeffree is the best
CALLMERONIII 27 dias atrás
He better not. He better leave everything behind in the past and move onnnnnn PERIOD 👏🏻
X Finity
X Finity 27 dias atrás
Jeffree Star may be one of the most successful beauty gurus in the world, and he basically has almost everything all of us wish we can afford or even experience, but no way in hell does he like seeing other people try or be as successful as him. He tried so hard with all of his power and influence to end James' career last year by calling him a predator and a danger to society, and now he's acting as we should just forget about that? And now he wants to be like chill with everyone?? Lol what a clown
Zaraenia 27 dias atrás
Jeffree: there is no competition. Also Jeffree: I won
charllaque 27 dias atrás
That's the biggest reason why "they" Jeffrey and friends tries to ruin james name, i dont like james either, but its obvious beauty gurus crab mentality.. haha
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 27 dias atrás
I freaking love Shane's content and his personality, but I feel like Jeffree is using him as a shield
cascada122321 26 dias atrás
I would highly recommend you look up new videos on Shane’s involvement in this drama, looks like he knew about it all along and potentially helped orchestrate it with Jeffree
Lyds 27 dias atrás
I hope James Charles avoids this scumbag
Lyds 27 dias atrás
Jeffree’s arrogance is gross.
Jacob's Makeup
Jacob's Makeup 27 dias atrás
When he said I'm an icon I already won it threw me back to rpdr all stars 3 with bendelacreme.
Kara Silverfoote
Kara Silverfoote 28 dias atrás
If James continues to stay on his path and thriving I will def think more highly of him, but if he turns back to contact Jeffrey, I will assume he loves the drauma. PERIOD! 👌🏽✨
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez 28 dias atrás
Jeffree is so damn crazy and bipolar lol
Lee Williams
Lee Williams 28 dias atrás
No James dont. Jeffree is manipulative and toxic. But most of all he’s jealous jealous because your prettier and he’s ugly.
Marilyn MonHoe
Marilyn MonHoe 29 dias atrás
Honestly if I was James I would try to sue for defamation.
Olive Goncalves
Olive Goncalves 29 dias atrás
no, probably not, because Jeffree said a lot of bullshit without even being involved so, I think they were amazing together but as always, Jeffree's needs of being on the tea ruined that relationship.
sum Mês atrás
Yes children Jeffrey is the type of friends that your parents told you to stay away from them be careful
Alis GVT.
Alis GVT. Mês atrás
Like why is everyone so thirsty to see their favs going on unnecessary drama or fights again? You guys like when they are not having a good time? Damm it, let 'em be.
C Rosmadi C Hussin
C Rosmadi C Hussin Mês atrás
C Rosmadi C Hussin
C Rosmadi C Hussin Mês atrás
ewwwwww star you stupid star i don't likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
im bored
im bored Mês atrás
is jeffree not allowed to be nice? 💀
Anabella Popo
Anabella Popo Mês atrás
I love jeffree but he needs to stop bringing up things that are not necessary for example what he said in that interview 💅🏽
Tina Manzo
Tina Manzo Mês atrás
James is a pussy
i'm an alien
i'm an alien Mês atrás
so yours will stink like shit just like your picture you have there
Law Abo
Law Abo Mês atrás
Wow that's so much people using tiktoks to fill james missing subscribers??
Jan Cedie
Jan Cedie Mês atrás
Stop the hatred spread love and happiness ❤️ learned from Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.
Skylar Mês atrás
jeffree isn’t a good person tbh i can list a bunch of stuff he’s done wrong 😌
lindsay gutierrez
lindsay gutierrez Mês atrás
I mean Jeffree spoke the truth, yall are just digging at nothing. Like how bored are you guys. I love when legends support legends.
Joseph Mês atrás
Okay nobody really cares jeffree, show James what was shown to him? Your a fucking full grown adult and you tried to ruin somebody's career and spread complete lies about him. 1. What was shown to him? Yeah somebody showed him that he was banned from his house TOTALLY. Get a life...
Luna the sad angel
Luna the sad angel Mês atrás
I don’t even want them to be friends again, the best thing James should do is ignore the guy who literally lied about him and called him a danger to society and said he had “receipts” and he clearly didn’t and dragged him until James pulled out the biggest uno reverse card in history and Jeffree went “oh that was the old Jeffree”
luvish !
luvish ! Mês atrás
Jeffree is just so jealous of james charles
Kay & Tay
Kay & Tay Mês atrás
i honestly feel like jeffree star is trying to be james friend and then make another scandal after
Baddie You Maddie
Baddie You Maddie Mês atrás
I love how same one put wait a damn minute 😂
Dora Peručić
Dora Peručić Mês atrás
Sis is unbothered and we luv it
Hattie McClure
Hattie McClure Mês atrás
0:14 02:56 01:14
Leah tries at life
Leah tries at life Mês atrás
No james better not talk to jeffree again it won't do him any good James is just doing such amazing things and i stannnn
Leah tries at life
Leah tries at life Mês atrás
Im a f****** icon ug please james is the icon here
Betsy Barajas
Betsy Barajas Mês atrás
How often do you post cause I like your videos now haha
Shaquille Oatmeal
Shaquille Oatmeal Mês atrás
I’m happy for James. He used to reposed and people liked to say he was problematic and always in drama. He’s staying in his lane and focusing on his own career. He’s doing so well with his show and videos recently. It’s really sad to see Jeffree being all mad that James is succeeding. I fell like after all the attention Shane’s fans were giving him left he feels the need to start drama, because that’s how he gets people to still remember him. Drama.
Kiann Eslit
Kiann Eslit Mês atrás
2:11 “his fans always create wh-“ no you’re getting it twisted, are you sure you seen the one creating it
Kiann Eslit
Kiann Eslit Mês atrás
why can’t people see that Jeffree star is the most toxic of them beauty gurus. Literally he created cancel culture brUh. Everything one of his friends made a mistake, he acted as if his career was over. He wasn’t acting like a friend. Jeffree claims to change and be his new self but remember the time when jeffree lies about James touching Grayson on his sleep but later on was debunked. I’m done wit his bull anyways I unsubscribed.
nahyun kwon
nahyun kwon Mês atrás
I think it’s about time that all three of them sat down and really talk about what happened. Theyre all adults, they should have dealt with this a looong time ago but if they are fully functioning adults they should be able to have a civil conversation. It was so immature for them to make this public, completely unnecessary, and they should get over it... it’s been a year...
Kirstin Reese
Kirstin Reese Mês atrás
i think james is not going to cuz i don’t think he wants to associate himself with jeffree anymore and wants to stay away from drama as much as he can cuz he’s really thriving rn 👏🏻👑
itzy midzy
itzy midzy Mês atrás
wait weren’t both james n jefree friends? do they hv tea now? oof
UR MOM Mês atrás
charli looks malnourish
Wade Helkey
Wade Helkey Mês atrás
Omg what if the beauty community faked the drama for views wouldn’t be shocked
Mali Lovett
Mali Lovett Mês atrás
Can you really blame James for not wanting to retaliate or interact with the person who almost ended his career purely because of jealousy?
Marisa Witte
Marisa Witte Mês atrás
James may have more subs but jeffree has much more money. He’s been more successful with his makeup company compared to James who doesn’t even have one.
Kristina Savic
Kristina Savic Mês atrás
I mean, if my ex-friend destroyed my reputation and tried to come for my bag... I wouldn’t forgive him either.
Lex Mês atrás
I'm an icon, I already won Sis, check yourself, check ALL the things you've done to everyone, everybody you hurt, you almost made James commit suicide, you're such an icon
Baptiste KG
Baptiste KG Mês atrás
I can’t stand the voice of JC
zen whiteee
zen whiteee Mês atrás
can yall imagine that jaffree want to kill james???
It's Aaliyah
It's Aaliyah Mês atrás
I think James is the bigger better person and he’ll leave it all behind but I love them both but I think James is more responsible and brighter in these situations! Just an opinion don’t come at me ❤️👑👍
Lila’s World
Lila’s World Mês atrás
Ooh the tea ☕️😂💖
Jayleen Fernandez
Jayleen Fernandez Mês atrás
Jeffre just mad he losing clout and he mad that James is thriving without him
sofie :D
sofie :D Mês atrás
I HOPE James is gonna leave Jefree behind because of the things Jefree did to him
Allison Cheeky
Allison Cheeky Mês atrás
Jeffree is so full of himself, he’s jealous of how James got successful at such a young age
Andrea H.C
Andrea H.C Mês atrás
Jeffree’s jelous because when he was james age he was still sucking peoples d* in the street for probably cocaine or alcohol 😚💅🏽
Emma Smith
Emma Smith Mês atrás
This thumbnail is Jeffre stars reacting to tic toks about me video!
Emiliano Gomez
Emiliano Gomez Mês atrás
I feel like Jeffree is gonna cancel him again 😬😌
Siimply Aurora
Siimply Aurora Mês atrás
Like no hate to Jeffree but he’s kinda selfish-
Francine Bonifacio
Francine Bonifacio Mês atrás
bretman and james been hanging out alot these days, and i think bretman brings out the real james whenever theyre together honestly what james need in life is the BADDEST BITCH ITS BRETMAN ROCK (sorry for my bad english)
A M Mês atrás
i'm on jame's side for the 1st time after all the tragic things that happened to em, period.
Beryl Walubengo
Beryl Walubengo Mês atrás
So petty.
E Mês atrás
i love james, hes so unbothered
SedapnDelicious Mês atrás
Hey guys please check out my Chanel and subscribe if u like it 😊
Fadzlina Sharif Tv
Fadzlina Sharif Tv Mês atrás
2:48 lmaoo, what hppn if james hear this HAHA
Could be Anyone
Could be Anyone Mês atrás
Before this all happened I watched Jeffree constantly and didnt really like James. Now it's the exact opposite. Jeffree showed his true colors. After James came out with his video telling the truth I have watched every video since and I love him. You can truly tell who's genuine and who's not. Also, let's remember James is a Gemini. They are the kings/queens of keeping people in the past, and once they're done with you, they're done. So happy and proud to see James' rising success
Laurensdm Mês atrás
James needs to leave it behind, he’s out grown jeffree. Money doesn’t equal success. Jeffree is sad and lonely no matter how much money he has he will always be mad at the world, especially since Nate is gone now.
Katie Mês atrás
James honestly is a true king for focusing on himself and his career rather than petty dram 👑
Megamind Forehead
Megamind Forehead Mês atrás
James is living his best life. He is a young 21 year old and Jeffree is envious of his success at such a young age. He is doing way better and is in a better place. Jeffree is 34 years old. He has had his fair share of stardom and it’s now coming to a end. James is the new IT boy. That’s all I got to say.
Lar Bi
Lar Bi Mês atrás
I like JS, but honestly he doesn’t act his age. Like dude u r a multimillionaire, have an amazing business, and career... just stay away from the drama, grab ur cash, and do you. Why would he pick on a boy who is waaaay younger than him? And now being so lovable towards him? I dont get people that talk shit about someone or each other, and then try to act like nothing happened. The shit he said about James, omg, I’d never wanna do with someone who talked like that for me ever again🤦🏼‍♀️. You’re 30+ yrs old, act like it smh
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