Jaylen Waddle | Alabama Highlights

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5 Abr 2021



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Matthew Orlandi
Matthew Orlandi Anos atrás
I have a huge ear-to-ear smile watching Tua throw to Waddle, because my Dolphins now have BOTH these guys. LFG!!! 🐬
Trent Pierce
Trent Pierce 2 meses atrás
Are you a bama fan or did you come here to see his highlights
BigSkyGoat 2 meses atrás
Dolphins all the way
Hayden Watson GK
Hayden Watson GK Anos atrás
If their draft pieces fall together from this years class, and tua turns out good which I think he will, then they are getting an AFC championship in the next 3 years
Cloud 9 gaming,music, clothing
Dolphins are going to get a championship
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday Anos atrás
His speed is extraordinary but he also has high level route running ability and consitently makes extremely tough catches like an all star reciever. He's not just fast, he's the whole package. To top it off he already has chemistry with Tua his QB in the NFL. Should have a great year barring injuries.
Dano Tua is still my qb.
I believe we'll see this with Tua and Waddle and now with Hill. I expect them to ball out this yr.
iDesireComp 5 meses atrás
Sounds like a W team
Dano Tua is still my qb.
What a pair, Tua and Waddle together at Miami.
Brenda Gallardo
Brenda Gallardo Anos atrás
Plus will fuller davonta parker and mike geseki
Dano Tua is still my qb.
@Clay Werner No, they got Najee Harris
Layloweli Anos atrás
@Clay Werner by*
Clay Werner
Clay Werner Anos atrás
I thought that waddle was signed buy the Steelers
LkOutMtnMan Anos atrás
Need to rename Jaylon to Mercury because he sure has wings on his feet! Going to miss watching him play for the Tide but best of luck to Tua and Waddle at Miami! Should be fun to watch Miami this season.
Makai Mauka
Makai Mauka Anos atrás
Amazing extra gear Waddle has..!!!
marcus poole
marcus poole Anos atrás
Jarvis with a top gear
Wynter’s Wonderland
loved how he kept doing the same taunt against auburn
ayoPHREEK Anos atrás
His speed and quickness is unbelievable
Thatdude Kyle
Thatdude Kyle Anos atrás
I realize these are Waddle highlights...but do you see some of these throws Tua made? This is just a preview of whats yet to come. phins up!!
Dah Swervin
Dah Swervin Anos atrás
Do the whole draft class😭😭💯
Colin Kellogg
Colin Kellogg Anos atrás
Best WR to in college.
Wesley O.
Wesley O. Anos atrás
We are about to have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL with Tua throwing to Devante Parker, Mike Gesicki, Jakeem Grant, Preston Williams, Will Fuller, and Jaylen Waddle. All we need now is Najee Harris.
xxRebel Patriot Gaming
xxRebel Patriot Gaming 2 meses atrás
Najee? Lmfao nah
Dano Tua is still my qb.
It'll happen this yr now with good coaches and with Hill too.
Jose A. Lucas
Jose A. Lucas 10 meses atrás
@AyeGlyde It definitely age like fine milk
AyeGlyde Anos atrás
This aged like milk and I’m a dolphins fan
Excelsior Adora
Excelsior Adora Anos atrás
He’s stooopid fast 💨
Cisco Ortiz
Cisco Ortiz Anos atrás
Future Miami Dolphin. Fins up the take over.
Face Of Guinee 🇬🇳
How did you know he was going there?
Cisco Ortiz
Cisco Ortiz Anos atrás
@M.H.R. Vlogs Vlogs 😂. Facts.
M.H.R. Vlogs Vlogs
M.H.R. Vlogs Vlogs Anos atrás
That aged like fine wine
Cisco Ortiz
Cisco Ortiz Anos atrás
@Sparky Pluggs Facts. Fins up. The take over.
Sparky Pluggs
Sparky Pluggs Anos atrás
Called it
Wendell Lewis
Wendell Lewis Anos atrás
Tua was throwing darts 🎯 Goodness
VideoGamePhenom Anos atrás
The Miami Dolphins take the speedy wide receiver that could team up with the recently signed Will Fuller.
IZ e n n c o -
IZ e n n c o - Anos atrás
Tua was throwing some dimes
Adam Byers
Adam Byers Anos atrás
Exactly can we stop writing of rookies now with the wr core and waddle, tua should be great but if not and he's a bust then ok. But the media and "dolphins fans" need to give the man a chance.
IZ e n n c o -
IZ e n n c o - Anos atrás
Tyga Hero
Tyga Hero Anos atrás
@IZ e n n c o - - Dimes are a good thing.
IZ e n n c o -
IZ e n n c o - Anos atrás
@Ant L no it’s not dummy , a lot of these throws were thrown by tua .
VibewitKenyon Anos atrás
Jaylen was the best
NMB Anos atrás
Najee in the backfield would have been an electrifying Bama trifecta.
Bama 2 Da Bone
Bama 2 Da Bone Anos atrás
Jaylen most definitely belongs on the All Saban Team
Depressed Celtics fan
@Bama 2 Da Bone Derrick Henry marlon Humphrey landon Collins minka Fitzpatrick certain Ruben Foster Mosley Jonathan Allen
Depressed Celtics fan
@Bama 2 Da Bone that will actually be an elite match
Bama 2 Da Bone
Bama 2 Da Bone Anos atrás
@jngibbs11 I would love to see our All Saban Team against the Chiefs
jngibbs11 Anos atrás
I think our 4 Wideouts would be Julio Coop Smitty Waddle, unfortunately we gotta leave out the other God tier receivers tho😪
jngibbs11 Anos atrás
Him and Smitty fasho
MPhins17 Anos atrás
The words "got em in stride" is somthin I hope to hear for a long time on Sundays. Welcome to Miami and the free state of FL
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods Anos atrás
950 and 10 rookie year, 2 return touchdowns
The Chosen One (W)
The Chosen One (W) 4 meses atrás
5:30 when waddle does that celebration its the best.
Skeeters McGavin
Skeeters McGavin Anos atrás
Tua cant move the ball down the field my ass. dude has pocket rocket arm!
Christian Marmol
Christian Marmol Anos atrás
Yuppp! Now that he's back to 100% & had a whole off-season 2 improve...WATCH OUT!! 🏈🏈🏈
Bamas Ball
Bamas Ball Anos atrás
The fact that we have a replacement talent, his name is Jojo Earle , mark my words
kevincmiles4163 Anos atrás
0:38 Oh my, what a block!
Malone Hardick
Malone Hardick Anos atrás
Miami now has a Waddle House
K.C. Elemenopy
K.C. Elemenopy Anos atrás
Please go to Philly so we can say “Hurtz to Waddle!”
Big_AL Anos atrás
No wonder Bama is #1 or 2 in the country every yr. The talent is unfair.
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson Anos atrás
Depressed Celtics fan
Can't guard J Waddle
Joe Baker
Joe Baker Anos atrás
"People don't do this kinda stuff..." that says it all
John Mccrossin
John Mccrossin Anos atrás
Jalen and Smith!! Gonna be nice to!
Karl Anos atrás
Gucci Black
Gucci Black Anos atrás
Bro gon be deadly
Hawk Hawk
Hawk Hawk Anos atrás
Track meet with 🏃💨💨 waddle, fuller, grant, foster and wilson 😁
Hawk Hawk
Hawk Hawk Anos atrás
@Sparky Pluggs Yea I know waddle but I don't want our star wr returning nothing. Just thought about it Noah can do it also
Sparky Pluggs
Sparky Pluggs Anos atrás
@Hawk Hawk Grant is more than likely getting cut. He can't catch and Waddle returns kicks too. Grant's had his chances
Hawk Hawk
Hawk Hawk Anos atrás
@Sparky Pluggs hope we keep grant just for special teams an restructure his contract he's making too much.
Sparky Pluggs
Sparky Pluggs Anos atrás
Grant and/or Wilson are definitely gone
Ell-J T.
Ell-J T. Anos atrás
Future Giant 👍
Dave Capp
Dave Capp Anos atrás
@Randy Bobandy they definitely could use a WR ....Golladay gets hurt and they’re in the same position they’ve been in the last two years. Plus, I think Shep might be gone next year
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy Anos atrás
They don't even need a wide receiver lol. Though with the way they draft I wouldn't be surprised.
CJ Autocare, LLC
CJ Autocare, LLC Anos atrás
This guy is special
CJ Scott
CJ Scott Anos atrás
My God Auburn got cooked
Let’sGoMiamiDolphins 2 meses atrás
It’s weird seeing all his qbs before they in the nfl. He has tua, jaylen hurts, and Mac jones.
Medix Forchune
Medix Forchune 2 meses atrás
Passing auburn backfield while they were running full out.
G Code 609
G Code 609 Anos atrás
Tyrek Hill 2.0 👀💯🦅
Icy Prodzzz.
Icy Prodzzz. Anos atrás
Yes but he has better jump ball skills and route running
J Anos atrás
Waddle is Tyreek Jr
Natedog Anos atrás
Fins Up 🐬
Jason R.
Jason R. Anos atrás
Hayden GTS
Hayden GTS Anos atrás
RIP to #57 at 0:35💀
Keloffone Anos atrás
Not a fair game 59 7🤣🤣
Adam Zavala
Adam Zavala Anos atrás
Welcome to the dolphins
Tj Adams
Tj Adams Anos atrás
4:50 lmao I don't even remember this play or even this game tbh lol. Think I fell asleep
douglas anderson
douglas anderson Anos atrás
bam2xl14 Anos atrás
BigSkyGoat 2 meses atrás
Let’s go fins
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Anos atrás
Tony Douglas
Tony Douglas Anos atrás
Great vid
Hombre Astuto
Hombre Astuto Anos atrás
Mac stay under throwing waddle
Christian Marmol
Christian Marmol Anos atrás
4 REAL!!! 😭😭
G Code 609
G Code 609 Anos atrás
Ernest Cameron
Ernest Cameron Anos atrás
Miami dolphins baby
KVNG REEK Anos atrás
Ima miss this nigga at Bama RTR
wrx STI26
wrx STI26 Anos atrás
Welcome to Miami🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬
GlassHousecp Anos atrás
Ridiculous speed
Terry Jones
Terry Jones Anos atrás
Please come to Philly
Ray McDonald
Ray McDonald Anos atrás
Waddle = A faster quicker Antonio Brown
Ty Rec
Ty Rec Anos atrás
This is kind of off topic but.. I'm a niners fan and it really seems like waddle bailed mac out of some bad under throws. I don't want mac jones
Sparky Pluggs
Sparky Pluggs Anos atrás
@#1 Michigan Wolverines fan Tua was recovering from a career ending hip surgery for most with no off-season to strengthen and develop. He was probably playing at 75% last season and still played above average
GLO 1 Anos atrás
@#1 Michigan Wolverines fan bama offense is a lot different than what it used to be so ofc no other bama qbs were good what qbs out of Oregon did good in the nfl
#1 Michigan Wolverines fan
@Carter Payte are you dumb? If you gave Herbert that OL Tua has, he would've most likely had a 5,000+ yd/40-45 TD season. I guess you have no football IQ whatsoever. Herbert had the last ranked OL in the NFL last year. And cool? He had Henry and also has Williams/Allen, but you can have a solid WR core, but if you have a horrid OL you're SOL. Stafford had Megatron and had a bottom barrel OL pretty much the whole time he was in Detroit. I'll take a solid OL/Ok-alright recievers over a terrible OL and a solid WRs. Educate yourself please. I guess you have no common sense. Look at Burrow. Has a very good WR core but a horrid OL. And guess what happened.... He got injured because he was a human pinyata in the backfield cuz his OL was terrible. As I said plz educate yourself
Carter Payte
Carter Payte Anos atrás
@#1 Michigan Wolverines fan Just based off of the fact that you said tua had a good o line means I can't take anything you say seriously
#1 Michigan Wolverines fan
@Some Guy sounds like excuses. Herbert had the worst OL in the NFL. He had like 1 decent game lmao. Herbert had the best rookie season as a QB in the history of the NFL. Tua had a top 5-10 defense and a pretty good OL. Don't act like Tua has nobody to throw too lmao. Bama QBs never pan out in the NFL. Nobody should ever trust that 😂😂😂
McKenzie Nicolas
McKenzie Nicolas Anos atrás
He’s fast as fuck
Kevin Henry
Kevin Henry Mês atrás
Dude is nasty
762Reeso Anos atrás
The amount of underthrown balls by Mac and tua😂 if either of them had an average arm he woulda been the first receiver off the board
Moochie Anos atrás
What under throw from Tua did you see?🥴... Don’t fall for the National media narratives
Joey Dalo
Joey Dalo Anos atrás
alloneword154 Anos atrás
A lot of his plays were against bums...
772-FISHIN Anos atrás
Tua throws so slow.
Devin Booker
Devin Booker Anos atrás
The only thing I hate about bama is their coach always putting gods name in vein
Devin Booker
Devin Booker Anos atrás
You got madden?
Sparky Pluggs
Sparky Pluggs Anos atrás
Shut up
AFT DUDE Anos atrás
sucks Tua is a bust
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