JayDaYoungan "Thot Thot" (Official Music Video)

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JayDaYoungan "Forever 23" album out now:
JayDaYoungan "Thot Thot" music video directed by Jizzle Films. Track produced by Heartbeatz.


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7 Dez 2018



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Comentários 3 907
Wavy Trill_YT
Wavy Trill_YT 3 horas atrás
Best song rn
Paris B
Paris B 3 horas atrás
This my shit
Kimberly Marshall
Kimberly Marshall 8 horas atrás
JayDaYoungan - Thot Thot Lil Baby x Gunna - Close Friends Th beat at the beginning
Cah'Nya Dozier
Cah'Nya Dozier 10 horas atrás
She hate it when i pull outtt she like it in her mouuuttthhhh❗❗❗🤪......bae all day🥰
K&SI TV Dia atrás
Drop top... backwoods hot box???
Yandel Hernandez
Yandel Hernandez Dia atrás
flexing with cereal
youtube Guiik
youtube Guiik Dia atrás
2019 anyone🔥🔥
freek Me
freek Me 2 dias atrás
Cinnamon toast crunch be hella munchies😂
Mazzy Franco
Mazzy Franco 3 dias atrás
Thot thot
Ava Tindell
Ava Tindell 3 dias atrás
Why his head look like corn kernels?
Xxangelo 2x
Xxangelo 2x 3 dias atrás
Who still slapping in 2019
lil rico
lil rico 4 dias atrás
Does anybody know the name of that dude on the kitchen counter
Erika Seegears
Erika Seegears 4 dias atrás
This is my sing
youtube Guiik
youtube Guiik 5 dias atrás
Who still cant stop listing to dis banger🔥🔥
david binkowitz
david binkowitz 2 dias atrás
I been singing this in my sleep
Tee Forte'
Tee Forte' 5 dias atrás
Attstsyw tee ywstsydiz
Oscar Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez 5 dias atrás
Dudes flexing cereal
Bina Tv
Bina Tv 6 dias atrás
Who Is That In The Black ? I Need Him Lol 😩
vCombxt 6 dias atrás
Pull your pants up
Moesy_nL 7 dias atrás
Caprice Moates
Caprice Moates 7 dias atrás
Big 38 shii
frae 850
frae 850 7 dias atrás
Blueface is gay
Roymichael Ophus
Roymichael Ophus 7 dias atrás
Who else watching in October of 2019🤣
Ana Karen Rios
Ana Karen Rios 11 horas atrás
Gaming girl nae Gaming girl lalua
Uhhhh Y'all smart if you are watching this in 2019 in October
BRIANNA CHARLES 23 horas atrás
Josue Vidal
Josue Vidal 3 dias atrás
Roymichael Ophus me!!
Roymichael Ophus
Roymichael Ophus 7 dias atrás
@Brady Oconnell for sure💯💯
Martha Hernandez
Martha Hernandez 7 dias atrás
Bro this better then blueface😇
mandriell 243
mandriell 243 7 dias atrás
I Love the microphone!!
Vision_ orangeYT
Vision_ orangeYT 8 dias atrás
Derek The Lonely Ghoste
Trapn til the pack gone
Zamaya Russell
Zamaya Russell 9 dias atrás
You cute
bob the builder god
bob the builder god 10 dias atrás
Yb 4kt aint nobody safe
MG Trigo
MG Trigo 10 dias atrás
How the hell did that nigga in the back on the fridge EVEN GET THERE TF
D Wood
D Wood 10 dias atrás
Sum retarded sheeeot
im not here
im not here 11 dias atrás
Picking up my thot thot
PoloBoySlvm 12 dias atrás
still can’t believe dis damn near a year old 🤦🏾‍♂️
iNahdy 11 dias atrás
Exactly I feel old asf
Caiden Austin
Caiden Austin 12 dias atrás
Darwin Lucio
Darwin Lucio 12 dias atrás
Like how the flexed with cereal instead of money 😂😂😂😂😂
GamingwithOG Playz
GamingwithOG Playz 12 dias atrás
What better like for nba young boy comment for jaydayoungan
poody bear
poody bear 12 dias atrás
Im a tsundere
Im a tsundere 12 dias atrás
He way better than youngboy
clarisse mizrahi
clarisse mizrahi 12 dias atrás
I love this song and the fucking video
Xavier Verdugo
Xavier Verdugo 13 dias atrás
Bro he is wetter Than the Atlantic ocean
Xavier Verdugo
Xavier Verdugo 10 dias atrás
Ill_ Clips
Ill_ Clips 11 dias atrás
Jordan Freestlye whoa
kawaii_ bøba_loser
kawaii_ bøba_loser 13 dias atrás
0:37 bro you good?? You put up head under a hot tub
Diane Reed
Diane Reed 13 dias atrás
I'm popping perks like tic-tacs 🔥
Star Benavides
Star Benavides 13 dias atrás
2019 anyone!!!!!
GoSt_sLaSh 13 dias atrás
Fess sirr💙🥵
I Ate Laxatives
I Ate Laxatives 14 dias atrás
“Today’s videos was sponsored by walmarts cereal aisle”
Leonardo Mo
Leonardo Mo 10 dias atrás
Good job
Zeferina Albino
Zeferina Albino 14 dias atrás
I fw this heavy JayDaYoung the best ❤😍😍
Bran New
Bran New 14 dias atrás
Heartbeatz on tha track.... it’s a banga.... Drumdummie, mr. Black on tha track.... Bran New music 2019
JAYDEN2X 15 dias atrás
Showed this to my vans They black air forces now
Fap Back To Reality
Fap Back To Reality 16 dias atrás
Max Crosby
Arion Adkins
Arion Adkins 16 dias atrás
Man Where the Froot Loops At Y’all Trippin 😂😂
Elias Leon
Elias Leon 16 dias atrás
Matthew Mason
Matthew Mason 16 dias atrás
23 Million
Miilu Lund
Miilu Lund 16 dias atrás
23 million views gang gang gang
CDB Got Drip
CDB Got Drip 17 dias atrás
Dillon De la rosa
Dillon De la rosa 17 dias atrás
When yo hood friend makes a love song
Ranasia Cross
Ranasia Cross 18 dias atrás
A Jadenyungeen🤑🤑💯🤟
Alyssa Scheffler
Alyssa Scheffler 19 dias atrás
Jamier Shelby
Jamier Shelby 19 dias atrás
What was this song about
Swatty P
Swatty P 19 dias atrás he ain’t nothing compare to my uncle real rap 💯‼️
jeremiah1711100 19 dias atrás
My favorite part of the song was towards the when it ended 😃
Saucy Kidd
Saucy Kidd 16 dias atrás
jeremiah1711100 bitch get yo lame ass on
Deion Adams
Deion Adams 19 dias atrás
This is so lit
Grant Porter
Grant Porter 19 dias atrás
Like if he better than 69
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