JayDaYoungan "Elevate" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Elevate" by JayDaYoungan.
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Shot by David G
Song co-produced by TNTXD & DrumDummie
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13 Dez 2017



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Comentários 2 389
Mr Twinky
Mr Twinky 5 dias atrás
Dayum jay really upgraded with the chains on his neck 🥶
Koko K
Koko K 5 dias atrás
Money talks
Saquan Young
Saquan Young 6 dias atrás
First song I heard 🔥💯
Original Fuel
Original Fuel 8 dias atrás
17 mill views. Here Before 100 million 🍇
Pro gamer jose jordan 0098 503
1:07 vsco boy😅😅😅
410Rome WestBaltimore
410Rome WestBaltimore 12 dias atrás
5.7 ppl didnt elevate
Marlon Jones
Marlon Jones 13 dias atrás
You got me on speaker! Luh b**** you tweakinn! You a messy hoe! 🤧🔥💯
JUSTICE POTA 22 dias atrás
This a real dope song
Nba Baby
Nba Baby 22 dias atrás
fuck you I go to school jaydayoungan 23
Sad Endingz
Sad Endingz 29 dias atrás
Nigga sounds like a midget 😂
Tokiesha Huff
Tokiesha Huff 29 dias atrás
You have a brother
April Srogoncik
April Srogoncik 29 dias atrás
This. My. Song 💯💕
Jacktown Dee
Jacktown Dee Mês atrás
This shit still slap 😭
Kayden Castle
Kayden Castle Mês atrás
the 5.5k who disliked wishes they had his talent :)
levi macdermott
levi macdermott Mês atrás
You claim you fuck with me but you still stuck in the past
Goldie B
Goldie B Mês atrás
Check out @jinglesart
Chiffon Edmonds
Chiffon Edmonds Mês atrás
Classic love from Baltimore,Maryland 🤘🏿
GamingCube2000 Mês atrás
I swear the songs be hella fire but the video be dry
Edward Walker
Edward Walker Mês atrás
David Lopez
David Lopez Mês atrás
One of my favorite songs 😈🗣🔥
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter Mês atrás
All the song go asf
Sosa Nf
Sosa Nf Mês atrás
This shit still bang two years later!
sosa 0'Block
sosa 0'Block Mês atrás
Goat 🖤
malama llama dingdong
This is complete trash. Wtf is wrong with you people?
King Manu
King Manu 2 meses atrás
JayFrom313 2 meses atrás
Swervo 1801
Swervo 1801 2 meses atrás
Nigga elevated enough he was high ass shit 😂😂
Truly Goated2k
Truly Goated2k 2 meses atrás
still slappin in 2019
BLACK PAN 2 meses atrás
Jaydayoungan created his own style straight FACTS fym 💯😂😂 this shit fire my niggah 🔥 this that hard shit 👊💥
Jasmine lovee
Jasmine lovee 2 meses atrás
Jarbas Nunes
Jarbas Nunes 2 meses atrás
Music Top 💯🔥🔥🔥💥
ZoegoCrazy 2 meses atrás
2019 n still a banger like if agree 🙃
Erving Estrada
Erving Estrada 2 meses atrás
If you ain't talkin bout money then get the fucc up out my face
eric692003 2 meses atrás
This guy fucking sucks, like every other rapper, because rap is absolute fucking garbage.
OTF Laotion23
OTF Laotion23 2 meses atrás
What’s the song at the end
Jacktown Dee
Jacktown Dee Mês atrás
OTF Laotion23 dream on
Mae Kelly
Mae Kelly 2 meses atrás
Lit shit like svope
Mae Kelly
Mae Kelly 2 meses atrás
Michael Figueroa
Michael Figueroa 2 meses atrás
Jaydayoungan inspires me
Nevaeh Baxter
Nevaeh Baxter 3 meses atrás
you are so sweet and sexy frfr
Ray P
Ray P 3 meses atrás
Buddy sipping straight out the bottle ain't he
isael navarro
isael navarro 3 meses atrás
Listen on 0.75 playback audio. Thank me later
Amiaya Jones
Amiaya Jones 3 meses atrás
Hey cuz
CEO Donny
CEO Donny 3 meses atrás
Love you
DanteTheProducer 3 meses atrás
I just got me some new iceeee
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 3 meses atrás
This song need to be longer man rt
Tuwaana Bradberry
Tuwaana Bradberry 3 meses atrás
He so fine like wtf💓💓😘😘😍
Ava Ray
Ava Ray 3 meses atrás
O yes
Ava Ray
Ava Ray 3 meses atrás
No him
Fitzu 56
Fitzu 56 3 meses atrás
We are in 2019 and this song IS still lit 🔥 🔥 🔥
Fitzu 56
Fitzu 56 3 meses atrás
We are in 2019 and this song IS still lit 🔥 🔥 🔥
Luh Jr
Luh Jr 4 meses atrás
2019 june???
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 3 meses atrás
Luh Jr nigga we in july
Colton Tramel
Colton Tramel 4 meses atrás
He sounds like bossie on earbuds a lot
Genesis 4 meses atrás
Life of taleah
Life of taleah 4 meses atrás
He seen him at the mall 😼
Slash's V Card
Slash's V Card 4 meses atrás
Anyone 2017?
Robert White
Robert White 4 meses atrás
This my new favorite song I juss made a major come back in 2k listening to this song🤣
Xxxtentacles Vro
Xxxtentacles Vro 2 meses atrás
Robert White lmao
Slash's V Card
Slash's V Card 4 meses atrás
Thomeka Howard
Thomeka Howard 4 meses atrás
This the shit and sub to lilhilarous
Bethany Gaspard
Bethany Gaspard 4 meses atrás
Who ever put this as a thumbs down they are crazy because he is life I love he's music
Karen Antone
Karen Antone 4 meses atrás
My brother likes this song
Ariana 4 meses atrás
Nigga go hard 💦💦😱😱😱😏😏😏😏😻😻👵👵👵👵💤👄🙈🙉🕴🕴🕴🌅🛄🛅♿🛅🛅♿🆔♿♿🆔🛄🆔♿🚳♿🚱🚱🆖🚼🚼🚼♿♿🅿♿♿♿♿♿♿🅿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿♿🚭♿♿♿♿♿♿🛃🛃🛃🛃🐣🐣🐣🔠🔠🔠🔠🔄🔄🔤🔤🔤🔡🔡🔢🔣🔣🔢↘↖↙➡⬅⬇⬆↗↪↕ℹ⤵↩↔🔽🔼➰🔘🔵🔷
Tyler Session
Tyler Session 4 meses atrás
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