Janked up touring bike gets a Berm Peak tuneup!

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Alex's brother finished graduate school and immediately set out on a touring bike to cross the United States. Now, after a few weeks of nonstop riding, he's here at Berm Peak for a tuneup. Enjoy!
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25 Out 2020



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Comentários 100
Berm Peak Express
Berm Peak Express Mês atrás
Thanks for all your well wishes and support! It was Sunday afternoon when my ankle/fibula broke, so this week was pretty interesting. Luckily we do have some videos filmed from before the accident, so we’ll be working on those first.
donut yy
donut yy 11 dias atrás
Dude i hope you feel better
Matthieu Renvoisé
Matthieu Renvoisé 19 dias atrás
Is your merch available in Europe?
Matt Kavanaugh
Matt Kavanaugh 29 dias atrás
Best wishes for a speedy and pain-free recovery!
Trail Runnah
Trail Runnah Mês atrás
Sooo good!
TheDaywalkr Mês atrás
Get well soon Seth!
Atharv Gogia
Atharv Gogia 5 minutos atrás
8:24 that actually seems like part of the deaign
Jason Cook
Jason Cook 12 horas atrás
That’s a damn nice whip!
Luke Scazzero
Luke Scazzero 14 horas atrás
What was that multitool?
doggo 19 horas atrás
my chain is doing the same thing.... i crashed not to long ago and now my bike sounds like a tractor
Keeran Kirubakaran
Great video and hope McKenzie has a great trip!
Boby Stevsn
Boby Stevsn Dia atrás
StuFf iT in tHeRe
ronnie garland
ronnie garland 3 dias atrás
Thanks for all your well wishes and support! It was Sunday afternoon when my ankle/fibula broke, so this week was pretty interesting. Luckily we do have some videos filmed from before the accident, so we’ll be working on those first.
Rich Kid Jelly Bean and Olive
Dang it they didn’t send the drama drop
b P
b P 6 dias atrás
Ultralight- Not just for Backpacking. He needs a gear shakedown.
William Wade
William Wade 10 dias atrás
This is one of my favorite episodes because you're showing someone who isn't an experienced mechanic how to repair things which is cool. I'm also an adventure rider and was curious as to how much his bike weighs loaded. You have to weigh the bike then put all the gear in a bin and weigh it on a bathroom scale.
Nipplehook 11 dias atrás
Giving someone some of your time should be prized at highest regard. Im proud of you Seth for helping this dude out with tweaking up his bike. I will add one thing though, I HATED the idea of kick stands but after you go on a bikepacking trip, you will learn to appreciate one. Mackenzie if you are reading this, get yourself one that attaches to one of your chainstays, it will become invaluable the further you trek.
Fairytale Wizard
Fairytale Wizard 11 dias atrás
Seth just cut two small strips and put either side of brake lever then wrap ..still cool job buddy
Joel 13 dias atrás
If you are into bicycle touring, you really should be able to service your own bike. Thank you for explaining everything on every step. When touring, I really loved those days when I have been in the wild, days from closest help should my bicycle fail on me, really brings in the freedom aspect of touring.
James Grosser
James Grosser 14 dias atrás
Ugh, you ARE wrong. Start at bar end, not top. Then again, what does a mountain biker know about bar tape?
James Grosser
James Grosser 14 dias atrás
Got spacers?
Matt Matthews
Matt Matthews 14 dias atrás
Just popped in to say I love the color of those bags on an otherwise black bike. Looks sweet. [edit] 1) bars do not need to be more supple. He clearly has enough core strength that it was not a complaint. 2) bars were wrapped bottom up- no need for a barend on the right when touring unless it’s an easily removed stash cap. The left should be a mirror. 3) oh frick no. You wrapped top down. What the heck is wrong with you. 4) this guy is not going to have any use for any of those tools except for the bottle opener!
ocripcurrent 14 dias atrás
Classic amateur beginner touring bike mistakes
IchibaraYT 14 dias atrás
On the bright side now we will get more 10 product videos because he broke his leg
ItsJustDare 15 dias atrás
Hi! Just asking if you could buy a KTM Bicycle and tune it to a fast Bike thats my suggest
Raymundo Zarate
Raymundo Zarate 16 dias atrás
So like all kickstands, this kickstand has gotta go. Lmbo
James Grosser
James Grosser 14 dias atrás
Kickstands gotta go because... kickstands.
Edward III
Edward III 16 dias atrás
“Different but kinda the same” wtf does that really mean? I liked this guys old videos
Matthew Machu
Matthew Machu 16 dias atrás
Love Surly bikes! Nothing breaks and if it were to fixin it up is easy! I miss STEEL!
htdtr 16 dias atrás
Should have put a larger cassette on the back too. His looked surprisingly small for a tourer
yaboy BUSTERBUT7 17 dias atrás
i was wondering if you could fix a bike for me?
cristina caraballa
cristina caraballa 17 dias atrás
I would like to have a bike but we have nothing to buy, since I was a child I really don't have a bike but I really want to have a bike because I want to go with my friends on the trails. Im from Philippines iwant to have a bike from you. I HOPE YOU READ THIS, THANK YOU
Iosif Lorin
Iosif Lorin 17 dias atrás
Do you have any recommendations for wide bars?
Arthur Feitosa
Arthur Feitosa 17 dias atrás
Graduating college with debt and the first thing you do is spend money on a touring bike, slavery is coming back big.
Matt Mahoney
Matt Mahoney 17 dias atrás
Hey bud make sure you get some exercise still do core or do a hand bike do upper body weights- otherwise you will feel terrible coming back to the bike just sayin
Dave Jeffers
Dave Jeffers 18 dias atrás
The more you tour, the more you appreciate that kickstand.
James Grosser
James Grosser 14 dias atrás
Clickstand FTW.
Liacon 18 dias atrás
Ehm Can somebody tell me what kind of fender are those? seems really easy to setup
Brian Jordan
Brian Jordan 18 dias atrás
so what do you do, throw your bike on the ground without a kick stand
James Grosser
James Grosser 14 dias atrás
13 years of serious riding and I haven’t needed a kickstand yet.
Verxcy09 19 dias atrás
I wanna put new tires on my bike is there anything i need to know?
SLAY 503
SLAY 503 20 dias atrás
😕"Is it because of all the weight on it"? 😕Common sense just ain't that common! 😂🤣
preston L
preston L 20 dias atrás
What happened to your account. Was wanting to go back to some videos and they’re all gone :(
Alyson Tomczak
Alyson Tomczak 20 dias atrás
Hi seth I am a good Mountain biker I’m 10 I go with my family mountain biking sometimes I go with my brother yeah hopefully reply back you probably won’t maybe you will
Eugene 20 dias atrás
3:50 hahaha I did
hello gaming
hello gaming 20 dias atrás
Yo berm peck my bike call giants talons 2 the serpentine is not working it won’t compressed
Lesk O
Lesk O 21 dia atrás
Try se bikes plz
Dark wolf7898
Dark wolf7898 22 dias atrás
Hey Seth I was wondering what is a good beginner bike that is cheaper that you would suggest
Tommy Topham
Tommy Topham 23 dias atrás
Bro needs an electric bike way to heavy
RoDevKai 24 dias atrás
Love the videos
droneskie 24 dias atrás
Alex struggles to come up the hill.... lady: do you think cause of all the weight on it?? seth: nah... the weight has nothing to do with it... LMAOOOOO bro i spat out my drink...... fuckn seth LOL
Lara Stanton
Lara Stanton 24 dias atrás
You should get a magnetic drill attachment like if you agree
L Faker son
L Faker son 25 dias atrás
Touring bikes are the only ones that actually need kick stands though
Luke Hyland
Luke Hyland 25 dias atrás
@3:51 Seth jinxed me! literally happened to me on Monday. Thankfully the docs were able to save me and keep my fingertip. hahah you live and you learn. Thanks for all the quality content Seth!
Charles Boyle
Charles Boyle 25 dias atrás
7:17 What is wrong with this guy
sutty 25 dias atrás
I have a 2011 specialised rockhopper comp. It's a 17.5 inch frame with a 26 inch wheel. It has a 3 x 9 drivetrain I dont want to spend too much on it so if you have any recommendations to mods then please comment :)
Babi Ladi
Babi Ladi 25 dias atrás
why every time I'm watching seths bike hacks it feels like winter
Gaming and there’s with Aiden
I was wondering if you had any arm thoughts on if I build a backyard bike trail?
sgillespie13 27 dias atrás
Man, how could you leave the racks unlevel? It has that pimp saddle, yet the racks aren't straight.
DeathToCockroaches 27 dias atrás
3:46 what's that brown thing called?
MATEO꧁꧂ LEMOS 27 dias atrás
Are you selling de fat ripper?
Xpert_Destroyer 4
Xpert_Destroyer 4 28 dias atrás
the thing with break pads if u set them so that their not rubbing just bearly and not test it when u use the breaks they might rub onto the break disc
fgfgdfg dfgdfdfgfdg
fgfgdfg dfgdfdfgfdg 28 dias atrás
"It feels pretty tight" "Its super tight" "Now we are going to do the same to the rear" 😳😳😳
Corby Cobb
Corby Cobb 28 dias atrás
He has a brooks saddle he has a bottle opener. Also, a good kickstand is helpful when loading panniers on the bike.
RT ReyToh
RT ReyToh 29 dias atrás
As a Roady, I got ptsd by seeing this Bartape wrap technique... 😂
dandoy david
dandoy david 29 dias atrás
hey Seth if i wrap handelebars i put somme double sided tape 2/3 from the dowside up under the handlebartape in case of a crash it dont unwrap if the tape is damagd...all the best and grts from Belgium.
Andrew Delaney
Andrew Delaney 29 dias atrás
Do u no any really cheap forks that are good because i cant afford the forks or anting i want for my bike that i could get like cheap upgrades
LNDSiege 29 dias atrás
Surprised it’s not a 1 by 12 with a dropper and a fox suspension
Matt Kavanaugh
Matt Kavanaugh 29 dias atrás
My favorite part is the new handlebar tape, and seeing how Seth wraps it from the stem down to the drops... makes total sense but I have never done it that way b/c it wasn't the "right" way... dohhh....
KarateSkull 29 dias atrás
Wanna work on a 1972 le tour road bike?
Lerway Lerway
Lerway Lerway 29 dias atrás
Hey Alex, we can provide free MTB accessories, such as height adjusters, stem, pedals, gloves and etc, hope to get your test and feedback, thanks.
Alex Hosking
Alex Hosking Mês atrás
what is the tool you use to grab the derailleur cable, looks handy. I just use a pliers.
saurabhnow Mês atrás
Handle bar tape was wrapped incorrectly. Every time you hold the bars, it will be lifting the tape off instead of pressing the tape down. So ridiculous.
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson Mês atrás
Needs a bigger cassette...
Mr.Mystic boy
Mr.Mystic boy Mês atrás
How did he break his ankle
Who puts a Claris drivetrain on a... aww nevermind. Room to upgrade, when the time is right...
RRV Mês atrás
his vids dont even turn up in my sub box anymore :( big oof
도훈김 Mês atrás
“So like all kickstands, this kickstands got to go” - Seth
도훈김 Mês atrás
"The nazis of handle bar wrapping..[ ]" .. in the meantime, wrapping the bar from top to bottom
Anthony Ross
Anthony Ross Mês atrás
Should have kept that two legged kicker. Super handy for loading and unloading panniers on a touring rig.
max denger
max denger Mês atrás
Did he just seriously wrap the handlebar from top to bottom? Ouch.
Ronald Comilang
Ronald Comilang Mês atrás
Can you make a video of fitting a air suspension in vintage bike pls i want to know if it fits☺
You meme 225
You meme 225 Mês atrás
Seth I’ve had my bmx for 3 years left it in the rain and wrecked it scratched it if i sent you a couple pictures and videos of my bike you’d cringe
Tom Bode
Tom Bode Mês atrás
I wasn't going to ask this before, but since you are laid up now, I'm wondering what a actual mountain biker thinks of the game Lonely Mountains Downhill... Think you could try it?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Mês atrás
I actually think the only time a good kickstand can be of use is on a loaded touring bike.
sk8free09 Mês atrás
When you bolt on/slide on ALL of your grips I guess it would make sense to wrap bars like that.. they will look good.. but I’ll be surprised if they are still on..
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Mês atrás
not sure I like the music
tommy friedlander
tommy friedlander Mês atrás
Ya need the kickstand when ya gots pan-yayz on ze rig. Just sayin.
Hemanga Regmi
Hemanga Regmi Mês atrás
Pls can you test out many bike lock durability’s Pls like so Seth can see
Napoleon Tan
Napoleon Tan Mês atrás
Thanks for all your well wishes and support! It was Sunday afternoon when my ankle/fibula broke, so this week was pretty interesting. Luckily we do have some videos filmed from before the accident, so we’ll be working on those first.
GpzJeffrey Mês atrás
Pro tip: before throwing that bracket in the vise to flatten, and anytime trying to bend metal, heat it up with a torch to near red hot before bending it.
earnest p. worrell
earnest p. worrell Mês atrás
Check with your buddies at Park Tool for their bar wrapping video and you'll see just how wrong you were and why. Otherwise, not bad.
Gavin Peterson
Gavin Peterson Mês atrás
I'm so glad you're on a surly
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Mês atrás
When you realize Seth wraps bars from the tops down...😬
Kevin Aus
Kevin Aus Mês atrás
Haha, the gearing on that bike is hilarious !! Needs a 3x or at least a much larger rear cassette. Even just a 2x with a 20T and 34T would be an improvement.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Mês atrás
Seth should be rapping whilst wrapping handlebars.
Ivan Janković
Ivan Janković Mês atrás
Holy moly for u guys its fall in europe im freezing my ass....for me its almost winter
Michael Hayward
Michael Hayward Mês atrás
A 3 month lurker, subscribed. Great channel, just turned 60 last week, motorcyclist all my life, just got back into cycling since my teenage years 2 months ago. Best regards from NE Thailand.
K. Sandy
K. Sandy Mês atrás
5:15, 5:42 that's what she said
KLUNKER 289 Mês atrás
It looks like a mountain biker wrapped that dropbar🤣😁😂
cayden #511
cayden #511 Mês atrás
Huck it off the flight deck
kolim jone
kolim jone Mês atrás
How many headset spacers do you want under the stem? Yes.
Zachary Ward
Zachary Ward Mês atrás
not sure I like the music
Daniel Klever
Daniel Klever Mês atrás
I actually think the only time a good kickstand can be of use is on a loaded touring bike.
Daniel Klever
Daniel Klever Mês atrás
@kolim jone what?
kolim jone
kolim jone Mês atrás
Trump supporter
David Scoffings
David Scoffings Mês atrás
You wrapped it exactly right! Can't believe people started doing it the other way.
WarLorD YT
WarLorD YT Mês atrás
Anybody from india
Mark Hewitt
Mark Hewitt Mês atrás
What kind of evil person wraps from the tops down.....
Tokyo Mês atrás
my favorite thing to do with your videos is pause on the first frame.
Daniel Roper
Daniel Roper Mês atrás
Anyone else noticed the lack of voiceover'd vids lately?
Donald Franklin
Donald Franklin Mês atrás
Asome video
Cooper H
Cooper H Mês atrás
Seth’s new pick up line... “little different but kinda the same”.
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