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Hollywood Star Jamie Foxx joins Matt and Stephen on Episode 43 of All The Smoke where he opens up about his acting and comedic career. Foxx also talks about the impact sports has had on his life, gives his all-time starting NBA line-up, and tells stories about his relationship with Tupac and Biggie.
Recorded on April 23rd, 2020
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2 Jul 2020



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Comentários 1 311
NOTFORSALE 12 horas atrás
Y’all gotta get Isaiah Thomas on here or B Roy. Both are legends in Washington state and both have great stories. 206/253
Ray BanDz
Ray BanDz 19 horas atrás
Let’s speak in living color back into existence 🙏🏾
NIc K 20 horas atrás
Stacks the dumbest dude that gets to talk on TV
Felix Morales
Felix Morales Dia atrás
Y’all stop making vids?
Ray BanDz
Ray BanDz Dia atrás
Ppl I wanna see on ATS 1. Allen Iverson 2. Kevin Hart 3. Meek Millz 4. Kyrie Irving 5. Klay Thompson 6. Dirk Nowitzki 7. Skylar Diggins 8. Amanda Nunes 9. Dwyane Wade 10. Lavar Ball
BARRY LOVE Dia atrás
First off, I want to say I support the show and support true Alpha males running the narrative, no cap...i did a dedication song for the times and i did roll call on this song with mentions of Kobe and George Floyd...I named over 30 in all...but my wish is to get it to Kobe And Jeanie and families i can t reach with the song thats mentioned...the healing and the message is the only if the song touches you..please pass it on.....Peace to you brothers
Loyal Opposition
Loyal Opposition Dia atrás
Showtime "canceled" Stephen Jackson because he told the truth about jews... They pretend "Black Lives Matter" as long as you criticize everyone else.
Dull Pike
Dull Pike Dia atrás
The truth about Jews? What truth? HAHA. You mean Hitler propaganda? Stephen Jackson doesn’t even know what he said, he just too arrogant to take it back.
legion24100 Dia atrás
Black people don't even care about black lives
Detroits Finest
Detroits Finest 2 dias atrás
Eddie Banfield
Eddie Banfield 3 dias atrás
Ethan White
Ethan White 3 dias atrás
Great listen man, really hope they can make a return soon, if at all.
Culture Hub
Culture Hub 4 dias atrás
Jackson went crazy bruh
Anthony Stanley
Anthony Stanley 7 dias atrás
That was priceless!!!! You guys keep ballin!!!
Badass Whiteboy
Badass Whiteboy 8 dias atrás
Damn a month in between episodes 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Cee Green
Cee Green 9 dias atrás
Acura nsx
דרסי אסף
דרסי אסף 9 dias atrás
When is the next ep man
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell 10 dias atrás
Jamie Foxx is good at impersonating people 😂😂😂😂😂
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews 10 dias atrás
Hes ben in tubal booses
JP22 11 dias atrás
Great interview! Jamie is a great mix (Highly intelligent and Hilarious)
datboi james
datboi james 11 dias atrás
When we getting another episode!!!!
alexNOIZE 11 dias atrás
great episode
Andrew Gruno
Andrew Gruno 11 dias atrás
Okay here’s a list of the best guests to have next: Brandon Jennings, Gilbert arenas, AI, Brandon Roy, Baron Davis, Steve Francis, Jason Kidd, Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, Kevin Garnett
KG TwoThree
KG TwoThree 2 dias atrás
They already did one with KG
Mr2Hard2See 12 dias atrás
I need y’all to drop a new vid let’s go 👍🏽
Mareno Tene
Mareno Tene 13 dias atrás
I listened to this episode on spotify. Only having sound as my media, really emphasized how awesome Jamie Foxx truly is. Its like they have 9 different people on the show
Vincent 13 dias atrás
Shoutout to ma foxxhole radio fans who've heard most of these stories!
Mark Tucker
Mark Tucker 13 dias atrás
Brilliant Gentlemen... You have the greatest show! TY!!
Bill Boat
Bill Boat 15 dias atrás
Y'all should interview Zab Judah
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer 15 dias atrás
I hope this was recorded in the winter time...
babykapper 15 dias atrás
First time watching, I’m late lol
Pistol Peen
Pistol Peen 16 dias atrás
Dominican Jamie foxx
josiah murphy
josiah murphy 17 dias atrás
“Best way to get fast steal something “ - Matt Barnes
William Campbell
William Campbell 17 dias atrás
No new episodes of All the Smoke,what's up fellas.
Kat Lap
Kat Lap 17 dias atrás
I can’t wait for the Mike movie can’t wait
Allen Angaw
Allen Angaw 17 dias atrás
Stacks dieing from Jamie all interview
Errordemn6 18 dias atrás
It'll be cool if they had a tell a Kobe story segment
Brian A
Brian A 19 dias atrás
Man. I really forgot how dam talented this dude is.
Mando Star
Mando Star 20 dias atrás
cant wait for the next episode. hopefully they get Leo. would be dope af
Jared 20 dias atrás
Damn imagine if they actually get Leonardo DiCaprio on this show......
Daniel Oliver
Daniel Oliver 21 dia atrás
Most I have laughed in a long time.
Jorge Atkinson
Jorge Atkinson 21 dia atrás
Aye you gotta get rondo on here man
Andre Jarl Bardeman
Andre Jarl Bardeman 22 dias atrás
Yo kings! love what you guys are doing, i was hoping that you can bring Pat Bev to the next episode.
Jay Leezy
Jay Leezy 22 dias atrás
I would DVR this shit if I could 💯
Vincent Scales
Vincent Scales 22 dias atrás
One of the best inviews
TheDCGuitar13 23 dias atrás
I hope the powers that be didn’t “cancel” stak. It’s been a minute. I’m praying.
Chris Da Crisis
Chris Da Crisis 23 dias atrás
Stephen Jackson's been through a lot lately I know he needed these good laughs badly... lol. Jamie Foxx definitely a comedy legend & one of the best talents in Hollywood. But given the references in the clip, I'm not sure if this was before or after the George Floyd incident (RIP).
Bean 32
Bean 32 23 dias atrás
My nigga stak funny as hell🤣🤣amazing episode
Eldin Spahić
Eldin Spahić 24 dias atrás
He looks more like Tyson than Mike himself...
@ Stephen Jackson. Aye Cap. Jack we appreciate you and Big Rasheed coming out here delivering items to needing families at the Evergreen Regencies in Flint, Michigan yesterday. I didn't get too meet you guys but always wanted to bruh. Yo l grew up watching y'all in the roaring 90s and 2000s. It's a blessing to see 2 real one's come out and take time to bless the people. Wish my son could have seen y'all man lol, legends. You and Matt keep up the good work on All the Smoke and stay safe big bruh. Love&Respect maybe paths will cross again
Taunte YaYa
Taunte YaYa 24 dias atrás
Man! THEE BEST interview EVER! Across the board! What? Fight me! 😂😂😂😂 LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️❤️❤️
Stephen Prosper
Stephen Prosper 24 dias atrás
Dallas Lincoln 💯✊🏾
Johnathan Thomas
Johnathan Thomas 25 dias atrás
This shit funny af
cityshane1 25 dias atrás
I read alot of comments before I watched this and wasn't surprised to hear how much people loved it because I haven't watched an episode or ig live of yaw that I haven't loved of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jack, as well as Jamie Foxx, but man watching it, I appreciate the experience and I validate this is one of the best and most interesting interviews I've ever seen, this was a clash of the titans, I love hearing Jamie's stories every time he tell them and you still always end up hearing about something you never knew, super dope, much love , keep it up #blacksuccess
Marlon Cooper
Marlon Cooper 26 dias atrás
What about Bill Russell?
D.K.Hollywood 26 dias atrás
If you chime in @ 39:10 you can replace Steph and draymond in this scenario
Neal Schuster
Neal Schuster 26 dias atrás
Bro where y'all been?
Alder Derose
Alder Derose 26 dias atrás
That is the best episode yet but looking forward to so much more, keep pushing and representing our culture
patrick y
patrick y 26 dias atrás
This was the BEST of many great ATS interviews.Matt & Stack continue to hold it down.Let the guests speak as always but when you have a guest like JFoxx you know he gonna have stories FOR DAYS.I swear I actually got in my car and drove just to listen to this interview without interuption.I didn't care about traffic jams or stupid drivers.This was great.We need a Part 2.
Mark Anthony Wright
Mark Anthony Wright 27 dias atrás
I’m glad y’all asked Jamie about “Any Given Sunday” because that’s one of my favorite movies.
Mark Anthony Wright
Mark Anthony Wright 27 dias atrás
Y’all should get Roy Jones Jr on here
nick chung
nick chung 27 dias atrás
hoping you guys put subtitles on
Jackie Moon
Jackie Moon 28 dias atrás
Muhammad Ali is a prophet how are you gonna beat Gods Son soons you come out the Garage you’ll be #2
Nishad Marathe
Nishad Marathe 28 dias atrás
These two conduct very very solid interviews.
Leland Simmons
Leland Simmons 28 dias atrás
Acura NSX lol. Stacks ass just wanted him to keep going 🤣🤣
juice9100 28 dias atrás
Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles was impeccable
JordanForeverGoat 🐐
JordanForeverGoat 🐐 28 dias atrás
Mannn his Shannon sharpe has me 💀
Hector Da Savage
Hector Da Savage 29 dias atrás
They have to do iso joe
Mbali Tshabalala
Mbali Tshabalala 29 dias atrás
Matt "Second to none!" Barnes
MrTeeRedd 29 dias atrás
God was working OT when he created Jamie dude is otherworldly talented
Frank Millerz
Frank Millerz Mês atrás
We need Leo. Next
Colby Schluter
Colby Schluter Mês atrás
Why he sitting on his stairs for 2 hours haha
Aye Jack I got to use that. I MAKE LOVE TO PRESSURE
Ty _
Ty _ Mês atrás
I’m jewish, and as the blacks. In history we was hated for nothing and killed by people like hitler. I was a big fan of this show and Jackson power to fight the wrong in the world. from today. You lost one person that believe in you
Steven English
Steven English Mês atrás
This by far is the best episode yet Jamie Foxx is the 🐺
Lionel Ward
Lionel Ward Mês atrás
Wow Diddy was suppose to be Willie Beamen 🤯🤯
Colby Schluter
Colby Schluter Mês atrás
Please ask Rajon Rondo to join this!!!
Bobby James JR
Bobby James JR Mês atrás
Such a fuckin #LEGEND multi talented
Michael Bull
Michael Bull Mês atrás
Thank you Matt and Stack!
abugrammar Mês atrás
Stephen needs to wear some nazi costume to represent himself properly.
O_DaMan Mês atrás
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones Mês atrás
I love this show
alex samain
alex samain Mês atrás
really love this pod but i can't support s jax. i used to rock his charlotte jersey too.
RiktorchyA Mês atrás
Best Episode 🔥🔥🔥🖖🏾
Cya Princstyn
Cya Princstyn Mês atrás
every time Stack laugh, i’m laughing right with him just dying
China T
China T Mês atrás
Never listening to this podcast again. Stephen's anti semitic Rothchild bigoted statement was horrendous. Canceling my Showtime subscription too. #firestephenjackson
Play Nice!
Play Nice! Mês atrás
This is why I tell people Pippen is the GOAT. He makes everyone else's job easier!
George Mataele
George Mataele Mês atrás
ctnative203 Mês atrás
jamie had to flex with then steps in his crib looking luxurious lmao
Tony Sanders
Tony Sanders Mês atrás
I swear Jamie could do anybody’s voice lol
Tony Sanders
Tony Sanders Mês atrás
People forget that Jamie is one of the best comedians ever
Tony Sanders
Tony Sanders Mês atrás
I love Jamie!!!!
Chris Wright
Chris Wright Mês atrás
I would love to see Lamar Jackson on this show
Cody Loco
Cody Loco Mês atrás
His 1st album is timeless.
Pootie Tang
Pootie Tang Mês atrás
"Were u and Oprah together?" *Jamie stares into corner* "Haha na man
xlyesterdaylx Mês atrás
inb4 stephen jackson gets the boot. peace out homie.
Samsational Mês atrás
Jamie Foxx stupid funny man!
J B Mês atrás
Unsubscribed since Stephen Jacksons bigoted remarks.
2020 XD ➊
2020 XD ➊ Mês atrás
Well they got at least few shows left to go before we see a new co-host
O K Mês atrás
I hope the next episode won't feature Jackson
takinitsqueezy Mês atrás
love this podcast but yo my man jackson been saying some wild buns shit this week. wtf dude? maybe you gotta smoke more...
Harish Ramaiya
Harish Ramaiya Mês atrás
Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson is an anti-semite. He supported Desean's racist statements. I urge you to break ranks with Stephen. You are a man of mixed heritage from Sacramento and have been the victim of racial discrimination, you know this is wrong. Make a choice.
sreekanth .l
sreekanth .l Mês atrás
D Rose( please) , Klay ( it’s always going in and why do people dribble a lot) thompson😎, Zach Lavine, John collins( dont sleep), D book , d lo, kat , Eric paschal , Dennis smith Jr, Mitchell robinson, ( not playing in Orlando )
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