James Veitch - Ultimate troll!

Gerrie De Vries
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This is what happens when you reply to spam E-mail

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6 Mar 2017



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Comentários 1 269
Will Wrich
Will Wrich 2 horas atrás
I liked James Veitch before he was cool. 😎
Gredddfe Dia atrás
It's not like they actually have to send the toaster. Tell him you'll send a toaster. Then get his credit card details. Hell, buy him a toaster with his own credit card. Or not. But tell him what he wants to hear.
Alfonso Mena
Alfonso Mena Dia atrás
Damn. Lovely grats lmao etc. I'm not a good troller but have leaned something
Riordan 2 dias atrás
Very glad I clicked on this video..
Marthin Nielsen
Marthin Nielsen 2 dias atrás
Hummus did become big in Europe... With all the refugees overrunning.
Dinki Di
Dinki Di 3 dias atrás
James Veitch - Ultimate prat
Barbara MacDougall
Barbara MacDougall 3 dias atrás
Never heard of him before but I’ll definitely check him out some more! Well done you!
vIrGiL 4 dias atrás
heyy I'm from Ghana... NOICE!
papiezguwniak 4 dias atrás
The Journalist
The Journalist 5 dias atrás
For those who don't know= This man is a professioanal Hacker.
Nzredwolf 5 dias atrás
4:52 sounds like he's going to break into song when he says 'I'
Horatio yen
Horatio yen 6 dias atrás
stolen content
Skulduggery Pleasant
Skulduggery Pleasant 7 dias atrás
genius at work
Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro 7 dias atrás
every time i see this video i have to lmfao. why do i find it hilarious eventhough i already know the punchline? i suspect you have damaged me irreparably, ..... and i thank you for that. James, you are a genius.
Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro 7 dias atrás
wait a second, hummus? where have i seen THAT one before? this is not going to end well.... for the scammer.
David Johnson
David Johnson 8 dias atrás
James Veitch is the geeks equivalent of Kanye West
I am Nobody
I am Nobody 8 dias atrás
This is classic and it will never get old!
M Co
M Co 9 dias atrás
Stolen content and a fucking ad
Jimbo Bimbo
Jimbo Bimbo 9 dias atrás
Getting a scammer to beg you to stop emailing him is really top-tier masterclass trolling!
Slothjon 11 dias atrás
is it just me or dose she not look well 1:44
Symn 12 dias atrás
5:53 that one guy feeling it
2KLaw 13 dias atrás
Miles Long
Miles Long 13 dias atrás
James Veitch the type of guy to make arguments he replayed in the shower into comedy sketches
merry hunt
merry hunt 14 dias atrás
FYI: With me, any person talking into a camera while wearing glasses so huge that they are looking through the top half-inch of the lens starts out with two strikes against them.
Benjamin Naman
Benjamin Naman 15 dias atrás
This is the best video on the BRvid platform. 🤣🤣🤣
flovous 15 dias atrás
fucking brilliant
the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith
There is another 😏
Andrea Garrett
Andrea Garrett 16 dias atrás
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Geo/Lisa Drag-Racing
Geo/Lisa Drag-Racing 16 dias atrás
for me... it's the idea that they have NO problem promising a trunk full of un-cut diamonds, but they can't just go ahead & promise him a toaster too? What executive at Spammers-R-Us made that decision? Fake diamonds yes- fake toaster- NO WAY conditions apply!!!
Savio's Kitchen
Savio's Kitchen 16 dias atrás
Jon Kober
Jon Kober 17 dias atrás
Kirill Kupov
Kirill Kupov 18 dias atrás
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R6K8N 19 dias atrás
a dozen allegations? Yikes!
Peaceful Matthias
Peaceful Matthias 19 dias atrás
1:14 Guy found his inner peace, sleeping like a baby
SMB superfan
SMB superfan 19 dias atrás
This is just what Grian does in his free time lol
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 19 dias atrás
I think he meant Army Intelligence Officer but he can’t English
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El Diablo
El Diablo 18 dias atrás
Bruce 20 dias atrás
Guys, or girls. You can say what you want, he's just genius. I really pee my pants from laughing everytime i'm watching this.
Bruce 20 dias atrás
It was the right choice. I got a Delonghi four slicer myself and it's excellent. Hey James Veitch if you're set up an account with my bank, i will definetely give you a free toaster. Just call me. =)
Innocent 20 dias atrás
Anuj Shrestha
Anuj Shrestha 21 dia atrás
These scammers earn millions. One guy caught in Dubai showed that. Yeah it is a good laugh but people falls for this till today
Kelly Lazell
Kelly Lazell 22 dias atrás
Love it
Halapep 22 dias atrás
5:53 this guy is feeling it hard
Ásgrímur Egilsson
Ásgrímur Egilsson 22 dias atrás
This kid in prison - What you in for ? Prisoner - Wouldn't you like to know bitchboy
Tony 22 dias atrás
Woody Allen wannabe
Bear Nicholas
Bear Nicholas 22 dias atrás
Anyone watching in 2021? I though he said Commander Corona! And had to look twice to double check it.
Ram Thakkar
Ram Thakkar 22 dias atrás
One thing for sure, He's a Brilliant Actor.
JustWasted3HoursHere 22 dias atrás
This one is good, but James' best one is right here:
justcogitating 22 dias atrás
5:53 love how this man is enjoying the bit
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 23 dias atrás
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noitall man
noitall man 23 dias atrás
rapists can be funny too.
John Johnson
John Johnson 23 dias atrás
Who knew a Ted talk would be funnier than actual comedy... whatever that is anymore?!?!?!
VroomErgoSum: #stewie7913
more funnier than comedians
Joseph Donais
Joseph Donais 25 dias atrás
The very best way to counter bs. Clever guy so full of Witt. ~ envious fan.
LF-Domino 25 dias atrás
The guy on the right in the audience at 5:53 is the best thing in the entite video, honestly
Alexander Ellison
Alexander Ellison 25 dias atrás
This guy looks 70 and 7 at the same time
Jessie Slater
Jessie Slater 27 dias atrás
Wait til they hear about Hugo Boss (formerly known as mr. Joe Lycett)
Stewart Mclaughlin
Stewart Mclaughlin 28 dias atrás
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superdbz 28 dias atrás
This sure was an idiot scammer
King Joffrey
King Joffrey 28 dias atrás
This video has been recommended to me by BRvid 12 times and each time it has a better title than the one before
Sweet 29 dias atrás
lol a valid blockbuster card _after_ Pluto stopped paying it's union fees
Trevor Dennis
Trevor Dennis 29 dias atrás
About time he got some new material instead of constantly rewording the same gag.
Wazaag Break-head
Wazaag Break-head 29 dias atrás
Nothing original here all jokes stolen from Jim Browning and atomicshrimp
Meghan Dorso
Meghan Dorso 29 dias atrás
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bsdpowa Mês atrás
god damn 3k scammers found this video :D what you can do also is there is a free service where you can add an email address of a scammer and it will sign it up to hundreds of spam mailing lists :)
dancinggoober1829 Mês atrás
Mass Massachusetts
Ryleigh Baker
Ryleigh Baker Mês atrás
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Prajwal Baranwal
Prajwal Baranwal Mês atrás
Free toaster
DJZ Mês atrás
You couldnt make this up, oh wait he did
Mustafa Sabbah
Mustafa Sabbah Mês atrás
British humor is so garbage for other nationalities lol
Tim O’Neil
Tim O’Neil Mês atrás
“Engage all defenses” “And get dis man a toaster!”
bloodsling Mês atrás
I just never found this guy funny,watched so many of his clips trying to figure out the appeal.
MindHunger Mês atrás
I still have my Blockbuster card. Now I know what to use it for.
none one
none one Mês atrás
Why not simply nuke all the shithole countries and put an end to all the fake cell phone scams and other crimes? just nuke India, Asia.....fuck just nuke the entire planet and let America live in peace
Ananamu Mês atrás
That was hilarious ! Well done ...
lexbbang Mês atrás
when did ted talks reduce themselves to stand up comedy performances, werent they meant to be enlightening or something?
Veljko Stejić
Veljko Stejić Mês atrás
KAMANDA KOROMA seems like a legit name
Jonas Mês atrás
And they say laughter isn’t a real cure…
Anthony Leyte
Anthony Leyte Mês atrás
Clicked on this just because he looks like what Charlie Puth would on 10 years or smth
Ced Trash
Ced Trash Mês atrás
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Owen Klassen
Owen Klassen Mês atrás
For those who don't know, the TED Talk was taken down because he was accused of sexual harassment. Not prosecuted, not found guilty, just ACCUSED with no evidence, and he was punished.
randomspiel Mês atrás
It was 12 women and not "harassment" but multiple rape allegations.
Keith Hopkins
Keith Hopkins Mês atrás
This is hilarious! I had a scammer call me, from his accent I presumed he was calling from India. I live in New Zealand, and I can do a pretty good Indian accent. I started off in my normal accent, when I realised it was a scammer I switched to an Indian accent, there was silence for a while, then he resumed his story, and I switched to an Italian accent, silence, then a little wary he started up again. I answered his questions with a German accent. He swore at me in Punjabi, I know swear words in Punjabi, I use to work in an Indian restaurant. Then he hung up. My wife asked, “who were you messing with?” I told her, she said, “thank goodness you didn’t let all your personalities loose on him.” I replied in a heavy Maori accent and she indignantly asked me to leave the room and stop being racist. My wife is Samoan and I’m Scot/Jew.
PDubz Mês atrás
meh this was pretty funny, but doubtful it was real...
sick little monkey
sick little monkey Mês atrás
The next time some woman calls me up about on line college degrees I'm going to ask her .💓SO WHAT ARE YOU WEARING ??💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
James Van Daele
James Van Daele Mês atrás
In hindsight, he WAS right about hummus.
Chinmay Moghe
Chinmay Moghe Mês atrás
The audience knows it's FAKE right.
Beau White
Beau White Mês atrás
All the text has just been added to a picture slide that's not even how the email works beta as fuck
Atharva Karandikar
Atharva Karandikar Mês atrás
Make him president
Venothyl Mês atrás
A minuscule amount of tomfoolery was partaken in by one James Veitch
Lance Jordan
Lance Jordan Mês atrás
Brilliant mate
Kyle Colbert
Kyle Colbert Mês atrás
He looks like the front man from Tool.
MadResonanceX Mês atrás
Haha that's funny, what a clever guy
Comicsluvr Mês atrás
I wish I could set up my email to just play this to every scammer in the world! This man is a treasure!
GrasTube Mês atrás
Those emails are fake af, but still very funny
maxilol234 Mês atrás
2:22 is that lisa kudrow?
N1K Mês atrás
Omg he’s a Lieutenant Kammanda 😂
ber wollenberg
ber wollenberg Mês atrás
The last name is dangerously close to corona
Golden-Joe Mês atrás
There is actually a better prank, where a norwegain man tricked some scammer into building a small wooden car and beliving they have been contact by the leader in a huge sport where y build small cars without engines and drive down a hill(the sport dosent exist)
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Mês atrás
Scott Wallbank
Scott Wallbank Mês atrás
It's fun but not what I would expect from a TED talk.
The YugiJoker
The YugiJoker Mês atrás
Hey Guys! Welcome to my TED Talk. Here is how to piss of scammers. Thanks and cheers everybody!
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