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James Charles
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Today's video is an updated 2023 makeup routine! We talk about what's to come this year, my brand, beauty drama, TikTok, & more!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

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26 Mar 2023



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Comentários 1 421
CoolBoss999 Mês atrás
Honestly I really like this calm, relaxing and normal makeup video that's not in ur studio. You should definitely do more videos in different parts of your house more than just ur studio!
augie  B 💅
augie B 💅 24 dias atrás
Enaveen Hernandez
Enaveen Hernandez Mês atrás
I Agree 👍💯
ReRected Stats
ReRected Stats Mês atrás
@Hel8cious You're the one who clicked on a James Charles video 😂
Hel8cious Mês atrás
Crystal Sack
Crystal Sack Mês atrás
I agree. It doesn't feel so " staged " or phony. This video actually feels like he's talking to me instead of a camera.
Kendall Hill
Kendall Hill Mês atrás
The beauty community is a rollercoaster
chen 26 dias atrás
Zev2X Mês atrás
Brandon-Isaiah Soriano
Life is a rollercoaster lol
Myles Mês atrás
The fact that he can do his makeup wearing a WHITE t-shirt is just..astonishing really.
Myles 24 dias atrás
@…mars… ik i was commenting random shit
…mars… 25 dias atrás
@Myles it’s not funny, it’s just true💀
Myles 26 dias atrás
thats so funny 😂
@Well Wisher pro he doesn’t use she/her pronouns. So james is referred as “he” and “him” x
…mars… Mês atrás
@Well Wisher pro not every guy is masculine luv😍
OOFlife Mês atrás
James literally brought me back to like 2018 with just doing makeup and having fun ❤️❤️❤️also kinda shook that he didn’t say “hi sisters” for his intro 😭
Ashley Mês atrás
This comment got almost 700 likes James Charles ... I think everyone's trying to say something 😜
Hannah Shelnutt
Hannah Shelnutt Mês atrás
Exactly how I was feeling! Time traveled, blast to the past
sav Mês atrás
bc the video isnt for us "sisters"
Corinne💜BTS and OT7
Same literally shooked 😮
N A Mês atrás
I hope that in 2023 the makeup community will be more open to every kind of makeup and that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if everyone likes different kinds of things and styles in makeup. I hope the community won’t be so toxic anymore and those haters would realize that we are human not some internet robots with perfect skins and same styles😊
bruhhh Mês atrás
Crystal Mês atrás
this!! always been made fun of how i do my make up and people just need to know that everyone does it differently and we shouldn’t feel ashamed of how we do it (or atleats i do)
Jessica L.
Jessica L. Mês atrás
I know certain types of videos are trending right now on BRvid, but I legit prefer yours! No screaming, ridiculous challenges, or overwhelming content. Your videos are true to life and grounded, so thank you for staying true to yourself
Alex Neff
Alex Neff Mês atrás
Video idea: I know it’s random but you and your team should take the enneagram personality tests! It’s hilarious to read others because they’re so accurate and kind of embarrassing for others to read yours. It would be an awesome, off-brand, entertaining video and your viewers would get to know you better!
junior Mês atrás
THANK YOU !!! For this video honestly I’ve BEEN missing a very normal makeup routine even though I enjoy the other crazy videos honestly sister thank you.
Alikeju 25 dias atrás
I love the fact when you dont do any challenges its really relaxing and calming and you just talk to us and I really like that even though I do enjoy you doing the challenges I also really enjoy you just doing normal makeup and just talk to us it's very relaxing and calming I almost fell asleep I just love it it's been so long since we've seen you do this again it's always challenges and I've got to say I do love this way better.
Liyah Liy
Liyah Liy Mês atrás
I am darkskiinded and I absolutely loathe blushes that I have to layer 50 billion times for it to tint my checks by 5%. I would LOVE SOME super pigmented blushes to have in my collection 🙋🏾‍♀️
Taylor Hope
Taylor Hope Mês atrás
Just want to say thank you for all the amazing makeup videos you creating, I am a man who just recently discovered my inner feminine side and my true sexuality, so you videos teaching me so much about the makeup i need in my life now.
🥑Simply avocado 🥑
I don’t know why I love James his normal videos, but this one Hass to be my favorite. I don’t know it just feels super calming and like a good conversation get ready with me
Sagnik Roy
Sagnik Roy Mês atrás
So happy with longer content ,James ✨ those 4minutes and the calm vibe of the whole video🤌🏽
Kelsey Mylinh Rea
I love simple makeup routine tutorial videos like this! I do miss them from 2018 and 2019
roxytana Mês atrás
i will never get tired of saying You look more beautiful without makeup
Zahra Alnaser
Zahra Alnaser Mês atrás
@emmarosie7176 not everyone should have the same taste as yours. I also prefer him way more without makeup.
Kinrael Mês atrás
@Emma Rosie side eye
Emma Rosie
Emma Rosie Mês atrás
Lmao stop lying😂
Chelsie Lesney
Chelsie Lesney Mês atrás
thank god for james coming back to the real reason people like watching beauty videos like holy fuck i’m so tired of everyone doing the same thing
Khanyisa Ntshinga
Khanyisa Ntshinga Mês atrás
I feel like the "clean girl" look came when we just didn't have time to do a full face beat all the time, like when you're late to work but you don't want to look dead, that little of concealer really helps. However when I have time, I will take my time.
jaynebugs Mês atrás
I really liked this video! I also really like your "Trying a Full Face of..." series. I was literally JUST diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, so until I can get in to see specialists, I've been binging your videos!
Katie Kre
Katie Kre Mês atrás
I am SO excited for your brand! I am going to buy it all!!!!
Jocelyn Haight
Jocelyn Haight Mês atrás
I honestly think your views will do amazing and you’ll still be doing what you love, if you do more product reviews, I find that’s the thing I like to watch the most and I think others can agree! Also doing copying celebrity makeup routines etc.
Tiff Tiff❤️
Tiff Tiff❤️ Mês atrás
Love this! I agree with bringing real full glam makeup back!
PhatFairy Mês atrás
I love all of your videos, but this one was so much fun! I feel like a lot of makeup videos nowadays are challenges, hacks, etc. which I have a ton of fun watching, but it's super refreshing to be able to just watch a calm makeup routine video like this.
Evelyn Guzman
Evelyn Guzman Mês atrás
I agree. 2022 I was all about brows and mascara only. Since the new year started, I’ve been doing more full glam and I am living for it again.
Olivia Kovic
Olivia Kovic Mês atrás
One of my favorite things about JC is honestly just that he’s unapologetic for who he is. He speaks his mind
Carlos Colmenares
Carlos Colmenares Mês atrás
I’m glad this was talked about because I think that everyone noticed that the beauty community wasn’t as present anymore dude to all of the “cancel communities” etc. I’m excited to see all the new stuff!!!
cameron harrison
cameron harrison Mês atrás
i love these types of videos! i just sat and did my makeup with you and it felt like we were on facetime. so relaxing and nice to have a break from the normal stuff! :)
Abigail Millan
Abigail Millan Mês atrás
I love just to watch makeup videos while I’m doing my makeup when it’s something crazy I lose track of what’s going on haha
ken denta
ken denta Mês atrás
Sublime sister. Absolutely stunning. 2023 will be your forte Charles. Many blessings. Enjoy the sunshine 💕😙
Daniel Vasilenko
Daniel Vasilenko Mês atrás
Lets just take a moment to thanks James Charles, You have given me the strength to not give a crap of what people think and you are so inspirational and u r AMAZING keep shining
SaraSmilesLuvsMakeup 21 dia atrás
I'm so happy I do my makeup vids with no edits, no filters, and full Glam! It's coming back baby and I stayed full beat!!
Jorden Wadley
Jorden Wadley Mês atrás
I could watch this content every day I love it. I love James just talking and being himself my Gemini queen 🤴
cecilia17 Mês atrás
JAMES CHARLES IS BAAAACCCKK BITCHESS. I admire your growth, your honesty, and your makeup passion. Thank you sis 🤩✨
roblox plus art forever
I literally love his personality and the way he perfect,s his videos and has so high quality videos they are just as perfect as him😊😊😊
woadxqueen 66
woadxqueen 66 Mês atrás
I love your bathroom aesthetic. This is a cute area to do more makeup videos :)
Boston Reese
Boston Reese Mês atrás
My favs are all the different blush and freckle trends! I’m obsessed with putting blush under my eyes and on my nose, etc. It’s so adorable!
Vita Maslačak
Vita Maslačak Mês atrás
James, I have one idea I think you can try to make a full face make up using each make up product from different country! Love you sister! :)
Walter Lennin Pavon Estrada
I've been a fan of this chanel for a long time, I really like James and most of all his videos, but this kind of videos are my favorites... Very excited for what 2023 has in store for you James... Waiting for your makeup brand too... Way to go
Shelsie Argudo
Shelsie Argudo Mês atrás
I love this. I want the old makeup videos back. All about products. Techniques. Reviews etc. !!!
Laura Farber
Laura Farber Mês atrás
I love this so much!😊💗the energy is radiating✨✨
Abigail Wall
Abigail Wall Mês atrás
can we just appreciate the color match of the foundation… james a couple years ago dreamt of this moment 😂❤️ love you james!!!
Renae Port
Renae Port Mês atrás
You slay and look awesome without editing you do you.
Samantha Nanda
Samantha Nanda Mês atrás
James, I love your videos. You seem like such a sweetheart and I love watching all the makeup you get. You are a very interesting person.
macy stoddard
macy stoddard 24 dias atrás
i love these types of videos! could you do one reviewing popular products (example: charlotte tilbury contour wands) and recommending your favorite new/old products?
Emily Grassie
Emily Grassie Mês atrás
Love the way you think when it comes to make up. It has changed so much since back in the day. It’s nice actually learning about make up rather than it always being a challenge
Fps_artfulldreamzz Mês atrás
Honestly I loved this vid and how calm and refreshing vid James I love this
Olivia Taylor
Olivia Taylor Mês atrás
I love this look❤ I can’t wait to see some fun colorful looks again!
sam☽ Mês atrás
loving this more laid back video!❤
Nicky Mês atrás
Loved this video!! Whatever you have in the works I can't wait until you come out with more products from your makeup brand!! Yay!!😘☺️
Dilyn Senalik
Dilyn Senalik Mês atrás
Omg i have been missing makeup tutorials so glad you are wanting to bring them back!!!
Evelis Valencia
Evelis Valencia Mês atrás
This is actually really relaxing I love how James takes the time and effort to post and keep us updated ❤
Saumya Mutalik
Saumya Mutalik Mês atrás
I will be honest I missed these kinds of videos also you look very happy 💗
Evie Olivia
Evie Olivia Mês atrás
James i honestly love your videos. especially nice chill videos like this were your just talking to us it was honestly so relaxing it kinda felt like we were just on facetime. ily James
Tia Marrow
Tia Marrow Mês atrás
James your makeup in this video is……..GIVINGGGGG!! Like I would actually wear the same makeup look 💕💕💕
Clara Mês atrás
I genuinely loved this video, so much fun as always 💕 so excited for your brand James!
Melissa van der Werf
this makeup looks so beautiful..! can't wait for your brand to come out ❤
Debra: Come over.[𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
I just wanna say… James I love you and your videos so much!!!❤❤
kelli Mês atrás
I don’t usually comment. But, I’ve loved your videos since 2018. I eat and just watch you with no problem. Please don’t stop doing you. 💋
Aish's Bakery
Aish's Bakery Mês atrás
AAHHH I LOVE THIS, this help us do our makeup so much!
Gianna Pendolino
Gianna Pendolino Mês atrás
I cannot WAIT for u to release the blushes. I use a powder blush rn and I am getting so tired of it bc it’s too hard to blend. I want to start using a cream one but the few that I’ve tried aren’t rlly giving what I want them too. Definitely getting urs as soon as it’s available 💕
Marcusbaker Fan1223
Marcusbaker Fan1223 29 dias atrás
This video was clean and therapeutic on almost every level
M. Mehd Bhatti
M. Mehd Bhatti Mês atrás
Just what I needed to make my day better Thank you! Lots of lovee
Allegrea Johnson
Allegrea Johnson Mês atrás
The video was so well put together. I loved it
Essence Davis
Essence Davis Mês atrás
love that you did this video, ive been waiting for another one like this lol. BUTTTTT would you say your mascara will do well with short lash people?? love you😚
9-5-3-4-8.m Mês atrás
You will always look beautiful no matter how bad people think your makeup is jamesss ❤️❤️❤️
ba123 Mês atrás
These are exactly the types of videos i miss on youtube!!! please do more i literally only enter BRvid for you and your videos.
Raquel W
Raquel W Mês atrás
I love the OG makeup videos! I always commented saying I missed them! I sometimes like them better than the challenges! When I started watching you it was cus I searched for basic make up videos to learn how to do make up!
Amoré Mês atrás
I personally prefer the “clean makeup “ style because that way when I go out to an event or special occasion and decide to do full glam, I can actually feel the difference. As opposed to when I was doing full glam every day, I didn’t feel any different. Plus it was extremely time consuming and I worked 12 hr Night Shifts at the hospital. My skin thanked me when I switched my routine. It wasn’t as greasy by the time I got off at 7am. So I guess imma be “outdated” since that trend is out. But it’s all good 🤍
Shotz by Nena
Shotz by Nena Mês atrás
I could hear you talk all day, I admire you switching it up! I’ve always loved your content.❤
TELE_GRAM ME 👉Vermaxofficial👈Let's Discuss
Look🆙️🆙️🆙️🆙️ message let's Discuss You won 👉🏾🎁🎁🎁
Lily Stern
Lily Stern Mês atrás
Absolutely stunning so proud of you James
Payton Rushton
Payton Rushton Mês atrás
I love James makeup💖 He is so good I love him He really helped me figure out where some makeup goes And now I am 10x better Ty james!💖
taniya dalvi
taniya dalvi Mês atrás
This was honestly therapeutic ✨
Erica’s Channel 😊
I loved this video so much and your take and thoughts on it all James ❤ your right this space has to be one of the craziest ones to be in lol my beauty community is wild 😅
Katy k
Katy k Mês atrás
Love you sister! ❤️
haley mote
haley mote Mês atrás
the way you look absolutely SNATCHED in a white crop top is AMAZING
Cristian Emanuel
Cristian Emanuel Mês atrás
I was thinking that the blush palette he was working on was similar to the Scott Barnes blush palette. Then I saw him pull out Scott's contour palette and was like "makes sense". I love the Scott palette color story, but making them a cream formula is a great idea.
Karen Stephens
Karen Stephens Mês atrás
A very natural yet beautiful look, James. I love it.
Bunniebunnie. Mês atrás
You are so beautiful james!! Could you start posting more makeup tips/ back to basics! I really want to perfect my looks:)
ashley couture
ashley couture 19 dias atrás
I love this style of video just chatting with the camera! Absolute love
dat_juliaXD P
dat_juliaXD P Mês atrás
I love the direction your content has been taking lately! It feels so real, relateable, likeable and relaxing like those old school makeup tutorials and I love hearing your honest opinion. 💕
M Misa
M Misa 15 dias atrás
Love all versions of James Charles and also loving this keeping it real version of James Charles. Quite refreshing! ❤
Millie Stanley
Millie Stanley Mês atrás
Love it James ur beautiful and u really do ur make up so flawless ❤
Jelena debbaut
Jelena debbaut Mês atrás
Absolutely loved this video. Just doing makeup & talking. In a different setting too. I really enjoyed watching this!
Chloe Mês atrás
Im literally in love with the makeup look you did, I'm gonna do it for a bachelorette next weekend ahh!!!
leilani Mês atrás
Your blushes are so pretty I’m so excited for the brand it’s gonna do great!
Nikeee Mês atrás
This video is so fun, chill, laid back and informative. I love this type of video and I think James enjoyed it too! Love that!
Katrina Chase
Katrina Chase Mês atrás
First of all, that blush is stunning. Second, I'm proud that James isn't editing his photos anymore. it's okay to not look perfect all of the time.
Kayy Chrome 💕
Kayy Chrome 💕 Mês atrás
thank you for posting more unedited selfies James, the real ones appreciate it 💞💞
Natalie Dayton
Natalie Dayton Mês atrás
James, this is one of my fave videos you've uploaded in a while. You just seem really genuine. Sometimes the other vids can seem scripted and overdramatized
Lauryn Slaughter
Lauryn Slaughter Mês atrás
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks Mês atrás
I’m SO ready for this 🎉
Xenia Mês atrás
What an amazing video! Would love to see more of these as a regular series on the channel! Much love 🤍
Neki Sha
Neki Sha Mês atrás
Very excited that you were doing one of these videos 🎉 it’s been a hot min for sure ❤
Cheesecake Mês atrás
I'm curious to see the pricing on James's products. I really hope they aren't too expensive bc I am so excited to get some stuff from his brand
Charity Melton
Charity Melton Mês atrás
James your the absolute best makeup influencer you've influenced so much more people and I'm so excited for your new brand coming out keep working hard and doing what you do' love you☺️
Somila Avela
Somila Avela Mês atrás
The love I have for you is insane ♥
Slay Mês atrás
Akrita Mês atrás
I really liked this video. I learned doing make up following you and a few other favourite you tubers and I actually learned and grew better at it. James doing his eye really inspired me and I absolutely fell in love with make up because of that!
Lisa Quinn
Lisa Quinn Mês atrás
Slayyyy, I can't wait to see what makeup you got coming out, so excited!
Janel #H2BH💅
Janel #H2BH💅 Mês atrás
Omg so excited for your brand release 😍 gorgeous as always ❤️❤️
Ethan Ramela
Ethan Ramela Mês atrás
Cannot wait to see your brand James!!! Ugh I’m sooo excited!!!
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