James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance

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Daniel Craig reprises his role as British secret agent James Bond as he accompanies Her Majesty The Queen to the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Ceremony also featured appearances from Mr. Bean, Monty Python and a re-imagining of the British Industrial Revolution.

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Every two years, the world's finest athletes gather at the Olympic Games - a spectacular celebration of sporting excellence that captures the attention of billions of people around the world. However, the Games are about much more than just sport. They bring the Olympic values to life and provide a global arena for a unique combination of sport, culture, education and ceremonies.

At the Olympic Games in London 2012, about 10,500 athletes from 204 countries compete in 26 different sports, comprising 302 medal events. Whether athletes win a medal or not, they can forever call themselves Olympians. The sporting competitions are undoubtedly the central focus of the Olympic Games and participating in the Games is the ultimate goal for most athletes.

Every edition has its own story to tell and will be remembered for some truly remarkable performances from sporting legends such as Jesse Owens, Abebe Bikila, Jean-Claude Killy, Nadia Comaneci, Katarina Witt, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, to name just a few.

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27 Jul 2012



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Comentários 0
Fatimah Ayu
Fatimah Ayu Hora atrás
Her Majesty is the most brave "Bond's girl" ever. The most grace and glorious Olympic opening ceremony.. Brits well done
G SQUADRON 5 horas atrás
People think all Brits love /like the queen but they don't they despise them including me they are nothing but leaches..
mira atma
mira atma 7 horas atrás
Is it really the queen or did they find someone who looks exactly like her?
PastPresented Hora atrás
Technically, the answer to your double question would be "yes, and no". However, you are asking the wrong question.
krankywitch 10 horas atrás
Daniel Craig really does make that suit look good. Eat your heart out Will Smith. 🥰😍
Groot 12 horas atrás
Al Carbo
Al Carbo 16 horas atrás
I don’t think any Olympics could top this kind of introduction
Thea Johnston
Thea Johnston 17 horas atrás
She truly is an amazing person !
Colin R
Colin R 18 horas atrás
Guys, I might be wrong but I don't think the Queen got into the helicopter. :)
Julie Baduna
Julie Baduna 18 horas atrás
What a great 👍 Queen 👸😍❤👏💖♥we are blessed to have her. Yes God save and bless the Queen
andres piccini
andres piccini 18 horas atrás
Sue si the punknes itself! The coolest person ever
FirojMN ALAM 19 horas atrás
FirojMN ALAM 19 horas atrás
Kristine PFS
Kristine PFS 21 hora atrás
More carefree times. Great memories.
Omkar Bhatkar
Omkar Bhatkar 23 horas atrás
She is not my queen - Jon snow
Robert Parkes
Robert Parkes Dia atrás
No wonder the dirty left wingers and assorted scum are jealous of Gt Britain !!!
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf Dia atrás
HOPE 🎺🎻🎺🎻🎺🎻🎺🎻🎺 Salvation is found in no one else, no other name under heaven given among men where by we must be saved. Saved from the punishment of sin. I’m trying to offer people Hope in absolute perfection !!! No more pain, dying, lies, decay, depression, anxiety, crying, sickness, rotten food, broken things , etc... offering the Hope of Eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ. We must be willing to turn from sin and to believe the Gospel, Mark 1:15 to receive Jesus forgiveness. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17 Visual Bible movies on BRvid. Matthew, Acts, Luke, John 💜👑✝️📖nkjv 🧎‍♂️ 🙏🙂🇺🇸 🐾🤍🐾
TheLongDark Dia atrás
Room full of kids is a nice touch. Bond probably fathered half of them.
Ken Rowland
Ken Rowland Dia atrás
Oh yes....and the children were All There!
Said Labiad
Said Labiad Dia atrás
6:06 Look at that man on the far right, what did he do to be on camera 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Юлия Юлия
самый лучшиий джеймс бонд👍
Christian O
Christian O 2 dias atrás
Brilliant. No Olympic opening event could out- do that scene, ever. Then white Rolls Royces doing laps of the track. Just sooo British!
Brian Mulvaney
Brian Mulvaney 2 dias atrás
The real queen or the impersonator
PastPresented Dia atrás
Farah Dyer-Steel
Farah Dyer-Steel 2 dias atrás
she is a most accomplished, and surprising, woman
Michelle 2 dias atrás
5:21 can i know what kind of language is that? 🙏🏻
PastPresented Dia atrás
That's French, the native language of the founder of the modern Olympics
Sadaqat Ali
Sadaqat Ali 2 dias atrás
I'm surprised it's not raining lol.
PastPresented 2 dias atrás
An hour earlier it was pouring down, but it stopped just in time for a beautiful sunset
Rodrigo Ceballos
Rodrigo Ceballos 2 dias atrás
Bond.. James Bond
T OConnor
T OConnor 2 dias atrás
I love the dogs! God Save the Queen!
Mel the Sheep
Mel the Sheep 2 dias atrás
UK got some fucked up weather. it goes from sunny morning, to the middle of the night in 5 minutes then back to morning for the helicopter interior scene.
PastPresented 21 hora atrás
@bradle Maybe, but most people live a lot closer to the Equator than London, and think that a clock time of 8-35 with the sun above the horizon must mean 8-35 in the morning.
bradle Dia atrás
@PastPresented I think they were joking
PastPresented 2 dias atrás
Sunny morning? The dome of St. Paul's cathedral (3:33) is roughly north-west of Tower Bridge. Also that "middle of the night" scene was live, and if you watch the full ceremony you'll see that it was dusk a few minutes earlier.
Gaspode 2 dias atrás
Aimee Louise
Aimee Louise 3 dias atrás
The queen looks lovely 🥰
Pratyush Nayak
Pratyush Nayak 3 dias atrás
If Olympics in India Srikant and jk would follow the helicopter by scorpio
Therrence Thimothy De Guzman
Do You Guys See 4:59-5:01 you can make it slow but you can clearly see that the second parachute used idk if it's The Queen or James Bond But It Missed Landing Idk If I'm seeing this but you decide if you are gonna believe or not
PastPresented 3 dias atrás
Both parachutes landed in the same area just outside the Stadium, Queen first. Once down, she became the responsibility of the main security team, so Bond was free to go off duty.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 3 dias atrás
2021 reliving James Bond on the olympic circle.
basilegabasil 3 dias atrás
Как надо любить свой народ!чтоб тебя любили
Dada Olusola
Dada Olusola 3 dias atrás
Long live the queen!
Gloria Soergel
Gloria Soergel 3 dias atrás
I still find this one of the best Moments of Queen Elisabeth !!! (Even so I can stand that Woman, Parasites )
Harpiest Rudecaesar
Harpiest Rudecaesar 3 dias atrás
Believe me, it should be better if there's Pierce Brosnan
Harsha Sreenath
Harsha Sreenath 3 dias atrás
nice- watched all movies pending only " no time to die".
Michael Angelini
Michael Angelini 3 dias atrás
God Bless the Queen
N. A.
N. A. 3 dias atrás
This just choked me up... the Queen looked so regal, so agile in here and she's with Prince Philip... A far cry from how she looks now. Her own family hurting such an old, fragile woman... haaa.... 😓 God save the Queen.
Pablo _kc122
Pablo _kc122 3 dias atrás
5:33 is that Boris?
PastPresented 3 dias atrás
Yup- Mayor of London in 2012
Henry Kaspar
Henry Kaspar 3 dias atrás
You just have to like the Brits, no matter how much nonsense they do.
MegaWorldadventure 3 dias atrás
The Queen's "life time biggest accomplishment" = a sperm met the egg at the right time in the right blood line. The end.
PastPresented 3 dias atrás
Slightly more complicated than that. Don't forget that when she was born, her father was not the heir to the throne.
Sofi eliana
Sofi eliana 4 dias atrás
Hail the Queen
Krish Nagpal
Krish Nagpal 4 dias atrás
Kohinooooor kab lautaogi pardaaadi??????
Rodrigo Estrad
Rodrigo Estrad 4 dias atrás
¡Que bonita entrada de la reina! Muy emocionante.
Silence Power
Silence Power 4 dias atrás
The British know how to grandiose whomever and whatever theirs ..!
文月宵兎 4 dias atrás
phưmvamgam nguyentantuan
The pale museum disappointingly knock because pie aditionally flash mid a absent grease. bumpy, squalid professor
Lugiana 4 dias atrás
Épico 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jefs Rols
Jefs Rols 4 dias atrás
The fact that Daniel Craig is not even a Brit makes it even more hilarious
bradle Dia atrás
Just a simple Google will tell you he was born in Chester in England
PastPresented 4 dias atrás
Вы имеете в виду, что Честера нет в Великобритании?
ノリ 4 dias atrás
francisco raul Guarrochena
Admirable la presencia de la reina Isabel, siempre la admire desde aquí desde Corrientes capital Argentina ella es tan impresionante,ojalá alguna vez la pueda conocer
Seattle Day
Seattle Day 4 dias atrás
I'm not a very big fan as Daniel Craig as 007. He doesn't fit as 007.
Vivien Mcnaul
Vivien Mcnaul 4 dias atrás
Best ever
Verdell Barkley
Verdell Barkley 4 dias atrás
The elastic address differently deliver because cylinder immunochemically bolt under a giddy rooster. thick, abiding slave
Smilin' next to James Bond and the Queen…
Albert Smith
Albert Smith 4 dias atrás
The thinkable reduction considerably double because store baly wobble within a bad stock. careful, ill case
Andreas Schmitz
Andreas Schmitz 4 dias atrás
Greenpeace springt auch in ein Stadion In die Arroganz Arena von München Da redet aber keine Sau dieses nasale französische
Andreas Schmitz
Andreas Schmitz 4 dias atrás
Free Scotland
Andreas Schmitz
Andreas Schmitz 4 dias atrás
Sean Connery the best and the one and only
Andreas Schmitz
Andreas Schmitz 4 dias atrás
This is Not a Real James Bond Craig Go Home
Mad Geordie
Mad Geordie 4 dias atrás
Mr Bond. Yes, your majesty? I have a mission for you. This Putin individual is being very tiresome.....
Tanishq Khandelwal
Tanishq Khandelwal 5 dias atrás
Hello, I would like to ask isn't there any king in UK? I am Indian so I don't know much about the system there. Like no political party, no king? Only queen supremacy?
PastPresented 4 dias atrás
Eldest child inherits the title, male (King) or female (Queen).
Mills Vazquez
Mills Vazquez 5 dias atrás
The loutish value intrinsically peck because fat pivotally applaud without a long-term ex-wife. jagged, thundering saxophone
Hippie Lewis
Hippie Lewis 5 dias atrás
One ugly man
Alanis Oscar
Alanis Oscar 5 dias atrás
The worried schedule uniformly snore because grenade preoperatively clean atop a unruly helium. conscious, gabby shampoo
J.O the goat
J.O the goat 5 dias atrás
Who's watching this after the death of Queen Elizabeth 👑 she is still immortal, in our hearts
16th Parachute Brigade
They used the Dambusters Theme!
Ryan Torrie
Ryan Torrie 5 dias atrás
philthy cat 1
philthy cat 1 5 dias atrás
And since then it's been down hill all the way.
abbey mclaren
abbey mclaren 6 dias atrás
I watch it to make my heart feel good
Boedieda Star
Boedieda Star 6 dias atrás
0:51 like president putin, i love 😄😂
桜川翔平 6 dias atrás
Habib Khan
Habib Khan 6 dias atrás
Bengali Drama
El Nada
El Nada 6 dias atrás
Why all that she's just a human who didn't save people i think or did anything great we're all gonna die and be buried and turn to ashes people and then it won't matter who was a queen just remember that !
PastPresented 4 dias atrás
We still have records of Queens from many centuries ago- not so much of women who weren't Queens
Saint Just
Saint Just 6 dias atrás
Fake "agent" with powerless "queen".
Lex Lamar
Lex Lamar 6 dias atrás
"God Save The Qeen"....!! hmm...! he'll to do whatever possible....! however, we can't promise anything....!! You see It's a very difficult case...!
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell 6 dias atrás
What was that want rubbish
Pamela V
Pamela V 6 dias atrás
Brilliant! I love it!!!
Irish Faerie
Irish Faerie 7 dias atrás
I still love that she did that😊😊😊😊
Traveller World
Traveller World 7 dias atrás
이게 벌써 9년 전이군. 9 yrs have passed already since the event.
Larisa Simpson
Larisa Simpson 7 dias atrás
I really like this video. I have never met The Queen , but i met Princess Ann. I have to say Princess Ann is amazing! .
Leonardo H.H.
Leonardo H.H. 7 dias atrás
God bless the Queen.
Mayank Kumar Tiwari
Mayank Kumar Tiwari 7 dias atrás
Ye kya bkchodi h
balsera04 7 dias atrás
My name is Second. Elizabeth Second.
Elmer Bersonda
Elmer Bersonda 7 dias atrás
Time flies so fast i miss when I play the olympics Just kidding
Nathan Bogomolny
Nathan Bogomolny 7 dias atrás
this is such a troll video
James Masters
James Masters 7 dias atrás
She is just magnificent!
Nawab Irshad
Nawab Irshad 7 dias atrás
3:38 - 3:42 reminds me of Jurassic Park
PastPresented 7 dias atrás
So long as it doesn't remind you of _Apocalypse Now_ it's all good
Alex Reid
Alex Reid 7 dias atrás
I bet if you ask Mr Craig in years to come the highlight of his career...this! And that cheeky smile from Her Majesty. Priceless. James Bond and the Queen? COME ON!!!
Ance Bouye
Ance Bouye 7 dias atrás
Did she really parachute with James Bond, or had a double act for the Majesty?
Selena and the Bears
Selena and the Bears 7 dias atrás
My grandma and I watched this bunches of times.
John Geoffrey Band
John Geoffrey Band 7 dias atrás
Chasing a dream
DarkKnight 7 dias atrás
proof our sovereign has a sense of humour
MH Frank
MH Frank 7 dias atrás
mexicas; atentos los maestros en montejes los DEMOCRATAS=TECNOCRATAS, ya empesaron con falsos montejes de jackeo como el de los ductos de gasolina y planta de proceso de carnes para crear encono entre la poblacion y generar apoyo popular contra rusia este es un autofraude para generar enojo bienen tiempos de manipulacion y montajes. con los porros=DEMOCRATAS de la monarquia britanica y espanola. esta es el "consejo supremo concervador:=GENOCIDA Y PARACITO, del que habla AMLO. QUE CREEA LOS PARAISOS FISCALES DONDE LAVAN DINERO AHORA SERA EL BITCOIN' LIBERALES vs conservadores. TU DECIDES! VIVA NUESTRA 4T, VIVA MEXICO
Raúl Jauregui
Raúl Jauregui 8 dias atrás
What piece of music was that? The one at the beginning??
PastPresented 7 dias atrás
The music while Bond was making his way up to the Queen's office was "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" from G.F. Handel's oratorio "Solomon"
MeTube 8 dias atrás
What cinematically connects The Queen and Princes Harry and William? The Queen played along here with Daniel Craig as 007, Harry and William have anonymously played stormtoopers in Star Wars, as has Daniel Craig.
MeTube 8 dias atrás
The Queens one and only acting performance. Gotta love that slight smile as she turns to see Bond.
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