Jacksepticeye Speaks FLUENT Korean and SHOCKS OTHER STREAMERS

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Jacksepticeye Speaks FLUENT Korean and SHOCKS OTHER STREAMERS
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2 Mar 2021



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Comentários 100
John Case
John Case Minuto atrás
But can you speak North Sentinelese?
Naughty Vixen
Naughty Vixen 8 horas atrás
*Ethan screaming in the background:* GIVE THIS VIDEO ONE MILLION LIKES! *BREAKS COOKIE HOUSE*
이돼지 12 horas atrás
십발 ㅇ0ㅇ ㅋㅋㅁㅇㅊ
Ashumne Ukashima
Ashumne Ukashima 13 horas atrás
Vayda Trinitty
Vayda Trinitty 19 horas atrás
Ginger AL
Ginger AL 20 horas atrás
I wonder if I can better at other Asian languages by knowing Chinese... I can’t even speak that though. Makes me so sad.
Kayla Matney
Kayla Matney Dia atrás
I watched this before he ever watched it 😂
Adamas Berry
Adamas Berry Dia atrás
I like the actual flavors of a lot of spicy foods, they just hurt me too much.
Splatastic Dia atrás
I’m trying to learn Japanese and I can make simple sentences and stuff but then I hear people talk and I’m like :0
Ryan Saunders
Ryan Saunders Dia atrás
nope doesnt hit 4m in a month
Dylan's Guitar Channel
Sean I hate to tell you, but it's been 2 months and it's only 3mil views, not 4mil, I'll get you to 4mil, I'll watch over and over again :)
Shadow_Games 667
Shadow_Games 667 Dia atrás
jack deserves to be in attack on titan
wickedinkfaery Dia atrás
I had a friend who majored in French. She said she actually learned more being in France, immersed in it vs in class.
PixelJenny 2 dias atrás
I love running man that was my fav show and your Korean is not bad at all :D
95Bobasaur95 2 dias atrás
Jae was born in Argentina so technically he is not a native speaker! definetly a complement!!!
qq 2 dias atrás
Enes Shahinllari
Enes Shahinllari 2 dias atrás
you are talking to an 11 year old
Ajiq Shah
Ajiq Shah 3 dias atrás
i meann he's off by less than 1 mil but well doneee!!
Lia S
Lia S 3 dias atrás
I’ve been around long enough to know he had a Korean gf hahaha i feel old
도희 3 dias atrás
한국 댓글을 찾고 계신가요? 힘내세요
jons jupitert0
jons jupitert0 3 dias atrás
2:02 so long story short I learned some “Korea”
AnimexGaming Reviews
AnimexGaming Reviews 3 dias atrás
4:35 For my friends but you can use it too
Fariah Criss
Fariah Criss 4 dias atrás
Awww, Tina got so excited!!!
Hu Tao
Hu Tao 4 dias atrás
Ummmmmm... his accent plus Korean=me laughing my ass off
JaeyHuski7 4 dias atrás
안녕하세요 잭크샢틱아이 선배님 (Mr. Jacksepticeye) 사랑합니다 😁
firecharg12344 4 dias atrás
jacks not fluent at korean and idk how to speak it at all
Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis 5 dias atrás
Jack u must make your own history video
ZERO AnimaTions
ZERO AnimaTions 5 dias atrás
South or North Korea? I'm guessing south
Louis Franco Jr.
Louis Franco Jr. 5 dias atrás
Korean Jacksepticeye OP!!! I need to start practicing my Korean again. This was pretty fun and encouraging to watch!!
Louis Franco Jr.
Louis Franco Jr. 5 dias atrás
And I think your Korean alphabet history sounds correct. It's been a while since I studied it.
Dilan Luz
Dilan Luz 6 dias atrás
Jack got beatin by a compilation XD 4.1 vs 3.3
katsumi 6 dias atrás
i was born in korea but i’ve never been taught the language. i can speak english, mandarin and japanese but i’ve never been good at my own native language. but i’m working on it lmao ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
Rose Wern
Rose Wern 6 dias atrás
Lol I speak fluent Mandarin, and all of my friends are either learning Japanese or Korean, and any strangers I meet are also either learning Japanese or Korean, or literally any other language but Mandarin. Sometimes I feel so left out when no one busts out Mandarin idk if it's just me, I've just never met someone who speaks it/learning it that *isn't* a native
Daria N
Daria N 6 dias atrás
신기하네요 정말 대단하세요!
『CalypsoMelypso』 6 dias atrás
Why does Jack and Tina and everyone else sound so cute and adorable speaking Korean? Is Korean that cute of a language? Lol it's very wholesome to watch :-)
Xane Cosmo
Xane Cosmo 6 dias atrás
For some reason, Japanese sounds cool and quick while Korean sounds cute and sweet.
Louice Magnusson
Louice Magnusson 6 dias atrás
Ha MSN flashback
matthew alker
matthew alker 6 dias atrás
Still not to 4 million yet
lucky boii
lucky boii 7 dias atrás
I was hear when you were like 26
Ghost3760 7 dias atrás
It’s been a month and he only has 3 million views
YVNG T4NK3R 7 dias atrás
Well it’s been a month you didn’t reach 4 million views
Jinah Lee
Jinah Lee 7 dias atrás
당근 알아요? lmaoooi
FRD얼음바텐더 7 dias atrás
낌찌찌깨 머거쪄요오♡
Guilherme Castro Lima da Silva
Fake it till you make it baby!
StrykerPlayz 7 dias atrás
He speaks the nuke language
Atypical Male
Atypical Male 7 dias atrás
I was on AOL Messenger Jack. You don't have shit on that.
I'm Jeffery
I'm Jeffery 7 dias atrás
I knew he spoke Korean, because one of his gta 5 videos had him reading a sign that was Korean.
TheNeekOfficial 7 dias atrás
I legitimately just thought this was one of those compilation videos. Good job jack lol
Yoo-Bihn Hur
Yoo-Bihn Hur 7 dias atrás
Koreans watching an Irishman speak better Korean than them: 🥲
HT C 7 dias atrás
It's over a month and there are less then 4 mil views-
Michael Hudson
Michael Hudson 8 dias atrás
I laughed when I heard that Jack punched out his nan 😂🤣😂🤣 Legend. Obviously it's a lie but a funny one.
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar 8 dias atrás
Korean language is like cleaning your throat 😂
ashecosplays 8 dias atrás
안 녕 하 세 요! I only know very little korean and its the best! I really can't wait till I can actually speak it with people who know the language. Also I cannot wait till I get to the level of understanding that he has and to be able to go to Korea would be amazing!
Tina Bahena
Tina Bahena 8 dias atrás
Jack is adorable 😭💜💜
noisy_cloud _
noisy_cloud _ 8 dias atrás
its funny bc as an italian no one is surprised when you can speak english like school is supposed to teach you english since the very first beginnings so when you actually speak a fluent english, the majority of people here are not surprised english is not a flex maybe german yes? but you can learn it in school so is no big shock here, maybe outside yes😂
Brianne Carlson
Brianne Carlson 8 dias atrás
So hes trilingual?
Lynn S
Lynn S 9 dias atrás
support from korea 🇰🇷 since 2016 lol
Gerald Gomes
Gerald Gomes 9 dias atrás
It's a month now and you are at 3.2M views.
Jordan 23
Jordan 23 9 dias atrás
OG fans would have already known this. I remember him saying he had a Korean girlfriend or something but I remember him speaking Korean in old videos back in 2013
Broadcast YT
Broadcast YT 9 dias atrás
Wow as a Korean person, I would say that you aren’t really really good for a foreigner.
TheNeverEndingGamer 9 dias atrás
Wow took me a second to realize this was actually Jack who uploaded the video, thought it was one of those fan videos or clips moment you always see. lol
Rahema Kh
Rahema Kh 9 dias atrás
haha the part where he freaked out because he saw 십팔 :p 십팔 is 18 and 신발 means shoe. their pronunciation is quite similar to the word he was thinking of, which is 씨발 xD
Ipsha Roy
Ipsha Roy 9 dias atrás
I want a friendly conversation between Sean and Mark's mom
Better Back
Better Back 9 dias atrás
gets less than 4 million views after naming video same as video with 4 million views... mission failed
Rainbow_Ivey 9 dias atrás
15:34 Haha! Aww....🤣🥺 # Double voice crack!! Dude same background and everything?!
회원님 9 dias atrás
fun fact: jack speaks korean fluently than oli london
회원님 6 dias atrás
@Yoo-Bihn Hur yup
Yoo-Bihn Hur
Yoo-Bihn Hur 7 dias atrás
Better than him?
Z4MBI3 GAMER 10 dias atrás
Hey sean, huge fan here! Are u a fan of bts??
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 10 dias atrás
You know if every person who subbed to jack he could get 25 million views every video
Ænglisc Þegn
Ænglisc Þegn 10 dias atrás
Does he know gaeilge tho?
It's Lee
It's Lee 10 dias atrás
That’s honestly me when people speak Vietnamese😭
King Negan
King Negan 10 dias atrás
It got 3.2M sorry jack, it didn’t make it to 4.1M...
Ghost 11 dias atrás
also you forgot the seo of adding sykkuno and lily duh, could've had 4.1
Ghost 11 dias atrás
holy shit ur old. I'm CURRENTLY 23. And you were 23..... that long AGO??? frickity
airkami 11 dias atrás
3.2 million in a month.
Wolves Rulez
Wolves Rulez 11 dias atrás
14:38 For a second, I heard Tae's voice. (Obviously it's not Tae, but it sounded like him for a second, in my opinion)
Wolves Rulez
Wolves Rulez 11 dias atrás
Whenever I hear "annyeonghaseyo," it reminds me of "Annyeonghaseyo jeoneun Bangtan Sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae JJK imnida~" Only certain ppl will know what I'm talking about...
Benny Bomby washerson
Benny Bomby washerson 12 dias atrás
Poor jack. It has been a month an d this video only has 3m views
Anxi Lety
Anxi Lety 12 dias atrás
Check out JOLLY!!
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 12 dias atrás
I speak Filipino but I live in Japan but Im an American but im in Australia Confused Irish me noises
JazzNazz 12 dias atrás
the camera tries so hard to focus
I Stan Too Many Groups And Artists Help
You're doing great Sean
I Stan Too Many Groups And Artists Help
I love how Sean pronounces anime ccorrectly.
fi5hii 13 dias atrás
still not at 4 mil after 30 days!
Elijah Wyman-Walshaw
Elijah Wyman-Walshaw 13 dias atrás
That’s dark
Odd weeb
Odd weeb 13 dias atrás
when you want 4M views but get 3M instead.
Astro Kitty
Astro Kitty 13 dias atrás
Aaaaaa i love this so much
Could you imagine jack and Tina both being imposters they can get away with anything
When you play way to much ghost of Tsushima or watch way to much anime
Look how many likes everyone’s getting Jesus
Lillian Best
Lillian Best 14 dias atrás
watching this makes me want to go back to learning korean. i know very very little, and i can still read the alphabet, so whenever i see it on anything in the store i read it (usually it’s exactly what the english is XD). i want to be able to speak it at least conversationally yknow?
Slimonetic 14 dias atrás
Wookiee Alistair Elliot-Wilson
Your experience with Korea is almost my experience with India (minus the girlfriend) But reading the writing better than speaking, not being fluent but having known about to get by, and being rusty now is all relatable 😜
Claudia Pose
Claudia Pose 14 dias atrás
Only other language I know besides English is Spanish 🥲
cry sky
cry sky 14 dias atrás
if you learn arabic too wallahi kafo alak habibi
Nathan Choi
Nathan Choi 14 dias atrás
You're actually better at Korean and I'm South Korean. Well Done, Jack!!
Croq_Uh_Dyle 14 dias atrás
This video made me redoenload duolingo
Croq_Uh_Dyle 14 dias atrás
9:08 i fucking died
John Jung
John Jung 15 dias atrás
Can you also read korean? Im korean
Elissa Capel
Elissa Capel 15 dias atrás
3.2 million views at 3 weeks!
Ericka Evans-Bayer
Ericka Evans-Bayer 15 dias atrás
*Remembers I have kimchi in the fridge* Kimchi stew eh? *Looks up recipie* *makes grocery list* I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow
Ericka Evans-Bayer
Ericka Evans-Bayer 15 dias atrás
Follow up: its BOMB
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M 16 dias atrás
Bruh I died when corpse was like “guys I’m stuck on the drum set” omfg 😂
juuxun [세라][seera]
juuxun [세라][seera] 16 dias atrás
I found you as irish diaspora, not much gaelic but still hiberno-english ‘LEARN ENG’ lmao felt that moderate in korean so I felt it twice🤣🤣🤣 was da chances tho anyone else part a this gang er wa??? ( i cant use romanized bc they taught me without it but its important to match speech to written too, irregular verbs and sound changes are everywhere 싫어고 좋아하는 ㅠㅠ) (just repurposed a lot of hanja is still within words^^i feel the same i adore it😊)
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