It was all a lie. 

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29 Set 2020



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Reefy 2 anos atrás
Bruh im 11 years old and i know how to properly shop online
Reefy 2 anos atrás
Justin 2 anos atrás
Enderborn272 2 anos atrás
It is a little sad ngl. I've been shopping online your whole damned life and I had it figured out in under 3 months. It's amazing how many people get ripped off online.
Mc Kaeya
Mc Kaeya 2 anos atrás
welp- i'm 16 y.o and still don't understand how to shop online properly--- fml.
Galaxy-Chan 2 anos atrás
Same I can shop for some good computers for friends
DeceptionX 2 anos atrás
I like how three grown adults are just discussing the principals of what defines a lego
basil 2 anos atrás
spacecities 2 anos atrás
and it's not even a lego to begin with
Random Person
Random Person 2 anos atrás
It's important, alright!
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson 2 anos atrás
Tick Tock
Tick Tock 2 anos atrás
Truly grown up talk
Red Grave
Red Grave 2 anos atrás
siblings : *fighting over legos* Ney: *suffering* mum: *gives actual advice while being a wholesome bean* ney: *ideas.*
alec a
alec a Anos atrás
OH that's a Mother i was trying to figure out who everyone was dhfskdf (i am new here
Oh man
Oh man Anos atrás
@alec a you'll be enjoying the content Ney gives:D and her adorable familyTvT
A 11 meses atrás
A 11 meses atrás
Let me help
A 11 meses atrás
Dad is big white haired blue greyish skinned dude who is always either forging or cleaning swords you already know who the mother is so yea then the brother and sister the 2 other people
RedHeadRedNeck9 2 anos atrás
I like how the dad looks terrifying like a dungion master but the mom looks nice and adorible. *gasps* you can make a back story
kanuan 2 anos atrás
i want a complete story of the mom and dad characters not the real people
ShiningCrystal Anos atrás
romeo and juliet fanfic but its neytirixs parents lol Lets get them fanfics written!!!!
The merchant Of 117
Now I’m imagining a sweet little bean going into dungeons, offering cookies to everything on her way to meet the hidden forge master
Hat Anos atrás
@ShiningCrystal HEUEHEJSJS YESS 💀
sehoon kim
sehoon kim 6 meses atrás
pretty sure dungeon master look like an over wait obese person on the verge of collapse. i think dungeon boss is more suiting
Otter Logic
Otter Logic Anos atrás
I like how the family motto is actually, “I do what I want” that how you know the family is united
Ava Violet
Ava Violet 2 anos atrás
As a non Aussie i was genuinely impressed by the way the kangaroos were just hanging out and she just went up to them
Adjusted Brass
Adjusted Brass Anos atrás
I can tell your not an aussie because that was a wallaby mate
The Bubblegum Statue
@Adjusted Brass Wait what’s the difference between that and a kangaroo?? (I’m not Aussie, if that wasn’t obvious)
Adjusted Brass
Adjusted Brass Anos atrás
@The Bubblegum Statue wallaby is much smaller, and has shorter legs. They are super friendly. Roos are much bigger, can gow up to 6 feet tall, and are more aggressive
The Bubblegum Statue
@Adjusted Brass That makes sense; I was wondering why they were smaller than I figured.
Egg 4 meses atrás
@Adjusted Brass I have learned something today
Ivory Mantis
Ivory Mantis Anos atrás
I see your Traditional Japanese town comes equipped with it's personal guardian Kami, in this case a giant cat. Nice touch of accuracy there.
karma. 2 anos atrás
So is no one going to talk about how Neytirix's dad is literally an eldritch blacksmith with a human for a wife?
Syrus Angi
Syrus Angi 2 anos atrás
That says a lot about her skills
targato 2 anos atrás
I am not surprised
Gamu 23
Gamu 23 2 anos atrás
That's love jaja
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 2 anos atrás
Imagine the wedding photo XDDD
RIP tiso
RIP tiso 2 anos atrás
Bold of you to assume mommy Neytirix is human
Red Balloon
Red Balloon 2 anos atrás
Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ney’s mom gets really mad, she’d have a terrifying form- (Also the way Net said “it’s my birthday” was so cute and I’m not sure why-)
Kathlllen Silva Santos
My Ghost, I know!! I would really avoid unleashing that woman's fury. And I had to literally pause the video to try to process the cuteness slap that slammed into my face when she said that. And also, that 'I do what I want' runs in the family apparently, even the intonation is basically the same.
Privatizität Anos atrás
@Kathlllen Silva Santos Hoe does the saying go? There are three things a wise man fears. The see at a stormy night, some other thing, and the anger of a calm man. Probably applies to women too
Ashleg 83
Ashleg 83 Anos atrás
@Privatizität " there are three things the wise man fears: the sea during a storm, a night with no moon, and the fury of a gentle man." ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Robber Kitten
Robber Kitten 11 meses atrás
The "it's my birthday" just sounded like she was really happy. It was adorable :>
raXe_rein 2 anos atrás
" has been classified as class 5 oopsie-whoopsies" thats it. my favourite line from this video.
Hat Anos atrás
Hide yo horses
Maho Kira
Maho Kira 9 meses atrás
i clipped it 😆
Moltz 2 anos atrás
"Teach them a lesson for not being Lego" That's weird. I love it.
LegoFan OfNZ
LegoFan OfNZ Mês atrás
a noun
a noun 2 anos atrás
This family is so Wholesome and the way she pictures her family members aswell as herself is so Charming. Glad to see it! Apparently my brain says: Demons + Nature Spirits = Good Family
Unbound Seal7178
Unbound Seal7178 2 anos atrás
I like how the dads just like "Well were did ya find it" And she's like "your shed" and he sighs
Figment Mês atrás
he knows that she’s definitely holding the possum piss board without even looking at it
Travis Medders
Travis Medders 2 anos atrás
I LOVED the dad lmao. Blacksmith giving his daughter permission when she’s so smol compared. Then warning her about the stain
Jooniper Lynn
Jooniper Lynn 2 anos atrás
I've seen a couple others with him in it and it fills my heart with such joy
diona 2 anos atrás
possim piss l POSSIM PISS
Figment Mês atrás
@diona*possum google wants to- well… translate your sentence
Dp Dragonwolf
Dp Dragonwolf 27 dias atrás
​@dionaI'm laughing my ass off it translates to "I can piss" 😭
Dona Lopez
Dona Lopez 2 anos atrás
I love how her mom is just a small and sweet thing and then you have the dad who is basically a dark souls boss.❤️ I love her channel though and how unique her family is.
Volvodgio 2 anos atrás
wait a min, how were the kids made? :000
Lee Anos atrás
@Volvodgio destruction
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man Anos atrás
@Lee love and determination
Marcherève Anos atrás
@Volvodgio chaos produce result
Brent Iwanyszyn
Brent Iwanyszyn Anos atrás
@Volvodgio I see some Dad in Ney..but..what about her two siblings?
+GAMEBEATER+ 2 anos atrás
It’s funny how her siblings are debating on different subjects in the background while she is just trying to figure smth out. Then her Mum comes in the room and compliments the moment and gives her advice. Then she goes to her Dad to ask for materials. What a nice family :-)
N33dle babe
N33dle babe Anos atrás
If I was able to live in a place like that finished model, I would literally never, ever leave.
Alvin Dzaki
Alvin Dzaki 2 anos atrás
Holyshit, that diorama looks absolutely magnificently marvelously gorgeous, i can't believe some of it component are made of Winnie the Pooh's LEGO.
Anirex Anos atrás
God your final showoffs always leave me completely breathless. They really do have a feeling of magic to them
Poisonous Cheesecake
Poisonous Cheesecake 2 anos atrás
ney: ghost ney's brother: ron weasley ney's sister: plant ney's mom: molly weasley ney's dad: darksouls boss
Shironekoden 2 anos atrás
I'm sure ney is a wendigo
Hüseyin Gökhan
Hüseyin Gökhan 2 anos atrás
I like it
Draconix 2 anos atrás
I think Neytrix is actually supposed to be something else. I just cant pinpoint what she is.
ZombieXc13 2 anos atrás
@Draconix she does have a Skull on her face such as look at her old music videos.
Cpt.CornNut 2 anos atrás
Her dad looks like The painter guy from ds3 (big dude with Cauldron during second phase of Fried) but without the feathery cloak
Connor Wright
Connor Wright 2 anos atrás
I can just her imagine her dad saying “prithee, be careful. I don’t want to see m’ work squandered.”
TheGoldenGamer Anos atrás
Ha, I also thought of him as Andre, though a much larger Andre, lol
Vynirian Anos atrás
@TheGoldenGamer Andre, but Hollowed.
Cpt.Str4ng3 2 anos atrás
I started with, yip a funny animation and ended with " God damn, thats some legit handcrafted modeling" You definitly have some amazing skill in modeling landscapes and entertaining.
CottenCandy Hippo
CottenCandy Hippo 2 anos atrás
“You do know those stains are possum piss?” “What?”
IllinoisGirlDreaming 2 anos atrás
Neytirix’s brother: I do what I want! It runs in the family, y’all!
Kathlllen Silva Santos
IKR?! Even the intonation is basically the same.
• Jaz •
• Jaz • 2 anos atrás
I love how there’s just kangaroos casually walking around
Supernova 2 anos atrás
I love how you gave your dad a big scary looking design and he’s just like *yeah alright*
Fire Venus
Fire Venus 2 anos atrás
I love it too tbh 😂😂 I found it to be kinda wholesome
STEAK 1324
STEAK 1324 2 anos atrás
Silver Lining
Silver Lining 2 anos atrás
“Ya know that those stains are possum piss right?” That got a chuckle out of me
Alannah Tierney
Alannah Tierney 2 anos atrás
Kieran Taylor
Kieran Taylor 2 anos atrás
"Ya know those stains r possum piss right?"
SnazzGirl0624 2 anos atrás
The screaming of the fish in the oven was just 👌.
Shadraw Dragon
Shadraw Dragon 2 anos atrás
There are no words to describe what emotion this makes me feel Actually speechless In a good way :3
Mizubishi Anos atrás
"The People's Republic of Lego" had me in tears
Rowan Weaver
Rowan Weaver 2 anos atrás
I love how you ROBBED your poor innocent cat of all their rocks- so rood
kill me
kill me Anos atrás
🏳️‍🌈KerukuArts🏳️‍🌈 spelling police are annoying*
無意味Atoprophy Anos atrás
EuvieArts gift wrapping it back to u
somehow viable
somehow viable Anos atrás
The price of destroying a roof
LaVitaVivi Anos atrás
Everyone is talking about small details of the video while I’m just admiring how beautiful the set looked at the end.
Maxi2554 2 anos atrás
As an Aussie, this is the most Australian family I have EVER seen on the internet.
The angry bird god of the badlands Fear me
Maxi Lastname As an Aussie I’m a bit confused as to why they aren’t upside down, then I realised my phone had auto rotate on. Whoops.
PropsMovv 2 anos atrás
Is spiderman there? Im looking for spiderman
fine n' dandy
fine n' dandy 2 anos atrás
they have kangaroos just chilling in their yard 😭
MoreDakka 2 anos atrás
@fine n' dandy I have friends who have a licence to raise kangaroos and they have a full grown one just wonder in for scratches
Order of Dusk
Order of Dusk 2 anos atrás
@MoreDakka * Intense squealing of omg that's too adorable *
SirCowdog 2 anos atrás
Cat @ 10:57 truly enjoying the fruits of your labor. Also making the scene, that's already incredibly realistic, take on a very surreal atmosphere.
Zake Thomas Zillion
Zake Thomas Zillion 2 anos atrás
This is an excellent talent that only few people ever have, I'm glad I got to see your beautiful work and it's so amazing
aSliceOfMilk 2 anos atrás
The sponsor ads for this channel are impressive
Noa 2 anos atrás
being new to this channel i can never tell what the video is about based on the title and thumb nail but god damn it im very satisfied each time
Sodapop!★ Anos atrás
I love how much effort she puts in her videos and the backgrounds
S N 2 anos atrás
These videos are a wild ride. They have such chaotic energy, yet ends up so satisfyingly. thanks for sharing this dope project Neytirix
Angel B
Angel B 2 anos atrás
That’s it , that’s the whole BRvid channel
The Duke Of Blaze
The Duke Of Blaze 2 anos atrás
Damn, you really could do a big miniature village with your skills and dedication. Props to you!
慧遠♪ 2 anos atrás
All I had to said is this thing has put alot of effort and patient in it, this is a complete masterpiece
SimplyAcke 2 anos atrás
I can't describe how beautiful, inteligent and amazing this piece is.
Insert epic name here :D
i love the fact she did most of this on her own, it looks absolutely amazing!
Guardia cola
Guardia cola 2 anos atrás
I love how you make the project along with your siblings and you take care the rest of them, and ends up looking more satisfying and calmly. Keep up the great work.😍😇👍👌
Luke van Kleef
Luke van Kleef 2 anos atrás
Neytirix, her siblings, and her mom: living stuffed plushy people. Her dad: Ice giant.
Australian Bear
Australian Bear 2 anos atrás
Yes someone says something about it
Curious Dolphin
Curious Dolphin 2 anos atrás
I mean, her siblings clearly got their mothers side. Her skull face bone structure clearly comes from her dads side.
SnakyCarnival91 2 anos atrás
Hes and elder god
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards 2 anos atrás
Blackforge dwarf straight from the lands of Svartenheim.
Anarchy Donut
Anarchy Donut 2 anos atrás
*I C E G I A N T*
Shy Sheep
Shy Sheep 2 anos atrás
This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen, EVER! If only I had the amount of skill you had to make something that beautiful!🥰💕
Block Cheddar
Block Cheddar 2 anos atrás
It turned out very well. Looked like a completely custom build, like you made all the pieces from scratch.
Common Fnaf Kid
Common Fnaf Kid 2 anos atrás
What's amazing is you're great at online art, and projects in real life!
Hunter Stout
Hunter Stout 2 anos atrás
A gorgeous final product! Your creativity and ingenuity in taking something simple and poorly manufactured to such a higher level of detail and beauty is inspiring! A high effort and excellently composed and edited video. Subscription more than earned! I took some classes in model making when I was in theater school for sound design, but I never was very good at it. I know the tedious nature of such high detail in a small space; very impressive!
Tomiko Anos atrás
I nearly cried when I got to showtime because it showed me how beautiful nature can be, good job on making it! 🙂
Celestial 2 anos atrás
I like to think the bartender lives in the ‘LEGO’ house with his family Also happy birthday Neytirix 🎉
The Third Hand
The Third Hand 2 anos atrás
Oh right happy birthday
Alpine 2 anos atrás
You need more subs. THIS INSTANT. Your whole family being in with it is just great
Bree Barnett
Bree Barnett Anos atrás
Woah the finished project was so beautiful and with the music it was very calming! Nice job at making it look realistic!
ZeDium 2 anos atrás
Can we appreciate her hard work for some minutes, this looks so good
Bloodfencer 2 anos atrás
I just stumbled across your content and started watching in random order. I love everything about your humor.
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday Anos atrás
Watching your model videos always inspires me to make something. I hope you keep it up.
Ask Leivson
Ask Leivson 2 anos atrás
"Just glue it." "But...thats sacrilege." That made me burst into laughter. I coudn't help myself.
Kathlllen Silva Santos
Me too, lmao.
Davis Keaton
Davis Keaton Anos atrás
It is, though. D:
Dumb Possum
Dumb Possum Anos atrás
and then she glues legos later in the video anyways lol
Hat Anos atrás
BlocksBuild is the bomb
Monkey Dad
Monkey Dad Anos atrás
Legoland dose it! so who cares?
Heliah Rome
Heliah Rome 2 anos atrás
I've watch this countless times and I'm still amazed by the end result. Amazing effort! Out of all your models, this one is my fav hehe
LilMuffinHead N.1
LilMuffinHead N.1 2 anos atrás
Wow, this is amazing with what you turned it into, well done!
Weirdo 2 anos atrás
And I'm over here trying to figure out how to put together my new chair, you could say me and Neytirix have an equal and high level of craftsmanship.
Shiny Glaceon
Shiny Glaceon 2 anos atrás
Your animation is so funny it keeps me hooked on your videos. Your attention to design with not just animation but the art you work on is truly just aspiring. I'm glad I found your channel. Thank you for your videos and your righteous art.
Ravn TigerLilies Magick
That was a very beautiful build! You did very great!
M 2 anos atrás
Not gonna lie, I always like her commercials they’re so creative
Furim Industries
Furim Industries 2 anos atrás
basil 2 anos atrás
EllaAngel Smith
EllaAngel Smith 2 anos atrás
I was laughing so much
jamie casimir
jamie casimir 2 anos atrás
Are you sure Pufferbunn didn't force you to write this at gunpoint? Anyway, I agree
vuong viet
vuong viet 2 anos atrás
this and also internet historian's commercials too
***** ********
***** ******** 2 anos atrás
Just found this channel, videos like this really put me in a state of ambivalence, they have a calming effect makeing me fell life can be beautiful but they stress me out with the knowledge I may never have this kind of life. Think I might go create something and see how I feel after.
Fox&RyanVlogs 2 anos atrás
You have such an amazing gift I can’t wait to see it grow further than it already has
Husky Gaming
Husky Gaming Anos atrás
This looks freaking beautiful.
lilacsundew Anos atrás
It’s beautiful… the magic is able to be felt just by looking at it 🥺🥺🥺
Ralph Sexton
Ralph Sexton Anos atrás
Just stumbled across your work. Your animation is fun, you have a very pleasant voice, and make beautiful dioramas. Turning a potential catastrophe of knockoff blocks into a fantastic work of art? Nicely done!
The Saytanic Hoodie
The Saytanic Hoodie 2 anos atrás
So this the family that I’m understanding Ney: Wendigo lady Her sister: ivy hair lady Her brother: mr turtleneck and glasses Her father: A boss from dark souls Her mother: the kind old lady Sounds like the perfect cast for a sitcom Edit: I almost forgot.... her cat
Lostline 400
Lostline 400 2 anos atrás
I would watch that
Andrew Childs
Andrew Childs 2 anos atrás
I would watch a show with them as the protagonist, normal lady married elder god of the forge, they have three children, one is an average dude, one is the windigo we know and love blessed with the ability of crafts and then you have the ivy haired fey and that’s the whole family, and a cat, but the cat is a special cat, not really but hey ney can do whatever she wants and I will watch and enjoy
Rob Must Die
Rob Must Die 2 anos atrás
I'd say her father is a blacksmith from Dark Souls rather than a boss.
AngelEater Studios
AngelEater Studios 2 anos atrás
Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder going home and caring for his children and family instead of standing around in the cave guarding the First Flame.
Xi 2 anos atrás
@Lostline 400 me too
INKCOGNITO Mr X Anos atrás
Wow, I’m just blown away with how it came out, I feel the bubbles made it seems more realistic like by the dock, credit due where it is due :)
ObiWan Stromboli
ObiWan Stromboli Anos atrás
Glad this popped up in my recommended feed. Turned out really amazing. Don’t know if I would have had the patience to see that project all the way through if that were me
Arxenium the Immortal
Thats incredibly nicely done, to my amateur eyes anyway lol so much detailing and painting
I think you did perfectly with the water. The bubbles actually make it *more* realistic. The whole project is beautiful!
Aura Wolf
Aura Wolf 2 anos atrás
Oh my god I love you This has to be the best channel I’ve ever watched So creative! Making a mistake an amazing piece is just yes, you go gurl
NekoEchoFlower 2 anos atrás
I love how she draws her family, especially dad over there being a badass blacksmith 5:20
SilverSonic 23
SilverSonic 23 2 anos atrás
And her sister is like a forest spirit or something.
justmeyourpal 2 anos atrás
COOLEST part is her dad IS a black smith
MoaHarbor 2 anos atrás
Her mom is so cute looking compared to her dad
Custodian Vrael
Custodian Vrael 2 anos atrás
I thought the dad was an Elden Ring reference ngl
Ana Agesta
Ana Agesta Anos atrás
I love how your cat is in the background when showing your project, also it looks beautiful :>
Excellent Excellence
I desperately want to hear about the love story of Neys Mum and Dad. They’re designs are so different and I want to know how they came to be! ❤️
ThatOneFruitBat Anos atrás
I love how she found seeing kangaroos just vibing normal and I was all “”:OOOOOO WHAT?!”” Also dont take tips from pros you are a pro
✨ ACE ✨
✨ ACE ✨ Anos atrás
I loved this so much not just because it was Japanese themed but because it reminded me of Spirited Away
Bifocal Bensch
Bifocal Bensch 8 meses atrás
Never know what I'm in for when I watch this channel but its always a pleasant surprise. Thanks for your creative fun videos!!
Devil_Pie 2 anos atrás
Happy late birthday lol “You know those stains are possum piss right?” *“What-“*
Bunnytoes 2 anos atrás
That was my reaction! Those possums need to drink more water 😂😂😂
Devil_Pie 2 anos atrás
Bunnytoes true lmfao
Random Noob
Random Noob 2 anos atrás
Possum p
Event Hʘriךּon
Event Hʘriךּon 2 anos atrás
Bunnytoes its probably so acidic naturally that it stained the wood, amazing XD
Sol Anos atrás
Awesome job, every detail is beautiful in what you guys made! I love how you took time to make moments like the wind blowing the banners on the house and swimming fish with hunting cranes. Its really something lovely that I hope you're proud of, ya should be!
Doom Guy
Doom Guy 2 anos atrás
I like to think that she just has a room in her house just absolutely decorated with these models.
Bold Motion
Bold Motion Anos atrás
Your artistry is amazing! Keep up the great work.
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 2 anos atrás
you should showcase the dioramas in the thumbnail more, they're amazing and I think it'd attract a lot more people if they got at least a glimpse of the end result
Yes I drew this character
This is such a beautiful terrain you made especially with the thought that it started with legos
Jade Lynne
Jade Lynne 2 anos atrás
1: This has got to be the most gorgeous show of dedication I have ever seen in my entire life 2: I LOVE DADTIRIX's CHARACTER SO MUCH!
CKing 2 anos atrás
The way she animated him versus his actual voice and personality is just perfect
Csapka 2 anos atrás
I just found your channel, and seen like 3 vids, but geez, your work is pretty damn good, we need more people like you on yt... and in the world as well tbh
Mossy! 9 meses atrás
Omg! This looks amazing! The giant cat at 10:57 was a really nice detail aswell adds to the “zen” part of it a lot
Tyler Benjamin
Tyler Benjamin Anos atrás
That was an incredibly beautiful model, and I'm very happy to have seen it. Thank you.
Oskar Anos atrás
You are actually skilled in everything. I love everything you make so much!
Rabidburrito480 Anos atrás
Absolutely amazing, I half expected little sculpted chickens from another of your videos make an appearance in your build
LightingtheDraghog 2 anos atrás
Honestly kinda want a family portrait with all of you alls personas(?) designs. Maybe like a creepy hyper realistic one? I just really like the designs you each have for all your family members and how they range from sweet bean mom to eldritch smith dad. I don’t know just a thought that popped into my head
Silent Freak
Silent Freak 2 anos atrás
Omg that would be awesome!!
Eliazor George
Eliazor George 2 anos atrás
Do what cats 001 did and keep requesting it
ALASTOR101 2 anos atrás
being a Texan, reading "... all of you alls..." fills me with rage i didnt know i had it's meant to be said as All y'alls
LeWulfy 2 anos atrás
@ALASTOR101 Not Texan or even southern of any sort, but that bugged me too. Like I know neither are wrong, but it just feels so... off.
Another Adonis Follower
I think this was just so good... Imma put it on a playlist just to relax myself when I need it, love your videos by the way
therealquade 10 meses atrás
if you ever do any more miniature painting, I do look forward to it. this is a different type of miniature painting than what I'm used to.
DAT ENGINEER217 2 anos atrás
A thing that might help with having objects in the resin at varying depths would be to layer it where you put in an initial layer, allow it to cure, a second layer that is sufficient to "glue" the item in place and then repeat as necessary until you are finished with the items and then fill to finish
Enaxity Anos atrás
this looks like a place I'd want to live in its so damn pretty and realistic.
Buzzword Hunter
Buzzword Hunter Anos atrás
Your dioramas are....FLIPPING AMAZING
RFKing T
RFKing T 2 anos atrás
Watching people play around with legos, getting frustrated when they can’t get a lego piece off, but still generally having fun together makes me happy for some reason
Vetus Dea
Vetus Dea 2 anos atrás
cjt2727 2 anos atrás
In the end, it's just about spending time with each other is all that matters. That'll live on far longer than any knockoff lego sculpture can
The Ghost
The Ghost Anos atrás
Why do I find the mask she always draws herself wearing strangely adorable…
Fried Gelato
Fried Gelato 11 meses atrás
Sibling Lego Party sounds like putting a puzzle together but with more strategy involved.
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