Is Toyota late to EVs?

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Update: On January 26 2023, Toyota announced that CEO and President Akio Toyoda would step down in April and assume the role of chairman of the board.

Environmentalists and electric vehicle advocates are accusing the world's largest automaker, Toyota, for dragging its feet, and even opposing electrification. But Toyota, which sells 10.5 million cars a year in 170 countries, argues that many of those markets aren’t ready for electric vehicles.

The company announced a $35 billion investment in EVs in December 2021 along with an investment of equal size in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. As of early 2023, the company sells only one electric vehicle, the bZ4X, which it has only sold in small quantities. It has, however, said it is planning to release 30 EV models by 2030, which would be a quarter of the total number of models it currently makes.

Will it be able to catch-up with the rest of the world, or is Toyota actually in the driver’s seat by going slow in EV adoption given how small the global market share is in total vehicle sales?

1:43 - Chapter 1
6:43 - Chapter 2
10:25 - Chapter 3

Produced by: Robert Ferris
Edited by: Dymond Green
Senior Managing Producer: Tala Hadavi
Graphics by: Jason Reginato
Additional sources: Toyota, International Energy Agency, California New Car Dealers Association

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Is Toyota late to EVs?

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23 Mar 2023



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Comentários 4 873
Abhigyan Ghosh
Abhigyan Ghosh 2 meses atrás
The problem as you said is that for CNBC, the world means US and Europe but for Toyota, the world includes the 150 or so remaining countries.
W Gemini
W Gemini 4 dias atrás
@Dav Rocket Just means they will have less and less customers.
Dav Rocket
Dav Rocket 4 dias atrás
Toyota: issues with electric cars are battery life and recharging time, that's why I don't want an electric car. Toyota knows its customer's needs. That's what you call customer service.
Paul 5 dias atrás
You do realize that if there is no electricity there are no gas pumps as well, correct? But you can easily add solar to any location for a fraction of the cost of a gas station -- not to mention running grid lines to such a location. And charging locations with solar and battery storage are beginning to ramp up everywhere, meaning those won't need a grid soon. Do you think Toyota has given even a moments thought regarding that? Good luck competing in those less developed locations 10 years from now where people can charge their vehicles with the sun they get plenty of every day.
W Gemini
W Gemini 22 dias atrás
@Darth Tyranus Except this time, Toyota didn't start before others. Instead, they are severely behind. Time is a luxury they don't have.
Parrish 25 dias atrás
Excellent video. one of the things I think that you failed to recognize in your video is the fact that in 2023/2024 many more manufacturers are jumping into the game with low price entries to the EV markets. I'm sure that Elon had counted on this eventual competition materializing and as you stated in the video the the premiums were captured by Tesla while they could, but now that the competition is materializing they want to remain competitive and therefore are drastically reducing their prices to do so. The premium EV Market is established and we know who the players are. However the race for the mid-level and entry EV Vehicles is now on and Tesla wants to capture a lot of that base.
Elizabeth O'Neil
Elizabeth O'Neil 25 dias atrás
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Ava 25 dias atrás
@Elizabeth O'Neil How can I reach out to this coach? because I'm seeking for a more effective investment approach How good is this person at portfolio diversification?
Elizabeth O'Neil
Elizabeth O'Neil 25 dias atrás
@Leo Jack You are right! I diversified my 450K portfolio across various market with the aid of an investment coach, I have been able to generate a little bit above 1.3m in net profit across high dividend yield stocks, ETF and bonds during this red season.
Letlhogonolo Segoe
Letlhogonolo Segoe Mês atrás
There's no such thing as being late to the EV space. People will always buy new cars. As long as the car Toyota eventually makes has the features a customer wants, they'll buy it
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith Mês atrás
I agree. It's kind of a stupid question asked by too many outlets.
Chris Paul
Chris Paul 16 dias atrás
When you invest you're buying a day you don't have to work
Greg Smith
Greg Smith 16 dias atrás
Keep learning from your errors, success goes with failures, try to hire experts and above all be prayerful
Conner Brad
Conner Brad 16 dias atrás
This is not the first time I'm hearing about Catherine Woods and her trading exploits but I have no idea how to reach her
Investors motivation
Investors motivation 16 dias atrás
Small steps every day!
Investors motivation
Investors motivation 16 dias atrás
If you want to be successful have the mindset of the rich, spend less and invest more
Dr Robert
Dr Robert 16 dias atrás
No doubt her trading services are really great, I invested $5000 and cash out $14, 700 in just 3 weeks
daniel halachev
daniel halachev 2 meses atrás
The idea of not leaving consumers without a choice is enough of a reason why Toyota should continue to exist.
Shmerlock 15 dias atrás
@Chu2k They're still striving to move away from gasoline powered cars. They're simply dumping money into R&D in order to find a diverse portfolio of electrification (hydrogen, battery, solid state battery, and at one point solar).
First Legend
First Legend 29 dias atrás
​@Wayne Lewis We're not comparing smart phones with cars as they don't have any correlations. Smart phones have more versatility, usability and human interface. Cars do not require much versatility. It's application is solely used for transportation purposes.
W Gemini
W Gemini 29 dias atrás
How many non-smart phone companies continue to exist?
yootoober2009 Mês atrás
sounds reasonable to me...
W Gemini
W Gemini Mês atrás
@daniel halachev Actually, the core component of an EV is not much more complex, with cooling being the most complicated part. That's why a smartphone battery company is the biggest EV producer now. That is the whole point, EVs are simpler and easier to produce. And no, EVs do not lose half their charge or heat up dangerously. Consumers ARE choosing between EVs and ICE cars and EVs are growing fast. We don't have to talk since EVs are selling out everywhere already. The problem for Toyota is not that ICE cars are losing though, but they are not growing. The last thing a company wants to do is to be in a shrinking market. Unfortunately, fuel cell cars are also not selling.
Tineyi Chapisa
Tineyi Chapisa Mês atrás
"Toyota, which sells 10.5 million cars a year in 170 countries, argues that many of those markets aren’t ready for electric vehicles" If Toyota went all EV, they truly would be abandoning a lot of developing nations with no hope of building up electric infrastructure by the time the rest of the industry transitions. They are the backbone of many commercial and domestic fleets
wemakecookie 6 dias atrás
@Jim my They're beginning to build chargers where people park, work, shop, etc. You can also charge at fast chargers. Not as convenient right now for people who live in apartments, but it's solvable.
wemakecookie 6 dias atrás
@Jim my It'll take a good while, but eventually they'll go EV. They're way cheaper to run, especially in many African countries where fuel is very expensive. They'll charge when the electricity is available.
Jim my
Jim my 6 dias atrás
Still waiting on how these EV companies solve charging for all the apartment renters in CA. Just take an example apartment of 300 households and just give the all free EVs. Now where are they going to charge all 300 EVs?
Jim my
Jim my 6 dias atrás
@wemakecookie the cnbc video you say saw said 90% of Africa doesn’t have reliable electricity. Now you want them to go all EV? 😂😂😂
yootoober2009 Mês atrás
Kalana Jayawardene
Kalana Jayawardene 2 meses atrás
I m a big fan of plug-in hybrids. I go to gas station once every 3 months and don’t have the range anxiety
Santhosh Reddy
Santhosh Reddy 2 dias atrás
​@R it's not about cost, it's about usability it requires 1-2 hrs to fully charge a battery with fast charger, think of 10 people in q for charging it's a night mare, since now you have only 5-6 percentage of Evs you are not yet facing this issues EVs are not feasible in the long run, read this comment exactly 3 years from now, you will have better understanding of what i m trying to say
Shmerlock 15 dias atrás
@P C He's not wrong. Tesla's batteries cost a whole new car just to replace. I know because I work at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California
Jaime Lima
Jaime Lima Mês atrás
@Lee R True. However the problem with EVs is that many are never charged with renewable sources of electricity. So problems everywhere.
R Mês atrás
@Broken Robot yea so it proves my point at the end right,so for now enjoy the Gas car while you can
Broken Robot
Broken Robot Mês atrás
@R yrah, but the time you speak of for an EV to be cheaper than ICE to purchase is 10 years plus 😆
Old Hippie
Old Hippie 2 meses atrás
I've driven a 2005 Toyota Boon for a decade or so, and at 35mpg+ all this time, with little emissions and no oil burning, I'm delighted with the company. Where I live, EVs are not practical, as there are zero charging stations, and there won't be any for the foreseeable future. I suspect most of the world (at least in the global south) is in the same gas-driven boat.
Pablos Pendejos
Pablos Pendejos 24 dias atrás
Exactly, anyone who knows anything about cars would know Toyota probably makes the most fuel efficient cars in any category. All these rating agencies look at is the overall electric car production, not the overall efficiency of the products. Ford who likes making gas guzzling vehicles should be rated the worst.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@mag steel "The city life I described growing up is what living in New York City is like." Actually, I took your descriptions as accurate. I've only ever visited (once) and yeah, it was readily apparent that life there would not be for me. Genuinely curious: I wonder what percentage of vehicle-traffic there has only one or two people in it, and what percentage is some sort of mass-transit... bus, elevated, whatever. I mean... a dense population coupled with moving people around on pavement, in steel cages carrying only one or two people just can't work, right? Especially when you have a traffice signal every what... 500 feet? And mix that with pedestrians? Pedestrians and vehicles (of any sort) should never (IMO) be moving on the same level. Especially someplace like NYC. The closest thing I have to subway experience would be trains in Tokyo, so my NYC subway "awareness" is limited to movies, news clips, etc, but I understand what you're saying about a desire to avoid them. That said, I've spent a stretch of my work life bussing about twelve miles (of mostly Interstate) commuting from a satellite city into the inner city I worked in. As all in-town traffic (especially having to mix/compete with cars), that would've been abyssmal. But you're right, I don't live in-town, and wouldn't, at least here in any major city in America... unless I lived within walking distance of virtually everything I needed to do. I guess what I'm asserting is that we (as a society) need to do three things: - Stop spewing crap into the air with pollution-based-vehicles (and garden tools and generators and on)... - Find a way to make (or perhaps re-design) our existing cities move people around safely and efficiently without stealing pointless commute-hours from their lives Cuz our effect on climate change sucks... and is quickly getting suckier.
mag steel
mag steel Mês atrás
@Roger Phelps time for your anxiety meds
Old Hippie
Old Hippie Mês atrás
@Roger Phelps no, here we have REAL elephants and my three tanks of petro per year are NOT an instrument for any kind of disaster at all.
Roger Phelps
Roger Phelps Mês atrás
Little emissions? You are ignoring the elephant in the room, carbon dioxide. Your car is an instrument for climate disaster.
David「Titanium」 2 meses atrás
I think the plugin hybrid cars covers a slightly different market than all electric vehicles, but it's still an important one. People that's cautious of ev's weaknesses but still care about their carbon emissions will need the option
Bald is Aerodynamic
Bald is Aerodynamic 27 dias atrás
@LeRoy Bartell actually it covers the im not dumb enough to deal with weak EV infastructure market, or its the "i live in a cold climate and evs are trash here" market, or the "i do a lot of road trips and 220 miles and 60=90 min charge times are dumb market
LeRoy Bartell
LeRoy Bartell 27 dias atrás
It covers the "afraid to go electric" market
Bald is Aerodynamic
most people really dont care about carbon emissions when compared to their wallet, and their convenience. im not paying 2X for an inconvenient vehicle thats not going to save me money in the long run over a hybrid. or worse 10X for a new vehicle over a cheap reliable all ICE car that wont need any massive repairs very often.
Anchors Aweigh
Anchors Aweigh Mês atrás
Toyota makes terrific Hybrids. They should continue to dominate this space. I own all Toyotas and they are very reliable vehicles from Tundra, Camry and RAV4
visho89 2 meses atrás
Toyota doesn't focus too much about first mover advantage. It focuses on being the most reliable and durable car in any engine type be it hybrid or internal combustion. If Toyota decides to take on the EV market with full speed it's because they are confident that it will be the most reliable and durable in that segment too. That's Toyota's DNA and it's worked very well for them and their customers. This is from a business and customer satisfaction point of view.
Paul 5 dias atrás
@Wayne Lewis VM is way different than Toyota. Besides their own EVs, they own many brands that feature full EVs -- Audi, Porsche, etc. Of all the legacy auto manufacturers, they are second only to the Hyundai/Kia/Genesis group as far as EV innovation and ramp up is concerned.
Brian Hutchinson
Brian Hutchinson 11 dias atrás
That's an interesting way of putting it, but Toyota didn't dive in because they are not interested in electric vehicles. They are trying to find a way to push their hydrogen fuel cell vehicle but there is a problem. There is no nationwide support for hydrogen fuel stations. They get a new CEO that's completely back peddled and will go all in. Remember what happened to Nokia, blackberry HTC and other companies that didn't change. The end result they will fall from grace or will not be here in 5-10 more years.
bluegrassboy2448 26 dias atrás
Pollution based vehicles eh? As long as EVs don't make pollution in developed countries, it's ok to shift it to the impoverished ones, stripping them of their resources. I don't think there will be a one size fits all solution. I can't imagine a farmer in rural Kansas has time to wait for their tractor to charge when the amount of work leaves little room for down time.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Dynasty "you're saying is an average Joe car shop wouldn't know how to" With no reference from you about what comment of mine you're talking about, I'm gonna guess that it's the one where I called b.s. on your having seen "so many Teslas at one of the local car repair shops near where I work". That about right? I'll resist the temptation to echo your "numbnutz", though you clearly don't know what you're talking about. EVs *aren't* just another car, but they don't have to be spaceships to be totally significantly unlike the legacy autos most mechanics can work on practically blind-folded. A mechanic who's honed his skills on making the engine in, say, 911s sing is gonna open up a Taycan and pretty much say wtf. Being able to troubleshoot an ICE vehicle to determine why the lights won't come on, or why the electonic injectors are mis-behaving, etc... *is* gonna be different from tackling the high-voltage (and dangerous) systems associated with the charging, battery conditioning, power delivery, etc of an average EV. *Can* an ICE vehicle mechanic acquire the specialized knowledge to work on those? Of course. In much the same way he or she acquired some of the more specific knowledge required to work on various "new and different" ICE vechicle systems over the years: Training. But if you saw a single - even one - Tesla at some random shop near you, I'll repeat that it's *real* hard to imagine that that would've been for anything more than windshield work, tire change, maybe brakes, etc... all the vanilla stuff that *is* common to both EVs and ICE vehicles. That, or they had a Tesla-trained mechanic at the shop.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Dynasty "failing batteries alone will create issues in the industry going forward" That's certainly an issue to be addressed. Then there's the massive climate change impact of fossil-fuel use (in all of its forms), which we desparately need to abandon in its entirety.
Prut Kul
Prut Kul Mês atrás
Some people: Everyone must use EV’s. People in developing country: We’re still rely on hand pumps to get our water.
W Gemini
W Gemini 11 dias atrás
@StreetFighter2116 Good thing you don't have to have water pots on your head then. :D
W Gemini
W Gemini 11 dias atrás
@StreetFighter2116 Lol, you wanted it cheap. Exactly which brand new Toyota is $5K? Remember, used EVs go even cheaper, so don't say used Toyota are cheap. EV drivetrains are also inherently more reliable since they have very few moving parts, with far less maintenance required.
W Gemini
W Gemini 11 dias atrás
@StreetFighter2116 Wuling EV Mini is about $5K. But long before it, even cheaper low speed EVs were popular in China. And long before that, electric bikes and scooters were popular. You really have no cheaper choice than EVs if you want to go faster or get more protection from the elements than a bicycle. Of course, a bicycle is really a better choice if you don't need to go that fast, but didn't want to walk. BTW, no, not everyone needs to use EVs, they can walk, bike or take public transits. Those are all preferable to EVs, especially long range western EVs which are wasteful and oftentimes unnecessary.
A.S. 2 meses atrás
I agree with Toyota. I dont own a home, i rent an apartment that doesn't have electric chargers. And there is no way in hell im gonna waste hours siting at public chargers on regular. Electric cars make sense for some more than others
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney 20 dias atrás
@A.S. "So my 100k investment pretty much allows me to live rent free." That's indeed an interesting take on how to allocate funds...
Ahmed Zaki Khan
Ahmed Zaki Khan Mês atrás
@Patrick Sweeney Many people live in the big city where homes cost 1 million plus.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Z Indeed. I have no idea what it will actually take to peel back the ever-increasing power and influence that corporations have in the world. Perhaps we could start by a) removing the absurd and obscene classification of corporations as people, and b) changing their charters to include public and environmental considerations before profit. (chuckling) Conducting business as if humanity matters.
samlepro3 Mês atrás
They're not "resisting"- they're being cautious about the switch unlike almost every other company.
W Gemini
W Gemini 13 dias atrás
@fridge magnet That is the point, EVs are lot less complex. When you talk about Toyota quality, it's really about the most complex part of the car. Toyota has its share of problems from paint to rear view mirrors, but as long as the drivetrain is solid, it's worth the other cost cuttings. And it's very hard to get the ICE drivetrain reliable as it is very complex with tons of moving parts. EVs changed that. Now it's basically a smart phone on wheels. Most problems are app issues, the drivetrain for most EV builders nowadays are fairly solid since there's nothing to it. That is why there are so many Chinese EV makers yet they still don't know how to build good ICE engines. I have no doubt Toyota WILL build the best EVs, but drivetrain quality discrepancies will be small. When the barrier of entrance to a market suddenly drops, older companies are at a disadvantage. Newer companies don't have the pensions, debts, old factories, conservative executives etc... It also means innovations will be a lot faster. I guess we will see, but unless Toyota catch up soon, their stock valuation will be low as they don't have much to grow, but a lot to lose.
fridge magnet
fridge magnet 14 dias atrás
@W Gemini can't compare a the smartphone industry to the vehicle industry, an automobile is far more complex and has a longer lifespan, a company who's not cautious will get into a trouble, like seen in the over ambitious self driving feature on tesla. Toyota makes the best vehicles and in a few years will make the best evs, Toyota is in fact one of the most advanced car companies out there. It's not that they shunning the industry they just realist.
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh 15 dias atrás
Toyota will be Nokia of automobiles, if they keep going this way.
W Gemini
W Gemini 22 dias atrás
@fridge magnet So was Nokia. EVs are making renovations much faster in the car industry (because the drivetrain is inherently simple and reliable). Toyota is being "conservative" and being left behind. In a certain degree, all traditional car companies have been slow to adapt.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 22 dias atrás
the thumbnail for the video says Toyota is "restisting", not "resisting" (whatever that means)
Akuma 2 meses atrás
My main 3 problems with evs: 1) Not everyone has a place to charge these vehicles. Will those who live in apartment buildings have to line up for hours to get a spot at a charger since it can take an hour or more to get the car fully charged 2) I doubt that our power grind can handle everyone charging a car when everyone’s fridge gets less cold in the summer when the ac’s get plugged in. Parts of our power grid are also reliant are fossil fuels 3) they don’t shoot flames
Frank 5 dias atrás
​@gokul a pillai EVs can catch on fire too. And it's almost impossible to extinguish an EV Batterie fire.
W Gemini
W Gemini 24 dias atrás
@gokul a pillai Gasoline? Sure.
gokul a pillai
gokul a pillai 24 dias atrás
They don’t shoot flames , they burst into flames 💀💀
Cupcake Mês atrás
@W Gemini As myself and others have stated, not every apartment building even has a garage or dedicated parking space. It simply is not possible for certain kinds of buildings to do this because they don't accommodate cars to begin with.
W Gemini
W Gemini Mês atrás
1) Apartment will install chargers or people would move. 2) EVs are charged during off peak hours, which is good for the grid. 3) No, they don't.
Esteban Lopez
Esteban Lopez 2 meses atrás
I think they have plug in hybrids that give u a battery with 100 miles . I think, for now, that’s a perfect vehicle. I rarely drive more than 100 miles in a day. And having a gas motor for those long distance is perfect, especially since we still don’t have that perfect charging infrastructure
Marcos Gazamanes
Marcos Gazamanes Mês atrás
@Jason Laboy thanks, said hybrid’s that’s what I was addressing.
Jason Laboy
Jason Laboy Mês atrás
@Marcos Gazamanes a plug in can go 60 miles or so, regular hybrid doesn't.
Maya Ram
Maya Ram Mês atrás
Prius Prime has a pure EV range of 25 miles. RAV4 prime is 40. Personally, I'd rather use it in hybrid mode. You can get more than 100 mpg-e.
Marcos Gazamanes
Marcos Gazamanes Mês atrás
Hybrids don’t even do a mile in full electric only, the engine doesn’t doesn’t weigh as much as you think, batteries also weigh a whole lot.
hawklord100 Mês atrás
Most hybrids do 60 miles on a full charge but of course you are dragging around a ICE engine and the rest of the weight so it is an expensive option if you want to save money.
Cloudous Mês atrás
They live in the real world instead of the fantasy that so many are selling, this alone makes me like them even better
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@Max Jacoby In their culture? What part of their culture is that?
Roberto Alexander Rojas
Exactly, people genuinely believe the "world" as they called is just US and Europe, Toyota knows their market. Even for me I moved to the Netherlands and have to buy a car, I thought going electric but I found short range cars with too high prices (above 30K) so I ended up with my classic small Toyota, great economy and great price (11K). I know if Toyota goes electric it's going to be an easy to charge, affordable, reliable, safe and comfortable car.
Max Jacoby
Max Jacoby Mês atrás
They are japanese. It is in their culture to reluctantly accept anything new.
ttoommssmmiitthh Mês atrás
YES, this is why Toyota is #1. They arent following the EV crowd. Their analyst see the same concerns the general public has and that were not ready for all EVs.
Alessandro Abbatecola
Is heartbreaking seeing people in front of me at the grocery store taking all the instant noodles from the shelves; no meat. Kids asking for a chocolate bar and the parent scolding the child for asking, its evident the system has failed us and does intensify the essence of investing, the market is just so rough
Douglas MacArthur was right
Don't fall for these types of comment guys, these are scammers lol.
Robert Domingues
Robert Domingues Mês atrás
@James Marcus Most of this successful people seek the knowledge and experience of Professionals who help them tackle issues relating to wealth management and growth but might claim to achieve success themselves without any help.
Robert Domingues
Robert Domingues Mês atrás
@Mike Muller You're absolutely right.
Craig Potter
Craig Potter Mês atrás
Cryptocurrency has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payout, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.
Philippecr 2 meses atrás
Most EVs are still expensive and unaffordable for most. Cheaper model only mostly mean less range and more compromise, which put it very unfavorable compared to ICE cars.
W Gemini
W Gemini Mês atrás
Depends on your usage. Short range commute EVs have been selling very well in China. EVs have lower running cost and lower maintenance cost as well.
Quốc Trung Nguyễn
because some people still buy it with high price , remember one Tesla sold is eight times more profit than Toyota
Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson Mês atrás
True, but what new development is needed for the ICE? why is toyota not figuring out how to make a more affordable hybrid?
Jonteponte71 Mês atrás
Where I live I used to be able to buy small EV's for around 20K Eur a couple of years back. Now those models are not manufactured anymore and the prices even for smaller EV's are at least 35-40K Eur. The next best thing is probably a used Hybrid. As long as that is the case I am not buying a new EV.
Greg Ripplinger
Greg Ripplinger Mês atrás
Though my 2016 VW e-Golf has a short range it has been the best car I've ever owned. And I've owned more than a dozen cars foreign and domestic. For the last 5 years only 2 tires, several wiper blades and windshield washer fluid. Fueling costs (electricity) is 4.2 cents/kWh and I get 4.2 miles/kW= 1 cent/mile. Beat that fossil fuelers.
david david
david david 2 meses atrás
I like how they failed to mention Toyota and pretty much all the Japanese OEM had the most issues with supplies and lowest days inventory compared to all other automakers in 2022.
vigorosoPIMPJr Mês atrás
@Xong you’re totally right the largest share on the planet is Toyota no wonder they run out of vehicles
Emma Nguyen
Emma Nguyen Mês atrás
@Xong 🤣🤣🤡🤡
Xong 2 meses atrás
Why Toyota is so popular that is always in a state of shortage
Ben Tullett
Ben Tullett 2 meses atrás
From a UK point of view we are starting to see people finding out that EV's aren't working for them and are trading in their EV's once their three year finance deals are up to either hybrid or conventional internal combustion engine cars. They have found that the battery range the manufacturers state for these EV's in the brochure aren't true, they have had many faults with the cars breaking down due to computer issues (some due over the cloud to updates) and the charging infrastructure, even though it has been increased, is still hopeless when the chargers don't work and the electricity prices in the UK have increased like they have across the globe and charging a EV is more expensive than a combustion engine car (solar/wind charging is only a possibility in the UK if you have deep pockets to pay for installation and the solar/wind power systems). Toyota are wise to stay as they are. The hybrid side does work and with the development of clean synthetic fuels it could mean that hybrid could still be a viable option for people who want to drive long distances.
Ben Tullett
Ben Tullett 6 dias atrás
@Jim my there is that much hype on the BEV market that Citroën have decided to start re-selling their petrol and diesel versions of their Berlingo passengers carrying vans as the electric version they placed their bets on being popular isn't as popular as it seems. Just drove past a Porsche dealer near where I live here in the UK and an awful lot of Taycans are on the used car lot area.
Jim my
Jim my 6 dias atrás
Toyota is just saying the market is telling them people still prefer non BEV. If the market says 100% BEV, they’ll go there. It’s just so much hype on BEV.
lloydman Mês atrás
I’m glad hybrids are still around, but was sad to buy an EV this year without having Toyota as an option to consider.
Kriss P
Kriss P 2 dias atrás
Yeah, Toyota does offer tons of hybrids. Like the documentary mentions at 5:10 they've got them in tonnes of different sizes. I guess that helps them keep up on electric tech without changing everything out for dedicated electric!
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
(chuckling) I'm on the other side of the fence regarding hybrids, but when I decided to abandon pollution-based vehicles in 2019, I was similarly sad. After decades of being a huge fan of Honda tech and quality, and buying used Honda after used Honda after used Honda (cuz they last forever) Honda had no EV to offer me. Honda *so* let us down in that way. Borrowed enough to make my son's eyes roll, and bought a Tesla. I'll probably never look back or buy anything else... or at least never buy from a company trying to perpetuate pollution-based vehicles while feigning an interest in EVs.
Ryan Pease
Ryan Pease Mês atrás
Given the current battery supply chain shortages, it is important to note that using ~100kwh of battery material to get 4 people driving Toyota PHEVs is better for the environment than 1 person driving a 100kwh BEV and the other 3 driving an ICE vehicle.
Ali Kabbadj
Ali Kabbadj 2 meses atrás
Toyota might not be good for selling electric cars but they’re definitely the best for hybrid car. In my country ( Morocco ) most of their sales are hybrid and it’s a good intermediate when transitioning to electric cars
Clayton James
Clayton James 2 meses atrás
Why haven't they talked at all about the plug in hybrids like rav4 and prius prime? Those are very good bridge vehicles above just simple hybrids as we move to integrate more battery operated vehicles. Some people will use almost no gas with 40 miles of range if they can change at work or anywhere else.
L G Mês atrás
I don't like to change at work. I get dressed at home
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@William Erazo You read about that at all? Because he still works for Toyota, and it’s not like they replaced him with an all electric aficionado… The replaced him with the head of Gazoo Racing, you know, Toyota’s majority ICE based racing division? Based on what they’ve said, Toyota wants to expand and become more than just a car company, they want to become a transportation company, what that entails I don’t know, but a transition in the head of the company doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in dire straights.
William Erazo
William Erazo Mês atrás
@Griffin S they doing so fine that they fired there ceo
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@William Erazo They’re the second biggest car manufacturer in the world, they’re doing just fine despite not offering a ton of EVs.
Paul Antonio
Paul Antonio 2 meses atrás
Good for Toyota to offer a wide option range for its products. But one thing that this piece didn't mention is that much of the electricity required to power EV comes from coal-burning power plants.
V8 (screw electric cars)
Inconvenient truth!
Taejo Mês atrás
They ignore the very thing that power battery.
T Jones
T Jones 2 meses atrás
And also mining lithium is as bad on the environment. Imagine the amount of lithium that has to be mined to electrify all the vehicles in the world. It is insane. They have to come up with some other options. They should pump more resources in perfecting the hydrogen technology, that's the only sustainable technology I see at this point. All these battery Tesla nonsense is really not sustainable in the long run.
Daniel Krall
Daniel Krall 2 meses atrás
Sounds to me like Toyota is just playing it smarter. Also, as more stories come out about how horrific lithium and cobalt mining is as industries, I have a feeling that some of the appetite for large amount of batteries is going to wain.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Griffin S "Not true at all..." *What* isn't true at all? Given how lame threading is in YT, you need to at least minimally quote a reference if you want a comment to be coherent.
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@Jacob Carlson Your right, except your taking that entirely out of context, the amount of cobalt and lithium needed for world wide electrification is monstrous in comparison to the amount used in the refining of gasoline. Then on top of that your still ignoring the fact that there are many countries that don’t have the power grids capable of sustaining full electrification… EVs are not the ONLY solution, there are other options worth researching, and the fact that Toyota is researching said options like hydrogen is a good thing.
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@Patrick Sweeney Not true at all, in fact BMW made a deal to give Toyota the engineering for the Z4 in exchange for Toyota’s hydrogen electric technology. You need to do more research before decrying something.
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@205 rider Source?!
Juwan Byers
Juwan Byers Mês atrás
@205 rider batteries are not even recyclable. They don’t have any biodegradable material. EV recycling will be a huge market because of the problems from all of the EV materials
Claude Pelletier
Claude Pelletier Mês atrás
Difficult for Toyota to abandon their hybrid system which it controls perfectly, for a 100% electric system which will bring them back to square one in terms of efficiency and durability, while their hybrid system is recognized for their efficiency and practically lifetime no-hassle warranty.
TwoCan Sams
TwoCan Sams 18 dias atrás
Heavy machinery like excavators, bulldozers and large dump trucks can't run on battery's, hydrogen development will continue along side electric.
SLiX 2 meses atrás
I think the popularity of EVs are actually what will boost Hybrid sales, especially the non-plug-in ones. As other countries take a while to get charging infrastructure out, and just generally having a different lifestyle than those who originally designed them, people will lean to electrification via Hybrids which improve fuel efficiency thus cost. Charging wont be free, but finding that balance of electric and fuel efficiency is there with Hybrids
john teeter
john teeter Mês atrás
@Griffin SGovernments are mandating EVs, not pushing for them . They are saying that companies MUST make them. They are even outlawing gas powered cars. And you know damn well Tesla wouldn’t exist without subsidies .
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@Roger Phelps Not true at all.
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@john teeter It’s a market shift, yes the governments are pushing for it but so are manufacturers thanks to Tesla… But keep supporting Toyota and we’ll see what happens.
Roger Phelps
Roger Phelps Mês atrás
Self charging hybrids do practically nothing to reduce CO2 emissions.
john teeter
john teeter Mês atrás
Are EVs really popular ? Seems they are being forced on us.
Yaboi Mês atrás
Toyota makes sure that they make it right and perfect, as well as, reliable. So that's why their change to EVs isn't as fast as people's demand for them. People want it done now and Toyota wants to ensure that it is done right.
Leaf Blower
Leaf Blower 2 meses atrás
most working class people cant afford an ev and that still holds true today
C G56
C G56 Mês atrás
@Van Rozay, dream on, the infrastructure is not even close to being ready. Toyota knows what they are doing unlike the other buffoons. We have one operating nickel mine in America that is near its end of life and one lithium mine, yea, we are really ready for an EV boom 😂
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@Van Rozay Nope, there will always be gas vehicles whether we like it or not, however we will continue to see a decline in gas powered vehicles being produced.
Roger Phelps
Roger Phelps Mês atrás
Since there will be price parity between EVs and ICE cars within a couple of years your statement that working class people can't afford any car.
Aaron Mês atrás
@Van Rozay 😂😂😂😂😂
Taejo Mês atrás
@Ryan M And we will still go for used Camry, Civic or Corolla with 200k miles and still run better than new Tesla.
meghan285 2 meses atrás
I used to drive a 2013 Electric RAV4. Would love to get another one. But they stopped making it, so we ended up getting a Nissan Leaf. I love the performance of electric cars. If Toyota were to make an electric I would buy one again.
Kevin Fernandez
Kevin Fernandez 2 meses atrás
Rav4 prime is much superior, and you can even drive it only in electric for short commutes
Kari Hupka
Kari Hupka 2 meses atrás
I have a Leaf and a new Hybrid RAV. Both are awesome equally.
Mediocrates 2 meses atrás
Toyota is working on a solid state battery (leads in patents) that should be out in the next few years. Those will be placed in hybrids first to test then I'm sure they'll systematically roll them to plug-in hybrids then EV's. If they hit their goal with the SSB (~350mi per charge) all of this criticism will fade. Until then, I'm all for their hybrids, and when I finally get solar added to the house I'll move to 1 plug-in and 1 EV.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Mediocrates "unsurprisingly vague" Love it. lol. Certainly worth looking into.
Mediocrates Mês atrás
@Patrick Sweeney I could be wrong on the materials they're using but I think they're focusing on lithium-sulfur. The articles I've read have been unsurprisingly vague but sulfur does get mentioned with TM/Panasonic.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Mediocrates SS Lithium batteries. That sounds a) like a *very* odd combination, and b) roughly analagous to a hybrid car. Yet another thing to learn more about, though. sigh
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Lo It's hard to imagine why SS batteries *wouldn't* be part of our future, but I'll admit that that's just on a gut level. I mean, silicon is at the core of virtually every tech we use, right? As for Redwood Materials (whom I admire immensely), why would they... at this point? But I agree that Toyota hardly seems like a candidate for leading a path forward to SS adoption. That said, I'm now curious about your SES reference. Have to check that out.
Wayne Lewis
Wayne Lewis Mês atrás
@mojozepeda No idea what you’re taking about, as what you just said is simply false. Interestingly enough, you aren’t trashing Toyota for building the b💤4X in such a way that they weren’t even confident that the wheels would stay on. Now *that* is a real issue, not the steering wheel nonsense that you conjured up.
Max Headrom
Max Headrom Mês atrás
I think plug-in Hybrids are better than fully electric. One thing people seem to forget in these videos is how much carbon and pollution is generated by Li-ion battery manufacturing. I also have not seen much about HCCI engines around. (not sure it's HCCI - it's a ICE used by Formula 1 cars that has a thermal efficiency above 50%)
Roger Phelps
Roger Phelps Mês atrás
You have been conned by fossil fuel interests. Very little carbon and pollution is generated by lithium ion battery manufacturing. In fact EVs pull ahead of ICE cars after only a few thousand miles.
ツ90sanimeツ Mês atrás
In a world where pretty much everyone’s going electric, Akido Toyoda remained a genuine car guy through and through and, dare I say it, looks out for all of us fellow car guys/girls who still have the burning passion for the internal combustion engine at a time there’re slowly being phased out. Until then thank you Mr Akido Toyoda
Greg Ripplinger
Greg Ripplinger Mês atrás
Genuine dinosaur more like. Everyone's next vehicle has to be 100% EV if we have ANY chance to slow climate change.
YTYTYTY Mês atrás
Well. He's gone.
Donald Dang
Donald Dang 6 dias atrás
I don't think they are necessarily "late", but they care immensely about quality. They prefer to perfect a product, then release it, as opposed to release it, realize there are problems, and then iterate.
Alfredo Koc Li
Alfredo Koc Li 2 meses atrás
We are missing the bigger picture, which is clean transportation. We could only achieve this with efficient city design, prioritizing walking for small distances, bikes and public transportation for medium ones, and railways for longer ones. It is not about switching cars from gas to electricity, it is about changing our high energy consumption society.
Gian 24 dias atrás
yes. system thinking and good urban planning
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Be Low Below Eisenhower foreshadowed that in his parting speech as president. Did we listen...? nope.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@pete smitt "...modern urban infrastructure has been centred on motor vehicles..." Indeed, and was very actively pushed by the auto industry, to create that very dependency.
Rey Millan
Rey Millan Mês atrás
Tell that to americans. They would rather drive two blocks for groceries than walk 5mins and come back.
Elom(運命神愛) Hycy agotokpeKushiator mumayaWillson
@Greg Ripplinger I agree that apart from range and charging, electric cars are generally better from a consumer standpoint. However, the heaviness and fundamental unsustainiblity of batteries including human rights violations mining for theie components means I only support small EV's, we need a different solution for anything bigger than a four-seater
Harrison Bodrie
Harrison Bodrie 2 meses atrás
As a transplant to LA from Michigan. Plug ins are all over plus the lack of snow sure help. Many working class people will need a car that can tackle the winter. I hope the 15% fully electric goes up. We need the best infrastructure to quell the “long-distance” issues.
Stephen Yang
Stephen Yang Mês atrás
Toyota has great engineers focused on refining technologies, not taking risk on break throughs.
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Mês atrás
I don't know if this relates to the topic but Toyota is the biggest spender in R&D for solid batteries by far. Although solid batteries are ways off in terms of price and manufacturing scale, if it works I believe it will be a huge boost to everything with a battery including cars.
Emma Nguyen
Emma Nguyen Mês atrás
Jrmjuve10 Mês atrás
They'll make and sell good EVs if and when it makes sense to them or maybe they just want to sell ice and hybrids which is perfectly fine too. Let the market decide.
Gene S
Gene S Mês atrás
It would be foolish to count Toyota completely out...but given how slowly Toyota can operate, the levels of red tape, it's certainly a steep uphill climb. Given Toyoda has stepped down, we'll see if Toyota can play catchup, but I guess the youngin' who's stepping in has a couple of years of apprenticeship before he can forge ahead. Definitely profitable with hybrids, but they risk being severely left behind when everything moves full tilt to EVs..
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 2 meses atrás
I don't care if it's gas, EV, hybrid, hydrogen or something else. But it must be able to do everything the vehicle it is replacing can do including range, fill up time, payload, towing etc. for a similar cost. We don't rely on 1 tech now or put all our eggs in 1 basket and we aren't going to in the future either. Different use cases will be powered differently.
MrXtraconservative Mês atrás
@Griffin S Yes, I' meant Tesla has sold millions total, growing about 40% annually. So 1.3 million last year, 1.8 million this year, 2.5 million next year, etc. In five years, Tesla will be bigger than Toyota.
Andrew Charles
Andrew Charles Mês atrás
@Griffin S the EU, UK and California governments for starters. I tried posting the links but it keeps getting deleted.
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@Andrew Charles Source?
Andrew Charles
Andrew Charles Mês atrás
@Griffin S no, it's the engines that are being banned. That includes hybrids. That's why Toyota is so upset.
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@MrXtraconservative That is not even close to the truth, all EV car company stock prices saw a flood of support as investors saw it as a chance to make a lot of money, look at Rivian for god’s sake, they were worth more than Ford before they even produced a single car. Do not try to equate stock value to product quality they are not intrinsically linked.
Martin Fano
Martin Fano Mês atrás
I agree 100%..the current EV battery is NOT the battery we will be using 10 years from now. Today it takes 500,000 tons of earth to be dug up to get the elements for the average 1000 lb EV Battery. Toyota is hedging its bets. Solid state batteries are also looking good. We are decades and trillions of dollars away from going 100% electric.
mujkocka 21 dia atrás
Depends on your use case and where you are really
THE16THPHANTOM 2 meses atrás
i like that guy who is starting his sentences "even if electric cars don't make sense from an engineering perspective". any while better late than never we should have started thinking about this way earlier and some did, but they were laughed out of the room. and at the time you kind of can't blame the people who did that.
Mike Pence's husband
Environmentally speaking, it makes the most sense to have a small battery for your 30-60 miles of daily weekday driving, coupled with a hybrid power train for weekends (ie hiking, or camping) and road trips. My folks have a Tesla, and they only utilize the whole battery every couple weeks or so, on one day a year.
Sri Mês atrás
So u r saying everyone should have 3 or 4 cars?? Lol sure. Send me the money.
Faisal Rafique
Faisal Rafique Mês atrás
If Toyota can find a way to extend PHEV's range to 80-100 miles, it can be a game changer.
Faisal Rafique
Faisal Rafique 16 dias atrás
@Mello Proto 3 to 6 months. Go for a drive on the highway every few months 😁
Mello Proto
Mello Proto 18 dias atrás
Only problem is stale gas
yootoober2009 Mês atrás
Johnny Deformer
Johnny Deformer 25 dias atrás
I hope that hybrids will be still available.
Ubacow 2 meses atrás
Toyota is just playing it safe as always. They're never really late, they just operate slowly.
Paper House
Paper House Mês atrás
@ahogQ Toyoda left the group
Ubacow Mês atrás
@Griffin S Yeah it strikes me how theres so many people who think that this is the end of Toyota just cause theyre taking longer than startups and other smaller manufatuers to get into the game. People dont realize that While EV's are more simple systems its a whole other can of worms to integrate. ICE cars will still outsell EV's globally for probably another decade still. The entire market wont be fully EV's for a long long time.
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@yuesheng zhao Sure man I’ll take you at your word 🤪
Tone Mês atrás
@Griffin S There isn't really any meaningful competition with Tesla other than BYD (who I think will be the volume leader). Rivian, Lucid, GM, Ford and others, make a fraction of what Tesla makes, both in sales volume, margin and profits. They are all struggling to make the EVs they make, even Ford just yesterday stated that it won't be profitable until 2nd Gen of their EV lineup. What many Legacy Auto Makers are starting to realize, is that EVs require a different skill set than what they have in their system. Lucid is really struggling on all levels and may not survive (you heard it here first). Rivian will make it, but they won't be a threat to anyone for sometime. They are struggling to make vehicles and have their technology work. The other big problem for Rivian is is costs, it is really hard to control costs, while developing the company. As for Tesla and their stock price, they have a lot of runway. The company has high margins, vertically integrated, strong demand and outstanding technology. More importantly they are nimble and have a diverse product offering. In fact Tesla's Energy Business is about to shock the market in the next little while. Tesla Energy has a 2 Year back log and growing. Tesla can Make a $2 Million Megapack in minutes. This is a crucial item for Renewable energy and 1 of many products Tesla will be releasing. In terms of EV adoption, we have just passed the "First adaptors" stage and are starting to enter the Mainstream. This is where it will get interesting, because no one other than Tesla and BYD are setup for Mass Production. Most are not planning it till 2027, that gives Tesla / BYD 5 years of free air. When investing in any company, it isn't where the stock has been that matters, it is where the stock is going!!!!
Tone Mês atrás
@Griffin S OK, we have a little misunderstanding. When I say that Toyota is running out of time, that isn't an opinion I came up with. Toyota feels that they are running out of time, in the sense that they are slipping behind the other competitors. You are totally correct that they need ICE sales to fund their transition, no one is questioning that. What I was questioning was their strategy, which is putting them in a weaker position. Some at Toyota have stated that EV adoption happened much faster than they thought was possible. Secondly, they thought that other options would be given equal influence, but BEV had dominated the market. Fuel Cell which was their alternative is dying a slow and painful death. They put much energy into it to try and keep it alive but it is on life support. Then they thought they could leap frog the competition in BEVs with a Moonshot... Solid State Batteries, this was also a miscalculation because the technology will take much more time and may not be cost competitive with existing Batteries. Next Toyota realized that BEVs require a completely different platform than ICE and that set them back even more. Let's not forget that Toyota is the most in debt company in the World, so it is in a tricky position. Then it has a huge workforce that will need to retrained and will need to move on, this is a huge undertaking... even for an adapt company like Toyota. Now all this is happening while companies like Tesla and BYD are gaining strength day after day. To be specific about timing and why I feel they are running out of time, is that their planning for the future, will not meet the numbers that Tesla is making today. You see there is a deadline 2035. There are a few countries that plan to ban New ICE sales by 2035. I know this may be fancy on their part, but EV adoption may make it so that a Ban isn't needed, the consumer will talk with their $$$.
Lauren Sargent
Lauren Sargent Mês atrás
If only the RAV4 EV was available, with decent range and charging speed. I’d by one.
fahad1992fah Mês atrás
buy plug in RAV4 almost the same and u dont have to worry about charging it all the time in case if u were in middle of no where! Toyota knows what they r doing they dont just go with the flow likw Ford and GM
Derek Tomlinson
Derek Tomlinson Mês atrás
I don't think Toyota realise how fast Tesla is changing the game, looks like another Kodak moment for them
Frank Chong
Frank Chong Mês atrás
I would go with hybrid anytime over full EV
danny Mês atrás
Judging by how reliable all their vehicles are, I would immediately buy a Toyota EV the moment they release one with a higher range.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@mojozepeda lol... I have no illusions regarding any significance to Honda about my reluctant departure from the ranks of long-standing, delighted owners. I just think it's really unfortunate that they ceded so much ground to others by dragging their feet on bringing out an actual EV. From a sentimental standpoint, though, I do hope they pull their collective heads out soon enough to be a player in the EV market. They have the talent... but the will...?
mojozepeda Mês atrás
@Patrick Sweeney oh no!! How will Honda ever survive without you as a customer? I’m going to sell all my shares in Honda before they go bankrupt.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
As a decades-long Honda lover (for reasons of reliability and general engineering talent), I waited for the longest time for Honda to bring out an EV. And waited. And waited. And waited. For... twenty years, maybe? I finally gave up and bought a car from a company devoted to just EVs: Tesla. Honda lost their opportunity, and (in me) lost a decades-long loyal customer. We'll see how Toyota fares.
Craig Beatty
Craig Beatty 6 dias atrás
Well done. Good to see they are.
TC's Magic Box
TC's Magic Box 2 meses atrás
I think Toyota is pretty well positioned with their plug-in hybrids.
W Gemini
W Gemini Mês atrás
They would be if they can produce enough.
R Kobet
R Kobet Mês atrás
You should take a look at the repair records it's almost like they don't know how to build a plug-in hybrid. Hybrids are fine but the plug in ones have many issues
CIE Channel
CIE Channel Mês atrás
@pbreedu doesn't matter its super efficient than anything out there. They were the first company to worry about climate and were first to bring Hybrids to the markets.
frank paulin
frank paulin Mês atrás
@pbreedu burn that dinosaur juice bro
Daisy Karen
Daisy Karen Mês atrás
The first motorized vehicle I ever driven was elected it was a bump car. Second was a fork lift. It was a while before I ever drove a gasoline power car. Gasoline is cool gasoline has lot of power.
Tianen Chen
Tianen Chen 2 meses atrás
Toyota has extensive investment and cooperation with Tesla from very early on
Kevin Seyffert
Kevin Seyffert Mês atrás
Insane! Just because you label something as enviro mentally friendly does not make it so, or even that it can work. Then you want to blacklist anyone who opposes you in anyway. Just simply insane!
J Snow
J Snow 2 meses atrás
I trust Toyota and their decision making over any politician. I bought a 2021 4runner a few years ago, quality and reliability is on another level
J Snow
J Snow Mês atrás
@St Gray It made sense from the actual definition. Take Care
St Gray
St Gray Mês atrás
@J Snow Wow dude, where did that lot come from? I thought we were just chatting here. I'm glad that you're happy with you vehicle but your original post didn't make a whole lot of sense and I responded. That's all. I didn't make any special requests and I don't have any concerns. Bye.
J Snow
J Snow Mês atrás
@St Gray It is a free world, you can do whatever you like. Just pointing out that was the correct definition. I typically do not follow other people's made up definitions but I will try to accommodate you next time so I do not hurt your feelings. Do you have special pronouns as well? No, I was not expecting any major problems but in that time I got a pretty good idea about the build quality. I also researched long term reliability before I bought it and Toyota ranked near or at the top in most categories. I drive my cars until the wheels fall off and my two previous Infinity's both had major issues at around 150k. If you have any other special requests or concerns, feel free to list them
St Gray
St Gray Mês atrás
@J Snow Personally I would probably start calling things "a few" as more than 3 and less than 10 but I agree that it's a very in exact definition. But your original post implied you had the vehicle for somewhat less than most peoples idea of a few years. To expand on your original and clarified post, your point seems to be that you have not had any significant problems with the vehicle in a little more than 2 years of ownership. What problems were you expecting the have in that time?
J Snow
J Snow Mês atrás
@St Gray If you want to be technical lol How many is considered to be a few? How many is a few? A few is generally considered to mean between two and several. Some people use a few to mean around three, but this is not a universal interpretation. Its meaning is highly relative to the context-it often depends on what's being discussed, especially the scale and expectations.Apr 12, 2022
Srinath Arava
Srinath Arava Mês atrás
Very interesting information on the most trending subject helpful to all auto enthusiasts 👌
John Doe
John Doe 2 meses atrás
Plug in hybrids are awesome. Use electricity 70-80% of the time but no range anxiety. Use a tank of gas every quarter to avoid fuel degradation.
TheDumbConspirator Mês atrás
@Jason Laboy exactly, couldn't agree more. For most people, a daily driver EV with 250 miles is all right
Jason Laboy
Jason Laboy Mês atrás
They are great for the 10% of people who drive long distances a lot.
TheDumbConspirator Mês atrás
@balleraap007 Wow, thats amazing. Wonder who actually goes 500 miles daily. Thats right, nearly nobody. Read my comment, to most people 250 miles is good enough. But have fun paying for gas I guess, I do know the peril lol. I own an EV and two ICE vehicles and right now, im using my EV more and more.
TheDumbConspirator Mês atrás
@dzcav3 If you have a tesla model 3, supercharging should get your car out in about 45 minutes, maybe 1 hr. The cool thing is, Teslas are really smart and the car will tell you how long you need to stay at the supercharger, what stalls will be available, itll obviously route you to superchargers and will do pretty much all of the planning for you. Youre never gonna find yourself in a situation where the car is dead unless youre really trying to run down the battery till its flat. Basically if you want a road trip EV, id suggest getting a tesla, but there are other great alternatives with long ranges. But for a daily car, something like a nissan leaf should offer good enough range.
TheDumbConspirator Mês atrás
@dzcav3 On a really cold day, the worst case scenario is 220 miles. Youll most likely get 250-300 miles unless your 1000 mile road trip takes place in iceland or russia. Believe it or not, cold range also affects gas cars too actually, some gasoline vehicles get up to 30% less range, this isnt something that only affects EVs. I mentioned it and ill mention it again the vast majority of people dont drive 220 miles day in and day out. So even worst case scenario of 220 miles, for a daily vehicle you should be good.
Ahsan Arshad
Ahsan Arshad 20 dias atrás
Toyota knows its market and they are not stupid to pour billion of dollars into something which is basically a huge startup and will take decades to be a norm and profitable. Plus Toyota has a reputation of very resistant vehicles. Majority of the world uses them like we used to use Donkeys and Horses. They're so reliable that it's not easy to just discard them.
Penguin Overlord
Penguin Overlord Mês atrás
They are one of the few companies working on hydrogen fuel cells which is significantly better than standard evs
Captain YumYum
Captain YumYum 20 dias atrás
here in Australia hybrids are super popular. The new corolla hybrid can get around 1000km on a tank when driven efficiently. We just don't have the charging infrastructure yet. And I'd rather see more hybrids on the road than wait for pure EV's. Not to mention most people can't afford a pure EV that has enough range. Those being Tesla's and the new Ioniq. Hybrids will also help more people warm up to electrification.
Edward Tan
Edward Tan 2 meses atrás
It was said in the video, EVs makes economical sense due to government subsidies. The only reason why ICE cars will get more and more expensive is due to government over regulations. The only way EV cars will be affordable for the masses will be because of government subsidies and incentives.
Roger Phelps
Roger Phelps Mês atrás
My Skoda Enyaq had no government subsidy.
Topthecat Mês atrás
EV incentives have now been stopped in the UK and reduced dramatically in most European countries.
Delano Carty
Delano Carty 24 dias atrás
My concern is what are ev cars without the subsidies.
paul Dorset
paul Dorset 2 meses atrás
Picked up a new corolla last week, hybrid system is very good. Stats show over the first 50 miles driving a combination of urban and UK country lanes EV mode is at 54%. With a range starting at 612 miles combined petrol & EV. That's an acceptable compromise to me. Full EV is only good for those with a home charging set up and either solar or turbine charging to make it financially viable. How many working people can tick that box? PS, the background music throughout this video ruined the experience, totally unnecessary.
V8 (screw electric cars)
hybrid makes sense, electric is idiotic
まりか たに
まりか たに Mês atrás
I’m looking forward to the hydrogen fuel cell technology!! 😍
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith Mês atrás
Toyoda is stepping down as CEO and Koji takes the reigns on April 1st. Will be interesting to see what changes are made. Toyoda says there needs to be a younger guy to move Toyota from a car company into a mobility company. I think "too late to EVs" is a nonsense question to ask in 2023.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@V8 (screw electric cars) " in fact some actually clean air " Well, you're correct in thinking that I'd never heard *that* claim before. Ok, I'll bite... wanna suggest a reference to suppor that one? Cuz yeah, even thought it's not the 40s, it's amazing that we're *still* driving pollution-based-vehicles (PBVs).
V8 (screw electric cars)
@Patrick Sweeney You know nothing about cars, modern cars are very clean in fact some actually clean air that's how clean they have become, it's not 1940s anymore.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@V8 (screw electric cars) No time soon, sure, not as pods, anyway. But we absolutely need to get out of pollution-based-vechicles (PBVs). We're royally screwing ourselves over with those.
V8 (screw electric cars)
mobility company? so we're going to all ride in electric pods now lol no thanks
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith Mês atrás
@Patrick Sweeney Toyota sold 10.5 million cars last year (2022) so they're providing what their customers want for now. The EV market, while growing, is still undergoing a need for better infrastructure and overall lower costs. Toyota I think has this pragmatic look at BEVs but realizes that their platform doesn't have the cost benefits of Tesla's so they'll benchmark Tesla to see at least some of what can bring their platform's cost down. But their mutli-platform choices are a good idea IMO. I think Toyota remains near a top player but they may not offer the leading stats or the most competitive stats on BEVs until late in the decade. But their reputation for quality, durability and reliability have a lot of car buyers sold on the brand. The one thing they have to look at is maintenance cost of the hybrids vs. BEVs. If it is lower on BEVS, then they'll need to think of ramping those BEVs up.
Native2458 Mês atrás
Keep this up CNBC, people love these types of videos
Thomas P. Otten
Thomas P. Otten 2 meses atrás
At minute 7:30 He said the quiet part out loud: “even if they don’t make sense from an engineering perspective “….
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil 2 meses atrás
Restisting? isn't it resisting?
Tony Kazulin
Tony Kazulin Mês atrás
This video is a joke.
balleraap007 Mês atrás
@Pete1261 so 1776
Matt Casters
Matt Casters 2 meses atrás
@SSD none of this is true. Lithium is a common element on Earth and batteries can be very easily recycled and are already being recycled. EVs are carbon lighter than an ICE car after less than a year.
JkardeZ 2 meses atrás
@Nikos Balakos While Ford and others are getting out of cars due to profitability problems Big T is getting better. The world's biggest and best will yet come out with breakthrough technology while CNBC hasta go back to KG to get their spelling right. Doubt whether CNBC has its finger on the pulse of the industry or emerging technology.
SSD 2 meses atrás
no, and I would like to enforce my opinion by educating you with: -the fact that we can't dispose lithium batteries, nor can they biodegrade -lithium mining is horrible for the environment and is beyond dangerous -the production of electric cars is worse for environment than gas vehicles -we don't have enough lithium on this planet for everyone to have an EV and on average, a tesla is only 30% better for the environment than a Honda civic in terms of emissions (since we still emit gas when we charge them)
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Mês atrás
The EV is still a second car, but at a price more than many can afford for their main vehicle.
Evening Sky
Evening Sky 2 meses atrás
I think the Mirai is a really great idea! Clean burning fuel is much better for the planet than batteries being charged by a coal burning power plant. Of course the infrastructure will have to be in place first. Only reason I haven't bought one yet. Also, not everyone has a garage to charge their EV. That is most certainly a privilege.
Roger Phelps
Roger Phelps Mês atrás
Clearly you are tottally clueless. The Mirai is a total failure. Sales are paltry and no wonder when the energy efficiency is even worse than ICE cars.
ChandraShekar R
ChandraShekar R Mês atrás
Even though GDI engines generate more power, better mileage with less weight. These engines operate under higher temperatures and pressure. Thereby i guess the long term wear/tear and life of engine will be much more compared to a MPFI 4 cylinders engine
Roberto Suarez
Roberto Suarez 2 meses atrás
1995 RAV4 EV was a good vehicle with a wakeable battery. Don’t know why they never were able to sell them globally
Christopher Hughes
Christopher Hughes 28 dias atrás
Consumer Reports consistently strongly state a hybrid (electric-gas) is your best buy for the $$$ spent on new vehicle. Until Canada and the USA has millions and millions of public and private charging stations. My next automobile will be a Hybrid from either Toyota or Honda. BTW, why does one see a lot of Tesla stop ped on major highway in California. Lack of charging stations. We are another 20 years out for majority of automobiles being EVs. A lot of smoke and mirrors from the Gartner Group.
Brian H
Brian H 2 meses atrás
I think that car companies need to focus on multiple options. If all the car companies focus on the same technology, the shortages in materials are going to hike prices so high nobody can afford the EVs. So I think a focus on Hydrogen-based vehicles is legitimate. Also, Japan doesn't have its own supply of lithium, so Toyota is going to be at a disadvantage at acquiring those materials versus say China or the US.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Brian H Ah. Ok. Pretty much agree with everything you said. Although I do believe that Tesla (and probably at least a *few* other EV makers) are actively interested in evolving battery tech to be able to support the need. I'm thinkin' solid-state rather than hydrogen, myself. Although, hell... even the sand supply (for chips) is becoming an issue, right? ugh
Brian H
Brian H Mês atrás
@Patrick Sweeney Hardly. If I could have influenced how we built cities in the USA I would have recommended that we not focus on building cars and highways but mass transit. At this point the US is kind of stuck with what we have for now - suburban sprawl, interstates, airplanes, and a distinct lack of viable high-speed rail. That being said, switching to vehicles that don't cause as much pollution is necessary. I was an early adopter of electric vehicles but I think our current battery tech is lacking. All the vehicles being replaced with EVs using lithium batteries is impractical and at some point not going to be economically viable either. I don't think that we have exhausted the different options for battery technologies or hydrogen based vehicles. There are probably other technologies that will become available. I just think that every car company building lithium battery vehicles isn't going to do it.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
"I think that car companies need to focus on multiple options." That's an interesting perspective, and I get it. Soooooo.... Over the last however-many decades, did you also make that case (even if only to yourself) regarding all the legacy auto-makers almost religiously focusing exclusively on pollution-based engines?
Ng Kah Weng
Ng Kah Weng 2 meses atrás
there is never too late no matter who starts first the most important is who could last the longest.
Steven Hudson
Steven Hudson 2 meses atrás
Success is not built on success. It's built on failure, It's built on fraustration. it's built on fear that you have to overcome. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson 2 meses atrás
and advised them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially.
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson 2 meses atrás
Do you know that Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged.
Sienna Smith
Sienna Smith 2 meses atrás
it has helped me greatly I thought the were not real but I will now boldly testify,
Sienna Smith
Sienna Smith 2 meses atrás
Thanks to you all for your testimonies,
Pargev Karapetyan
Pargev Karapetyan 20 dias atrás
Very informative 👌👍
Cin Peace
Cin Peace Mês atrás
The market will determine what products will survive. With the BRI projects, developing countries would be better equipped with electricity facilities and electrical high speed trains will eliminate lot of long distance trips. EV would be a big trend even in developing countries in the years to come. Affordable Chinese EV is increasing in countries like Thailand.
Homie J
Homie J Mês atrás
I think people forget they Toyotas main market is in Japan. And Japan has been heavily pushing towards hydro-nuclear fuel cell as a form of energy because solar and wind just won’t be enough for their nation. Toyota is investing into their home country, staying ahead of the curve so when hydrogen fuel becomes the norm in Japan, Toyota will already have a mass lineup of affordable vehicles.
Ilannguaq Jonathansen
Ilannguaq Jonathansen 2 meses atrás
The biggest problem long term with EVs is Lithium resources
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@Roger Phelps Source? Otherwise shut up with the blatant misinformation
Roger Phelps
Roger Phelps Mês atrás
Wrong. LIthium is plentiful. You only need a few kg per car anyway.
Griffin S
Griffin S Mês atrás
@Daniel B Doesn’t matter, we still don’t have enough of it to begin with even if we recycle all of it that we aren’t currently using… We need to find ALOT more in order to continue this trend and that’s not going to be easy, or good for the earth either… It’s the ultimate double edged sword.
justin blow
justin blow Mês atrás
Unfortunately, it seems no one wants to discuss this or the massive impact this creates. “O it’s so Green” they say because people think whatever power comes out of their plug (which might be fossil fuel at a plant) is cleaner than the fossil fuel in their existing vehicle, and they do not account for the lithium storage device within the vehicle itself.
Daniel B
Daniel B 2 meses atrás
Lithium recycling tech has not caught up on an industrial scale. Smart move if you have a diverse tech portfolio.
TheHvk Mês atrás
Toyota has a reputation for RELIABILITY. Until they can make an EV that's just as reliable as their gasoline cars, they're not gonna want to put their branding on it.
MARS tv Mês atrás
Its good that they go slowly so the outcome would be reliable , as that whats they are known for. Plus smaller countries in pacific are not ready for ev yet.
Osman S.A.
Osman S.A. Mês atrás
So after criticising them in the entire clip, everyone agreed that they're doing the smart thing for their customers and markets.
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell Mês atrás
Remember in the 60-70’s gas cars looking for gas stations every 200 miles as most vehicles 5-10 mpg. This has doubled since then but probably heathy to stop every 250 miles to take a break
Ta M
Ta M Mês atrás
According to Toyota, the lithium used in one pure electric car is equivalent to 10 hybrid cars. Combustion engine still needed!
sizzlacalunji 2 meses atrás
I have the same concerns with EVs as Toyota has. I live in a place where it gets really really cold. Losing ranging for 5-6 mths of the year won’t cut it for me. Also EVs would not satisfy trips done during the the holidays. Too much time would be lost charging.
sizzlacalunji Mês atrás
@AllthingsRocco 😆😆😆
sizzlacalunji Mês atrás
@Amos Batto yea Europe sounds well thought vs here in NA. Just did some research and your correct. Canada way almost have the same infrastructure as India and US is not even in the Top 5. China is far ahead. Wow.
AllthingsRocco Mês atrás
@sizzlacalunjijust have a full meal every 2-3 hours of driving..😂
Amos Batto
Amos Batto 2 meses atrás
@sizzlacalunji , If you live in the US or Canada, only Tesla is recommended for long distance driving because the CCS network isn't very reliable and there aren't enough stations along the highways. In Europe, CCS charging is much better.
Ole Fardal
Ole Fardal 2 meses atrás
@sizzlacalunji yeah, for those longer trips, especially to or through places where you're not all that familiar some planning makes a lot of sense and will make the trip a lot more enjoyable. But that goes for all longer roadtrips as well I reckon. A lot of high power chargers, at least in Europe are placed close to restaurants or similar setups where food is available, but not all of them. Using a tool such as a better route planner aids a lot
lunarx11 25 dias atrás
The Japanese have a tradition of taking a second mover strategy. The companies wait, then largely improve upon the ideas that have been put forth by predecessors.
Ron Frank
Ron Frank Mês atrás
Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. "Growing your capital in a bear market is an art:]"
Till Schütz
Till Schütz Mês atrás
Verena Küchler Same here, a total transformations of $4000 to a $15,400 in just 2 weeks, he's really the best!!
Max Jacoby
Max Jacoby Mês atrás
It's funny to see how big brains went from "it's impossible" to "we need decades to fully switch to EVs".
David Quinn
David Quinn Mês atrás
I thought Toyota was promoting compressed-hydrogen-powered (fuel cell) cars, and they were selling a model and there were some stations where it could be recharged with hydrogen.
Joshua Syrtash
Joshua Syrtash Mês atrás
agreed! EV are stil in the Start up stage
tofu yam
tofu yam 2 meses atrás
IMO a hybrid corrolla/prius/camry/rav is likely the optimal solution for the next 5-10 years. Gas cost is low, maintenance is low, and energy availability is high.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
@Dick Pick "Gas cost is low" does not qualify as a car-specific claim. Gas cost will vary significantly with location, even if one is comparing it to the cost of electricity. Might you want to re-think / re-phrase your response?
Dick Pick
Dick Pick Mês atrás
@Patrick Sweeney He's talking about the car, not the actual prices in any set country.
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
"Gas cost is low" Um... in what country... or... what Reality?
Dick Pick
Dick Pick Mês atrás
@The Spectator Good question. First, like all Japanese companies, they pay their workers small salaries but expect them to work insanely long hours. But that is country-wide. More specifically, Toyota price gouges ALL of their suppliers. They are like Wal-Mart, take it or leave it. But they create one major supplier with 2 or 3 minor suppliers and then threaten the major to basically make no profit with the prices and if they don't agree they will drop them and promote the secondary supplier who doesn't realize the literal spider web they are being trapped in. And for the record, no, Nissan, Mistubushi, or Honda or any of the others don't do this. And the profits simply go to padding Toyota's profit statement. It goes to how you do business. Toyota is the kind that takes capitalism to the extreme where they would sell the rope to hang themselves with. I could give many examples, but another one is national holidays. Toyota doesn't recognize many of them and claims they give their employees longer vacation time, except the don't. On average, they give way less during New Years and pressure many employees not to use their vacation days. Toyota is located in the center of Japan and controls much of the middle economy which is part of the reason why the region does so poorly economically.
The Spectator
The Spectator Mês atrás
@Dick Pick Why is Toyota a terrible company to do business with and work for? From a consumer standpoint, they are great, but I may not be privy to certain things they do with employees.
Sean FitzGerald
Sean FitzGerald Mês atrás
When everyone else is making EVs only, Toyota will cash in on still making familiar and normal style cars with their hybrids. Toyota also doesn't need to rush in. They can let everyone else make the mistake.
Daniel Zhang
Daniel Zhang 2 meses atrás
I think Toyota is partially right, we are still decades behind in infrastructure, most of my friends don't have a new or EV car, the market does not reflect the real demand, but Toyota can only wait for so long until the tipping point and it is left behind
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney Mês atrás
...clicking thumbs-up on the "can only wait for so long" observation.
T8PolestarCyan Mês atrás
Yes and no. Toyota haven't got EVs for global markets, especially for wide audiences, but already have made C+ Pod their local market, which is stringenty for city commutes.
Air_Dragon Clash
Air_Dragon Clash Mês atrás
Forgot to mention that my friend has Tesla in CA. When the fire is lurking close to their home, while their car only has 10% charged. They were so scare that they can't make it out of the boring area alive. So, be prepared.
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