Is Tower of Fantasy the Next Genshin Impact? A Genshin Player's Review of Tower of Fantasy

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I got to play Tower of Fantasy early, and I wanted to make a video that talks about how it stacks up to other games, and whether or not its worth your time. I hope you enjoy my review!

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9 Ago 2022



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Personally i like the genshin playstyle and animations more because i prefer less sci fi and more fictional design parts of the game. But I’ll give it a try for sure
Mallowss シ
I definitely agree that Genshin is EXTREMELY polished. That's why a lot of games feel like they fall short in comparison though they're not even bad at the slightest. Genshin is just doing everything perfectly in what's supposed to be a single-player, team adventure based game.
Its crazy how much attention ToF gets simply by being in the same sphere as GI. If it has solid multiplayer + multiplayer content then I'll play the heck out of it, because that's what I felt was missing from GI.
Binoy Mathew
It seems promising. Probably needs more time to be polished. But yeah, I doubt there will be another Genshin Impact.
I've liked the game so far, there's just something satisfying about seeing other people around and helping them out. It certainly doesn't have the Genshin level of polish, but there's plenty to like here too, it seems. Oh and I'm digging the scifi vibes too :D
Hansel Ferdianto
Tof is more enticing in the social aspects such as raids and world bosses, definitely different from genshin where bosses and world bosses are just fodders
Rose Poudré
So I played a little and it’s definitely a fun game so far. Personally I’m not invested in ToF like I am with genshin because the aesthetic of the game and the characters it’s not my cup of tea but it’s not bad at all. The graphics could be better in my opinion but I’m super biased since I like genshin’s a lot! I spend a lot of time taking pictures of kazuha.. I don’t know if I’ll keep playing ToF but I can see it having a strong fanbase.
Yuri Uchimaki
For me personally, I like the SAO-vibe the game feels, with the MMO setting and everything. That and the game taking some inspiration from Genshin already gives it a sense of familiarism so it doesn't feel like an entirely new game, but that in of inself is one of its flaws. That aside, it's a 8.5/10 game for me and could easily be a better game if it were more polished but hey, the game just came out so it's a little too early to judge
Tower of Fantasy is basically what us Genshin Impact Veterans wanted Mihoyo to implement for their end game / co op but never did. So it will be a side game for me beside Genshin. Seem promising.
My hot take before playing the game or watching this video is that the combat looks fun and the world looks interesting to explore, but it lacks something. Cohesiveness, maybe - everything is so out there and weird. Maybe my mind will change when I start the game. And the 'weapons' you get - that have characters attached as skins - seem more detached and lifeless than Genshin or even the extremely poor Noah's Heart that just came out. If the characters are not real people I can interact with in the here and now, what attachment do I have to them other than stats and jiggle physics? To me, story and character are more important than gameplay - my favorite game of all time is Planescape Torment, a game with crappy graphics and gameplay and the best writing of all time. Again, this is based on trailers and accounts from beta players - maybe I will grow to care for these 'weapons.' Anyway, I'm going to spend the time leading up to Genshin 3.0 taking advantage of the F2P gifts and seeing what I think. If I am sold by then, I will have to kick some less daily-task sensitive games to the curb (I am trying to beat God of War and Spiderman before their sequels get released); otherwise, I might log in every few days and mess around for a change of pace. I'm not spending any money on it until I care about one of my Weapons at least as much as I care about my Genshin team.
I played ToF earlier for almost 3 hours.. Game looks good, game mechanics are not bad either but there is nothing new or innovative aspect in those mechanics since other games have those as well and I find the combat sometimes a bit clunky. What stands out the most in ToF for me is probably the variety and diversity of how u can play your character since it will really depends on ur weapon. Though this may change or improve in time since the game is fairly new.
Kevin Afenyo
Honestly just because genshin impact is doing well we can't completely assume that becoming next genshin impact is the goal of these games, sure they want to do what genshin can do, but I think they are just making the next better gacja game and that's okay
oh wow, im shocked this was a seemingly accurate review and not just "game bad because it copies genshin's look" kind of thing. i wont play myself because tencent but im looking forward to seeing what happens moving toward launch soon
Just spent the last 12 hours grinding tof. I will say the combat is superb and unparalleled in any gacha I’ve played the world does seem a little desolate and empty however as you progress to later areas this changes and there will be more life and creatures to encounter. I highly suggest rerolling your account as you get quite a few ten pulls allowing you to go halfway to pity before leaving the initial area.
Blue Silhouette
Whatever the hype there is, genshin will always be in my heart till i reach snezhnaya or celestia. The effort put my hoyoverse in story/lose, npc side stories, the enemies/hilichurl stories, every character stories and personalities, the puzzles and their hints how to solve it, the artwork/ designs, the music, the cutscenes, the emotion, and all of those contents, we are still at inazuma, now we r near sumeru. Cant wait till seven nations release with all those things i said above will be put in every nations
nochrist _ nolife
I am looking forward to an alternative, and I am willing to give it a shot. Looks cool so far.
I first got into Genshin Impact because I loved Breath of the Wild and how similar they were at first. But as time went on, each game developed its own charm. However, when I see Tower of Fantasy, I can't help but think how similar it is to Genshin...
Jerome Lota
Out of those you listed at the intro, its probably be WW that'd be the closest competitor to genshin when it releases, judging by the insane combat and gameplay in the first testing.
chow chow
I just started playing Tower of Fantasy myself, and so far, I think the story and quest contents a are pretty good. As a Genshin player that is more into gameplay and combat, of course I would focus more on the attack animations. From what I have seen, the attack animations are very unique and the style is quite different to that of Genshin Impact, however, I feel as though they aren’t as good as Genshin’s. I think the reason why is because they are a but chunky. In a comparison video, it shows the difference between Genshin’s and ToF’s attack animations.