Is The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Better Than Chick-Fil-A? #RighteousAndRatchet

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20 Ago 2019



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Comentários 11 622
Moses89 Dia atrás
I want Popeyes in Australia 😔
George Evans Jr
George Evans Jr 2 dias atrás
The problem with that Patriots and giants comparison is that the patriots went on to win 3 more super bowls and the giants struggle to make the playoffs which means popeyes got the win for now but it will never ever outlast chick fila
icecream what
icecream what 6 dias atrás
i mean Chick-fil-A good in all, but popeys is something else
The Republic Tea Room USA, TX
Chick fi a soggy breaded kitchen table sammich. Popeyes, I had months ago prior to this WHITE LEFTist social experiment TARGETED TO NEGROS. Embarrassing AF!
Michael Rodriguez Carrasquillo
aug is my birthday i wish i eat the
Bob Ellison
Bob Ellison 8 dias atrás
Chick Fil-A vs Popeyes is CANADA vs USA. Popeyes is ownerd by Canadians of the company of the former hockey player and donut shop.
Bot Kong
Bot Kong 9 dias atrás
2:10 We got what?? Them bitches dry
Sakiyeh Walker
Sakiyeh Walker 10 dias atrás
Of course Popeyes.
Alien Down
Alien Down 10 dias atrás
Any chance of a comparison done blindfolded? Great content, you blokes are cool.
Marc Thomas Stephens Jr
The way Kev put that chick fil a sandwich down like that while still gazing 😍🤩at the popeyes sandwich killed me 😂😂😂😂 4:57
JoJacqueline Velgara
JoJacqueline Velgara 11 dias atrás
Best chicken is CANE's chicken
Judy Fradger
Judy Fradger 13 dias atrás
The guy in the blue cap looks related michael ealy
tye l jackson
tye l jackson 14 dias atrás
Now I really want two. Tried and they still sold out. Guess I try in December.
Kevin Steele
Kevin Steele 15 dias atrás
Just came back here in October to acknowledge that this video hit 1 million views in 2 months 🙌🏾
Zed Main
Zed Main 15 dias atrás
JonMarc Daley
JonMarc Daley 17 dias atrás
All we need is KFC to come out the closest
JonMarc Daley
JonMarc Daley 17 dias atrás
Lmao Yeo I would die if some niggas randomly came out and rob them for the sandwich
JonMarc Daley
JonMarc Daley 17 dias atrás
Bro Popeyes turned chick fi la into the step dad of chicken
The Talented
The Talented 17 dias atrás
Put this on a biscuit tho
ricardo rodriguez
ricardo rodriguez 17 dias atrás
(RUDY's Chicken) Dallas, Texas the best chicken
FortniteSixfaze down _
FortniteSixfaze down _ 18 dias atrás
Bruhhh lol he picked both of the sandwiches up and he kept popeye's rip chickfala
Mohammed HG
Mohammed HG 18 dias atrás
If Chick-fil-a does a waffle buns and a sweat mio game over
Abdirahman Jama
Abdirahman Jama 19 dias atrás
no one: riley reids: 5:16
TSquared2001 20 dias atrás
LOL @ Derlicious
HellzFuryRC 20 dias atrás
Such BS lmao. I ate both...side by side... Chik Fil A beat popeyes without any question. Especially the spicy. Stop trying to hype up popeyes. Lmao
Nick Foleta
Nick Foleta 20 dias atrás
Homie in the background sound like a 8 year old who just got an Xbox for christmas lol
Tani E
Tani E 20 dias atrás
Soooo They bought all the sandwiches huh lol im really concerned about going to popeyes for a sandwich but this video is satisfying enough lol
JL Torres
JL Torres 21 dia atrás
They put that poison MSG in their food, my blood pressure skyrockets and I get heart palpitations. Fuck Popeyes and Chich Fil a Shit.
Matt From wii sports
Matt From wii sports 21 dia atrás
That nigga had to lean back and think about life
BOSS-MAN 22 dias atrás
8:51 the second bite to confirm its a wrap lol
T. O.
T. O. 22 dias atrás
Wait, is that brother drinking some god damn Peroni Water???? WTF
T. O.
T. O. 22 dias atrás
Id rather have the Popeyes Chick Sandwich and not have to hate the LGBTXDYQRST23244 Community while eating the other.
SuperSwag900 22 dias atrás
Canada has 2 chicken sandwiches from popeyes already... we were the guinea pigs
Eric Lara
Eric Lara 22 dias atrás
Is that wild out tattoo?
Jacob Westerfield
Jacob Westerfield 22 dias atrás
Guys are funny.
Fernando Machado
Fernando Machado 23 dias atrás
I think both Ck Sandwichs rock, but there is nothing wrong with the old McChicken from McDonals at the dollar menu, aaahaa....
Fernando Machado
Fernando Machado 23 dias atrás
The fresh ones, just fixing my comment, because they have noooo consistency from one franchise to another.
Roy Williamson
Roy Williamson 23 dias atrás
It's all about that pickle
mark hairston
mark hairston 23 dias atrás
Why can’t you like a different chicken for a different day...cause grilled chicken from BK and BoJ Cajun filet biscuit will make any day a great day...too much hype...
NasVlogsTv 24 dias atrás
Plankton runnin chick-fil-a now they tryna steal the Chicken patty formula
Laura Reynolds
Laura Reynolds 24 dias atrás
You people are too easily distracted by what's really going on...a fucking chicken sandwich? At least you'll die happy.
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts 24 dias atrás
Hell yeah, y'all know what you're talking about. Popeyes is the King of the chicken sandwich.
Korey Sylver
Korey Sylver 25 dias atrás
Chic Fil A is going to start selling 8 pieces to counteract the Popeyes frenzy
flyinsossers 25 dias atrás
Y’all be eating Tacos at Burger King when Chick Fil A gets through with you
The Quiet Samurai
The Quiet Samurai 26 dias atrás
If Doboy says its good....its good
Dana Lynnette
Dana Lynnette 26 dias atrás
Wait! How you gone compare Chicfila original sandwich to Popeye's spicy chicken sandwich when Chicfila has a spicy sandwich?? How is that fair?
Roxanne Martinez
Roxanne Martinez 17 dias atrás
My thought exactly, ain't a true comparison.
ツsweatybuns 27 dias atrás
Whooaaaa he love pickles
RoddyJ 28 dias atrás
8:03 Kev ain't even know his life was about to change
Tiffany Flynn
Tiffany Flynn 28 dias atrás
I don't like mayo so I'm wondering if the chicken sandwich would still be so fantastic as everyone rays
Let's Talk Beauty with Dezi Queen The Queens
I bet mc Donald’s having a late night meeting right now “ we have a fast food crisis people, think quick”
GamerHawk HD
GamerHawk HD 29 dias atrás
"and the bread is soft" 😂😂🤣
Droiduser Userdroid
This is torture.
Gregory Richardson
Gregory Richardson Mês atrás
Chick file's actual chicken patty has more/ better flavor. The popeyes patty is bigger, but hella greasy, and relatively flavorless. But the sauces are really good. If you get the popeyes sauces and put them on a chick fila sandwich it'd be over.
Dira Boddie
Dira Boddie Mês atrás
They were shook
Ta Ann
Ta Ann Mês atrás
Kev went DEEP with that Wire reference! 😂😂😂
Mr J
Mr J Mês atrás
this video ruined my high
rmclarkjr Mês atrás
the chicken sandwich on the lunch menu @ Capital Grille is the best....You all need to compare that one next time...
bobo baggins
bobo baggins Mês atrás
Should of done blind taste test.
Edward Zamora
Edward Zamora Mês atrás
Everyone has a plan until they get popped in the mouth with a Popeyes sandwich.
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson Mês atrás
If you get the regular sandwich, you gotta put their Sweet Heat sauce on it!!! CRAZY!!!!!!!
m h
m h Mês atrás
Popeyes owes y'all a couple million dollars. The main reason those lines were so long is because people saw your faces after you took that bite at 8:27.
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