Is Polish similar to Bulgarian? Polish Bulgarian conversation. 

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Nadia is helping me test Polish Bulgarian mutual intelligibility. The findings are surprising!
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27 Jul 2017



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@DmitriRus 5 anos atrás
I'm Russian and i understand them better than they understand each other :D
@user-jc3zg9rr4v 4 anos atrás
Болгарский и польский далеко друг от друга разошлись. Однако, они всё же смогли договориться.👍 А болгарка - просто огонь!🔥
@starton4 6 anos atrás
For me, as a Serbian, funny part was: How much time you need from Dimitrovgrad to Sofia? Answer in Polish: dwie godziny, which means 'two years' in Serbian :)
@mikoajbojarczuk9395 4 anos atrás
Аз съм от Полша и обичам българския език!❤️🇧🇬🇵🇱
@ukaszd9040 4 anos atrás
Ale ona jest piękna... Gdy się uśmiecha to śmieją się razem z nią jej oczy...
Wonderful video! I am from Bulgaria and I heartily congratulate brotherly Poland and brotherly Ukraine! Here are the words that are common to Bulgarians and Poles:
@maximprokhovnik 5 anos atrás
As a Russian native speaker, it was quite easy to understand both Polish and Bulgarian, even when these two people experienced mutual unintelligibility. The reason behind this it that Russian language experienced large influence from Bulgarian and Serbian through religious texts usage.
@wojtekdlugokecki5434 3 anos atrás
Więcej takich rozmów polsko bułgarskich było by super
@ivanvasilev5091 4 anos atrás
I'm Bulgarian and I'm glad to hear slav conversation 😄❤🇧🇬🇵🇱
@JLoR626 5 anos atrás
As a non slav that has studied various Slavic languages, I must say that southern Slavic languages such as Serbian and Bulgarian have a much clearer sound and pronunciation as opposed to Slavic languages like Polish and Czech.
@DerphonixBeats 4 anos atrás
I am from Russia and I was absolutely able to understand everything in this conversation. Referring to the verbs, Bulgarian language seems closer to Russian but in means of the context I could understand Polish perfectly as well. Probably because of my experience of listening to Polish music and having lots of conversations with the Polish. Anyway in such common talks many of the languages of the Slavic group are quite possible for understanding. It seems it is all about the different borrowed words which appeared in our languages in different times and from different sources. Quite an interesting channel I’ll be subscribed and following your news then 😊
This is amazing! I understand both languages 100%. I'm from Lithuania, but I have worked with many polish people and learned polish. My husband is bulgarian and I started to speak in 3 months, when I was in Bulgaria. Technically if you know one slavic language it is easy to pick up another one. I did know russian before I learned another 2 languages bulgarian and polish. In total I speak 5 languages 🙈😅
@hayritahirov5566 5 anos atrás
Fun fact!
@amishchenko 4 anos atrás
I’m Russian and I understand them both (even if they don’t understand each other:))! It’s amazing
@zb292 5 anos atrás
I am Ukrainian who speaks: Ukrainian, Russian, Czech and English. I could understand 95% of Bulgarian and 95% Polish. The words the Polish guy could not understand was identical to Russian) and I was like "Fuck yeah") I have an advantage)
@sergeyprokhorov5170 4 anos atrás
Wow! Bulgarian is so similar to Russian! Church Slavonic must have influenced Russian a lot. And it's so pleasant to understand both of you. :)
@johngalt1448 5 anos atrás
Polish may be grammatically closer to Russian but Bulgarian sounds much more Russian and it seems to share more similar words with Russian.
@alexander.pamukov 5 anos atrás
I'm bulgarian, who speaks both russian and polish, and to be fair either languages are close to each other. Polish phonetically sounds different, but in depth is very common both to bulgarian and russian.
@Just_a_Lad 5 anos atrás
It'd be great if the slavic nations are somehow more united in a political, cultural, traditional and a business way. We shouldn't rely only on the West to unite us somehow, with their political unions, university programs, sports events and so. We have the potential.
@user-zo2zh9ts1j 21 dia atrás
Удивительно! И по польски понятно, и по болгарски. Хорошо дополняют друг друга. Такое впечатление, что говорят по русски, но с акцентом 😊