Iraqi refugee launches GOP challenge to Rep. Ilhan Omar

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Dalia al-Aqidi tells 'Fox & Friends' that she's running for Congress because Rep. Ilhan Omar is doing 'irreparable harm' to the country with her 'hatred and racism.' #FoxNews

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17 Jan 2020



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Comentários 100
Samsam Abdillahi
Samsam Abdillahi 2 horas atrás
This lady doesn't even know what she's saying LMAO and thats why Queen Ilhan won again!
klipschonkyo Dia atrás
Holy cow this lady is great. The way it should be.
D B Cooper
D B Cooper 2 dias atrás
Just don’t marry your brother or break lots of immigration laws and you should win.oh ya and don’t hate the Country that saved your and your Family’s life from your own people lynching you.
Maureen & Bill
Maureen & Bill 2 dias atrás
Omar is a disgrace and hates America. Send her back or put her in jail.
Mike Parker
Mike Parker 2 dias atrás
Hell yeah
ricosuaveon2 2 dias atrás
God bless you, Ms. al-Alqidi. America needs someone like you!
Gerald Kaupp
Gerald Kaupp 3 dias atrás
God bless her and so long Omar!
Grace Earney
Grace Earney 3 dias atrás
Vote at the polls
JOHN'S WICK 3 dias atrás
Anti Semite Omar
Lily Marie
Lily Marie 3 dias atrás
Good Luck! 🌺❤️🙏
Jane Williamsen
Jane Williamsen 3 dias atrás
Omar is not a democrat she is a communist and enemy of our Country
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart 4 dias atrás
The Somali should not be allowed to run, matter of fact she should be deported now.
h 4 dias atrás
i wish her win
Red Wave
Red Wave 4 dias atrás
Omar hates America too much. She could go back where she came from, may be she can finally be happy there.
Afram Asmar
Afram Asmar 4 dias atrás
yes yes you go girl you can do it best of luck we need a lover not a hater and divider Ilham Omar down and out
Walter Keith
Walter Keith 4 dias atrás
Minnesotas is looking like gop country from what I see democratic mayors supporting trump.
Bob Nelson
Bob Nelson 5 dias atrás
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Zexy Turpa
Zexy Turpa 5 dias atrás
Why is she even still in America? After commenting SOME PEOPLE DID SOMETHING. It's so obvious she supports those Al Qaeda jihadists. She is AMONG those jihadis.
Kelly Kurek
Kelly Kurek 5 dias atrás
Awesome woman and if I was in Minnesota I would vote for her. I really hope she makes it against that Omar tyrant. That woman is a tyrant and she is angry at the world and she's here to take it out on the US and I can't stand that woman
JC Oparr
JC Oparr 5 dias atrás
Dalia Al-qaida.
Careful Consumer
Careful Consumer 5 dias atrás
Good luck Dalia al-Aqidi. American people are behind you!
Amy Angell
Amy Angell 5 dias atrás
She lived under Saddam Hussein and come here to get free , she seems very proud to have been able to come here and live , that gratitude is why I would vote her in 🇺🇲🇺🇲 Merica!
bonnie bassett
bonnie bassett 6 dias atrás
I pray she wins !
Jason Chen
Jason Chen 6 dias atrás
At this point, anybody is better than Omar!
nova nova
nova nova 6 dias atrás
Maureen Stevens
Maureen Stevens 6 dias atrás
I wish I could vote for you but I'm not from your state!!!!!!
Angelita Abiera Putz
Angelita Abiera Putz 6 dias atrás
Ilhan Omar hates America!
Angelita Abiera Putz
Angelita Abiera Putz 6 dias atrás
Praying for Ms.Delia to unseat llhan Omar in November 3rd election!
Nengah Mustika
Nengah Mustika 7 dias atrás
I hope Dalia al-Aqidi wins
Ethel Jane Fontenot
Ethel Jane Fontenot 7 dias atrás
We welcome you as an American.....go to work.
bubba_pdx 7 dias atrás
Go Dalia! America!
Bunker Bitch
Bunker Bitch 7 dias atrás
Fox and fools
Mia C
Mia C 7 dias atrás
She should win! God I hope and pray she wins! If not hopefully something will get her out of that office! I will keep praying. But this Iraq woman Dalia al-Aqidi is great. I hope she is able to replace illhan omar and take her job. It would be so great is she did
azath house
azath house 7 dias atrás
Her phenotype is fascinating. She’s from Iraq but has Indo Iranian features. Is this common in Iraq?
CD Gu 7 dias atrás
elainehawk50 7 dias atrás
I'm sorry but why are we even allowing anyone not born in America in political Office positions? You cannot trust them, the Koran says to Lie to infidels !!!!!
Taber Girl_8865
Taber Girl_8865 7 dias atrás
Wake UP, Minnesota, Vote for Dalia.
Bob LaPorta
Bob LaPorta 8 dias atrás
Dalia you go girl and God bless you 🙏
Elvira Parrott
Elvira Parrott 8 dias atrás
Yes ,Omar ,OAC,Tlaib ,Pressley , four squad is full of hate 😤😤 😤 defund the polis ,destroyed the statue ,open the wall ,health insurance the elegal ,higher taxes ,recruiting the terrorists .
Marsha Egerton
Marsha Egerton 8 dias atrás
Thank you. God Bless you.
Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa 8 dias atrás
Nick M
Nick M 8 dias atrás
Free people love America and not like Omar that hates America and she can go back to Somalia where she belongs with her hatred to separate people like she loves her country Somalia in ruins. Please go back and keep the civil war going that you enjoy.
Conrado Quiaot
Conrado Quiaot 8 dias atrás
I support this refugee, she’s very different from Omar!
Charlotte Kellum
Charlotte Kellum 8 dias atrás
Omar move out of the US if you hate it! We don’t need you spuing hate of our country and our President! Hopefully you will be driven out!
Kathie Padilla
Kathie Padilla 8 dias atrás
Father God I pray that she wins the election In Jesus Mighty Name Amen and Amen 🇺🇸👑🇺🇸
Stew Pa'Dasso
Stew Pa'Dasso 8 dias atrás
I seen a glimpse of Adam Schiff and every time I see him I see a older version of Latka Gravas or Andy Kaufman of the Taxi sitcom. Trim Latka's hair down short and he could pass as a relative.
Tonya Mcclendon
Tonya Mcclendon 8 dias atrás
Omar doesn't mind stealing journey either
ABC alpha
ABC alpha 8 dias atrás
Omar should leave this country!!! She hates America so much, why is she here? What a disgrace.
Sylvia Street
Sylvia Street 8 dias atrás
That’s suppose to say Please, not lease. Spell check changed that.
Sylvia Street
Sylvia Street 8 dias atrás
Someone lease throw some holy water on the devil, Omar! Traitor!
bob arruba
bob arruba 8 dias atrás
please, some one just get rid of the omar...please
Datum Mann
Datum Mann 9 dias atrás
I hope Dalia al-Aqidi wins this race. The current Representative for this district is blinded by hatred.
Sam LaVerne
Sam LaVerne 9 dias atrás
Give Omar a choice life in prison or a first-class ticket back to the ****hole she came from.
Risshi Shafra
Risshi Shafra 9 dias atrás
Sorry Dahlia, u came in last in the recent republican primary. Better luck next time.
BookLover 9 dias atrás
Please win and send L-han back where she came from
slickrik1000 9 dias atrás
Please take her seat
Love Roscoe
Love Roscoe 9 dias atrás
Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. THANK YOU 🙏🏽 THANK YOU
Garth Algar
Garth Algar 9 dias atrás
I'd pay money to watch her debate on tv. Go Dalia!
Joanna Hai
Joanna Hai 9 dias atrás
Sandra Metzler
Sandra Metzler 10 dias atrás
Please vote for America and vote out OMAR. OMAR HATES AMERICA. SHE SHOULD BE DEPORTRD.
Eagle Cobb
Eagle Cobb 10 dias atrás
Omar as long as you're in this country that saved your butt and all you do is sew seeds of hate and Division you're trying to make this country like the one you fled really
Elipous Cates
Elipous Cates 10 dias atrás
The church of Scientology in California owner created Hollywood the owner of this church started off experimenting on tomatoes for a human brain anyway..Children membranes might be youth so children coming up missing in California
Elipous Cates
Elipous Cates 10 dias atrás
Queen Elizabeth believes eternal youth is in children's...So Prince Charles is backing this theory which put..American children at risk for these cannibals..
jenny b
jenny b 10 dias atrás
Good Luck Dalia. Hope you can bump the hateful iln off her seat & since she hates America & Democracy so much, she can go to China & good riddance to bad rubbish. Dalia has respect & a real patriot. GO DALIA!!!!!!!
Joseph Savanhak
Joseph Savanhak 10 dias atrás
Ilhan Omar she's not biggest problem, people that voted her in are the biggest problem.
Joe Mitchener
Joe Mitchener 10 dias atrás
Remember the old trick of the Trojan horse. Wearing the mask of someone but in reality another true. Vetting people, Vetting. Read about how maoist tactics work.
Gary Bourke
Gary Bourke 10 dias atrás
America needs this woman .
Rayna Engle
Rayna Engle 10 dias atrás
Ya she is an idiot...hope Dalia wins Big!!!
James Bryson
James Bryson 10 dias atrás
Why is Ilhan X still at large...6 or 8 felony offenses being slow rolled.
John GB
John GB 10 dias atrás
Ilhan Omar hates America, why does she stay ?
Jerry Dalton
Jerry Dalton 10 dias atrás
I hate Ilhan. Horrid, repulsive... an evil little creature made of nightmares.
alex uboldi
alex uboldi 10 dias atrás
why is religion always in front when it comes to rights , good you believe in what you want ,now why not use that same strenght in pushing the list of how things ought to be for people forget about religion that dosent bring food to the table , keep one from losing their job or feel safe walking down the street . the reason religion is always in political issues is cause it brings in money .
Reminisce Dingeling
Reminisce Dingeling 11 dias atrás
NegroPapa 11 dias atrás
Thank God a better replacement for Omar the Pelosi green snake is here at last. I love you Dalia.. Trump 2020
Kennedy Griffin
Kennedy Griffin 11 dias atrás
Frances Hixenbaugh
Frances Hixenbaugh 11 dias atrás
Paul Janssen
Paul Janssen 11 dias atrás
Omar the red light girl let's see three husbands should I say on her third husband wow she gets around and the squad is a disaster and Nancy Pelosi she supposed cannot get her hair done right
Steve Davis
Steve Davis 11 dias atrás
I love this woman
Annaliza Krayzman
Annaliza Krayzman 11 dias atrás
NL B 11 dias atrás
still has never answered the question, did she marry her brother to get him his citizenship,,, OMAR" NO COMMENT"
NL B 11 dias atrás
separation of Church and State, if she truly respected laws of America she would NOT wear a head dress to show she understands and assimilate to American laws and cultures, so she either wears it to disrespect all Americans or she believes her religious beliefs are above the laws and cultures of America
Kenny West
Kenny West 11 dias atrás
The squad needs to be squashed.
Kenny West
Kenny West 11 dias atrás
Look at that hard hat liner. Bhaaaa
Harry Mcghee
Harry Mcghee 11 dias atrás
Please Fight and Win against that Racist Loony as She Hates everything that suits Her to make more money and power to Fight "Against America and Americans"
William Morris
William Morris 11 dias atrás
We don't need more foreigners in our politics.
Frank Kempf
Frank Kempf 11 dias atrás
CNN is garbage news. What a bunch of losers.🤮
Martin 12 dias atrás
IIhan Omar sympathizes Alla Akbar!!! 😱😱😱
Westbrook 12 dias atrás
So Dalia how did your primary campaign go?
Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace 12 dias atrás
IllHamy is a finance criminal. U.S. justice is an abomination now. Make a few hundred dollar mistake on your returns and penalties are applied.
Jack Hook
Jack Hook 12 dias atrás
Al capone went to prison for tax fraud and omar is still in congress after committing the very same crime not to mention her many other crimes like marring her own brother and giving her new husband over 800 thousand dollars in campaign money 💰.
George Karabache
George Karabache 12 dias atrás
Ilhan Omar does not like America. She should be given a one way ticket back to where she came from.
j rie
j rie 12 dias atrás
very frustrating that she did not win the republican primary, dont give up Dalia! many minnesotans like what you bring to the table...HONESTY.
Ale Sh
Ale Sh 12 dias atrás
Peter Dyste
Peter Dyste 12 dias atrás
Omar is corrupt and the MSM covers for her.
Sam Castaneda
Sam Castaneda 12 dias atrás
Of course she won’t debate anyone or answer questions
S B 12 dias atrás
I really like her love for this country. I hope she wins.
Back2Basics 2020
Back2Basics 2020 12 dias atrás
This woman is the icon example of what makes America great!
Blankie Ruiz
Blankie Ruiz 12 dias atrás
What idiots voted for Omar who can’t think with that blanket on her head all the time. Buahahahahaha
lmwrt 12 dias atrás
This is the type of people that America needs. Educated, knowledgeable, intelligent and wise. Hope she wins.
Barbara Burcham
Barbara Burcham 12 dias atrás
So honored to have you as an American, Dalia! You are a remarkable woman. God bless you!
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