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The IQ Micro bowsight with retina lock technology explained by John Dudley, host of Nock On TV.


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3 Jul 2013



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Comentários 72
Lars Götz
Lars Götz 4 dias atrás
isnt that a thing anymore???
Wireline .Cables
Wireline .Cables 13 dias atrás
Looks more like a gimmick to me
konstantinethegr8 Mês atrás
I wish I could afford this but I need new golf clubs first lmao
tztxz80 Mês atrás
This is a funny advertisement. As if John Dudley needed some gimmick to shoot that group. It's a good sight for learning I guess.
Eric Everson
Eric Everson 5 meses atrás
I don’t think he would need this sight to be accurate lol. Seen on one of his videos he put 3 arrows inside of a 12 ring from 80 yrds.
ZachAttack498 6 meses atrás
I am using my normal form and I can't get the green dot to move enough to the left (left handed shooter). My form could be the issue but I've been told that it's always been good. I'm thinking about trying to shim the sight but maybe someone else has any suggestions?
Cyrulez93 5 meses atrás
ZachAttack498 on the Cabela’s website it say right hand only idk if it’s the same sight
Harley Me
Harley Me 10 meses atrás
further proves my theory about technology killing peoples natural skill. if I can hit a man size target 100 yards away with a longbow without a sight... why the hell cant you?
RB YUM 11 meses atrás
Nice shooting, what release are you using??
Thomas Mazsa
Thomas Mazsa 11 meses atrás
i thought this sight would eliminate the need for a peep but he is still using one
FeraDyne Outdoors
FeraDyne Outdoors 10 meses atrás
You have the option of not using a peep. However, a lot of people still use their peep.
Person Online
Person Online 11 meses atrás
Im not an expert. If I built this sight i'd have put the retina lock thing near your level so you can see it all in your peripherals. That way you can just look at what you want to shoot and not have to try so see two separate things while watching your target. Free advice sight nerds.
Frank Hoffman
Frank Hoffman 11 meses atrás
A commercial. Don't we get enough ads?
Voice of truth
Voice of truth Anos atrás
What if you don't set the small dor correct in the first place??... What if your setting it up with bad form?? Its absolutely worthless technology.... A total gemic If you got bad form to begin with, by putting the dot into the middle isn't going to help you what so ever
Voice of truth
Voice of truth Anos atrás
Un needed technology... Practice your form
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina Mês atrás
The retina lock allows you see where your form needs improvement. Your skill advances more rapidly.
Justin Orcutt
Justin Orcutt Anos atrás
If I have the 7 pin IQ Sight, can you set the first pin @ 10 yards vs 20 yards?
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina Mês atrás
Yes. But what would be the point? Set it up for 20, then learn the gap for 10.
I have this IQ MICRO sight and they aren't joking about how good it is, I have headed for a while and didn't set it up because I was afraid I'd mess up my whole setup but once I put it on I got it sighted in I absolutely love this thing. I want to get the light to attach to it to brighten up the site other than that this is a home run great product I will stick with IQ products
MrEye4get Anos atrás
Just installed this sight and almost zeroed in.
Leo & Dan Ryan
Leo & Dan Ryan Anos atrás
I purchased one of the economical versions of this sight, I'm sure it would work well for others whose vision is better, but for myself I haven't been able to take advantage of the Retina Lock. I can't see it to set it , which means I can't see it to use it. I have used the sight hunting from a ground blind, and since it doesn't have a light I wasn't able to see my pin during the first hour or last hour of daylight. I did shoot a doe at 30 yards and I hit where I was aiming, unfortunately I was aiming too far back and a little high. This was my first archery shot at a living target. I felt pretty bad about it, I was unable to recover her because she had run to a neighbor's property and I didn't have permission to go onto the property. The sight is excellent for target shooting. I Robin Hooded one of my first few shots, but at the price point a light should be included.
Gsxr11000306 Anos atrás
Leo, there should be a small plastic cover somewhere that is covering a 1/8" screw hole. On my IQ sight (1st version) it's on the bottom of the sight, directly below the fiber optic strings within the sight housing itself. I bought a separate light that screws in there thinking exactly as you've described it. If I ever need my pins/Retina Lock to light up in really low light conditions, I just need to turn on this light. That being said, the pins and Retina Lock always start to glow before legal shooting light. But I can see of a situation (like inside of a ground blind when the ambient light outside over powers the available light inside the blind) when you would need that light. There are lots of over-priced sights that do not include a light. For the advantages of the IQ system, I can spend the extra little bit to get an off-brand light.
Joseph tread lightly
I meant that I have always used just a kisser button with no peep.
Joseph tread lightly
This summer I upgraded from my PSE with a very short valley to a new PSE Evolve 35 since I have a long draw & shoot 60 lbs. max. The Evolve has a different grip & it took a couple of weeks to get used to it & the IQ bowsight helped me out. I have always shot with a consistent anchor point with a kisser button. The morale of the story is that the retina lock with good form will give u that 100% confidence when u let the arrow go providing u have a good release & don't punch it.
Hunter Barton
Hunter Barton Anos atrás
A 1" group at 20yrds is great but, it's not that's awesome especially for a professional Archer like John. I like the concept of the sight but, you might as well get a nice sliding sight instead.
Ian in Taiwan
Ian in Taiwan Anos atrás
Had one for 3 hours and sent it back. 2 inch housing,,, What are we doing here? Retina lock tells you when you torque?? Your arrows on the target tells you when you torque. I try all of John Dudley's suggestions but this was a TV add with a gimmick :(
Gsxr11000306 Anos atrás
My IQ shows me when something has changed in my overall anchor. Wearing no gloves / thin gloves / thick gloves ALL affect my anchor. As well, bending around a tree while drawing will affect your anchor. Not bending at the waist and dropping your bow arm while shooting out of a tree stand will affect your anchor. Strings and cables stretching will affect your anchor. Without an Retina Lock style sight (there are some other brands that utilize this same tech) a peep sight only WILL NOT show you this in advance. The RL trains you to have a very consistent anchor and will indicate something is wrong when you're at anchor prior to release of the arrow.
Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips 2 anos atrás
Torque tuning your rest will also give the same result as the retina lock (for left and rights).
termite122 2 anos atrás
i was hoping it would possibly eliminate the use of a peep sight..
Phil Ward
Phil Ward 11 meses atrás
Using peep and retina lock is a double check that everything is correct. Form and peep are primary with the retinal lock as a verification for piece of mind. Nothing says you can't remove peep. I've used the No peep a few years ago and I think still have it, like @Don Shultz above, and was shooting without a peep but when I got a faster bow it seemed to shift with the shots even though alignment was good so I stopped using it. That was an add-on device and not part of the sight.
M.J. Green
M.J. Green 2 anos atrás
I just got one. It's great.
Wingnut 429
Wingnut 429 2 anos atrás
Both eyes open cause he was just shooting a commercial; He uses Sureloc that he rants and raves about all the time.
M.J. Green
M.J. Green 2 anos atrás
What if the shooting form has the bow slightly cocked left or right before you adjust the center lock?
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 2 anos atrás
The retina lock will show you a sight picture that has the green background offset to the left or right. This is usually caused by bow torque. When you adjust your form for zero torque the green background will center around the black dot. In my experience, when your form is identical to the previous shots, the black dot will be centered in the green background. That is what make this bow sight so accurate. It lets you correct for tiny variations in your form. It will show you where you are off and you can correct before your release. Using identical form will improve your groups. Over time you'll notice that every time you draw, the dot is perfectly centered. This is muscle memory taking over to create identical form. I have an IQ Pro XT on my bow. Best sight I've ever used and best groups I've ever achieved. I consider it money well spent.
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 2 anos atrás
The negative posters are speaking from a lack of experience. I have a IQ Pro XT on my bow and it is an amazing bow sight. When properly set up, the retina lock shows you the slightest deviation in your form and any bow torque you are inducing. Your form and release determine how tight your groups are going to be. The retina lock helps you achieve good, consistent form, time after time after time. Your form and accuracy will improve using this bow sight and your groups will tighten at all distances. If you haven't actually tried this bow sight, you are posting from ignorance.
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina Mês atrás
@termite122 - I use a peep because I'm old and there is a lens in the peep to help me focus. The retina lock works great in low light. It is passive lighting. No light. But no light seems to be needed.
babjwmson Anos atrás
@termite122 of course. I used to shot compound with fingers. Works well without peep
termite122 2 anos atrás
do you use the sight without a peep? how does the retina lock show up in low light hunting situations? does it have a light?
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 2 anos atrás
I love all of the expert archers in the comments. Practice CAN make you better to a certain degree but I can also reinforce bad habits. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect and that does not exist. This sight is a tool to help with better form. I was a decent shot before I started using this. But now I’m even more consistent and my form has improved. If another product comes out that will help me, and it works, I will use that one too.
termite122 Mês atrás
your so full of shit! accurate to 100 yards with a longbow? lets make a wager i give u 5 arrows every one of those five that can even hit a bail at 100 yards i give u 100$ u can make 500$ we will film it of course and post it on utube for the world to see..i made the challenge..up to you now..
Harley Me
Harley Me 10 meses atrás
its not that.. I agree these devices CAN help you get better.. but in turn they also take away all the natural skill of an archer too... I dont use sights, I'm accurate at 100 yards with my longbow... why would I NEED a sight is wht it comes down to.
Don Schultz
Don Schultz 2 anos atrás
I've not had a peep on my hunting bows since 1993. I started using the techology used on the IQ sight in about 1995. This was in the form of the Timberline No Peep. I've not studied details of patent licenses over the years. I have about 4 of the Timberline No Peep devices and also an Archery Innovations Anchor Sight, a later development of the same optical tech. My primary bow has the Anchor Sight. My back up hunter, and my competition bow each have a No Peep. The competition bow has a peep also. Timberline is no longer in business. The original No Peep was down right tedious to set up, but once locked down, it was rock stable. And after 20+ years, I've gotten used to working with them. Watching Dudley's tutorial, I've come to agree the IQ sight is a very good way to go, if you are looking for a new hunting sight. If you like what you've got for a sight, then add the Anchor Sight. The Anchor Sight adds additional screen size along with self illumination which helps the evening hunt. The Anchor Sight is also very easy to set up, like the IQ Sight. Use the sequence Dudley advises in this video. You can find me on , user name Don Schultz.
JadedKingsGaming 3 anos atrás
my sureloc is better quality and I don't need a retina lock. it's called practice, if you're off by 5 inches at 20 yards your doing way more than a quarter inch difference. you're bow needs work, arrows, or you need help because that isn't the sight or little differences in form.
Mason Hall
Mason Hall 3 anos atrás
Is the rectnia lock available in a single pin sight
Brett Houston
Brett Houston Anos atrás
justin perrin
justin perrin Anos atrás
Mason Hall it is a rover pin and you twist the knob and just the pin moves up and down while the pin in horizontal, they call it a rover pin, but you’d have to mark your own distances
Hunter Lawrence
Hunter Lawrence Anos atrás
Looks like they do make a single pin sight that has the retina lock. I am not sure how the single pin system affects retina lock
justin perrin
justin perrin Anos atrás
Well think if you’re moving the sight up and down like a 1 pin sight does, you’d throw off the retina lock because the sight wouldn’t be in the same place
mohawksniper79 2 anos atrás
Mason Hall take the other pins off.
asa middleton
asa middleton 3 anos atrás
Those micro adjust knobs are noisy and my retina lock never stayed in place..
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 2 anos atrás
Ask the manufacturer to check it out. Mine do "click" as I make adjustments but they always stay in place.
Mike Siena
Mike Siena 3 anos atrás
Tell me if i understand correctly. After sighting in at 20, DO NOT touch micro adjustments, solely move pins to bring in your bow at further distances, yea?
Arkansas River Valley Outdoors
Mike Siena, I just purchased one. You sight in at 20 yards and make sure you hit bullseye. Then after you get 20 yards sighted in, adjust the retna lock. Then you use the retna lock as your right form to sight in 30, 40, 50...individually by adjusting the pins.
Dashippo 3 anos atrás
no individual pin micro adjust.
Kyle Packer
Kyle Packer Anos atrás
There is he just didn't use it in the video
John garner garner
John garner garner 3 anos atrás
Wonder how it compares to the Trophy Ridge React Pro?
Gonzalo Arriaga
Gonzalo Arriaga 3 anos atrás
John Dudley just saw that you are using a peep sight...?? how come do you use both...peep sight and iq micro bowsight...?? I tought this was going to eliminate the pe3p sight...!!
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina Mês atrás
@Gary New - We are the same exact age. :-)
Gary New
Gary New 2 meses atrás
@Oscar Medina have the same issues, 67 yo
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 2 anos atrás
You don't have to use a peep but there are some advantages to using a peep. A peep can help you develop a consistent anchor point. As you get older your vision starts to develop close in focus issues. I'm a senior citizen and I use a peep because I need a "verifier" lens to see the pins and target. The verifier lens is in the peep.
Harry Bolzich
Harry Bolzich 4 anos atrás
It's a cool well made sight. But I would never buy another. If you have good form you shouldn't need the retina lock. Don't grip your bow with your bow hand. I rarely look at the retina lock and when I did I shot the same groups as I did before with a normal 5 pin sight. Also it is very bulky compared to other sights.
Duke Lacrosse
Duke Lacrosse 4 anos atrás
I heard John mention the Retina Lock tech on his podcast but wasn't sure what it was and my initial searches fell short. Stumbled across this yesterday and now it all makes sense and my order has been placed. Thanks for all the great info Dud!
perrysnopeep 4 anos atrás
Wish we could get you to try a Perrys No Peep archery sight, thanks for the video John.
perrysnopeep 2 anos atrás
Matt™ $85. $215. or $300. priority mail included
Matt™ 2 anos atrás
perrysnopeep 300 is just too much for a bow accessory...
perrysnopeep 3 anos atrás
Thank you
Miran Gasper
Miran Gasper 3 anos atrás
bltefft 4 anos atrás
His bow has a peep sight. I thought the IQ sight eliminates the need for a Peep. How would you sight in the bow without having a beep sight in your bowstring
Dakine Anos atrás
bltefft i have never seen advertisements from iQ staring to remove the peep. There is a peepless sight out there but it’s not iQ retna lock
ap9793 4 anos atrás
If you are off by 5 inches at 20 yards then its not the sights problem, you just have horrible form. If you can't at least get a 2 inch group at 20 yards consistently you need to get archery lessons and not worry about which sight you have. I'm not saying this sight won't help, but I don't believe the numbers they give. If i'm off at 5 inches at 50 yards it means i'm having a bad day, if i'm off by 5 inches at 20 I would have to check my bow because something broke or is loose.
Shekelberg Kvetchestein
I think it was just an exaggerated example for the sake of demonstration. I do like the idea of that upper optical piece for practicing with a new baby or setup, just to get a visual representation.
Cobra Eyes
Cobra Eyes 2 anos atrás
ap9793 I bought the Iq pro high dolars version and I m off 5 inches and had lots of trouble then I switching to the lower dollars IQ pro and I now satisfied with it.
Hunter Pike
Hunter Pike 4 anos atrás
this sight is the best sight I've ever had
Simonn Dames
Simonn Dames 4 anos atrás
Just think, with a #bowtech and that sight he would have a double robin hood lol
Olaf Anacker
Olaf Anacker 2 anos atrás
V Gray so last year
V Gray
V Gray 3 anos atrás
And a limb failure
Funnyhuntcraft 4 anos atrás
Can I sight the top pin at 10 yards instead of 20 yards?
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 2 anos atrás
You can but is easier to just adjust your aim point to compensate for where the arrow will strike.
Brian Finn
Brian Finn 4 anos atrás
+Funnyhuntcraft yes but with most modern bows, there will be almost no difference between the 10 yard & 20 yard pin
ap9793 4 anos atrás
+Funnyhuntcraft Yes you can but there usually is such a small gap between a 10 yard pin and 20 yard pin that the pins would literally be touching. If you just use a 20 yard pin then your 10 yard mark is within an inch.
Chad Phelps362
Chad Phelps362 4 anos atrás
Does the retina lock use battery's? Thanks
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 2 anos atrás
No. The fiber optics use ambient light. No batteries are needed unless you add the optional light. I have found the fiber is so bright I had to add a piece of black tape to reduce the amount of light in the fiber.
Nigel Sethack
Nigel Sethack 4 anos atrás
+Moto 126 Says in the video it doesn't
Joshua Posey
Joshua Posey 4 anos atrás
what is the housing size?
Todd DeGraffenreid
Todd DeGraffenreid 4 anos atrás
how much does it matter if you dial in the retina loc with your left eye versus your right eye for a RH bow. I shoot with both eyes open.
Brian Finn
Brian Finn 4 anos atrás
+Todd DeGraffenreid Why would it? Kind of a dumb question unless you're going to use a different eye for each shot.
Grady Fitzwater
Grady Fitzwater 4 anos atrás
Can I use this sight out of a tree stand with the retina lock
frederick socha
frederick socha 4 anos atrás
How are the optics in low light?
Brian Finn
Brian Finn 4 anos atrás
+frederick socha Great. The fibers are very long & collect a lot of light. I spent the extra 12 bucks and got the rheostat light, now I can shoot in almost pitch black.
Hatchet69th 4 anos atrás
really?........ it's as easy as that??
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 2 anos atrás
Justin Daniels
Justin Daniels 4 anos atrás
@Damon Upton Bow torque is when you twist the bow with you grip. I hope this answers your question
F Joseph Stockbridge
F Joseph Stockbridge 4 anos atrás
How does the retina lock work for the pins other than the 20 yd. If you elevate the bow when you sight in for the 30-80 yard pins, doesn't that move the retina lock off center?
trouts Channel
trouts Channel 4 anos atrás
No, only if your torque your hands up because the Retina Lock is based on your anchor point therefore your head will be elevated as well, as it should be to make a longer distance shot.
Damon Upton
Damon Upton 5 anos atrás
What is bow torque
Jake French
Jake French 4 anos atrás
Where the riser twist
Shooter4829 5 anos atrás
Im looking into a $1000-1500 compound soon, this thing is a must for it. Cheers for the video mate. I know what sight im getting
Bryce Rush
Bryce Rush 5 anos atrás
Am I the only one that shots with my left eye closed?
12Deathcon 5 anos atrás
@Bryce Rush No you're not but its a common 'Habbit" that you learn when you start shooting anything that requires a sight (rifle / handgun / shotgun / bow). It takes a bit of brain training to break the habbit. Its also easier to track moving targets with both eyes open. If you shoot target (firearm / bow) you can get glasses that actually have a piece of card that covers the one eye to aid with focusing.
Bryce Rush
Bryce Rush 5 anos atrás
Are there any decent drop away tests that aren't very expensive
salamandersandworms 5 anos atrás
@Bryce Rush NAP Apache
Patrick Cox
Patrick Cox 5 anos atrás
Are you using your peep?
Rob Springborg
Rob Springborg 7 meses atrás
You don't need one with this site
Infinite Night1
Infinite Night1 5 anos atrás
Im curious how you are able to shoot a peep sight with both eyes open, or are you not using the peep with the IQ sight?
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 2 anos atrás
I use a peep with my IQ Pro XT. I also shoot both eyes open. I use a peep with a verifier lens as I'm in my senior years and can't focus on the pins. I experience no problems using the peep with both eyes open. I think it is just something you get used to but I never had a problem.
Robert Henry
Robert Henry 5 anos atrás
I can't speak for the shooter in the video but when I put my IQ sight on I took my peep out. With the retina lock there is really no need for a peep because you are always lined up perfect
Dakota Lawson
Dakota Lawson 5 anos atrás
Amazing sight and great shooting pattern! Best sight ever!
Cody 5 anos atrás
What type of materiel is your target made out of??
shane berkness
shane berkness 5 anos atrás
it's just a block target which is made of a bunch of thin layers of foam
massbud1 5 anos atrás
So then I'll ask you guys because I'm in the market for a new sight. I'm trying to choose from the Trophy Ridge React Sight, the HHA Optimizer Lite 5519, and the TRUGLO AC Range-Rover Wheel Sight. What do you hunter recommend. Be gentle I'm just getting into this sport.
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 2 anos atrás
With the IQ sight you will definitely break nocks. Your groups will really tighten up.
Robert Henry
Robert Henry 5 anos atrás
Go with the IQ sight. My groups got tight and have broken arrows out to sixty yards. Excellent product
Holly Reece
Holly Reece 5 anos atrás
Hey Love the info I think your work is amazing and I would love to see you test the Grizzly sticks arrows and single bevel broad heads are they really worth the money and do they do what they say with FOC. AND Spine!!?? Please help
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 5 anos atrás
That what every manufacturing say " we got the best product in the market using state of the art technology " my ass. I threw out a challenge to Bowtech about their bowstring. Bowtech say they have the best bowstring in the market and the use high tech state of the art technology string that no competitor have. Hoyt and Matthews say the same about their shit too. Well, if you call BCY the company that supply these Bow company with string they'll tell you Hoyt, Bowtech, and Matthews are full of shit. They use the same string from BCY and just gave it a name Hoyt call it Fuse, Matthews call Zebra, Bowtech call it Octane, and I call it BULLSHIT. Just like Toyota, Chevy, Honda, GM and Ford they all use Mobli one Oil. If you go to Toyota you'll see on the Oil bottle say Toyota Oil but it from Mobli one. I hate it when these company use the same shit and keep tell people their shit is different, their shit is the latest technology and it's the best in the market. When they all use the same shit. So, when Honda say they have the best Oil, I challenge them that Toyota have better Oil. They won't put their money where their mouth is, cause Honda know there the same shit.
Zach Kennedy
Zach Kennedy 2 anos atrás
Bruce Wayne well no shit dude, I mean c'mon, they're trying to sell their product. Durrrrr. What do you expect them to say..."umm hey guys, we don't have the best, but uhh.. we're pretty darn good durrrrr durrrrr"
spartaman64 3 anos atrás
they could be claiming that their bow strings are better made than other company's and the same for hoyt matthews etc. of course they cant all have the best bow strings so all but one of them are lying
Robert Henry
Robert Henry 5 anos atrás
I don't disagree completely with your comment, however I put an IQ sight on my bow last year and it is absolutely amazing how much more accurate it makes your shots. Is it THE most accurate sight? That I can't say but I can say it is definitely worth trying one out because it is pretty awesome
Jody F
Jody F 5 anos atrás
After about 10 minutes of install and dialing in the 20 pin, then another few clicks on the Retina Lock eye... My groups shrunk considerably! I can't wait to finish sighting in the rest of the 7 pins on my PSE.
stizan24 5 anos atrás
Ok. Let me get better at shooting my bow and ill go get one next spring. I just got a neq sight lol. I still need to sight that one in at longer than 10 yards. I need to get more arrows too. I have been shooting FOBs and I break one every time I go shoot.
Gary Martin Photography
@***** Now I am curious?? If stizan24 wants to keep using FOBS, how does that equate to 'hard/pig headed' - 'uneducated opinion' and 'too inexperienced'? And to top it all off - 'you need to watch yourself', and 'get better at shooting' ?? Read like insults to me man.
stizan24 5 anos atrás
I got my stinger in April I was shooting a pse nova since 2011. I got turned on to FOBS mid 2012. I got a stinger because I have a short draw length and the nova doesn't adjust as fine as a stinger.
stizan24 5 anos atrás
I am sorry if I sounded pig headed. I thank you for your advice. I have used fletched arrows and have had to refletch arrows. I don't like it. I find FOBS much easier to use and have had several for 2 years that are as pristine as the day I got them. I cannot say the same of any of my fetched arrows. I will point out that my original comment was about sighting in a new sight not being able to shoot past 10 yards.
stizan24 5 anos atrás
Or stick with my FOBS.
stizan24 5 anos atrás
Yes. If you get a pack of apes pre fletched there is always one put two that pull. After a while babes warp and they warp faster when warm to me. If you shoot groups and tear a vane that arrow is done unless you want to re fletch. Refletching is time consuming and the glue stinks. All fOBs fly the same and if you break one it takes 2 seconds to pop another on. There is les wind drift too.
Texas Slinger
Texas Slinger 6 anos atrás
oh my my my!! Can' wait to get mine!!
Raydee 6 anos atrás
Can the peep sight be removed once the IQ sight is completely set up or should we keep it in place?
Chuck Moyer
Chuck Moyer 6 anos atrás
I like to shoot with peep removed. Went to this sight not only for consistency,but to see beyond peep. After a while you will see your form become more automatic and consistent. After several practice sessions you will notice retina lock out of peripheral vision.Your range and accuracy should both increase.Hope this helps
Chuck Moyer
Chuck Moyer 6 anos atrás
Best explanation for an outstanding sight!
Jessie Rhodes
Jessie Rhodes 6 anos atrás
Quick review: I have been enjoying my IQ Micro 5 for the past 4 months... I accidentally dropped my bow during hunting season and the sight landed right on a rock, it scratched the housing a little but the sight DID NOT MOVE. I really appreciate how rugged it is, and sighting in is easy with micro adjust once you get your pin gap set. The retina lock is fantastic because for target and 3D I shoot bare handed, but hunting I wear gloves and my grip changes... the retina lock really does keep away the torque! My only complaint is I wish I could order different pin options - I'd really like to setup my bow with all red pins, because they show up better in the environments I'm used to shooting in. Thanks Field Logic!
Todd Greenlee
Todd Greenlee 6 anos atrás
awesome video. looking forward to giving it a try.
YaoLuang Saechao
YaoLuang Saechao 6 anos atrás
Surprise it's not used much, at least I haven't heard if it til today, will give it a try when I get to cabelas.
alex polyzos
alex polyzos 6 anos atrás
Hi John,very nice spot and veeery good sight! Well done! My best recards from 3D Masters Germany and all the guys from 2010!
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