iPhone 13 Unboxing - Are they ACTUALLY Good!?

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Unboxing iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, including camera test, battery, specs etc! Enter the Giveaway HERE: (100% free and international - All phones purchased by myself)

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Mrwhosetheboss 4 meses atrás
Enter the Giveaway HERE: (100% free and international - All phones purchased by myself) iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera comparison is LIVE NOW: Slight correction: The black color is called Midnight. Starlight is the white variant!
Leeyotcan Kok
Leeyotcan Kok 19 dias atrás
I need one
C1s HD
C1s HD Mês atrás
Mrwhosetheboss I think you gave us the link from the last giveaway because when I click it, it says that it has ended
M. Rehan Ajmal
M. Rehan Ajmal Mês atrás
Please have me on iPhone 13
Aige Mês atrás
Reagan Njang
Reagan Njang Mês atrás
I whant iphone pleas🤧
MrUnknown 4 meses atrás
One of most difficult decisions of my life : *Choosing between Arun's and Marques' video when they upload at the same time*
CallMeVid 5 dias atrás
It’s literally red pill, blue pill Look at their channel color themes
Aki 15 dias atrás
That's when RNGs come in handy
Fast Food Runner
Fast Food Runner 28 dias atrás
Arun is more fun to Watch, but both are interesting Videos
Raunak Singh
Raunak Singh Mês atrás
Relatable. I watch Arun as a priority tho
Darryl Jansen
Darryl Jansen 3 meses atrás
Arun, I’m amazed at how your brand has strengthened, I look forward to your videos purely for the polished structured delivery and entertainment value. Please stay impartial and free of fluff and pandering to manufacturers. You are a consumer champion!
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wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 3 meses atrás
What a legend. The dedication to the 2-second Steve Jobs bit, “Yes.” chefs kiss
ebug64 3 dias atrás
I personally LOVE heavy phone. They make me feel like I'm holding a premium device. This goes for both Android and iPhone. Funnily enough, I actually recently switched from Android to the iPhone 13 Pro for the very first time because I wanted that flat design and the HEFT. It feel so damn good compared to my previous Galaxy S20 FE.
lost 2 meses atrás
man, the quality of your videos when it comes to production, and general point of view on things is just amazing now! keep up the great work man, I can't wait to see where you are going to be in another 3 years!
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RaggedDreemurr 2 meses atrás
“Is that direction we’re moving in? Yes.” That freaking killed me
BR3 Gaming
BR3 Gaming 2 meses atrás
@p̈ïn̈n̈ëd̈ by mrwhosethboss Bruh why are there so many fucking bots here
BR3 Gaming
BR3 Gaming 2 meses atrás
@p̈ïn̈n̈ëd̈ by mrwhosethboss Bruh why are there so many fucking bots here
 ShortHax 4 meses atrás
Damn, the 1TB version could store hours of Rickrolls, but it’s expensive af
ABIGUS 23 horas atrás
Tharusha Thirimanna
Greg Kareem
Greg Kareem Mês atrás
Eric Sele
Eric Sele Mês atrás
1TB sd card...
WisePlayz 2 meses atrás
I love how this is the first thing that comes to mind with up to 1TB of storage lmfao
Sakura 3 meses atrás
The pastel pink looks really good, it's not "in your face" and I love it
shizianthea Mês atrás
the pink is way too light tbh
シNazarethム・ 2 meses atrás
Agree same with midnight blue / black
nuriah curry
nuriah curry 4 meses atrás
started binge watching ur videos last night and you’ve quickly become one of my favorite channels 🤎i don’t even normally watch tech videos but u make it fun. subscribed !!!
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@Kat James ☝️☝️☝️☝️ Thanks for watching and commenting,you just won an iPhone 13 pro Dm to receive
Kat James
Kat James 3 meses atrás
on god I have never even owned an iphone but I've still been subbed to this channel for years
Smile 3 meses atrás
Love how you compare the weight of each iphones. I upgraded from 7+ to 12pro max last year and found the 12pro max worn out my risk while watching youtube/reading novel/playing games.
Shadow 21 dia atrás
@Qravity Rl lol
jahkobe johnson
jahkobe johnson 22 dias atrás
Its wrist.
Qravity Rl
Qravity Rl 2 meses atrás
@Shadow i’m sure that’s what they meant 😂
Shadow 2 meses atrás
do you mean wrist?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 3 meses atrás
did anyone notice the v card while unboxing
ColdBloodedVK 2 meses atrás
I was with an old 1st generation SE for a good 5-6 years straight, to me 13 is a hell of a upgrade, I've bought myself the Iphone 13 (not Pro nor Mini) and freaking happy with it.
Alphawave07 7 dias atrás
If you really want an upgrade, get the S21 Ultra 😈
ColdBloodedVK Mês atrás
@A Z the battery life much extended over 12, I really wanted the Pro version but the budget said it’s No-No The blueish colour is noticeable, but it’s dark blue, so it’s not that flashy.
A Z Mês atrás
@ColdBloodedVK why did you choose the 13 over the 12? midnight color, is it really noticeable when outside in sunlight
ColdBloodedVK Mês atrás
@A Z I wanted bigger screen and the colour is Dark Night but it’s not completely black, it has a slight blue tint.
A Z Mês atrás
Well done, Why not the 13 mini and which color you went for?
Neel_02 4 meses atrás
I literally loved the fact that Arun did not mention about the giveaway in his thumbnail or title. He honestly wants his videos to be watched by the people who wants to see his real content rather than the people who would be watching his videos for the giveaways. I have never seen a man as nice and as honest as him. Hats off to you! Edit- Thanks for the likes. It was umm, electrifying! (In Arun's style.)
I Am You're Son
I Am You're Son 4 meses atrás
@Lisa Defries what if you don't have a talent
Lisa Defries
Lisa Defries 4 meses atrás
I live in UK so giveaway doesn’t apply to me as USA version apple phones. I simply watched because wanting to decide what to do regarding upgrading my iPhone 6s for myself and son. But a very generous giveaway for sure 😊 My son won a iPad Pro few years ago after he entered a graphics competition they sent him the best iPad Pro with largest storage etc I was amazed that competitions online so generous. Then few months later he won a large pc monitor for another digital image competition. If you have talent its worth checking out legitimate competitions online.
John Tron123
John Tron123 4 meses atrás
Abu Hurairah
Abu Hurairah 4 meses atrás
@Cruzzer can you provide me with any source or link?
Cruzzer 4 meses atrás
@Abu Hurairah actually according to apple , BRvidrs and influencers buy around 200k iphones worth over 40m dollars :o
Autumn Trasko
Autumn Trasko 3 meses atrás
I love your videos, and love how your always honest on what your talking about. 👌😊
3than44 2 meses atrás
I found this channel bc I was wanting to update from my 6s plus finally after almost 7 years well not yet but soon hopefully 😂 I have never binged watched a tech channel but all of the videos are made way more interesting than all the other channels I’ve watched an a lot more informative. Other channels just feel like they are paid to say everything an don’t really care about the product or are very one sided about Android or iPhone.
Hira Shah
Hira Shah Mês atrás
This video is actually so helpful and i love the editing and the way the information is shown and talked about!!😁😁
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TheMystro1971 Mês atrás
After testing both 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max for a week, I sent both back as they are way, way, too heavy. The Pro Max 240+ grams feel like a iPad Mini but with a screen too small compared to a iPad.
Jumana Bakhamis
Jumana Bakhamis Mês atrás
How can you send them back after using it ? In which country this is allowed?
LUMIΛZ 4 meses atrás
When the CEO of passionfruit says "YES" I was dying laughing, it was completely unexpected 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Mihier Kansal
Mihier Kansal 4 dias atrás
@Asma Gamer He is Arun!
QuAcK_hEaD 9 dias atrás
@MT Redline hahaha init
@𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫𒐫 your name tho
Blvkk 17 dias atrás
@NoNamicekk it’s not!
Blvkk 17 dias atrás
@Asma Gamer right? You never know
Oscar Fok
Oscar Fok 3 meses atrás
This unboxing video is really informative! Well done, really enjoy watching it, it’s amazing 👍👍
@WhatsApp +① (②⑤③) ②④④-⑤⑧①②
Plus. I Open bracket VII V VII Close bracket V II O VII VI IV VII........!**''''
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Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
tips on iPhone for brightness: step 1: you go to settings step 2: go to accessibility step 3: press "Display & Text Size" it is the 3rd one from "vision" so "voice over" then "zoom" so now you see "display & test size" step 4: scroll down to see a BAR and it says "Reduce White Point" you can use that to make your phone's brightness low and then get it to be lower I have tried it and it works a lot!
Deadly Skill15
Deadly Skill15 3 meses atrás
9:36 idk if y’all know this. Most probably do but you can go into accessibility and add the “Reduce white point” shortcut and it’ll reduce the brightness even more than the lowest brightness normally. You can tweak it in display and text size by turning white point on and adjusting the percent
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 3 meses atrás
you are very honest and detailed! I like how you compare the 13 series. ☺️👌🏼
Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐Whatsaap
Eruks Teejay
Eruks Teejay 4 meses atrás
Let's all appreciate the enormous amount of efforts Arun puts into making his videos! Arun's videos are the only videos I watch without skipping any parts. Keep up the good work MrWhoseTheBoss! 🙌🙌
Eruks Teejay
Eruks Teejay 4 meses atrás
@*ARI~CHAN* haha. Now you know it's Arun 😁
More Moarkh
More Moarkh 4 meses atrás
Janok Ezo
Janok Ezo 4 meses atrás
@*ARI~CHAN* now you know it's Arun
*ARI~CHAN* 4 meses atrás
i thought his name was spelled "ahron"
Eruks Teejay
Eruks Teejay 4 meses atrás
Wooow, I'm mind-blown that my comment got a 💖 from you!!! 😍😍😍
The Futuregamer94
The Futuregamer94 Mês atrás
Using the iPhone 13 pro with the leather MagSafe case, then having the MagSafe wallet on it, I find it really hard to accidentally detach the wallet
Marian Bulnes
Marian Bulnes 28 dias atrás
Great vid 💜! I was a bit disappointed with the sierra blue because it’s very pastel grey… I wonder if I should’ve gotten the white one instead lol
what's app+❶❸❷❸❻❺❾❶❺❷❻
Thanks for watching chat up⬆️⬆️what s app to claim prize 🎅🎁🎁..
Id Noble
Id Noble 3 meses atrás
Your videos are so amazing and highly informative. Thank you
Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap•🌷
Maya Natasha Pirzada
Maya Natasha Pirzada 5 dias atrás
I just got my iPhone 13 pro max recently and I think I might have found a way to switch off the macro camera. If you head to settings and open the camera app you will find a switch called the macro control. If you switch it on. Then later on when your camera automatically enters macro, press the flower icon that will now be there and it will switch from macro
Congratulations ☝️ Message right away I have something for you
Dam 4 meses atrás
You can actually reduce the minimum brightness by going to accessibility settings, display, reduce white point 👌🏻
rice 4 meses atrás
Android better
rice 4 meses atrás
Iphone suck
Bruh hehe
Bruh hehe 4 meses atrás
quit youtube dude
Bruh hehe
Bruh hehe 4 meses atrás
dude can u not? like steal comments and be so shady
Project : Timeline
Project : Timeline 4 meses atrás
Dude can you please stop commenting
MULTISTAN 26 dias atrás
Apple needs to hire this guy to give them recommendations and ideas for new phones.
🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙🆙
KAPIL OJHA 3 meses atrás
The PRO Version has something new which will definitely attract more customers towards the IOS.
KAPIL OJHA 3 meses atrás
draen x
draen x 3 meses atrás
Gutted that there's still no in-display fingerprint sensor or always-on display but hey, at least the notch is 'smaller'. If looking to upgrade, iPhone 13 Pro might be the better choice. Same features as Pro Max but saves a few hundred quid for a smaller screen and more comfortable to hold. iPhone 13 is a good pick too, almost the same experience as the Pro model. Although, the iPhone 14 rumours make it very tempting to just wait another year 😅 PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THAT FREE IPHONE NOW 🤲🤲🤲
Harry Washburn
Harry Washburn 2 meses atrás
Showed my parents this and now they are getting me it for Christmas thanks bro 👍👍👍
Jdmboi27 Mês atrás
Hahahaha for one’s parents approve on there kids youtube video
Shashwat Ved
Shashwat Ved 4 meses atrás
3 years ago, never had I imagined I would be watching the first impressions of a new device anyone other than MKBHD, but now, here I am folks, watching it for the first time on Arun's channel 🔥
JstormZx 4 meses atrás
@DM12e well done Agent. The bot uprising will never end unfortunately. Every day is a day of war against these unholy creations. So we keep fighting back. Stay alert and keep reporting and blocking.
DM12e 4 meses atrás
@JstormZx I have over 56 bot reported and blocked on my chanal
Ilan Yusuf
Ilan Yusuf 4 meses atrás
Me too :D
That1RareSoup 4 meses atrás
/ / / BOT ASSAULT IN PROGRESS / / / 💀💀💀💀 / / /
JstormZx 4 meses atrás
@DM12e Objective update agent; report the bots.
M Logsdon
M Logsdon 2 meses atrás
Just got a 13 mini, It reminds me of the iPhone 5s, which imo was the most beautiful phone. 13 is now the most beautiful.
Harilal C. R
Harilal C. R Mês atrás
Still running smoothly
Harilal C. R
Harilal C. R Mês atrás
Watching this in iphone 5s
Elijah Hubert
Elijah Hubert Mês atrás
For dark mode you can actually get it do to 30 second if you have it completely still on a tripod or something
Amk0099 3 meses atrás
Great video and super informative Watching this on my iPhone 13 pro max 1TB gold colour variant Fantastic phone
Sanija Kodagoda
Sanija Kodagoda 2 meses atrás
Nice job Arun ,I love that you teach every thing about iphone 13,pro,pro max Good luck,and i missed another giveaway
Dr. Solopreneur
Dr. Solopreneur 4 meses atrás
I'm gonna use this guy's voice if I were to create an AI software ever!
Chevy Blue
Chevy Blue 3 meses atrás
You'd have to ask for his permission.
Dr. Solopreneur
Dr. Solopreneur 4 meses atrás
@Chitraksh Maheshwari Nice...
Gabriel Mandizha
Gabriel Mandizha 4 meses atrás
Chitraksh Maheshwari
Chitraksh Maheshwari 4 meses atrás
@Dr. Solopreneur am working on it tryna extract his voice from vids then contact him for permissions and we are good to go
Mathews Abraham
Mathews Abraham 4 meses atrás
@swatkat2009 araa ninte thaantha anoo😂😂😂
Samreen Naqvi
Samreen Naqvi Mês atrás
Your videos are just so informative!
Precious Chuks
Precious Chuks 3 meses atrás
Great review!💯❣️
Amor Dia atrás
well spoken + great humor, subscribing now!
Rebecca Mês atrás
This man is literally my favourite creator of all time
Antonisha 4 meses atrás
I love how he's getting more playful with his videos while still remaining informative.
Vidya U
Vidya U 4 meses atrás
Same for me too
Chill Vibes DXB
Chill Vibes DXB 4 meses atrás
Krithy Satish Kumar
Krithy Satish Kumar 3 meses atrás
Haha, this is the BEST tech video I’ve seen! Funny, engaging and informative!1
Micro 11 dias atrás
Has anyone realised how Apple is improving the graphics on all devices. First MacBook Pro anc now iphone
Roshan Jaiswal
Roshan Jaiswal 8 dias atrás
Google should implement Arun's voice as google assistant voice. It's so good and satisfying, noone probably gonna ignore his voice.😘
Thanks for watching 🔝🔝 And commenting Send a direct message right away 🆙🆙 you have just won a gift 🎁🎁🎁🎁
Blvkk Mês atrás
I bought the mini because of this video. Thank you Arun!
Arhum Zahid
Arhum Zahid 4 meses atrás
Can we just appreciate that Arun does entertaining short skits aswell😂
Ian Lyne
Ian Lyne 4 meses atrás
So you're telling me, I can use the iPhone for couple of months and still sell it as "brand new" since theres no plastic wrapping on it? Nice Apple.
Vidya U
Vidya U 4 meses atrás
Respect boi
Snowflakes 4 meses atrás
Mary Shandy Daulo
Mary Shandy Daulo 4 meses atrás
Hahahahaha yes🙌🏼
Tomski H
Tomski H 4 meses atrás
He deserves all the praise.
Edward Deaney
Edward Deaney 3 meses atrás
I have never found my iPhone 12 Pro Max to be overly heavy, but people always say that it is; it makes me wonder if the iPhone 13 Pro Max is really going to feel that much heavier when I finally receive it?
Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης
The fact that the flagships come in an almost empty box is kinda weird when we consider that the rest come with a charger (even capable of charging the phone at full speed) and sometimes a case.
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Winner's Contact admin Whatapp only...
Fat disgusting disease that needs to die
to be honest. I think it’s really nice not same thing like the iphone 12.Everything is changed except for the camera
Maryam Noor
Maryam Noor 3 meses atrás
So much information thanks bro ❤️
Roman numerals👇: plus I VII VII IX II V V VI VII 0 VII♥️
JelloTinTim 4 meses atrás
This guy's great. Usually unboxings feel like they're just doing something like, "oh I just unboxed this ..... it's so cool i love it. But this guy, makes it feel different.
Class C Saitama
Class C Saitama 26 dias atrás
This guy is smooth criminal
OnePlus 9R
OnePlus 9R Mês atrás
@M • 13 years ago nope
M • 13 years ago
M • 13 years ago 3 meses atrás
@Pebble752 Haha! That's the reason to keep it.
Pebble752 3 meses atrás
@M • 13 years ago i was confused when i read your name
Fmolliqaj 4 meses atrás
So so true
Afsar M
Afsar M 3 meses atrás
Cant wait to see who wins, love Arun's videos, so simple and easy to understand. Do any of you know the benchmark of the iphone 13 pro max?
@WhatsApp +① (②⑤③) ②④④-⑤⑧①②
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Afreen Anjum
Afreen Anjum 26 dias atrás
I wonder why Apple never make professional camera's 🤭
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Fathom 19 dias atrás
As a person that does car cinematics the 12 PRO is so far the best purchase i ever made
Ayo apokailypse
Ayo apokailypse 3 meses atrás
I love his vids it’s so entertaining yet simple to understand
Congrats you have being selected among out shortlisted winner W_h_a-t_s-A_p_p_ Plus one Open bracket Two Four Zero Close bracket Seven One Eight Eight Three Four Zero
Durel Jonnas
Durel Jonnas 4 meses atrás
Tbh I love the way Arun is so real with us.He speaks his mind regardless . Especially when talks of the shortcomings of the 13 series.He doesn't shadow anything 🙌 thumbs up G
Zane Yates
Zane Yates 4 meses atrás
Yeah he’s awesome. Not to mention that I could look at his handsome face all day long
Rousseau 4 meses atrás
@RickJason Nah, he is one of the few fair reviewers out there for any and all products he receives or buys. You're just unsettled that he doesn't share the same anti-Apple sentiment that you have.
Durel Jonnas
Durel Jonnas 4 meses atrás
@RickJason yes he gets phones but at least he doesn't lie to us about the specifications ...he's very precise on the good and bad
GuruTheCoder Shorts
GuruTheCoder Shorts 4 meses atrás
@RickJason don't talk if u don't know what ur talking about
RickJason 4 meses atrás
I find the opposite. Apple gives him a bunch of phones and he's happy.
Marxyam 3 meses atrás
Your videos just makes everyone's day brighter. I have never used an iPhone in my life I'm more of a Samsung person but all apples models are great but pricey
Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap•🌷
Jake 2 meses atrás
I have had my 13 pro max for a week and it is insanely good!!
@Whatapp +(⑥③⑥)②①⑤-⑥⑤④⑦
*Roman numerals Plus I Open bracket IX VII IX Close bracket IV II VI V VI III II...*
@Whatapp +(⑥③⑥)②①⑤-⑥⑤④⑦
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Gabby Singh
Gabby Singh 2 meses atrás
You're absolutely right about minimum brightness
kieran thomas
kieran thomas 3 meses atrás
Appreciate your time and dedication for us
Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap📲👆
Masud Rana Bahadur
Masud Rana Bahadur 4 meses atrás
I love that you always talk about everything what can come into a normal peoples mind. Your presentation is unique from others, Iam telling this because all of your videos have some points in the right side of your videos! I like that very much😍 Carry on bro, we are always with you!💖
russiancsgoVodka Mês atrás
user_user user_user
user_user user_user 4 meses atrás
I agree the humor is also pretty funny! I mean RickAstley had another cameo.
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya 4 meses atrás
So true there’s so entertaining to watch you can tell he puts so much effort into his videos
eusuntanza 2 meses atrás
I have a question, is it true that one of the finishes on the iphone is built different and is also more durable than the others? i remember hearing, or reading this somewhere but i can't recall. Do you have any idea which one are they referring to ?
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Mpho 3 meses atrás
Subscribing to your channel has been one of the best decisions I've made! Can't wait to see you hit 10Mill subscribers!
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 3 meses atrás
started binge watching ur videos last night and you’ve quickly become one of my favorite channels 🤎i don’t even normally watch tech videos but u make it fun. subscribed !!!
nclg100811 3 meses atrás
Love the ceramic shield on the iPhone 13
Ramij Khan
Ramij Khan 3 meses atrás
Earlier the name of this video was what was apple thinking, now Arun changed it to are they actually good
Naj Abdul
Naj Abdul 4 meses atrás
The Grandma costume killed me😋
VerifiedUser 3 meses atrás
Newcious 4 meses atrás
xywowpig 4 meses atrás
Harsh Yadav
Harsh Yadav 4 meses atrás
Naah the way he smiles kills ne
Ravi 4 meses atrás
Quite young for a grandma; But then they used to marry them off when they were just girls in those day 🤣
Garland Pierce
Garland Pierce Mês atrás
I will admit that samsung should step up their game, but there are other tech companies that use android that are, in my opinion, better than ios
Lewis Alfred Yuson
Lewis Alfred Yuson 3 meses atrás
I always watch ur vids bout these smartphones. Never had these even once hahahahaha lol. Nice review btw🔥
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OnePlusAim Mês atrás
I carry Both a 13 and a 12 with me Daily. And I enjoy holding the 12 over my 13 but the screen on the 13 🤤
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Kavishan Pratheepan
Kavishan Pratheepan 3 meses atrás
The reason apple made the iPhone 13 and mini diagonal 2 cameras is because if they did it like the 12, people will start thinking that apple is going to start repeating themselves and they won't make any sold units if they are going to be same I think
TimeBucks 4 meses atrás
I love how you're honest and concise about your point of view
Sheik S
Sheik S 3 meses atrás
Yes good
Y6oq dt
Y6oq dt 4 meses atrás
Hey sam! Is your mum carol good? cooked her some lasagne. Ask her if shes coming to the ladys night out for some wine... I heard Rebecca got pregnant! 🤢😍🍷
Skulz 4R131
Skulz 4R131 4 meses atrás
Highlight Harmony
Highlight Harmony 4 meses atrás yes
Phat Kok
Phat Kok 4 meses atrás
he tries too hard to sound english
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 3 meses atrás
benefits supposed to be the ability to see subtle shades in dark images? Is Apple taking maximal advantage of that ability?
Fu Google
Fu Google Mês atrás
They fixed Macro mode in the update, like apple always fixes issues
Jayjose Dela Fuente
Jayjose Dela Fuente 3 meses atrás
keep it coming❤️❤️great content😃😃
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Vinje Helene
Vinje Helene 2 meses atrás
Saving up for the iPhone 13 mini. I would love the 13 or the pro.
HATO PHI TIP ? 4 meses atrás
Watching the full pre roll ad so that Mrwhosetheboss will get more revenue and can do more giveaways 😛
Lbenn HTX
Lbenn HTX 4 meses atrás
Straight up dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
EarthDude 4 meses atrás
@Kyth Conney nope, we wanna give arun money. FOR MORE GICEAWAYS!
ItsBayz 4 meses atrás
@THE BLACK Apple is a profit company. They NEVER Giveaway ANYTHING.
iT- Mathew🖥
iT- Mathew🖥 4 meses atrás
Everything you need to know about the new IPhone 13 pro max.🚨▶️
Kyth Conney
Kyth Conney 4 meses atrás
What’s an ad? Go get yt premium.
HarleyPlayz 3 meses atrás
Keep up the good work
Amol Valvi
Amol Valvi 3 meses atrás
What a colour new iPhone 13 pro max 👌 and as well as camera performance great in cinematic mode
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jvenedict tabanao
jvenedict tabanao 3 meses atrás
When i saw iphone 13 pro in the mall i was very amaze by its beauty specially the gold one its like im gonna take it and run hahahaha my head was saying if only i have a money or work to afford one of these i would definitely but im a student i cant buy these things so ill stick to my old broken phone😣 so bad i didn't get any chance to enter the giveaway
(ADMIN). 3 meses atrás
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Salina Kamps
Salina Kamps 3 meses atrás
Hi! You will prob never read this or already know by now. But you can turn off auto Macro switch. Just to your regular settings of your phone and scroll to camera, all the way down there is a 'Auto Macro' switch button, so it won't automatically switch to Macro mode. Hope it helps you, or anybody with the same struggle!
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vineet solomon
vineet solomon 4 meses atrás
Brilliant video Arun love the way you breakdown your reviews into everything a person needs to know if they want to buy the phone instead of just promoting the brand. The videos are also fun to watch and love how you really care about giving an honest and unbiased review. Keep up the good work
Why 4 meses atrás
He really does have epic videos
Jennifer sharp
Jennifer sharp 19 dias atrás
I am up at 4:55 AM watching this and can we appreciate how much money he spends making these vids
✨Iconic✨ 7 dias atrás
Here in AUD the iPhone 13 mini starts at $1199 while the pro max is near $1799. it’s a damn lot of money for a piece of metal
J H 3 dias atrás
You mean AUD. That's still cheaper than here in the Netherlands.
Mohamad Shour
Mohamad Shour 3 meses atrás
Samsung can zoom up to 100x while apple is happy by the improve from 2.5x to 3x, ok I afmit they have great chips and so, but still so expensive for what they give.
Charity Coffie
Charity Coffie Mês atrás
I have the 13 pro max! It's a great phone. But mine keeps disconnecting from wifi every time it is locked. Is there anyone who has the same problem?
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Lee Vo - Financial Zero to Hero
The editing on this is so clean and fast paced, feels like a Mr Beast video. Defs hit different after I came from MKBHDs video, love both creators and their personalities.
bikash palei
bikash palei 4 meses atrás
@Ezio obviously...i don't know why someone watches them
COSMIC REAVER Kassadin 4 meses atrás
Marques is definitely better though :(
Jaiden Schmitt12
Jaiden Schmitt12 4 meses atrás
Better then a mrbeast vid
Ruby Schaefer
Ruby Schaefer 3 meses atrás
I just ordered the iPhone 13 pro max!! I’m so worried that it’s gonna be too heavy and I made the wrong choice😥
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Alexandru 2 meses atrás
Hey man, i have mate 10 pro for 3 years and a half now, and it has a charging issue. I want to buy a new phone and i cant decide if to wait for the s22 or to buy s21 / iphone 13. What-s your oppionion?
ItsAvryyy -
ItsAvryyy - 3 meses atrás
I entered I hope I win:)) Ur a good guy man doing your job in a good way! :)
Win Embedded POSReady 11
Apple should make the stainless steel have a matte finish in the next like it was with the 4 and 4S
Win Embedded POSReady 11
@@WhatsApp +① (⑤③④) ②③④-⑦⓪③⑦ WHAT DO THESE SPAMMERS WANT FROM ME?!
RexSixteen 4 meses atrás
I *LOVE* the flat design as for holding!! It feels safer when grabbing with smaller hands and the other smooth design Apple does slide out of my hands always
Grayman530 11 dias atrás
@Sakura wait what? its a comment about the iphone,not a scam
ASPECT YT 3 meses atrás
@Amjad Muhammad via email
Sakura 3 meses atrás
@Amjad Muhammad don't trust this type of comments, they are fake and scams
Amjad Muhammad
Amjad Muhammad 3 meses atrás
when will be the winners get notified?
guru kirpa
guru kirpa 4 meses atrás
hayley diaz
hayley diaz Dia atrás
love watching things I can’t afford
Yamkela Mayisela
Yamkela Mayisela 3 meses atrás
Sending love from South Africa❤ I love your videos and the honesty in your reviews🤌🏾
@WhatsApp +① (②⑤③) ②④④-⑤⑧①②
Plus. I Open bracket VII V VII Close bracket V II O VII VI IV VII........!**''''
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*You have been selected as one of the lucky winner's for my monthly giveaway Whatapp only........! 👇 👇 👇
Luffy Gaming
Luffy Gaming 2 meses atrás
😍😍love watching things that I can’t afford 😌😅
Abubakar Farooq
Abubakar Farooq 3 meses atrás
I have watched your all videos ,you are great and also a legend of briefing about phone.❤️❤️😍
Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐Whatsaap🌷👆
Uzo Duru
Uzo Duru 4 meses atrás
Arun's literally one of the few BRvidrs who actually does giveaways for international viewers. Love this man!
Will Enright
Will Enright 4 meses atrás
ipad mirror pic
Reno 4 meses atrás
@Ariel Marques* Marquez is the one who ride motogp bike
Ariel 4 meses atrás
but isn't the giveaways part of his 'tech companies manipulate the media' video with Marquez?
Reno 4 meses atrás
Unbox Therapy (cough)
MSB Hicks
MSB Hicks 4 meses atrás
Even if he can’t ship it he’ll get you the right amount of money so you can actually still get it, really nice tbh
Yurixs Mês atrás
My dream phone Omg it looks so good🤩
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Vikas lunagariya
Vikas lunagariya 4 meses atrás
Great phone!❤
Itzcaseyyy B
Itzcaseyyy B 4 meses atrás
Very good review!
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