iPhone 13 Pro Review - The PERFECT Phone?

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iPhone 13 Pro - Full In-Depth Review
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13 Out 2021



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Comentários 468
ZONEofTECH Mês atrás
Hope you guys enjoy the review! We wanted to make it more entertaining and focus on the biggest changes, rather than the usual "Design, Display, Camera, Performance, Special Features, Battery, Value" sections. Let me know which style you prefer and which one you find more engaging? Old style or this new one?
Nick Egibyan
Nick Egibyan Mês atrás
I absolutely hate the camera ... I switched from 12 pro max , where i had HDR manually switched on all the time , that phone took stuuuunnning pictures , my new 13 pro doesnt have the manual mode anymore, not in the app, not in the settings , they removed it !!! sometimes it kicks in but majority of time i get blown up highlights ... plus the zoom lens has a smaller apperture . F2.8 ... WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE APPLE styles are just a gimmick to me, cinematic mode ... Meh ... I had that since 2019 starting from galaxy s10 plus.and yes i have two phones , one iohone and ine android (currently s21 ultra exynos version) im considering switching back to 12 pro max ,I dont get Apple anymore i swear
Aarya Kamath
Aarya Kamath Mês atrás
Ebbah Arnold
Ebbah Arnold Mês atrás
I always enjoy ur videos andrew Garfield
Morgoth Bauglir
Morgoth Bauglir Mês atrás
Newer one But feel free to keep experimenting 👍🏼
Erika Ríos Ramos
Erika Ríos Ramos Mês atrás
This style
Glenn Lopez
Glenn Lopez 2 dias atrás
@6:00 “Military grade” drop protection. It’s 1 notch better from “Aerospace grade” drop protection.
The Weknd
The Weknd 5 dias atrás
First plan I will keep my 12 pro, but the 13 battery upgrade its so tempting, now using the 13 pro max and smile
Bob Ranger
Bob Ranger 6 dias atrás
Just bought the PRO 13 hope is good as you say. Thank you Happy Thanksgiving.
Lady Love Ares BossLady
I had a hard time to figure out if i wanted the 13 pro or the max. I wanted a big phone but I didn’t want the “ bulky feeling”🤦🏾‍♀️ but then i said you know what let me just go with the pro. Hope i made the rt choice😩😂😂. Based on this video I made the rt choice. Keeping 🤞🏾btw I’m coming from a 11…
Tdr94 19
Tdr94 19 10 dias atrás
It’s honestly near perfect
Jörgen Olsson
Jörgen Olsson 10 dias atrás
What is a "compact four factor"?
shubham sharma
shubham sharma 10 dias atrás
Hey.... Bro ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Giovanni 13 dias atrás
Everyone that I know who switched to an android phone are happy and satisfied.
Nezar Benomar
Nezar Benomar 14 dias atrás
Take an S21 ultra and put the apple logo on it then you will have the perfect phone 😁
Sabith Mohd
Sabith Mohd 14 dias atrás
Best review I have ever seen🙌🏻
Hamware CSGO
Hamware CSGO 15 dias atrás
Are you from Manchester? I recognize the background when you was shooting the video, media city?
Ashiqur rahman Shanto
Ashiqur rahman Shanto 16 dias atrás
Watching on my 13 pro max . This time apple nailed it.
Dejan Nikolic
Dejan Nikolic 16 dias atrás
For me 120 hz is not special if you game evry day its worth but im not gaming no need 120 hz
Jayvee 17 dias atrás
I like the sharp square edges of the phone reminds of the iphone 5 SE i think imma save for the rose gold.. is it safe though? coz of the 5g 😬
Jonathan v
Jonathan v 18 dias atrás
I watched an android user’s review and even he really enjoyed using the 13 pro max
jelan luis
jelan luis 18 dias atrás
Iphone 13 Pro 256gb cutie 😁
Shane Leyo
Shane Leyo 20 dias atrás
Am I going to be happy with my 13 pro Max jumping from my 7 plus? I’ve made my order it will be here end of the month
Datalinks 20 dias atrás
I have it and it’s the best iPhone ever.
PetarJK 21 dia atrás
iPhone finally got a high refresh rate screen and it's half baked. Also I see in a lot of reviews that dynamic range of the camera is not that good. Nice review. Nice channel.
Juan Garza
Juan Garza 21 dia atrás
I held out on upgrading from my iPhone Xs. Until this year, I got the iPhone 13pro max, when you wait 4 years to upgrade your phone any new phone is an upgrade. But this phone is great, easily two days of battery life.
MOBELEASH don't forget your phone!
Hi, in 2 words ... we agree.
Assyrtiko Wine Club
Assyrtiko Wine Club 23 dias atrás
Hello mate, I got an iPhone 11 Pro max and I want to get the 13 pro max but nothing available even the pro but I find an iPhone 13 . what's your option for that ? 11pro max vs 13?
Dan Dicristina
Dan Dicristina 23 dias atrás
Why can’t iPhone have an always on display or a 2 row keyboard that shows a number row or record in 8k like android phones or have pro mode and have ai mode lets you make your own stickers or own emoji like android my s21 is way better than an iPhone 13 It has an always on display better camera 8 k video recording apple is way behind android
iZero !
iZero ! 23 dias atrás
This is the only Vid that doesnt have Ads bfore his video starts! I was surprised bcoz im used to waiting 5 secs for the ads to finish. This is funny! 😂
Dr truth
Dr truth 23 dias atrás
Apple sucks
Shawn Brok
Shawn Brok 25 dias atrás
Technically if you run benchmarks on the iPhone elevens versus the twelves, you’d find that the twelves, although they have smaller mah’s they still last longer than the elevens, and this is because of the efficiency of the chips in the twelves.
Ivy Loren Santos
Ivy Loren Santos 25 dias atrás
Hi im an android user for 10years and planning to get iphone 13 pro through a 24 months monthly plan do you think 256gig will be enough? Im into apps and just a few games, since im working from home i dont take pictures that much compare before.
flightforge30 26 dias atrás
Hi handsome
Jaime Segura
Jaime Segura 27 dias atrás
I get 24 hours out of a 12 pro max during weekdays with 60-70% battery consumed. I can leave my house at 6 am and use it through the day with a couple hours of light gaming and have 20% at 10pm. I do tweaked the data usage, background app refresh, location and some other stuff so it does what I want when I want it and not be running crazy the whole day.
Colby Zurlini
Colby Zurlini 27 dias atrás
Perfectly heavy and bulky
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 28 dias atrás
I just bought the ESR halo lock charger, thanks for the tip!
Rick Drew
Rick Drew 28 dias atrás
I was FINALLY able to justify my upgrade from the 10 XS -- very happy so far. This, and the iPad Mini 6 made it the best Apple product release in some time
Bill Somen
Bill Somen 28 dias atrás
What an intro. You’re a beast.
TheGixLad 29 dias atrás
Literally a incredibly compromised device, Apple have done this for years
Zi jie Lim
Zi jie Lim Mês atrás
the big key feature is the battery for me
Geo K.
Geo K. Mês atrás
Your reviews are very simple, sincere, and user friendly. A quick history. After being hacked on my HTC (you do remember HTC) in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, I promised myself never to use an android again. Soooo, I purchased the iPhone 5S which I currently use today. This was nine years ago. However, my 5S battery is showing its age and the time has come to upgrade to a new phone. I’ve seen “squeaks and peaks” of the new iPhone 14 Pro. Based on your current knowledge, do you think that the 14 Pro will outshine the 13 Pro? If so, by how much? Is it worth the wait? Supposedly, the 14 is scheduled to come out in October 2022. Your thoughts please. Thank you 🙏
Geo K.
Geo K. Mês atrás
Your reviews are very simple, sincere, and user friendly. A quick history. After being hacked on my HTC (you do remember HTC) in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, I promised myself never to use an android again. Soooo, I purchased the iPhone 5S which I currently use today. This was nine years ago. However, my 5S battery is showing its age and the time has come to upgrade to a new phone. I’ve seen “squeaks and peaks” of the new iPhone 14 Pro. Based on your current knowledge, do you think that the 14 Pro will outshine the 13 Pro? If so, by how much? Is it worth the wait? Supposedly, the 14 is scheduled to come out in October 2022. Your thoughts please.
Geo K.
Geo K. Mês atrás
Your reviews are very simple, sincere, and user friendly. A quick history. After being hacked on my HTC (you do remember HTC) in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, I promised myself never to use an android again. Soooo, I purchased the iPhone 5S which I currently use today. This was nine years ago. However, my 5S battery is showing its age and the time has come to upgrade to a new phone. I’ve seen “squeaks and peaks” of the new iPhone 14 Pro. Based on your current knowledge, do you think that the 14 Pro will outshine the 13 Pro? If so, by how much? Is it worth the wait? Supposedly, the 14 is scheduled to come out in October 2022. Your thoughts please.
Tristan Ndianga
Tristan Ndianga Mês atrás
m watching this but my dream phone is actually the 12 pro😂😂
Ariff Che Mohd Noor
See Apple, this is how good your device can last if you give it a bigger battery
Abygail & Mauie's World
This video makes me think to buy this phone RN
OG TRILOGY Mês atrás
Love my 13 pro so much. Upgraded from the 6s and its amazing not needing to charge several times a day now
suresh choudhary
suresh choudhary Mês atrás
Os performance is good, but camera sucks bro, front camera as if it's VGA. All photos are dull. Very bad camera iPhone. Compare it with Reno 6 camera. Waste of money iPhone.
Vijay Mês atrás
Dude great video...keep it up 🔥🥵
Teodora Durlanova
Teodora Durlanova Mês atrás
I have this one and i love it but the battery life is not that great compared to my 11 pro max
Ziz Usin
Ziz Usin Mês atrás
I am so confuse why iphone 13 is bigger battery than 13 pro, both phone is desame size at 6'1 inch?🤔✌️
Ziz Usin
Ziz Usin Mês atrás
And now the 13 pro having a promotion which is 120hz, does effect the battery life
Jerome Gold
Jerome Gold Mês atrás
Great content. Is the Iphone 13s even close to the perfect phone. Not even close. Let's start with the screen. The LTPO 120HZ REFRESH RATE SCREENS are made by samsung. As you stated no always on display, no type c cord or port, but that will be coming to the UK, no power sharing, they have a lower nits then say s21 ultra, closing all apps in the background with Iphone you have to swipe each app, on samsung you just tap close there all gone, no 10x zoom, no pro mode, no indisplay fingerprint scanner, no multitasking like you can on a samsung, and most of all no creativity, so you can't make your Iphone your own, as you can with an Android phone. So at the end of the day, is the Iphone 13s the perfect phone not even close, all though it might have the best CPU and GPU, but that's not what having a phone is all about its supposed to be a extention of you and your personality. Not Tim Cook and apple's personality. Which is 😴
Person who Says Hello parrot 396
still need at least 60w
Jett Angeles
Jett Angeles Mês atrás
10:36 an app like what? 😂
Barbara Hitchko
Barbara Hitchko Mês atrás
Thanks lots of good information. But…should we wait for the 14? I have 10r
Aung Jee
Aung Jee Mês atrás
hello there Andrew Garfield.
Danny Dunn
Danny Dunn Mês atrás
My 12 pro does just fine
Roberto Rivera Jr
Roberto Rivera Jr 28 dias atrás
It should be. It’s been out for only a year old
Dhaval D
Dhaval D Mês atrás
we are paying only for software. ios and macos
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes Mês atrás
Daniel Amazing Video and I appreciate all the things that I have been thinking and waiting for someone to mention.Especially the Battery and Camera.Keep up with all the great Videos.Deb 👍✌️
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor Mês atrás
Android batteries suck!
Sanket Nyaynite
Sanket Nyaynite Mês atrás
Thank you! I enjoyed your video
R Camacho
R Camacho Mês atrás
I can tell. The photo-styles retain more HDR data than the post filters. Filters blanket the whole image, photostyles do it intelligently by retaining more color & light detail.
Dhanabalan S
Dhanabalan S Mês atrás
If possible, do some in-depth iPhone 13 pro camera review .
Dhanabalan S
Dhanabalan S Mês atrás
Like your unbiased review. unlike other BRvidrs you have mentioned that there is problem with iPhone 13 camera. IlHopefully issue would be resolved via updates.
0204yt Mês atrás
I was the 4100th like lol Nice video, I'm buying a Iphone 13 pro :)
Mandar Kulkarni
Mandar Kulkarni Mês atrás
Its a perfect review of an imperfect phone!! Well done mate.. the content has just right amount of technical detail, comparisons with previous models and android competition were on point.. I like your simplistic presentation style.. unbiased, informative and extremely engaging.. great job!! 👏
Apex Ace
Apex Ace Mês atrás
All I know is that I've been a Samsung customer for the last 8 years and honestly I can't stand that Samsung sold Apple their 120hz displays because I used to work at AT&T as a Sales Rep and the vast broad majority of my iPhone customers became extremely jealous when I showed them my 120hz display on my Note 20 Ultra, and now they have it on the iPhone, even if most customers technically aren't even getting their full 120hz. So now I think I might try out my very first ever iPhone unless Samsung comes up with something absolutely amazing in their next phone when it comes time for me to upgrade. because if there's nothing to be jealous of, there's no point in being loyal then. I also heard that Apple just made some Airpods with a quality subwoofer that's on par with my Galaxy Buds Pro. We'll see what happens.
The Red Brick
The Red Brick 19 dias atrás
The display on the iPhone was not designed at all by Samsung. They only produce them, it’s called outsourcing.
Todestelzer Mês atrás
I don't think Apple will go further than 3x zoom. It's the perfect length for portrait photography.
pocketbookEra Mês atrás
In my Vivo V20 Pro, it already has a Photo style in the Portrait mode. But I still ordered 13 Pro as my first iPhone.
NordicPride970 Mês atrás
Apples technology unlike the gross phones with green message bubbles, JUST WORKS! Who cares about being first anymore. That was cool back in the Wright brothers day. Look at apples market share… nuff said
Riffer Madness
Riffer Madness Mês atrás
Nope...the S21 Ultra is still by far the perfect phone.
Jigz phunk
Jigz phunk Mês atrás
WHY am I here? I upgraded from the 8 and I know the phone is good.
Mohamed Sobhy
Mohamed Sobhy Mês atrás
S21U can go down to 10Hz
Peace Faith
Peace Faith Mês atrás
Your conference with Junior League was awesome. I can’t wait to talk to you and get more information on hormones and the brain.
Robbie Vengence
Robbie Vengence Mês atrás
I’m making it through two entire days on 13 Pro Max when I couldn’t get through a whole days on the 12 pro max. They did some magic.
-Luthando- Mês atrás
Not me watching this video on “The Perfect Phone”😭😭
I bought hdr movies from iTunes store but it doesn't play in hdr on my 13 pro I missing something ?
Point Less
Point Less Mês atrás
wow that refresh rate step thing was something new I've heard of from a reviewer........nobody tells that stuff
Chad Mês atrás
lol what? They've been talking about it a year leading to 13's release
Clem Mês atrás
Perfect phone my ass. Perfect iPhone perhaps.
J & D Will
J & D Will Mês atrás
Great video! Lovely phone..
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar Mês atrás
Are 13 pro's available in US stores or do we need to book'em online?
Steven Gibbs
Steven Gibbs Mês atrás
Undecided between this and Pixel 6 Pro
HK bhatti Info
HK bhatti Info Mês atrás
Great reviews very honest 👍👍 love your review bro
KrispyHD Mês atrás
The best iPhone since the 6s perhaps
3701ENT Podcast
3701ENT Podcast Mês atrás
Where can you find ESR Accessories
Mouth Freshner
Mouth Freshner Mês atrás
Got the 13 Pro Max after being on Android for many years (and was on iOS before that), it's incredible! The battery life, low light camera, attention to detail is impeccable. I do think Face ID is still inferior to fingerprint (esp in a mask world), USB-C > Lightning, and more reachability features should be added due to the larger displays; other than that it's a fantastic phone.
James G
James G Mês atrás
I have the iphone 13 pro and i really like it besides the port. I really wish it had been usb c..
Heinric Jose Martinez
This will be my 1st apple phone
Oli Mês atrás
I might go for iphone 14 pro assuming there is one because I might be able to afford an iphone by then
Rock&Roll Mês atrás
Apple afraid of out doing themselves feeding us little by little and call it inovation. They plan for the next 10 years not just next year if they made the best phone ever noone will need to buy their new phone.
Harsh Desale
Harsh Desale Mês atrás
Watching this on 13pro lol!
Ronay K
Ronay K Mês atrás
👍 well done. Very in-depth!
Niall Cunningham
Niall Cunningham Mês atrás
curious I just found out about the specs of the iPhone 13 models. That the LED flash is duel than QUAD. Is there any difference. What is better? I’m thinking QUAD LED flash. I could be wrong
tibosee Mês atrás
Sorry, but 120Hz adaptive is not just for the battery, it’s about the whole user experience. I don’t know how you can say that it’s just about battery, when most people upgrade from 12 just for that 120Hz.. Also, the refresh rate doesn’t impact too much, like you will get 50% more battery if you use it in 60Hz, it’s about a few percent difference. So why would you say battery is the only advantage on 120Hz
Kamel MADI
Kamel MADI Mês atrás
Some thing is strange in this iPhone PRO, as a PRO device, there is no USB-C type port and when Apple talk about 0 neutral carbon by 2030 l think, why Apple still use lightening port?
Diggleda Mês atrás
Surge Shock
Surge Shock Mês atrás
The only thing stopping me from getting an iPhone was 120hz, always on display, and type c, aod can be added with software and Im probably gonna switch to magsafe so I ordered a 13 pro max, my first iPhone
KrispyHD Mês atrás
@Itss Fuegor what about xaiomi ?
Itss Fuegor
Itss Fuegor Mês atrás
@KrispyHD and the samsung has type c
Itss Fuegor
Itss Fuegor Mês atrás
@KrispyHD see samsung, it charges in like 1.20 and the iphone in 1.30, and the iphone lasts like 2 hours more
KrispyHD Mês atrás
@Itss Fuegor only things I can think of is that usb c is universal and can support higher speed.
Itss Fuegor
Itss Fuegor Mês atrás
Whats the problem with lightning bruh? Literally Samsungs have type C and they aren’t better in charging or in anything else
Antonio Pio Ricciardi
I wonder why one would prefer higher zoom capabilities. I consider 2x/3x to be ideal (or almost). To those with a 10x optical zoom, how often do you use it? I find myself always using the 2.5x for portraits, even without the software mode it gives me a very nice depth of field. 5x would start to be too much to use it on people (I would need to be too far to take a picture, might be unable to step back).
BimmerE90 Mês atrás
I dont know how people are getting the “insane” battery life on these pro’s bcoz I’m having to charge it twice in a day with 6-7 hrs of SoT. Also another issue i faced is the HDR video i record goes black when i view it in photos app and if i share it with someone it works fine. What the hell is going on apple?
Themos Pavlis
Themos Pavlis Mês atrás
I always had android but this year I ended up going with an iPhone 13 Pro. I thought I would try something different since my Note 20 Ultra mysteriously killed it self 2 weeks after warranty expired. I like the simplicity of iOS, I am the type of person who just browses the internet, messaging, calls, take pics videos, social media nothing crazy like editing or playing games. Going from an android to an iPhone the features I miss the most is USB-C it was easy to hook up my sd card from my drone straight to the phone while on site and the file system. My iPhone does have an files app but I cannot put anything I want like I did with my Note 20.
Tweed Penguin
Tweed Penguin 12 dias atrás
I doubt your phone died. I have a 200 dollar Samsung and its going on over 2 years no issue.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Mês atrás
Yup, I wanted to try something new with iOS, and file management is a disaster. Otherwise the software is reliable and the camera is still awesome. But despite all that, I still miss android.
Paul Watkinson
Paul Watkinson Mês atrás
Pre-ordered the iPhone 13 Pro, cancelled it when I realised there is still no USB-C. WTF??
handsomerube Mês atrás
My iPhone 7 battery life is still amazing...with my phone plugged in 😏
Roberto Rivera Jr
Roberto Rivera Jr 28 dias atrás
@Fast guy My phone is at 50 percent after 4 hours of use. 😂😂
handsomerube Mês atrás
@Fast guy More like 2-4 minutes if I’m lucky
Fast guy
Fast guy Mês atrás
2-4hour use time
Anonymous Mês atrás
It’s clear we have reached peak smart phone and apple is deliberately spacing out features to stall until the next big thing is ready. Even the “innovation” on the android side is extremely minor and nothing fundamentally innovative has appeared at all. Sure some phones can fold but many everyday users don’t find folding phones appealing. There just isn’t many problem that need fixing with our phones… they are long lasting, smooth, fast, durable, reliable ,compact, run great software and apps, take great phones and videos. What more to ask for? apple is currently revolutionising the laptop space and it’s obvious they can move fast as well.
dansales247 Mês atrás
I would love to have AOD on iPhones now as in 2016 with the Samsung Galaxy S7 that had AOD has had that for 6 years now and Apple should start doing something like that hopefully next year with the iPhone 14 they can do that and also hide the camera and also the Face ID sensors as well
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iPhone 13 Pro Max “Real Review “
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