iPhone 13 Pro Review: Better Than You Think!

Marques Brownlee
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iPhone 13 Pro is a big jump in 3 key areas, disguised by the same design!
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Comentários 11 234
Are These My Pants
Are These My Pants 16 minutos atrás
“I’ll leave a link below the like button” 14:59 😂😂 I see what you did there
Dutch Ball
Dutch Ball 53 minutos atrás
Upgrading from a Samsung Android A12 to a IPhone 13 pro max
Jia L.
Jia L. Hora atrás
Minor upgrades eventually build into major upgrades if you were to keep the current phone you have and wait just 3 years.
braveen .pahirathan
braveen .pahirathan 4 horas atrás
Watching this on my first ever iPhone 13 pro
Fatin Esa
Fatin Esa 8 horas atrás
Just bought the 13 Pro after 5 years using the Iphone SE. Totally worth the upgrade. Been seeing colleagues and friends upgrade their phones and I was still holding on my beloved SE then :’)
JOJUNK JOHNSON 9 horas atrás
I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max and when i go to Best Buy and look at the iPhone 13 pro I completely feel the difference in the screen and it feels good holding the iPhone again with there revamp of the iPhone 4s
SWANK 9 horas atrás
Cuh going from the 8 to 13 pro max im hyped lmao
cld 9 horas atrás
Had a look today at the Samsung 21 and then picked the iPhone 13, gotta say it's lagging in design, screen is not that special. Aesthetic wise looks like a brick, camera bump. But I guess isheeps gonna love it
Dejon Wright
Dejon Wright 10 horas atrás
I went from no phone to a iPhone 13 pro n I’m tryna figure out how to use everything 😂
Niel Bee
Niel Bee 10 horas atrás
Mad that I had to get the 256gb for the full feature set on the Pro Max!
Aleksandar be together not the same
iphone is like bomb can explode in your ugliness 😂😂😂😂 a15 has features who get hot trotled overheating and explode
Water King
Water King 2 horas atrás
Like any other cell phone or laptop they can blow up yes
Jose Escobar
Jose Escobar 12 horas atrás
I went from iPhone 10 to iPhone 13 pro max and this was worth the upgrade
AIVAR KARZUBOV 12 horas atrás
wow !!! Amazing video! thank you Marques Brownlee;)
Hugh Huang
Hugh Huang 13 horas atrás
iPhone X has 120HZ screen
Aoife 15 horas atrás
I have an iPhone 7 currently and will be upgrading to this at Christmas, I’m so excited!
Isaiah Rauscher
Isaiah Rauscher 15 horas atrás
Isn’t the telescope camera 6x optical zoom?
SirThatsIllegal 17 horas atrás
Going from a Pixel 3 to an iPhone SE 2020 (both with only 60hz panels), the iPhone SE 2020's panel seems a lot smoother than on the Pixel 3, even though both are 60hz.
Alex Benstead
Alex Benstead 17 horas atrás
If you could only have one would you choose s21 ultra,iPhone 13 pro/pro max or pixel 6 pro?
Trey Wilkins
Trey Wilkins 18 horas atrás
Whats the weight of a 11 pro max
Gvnslingr Dia atrás
Bro I’m still on the iPhone 6 💀
Jayesh Kanodia
Jayesh Kanodia Dia atrás
But which color?
Silkboss 155
Silkboss 155 Dia atrás
Spyridon Antifalos
Andrew Ansley
Andrew Ansley Dia atrás
I love the c2c intro. I clicked because I like your content. I will say that the audio is a little off on your lips. Not sure whats up. Am I crazy? Audio quality is excellent though
Haris Dia atrás
That intro Is insane
Winnie Wong
Winnie Wong Dia atrás
Thanks so much Marques, very informative
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen Dia atrás
Should I update my phone ?? Still using iPhone 5
Jay Z
Jay Z Dia atrás
Waiting for mine to arrive few weeks. Upgrading from an iPhone 8. Hope I notice differences :)
Soham B
Soham B Dia atrás
Video is good, but special like for what you said at 17:13 Lots of people want to kick you in the 🥜 but they dont see that these are just your first steps. I like your attitude to tell your self ‘thats how i can achieve bigger things’
Christian Polychroniadis
I used to like your reviews but on this one you spent too much time talking about 120 hz display.
RCnBalt Dia atrás
Just got mine today, I’ve been using the XR since 2018 and I’m so excited.
Melvin Tulod
Melvin Tulod Dia atrás
When the 13 came out, I was bashing it for looking almost the exact same to the 12 with tweaks and yet here I am with the 13 pro and I love it.
Vince A
Vince A Dia atrás
that big NOTCH though 👎😐
Eason Patterson
Eason Patterson 2 dias atrás
Do you think the ProMotion thing is like, in the words of Gerry McGovern, one of those things that will “make them buy a product they didn’t know they wanted”?
DLIX2DCLI 2 dias atrás
Is anyone here switching from Samsung 21 Ultra to iPhone 13 pro and what's the difference between these 2. My last iPhone was a 4. The rest are Samsung phones. In my experience, I have both the Samsung S10 and the S21 Ultra and spent long period of time on both devices and the S21 Ultra did not last compared to the Samsung S10. S21 Ultra heats up faster and screen went black from gaming. Not good imo. I might switch to the iPhone 13...
duy tran
duy tran 2 dias atrás
I’m going from an 8 plus to a 13 pro. Hope it’s worth the $1k
Brandon alexander
Brandon alexander 2 dias atrás
at first i thought i got a iphone add lol
Wilson Randolph
Wilson Randolph 2 dias atrás
14:54 nice.
lilrob2030 2 dias atrás
It would be a huge jump for me as I’m ditching my 8 plus for 13 pro max 256gb as my 8 plus only had 64gb
pulsefire 2 dias atrás
iphone 13 is a pure disappointment.
Harley Burton
Harley Burton 2 dias atrás
I'm going to predict that Apple holds back on ProRes video to use as a selling point on the next generation. Not based on any information that everyone else doesn't have. Just based on Apple being like that.
Ari Randle
Ari Randle 2 dias atrás
Finally upgrading my XS max to the 13 pro max
Sirquacious 2 dias atrás
i went from the 12 pro max to the 13 pro and noticed pro motion right away
Diptesh Naik
Diptesh Naik 2 dias atrás
Just use 90hz
Pradeepraj 786
Pradeepraj 786 2 dias atrás
Can u explain the versions between USA, uae, Japan, China all r same r any differences?
Geoff Williams
Geoff Williams 2 dias atrás
I am from 7plus to 13 pro max. Man i’ve been missing out 🤦🏽
Dionisis K
Dionisis K 3 dias atrás
Americans are so lucky right now...I am in Greece and have preordered from 17th of October and I still dont have the phone in my hands (1 month and 2 weeks now). Shops here have no clue when they are going to receive parcels to start deliveries. This is so outrageous that makes me wanna cancel my order and go directly for the 14 pro. The phone is going to be 2 months old and we are still paying more than the US prices (1378 USD for 13 pro 128gb). It seems that I am not even going to have a phone till new year's eve. Any other countries facing the same issue?
Daniel Arnold
Daniel Arnold 3 dias atrás
Should I upgrade from my s21
CZ P-01
CZ P-01 Dia atrás
No Hell No!
Hazadoor 2 dias atrás
EZ 3 dias atrás
I’m going from a potato 7 that I’ve had for 2 years, I was more then fortunate to get a 13 pro, haven’t got it yet but I’m hyped
wucee 3 dias atrás
recieving my 13 pro max soon after having a shit 12 for a few months! cant wait
Santi Rivera
Santi Rivera 3 dias atrás
I upgraded from a 5c to a 13 pro, BEST PHONE EVER IN EVERY WAY
reginaalear 3 dias atrás
I just ordered the 13 pro. I have the 11 pro max right now but I’m kind of tired of having such a big phone. I was happy with the size of the X so I’m hoping I’ll be just as happy with the 13 pro.
Roberto Lpz
Roberto Lpz 3 dias atrás
Done, I am ordering my pro now after this last video.
SapereAude 3 dias atrás
15 million subscribers! Wow 🤩. My first time viewing your content. Really enjoyed the review and the comments were helpful as well. Thank you!
Matt Drees
Matt Drees 3 dias atrás
I was honestly super happy with my 11 pro max, but my back glass is cracked and Verizon still offered $1000 trade in value. Just ordered a 13 pro max and it’s only costing me $4/month for 24 months - $48.
gregorovics erzsébet
gregorovics erzsébet 3 dias atrás
Does it have a video stabilizer??
N Paul
N Paul 3 dias atrás
The camera on this phone sucks. My iPhone 11 Pro takes a vastly better photo and is better at focusing on close-up objects. So not only does the camera bulge out a stupid amount, but it doesn't even work well.
NikoSuave 3 dias atrás
I have an iPhone 8 Plus. Still works amazing. Been thinking of upgrading to the 13 pro (not max)
N Paul
N Paul 3 dias atrás
Wait to see if they can fix the camera problem. Presumably it is an issue with image processing, but it could also be a systematic hardware defect. Had I known the camera was a downgrade, I would not have purchased mine--at least not until this is resolved.
R T 3 dias atrás
Thinking of going from a Se 2020 to this IPhone 13
Kendis 4 dias atrás
I definitely want the 13 iPhone Pro Max. My carrier now has it on backorder. I guess more people are now buying it due to the holiday season
SmokelessTobbaco Reviews
I still think the 11 iPhones are the best overall ones so far in the history of iPhone!
Samuel 4 dias atrás
I went from my 12 pro max to the 13 pro and it’s crazy how people don’t notice the refresh rate, the smoothness. I hated the 12pro max size, i have really big hands but that phone was like a brick. Can’t use it one handed when i’m laying down, i could never swipe down my notifications one handed. 13 pro screen size is going to take some getting used to. This phone feels tiny. My thumbs are huge. I wish there was a size in between
J.G 4 dias atrás
I'm gonna be getting Ip13 pro max early next year. From android to iphone this is gonna be a fun new experience. Especially since I've never had any Iphone in my life.
BATZY ASMR 4 dias atrás
A memorable moment for me, is when I was trying to get low light pictures on my iPhone XS and it was terrible. I was in NYC with my friend, trying to take a photo of the same low-lit alley and jeez it made me reconsider Apple. I’m excited for this new camera!
DoodleBob 4 dias atrás
when i use my ipad pro i get the 120hz screen and then going back on my 12 pro i can legit see the difference and it kinda makes me mad🤣
Amelia Lucas
Amelia Lucas 4 dias atrás
Grayson Scott
Grayson Scott 4 dias atrás
Ask your iPhone 'when will world war three start' OMG
daniel 4 dias atrás
i just bought my 13 pro max, upgrading from XS max, pretty hyped
Dean Etheridge
Dean Etheridge 4 dias atrás
Love your content, keep up the great work 👍
000 007
000 007 4 dias atrás
Apple needs to have the lock button again so we’re watching BRvid or kids watching a movie they don’t make it difficult for us to keep putting the video or movie back again
Joseph Sandoval
Joseph Sandoval 4 dias atrás
Not impressed, I think I’m going to get the Tesla phone when it drops.
Sabri Mohamed
Sabri Mohamed 4 dias atrás
Just got the fold 3.......and instant regret on the battery life
xonut_ 5 dias atrás
The only apple I can afford is.... Apple juice
Mimi DoubleTen
Mimi DoubleTen 5 dias atrás
Im still using my iphone 8 plus. One of the best iphone among the previous iphone but soon its time to upgrade to iphone 13 pro. 😁
Seila Khun
Seila Khun 5 dias atrás
My first time switching from Samsung to iPhone.
no thankyoy
no thankyoy 5 dias atrás
just ordered a Pro Max from my local Verizon, and i didn’t even walk out with it :( but i can’t wait! your video sold me
I Saac
I Saac 4 dias atrás
Exactly what happened to me
Stan 5 dias atrás
I'm thinking about an upgrade from iphone 7 but honestly don't know if it's worth it
Mohammad Musafir
Mohammad Musafir 5 dias atrás
Its fake review
Mohammad Musafir
Mohammad Musafir 5 dias atrás
You get paid to say lie about iphone
Himasara 3 dias atrás
Wayne M
Wayne M 5 dias atrás
Wasn't long ago apple aimed at the more affluent now there advert is aiming at uber eats riders. Is apple bringing on board the rest vaccines of us or is this change of tactics because Tesla Pi phone is hitting the world and everyone is gonna want a piece of Tesla. From what I've seen the iPhone's in comparison are soooooo 2020
katebeckinsnail 5 dias atrás
I want an iPhone, but refuse to switch until they get rid of that stupid notch.
dd pham
dd pham 5 dias atrás
After 5 years with the iphone 7 Just got my 13 pro, and it feels too nice
Ahaan Sachdev
Ahaan Sachdev 5 dias atrás
I really wanted to get a 13 pro but I feel like the 13 suits my needs perfectly I don’t feel the need to spend more on some features I won’t take full advantage of. I’m upgrading from an iPhone X and I fell like at least 40% of people watching this video are upgrading from the iPhone X.
Jes 5 dias atrás
I want to try the iPhone 13 pro max but it is just too expensive! I'm on Android right now. My android isn't bad it's doing pretty well, but I have wanted an iPhone for a while now
Albert A
Albert A 6 dias atrás
Of all the highways to drive and record video on simultaneously- the FDR is not it my guy
uprizer 6 dias atrás
Heck yeah. The second I turned it on it was very obvious from the XR
Timothy Bryce Williams
Thank you for the vid. Ordered mine yesterday. Upgrading from the 10.
Parker Giles
Parker Giles 6 dias atrás
wow mark ass, great moves! keep it up 👍
Haut Strange
Haut Strange 6 dias atrás
I just got my 13 Pro Max and it really is an amazing phone. The high screen refresh rate is absolutely amazing. I typically only upgrade every 3.5-4 years so every new phone blows my mind. This is the most my minds been blown so far, coming from the 10.
Chaza51 3 dias atrás
Just ordered my pro coming from the 10 as well. So excited for this upgrade!
crob949 3 dias atrás
I’m coming from the 6 so I’m preparing to have my mind blown
Andrea 3 dias atrás
I’m upgrading next week from a 7 plus to 13 pro max
huiAPPOAJ 3 dias atrás
did you buy a backpack for it too?
Manny 6 dias atrás
Still keep my S21 Ultra.
TEXAS BOY 6 dias atrás
Just got mine yesterday in gold it’s🔥🔥🔥🔥the battery life is outstanding and it’s clean asf! I love iPhones.
Sean Edmonds
Sean Edmonds 6 dias atrás
the beginning is so deep, i actually felt that
Mukarram Kamran
Mukarram Kamran 6 dias atrás
Charging is mad slow coming from Android OnePlus 6. I hate how I can't plug in my Audio Technica M50 into my iPhone like I can my OnePlus 6. I paid 1100 dollars and Apple doesn't even throw in a charger like my OnePlus 6. How does OnePlus 6 have faster charging than an 1100 dollar iPhone. I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I miss Steve jobs better known as Steve crook. Apple Tim Cook is the real crook. Apple just got 120 hz refresh rate Android had that like way ahead of apple. Apple has way over priced memory configuration why is 256gb memory like an extra 100 dollars. Why does my OnePlus 6 from 3 years ago have 128gb more memory than iPhone and cost only 550 dollars. Apple is a scam company that's why. Highly overcharge for features that Android had first Apple stopped innovating a long time ago. I want to see Apple succeed so Android has reason to make better phones at half cost than apple. If people realize how much better Android phones are than apple, Android phone manufacturers will charge double the price. Overall I want to thank Apple for misleading the people. In the end the consumer gets better Android phones similar spec for half to 300 dollars off the cost of the latest iPhone. I think I might need grammerly in the future if I'm gunna be consistently be spitting this much hot truth.
Brandy Hoelscher
Brandy Hoelscher 7 dias atrás
I love the pro max. My only issue is the scream brightness in a dark room. I already use dark moss when and where I can, and set up color shift. I also turn the slider all the way down, but the screen is still too bright at night. Is there anything else I can do? An app or extension, maybe?
redshirtspeaker 5 dias atrás
Turn up the intensity of night shift. Makes it feel dimmer and easier on the eyes.
XxZabuzaOpxX 5 dias atrás
Maybe get a privacy screen they make the screen darker
Mick Jones
Mick Jones 7 dias atrás
Imma upgrade from a 5 to a 13 pro, the difference is gonna be insane
AkiraTheGodEater 7 dias atrás
I just bought mine. I’m coming from a 6splus and it’s such a weird experience. But exciting.
People Are For People
People Are For People 7 dias atrás
The language of your presentation is very beautiful, the reviews on your mobile are very good,,,i am from Bangladesh
Scarecrow_ Actual
Scarecrow_ Actual 7 dias atrás
As soon as I got my Pro Max all loaded up, I noticed the refresh rate was freaking outstanding. Quick and smooth scrolling and the battery lasts twice as long as my XR. I'm a bird watcher and the quality of pictures at the zoom level is crazy great.
Haut Strange
Haut Strange 6 dias atrás
Agreed. The refresh is so good. I’ve been using my phone sorta heavily all day (so like 10-11 hours now), and still have 73% of my battery left.
ASAP Sinclair
ASAP Sinclair 8 dias atrás
Man I not sure if it was the right decision to buy the 13 pro, or if I should’ve bought the max 😭
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