iPhone 12's Latest Approach at Deterring 3rd Party Repair

Hugh Jeffreys
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Time for an update with the repair issues facing the iPhone 12 phones.
Camera Article:
Display Article:
Battery Article:
Orignal iPhone 12 Teardown:

Get parts, tools, and thousands of free repair guides from iFixit at:
Australia Store:
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29 Jan 2021



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Comentários 1 493
Beaver Anos atrás
iOS 15: Apple starts pairing screws to each phone, if you change screws between phones you’ll get a “unable to verify this IPhone has genuine apple screws”
Tom Buck
Tom Buck Anos atrás
It’s wild to think about the impact a single person can have on a trillion dollar company- keep fighting the good fight!👍
Kanye East
Kanye East Anos atrás
I actually love this guy, he specifically tells people what he’s doing, no cuts where they aren’t needed, and he isn’t wasting you time. Whoever is reading this right now, go sub to Hugh now! Keep up the content btw!
ArtMurder Anos atrás
Apple is like "oh I'm sorry did you think you owned the phone you spent a grand on?"
I think it's disgusting that Apple is allowed to do this.
libertyordeaf Anos atrás
iOS 14.5: "iOS has detected Hugh Jeffreys within 10 feet of your phone. All functions have been disabled."
Ryan Barry
Ryan Barry Anos atrás
going to love when you buy an Apple car. "Wheels not compatible with this device" "You cannot drive this car as it is too dark"
aimohsin Anos atrás
Apple: We want you to give the best experience for the money you spent on the phone.
Cloud the furry
Cloud the furry Anos atrás
Great vid as always Hugh! I'm happy to see that with this new update the camera works and it just gives you a message, hopefully they do the same for the screen and battery in future updates but more than likely they won't sadly
Blessed Zulu
Blessed Zulu Anos atrás
2022: "Unable to verify that this iPhone is not owned by a broke person."
Davide Masha
Davide Masha Anos atrás
I literally love this channel.
Julius Mendoza
Julius Mendoza Anos atrás
This is just sad because it’s removing job opportunities for third party repairs, they’re so money hungry
CXam Anos atrás
And they oppose right to repair suggesting they're fair in their methods. This is what happens and I can only hope after the failures in the US that the EU, Canada, the UK and Australia rectify it. Consumers and third party professionals should be allowed repair devices especially when they cost so much. Disposable was always fine when the product was cheap and intended that way. Not this.
My man Hugh exploring iPhones! Keep up the good work!
Henry Atkinson
Henry Atkinson Anos atrás
So glad you do these vids, with what these companies do, we need people like yourself and the folks at iFixit to inform consumers about these shady practices.
Freddo T Frog
Freddo T Frog Anos atrás
Just a thought, maybe you could use watchmaker's rodico to clean a phone's internal surfaces prior to closure? Excellent content, thank you. Also, would a cordless screwdriver work for seal removal, to save your fingers?
B. T.
B. T. Anos atrás
I wasn't even aware your initial video about the teardown went to almost 10 mil views. Well done.
Faraz Anos atrás
Josh Bacuetes
Josh Bacuetes Anos atrás
iOS 20: Each screw has a sensor and if it was turned, the phone will not be able to work again.
John Q
John Q Anos atrás
I really enjoy your videos Hugh. The detail and insight you share from your experience is very helpful, thanks.
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