iPhone 12 Anti Repair Design - Teardown and Repair Assessment 

Hugh Jeffreys
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Apple says they are aiming for zero climate impact by 2030.
So to me that says a device should be able to be repaired when the time comes to, preventing it from becoming e-waste. But is that true?
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27 Out 2020



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owenswamp Anos atrás
It's honestly hilarious to me that you can buy a $1,000 phone and apple doesn't give you everything you need to charge it
Garbage Day
Garbage Day Anos atrás
Same shit with my Samsung S21 ultra a 1700 Canadian bucks with no charger included.
Danielius Anos atrás
Same thing with Samsung :/
Joshua M. Hoffman
Joshua M. Hoffman Anos atrás
Motorola for lyfe
Fake Name
Fake Name Anos atrás
@Joshua M. Hoffman same
Low-Budge Fudge
Low-Budge Fudge Anos atrás
@Danielius Yeah, at least its not anti repair. Plus, it's kind of random to bring up samsung when talking about iphone.
Tim Hill
Tim Hill 2 anos atrás
This is so genuinely anti-consumer that legal action may genuinely be needed. Apple is acting like the phone still belongs to them.
Kyle Stoner
Kyle Stoner 2 anos atrás
Jay Freeman has testified about this issue many times in the pursuit of legalizing jailbreaking. It's worth looking into
kristian kestrup pedersen
It’s Them who produces the Phone so they Can kinda do what they want
Skychaser the Dragon
Skychaser the Dragon 2 anos atrás
It's scummy, greedy, deceitful, and so, so disrespectful of their consumer base and sustainable design that it hurts. If you buy something, that should be it. You should own that thing and be able to do whatever you want with it, no questions asked.
kristian kestrup pedersen
@Skychaser the Dragon but you Can do whatever you want to, they just want the consumers to go to Apple themselves. I personally don’t see anything wrong with that.
Editor RBR
Editor RBR Anos atrás
“ there are 2 billion Apple power adapters in the world… And we’re going to render them obsolete.” To prevent e-waste. Sure thing, buddy.
Ilan Anos atrás
Especially since almost none of those apple chargers have a female USB-C port 😅
Joisarri The Small
Joisarri The Small Anos atrás
@Ilan wut
Ilan Anos atrás
@Joisarri The Small The existing Apple chargers are mostly from older models, they're using a female USB-A rather than a USB-C, so they're not compatible with newer iPhone charging cables
Starstricken Barrel
Ady Honestly I agree I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future they changed the shape of the charging port so people are forced to buy their new chargers
FIRE DRILL Anos atrás
The company just wants more momey
SolarFlareCJ Anos atrás
“To reduce waste, we are going to make our products unrecycleable.”
Schattenpoet Enrico Ludwig
And force our buyers to buy the charger as extra, coming in another packaging that's going to be waste. And a connection to normal USB ports, more packaging... but also more money spend. And Headphones, too... In a few years they will sell the whole Phone in single parts that you will then ship (yay shipping, CO2 but also more money, and waste through packaging) to Apple for assembly and they then ship it back in... another packaging... that's what they call eco freindly. Serously... why does anyone still buy their products? o.O
Emmerson _
Emmerson _ Anos atrás
@Schattenpoet Enrico Ludwig Brand loyalty. I myself am a samsung user, but the rest of my family follows Apple, the quality isn’t in any significant way different. Though unlike apple, android phones tend to be much cheaper. People like apple’s fancy and rich appeal. The many setting functions, and joining the “Apple family”. Most users stick with the brand because it’s familiar with them. Though Apple knows this, that’s why they can up the price as much as they possibly can, refuse restoration and make users buy a newer version as soon as possible.
Sirine Benyahia
Sirine Benyahia Anos atrás
@NekoKitsu it is possible to install an anti-virus on androids though, and you don't have to get the problems of iPhones
Damian Anos atrás
@NekoKitsu just because a phone Has a built in antivirus doesnt mean you cant get an antivirus for the ones that dont
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 2 anos atrás
Apple: makes repair service incredibly expensive People : ok I’ll go find a cheaper repair service Apple: *visible anger*
Jared Fleming
Jared Fleming 2 anos atrás
Fixing this isn't even hard tbh not as bad as samsung
Kaizo 2 anos atrás
@Jared Fleming why tho
Jared Fleming
Jared Fleming 2 anos atrás
@Kaizo in the samsung repair u have to almost take the entire device apart to replae the screen that means u have a lot more room for error but the thing with apple is that the screen is locked to the device so people have tried to replace it themselves and the couldnt use the device idk pick ur poision i guess
𝕵 𝕾 Anos atrás
@Jared Fleming A samsung phone has 15-17 phlilips screws. A iphone has 50 or more all different screws. Wich one is easier?
ODDITY Anos atrás
Then one day apple etc will be laughing at the fact people won't even be able to take their product to a phone repair store. But they won't laugh for long as it will obviously mean people will stop buying their products, they dug their own hole, like the BBC they are doing that, I think the BBC will be gone in 2021 or 2022, well I hope they will. But the #BBC and #apple etc will be both gone, if they don't change to make their company fair for customers.
n*QRTzY Anos atrás
Apple is forgetting that when someone buys their product, the product belongs to that person, not to Apple. Me and my family were always Apple users but I’m genuinely considering moving to Android.
RoachFaceSRS Anos atrás
Move to android. Apple just isn't worth it.
PokemonIsGood Anos atrás
Join the dark side
silus Anos atrás
@PokemonIsGood It's more like the light side
Patriotic American
Patriotic American Anos atrás
Same but I just don’t know if I can use it because apple is just so user friendly
Admiral Gaius
Admiral Gaius Anos atrás
If big companies had their way you'd be buying a license to rent the things.
JerryRigEverything 2 anos atrás
Great video! Very in depth. Apple should be allowing repairs. I'd even be fine if they 'locked' repairs untill after the warranty expires, but after that people should be allowed to fix devices that they own.
Niraj Tamang
Niraj Tamang 2 anos atrás
Jerry good
Jose Luis C
Jose Luis C 2 anos atrás
OMG OMG HE is here 😱😱
Last kornerr
Last kornerr 2 anos atrás
hi Jerry the boss
gummytini 2 anos atrás
Apple: We will not include Charger blocks in your purchase, you have to buy it seperately. EA: *THATS* MY BOY!
sku36 2 anos atrás
2K has entered the chat
Treemeat The Almighty
Treemeat The Almighty 2 anos atrás
2027: you have to buy all the separate parts and it costs like 10,000$. *Per Part.*
NightDK 2 anos atrás
EA must be so proud of apple! you buy the product but you must pay to use it just like papa EA
qaundale Bartholomew dickly dongle Madden kringle
@Treemeat The Almighty apple in ten years: we removed the screen so we can have more room for proscessors!
Southern Soul
Southern Soul 2 anos atrás
Imagine if you changed the battery in your car yourself, but you car refused to start because it's not an authorized genuine car battery.
Me Tube
Me Tube 2 anos atrás
Very soon...
CapnTates 2 anos atrás
Non-genuine fuzzy dice detected in your Tesla. Your steering wheel will be disabled.
Cezar Catalin
Cezar Catalin 2 anos atrás
@CapnTates Even better: Your subscription for using airbags has expired, airbags are now disabled.
Erkki T
Erkki T 2 anos atrás
with newer cars it is a problem. You have to code in the new battery otherwise you will have issues and it might not start.
this is so sketchy. they didnt just lock it out, they tried to make it look like the phone was broken just to give any repair shops attempting to fix these phones a bad name.
littlecreeper85 Anos atrás
Yea, I’m sure though a way around this will be found as the video was released a while ago and there is only so much apple can do to try to screw others over, I’m sure there are plenty of ways to get around it although the price might be more expensive than just switching to android before it’s too late
littlecreeper85 Anos atrás
@Diogo P I mean for stuff like car engines yea you don’t want a random person fixing it but phones won’t get anyone killed unless they are a absolute moron trying to fix it themselves from home, we are talking about repair shops fixing phones that know what their doing but instead of apple just going nope can’t repair and locking the phone they frame the repair shop by making it look like they messed up when they didn’t whatsoever, it’s scummy to do that instead of just locking out the phone since it was third party repaired, apple just wants more money to themselves and become a monopoly since if only their phones can be fixed by then they can make prices for repair higher and higher and you only have 1 place to go to fix it
Znoopy Anos atrás
@littlecreeper85 What do you mean stuff like car engines I do most of my repair on my car myself you just have to know what you’re doing And if you can’t do it yourself they charge you an arm and a leg to fix it
Hlbro3 Anos atrás
@Znoopy They're just saying that not everyone has the right knowledge to work on cars.
Morgan Beverly
Morgan Beverly Anos atrás
@Znoopy Also some vehicles will go into engine fail safe mode if a licensed mechanic or dealership doesn't do the work to the vehicle. An example is a 2012 Ford Explorer alternator change. If a higher end scan tool isn't used to tell the vehicle that the part is correct and to register the alternator it will not exit the fail safe mode
ShihammeDarc Anos atrás
The modularity on apple devices and the way they sell replacement parts shows the rift between the amazing talented apple engineers and the cutthroat apple corporate.
TF Classic Engineer
Who's the character in your profile picture?
ShihammeDarc Anos atrás
@TF Classic Engineer Meltlilith/Meltryllis from Fate/Extra and Fate/Grand Order
TF Classic Engineer
@ShihammeDarc Thanks, man.
agy Anos atrás
@ShihammeDarc fellow fate fan
redwolf344 gaming
redwolf344 gaming Anos atrás
Yoooo a melt pfp have you played ccc
n*QRTzY Anos atrás
>claims that they’re trying to be “enviromental-friendly” >makes phone that is impossible to repair unless you pay them to do so >doesn’t include power block in the box, making you have to go pay them extra to buy the power block separately from them which is actually worse for the environment than just including it in the box >does the same with their earbuds >literally rendered 2 billion of their power adapters obsolete just so people could buy a new one from them >wants you to buy a new phone from them every year But suuuure, I guess Apple totally wants to be super eco-friendly and good for the planet, right? The only “green initiative” they want is the one that puts green dollar bills in their pockets.
WolvReigns22 Anos atrás
How is buying a power block worst for the environment than having it included.
Laerza Anos atrás
​ @Mckenzie Gorman If you buy it, it will have separate packaging, whereas if it is included no/less packaging/waste is necessary.
WolvReigns22 Anos atrás
@Laerza however if you actually happen to have your own power block then you have no need for another piece of e waste in the future
Laerza Anos atrás
@WolvReigns22 True, but they could at least have made it use the standard USB port for the charger, instead of requiring people to buy an entirely new one, just for their products. (which would have eliminated more waste)
Maker's Muse
Maker's Muse 2 anos atrás
Apple's environmental angle is all marketing bs, they've always wanted you to buy a new device every year and this just shows the levels they'll go to ensure it. Gross!
Ilia Adamant Hark
Ilia Adamant Hark 2 anos atrás
Yeah, that's just marketing gimmicks. And still, so many people buy apple products anyways...
Cool Hanukkah
Cool Hanukkah 2 anos atrás
I'v always felt that apple hated it's customers as much as they needed them.
bemwy 2 anos atrás
Just repair it at apple?
bemwy 2 anos atrás
James Edward yes and if the company wants to actually do so, they are shamed for lying even when they do not
J c
J c 2 anos atrás
You don't have to buy their product. It does suck how they do things, but they do make exceptionally great products. I think If Jobs was still alive the products wouldn't increase in price so much. You have to take that into consideration.
Mr Tortoise
Mr Tortoise 2 anos atrás
“We are eco friendly, we don’t send charger blocks” “We make you buy it from us somewhere else for twice the price
siam edition
siam edition 2 anos atrás
I never use apple and continuing so. At least apple can offer consumers who need a charger by request it online and have them shipped to home or pick up in store by register the iPhone they bought first.
Indra K
Indra K 2 anos atrás
@siam edition which cost more materials for packaging which in turn become waste
siam edition
siam edition 2 anos atrás
@Indra K option for consumer to ask to ship it with your New Phone order, May be ! Anything possible instead sell it at outrage price...since Samsung do the same with flagship phone but with budget phone all come with charger..not over 1000 dollars phone. Something's not right here.
G 2 anos atrás
@siam edition Samsung comes with a charger idk where you get your phones from but in the US they do lol.
siam edition
siam edition 2 anos atrás
@G Not Samsung S21 series, No charger but budget phone do come with charger. I'm talking about US market.
Angela Engle
Angela Engle 2 anos atrás
The most eco-friendly method is just don't buy their new phones. Keep using your old one. =_=
Kira lmao
Kira lmao 2 anos atrás
problem there is at some point apple is going to make that phone extremely slow and with each new phone the specs (probably) will get better and better
Motors 2 anos atrás
Until apple releases another software update that slows if down.
CragScrambler 2 anos atrás
They slow them down with firmware updates tho
Tarooooooo 2 anos atrás
@Motors thx for this im gonna stay at my current software version
John 2 anos atrás
It's 2021 already, just switch to an android phone.
Pikr Fish
Pikr Fish Anos atrás
Apple: If it ain't broke, we will break it.
Patriotic American
Patriotic American Anos atrás
Apple rotten to the core Commented from iPhone But really I want to switch to android or Samsung but Idk if I could use it just because apple is so user friendly
hello Anos atrás
@Patriotic American it's really not that different honestly.
Juanpch Anos atrás
@Patriotic American i find it that android is more user friendly due to all the Small developer's that can work on applications for Android devices
Gabriel87100 Anos atrás
"And you WILL buy another."
Carter Anos atrás
@Patriotic American as a die-hard Android user, Android is no less user friendly. As long as you buy from a good manufacturer, the interface is just as user friendly. The only thing your giving up is the seamlessness. Take pairing airpods for example.
Zodiac909 2 anos atrás
*Phone Breaks* You - "Can you repair it?" Apple - "No, you need to buy a new one"
Zodiac909 2 anos atrás
Gravity ERA facts. Its the same reason people with $$ will buy a BMW over a Toyota, Brand > Brains 😉
th3 m4st3r
th3 m4st3r 2 anos atrás
@Zodiac909 BMW has cool cars. And from my point of view, you can get more girls with a BMW (maybe even an old one) than with a toyota corolla.
Chaddeus Thaddeus
Chaddeus Thaddeus 2 anos atrás
Gravity ERA with 0 knowledge of what I was doing I bought a 2017 imac for music production just because everyone I knew that made music uses one, had to upgrade the ram in it one day from 8 gb to 16gb the process was so long tedious and strenuous that if it ever needs an upgrade again I'm throwing it in a lake and buying a pc
Kameraden 2 anos atrás
@Chaddeus Thaddeus Everything Apple is bad, pretty much. Apple heavily relies on ignorant customers, and tries everything they can to keep them ignorant, and reliant. Basically turns it's customers into slaves. First thing when owning slaves is to keep them ignorant of their situation, don't let them learn how to read, or that there is any other way. Apple does this with it's customers, keep them ignorant and stupid.
icebluscorpion 2 anos atrás
@Kameraden face it not only Apple keeps people ignorant, to keep the control of society but other institutions and persons with high influence too. it's the truth.
Clonedcheese Anos atrás
“We aren’t including an adapter to reduce waste” Now we have to buy entire new cables so we can connect them to currently owned adapters, cars, and other such items. Thus making the cord they sent waste. Wonderful job Apple
Belli Dura Despicio
The cables are probably going to be paired too in the next one
Michael Overholser
Michael Overholser Anos atrás
Unless it’s your first iPhone, where’s your old cables? They’ll still work.
Ty Fowler
Ty Fowler Anos atrás
@Michael Overholser Wrong. The point was if you're going to use an old adapter with an old cord, then having a new cord for which you'll never have a matching adapter means the new cord is, and always will be, waste for you. Unless the old cord breaks and then guess what? Ya gotta have a new adapter shipped separately. Meaning that extra packaging and transport energy is unnecessary waste, just like the video stated.
HTF and sanic stuff
 in 2030: we have removed everything in the box except the phone!  in 2050: we have removed everything except the phone!  in 2060: there is nothing!
Gengetsu Chan
Gengetsu Chan 2 anos atrás
Apple: We want to make our world more green! Someone: So, eco friendly? Apple: No, I'm talking about green like money
Me Zo
Me Zo 2 anos atrás
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 2 anos atrás
😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 Facts
TheMaan2008 2 anos atrás
Lool. Good one!
Fixablebeet 2 anos atrás
xD lol
Attimi 2 anos atrás
Apple: No, we're releasing a green colour option
Blue Fox
Blue Fox Anos atrás
Me who has never bought any apple products: interesting But seriously: people like you make plattforms like youtube actually valuable in terms of useful information - keep it up.
Ios sucks bro Android is more convenient
The Indecent Headpatter
Poverty is cool, stay cheap Edit: Lol I literally said it's cool to buy cheap things, as I'm an Android user myself. This is just a play on the "virginity is cool, stay pure" meme. People really like to misinterpret things huh
nans stan fan
nans stan fan Anos atrás
@The Indecent Headpatter bro you're literally buying a 1000$ phone that does the same thing as a 600$ phone just because it has an apple symbol on it, You're an actual clown
nans stan fan
nans stan fan Anos atrás
@The Indecent Headpatter Also I bet any amount of money you're under 18 and your parents buy your phone anyway
Christian Bradley
Christian Bradley Anos atrás
Pro tip: Don't buy electronics from a company that refuses to let you repair them.
chitrai raj
chitrai raj Mês atrás
This is why I'm still using OnePlus 8 Pro
Vatekanore Anos atrás
I'm so incredibly surprised that this company is still standing with people defending it
T XYZ 2 anos atrás
I've owned 1 Apple PC in my life time and that was like 10 or 12 yrs ago. Video went out on it after 12 1/2 months --- they wanted $1300 to repair it - it was only $1800 brand new. Being a electronics engineer for over 35 yrs, I fixed the damn thing myself. Time wise took me longer to take the casing apart than to actually fix it. Total parts cost was $1.79 !!! That was the last Apple product I ever owned and will never ever have another Apple product. Aside of their outrageous rip off prices for repairs, Apple is just too damn intrusive for my liking. After you buy something from them it belongs to you, not them, yet they do everything possible to control how you use it, what you can or can't do with it and all they can do to prevent you from repairing it or having it repaired by anyone other than them. Which is BS !!! They took my money for it, its MY property now, not theirs. So nope, I will not deal with any company that still wants to control everything about MY property !!! Oh, I forgot to mention --- over those past years, I've probably steered over 100 people from buying Apple products --- all I had to do is tell them my story, what happened to me, and they made their own decision - interesting parts, damn near every one of them said the same thing as I did --- Once they buy its their property now NOT APPLE'S and they should be able to do with it whatever they so choose --- same as I said !!!
Vadim Makarov
Vadim Makarov 2 anos atrás
Apple told me I needed a screen replacement in an out-of-warranty MBP to fix stiff hinges, and could not tell me what type of lubricant was used in the hinges. I fixed them with two drops of light oil. That was years ago; the hinges are still fine.
Ikram Maududi
Ikram Maududi 2 anos atrás
@Vadim Makarov you know that knowledge = money, so they won't answer your question
System Fox
System Fox 2 anos atrás
It is very anti consumer, yet people will continue buying it. I bought a MacBook Pro in 2011, and to this day it still runs smoothly. I had to replace the HDD with SSD and replace memory sticks, but atleast back then it was 'repairable' to an extent. Nowdays, everything is soldered together and you are SOL if you want to increase storage. I am still using iPhone 6S and I will continue to do so until it dies, which will be very soon.
amit thapliyal
amit thapliyal 2 anos atrás
@System Fox but still peoole are gonna buy this...
Sammy 2 anos atrás
This right here ^^^^ Apple is sick who just wants people to spend more money. They are SO greedy it's unreal. I think Samsung is way better in many ways.
Amond Hawes-Khalifa
Apple: "Create a problem, sell the solution"
Laughing Man
Laughing Man Anos atrás
More like sell the problem and the solution- Their executives must be damn proud of themselves thinking this crap up. I must admit though that they are pretty dang good con men. They legit managed to get the average populace to agree to it. I suppose that's business in general though... People exchange resources and try to make off with the greater haul.
Ghostface 10 meses atrás
@Laughing Man that’s how people are
René Casaña
René Casaña 2 anos atrás
Imagine not being able to see your vehicle's gas level, temp, brake fluid and mirrors because you replaced a broken windshield or tank. That's Apple, you're welcome.
Smokyblackeyes 2 anos atrás
Apple car will be the most annoying thing to exist in the automobile market.
Justin Koldenhof
Justin Koldenhof 2 anos atrás
@Smokyblackeyes not many people would buy it then especially if its gas or diesel because who would want to drive to an apple garage especially when the ones much closer to you do as good or even better job
Mqrr 2 anos atrás
@Smokyblackeyes I still can't comprehend people actually use iPhones. 'Android' phones are so much better in every single aspect. Oneplus, Huawei, Samsung, LG, Pixel, Oppo, Redmi. The list goes on and on, and theyre all compatible with eachother.
Yedriel Negron
Yedriel Negron 2 anos atrás
@Mqrr Problem? Apple is used for status. That’s why Apple still exists. The only way to abolish Apple is to create something else or make android phones a status thing
Mqrr 2 anos atrás
@Yedriel Negron Apple appeals to poor people wanting to come over as rich, by using 'premium' apple products, and used by rich people who've got enough money to have 4 phones and 10 macs. Besides, its only the 'ecosystem' keeping people loyal to apple.
fluffy thurms
fluffy thurms Anos atrás
i worked at a repair facility. after replacing cameras, battery's and displays on iPhone, there was a process we had to perform on the phone to make the new part work with the device called calibration, which was basically updating the serial numbers of the parts with the serial number of the phone. i think the lack of this process has something to do with what you experienced in this video.
CGX4 Anos atrás
is this hard to do and how exactly do you do it?
NekoKitsu Anos atrás
So there is hope?
Carter Anos atrás
He has done display and battery calibration on devices before. The question in my eyes is, why do we as consumer even accept the premise that I need a to spend a couple hundred bucks on a recalibration tool (that will become obsolete next year) to fix the display or battery. Which are in my opinion, both consumable parts
Aaditya Verma
Aaditya Verma Anos atrás
Lol hence proved , those are are some things deliberately used by Apple to make their own parts incompatible with one another unless and until you update their serial numbers. Seriously why do people buy Apple. The only line of products that are actually good are iPads and the latest m1 Macbooks. That m1 macbooks will also not last long as the rest of the processor industry will try to catch up on that ARM design
James Olson
James Olson 2 anos atrás
Imagine Ford and GM tried this many years ago, telling car owners that if they didn't use genuine Ford and GM parts, they'd void their warranty. The carmakers were successfully sued, can't do that any more. Apple hasn't learned that lesson.
Q5Grafx 2 anos atrás
did you not watch the senate hearing. they did do this. claiming the software that runs their cars is their property and you are just renting it and if you swap out the chip you are pirated and will be prosecuted for copyright infringement and creating a counterfeit product.
Haris Y
Haris Y 2 anos atrás
Tesla is already doing it xD
James Olson
James Olson 2 anos atrás
@Q5Grafx Honestly I can't catch time on CSPAN due to my work schedule. But I'm not surprised Tesla is claiming that. Back in the 1970s Ma Bell (aka AT&T) did the same with the Mickey Mouse phone. Customers later found out they had only bought the "outside shell" while the innards remained Bell System property, and of course they charged rent on the monthly bill, all the while the federal government looked the other way.
PkmnTrainer Numbers
Dodge certainly tried that with the Caliber. Turns out the key has a chip in it and the car won't start without it in the ignition. If I wanted a spare key, I'd need to go to the dealership and have them program a new one. I was told this would cost about $400 for a car that is now worth $1000.
James Olson
James Olson Anos atrás
American Freedom World Peace I think the auto CEOs got that point by 1990. It took them 10-15 years to turn things around. The problem with Apple is that they have no rival - Samsung makes the hardware but not the OS, and Google vice versa. And both Google and Apple have attacked their customers with the censoring, deplatforming and booting of users off, mistakes also being done by Fakebook, Amazon and Twit. All of these businesses now have the attitude that they own their customers, hence warranty practices like Apple's. But they don't really own them, there are alternatives. No business can stay at the peak doing these kind of things, it can only propel customers into the growing 2nd-tier competition.
Firefox Anos atrás
"to prevent e-waste, we decided to make our 2 billion old parts not useable anymore (wich means waste)" - Apple
user Anos atrás
Allwin Paul
Allwin Paul 2 anos atrás
Imagine an apocalyptic situation where you need to repair your smartphone and luckily you found all the replacement parts in a wasteland, but then you remember you use apple.
Steve d
Steve d 2 anos atrás
who's still running a cell network after the apocalypse
L340 2 anos atrás
In an apocalyptic situation, I would not care for my phone. For what? some pin number for my bank account? LOL. I would want to have food and shelter. In an apocalyptic situation, humanity is passed beyond what the world used to be.
Allwin Paul
Allwin Paul 2 anos atrás
Calm down, guys. This isn't twitter. We can read comments without arguing about hypothetical situations.
L340 2 anos atrás
@Allwin Paul no worries! hypothetically responses can also be added. :D
Герцман 2 anos atrás
Small electronics will be dead because of radiation anyway. Switch to ZX Spectrum enthusiasm, you can find Zilog Z80, to fix your PC, in a microwave, freezer or some other huge household goods with no need in fast processing speed. You can also try messing around with STM32, which are cheap yet powerful microcontrollers.
Rubik's Cubed
Rubik's Cubed Anos atrás
Wow. Imagine a company like Apple that is trying to sell picture-perfect devices having a screw that is pre-stripped from the factory.
Diogo P
Diogo P Anos atrás
AND I LOVE THAT APPLE IS DOING THAT😁 As technology evolves more and more, it is no longer possible for non-specialized human beings to make their own repairs. a good example of this would be cars, 50 years ago it would have been perfectly possible for anyone to do a simple repair on their car! not nowadays (have you ever looked at a modern day engine there are more cables in sight than metal). such as, for example, making a small repair to an appliance does not present any risk to human beings, making a repair to a car, an appliance or any other object, may be involved in handling objects that we may not even know what they are or what they are for. example batteries and other hazardous fluids present in equipment.
iR-80 Anos atrás
By 2023 Apple will make a phone that turns into a murderous robot mecha armed with kitchen knives if you try to open the phone
Leo 2 anos atrás
apple: cuts waste by removing charger also apple: phone needs sticker
Fanta7t Anos atrás
Sticker is also another marketing strategy
Qpwoe Pqopw
Qpwoe Pqopw Anos atrás
@Fanta7t yup people stick them everywhere..pretty much free advertising
Anime Fan
Anime Fan Anos atrás
@Qpwoe Pqopw Who needs to know what Apple is at this point?
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique Anos atrás
​@Anime Fan Out of sight, out of mind. Every single company is constantly fighting for our attention. We need to remember they exist.
TheMexicanJesus Anos atrás
@Fanta7t I got a apple sticker and stuck it to a trash can once.
Johan Schenck
Johan Schenck 2 anos atrás
If no one buys the phones, then yes, apple's statement of "wanting 0 waste by 2030" will be true.🤣🤣
Jake Anos atrás
@Conservative Strawman uhh last time I checked windows was not being used for phones bro, they were using Android. Also I don't see any difference between how the apps run on my 3 year old android and my iphone 12 😂. The only reason apple is secure is because they lock down their stuff at the cost of customization and freedom, it's unfortunate that people like you are still supporting these practices, because everyone could have a better phone.
Excommunicated 2020
Excommunicated 2020 2 anos atrás
Apple are totally contradicting themselves here, the very best way of “Recycling” is to Maintain, Repair and keep using your old iPhone or any other Brand of Smartphone, until they become too outdated to be worth keeping!
Q5Grafx 2 anos atrás
wanna buy a pristine 5s
Dwall44 2 anos atrás
@Q5Grafx Yes.
extec101 2 anos atrás
@Q5Grafx still got an old 4S and just need a new battery.
Lain Anos atrás
Shrek tbh android looks hella ugly imo
Lain Anos atrás
Shrek shouldn’t have to do that
Gabby Valenciano
Gabby Valenciano Anos atrás
Apple has probably seen this video and giving themselves a pat in the back for accomplishing such evil
Spicecarius 2 anos atrás
"We want to minimize waste!" ... So you change literally every plug on every accessory every phone. Meanwhile TVs can still use the red, yellow, and white cables.
Ferry 2 anos atrás
Even when TV cable broken you literally can change with any cable available 😂
Robin Maiwald
Robin Maiwald 2 anos atrás
Meanwhile Windows still has features to keep MSDOS PCs running...
Zephyros 2 anos atrás
@Robin Maiwald eehhh windows no longer has MSDOS build-in since moving over to the NT kernel with windows NT, so MS-DOS has to be virtualized/simulated instead of running it natively. I think the last OS with MS-DOS support was Windows ME.
Robin Maiwald
Robin Maiwald 2 anos atrás
@Zephyros Hmm. Ok then I was missinformed but I think that Windows still has far backward compatibility. I remember seeing a video (from Tom Scott I think) that said something about atleast having some "features" from older systems (you cant name files and do some other things because that whould mess with really old PCs)
Zephyros 2 anos atrás
@Robin Maiwald yeah I think files such as CON and PRN where introduced as something you can write to and let a driver/device figure it out, such as your printer. I suspect it is something they wanted to carry over to the earlier windows (such as 3.1), which had 3.1 and DOS installed. And then kept it for backwards compatibility to those early windows. The same is probably the case for why the main drive is called 'C'. This is quite a bit of speculation on my part though :).
Art notforthesakeofart
This was EYE-OPENING. Thank you for making this video. It is ridiculous that the consumers even have to ask for the 'right to repair', it should be there anyway! I feel consumer pressure and very strict government laws are the only way to stop this madness. Sooner or later, these companies will have to admit and pay for what they are doing!
Lorne Tontegode
Lorne Tontegode 2 anos atrás
It was a blessing that you couldn't get parts to test its reparability. In having to use two new original phones, you proved that they are serialized at the component level. Well done video!
m ptaschek
m ptaschek 2 anos atrás
Probably a technician interface that will update in system, that will patch a software lockout
Dan Ritter
Dan Ritter 2 anos atrás
@m ptaschek exactly my thoughts too
William Prieto
William Prieto 2 anos atrás
There's a product that's made for iPhone repair to swap out a broken screen for a third party unbroken screen. It's a device by the name of the JC - 1V. The device is powered by your laptop or desktop computer. The device has connections on it from top to bottom that are the exact same connectors for the display flex cable that mimic the motherboard connections for that flex cable. The device is a read and write electronics that reads and copies the software data from the broken screen stores it then you remove the broken screen flex cable from the motherboard connection on the device. Then you take the new screen and it's flex cable and attach it to the same motherboard connection on the jc-1v. It will ask you do you want to write the data on to the new screen you tap yes. The data is now transferred to your new screen that will allow you to use facial recognition true tone and touch ID on your new unbroken third-party screen.
Kiatti M
Kiatti M Anos atrás
@William Prieto sounds like a pain to repair.
arctan 2 anos atrás
Apple: "please use your old charger we need to save the enviroment" Also Apple: "We started including chargers with usb-c port few months ago but hey you can still buy it for an unreasonable amount from our shop!" Also also apple: makes it impossible for normal people to fix their phones.
haneefy 2 anos atrás
What a time to be an Android user
Bean Anos atrás
rockin the s20 which shreds the 12
Jayton Jennings
Jayton Jennings Anos atrás
i ask apple users how they feel about apple 50 percent are heartbroken they cant switch cause their apple phone has EVERYTHING they use daily and need to have and would take days to replace the data to an android phone and they regret ever starting with apple then 50 percent are people telling me i just like android cause its cheaper like duh its cheaper better does more ur not limited to specific shifty chargers that break after a week
hello Anos atrás
@Jayton Jennings i hate apple chargers so much. i'm stuck using a mac because that's the only computer my dad "trusts".
Flamester Anos atrás
@Jayton Jennings I’m willing to lose some of the stuff on here, but there are so many photos I don’t wanna lose on here, especially photos of my pets that have passed away years ago. Honestly, if I could go back to Android like 9 year old me used to have, I would
Lit Anos atrás
@Flamester Cant you just connect ure phone to a PC and safe all the photos?
doggofv Anos atrás
They do this so you go to the apple store for repairs and pay them more money than the phone costs to fix an issue that takes 5 minutes to fix.
The Average Person
The Average Person Anos atrás
this guy gets it repairs may be more expensive for the phone itself, all for an issue that could be resolved for a cheaper price, all they gotta do is make the phone look more durable,make it more weaker and inflate repair prices, in todays world they will do anything now. its obvious apple does not care about its customers, they're in it for the money. nothing else
cinnabar Anos atrás
@The Average Person imo it makes sense if they do it to support their company (not everyone buys a brand new iphone every year) but they have seriously went way too far
Mark Mylabris
Mark Mylabris Anos atrás
Well, if it works, don't stop. So, until people start actually think, what they are buying, greed will hurt progress
Rodolfo Beguiristain
Rodolfo Beguiristain 2 anos atrás
The idea that the charger blocks were removed for environmental purposes is absurd. Not only do most iPhone users not have a USB-C block, those who will be forced to buy a new one either from apple or a third-party source will be creating more waste because of the extra packaging.
Hiro Anos atrás
4:19 "With both phones open, we can finally, start messing around with the internals, to see how greedy apple is"
Admiral Thrawn
Admiral Thrawn 2 anos atrás
Apple in the past: Does more, costs less. It's that simple. Current Apple: Create a problem, sell the solution.
BigDanInLA 2 anos atrás
LEO Senpai
LEO Senpai 2 anos atrás
Cost less??? Bruh I phone was considered a luxury product when it was first launched
Admiral Thrawn
Admiral Thrawn 2 anos atrás
@LEO Senpai the iPhone wasn't Apple's first product.
Rewritten Bytes
Rewritten Bytes 2 anos atrás
can we get an f for steve jobs
Sith Ticklefingers
Sith Ticklefingers 2 anos atrás
They’re creating nails and selling screwdrivers.
Kotkagamer Anos atrás
They are LITERALLY shooting theirselves in the foot with saying they do it for the "enviroment" when your battery stops having max battery life and your camera stops working
cit-cat Anos atrás
@Zeke Iwa but he used it correctly
Aether48 Anos atrás
@cit-cat Tim Cook did not take a gun and fire it at his foot
Fake Name
Fake Name Anos atrás
@Aether48this is one definition of literally : "in effect : VIRTUALLY -used in an exaggerated way to emphasize a statement or description that is not literally true or possible Example: -will LITERALLY turn the world upside down to combat cruelty or injustice"
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous 2 anos atrás
It was explained in another video how shipping phones without chargers is actually less green friendly than including them
Eyesac Coffeeaddict
No shit, its because you are putting a single component in a big ass box. My dad wont buy me an iphone 12 bc of this.
Silent Occasion
Silent Occasion Anos atrás
Basically Apple does not care at all
Sofia Anos atrás
Normal computers: "oh, yeah, do whatever you want. Nobody cares." Apple with everything: "you can either choose doing nothing, or doing not a single thing at all. Anything else and you are dead."
Critical Role Highlights
The right-to-repair community is made up of so many experts an professionals that reverse-engineering Apple's products shouldn't be very difficult if it was just more organized. They should be able to make their own diagrams, circumvent every lockout Apple creates, and pull this off. The Dark Web should be the best platform for such a community to stay relatively hidden outside of the control of the big companies controlling the internet. Proper organization is what's needed. If this could just become a reality, Apple wouldn't stand a chance.
Calel Valdez
Calel Valdez Anos atrás
Interviewer: "so why did you do this" Apple: "MONEY"
Standard HEAT-FS
Standard HEAT-FS Anos atrás
@Grumpy Cat Apple users really think they look all fancy and rich even tough their parents bought it for them with their hard earned money lol
Eyeman325 2 anos atrás
Apple: "we're aiming to be environmental friendly so we ditched the charger" also Apple: "wtf is repair? go buy another Iphone!"
Furzkampfbomber 2 anos atrás
And the best part? The USB3 cable that comes with the iphone 12 does not fit into any of Apples old chargers, because they've changed the port. So in addition to the 2 billion Apple chargers already existing, there will now be 2 billion more soon. Makes sense.
YoungAnubis 2 anos atrás
Exactly it doesn’t make sense and only encourages me further not to buy into the latest hype train apple puts out. I’ve done several repairs on my 5SE and if/when I need a new phone it won’t be the latest money grab.
Furzkampfbomber 2 anos atrás
Alan Hardcastle Sounds a lot like Carpenter's 'They Live!' to me... but I guess that is where we are now.
xionxinx 2 anos atrás
@Furzkampfbomber LMAO, literally I purchased a universal USB cable at the checkout of Wal-Mart for $7. I still use my Asus charger with every phone I have including iPhones. You lot are ignorant if you really can't figure out a solution to a port change. I have a box full of chargers from previous generations of flip phones where they are all HARD WIRED to the wall wart and have 4 different ends. You guys will find anything to get mad about.
Nii Baah
Nii Baah 2 anos atrás
Why are all the tech influencers not talking about this? This has to be talked about very very much
Echo Delta
Echo Delta 2 anos atrás
HobbyPsychologist 2 anos atrás
They are dependent by big tech companies because they only get produkts for free or money if they don't really criticise the produkt
etherealessence 2 anos atrás
Because influencers rely on being in the good graces of tech companies for their income. They are little more than shills
Taylor Step
Taylor Step 2 anos atrás
Apple pays them
Death Parade
Death Parade 2 anos atrás
Paid not to.
Crumbs 2 anos atrás
what they actually mean is "we want to manipulate most of our young and dumb fans into thinking we are good and just make stuff In such a way that you HAVE to buy everything we make"
FireFox 2 anos atrás
Diamond 91
Diamond 91 2 anos atrás
I just get old and used Apple product that cost 200$ to get, I don’t have to get them fixed most of the time so no extra price there. And since those iPhones aren’t that “ *DO NOT TOUCH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* ” I can get them fixed
Diamond 91
Diamond 91 2 anos atrás
And I can use headphones without a freaking dongle so I win
ParadiseB 2 anos atrás
Their products are great and work unlike androids so if you don’t like it don’t buy it simple as that
Crumbs 2 anos atrás
@ParadiseB idc about performance, just saying that they make every new product in such a way that we are compelled to buy the new accessories , like different chargers different USB bricks etc
Staiz Dead123
Staiz Dead123 Anos atrás
There are only two reasons why they would do this that 3rd partys dont accidentally mess it up (But we know its not this 1) that you have it fixed at there store so that you pay them (its this 1)
littlecreeper85 Anos atrás
and to put a bad name on those trying to fix the new iphone by instead of locking it down like they could it makes it look like the people fixing it messed up to give them a bad reputation so they stop repairing phones
sabdude 63
sabdude 63 Anos atrás
The problem is the Apple store charge you so much money to find the problem then they say they can’t fix it and you have to buy a new one
D Pac
D Pac 2 anos atrás
Am so proud of apple, because they helped me think like them. They omitted a power charger believing that we all have them already. With the same thinking mindset, it occurred to me that, hey I already have an iPhone, so why buy a whole new one. Right! Thank you Apple! :) for guiding me not to invest in your newer models anymore! Y'all rock!
Willi 2 anos atrás
The one you have already will be broken as well through software, after planned obsolescence forced obsolescence is the strategy to try to compensate the absurdity of the market system. Somehow they need to keep the jobs, if everything would be designed to last as long as possible, repairable and upgraded, all the people who produce it would lose their jobs so their lives thanks to the artificial scarcity of the market system, unemployment exists only in the market system, under every other condition it is freedom, but in the market system it means dying homeless from hunger between empty rotting houses and stores overfilled with food that is disposed every day in bigger amounts than there are people who could eat it. It's about time to think further, the market system is the anti-economy and doesn't allow any economic development. Watch InterReflections, no conspiracy required.
Svinja Anos atrás
Apple website: “whatever you do, don’t try to fix the battery yourself” Hugh: *we’re going to ignore the law*
KoeSeer 2 anos atrás
Apple: we aim for 0 waste ALso Apple: if your phone is broke, might as well as buy a new one.
nasakun 2 anos atrás
Yeah, My IPhone XS broke due to the IOS 13.5.1 update and Apple told me it was my fault and they wouldn’t fix it. They also forced me out of the store. They seem to not care about the users and only the money. Real shame.
Kareem Duncan
Kareem Duncan 2 anos atrás
@nasakun what phone you are using rn
Xeros 2 anos atrás
Also Apple: Uses planned obsolescence to encourage buying a brand new device every year.
Spills51 2 anos atrás
Even better, if it is an easy fix we would also like you to buy a new one...cause...water damage...BRO.
Not EJ
Not EJ 2 anos atrás
Google User it doesn’t
E 2 anos atrás
Right to repair, property rights, imagine if your pace maker was on a monthly subscription plan?
Tumbling Worm
Tumbling Worm 2 anos atrás
Its called Repo Men!!!!
Angela Engle
Angela Engle 2 anos atrás
Shh, don't give them ideas. '>_>
177SCmaro 2 anos atrás
No one has to imagine or worry about a pace maker on a monthly subscription plan because no one wants to buy a pace maker on a monthly subscription plan. If no one wants to buy it no one is going to sell it.
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 2 anos atrás
@177SCmaro do u think thats how they marketed the right to repair? they advertised it, and people were like, shit yeah, i dont wanna repair it, ill spend $1000 on a new 1...
will2003michael2003 2 anos atrás
The no charger thing is a sticking point for me.
Tyler Mccutcheon
Tyler Mccutcheon Anos atrás
When you buy something it's yours, you can do what ever you want with your property. Its time for change
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat Anos atrás
Read your EULA...
Shane Lawrence
Shane Lawrence Anos atrás
Unfortunately the phone is yours, but the software is not. They are regrettibly in their legal right to, however that is only because technology out paces law.
Brnie Senders
Brnie Senders 2 anos atrás
Great video. Thanks for taking the time to research this and for letting us know. This is crazy what Apple is doing. They don't want to prevent waste, they just want more money.
Quentin B
Quentin B Anos atrás
I hate telling my customers I no longer work on iPhones cause of that. All that gray area involed with it I just dont work on Apple devices altogether. Thanks for the video for validating that, and mention this about it. Right to repair is desperatly needed.
Zeles 2 anos atrás
there is about to be a law in germany that phones have to be reparable and batteries have to be exchangable by the user. We need that everywhere
losFondos 2 anos atrás
I bet they would hide the battery connector below the motherboard
Aljoscha Long
Aljoscha Long 2 anos atrás
When is this law coming into effect? And what will happen then? Special German iPhones or no iPhones in Germany anymore?
MrAdoh2010 2 anos atrás
@Aljoscha Long special German iPhones
XenofiniteX 2 anos atrás
“This law needs to be in every single country”
Alexander Scatov
Alexander Scatov 2 anos atrás
@Aljoscha Long special eu phones probably
Pete 2 anos atrás
Very informative video, thank you. As a cracked display is a common repair, did you swap them over, and if so what was the outcome?
gettherhythm 2 anos atrás
Thank you for making such a detailed video. This looks like a lot of work and was very enlightening.
sosaysthecaptain Anos atrás
I'm an engineer. I literally learned my trade by taking things apart and putting them back together again. The young graduates I interview these days that learned in school don't actually know how to build things anymore. Teaching kids that the world is made out of proprietary things they can't possibly understand is not the way you build a great civilization.
Meditating Dog
Meditating Dog 2 anos atrás
I believe all components has unique IDs and are stored in some ROM/flash memory created during factory setup of the phone and when turned on it runs a antitamper check and disables certain features based on it, updating that memory with replacement component IDs being could make it work.
MIKE DRUMS Anos atrás
Very informative and valuable information. Thank you for posting this discovery. You have saved many of us from hours of frustration. !!
Dante Solablood
Dante Solablood Anos atrás
The camera glitchiness is deliberate.. its to make it look like the repairman has messed up. Many tech unsavvy users would be fooled by this.
Matthew Noybn
Matthew Noybn Anos atrás
You gotta be s**ting me, just absolute scummy bs.
Nick Savage
Nick Savage Anos atrás
Exactly. Can you imagine having your boss come in and tell you to design a "broken" mode for one of the most sophisticated, technologically advanced devices humanity has ever seen?
X X Anos atrás
@Nick Savage i could if i worked for Apple.
Gmodiscool14 Anos atrás
@Nick Savage not sophisticated. its apple. im done with apple on my next phone.
Gmodiscool14 Anos atrás
@Nick Savage yes
Arcade Invader
Arcade Invader 2 anos atrás
Apple be like: We're updating your bank account to have a much slimmer design
ScubaAnt72 2 anos atrás
Wow, that's kinda sneaky of them, great tear-down & review. I'd strongly urge you to invest in some anti-static gear though as those internal parts will be easily static damaged.
Tuvok 11 meses atrás
Since most 12 or 13 users will be updating from an older lightning-equipped iPhone (side-note, shout-out to those just now updating from a 4 or 4s), the old charger still works. And if you have one of the larger iPad charger bricks, it even charges a bit faster. Still not as fast as usb-c, but still very usable.
jarmo_kiiski 2 anos atrás
I would be interesting to see the source code that intentionally cripples these devices.
BlitzkriegOmega 2 anos atrás
I feel like stuff like Killswitches, Anti-Repair code, and Planned Obsolescence should be illegal, but that would require you to out-lobby the Plutocrats...
177SCmaro 2 anos atrás
Ivan Varela No one designs something to fail. They are designed to last, to be as robust, as the customer is willing to pay for. Who would buy a $10,000 unbreakable smartphone that can be easily repaired if it's obsolete in two to five years because technology is advancing so quickly? What you are complaining about is, essentially, other people making different choices and having different preferences then you.
177SCmaro 2 anos atrás
Ivan Varela Okay, a software engineer, not an economist or a business owner. "One of the main concepts of general engineering is to design every component in a given product to last the same amount of time." Right, but that's not the same as designing something with the intention that it fail. You are ascribing, intentionally or not, a negative or dishonest connotation with regards to business men - painting in people's minds the idea that products are designed to fail at a given time to manipulate people into buying new ones - with your use of language. Again, products are not "designed to fail", they are designed to be as durable as the customers are willing to pay for - basic supply and demand. Choose your words more carefully.
Chrono Mitsurugi
Chrono Mitsurugi 2 anos atrás
Ivan Varela excellent breakdown. i'm sorry your current conversationalist is refusing to try to understand and is instead attempting to put words in your mouth.
ThePigeon 2 anos atrás
Ivan Varela My old computer lasted me a good few years, went completely to shit in about two months. Bought another one for $2,500, and 1 and half years later the fan is making weird noises on start-up. ***SIGH***
Kmambu Anos atrás
Thanks for this video, man, that was very interesting ! Jesus, the lengths Apple goes to these days. This reminds me of anti-piracy features you could find on Nintendo's NES and Sony's Playstation back in the day. The fact that this company considers the right for customers to repair as hardware piracy is nuts....
Evolutiongat 2 anos atrás
and people still think Apple is "consumer friendly" and an ethical company.
zer00rdie 2 anos atrás
Macoloids can't be changed.
Colin Dement
Colin Dement 2 anos atrás
Nobody thinks actually. When i say Samsung is better, I mean it. The earbuds in charger port, the no earbud port, where you have to get airpods. Apple playing yall man, why yall let them do this to you
Tom Johansen
Tom Johansen 2 anos atrás
@Colin Dement words
sbkscuify 2 anos atrás
@Colin Dement Samsung gets off the Google teet and make a device that isn’t about collecting every last god damn piece of info on me then I’ll buy one. Apple isn’t perfect. But A Google operating system is straight up evil.
DUMBR 2 anos atrás
@sbkscuify you have no idea what you're talking about.
Howard Moon
Howard Moon Anos atrás
When you said there was no charging brick included with the iPhone, I immediately went over to the Apple website to check the price of them. I'm surprised to see they are only £19 which is still a lot for a charging brick, but quite cheap for something from Apple. I expected Apple to put a £45+ price tag on them.
ElFatso 2 anos atrás
I'm still stuck on hearing the Sim card slot had a screw that was rounded from factory. Basically warranty voided right out of the box if they get it back, see that, and blame the user.
Q5Grafx 2 anos atrás
lats not forget the red dots that tell them you dropped the phone in water that are printed on the board
Liviu Ganea
Liviu Ganea Anos atrás
@Q5Grafx TBF, that IS your fault. Don't drop it in water.
Kayli Whitley
Kayli Whitley Anos atrás
@Liviu Ganea I do believe there were a few cases where the dots activated just from the humidity in the air rather then being dropped in water and the owner being falsely accused of damage. Though it's been some time and I'm not sure if I'm entirely correct
Liviu Ganea
Liviu Ganea Anos atrás
@Kayli Whitley that happens only when you take it into something like a bathroom I.e. when you take a bath while browsing your phone.
Emma Ulyánova
Emma Ulyánova Anos atrás
@Liviu Ganea or when you're just somewhere wet like a natural environment it's not that rare
Андрей Петров
Yeah there's two billion adapters already, so... We are going to make a whole much more!
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 2 anos atrás
my favorite part is how the 'protective film' is white instead of clear. forcing you to remove it
Crow Demon - The Archives
... Do people not remove those and replace them with better protections? :O
frogworks 2 anos atrás
All other eco friendly nonsense aside. It's because it's a paper cover not plastic.
RAPHAEL C 2 anos atrás
@Crow Demon - The Archives no if they just want to try the phone and resell it as almost new with the original protective
Crow Demon - The Archives
King Adamus
King Adamus Anos atrás
Great video man, I already knew Apple locked down their stuff but... Damn...i didn't know it was to this extent.
Lord Corgi
Lord Corgi 2 anos atrás
Apple 2020: We don't provide a charger with iPhone. Apple 2023: When your iPhone charge runs out, you'll have to buy another iPhone.
Tryzack 2 anos atrás
please stop it, you are giving them ideas for saving energy :c
Houdu 2 anos atrás
And it will still sell well. Let's figure.
Ian h
Ian h 2 anos atrás
2030: $1 to unlock your screen
Norchaaaくん 2 anos atrás
buy android
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Anos atrás
Seriously you can make a horror game out of what happens when you swap the logic boards
Touko Maksimainen
Touko Maksimainen 2 anos atrás
Well done mate. Fortunately it'll only be a matter of time before Right to Repair will become legally mandated in most places.
Injured TableTennisPlayer
Profound. Hands of a neurosurgeon with the patience of Job. Thanks for the effort and information.
jim Parr
jim Parr 2 anos atrás
Louis Rossmann is going to go ballistic over this development. Thanks for the heads-up Sir.
artemis1031 Anos atrás
The packaging alone should tell u about how “eco-friendly” they are 🙄
Niko Andrusic
Niko Andrusic 2 anos atrás
Apple: removing a whole power supply for "sustainability" Also apple: making phones not repairable SuStAiNaBiLiTy
satakrion kryptomortis
its sustainability...not for the planet but apple stonks.
RACEtoria 2 anos atrás
with all the bullshit gimmicks that apple is throwing around,im still buying iphone..damn. der sustainability motto for d iphone12 is so dumb. sustainability of der profits
Jofx 2 anos atrás
Also the charging cable tho
Kelvin Chan
Kelvin Chan 2 anos atrás
I would argue that this anti-repair design is sustainable. This eliminates the redundancy of third-party repairer to gain more control on parts supply and disposal etc...
GsmackJoeypads 2 anos atrás
justifies it by saying everyone has tons of them at home. includes charging cable that doesn't fit any of the common power adapters ever used so you have to buy theirs anyway...
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru 2 anos atrás
I find it ridiculous that Apple tried to justify removing the headphone jack back in 2016 while introducing that relatively huge Taptic Engine inside the enclosure.
Richard 2 anos atrás
Each part got its own snid and registered to the phone. If you have 2 identical parts with the same snid, there'll be no problem at all.
The Gaming Cephalos
The moment I saw this phone as a kid (The first iphone), I knew something feels off. I remember seeing my uncle's very archaic pc to have itunes and other iphone pc apps that my normal phone can just drag and drop directly once connected to it. It was pretty weird to see that you need an app to store stuff or move music, because of security, I will give them credit for that. I was right to check if apple's gonna do something drastic, well...the earphone jack being wireless isn't as drastic for some but for me it was.
Khalid El-Gazzar
Khalid El-Gazzar Anos atrás
Great video. Companies like 🍎 just need to be put into their place. Legal action needs to be taken against them
Hazel Hazelton
Hazel Hazelton Anos atrás
You have to marvel at the slimy genius of it. They've taken the extra time and effort not only to make original parts non-interchangable, they've made the errors look erratic, so that any repair job will look botched. No doubt when when you take it to Apple for "proper" repair, all they need to do is plug in their diagnostic tool and press "authorize current hardware" and charge you 50-80 dollars for two minutes of unskilled labour.
Martin 2 anos atrás
“recycling shouldn’t be the only option - repairing and reusing should come first” wise words, this bugs me a lot.
Kvasiruney 2 anos atrás
Jay Talents I have no words
Drogenfeld 2 anos atrás
Jay Talents Your comment is beyond stupid. It's known that Apple stores SCAM people with false repair quotes or just give bad service because idiots work there. They are also going against 3rd party repair in high court just so no one else can actually help someone that needs help, often EASY fixes and serious repair work, not just throwing out the whole logic board and giving you a new one for 700 bucks. That applies especially with MACs. And what Apple is doing is called "monopolization", that's illegal btw.
Adam Hunt
Adam Hunt Anos atrás
Anyone else remember being able to easily replace your phone battery if it stopped working? Feels like a lifetime ago
amit thapliyal
amit thapliyal 2 anos atrás
And here is me watching this video in my android phone just to cover my feelings that i cant afford i m fully satisfied😂👍
Iamblue Anos atrás
I have an android too what's your point?
Coolixon Anos atrás
I use Android and it's far superior to Apple. Samsung S21 is great
Imagine actually wanting apple products.
Jacob Rzeszewski
Jacob Rzeszewski Anos atrás
I like Apple products. Their software is great and has far longer support than Android. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely have criticisms. And I’m not buying another iPhone for the very reason of repairability. Same reason I refuse to buy an electric car from Ford, GM, Nissan, or Tesla.
Ricardo Pereira
Ricardo Pereira Anos atrás
You have to pair the firmware of every component with the instructions in the original logic board, it seems. Since iPhone X this is the trend. You have to copy the firmware from the original component and write it in the new before install. So if you swap the logic board you have all the components to transfer the firmware 😀 #encryptedHardware
Hadi Hijazi
Hadi Hijazi Anos atrás
Key words: "Only apple having the tools to repair the new part."
Gurosama Bltch
Gurosama Bltch 2 anos atrás
So basically, Apple is trying to make it seem like the phone is ruined and buggy if you repair it yourself, to make you believe you did something wrong and ruined the phone. So sketchy.
Producción En Línea
Producción En Línea 2 anos atrás
kaboom winn
kaboom winn 2 anos atrás
Also make you buy a brand new IPhone.
hitty9 2 anos atrás
Stll feel all warm and fuzzy about your iPhone Millennials?
Gurosama Bltch
Gurosama Bltch 2 anos atrás
@hitty9 yes
Stephanie The Batter
The only things I would ever do with device part pairing would be the following: 1. Let Face/Touch ID work, but all data on them is wiped, so you have to set up new fingerprints/Face IDs. A test may also be needed to make sure it's not a spoofed ID or whatever. 2. Possibly perform a hardware scan to ensure the new parts are working properly. 3. Have it say somewhere that the device is refurbished and thank you for using a refurbished device instead of letting it go to e-waste.
Vision000 Anos atrás
@hugh Very interesting video. I'm just wondering one thing if you replace the motherboard and the camera assembly together will it still give the same issues with the camera. This would prove that the camera and motherboard are paired" together.
Chris Newman
Chris Newman Anos atrás
Would be interesting if Apple was honest during their presentations and featured all of the anti-tamper features they’ve added to each of the new phones. Quite sure that there won’t be too many cheers coming from the audience
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