iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro Hands On! - What's the Difference?

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Apple announced their new iPhones the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, & the iPhone 11 Pro Max with impressive new iphone 11 features such as a13 bionic chip, ios 13, ultra wide angle camera, night shot, slophie, and much more. Stay tuned for iPhone 11 unboxing iPhone 11 camera test, iPhone 11 video test, iphone 11 review & a ton more content.
iPhone 11 Pro Max - REAL Day in the Life Review! -
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11 Set 2019



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Comentários 17 095
Jason Genuis
Jason Genuis Dia atrás
Friday on the 13th 😐
Freedom Is A Lie
Freedom Is A Lie Dia atrás
Upgraded from the Samsung galaxy a20 to the iPhone 11. So far loving it!
Andrewtt 3 dias atrás
I shan’t diss phone for Christmas
Extreme Ways
Extreme Ways 3 dias atrás
So I really don’t care much about camera I’ll be getting just iPhone 11
Extreme Ways
Extreme Ways 3 dias atrás
Whatching from I phone 8 .... pray for your boy here
HyperKillz 4 dias atrás
Note 10+ gang where u at😂
Farzin Pilevar
Farzin Pilevar 5 dias atrás
It's like iphone x and xs . Only thing that changed is camera on apearence
Farzin Pilevar
Farzin Pilevar 5 dias atrás
Samsung didn't good work for night mode on galaxy s10. Hope they solved it . Apple and huawei have great night mode in darkness but it's so dark on galaxy s10
ProGaming B
ProGaming B 5 dias atrás
I switched to galaxy note 10 thinking it look so classy and good and lowkey miss my iphone now 🤧
Ash Daily Life
Ash Daily Life 6 dias atrás
WHICH iPhone 11 y’all have ? Need help deciding ! I have the Xs Max right now but the 11 is cheaper than this one !
Lekto 6 dias atrás
I’m watching this on a cracked XS pray for ya boy
Danny The Virgin
Danny The Virgin 2 dias atrás
Nobody cares.......🤐🤫😶
Stephen Ball
Stephen Ball 6 dias atrás
6:24 has this shot been manipulated at all? That shade of blue is mesmerizing, but I checked out the green iPhone 11 at the Apple store today, and the color looked like ass no matter how I viewed it. It's so dull and washed-out up close.
Daisy Torres
Daisy Torres 6 dias atrás
My mom have the iphon 11 the firt one the one have 2 pictur things
Devy Baban
Devy Baban 6 dias atrás
can I get a iPhone 11 do not have a phone
Tanyeda Williams
Tanyeda Williams 7 dias atrás
I’m definitely getting the iPhone 11 Pro Max Because of ALL THE IMPORTANT COOL FEATURES ESPECIALLY THE BATTERY LIFE
Fathima Shilna
Fathima Shilna 8 dias atrás
Watching dis vdo on my iPhone 11😁
Ashley Robison
Ashley Robison 8 dias atrás
I’m getting the iPhone 12 next week✌🏻
d a n a
d a n a 9 dias atrás
but why is the front camera so laggy when u zoom in 🤨
Agatha Cccc
Agatha Cccc 9 dias atrás
thanks for all the info, you confirmed my choice to buy the 11 I think, after 5 years with an iPhone 6...time for a change.
Lanessa A
Lanessa A 9 dias atrás
This video was great. Thanks 😄
Aaliyah Robles
Aaliyah Robles 9 dias atrás
I need the iPhone 11 pro
Ray 10 dias atrás
Yo, people made this big thing about the screens on XR’s and 11’s being trash, and they’re totally fine. I was dead set on getting pro because of the size and the colors, and then tried the regular 11 and I’m totally stoked on it. I do wish it was 5.8 because that’s easier to keep in your pocket.
LittleHaiti Vet
LittleHaiti Vet 10 dias atrás
I just paid $200 to get the screen on my XR fixed this phone isn’t going anywhere plus it looks way better than the 11.
Sexy4169 10 dias atrás
I love my iPhone 11 I don’t need three cameras two just works fine 😂 plus I’m too poor for an $1100 phone forget that Apple.
belly345buster 10 dias atrás
Do you mean £10.99 or 1099 since I can afford one of them
Eva Taylor-Jones
Eva Taylor-Jones 11 dias atrás
First non cringe review
Zahra C-W
Zahra C-W 11 dias atrás
I wish apple didn’t come out with new phones so often so I wouldn’t feel so far behind🤧
LittleClips 11 dias atrás
Ok but why was the 11 pro smaller than the normal 11?
Nate Apostol
Nate Apostol 11 dias atrás
iPhone 15 will have a microscopic camera. You can see germs in close up view and it looks like some guys you knew...😜
SpitfireJJ 12 dias atrás
Fuck this it looks horrible
Amin Romele
Amin Romele 12 dias atrás
shit talk!!!!
Shay Vaughn
Shay Vaughn 12 dias atrás
I still have the iPhone 5 🤦🏽‍♀️
A lego brick
A lego brick 10 dias atrás
Shay Vaughn me too
Shay Vaughn
Shay Vaughn 12 dias atrás
I’m looking at this on a iPhone 7 Plus 🤨
A lego brick
A lego brick 10 dias atrás
Shay Vaughn me 5s
ImNotB3 12 dias atrás
Who’s getting the 11? I just got mine a few days ago very satisfied. Ask me any questions if your on the fence I’m here all day
A lego brick
A lego brick 10 dias atrás
Getting mine for Christmas or my birthday
ImNotB3 11 dias atrás
SubZero DoesGTAV it’s not worth another $300 for an extra camera imo
SubZero DoesGTAV
SubZero DoesGTAV 11 dias atrás
ImNotB3 I see no diffeence in the camera came here because I have the 11 and the 11 pro camera seems the exact same for a extra $200? You notice any difference?
Catherine Anne
Catherine Anne 13 dias atrás
Your video is the first I’ve actually watched through to the end. I really like that you get right to the point, show photos and video clips of the product while talking, and speak clearly and calmly. Very excellent and informative video! Glad I came across your channel 😊
tia poonia
tia poonia 13 dias atrás
I’m sitting here with an I phone 6s...
A lego brick
A lego brick 13 horas atrás
tia poonia nice I'm getting mine in green
tia poonia
tia poonia Dia atrás
A lego brick I got the gold one :)
A lego brick
A lego brick 10 dias atrás
tia poonia what colour did you get yours in?
A lego brick
A lego brick 10 dias atrás
tia poonia yeah me too
tia poonia
tia poonia 10 dias atrás
A lego brick ohh cool. I know my phone looks like a stove but I like the camera 😅
Hazel 67
Hazel 67 13 dias atrás
Iphone 5s with 16GB 😂 where are you’ll ?
16alexa16 13 dias atrás
too broke.. i’ll just stick with my 8 plus
Melahn Menguito
Melahn Menguito 14 dias atrás
I love watching iPhone reviews even I can’t buy iPhone 4s😂
Unidolphin Squad
Unidolphin Squad 14 dias atrás
What does Pro mean you may ask? Apple: PROfessional Weird Guys: PROduct People: PRO as in good Fish: PROactive Cows: PROperty Me: PROfit
AMMarie 14 dias atrás
I’m going to keep my 8 lol
Bella Asare
Bella Asare 14 dias atrás
Pls buy me one
Gasner 15 dias atrás
Possibly the ugliest iPhone yet
Darren Cockneydow
Darren Cockneydow 15 dias atrás
I got the 11 it’s ok does everything I need it too do . Brilliant 🙏🏻
Sarah Welsch
Sarah Welsch 16 dias atrás
Will the xs max be cheaper? 🤣
Lauren 16 dias atrás
my parents are making me pay for half of it, but at least i’m getting the new phone
Lauren 16 dias atrás
i’m interested in the pro max but idk what color to get
Elsa Bloomfield
Elsa Bloomfield 16 dias atrás
iphone 6 with a cracked screen team, where you at?
TheMohammadislam 16 dias atrás
Plz give me your iphone
Rolf Geschwind
Rolf Geschwind 16 dias atrás
I enjoy this iPhone. :D
Moonlight Riri
Moonlight Riri 16 dias atrás
4:07 did he say “airi i know you’re one of them” bc that’s my name n i’m creeped out
Danny The Virgin
Danny The Virgin 2 dias atrás
He's not talking about you stupid, plus your name is Riri not Airi.😡
Johnathan The pizza
Johnathan The pizza 16 dias atrás
Some people just say its ugly since they have 3 camera but it has 6GB of RAM which is very good for an iphone. It effects performance. If you like samsung or android and you have a high budget, you should get the Galaxy S10+ 1 TB version cause it has double the ram of the iphone 11. 12GB of ram!! More RAM then most PC’s!!
John Lamoutte
John Lamoutte 18 dias atrás
But... The usbc 😢
Selena Sweeney
Selena Sweeney 18 dias atrás
they're both garbage
Steve Mano
Steve Mano 18 dias atrás
Where’s Marquee?
Hassan Al-Lawatia
Hassan Al-Lawatia 18 dias atrás
Beautiful reviews
Kaustuv Nag
Kaustuv Nag 18 dias atrás
After days of research and weighing my pros and cons I got the iPhone 11 256gb. No, I don’t miss not having the telephoto lens. I can always get tighter. What I thought would be the biggest bargain: the screen. I’m absolutely happy with it.The A13 chip is super fast. If you buy the fast charging brick, the 11 becomes a damn good option.
Xenaer 17 dias atrás
Kaustuv Nag Thanks. It’ll definitely be noticeable since I have a 7.
Kaustuv Nag
Kaustuv Nag 17 dias atrás
It’s good. With the new CBRS, practically it should have been a lot better. I didn’t have the xs, but it is definitely faster than my 8.
Xenaer 17 dias atrás
Kaustuv Nag For me I thought the biggest bargain will be the LTE speeds. How is it?
Leo Pejkovic
Leo Pejkovic 19 dias atrás
So sad that the focus of every new phone is camera quality. Same BS, start innovating.
A M 19 dias atrás
still paying installment for my iphone XR, Hope will finish to get iphone 17.
noodle boi
noodle boi 19 dias atrás
iPhone 11 Pro is small
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