iPhone 11: My Honest Opinion After Two Months

Mark Spurrell
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It's been two months since the iPhone 11 launched. Is it worth buying? Here are my thoughts.
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25 Nov 2019



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Professional Complainer
I got an iPhone 6... Was going to get an iPhone 8, but was disappointed in the lack of software and hardware innovation. Then a Samsung Note 8, then a S9... Then another S9 - over the course of three years. I should mention - the Samsungs constantly had hardware issues. The Note 8's LTE modem failed, and both S9s started having USB-C issues. Now I have an iPhone 11. Apple finally fixed the annoying shit. Siri's voice activation is on par with Google Assistant (instead of being completely terrible like three years ago). Actually, in some ways, it's better - it doesn't "hand off to Waze" where I have to manually choose where I want to go from a search list - it just redirects correctly to Waze. If I want to turn off my alarm, I can yell at Siri, "Siri turn off my alarm", and it does it. You can't do that with Google - it's unsupported. They're not suffocating with the USE APPLE OR ELSE like they were a few years ago. Carplay supports Google Maps and Waze, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora. Password management is better - I don't have to fumble around with it, like I do with LastPass on Android half filling in apps and websites incorrectly. Apple Passwords are seamless. And if you don't want to use Apple's Password Management, hand that shit off to LastPass. LastPass actually works correctly on iPhone. Photos are way better. The S9 takes decent photos, but they're very grainy. You'd be deluded if you think you could get decent B roll video with most Android phones. iPhone? You can become Doug DeMuro with an iPhone - cause that's all he uses. FaceID is seamless compared to the half assed Android equivalents - I'll never go back to PIN. Apple Wallet? Actually works. It's not clumsy or awkward to use like Android Wallet. Watches? I had a Ticwatch - one of the best Android watches you could buy a year ago. Heavy as shit, uncomfortable, slow. Apps constantly crash. Drains battery like a bitch. Nothing works correctly. Apple Watch? Seamless. Just works. Privacy. It seemed like even with Facebook's library of creepy apps uninstalled, the Zucc still knew if I so much as sniffed a website. The whole Google experience is creepy as shit - having to go out of my way to turn /off/ sharing my browser history with google. Even with that off, every fucking thing I'd look up, I'd get an ad for it even on my work computer. Amazing technology. Creepy as shit. Much rarer on iPhone. Software support. People still use iPhone 6s because Apple supports their software for six years. This helps with resale value. My $750 S9 is a $100 paperweight in two years. You can still sell an iPhone X for $400... Lose $300 instead of $650 in two years. One thing I'll miss - the open development platform. You have to have a Mac in your house to be able to compile and run apps on iOS. A bit bullshit, cause I'd rather use my powerful desktop over whatever joke Apple thinks passes for desktop and laptop hardware these days, but hey, at least iOS users actually pay for apps unlike the cheap bastards on the Play Store. I'll also miss the headphone jack - but since Android phone manufacturers just blindly copy Apple, they're getting rid of it anyway. SD card? You mean that thing that would get dislodged half the time and corrupt my phone's photo and app data? Android - Bloatware galore and duplicate functionality. You shouldn't have to root your phone to get rid of adware or annoying software. If I hear "Hi I'm Bixbi" one more time, I'm going to yeet this phone into my neighbor's window. We'll see how this goes a month later.
Emil Girleanu
Emil Girleanu 2 dias atrás
I don’t have an iPhone 11 but I switched from an LG G4 to an IPhone XR and I’m very happy 😃
Shadow Creation
Shadow Creation 3 dias atrás
Realme 2 pro to iphone 11💖 Finally am ios user in my life. For they first time am gone use ios
Anne 3 dias atrás
I had an iphone 7+ and just switched to iPhone 11 3days ago and I'm happy I upgraded!
Bindu Mishra
Bindu Mishra 3 dias atrás
Waiting for my iphone 11 to get delivered and watching these 11 videos excitedly!
Ryan John
Ryan John 6 dias atrás
BlackBerry here
1998 Shayan
1998 Shayan 6 dias atrás
I use iphone 11 at the moment & my next iphone will be iphone 14 pro max
Abraham H. Parnassus
Abraham H. Parnassus 8 dias atrás
that case of yours I hideous
Ronaldo Abdon
Ronaldo Abdon 9 dias atrás
Real Honest Review, got my new one last month..
Matt PryOkra
Matt PryOkra 10 dias atrás
Goddamn? Some of folks were or still using an iPhone 6?! 😂
Akash Rajkumar
Akash Rajkumar 11 dias atrás
Been an on/off android/iPhone user and presently using a iPhone 6s from 4 yrs, do u recon going for one plus 8 pro or iPhone 11 ? In India one plus 8 pro prices are lower so it cost lesser than iPhone 11. How do u rate the longevity of one plus 8 pro against an iPhone 11 if I don’t want to change for next 4 yrs.
Robbie Fazle
Robbie Fazle 11 dias atrás
It's a good phone, but the Pro Max is even better. And more well-built.
Don Cely
Don Cely 11 dias atrás
I watched breathlessly holding my new Product Red iPhone 11, just waiting for bad news... GREAT! I didn't screw up. I did my research, really looked at the parameters of my needs, and you brilliantly illuminated every characteristic I was looking for - and decided to pay a bit more for... Whew! I'll sleep better knowing someone else who knows a lot more than me gave the phone a thumbs up. Thanks for your thorough and quite entertaining video. I hope I like this one as much as I hated the 8. Cheers!
Siyana Dimitrova
Siyana Dimitrova 11 dias atrás
Any iPhone SE first generation here?✋🏼It’s a little beast but I have to charge it 4-5 times a day
anonymous_0130 12 dias atrás
Me watching with mt s20 5g
Yikuan Wu
Yikuan Wu 12 dias atrás
ya'll flexin with your iPhone 6/7 gangs any original se users here show some love
Virgil Thelmo
Virgil Thelmo 13 dias atrás
From 8, I will wait for the 12.
frtac 13 dias atrás
I have a serious feeling that this guy got paid mucho dinero for this ad ...
Vengie Oracoy
Vengie Oracoy 14 dias atrás
Now I have iPhone 11 2 days ago and I’m happy with it
Krushna Kamtekar
Krushna Kamtekar 15 dias atrás
i switched from a 6 to 11 a day ago nd m super super happy from this features...
Shuchi Bhadoria
Shuchi Bhadoria 21 dia atrás
*cries in 4s*
Faizan Tariq
Faizan Tariq 23 dias atrás
My Iphone 11 got a very light black spot while after capturing a picture from the main camera only, i searched alot on internet and i think it is due to a very tiny particle of dust get into the camera,My phone is still in warranty i just used it 4months with extreme care and 10>10 condition,i am really very dissapointed from iphone quality and i shifted from samsung to ios after using samsung for about 5 years never got any issues like this in samsung phone.
astrid maria
astrid maria 23 dias atrás
there’s such a big difference between the battery on the iPhone 11 and my iPhone 6s. i often end up charging my phone at least 3 times a day, while the iPhone 11 can survive a whole day without charging. wow
Ard Digta
Ard Digta 25 dias atrás
what is this color??
Romaysa elmous
Romaysa elmous 26 dias atrás
The ultra wide camera is not really new...because the Samsung Galaxy s10 has it too 🙈😂
kiriny ʕ·ᴥ· ʔ
kiriny ʕ·ᴥ· ʔ 27 dias atrás
my 6 plus is dead af battery dies within 1h use and the front screen pops off every now and then can't wait to upgrade
Ricart Bryan Cruz
Ricart Bryan Cruz 27 dias atrás
what color do you have? Can't find one like that
iLovePizza 29 dias atrás
what casing are you using?
Snowwie Mês atrás
I have been using Samsung Galaxies for years and I am sick and tired of the camera limits, and the constant focusing this thing does, even on their newest S20, currently I have an S9, but will go for the Iphone 11 pro max for the best video. No more 5 min limits on 4k 60fps.
Foskydoy01 Mês atrás
I have a OnePlus 6, I don't know what I wanna do
Sushant 6 dias atrás
Same here bro
Pooja Shanker
Pooja Shanker Mês atrás
Yeah I’m so happy to see this video, I’m using 6s and it’s been 4 years and still good , I’m switching to iPhone 11 tomorrow. I’m so excited 😆
Sinora Gurung
Sinora Gurung Mês atrás
Finally I also brought this iPhone 11 . This phone is really awesome guys
Marlon Nalica
Marlon Nalica Mês atrás
Can you share to me what is your iphone 11 case?
Siddharth Rajvanshi
Apart from iPhone 11, I would like to keep the one plus 8 at the same time as Android proves to be far better in flexibility of transferring files and apps in many many ways.
Sudesh Priy Yadav
Sudesh Priy Yadav Mês atrás
Iphone SE 2016 model here. Anyone remember this device?
Lino Rajan
Lino Rajan Mês atrás
What about 11 pro
William Luttrell
William Luttrell Mês atrás
thanks for this. im still deciding between this and the pro max haha.
Junayd A.A
Junayd A.A Mês atrás
5:10 maybe just pick the phone up?
Jazmin Asinas-David
i can't decide on a colour someone help 😩
Yura16 Mês atrás
I'm Android user before and switch to Iphone 11 and i really enjoying my new phone
allan knight
allan knight Mês atrás
Props to you, Mark Spurrell. I traded my 6s+ for the 11 pro max. Then I had to set it up. Then I had to make sure my 6 was ready to delete all its content. Then I had to clean the 6 and box it up to send to Apple. Now I have to pair my new series 5 watch with my new 11 pro max. My iPad Pro 12.9 and my magic keyboard will be here in a few days. I hope everything goes well and I run into no problems. You do this every day.
සාන්ත productions .
What is the location of that place on the first 45 seconds of the video .
Deedszz Mês atrás
just ordered a black one, Im so excited!!
James Somerville.
James Somerville. Mês atrás
Just a bit confused you are mentioning 3 cameras there are only two as it is the 11 not 11 pro
Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell Mês atrás
One on the front, two on the back. 3 cameras.
Dusty Bender
Dusty Bender Mês atrás
Dj Spicy-O
Dj Spicy-O Mês atrás
Im still using my Iphone 3s.
toresssssssssssss9 Mês atrás
What is the camera app mark was speaking about??
D S Mês atrás
Just upgraded today from 6s to 11! It is amazing.
shaithry suresh
shaithry suresh Mês atrás
Xs yeah 11? just confused which to buy?
Liam Smith
Liam Smith Mês atrás
Watching this from my 7+ I get my IPhone 11 in 3 days, so excited!!
Reemo Reemious
Reemo Reemious Mês atrás
I own a XS but I’m trying to choose between the 11 and 11 pro 😭
StarLordZ Mês atrás
I find some of his comments to be ridiculous and inaccurate.
Possessed Wizard
Possessed Wizard Mês atrás
Was I looking at a gundam poster ?
Possessed Wizard
Possessed Wizard Mês atrás
Mark Spurrell yes sir mine as well Mikazuki is just pure gold
Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell Mês atrás
Already watched it. Barbatos is one of my favorite machines.
Possessed Wizard
Possessed Wizard Mês atrás
Mark Spurrell gundam iron blood orphans is highly recommended
Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell Mês atrás
You were! Well, canvas. But yeah.
Jessie's Life
Jessie's Life Mês atrás
You're so entertaining to watch I'm subscribing forever omg
R. Lopes
R. Lopes Mês atrás
NO. I sold mine.
Martp Mês atrás
watching this on my new samsung s20 plus
Vladyslav Lituchyi
Vladyslav Lituchyi Mês atrás
Yall are upgrading from 6/7 s. I upgraded from a 4. A frickin iPhone 4.
Jay Sway
Jay Sway Mês atrás
Went from an iPhone 8+ to an 11 and it is leagues better.
michael nerantzoulis
Can I please get this wallpaper? Your videos are awesome by the way, like watching them.
Milan Krojač
Milan Krojač Mês atrás
I'm having Samsung S8 , and i'm thinking on buying 11 Pro Max, and i was never user of Iphone so i am a little bit with strange feeling , and i dont know what to doo. Thinking also on Waiting in August will come Note 20 or something. Soooo any suggestions ?
justincredible214 Mês atrás
Went from a 7 plus to a 11. For the most part I’m happy with it.
Dany4k Mês atrás
Got one today to replace my old iPhone 6 and I'm loving it!
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Mês atrás
iPhone XR and IPhone 11 is the same phone , with the excate same main camera. Only difference is 11 has the extra wide angle camera and 1 more GB of ram which is litterly unnoticeable. If you have an XR keep it! Don’t waste extra money on the 11 and wait till this fall then upgrade to the iPhone 12 which will be an ACTUAL UPGRADE.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Mês atrás
iPhone XR and IPhone 11 is the same phone , with the excate same main camera. Only difference is 11 has the extra wide angle camera and 1 more GB of ram which is litterly unnoticeable. If you have an XR keep it! Don’t waste extra money on the 11 and wait till this fall then upgrade to the iPhone 12 which will be an ACTUAL UPGRADE.
AnimeHero Mês atrás
I bought an XR because it cheaper then the 11 here in canada like people won't be impressed because when people look at your screen with the notch people are gonna say is that a pro or max or whatever to me a phone is a phone I am finally upgrading form a 7 plus 128 to a 64 gig on a XR which I am hyped to pick it up
Fabrice null
Fabrice null Mês atrás
I love Samsung Galaxy. But, I'm thinking about buying an iPhone because, iPhones are cheaper than Samsung Galaxy and I got other bills to pay 😄 I know that I'll regret it in the near future🤦🏾‍♂️
I see what you did there, with Gundam it is.
Sam L UK
Sam L UK Mês atrás
Standing up for Face ID vs lifting the phone. How did you get this simple choice so wrong? Wow.
Xyan Blank
Xyan Blank Mês atrás
I switched from microwave to iPhone 11, I am happy!
Don Draper
Don Draper Mês atrás
id rather get the google pixel 4 which is currently on sale for 589 on amazon
Prakash Irudayasamy
Dude your commentary is good but please don’t think you are making fool of apple products say like stupid lcd display or blur portrait mode pics ... I know apple has a targeted audience but in order to make their product sell to all medium they had brought 11 into picture ... also please don’t mock around it hurts a lot of viewers like me ... once again your way of commentary was really good keep up the good work
Rieon Antony
Rieon Antony Mês atrás
this dude got a good flavor in this video
Banana Ken
Banana Ken Mês atrás
I can't buy an iPhone 11
Tomasz Jakub
Tomasz Jakub Mês atrás
What case is that? Seems solid.
ASD 79
ASD 79 Mês atrás
Am I the only one getting the 11pro?
Gobin Sora
Gobin Sora Mês atrás
I've always been a Android guy, buy now am thinking to upgrade to I phone 11, should I?
Iced Tea
Iced Tea Mês atrás
depends on what you really want. Im getting the 11 soon and Im coming from an Lg
mohamedajeeshr Mês atrás
Mark which phone u just 11 or 11pro???
Martin Freeman Novak
Martin Freeman Novak 2 meses atrás
What's your opinion after another 6 month. I heart about a display glass being easily scratched. Have you notice this?
elpoo 2 meses atrás
too bad it's so big
Murilo Bertini
Murilo Bertini 2 meses atrás
Congrats on the video, the images are stunning. What is your lightning setup?
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