iOS 13 Final Review! A Perfect Update

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Final & Ultimate iOS 13 Review. All the best features, speed, hidden features & more before updating! Why you should update on the 20th!
New iPhone 11 Pro Recap.
iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro.
iOS 13.1 Review.

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12 Set 2019



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Comentários 9 033
forgewire Dia atrás
Apple is a piece of junk
riccccccardo Dia atrás
Mannn I’ve just done apples latest 13.2 update and the new operating system whooping my battery and there’s nothing I can do about it apart from getting a new phone to replace my old iPhone 7 😪 if I do get a new phone I want to see what apple brings next year (+super expensive prices) 😪
Prahlad Kulkarni
Prahlad Kulkarni Dia atrás
Well, I bought an iPhone 11 and returned in a week! There's a basic defect in iOS that Apple says it cannot fix. When you increase the text size in settings, it does that only in Apple native apps and not third party apps! I was told to contact the developer to include dynamic text in their app! In Android, the experience is consistent. So, Google all the way...
Max Caulfield
Max Caulfield Dia atrás
4:45 wait that’s illegal
Crusty The Wanksock
*Everytime Apple release a new update, an awesome app dies...* RIP awesome apps. You are gone but not forgotten 🙏
TheEMP1978 Dia atrás
That first part about them supporting all the devices is absolute fucking bullshit iOS 13 is on available on iPod six generation which is newer than the iPhone 6 which is able to get it instead they only offer it for the iPod seven generation which is basically the six generation but you got to buy it again
Shahzaib Chaudary
Shahzaib Chaudary 2 dias atrás
Sad my iPhone 6 didn’t got ios 13 update
Dinker Kaushal
Dinker Kaushal 2 dias atrás
When you gonna try Apple logo light mod on iPhone 11. Regards
Jisung’s cheeks
Jisung’s cheeks 3 dias atrás
Damn the update looks more beautiful then the new iPhone *smh*
Ammar Playz
Ammar Playz 4 dias atrás
Great video 💯👍🔥🔥🔥
Mr. Quantum
Mr. Quantum 4 dias atrás
Im still waiting for a bootloader 😂
Franco-G 4 dias atrás
My battery died very fast
Cheeseburger FX
Cheeseburger FX 6 dias atrás
Warning: iOS 13 is laggy on the A9 devices (1st gen. iPad Pros, iPhone 6S, SE, etc.)
Jaxx Liu
Jaxx Liu 5 dias atrás
Cheeseburger FX very smooth on my SE though
Shevin Nudara
Shevin Nudara 6 dias atrás
Thanks man
Strive to Happy
Strive to Happy 7 dias atrás
This is really cool and helpful but the number of adverts Jesus Christ 😂😭
:queskz馫 7 dias atrás
should i update to ios13? i'm asking y'all so i don't end up regretting it
Ste O'B
Ste O'B 7 dias atrás
Has anybody else’s iPhone 11 pro bricked itself yet? Mine won’t turn on. Unresponsive! Spoken with technical support and they have booked an appointment at the Genius Bar! Tried hard reset and DFU. Terrible. $2000 phone and it’s 3 days old! @everythingapplepro
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 7 dias atrás
Still has annoying full screen incoming call interface 😑
Silent Dabi
Silent Dabi 8 dias atrás
iPhone 6 get 13?
Doggo 8 dias atrás
I can finally download porn 🤯
Adam Moul
Adam Moul 8 dias atrás
There is a serious issue with the dark mode that draining the battery and killing the phone .. I had to charge my phone twice a day and I’m back to look for the charges again .. however after tuning off the dark mode it went back to normal and battery lasted longer as it used to be .. pls guys report this to Apple and it’s not funny anymore to kill the phone batteries that way ..
JadeBob TV
JadeBob TV 8 dias atrás
It’s the simple things in life.
Arifa Hussain
Arifa Hussain 8 dias atrás
Worst updated👎👎
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 9 dias atrás
How to remove contacts above Airdrop an messages?
Ali 9 dias atrás
Not sure why they got rid if 3D touch. A step backwards
Julie 9 dias atrás
Bruh my fucking phone rings weird after someone calls me NON STOP and when I press snooze it won't stop and makes a weird ass noise plus all my apps are glitching
The Meme God
The Meme God 10 dias atrás
There’s also TvOS 13 (for Apple TV) They added: Redesigned home screen Control center Apple Arcade app Multiple user mode
Bunny Hmz
Bunny Hmz 10 dias atrás
After the update the microphone and speaker are not working... Anyone experienced the same??
Nobody 10 dias atrás
The World of Ellie K
The World of Ellie K 10 dias atrás
I did it it was Horrible do you not download And speaking is really weird and glitchy
Mikey Games -Minecraft Videos And More
There is also Animoji stickers on the iPhone 8 or lower
Naledi Mgedezi
Naledi Mgedezi 10 dias atrás
Awesome video👍🏾. Please check out my latest video, I’m featuring the iOS 13 bug fixes
Angela Goth queen
Angela Goth queen 10 dias atrás
Good one I love in 🧛🏻‍♂️🦇
Anika Ragen
Anika Ragen 11 dias atrás
Who else is watching this on their iPhone 5 wishing they had a newer phone
Erhun Haji
Erhun Haji 11 dias atrás
My mom's iPhone XS updated automatically
Project One
Project One 11 dias atrás
You sound like you work for Apple.
Terrrnce Jenkins
Terrrnce Jenkins 11 dias atrás
My iPhone got about 3-4 sec slower than usual
Dr. Busy
Dr. Busy 12 dias atrás
Hello, Now you can lock individual app with different passcode.
Yasir Hussain
Yasir Hussain 12 dias atrás
No ko mop kop
Secret Asian Man
Secret Asian Man 12 dias atrás
I have an iPhone XS, and my last phone was a 6. I like the iOS interface and apple exclusive apps for compatibility with communication with friends and family. But cmon apple, Android is so much more capable and ahead of the game. We are JUST NOW getting dark mode? Get with the program.
Andy Brunelli
Andy Brunelli 12 dias atrás
Thought I would really like dark mode, but after a while I switched it back to light mode.
Robyn Niblock
Robyn Niblock 12 dias atrás
Went to fast between functions 😞
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott 13 dias atrás
Ios13 is perhaps the most invasive iOS in Apple’s history! It’s deleted my music, pictures and work docs from my iPhone because they weren’t on my iCloud storage base! I’ve now reinstalled all my stuff and literally removed my SIM card and activated Airport mode - and use my iPhone as an iPod. Unimpressed with this presumptive bullshit iOS feature!
my youtube
my youtube 13 dias atrás
*show me an android that can do that* Me: show me an iphone that can easily have a removable back to take out the battery
jxue 4 dias atrás
you mean those phones with removable plastic back covers? No flagship companies really do those anymore
Allen Huang
Allen Huang 14 dias atrás
anyone knows why I don't see my dedicated emoji key on my keyboard?
Taisei Mori
Taisei Mori 14 dias atrás
Idk it’s just me or but I can’t redeem iTunes card...
RoMee 15 dias atrás
Lmao...IOS 13 is full of bugs. It's a mess. I guess that's apple fanboys idea of "perfect".
S R 15 dias atrás
Can we Delete a previous update? If so how?
Nishant Khosla
Nishant Khosla 15 dias atrás
Ios 13 on iphone x anyone? Does it run smooth?
Vancouverscape 15 dias atrás
Sorry I had to stop watching halfway through. Ads much??? JEEZ! Byeeee.
elvis hernadez
elvis hernadez 16 dias atrás
iOS 13.1.2 no body is talking about that one why?
Dragon Nightcore
Dragon Nightcore 16 dias atrás
Apart from the fact it fucks up playlists in car Bluetooth connections.
Viper6 16 dias atrás
The new updates messed up my BRvid. Now all my subscription notifications launch via web browser instead of the BRvid app like it did before the update
Aydin Khan
Aydin Khan 16 dias atrás
Use a space gray iPhone se not a rose gold
AyanPlays ZEDREX
AyanPlays ZEDREX 17 dias atrás
Everything is cool but....ios 13 has very bad thing that is when i put more than 2 fingers a thing just pop up and it is a huge problem for me to play pubg mobile 😢......that is way i cannot update to ios 13
Darryl Carr
Darryl Carr 17 dias atrás
Too many interruptions with commercials
Scudly 17 dias atrás
Who else gonna AFK Fish on Minecraft now with controller support?
SNS Snagged
SNS Snagged 17 dias atrás
For those of you wondering how to connect Xbox to iPhone Xbox controllers have to be the newer generation. These have a normal border around the light-up X symbol. The older generation has a shiny smooth plated area around it
Living Stones
Living Stones 17 dias atrás
@9:12 he said
FunkyFreak 17 dias atrás
I regret downloading it so badly... Volume functions are fucked up and the 3D touch too you can still adjust it what the fuck is the point of that? It doesn't work anymore it's replaced with the garbage haptic shit... i'll downgrade soon asap!
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