Invisible Symptoms of MS 

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Originally posted by MS Australia on 30 May 2019.
Many symptoms of multiple sclerosis are invisible, or can be hard to notice. Sonia, a woman living with MS, talks us through an animation of the different invisible MS symptoms.
The video was produced in close consultation with people with MS, incorporating their own words.
To read more about MS, visit MS Australia's website here:
This video was produced by MS Australia for MSIF's World MS Day.

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@eliamatich6106 Anos atrás
I don't have the symptom where I feel like my house is full of fleas, thank God
Thank you so much Dr Igudia for your treatment and your consultations. I’m forever grateful to you. You’ve been such a kind and caring doctor for me during my hard time of genital herpes virus. Thank you for doing everything that you do and helping me during a hard time. I’ll definitely spread this to the whole world.
@user-io6et4rc4q Dia atrás
I have ms and i can understand all these symptoms😢
Ok, i have no idea if i have MS, to be honest i don't think i do, but. I always have a stiff or sore neck and back, my joins randomly ache and throb, i have twice now fallen from simply walking. All of a sudden my ankle will just give out causing me to hit the floor hard, it just comes out of nowhere. I also some times get sensitive patches of skin, normally on my arms that when touched feel like a few days old burn injury does. I tend to get cramp mainly in my legs from time to time but more than other people. If i'm walking up hill for too long i get an intense burning feeling in my shins, my leg muscles turn to stone and i can barely walk. All this shit could just be me getting old, who knows lol.
thank you so much for this video, i will show this video to help me explain things :)
If only we ms people could and would Unite with each other... spread love and just talk with each.
I can relate
I dont have the skin or eye symptoms, I dont know if its M.S. or not. I have had trouble with vertigo,mi am usually tired sometimes exhausted, i have tremor which have had for years, have bowel problems,cannot go loo even thr matter is soft i can hardly😮 empty my bowel,same with bladder, can so some maybe not feel like it all day. If I wait I do more but never feel empty. I had many falls seem to have passed through that despite being wobbly, feel ill most of the time. Long ago had anhead xray which came out black, thry said no sign. Never had spinal tap or other investigations, have been left to it. I am77 andnhave had M.E badly thirty years ago, of was it? This doesnt seem like old age related symtoms. Husband doesnt want mr havung spinal tap doubts its M.S. but as bowel and bladder get worse I wonder.
My son is 2 years old and has MS. I honestly don't know what to do
Thank you for sharing this information with us all. Amen ✝️ 👍 truthful ✝️ 👍 KJV bible is my doctrine. Amen ✝️ 👍
I want to appreciate Dr Madida on BRvid for treating my Dad of his Multiple sclerosis with their natural meds/
@amazonwarrior865 Anos atrás
This sounds a lot like Lyme disease symptoms
@helendonohoe1575 Anos atrás
I teally hope i dont have this. But i do experiance mostly all of these symptoms
Look into the HPA axis and the lymphatic system during REM sleep. People are being treated with oxytocin.
@sanomixvlog2987 Anos atrás
This is me! Totally 🫤🙃😔
My sister is 32 years old and she has suffered from meniere disease 🦠 for years and she always complains to me that I had to bought her Dr Madida herbs I saw on BRvid and she is telling me last month that she is cured completely and don’t long have the symptoms like vertigo or dizziness, feeling of fullness in the ear or ringing, hearing loss, imbalance, motion sickness, nausea, or nystagmus…