Introducing Killjoy // New Agent Reveal Trailer - VALORANT

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KILLJOY /// Germany
“Relax, I've already thought of everything.”
Killjoy arrives in VALORANT Act II. The latest Agent is a genius inventor that brings the chill of the Berlin nightlife and deploys her killer tech for some potent defensive impact. Outsmart your opponents or lock down an area for a stress-free Spike plant.
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29 Jul 2020



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Comentários 100
VALORANT 15 dias atrás
Track is Du Bleibst - SAM
Max Barnett
Max Barnett 2 dias atrás
@FadeSpirit you cant it is'nt on mac
Hibik 7 dias atrás
CCP owned Tencent install a ROOTKIT on your PC for a start. Especially if you buy MTX you're aiding and abetting the CCP's human rights atrocities such as *LIVE ORGAN HARVESTING* and *forced labour concentration camps*
SlavGamer 9 dias atrás
@VALORANT why dont you make some slavic characters
Jelo 10 dias atrás
@Dakota Colley its fucking cosmetics, its not pay2win
Pai_ Mei_1933
Pai_ Mei_1933 10 dias atrás
soooooooooooooooooo mies - da gäbe es so viel geileren soundtrack - agent : cool............soundtrack - bad af
Space Wargamer
Space Wargamer 47 minutos atrás
0:42 How can a character be so ugly.
Jabin Sozo
Jabin Sozo 3 horas atrás
keren !!!!!!!!!!!! banget wajib punya
Aydin Gur
Aydin Gur 4 horas atrás
can you please make it so your attacks dont hurt players on your team to stop team sabatage and also make it easier to get xp
OGBean 5 horas atrás
literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful rest of your day 💕
neozena 16 horas atrás
irl: *"arGhH TuRrEt dOWn!!"*
Carlos 17 horas atrás
PLEASE, remove this character! Too much bullshit going on. people dying with no one around. You are taking the WRONG PATH. PLEASE, REMOVE IT. Like if you agree.
Simba Dia atrás
After seeing her in game for some time now, here are my thoughts... She does not look German, she does not sound German and does not dress German. She looks more Asian than German tbh. Obviously, I know that Germany is not only home to ethnic Germans, but I think if you commit to giving characters a nationality, some stereotypes are not only in order, but almost expected. It's not really an issue gameplay-wise, I play the character for his/her abilities. But lore-wise and for immersion purposes, put on that heavy German accent and give her more typical German features. I hope this is construed as feedback and not as some form of racism, lol. I'm from Germany and I cringe a little every time she uses a German phrase because it just doesn't fit with her dialect and general appearance. I'd find it a lot funnier if there were stereotypes involved. For instance, when I first heard Sova, I immediately thought he would be coming from Eastern Europe somewhere. But aside from that awkward "Auf Wiedersehen" and some other German voice lines, I'd have a hard time to put a nationality behind Killjoy - and it'd certainly not be European.
Sape Tu?
Sape Tu? Dia atrás
he doesnt sound like a germany at all..she sounds like...indian...ngl *im not racist
dengitpeter Dia atrás
The daughter torbjorn wanted but didint get...
Loblolly0228 Gaming
Damn take her out
sayunara Dia atrás
Sad that no one mentions Killjoy in-game
Ater Vs
Ater Vs Dia atrás
Hi Dokkaebi..
Joe Ingles
Joe Ingles Dia atrás
Shit you right, even has the same glasses lmao
Dodo Nur Cahyo
Dodo Nur Cahyo 2 dias atrás
Beberapa agen wanita mungkin terlalu banyak. We want to more Male Agent soon.
BlueGreen 118
BlueGreen 118 2 dias atrás
Please add another healing agent
ÂÑØŃŸMØÜŠ 1 2 dias atrás
Yay more sentinels
DoggoWithSwag 2 dias atrás
can you please add valorant on xbox/ps4 i have a pc but my friends only have xboxs and ps4s
Joacoffs 2 dias atrás
fortnice hi
fortnice hi 2 dias atrás
Why 3.7k dislike fortnite kids Valorant like
Killer Junior
Killer Junior 3 dias atrás
ANINDRA ZIQI124 3 dias atrás
Ini bukan free fire max
Mr. Balonkatonkeo
Mr. Balonkatonkeo 3 dias atrás
Good To See That Dokkaebi And Engineer Are Friends
fbim 4 dias atrás
Next agent From Indonesia, okay 😁
juss Slouch
juss Slouch 4 dias atrás
Zero from Bo4 vibes.
Black Kujaku
Black Kujaku 5 dias atrás
That eyebrows is *THICC*
El Fabro
El Fabro 5 dias atrás
que clase de mai es esta?
Zeki Oyuncu
Zeki Oyuncu 5 dias atrás
Will a turkish agent come?
Blackshot 2 dias atrás
most likely... in two years when they start to run out of ideas. Rainbow six siege was disappointing at that
Leroy Baek
Leroy Baek 5 dias atrás
She looks asian
Artsy Dude Arie
Artsy Dude Arie 5 dias atrás
RIOT gives us wall hacks and aim bots so people wont cheat yet they still do.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 5 dias atrás
Oh hi dokkaebi what are you doing here ?
MR INDIA 5 dias atrás
Killjoy is launching bomb in his laptop Me : even cannot play valorant on my laptop
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 6 dias atrás
Isn't this game a communist china game? Why support it?
Jaganivas CK
Jaganivas CK 6 dias atrás
I joined the game only 4 days ago and got her immediately at that day. My first and best character.
Mugger Pugger
Mugger Pugger 6 dias atrás
It’s about time they added the engie from tf2
zBenja_ 6 dias atrás
Bufeen la ulti
Crudu Tiberiu
Crudu Tiberiu 6 dias atrás
Hugostar Games
Hugostar Games 6 dias atrás
wow...fucking sterotypical berliner...
ShakeITyEA 6 dias atrás
The sound engineers of Riot are masterminds
Lance Navarro
Lance Navarro 7 dias atrás
I just got my first ace with her. Thanks valorant!
看龙本尊 7 dias atrás
And just like the character is “not that good”
mr hot dog
mr hot dog 7 dias atrás
Am i the only one having dokabei vibes?
Hibik 7 dias atrás
CCP owned Tencent install a ROOTKIT on your PC for a start. Especially if you buy MTX you're aiding and abetting the CCP's human rights atrocities such as *LIVE ORGAN HARVESTING* and *forced labour concentration camps*
Jerome Nopal
Jerome Nopal 7 dias atrás
"You can stop worrying about grenades now." -Jaeger.
Gabriela Cordova
Gabriela Cordova 7 dias atrás
Me wanna come back
Mistta 7 dias atrás
This looks terrible :(
MrMacju 7 dias atrás
Just got my first ever ace using this defense specialist. I think I'm in love.
Nyha454 7 dias atrás
killjoy its soooo OP
Sukriye Karkar
Sukriye Karkar 7 dias atrás
Ummm riot pls buff killjoy's sentry
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 7 dias atrás
Kelden Poh
Kelden Poh 8 dias atrás
Killjoy be aimbotting
CakeNICK _YT 8 dias atrás
whhuttttt tfffffff next gen of raze 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Peter 8 dias atrás
Can those Names get more cringe?
berkan çalışkan
berkan çalışkan 8 dias atrás
Clio Bro
Clio Bro 8 dias atrás
Dokkaebi 0.3
Jadeio 8 dias atrás
can they fix the crash bug already
EnotXXX 8 dias atrás
Hope you will get hardly punished for stealing dokkaebi and sombra, thats not funny
Orangu- Sama
Orangu- Sama 4 dias atrás
What do the 3 characters have in common?
bluecraft entertainment
She's like if engineer and Sombra had a baby and then turned it german.
boidoom 8 dias atrás
they added Mia Khalifa into the game
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 8 dias atrás
Attackers: lets rush b fast! see killjoy on b Attackers: fast rotate a! see cypher on a Attackers: w&iej/$uej&kwkk@jkhy
Cam Ullom
Cam Ullom 8 dias atrás
when it coming to console
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 8 dias atrás
Better reduce weekly challenge xp to a quarter so people will get frustrated and spend money on our game instead of having to play 20 hours :^)
Enver Okudan
Enver Okudan 8 dias atrás
0:17 music name
Phoenix Veal
Phoenix Veal 8 dias atrás
Take for instance this heavy caliber tripod mounted lil' old number designed by me, built by me, and you best hope... Not pointed at you.
Nuk' Shady
Nuk' Shady 8 dias atrás
Really bad idea to bring turrets into the game, it worked terribly for Owerwatch, having these elements. That did not help them in their goal of becoming well renowned e-sport.
madbox games
madbox games 8 dias atrás
JustApex 8 dias atrás
Tawhid Choudhury
Tawhid Choudhury 8 dias atrás
mia khalifa
StarChomp 8 dias atrás
When torb fk symmetra, this is what you get Torb has two daughters now
Ultra 8 dias atrás
So basically tf2 engineer but not from texas
Igor Neto
Igor Neto 4 dias atrás
Bro stfu, why do you have to make every single thing about TF2?
PhantomJT 9 dias atrás
Killjoy - Worst agent
UNDONE 9 dias atrás
Act 2 - "ninja Karen"
Cherry Sausages
Cherry Sausages 9 dias atrás
Oh no no no not another torbjorn
Julien Miniconi
Julien Miniconi 9 dias atrás
Balance issues, eyebrows issues.
Senado Tebi
Senado Tebi 9 dias atrás
Ang lakas nito ginamit ni Von Ordoña kagabi to panalo sila sa Overtime 15-13 ang team nya!!
Wraith Main
Wraith Main 9 dias atrás
I'm hyped for ps4
Wraith Main
Wraith Main Dia atrás
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 9 dias atrás
She isn't op at all, this is why you don't judge before release.
Hussey Stars
Hussey Stars 9 dias atrás
Torb, is that you?
EpiclyFruitbar 9 dias atrás
Better reduce weekly challenge xp to a quarter so people will get frustrated and spend money on our game instead of having to play 20 hours :^)
slinkynoa 9 dias atrás
Name a more iconic trio: Engineer Torbjorn Killjoy
Leon Bennett
Leon Bennett 9 dias atrás
Igor Neto
Igor Neto 4 dias atrás
It isn't, you're just stupid and actually think it is.
Expresso Depresso
Expresso Depresso 9 dias atrás
Finally someone I can play- a TF2 engie main
svakkaN 9 dias atrás
Please, don't turn this into overwatch... This is Mei, Torbjorn & Sombra built in one. The most cancerous heroes ever.
svakkaN 8 dias atrás
@iMoD what about Cypher? Hes probably the most balanced of them all no joke..?
iMoD 8 dias atrás
Wait untill you see cypher
Gostava 9 dias atrás
souzones acabo com o hype :(
Boris 9 dias atrás
Engineer from tf2 if he was a girl
Петька мотоцыкл
Дайте нам дм
Enrico Capobianco
Enrico Capobianco 9 dias atrás
Why is Mei named Killjoy in Valorant?
m. hakan yazgan
m. hakan yazgan 9 dias atrás
"Sentry down!" moment
santhosh sridhar
santhosh sridhar 9 dias atrás
No thanks, I'd prefer to view Germans as mad scientists and doctors who experiment people (Not being racist just referencing Dr Richtofen and Medic).
N1KL8S KR 9 dias atrás
nice dass es ein deutscher song ist
Igor Neto
Igor Neto 9 dias atrás
She isn't op at all, this is why you don't judge before release.
Ultra 8 dias atrás
@iMoD you still dont tell which Game used the sentry mechanic first yet
iMoD 8 dias atrás
@Ultra Did valve copyright sentries or something
Ultra 8 dias atrás
@Igor Neto you havent prove me wrong so you dont make much sense here
Igor Neto
Igor Neto 8 dias atrás
@Ultra Nah, What I have stated makes perfect sense, you just know you're wrong and don't wanna admit it.
Ultra 8 dias atrás
@Igor Neto sounds to me you still cant provide any coherent sentence
howdy 9 dias atrás
Killjoy is really giving me some Wattson vibes
Braga /
Braga / 9 dias atrás
I lost my pass because I was not warned when the first season ended, very angry money thrown in the trash up this comment who went through it too
boidoom 8 dias atrás
the battlepass had a timer and also it was announced like long time ago the new season would start in August 1-7th around there
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 9 dias atrás
Attackers: lets rush b fast! see killjoy on b Attackers: fast rotate a! see cypher on a Attackers: w&iej/$uej&kwkk@jkhy
Ömer Altunbay
Ömer Altunbay 9 dias atrás
şarkının ismi ne
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 9 dias atrás
i think they inspired to dokkaebi
frostgamer 34
frostgamer 34 9 dias atrás
It's just me or it looks a lot like dokkaebi from rainbow six ?
Sadiee 9 dias atrás
Thats sick!!
RyZe 9 dias atrás
COPYING characters design from siege lmao !! Dokkaebi
Phat Do
Phat Do 9 dias atrás
She basically Mey !
X NM 26 Tejas More
X NM 26 Tejas More 9 dias atrás
Like jett wind power make a agent of water and electric element also psycic element
Requimics 9 dias atrás
personal opinion: she sorta looks like dokkaebi from rainbow six siege
Lxx 9 dias atrás
Alle deutschen hier so : Warum dieser Track ??? XDD
bobtherobert #loveHL
bobtherobert #loveHL 9 dias atrás
ale gówno jak firma która to tworzy
Roniin 9 dias atrás
Tf are those eyebrows
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