International Burger King Taste Test

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Where in the world do these international Burger King items come from? GMM #1890
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25 Jan 2021



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Comentários 100
Autumn Grantz
Autumn Grantz Hora atrás
International Dairy Queen, Arby’s, pasta, Olive Garden, French fries, bww, Walmart foods, Carl’s Jr., etc. We need more of these videos! Please!
Miss Feanoriel
Miss Feanoriel 11 horas atrás
The fact Link said Melbourne correctly made me genuinely happy
Austin Breaux
Austin Breaux Dia atrás
Yall should try the new McDonald's crispys
Jimmy Games
Jimmy Games Dia atrás
Are you the burger king?
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing
Link has improved his dart throwing alot
Erica Dodge
Erica Dodge 2 dias atrás
Imagine doing survival food and having the non labeled one as Antarctica.
Experiences Over Things
I'm patiently waiting for the day they finally include an infamous North Korean dish: an empty plate.
Dr NuggZ
Dr NuggZ 3 dias atrás
How have they got all these foods and is stone cold lol
GroenFan 4 dias atrás
Ahoyhoy there, Fellow BRvidrinos! That BK Consumable from Thailand reminded me of Pillsbury Toaster Scramblers; they're kinda hard to find , but anyone reading this should try them. I last got them at a Target.
GroenFan 4 dias atrás
Ahoyhoy there, Fellow BRvidrinos! When Rhett throws his dart his Bun-Hair looks like part of an archer's bow.
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson 4 dias atrás
am i the only one wondering how they get these things?
Ruslan Gogoah
Ruslan Gogoah 4 dias atrás
Who wants to see you "where is this chase from"😂
Amarelec 4 dias atrás
I'm down to go to thigh-land ;)
C H A R V A 4 dias atrás
they have to make them because there is no way they fly burgers across the globe
CASH IS KING 5 dias atrás
Favourite game
gassedup toxic
gassedup toxic 5 dias atrás
A lot of youtube channels make me laugh and entertain me but this is one of the few channels that makes me happy overall
Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall 7 dias atrás
How did they get food .......reasonably fresh looking from around the world ??
Novalley 6 dias atrás
Josh makes it in the mythical kitchen based on promotional photographs and what people say it tastes like.
Silviu Dan
Silviu Dan 8 dias atrás
hello from Romania. Too bad I never saw Romanian food on your show. you always try food from the same countries all the time. you should try other countries
tgone23 8 dias atrás
BK BROILER!!!!! Brang eet bak!
Amala 8 dias atrás
How do they get all these foods?
Novalley 6 dias atrás
they make them
Adam Honda98
Adam Honda98 8 dias atrás
I have a shoulder camera if the oldest shoulder camera in the world but it's the shoulder camera
Kekseschmecktgut 9 dias atrás
How did they get a south korean burger to america? With these travel restrictions
Novalley 6 dias atrás
josh makes it
ahh 9 dias atrás
Do this with vegan food! 🤗🌱
Ilianna Ogborn
Ilianna Ogborn 9 dias atrás
i love the way rhett always takes knives from link 😂
April Wright
April Wright 9 dias atrás
I have a video camera like that
Nak Run
Nak Run 9 dias atrás
The way Link passes the knife, and the way Rhett grabs the knife from Link!
narisa alley
narisa alley 10 dias atrás
there's no CORN In ThAILAnDDddd! link CORN is a VERY basic VEGTABLEE จะไม่มีข้าวโพดได้ไงก่อนน 🌽
Broquè Trashè
Broquè Trashè 10 dias atrás
I love how accurate Rhett is in every single time 🤣
reconz 82299
reconz 82299 10 dias atrás
s c u f f e d c h a s e
BloodTroller 10 dias atrás
Oh yes... intentional game design
justaveragepercussion 10 dias atrás
Since this game uses distance, they should use a map projection that preserves distance.
AnitaBonghit 69
AnitaBonghit 69 10 dias atrás
If you ever smell melted plastic with mustard, you know you're near a BK..
Death 11 dias atrás
As if they didn't have the Aussie Burger on the show.
Teagan McCluskey
Teagan McCluskey 11 dias atrás
So often does link get excited about being good at something just before messing it up. The result... is HILARIOUS
Teodora S.
Teodora S. 11 dias atrás
I am so sad I never saw my country and we have some of delicious unique foods in Balkans, Serbia. But love this show.
Teodora S.
Teodora S. 9 dias atrás
@Marcelo Zavala That is sad. I would love to spark your interest in world and see riches cultures in countries of Balkans, but ignorance and personal frustrations are okay, I guess.
Marcelo Zavala
Marcelo Zavala 11 dias atrás
these places just have better food
Aniekan Hanson-bassey
Aniekan Hanson-bassey 11 dias atrás
They are best friends and I can see that very clearly 😌😌😌 Rhett
Whitny Miranda
Whitny Miranda 12 dias atrás
Chase 😹😹😹💕
Luke Lewis
Luke Lewis 12 dias atrás
Still waiting for international fruit
Simon Pattinson
Simon Pattinson 12 dias atrás
On behalf of literally all aussies, thank you for saying Melbourne correctly
Aly Rollon
Aly Rollon 12 dias atrás
Is that a croptop Burger King Chase !?! 😱😱
Charmy chameleon challlenges Challenges
We don’t have those in Spain I live here
mya luv
mya luv 12 dias atrás
That South Korean burger looks exactly like a burnt krabby patty like exactly!😂
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 12 dias atrás
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 12 dias atrás
Sirgaz 13 dias atrás
I feel bad for link
Yanpretman 13 dias atrás
The Dope Show
The Dope Show 13 dias atrás
There is no burger king in isreal wtf
Isabella Jeffs
Isabella Jeffs 13 dias atrás
I- I'm 15, I've never even seen a VHS recorder, why did I feel nostalgic when I saw the video through it??
Secilia Soles
Secilia Soles 13 dias atrás
Stevie has DEFINITELY worked at a theme park before. I want her to say “Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.”
Cr1spy Qube
Cr1spy Qube 13 dias atrás
At my local wing eatin place one of their most famous flavors is jalapeno cheddar. It's literally just slathered in nacho cheese and has jalapenos on the side.
Smirqs Edits
Smirqs Edits 13 dias atrás
oh my god i see canada on the map. i so hope you guys get to try one of the king burgers, i know america doesnt have them. they are legendary burgers
DRAVOCK LIGHT 14 dias atrás
That slow zoom focused on Chases face had Me dying of laughter while Link was trying to be serious!!!! 🤘😂🤘 Lmfao!!!!
Perry S
Perry S 14 dias atrás
Link should really aim at the middle of the board more
SupA treyfi
SupA treyfi 14 dias atrás
Lol ya still handing link sharp items lol
G M 14 dias atrás
How did they get samples of all of these burgers to the same place at the same time!? Obviously, they didn't all fly around the world and set up the studio. They could have, but then they'd know where the burger came from. Does Burger King have a location where they offer items from around the world?
Mostafa Al-anssary
Mostafa Al-anssary 14 dias atrás
Put iraq as labeled country next time 🌺
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 14 dias atrás
when chase said your majesty, real missed opportunity to say something about him being a queen.
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 14 dias atrás
fire chase for the love of God. he's sooooo bad.
xXClutchXx 14 dias atrás
Rhett looks like your local Canadian lumberjack
Cr1tical 15 dias atrás
how did u get it all to us
Luna Lines
Luna Lines 15 dias atrás
Omg that is the first time I have ever heard an american say melbourne properly haha
khalizkr 15 dias atrás
I'm an Indonesian, but I've never heard of that chicken wings
Manuel Casillas
Manuel Casillas 15 dias atrás
10:24 that's what she said
Brandon Schockelt
Brandon Schockelt 15 dias atrás
Damn I wanna try the “Ninja” whopper. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing
Evan Link
Evan Link 15 dias atrás
Idea for another international challenge: BBQs. You could also do just nationally specific barbeques.
Beth Eshete
Beth Eshete 15 dias atrás
does anyone know how on earth they were able to get all the international items?
QWERTY ytrewq
QWERTY ytrewq 15 dias atrás
Link says Melbin
Zoey C
Zoey C 15 dias atrás
omg i forgot about you guys, time to watch all the videos i missed
Timo Faaumumu
Timo Faaumumu 15 dias atrás
No bk in Australia. Lol
Rachel Deal
Rachel Deal 15 dias atrás
Chase's midriff is on point today. 👌
Monika Dawska
Monika Dawska 15 dias atrás
Even my fave, dartthrowing has gone to shi t Trying hard tho they do
Monika Dawska
Monika Dawska 15 dias atrás
Well from 0:44 - 1:10 Rhett i$ going thru some ..lets say..Emooootions Omg: ...
Bea Lalaine Baldeviso
Bea Lalaine Baldeviso 15 dias atrás
ghost adventures
BACHOMP 16 dias atrás
4:42 I love the look of unbridled happiness on Link's face at this moment
Jonas Taasby
Jonas Taasby 16 dias atrás
You guys never have anything from Denmark. Cmon guys, make a dane happy here 😊👍
Pp Pp
Pp Pp 16 dias atrás
Ryan Posadas
Ryan Posadas 16 dias atrás
Is there an 80s filter on that camera or is it just that old?
Evan Weixler
Evan Weixler 16 dias atrás
Yessir Louisville
Rumer Priestly
Rumer Priestly 16 dias atrás
He really DID get something when he did that slow zoom on Chase.
Brittney Angtui
Brittney Angtui 17 dias atrás
can we comment on the fact that rhett was so close in his guessesss omg
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 17 dias atrás
Can you guys just film an entire episode with those camera’s. That would be neat
Sydney 17 dias atrás
Chase's shirt lol
Mr.Dr.Antihero 17 dias atrás
This and shuffle board game are the best
Ynce Plays
Ynce Plays 17 dias atrás
suggestion: international wine taste test
Thrash Wlf
Thrash Wlf 17 dias atrás
"I really think I got something" yea you certainly did get something there Rhett.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 17 dias atrás
What is gmm known for:- Will it? Series. Around the world series Gut check series. The vs series.
David Murphy
David Murphy 17 dias atrás
Yaaay Ireland
DaRkMirRoR265 17 dias atrás
Someone tell chase that his shirt dont fit.
Chris Yeazel
Chris Yeazel 18 dias atrás
Hobo Chase( your majesty) 😜
tdtone2 18 dias atrás
I've never seen such a short shirt on a man before...
Cory Senn
Cory Senn 18 dias atrás
When I seen the title I thought to my self I wonder if they’ll have the Guinness whopper, when I was stationed there it was one of the first burgers I had since before I left for basic training
Latifah .A.A.A
Latifah .A.A.A 18 dias atrás
one of the burgers they brought is non existent in a non existent country
LXST 18 dias atrás
Sometimes I feel like Rhett is given answers beforehand with how correct most of his answers are and it's always fun to see Link hit a target way away from the answer.
kpoplover72able 18 dias atrás
ok but how do they acwuire these
Beth Huston
Beth Huston 18 dias atrás
I wanna know how u got these foreign BK items?
Dreaded-Flower 18 dias atrás
how do they get the items?
stinky6958 19 dias atrás
That Chase is a cutie
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 18 dias atrás
Rhett's hair + the smaller clothes on Chase make it look like they are into something kinda weird....
DCGymRat303 19 dias atrás
This video should come with a soy poisoning disclosure.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 18 dias atrás
Rhett rockin That Marshmello X-Mas sweater in that flashback
Francesco Saadeh
Francesco Saadeh 19 dias atrás
Link should stop playing this game
Hariom Talreja
Hariom Talreja 19 dias atrás
What is gmm known for:- Will it? Series. Around the world series Gut check series. The vs series.
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