Inside Tokyo's Most Expensive Hotel Room | $12,000/Night

Abroad in Japan
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Tokyo's luxury 5 star hotels are amongst the best in the world. We stay the night in a $12,000 a night suite with stunning views as a reward to Connor for eating 100 bowls of noodles.
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⭐Special thanks to Andaz Tokyo for letting us review the room!⭐

ALSO thanks to Alex @Tokyo Portfolio for shooting the video!

Wankosoba Noodle Challenge

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17 Jan 2022



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Comentários 4 653
Abroad in Japan
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: It's time for Connor's reward after eating 100 bowls of soba noodles! But WHAT do you think of the room?
Mr. Cereal VEVO
Nice to see Connor and Chris really embracing their British heritage by ransacking the entire hotel room.
Karamjit Dedyal
I think the fact that this hotel invited Chris to do a review in their best room shows how far he has come and how he is now seen as one of the main influencers in Japan. I mean that is some reputation he has built. Great work Chris and well deserved.
Batter Sempai
"Is this fun to watch? Two dickheads just having a nice time."
Sam Connor
Fun life hack: If you ever go to a really nice hotel and love the pillows there, take off the pillowcases and find the brand tag and look them up online. My mom did that once at a Disney resort and they're the pillows she's used ever since. I'm sure the pillows in this suite are hella expensive, but it's always worth it to check.
“You’re stealing the goods!”
Nicky Borrill
UK: "Never, ever, ever freeze a steak"
Respect to Connor for representing the common man and taking every disposable item in the hotel room
incredible experience to stay in that suite!
I loved Connors bit on the table: “The best tables in Japan, crafted by the guy who cares the most about wood”. The title is spot on and I would actually watch that video.
"A hotel room that might just have the best view of the entire city"
Rena J
I've worked for hotel cleaning/hospitality, and we were required to throw away anything left in the room, after the guest checked out, anyways, so those coulda been wasted. I do not blame Connor.
kaylin grobbelaar
I feel like Chris is giving proud dad vibes whos treating his teenage son. Especially when Conner was so excited over the coffee machine "yes very cool."
Bill Dong
Connor the night before:
Nerdmom630 Plays
Every wacky weekend is just a competition between them of who can be the most British. Connor gets excited about a coffee machine and Chris just sasses him the whole time.
This is not only great to watch, but both Chris & Connor truly deserved this. Love it!
Shiemi Gravescale
it would be interesting to see more luxury hotel reviews! as someone who works in a similar luxury hotel, it's refreshing to see it from this angle. when you work in one, the magic of them eventually wears off (especially when rich people complain about the tiniest of details)
I actually appreciate how understated the furnishings are - it’s all about the view! If this room was super ornate and gilded, it would only take from things. Loved it ✌️
Yoshi's Vlog
Wow! I spent 7 years in the US and finally am back to Japan. I was a bit depressed at first because I was missing my friends I made in the US, but watching your videos really enlighten me and makes me want to explore my own country more! I also see thar you are located in Tohoku, which is also where I live in, so I am glad you are highlighting my hometown a lot as its usually doesnt get a lot of attentions from people.
Chris is such a gentleman, he treats his date to fine dining and then brings them back to his 12k hotel room.
I Tried Japan's Most INSANE Noodle Challenge