Inside The NBA Speaks on Mass Shooting at Elementary School

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The Inside crew spoke on the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas


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23 Mai 2022



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Comentários 5 242
Charles Barkley said it best, "our politicians are the worst examples to follow... supposed to work for everybody"
Jim Beam
Nicely said by Shaq.
Eric Brooks
“The demonic mind is illogical”, he hit the nail on the head with this one
Sherwood Gresham Jr
I love these guys, all 4 of them. They have a always been class acts handling these real and tragic events with such grace and class. My deepest deepest condolences to families that lost someone, be a child or one of the two teachers slain. This hit home as I just moved to TX from VA two years ago and I have children 6, 7 and 14 years old and my wife is a teacher.
Cheri W
Sitting here with tears in my eyes for those babies....Charles is absolutely correct, no matter what political party it is for ALL the people! You have a job to do as President, etc....DO IT! Prayers for those affected by this tragedy personally, it is inexcusable.
"Even if you win an election, that doesn't mean that you screw the other people who didn't vote for you.." no truer words could be spoken, sir. The average politician who wins an election, has the attitude of, "Nah, Nah! I won, and your guy didn't!" Sickening attitude from these so called political leaders....they're pathetic.
Jay Ceh
That was a great statement by Kenny: "A demonic act is illogical, so don't try to apply logic".
Salty Dog
Mr. Barkley gets it, and he's not afraid to let people know he gets it. Much respect !!!
Tim A.
Just did a career day at a local elementary school here in Atlanta. Such wonderful, amazing, loving 3rd and 4th grade little humans being taught and cared for by the most amazing teachers! Just the thoughts of what were the final moments for those kids in Texas, is more than my heart and mind can bear. For their families and for the survivors, may God have mercy on you all.
David Quid Pro Quo
"What is making young kids do this stuff?" Good question Charles. This kid grew up with a single mother who was addicted to substances. This kid was fail by his parents and society. Kenny was also correct. Mental health is in serious crisis in this country. It has been for a long time now and we're seeing the results of when sick ppl don't get the help that they need.
Ethan Stamm
I love what Charles says here. Politicians say they’re about change and fixing America’s problems, but when push comes to shove they don’t show up. These shootings won’t stop and absolutely nothing will be done about it. We need to hold them accountable.
Sherman Culbertson
This absolutely breaks my heart. RIP to all of the victims.
My prayers go out to their families that lost their children, it's heartbreaking
e c
Thank you guys for speaking up!!
dężžyÿ W💫💫
When Shaq said “there used to be codes” I felt that. Cause those ppl r still evil but they used to have a little respect for families. But look what we’ve come to
My condolences to the parents who lost their child yesterday
This is why they are the best crew on television. They're hilarious but also not afraid to talk about real shit and push the envelope about politics.
Charles Davis
Ernie just lost a child last year. Unimaginable how that could feel, all four guys were class in this segment.
Jack Bazz
This is sickening. Steve is right. Don’t just take a moment of silence and then play a game and forget about it. We need to fix this now! Absolutely devastating. RIP to everybody who has lost their live in Uvalde. 🕊🕊♥️♥️
Being a parent myself, I couldn’t imagine getting that phone call. Prayers for those families! This is heartbreaking and needs to stop!