Inside the NBA discuss Donovan Mitchell & Dillon Brooks FIGHT - February 2, 2023

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Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Game Highlights | February 2, 2023 | 2022-23 NBA Season

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1 Fev 2023



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Comentários 1 784
David Bagga
David Bagga Mês atrás
Chuck: “they both had to go, they can’t be out here committing a loose BALL foul.” Lmao Chuck is a national treasure 😂
Rap Artist
Rap Artist Mês atrás
And then shaq said that play was nuts😭😭
Science Productions
Mhon7 C.
Mhon7 C. Mês atrás
@C Davis Mine too
DaReoCharmer Mês atrás
Loose ball fouls! That was perfectly executed! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Damien Nickoles
Damien Nickoles Mês atrás
I laughed so hard lol
Martavious Paul
Martavious Paul Mês atrás
Someone finally gave Brooks what he deserves
Marco Miura
Marco Miura Mês atrás
@J.J. Green Ejected by will be better...
yungclaudreazy Mês atrás
He ain’t gave him unfortunately
Joel's Mês atrás
@ajay7797 You mean being thrown to the ground like a rag doll, lmao
The Main Attraction
@gSquAdGaMinG : Not sure what you saw, but where was anyone thrown?! LMMFAO 💀🤣 Y’all just be making up 💩 & saying 💩, that actually didn’t happen. Haha 😆 They were both shoving & one just lost balance. Where was the “throw”?! 😂
sylvio1980 Mês atrás
Grizzlies need to be humbled and they will be. For a team that hasn’t won anything they walk around like they defending champions.
Chasing Felix
Chasing Felix 22 dias atrás
Who cares. They are confident. Let them be confident.
Big C Straight outta Chi
Defending Champs mean they've won. They haven't won $hit!!!!!!!!
M G’s
M G’s Mês atrás
@RiruKrypto Tempest they are both equally dislikable
shin obi
shin obi Mês atrás
@dilson manjenje FR
Trumpet piper
Trumpet piper Mês atrás
Some athletes don't turn the other cheek...some do. Shag and Barkley definitely didn't. It's unfortunate that both get punished for it when replay is available. These are pros, not juveniles.
Isaac Mês atrás
That Grizzlies assistant coach is the real MVP. He saved Brooks from getting that REAL WORK!!!! 😳
Willy Mês atrás
@Kim King same feeling here. I hated that coach to the core😡 I love to see that big foul mouth dillon beaten😤
Denis Tuohy
Denis Tuohy Mês atrás
And I thought the NFL was the No Fun League. Sad
Sir Tain Lee
Sir Tain Lee Mês atrás
It's almost like the asst has been there before, continuously, constantly. He's got one job, make sure Brooks doesn't get found out. Make sure their enforcer doesn't get his arse whooped in front of the NBA and world.
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan Mês atrás
he ran in there so quick haha. Hes a true team player
Ivan Vikktor
Ivan Vikktor Mês atrás
Dude looked like a rodeo clown haha
Darius Thegr8one
Darius Thegr8one Mês atrás
“That play was nuts, Ernie” lol he always says it and I always laugh
Bryl Dagalea
Bryl Dagalea Mês atrás
Expected a joke but the delivery was just something else
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Rudraksha11 Gaming
Rudraksha11 Gaming Mês atrás
@I am Not a Cat. 🤣🤣🤣
I am Not a Cat.
I am Not a Cat. Mês atrás
Damn F shaq that made me shoot coffee outta my nose
Rudraksha11 Gaming
Rudraksha11 Gaming Mês atrás
Shaqtin a fool
Dukjin Im
Dukjin Im Mês atrás
100% intentional. And the roll onto the ankle was actually more sinister, and gave him Mitchell’s exact location.
Jinbiao Ma
Jinbiao Ma Mês atrás
@Dukjin Im i don't watch many games beside my own team, but one more reason to dislike griz
nick jones
nick jones Mês atrás
@Jinbiao Ma there’s no momentum in slow-mo
8732Best Mês atrás
@Dukjin Im yep, reminiscent of Grayson Allen. Grayson may even be a better player. Naw, let me slow down...
Lightskins R Us
Lightskins R Us Mês atrás
Chuck really is the voice of reason between the 4. Called the Brooks situation for what it was. No pussyfooting.
tmston2 Mês atrás
I was like “THANK U CHUCK!!!”
F P Mês atrás
@ John Nguyen just tell everyone you don't watch basketball and that's it. Kenny Smith is the only person who watches basketball on inside the NBA. The show needs him.
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Mês atrás
@Zachary Gaines why dont u do it ull be bald soon
Michael Pelzek
Michael Pelzek Mês atrás
@Hugh Janus Kenny is annoying. He talks in riddles ad inciteful like you said. It feels fake and I feel like I don't know what he really ever thinks.
Thumper Mês atrás
Always has been. The man makes no compromises. You only get the cold truth from him.
A S Mês atrás
Shannon’s gonna have a field day with Brooks 😂
Ubilicious Mês atrás
Shannon cannot go all in on Brooks. He apologised to multiple people after that altercation (Brooks included) as instructed by FOX. He can't roast Brooks.
ATM GREEDY#7 Mês atrás
Anime King
Anime King Mês atrás
Qarcon Mês atrás
Michael Hession
Michael Hession Mês atrás
Ever since Ja made that "I'm fine in the West" comments, Everyone in the NBA has circled whenever they play Memphis on their calendar in particular Golden State and Milwaukee. Even a team like Cleveland doesn't like what he Ja and Dillon Brooks have said over the past month.
Ryan W
Ryan W Mês atrás
@VoltZ literally second in the west
Andre Ferguson
Andre Ferguson Mês atrás
Even my Raps just slapped 'em on their own floor (sans Ja tbf), and we stink lol. Whole damn league is tired of their charade.
Hypocrite Troll Bot
They a dynasty though 😂😂😂
The Marathon
The Marathon Mês atrás
@mvdiablo #2 in the west isn't impressive. They'll be in 4th in the East with that record
Jay John
Jay John Mês atrás
@Neutral Genius that’s what they said last year🥱
CocaColaDude98 Mês atrás
“That play was nuts, Ernie” “Can’t go South of the border like that” “Can’t be out here committing loose ball fouls” That’s why this crew is the best! They got the best one-liners! 😂
Aj Thompson
Aj Thompson Mês atrás
Chuck the only who was being real and speaking facts, not beating around the bush, there’s no way you can tell me that wasn’t intentional, anybody with eyes can see that
Frosty Mês atrás
@Flaming Manatees Lmao 😂
Fire Angel Luffo
Fire Angel Luffo Mês atrás
@Alexander Alvarez crazy stuff
Fire Angel Luffo
Fire Angel Luffo Mês atrás
@Sheng Wu Yup he was nasty
Up Front
Up Front Mês atrás
Chuck knows bcoz he used to do that all the times too🤣
Alexander Alvarez
Alexander Alvarez Mês atrás
@Fire Angel Luffo Exactly
Craigslist Reply
Craigslist Reply Mês atrás
"that play was nuts, Ernie" such an old joke but always gets me whenever they do it 🤣🤣🤣
NumbskullNate Mês atrás
A loose ball foul 🤣😭
Juancho Arguelles
Juancho Arguelles Mês atrás
All ball too. 😂
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Mês atrás
Dillon got his lunch money stolen after committing a loose ball foul. Sensational 👌🏾
rip vanced
rip vanced Mês atrás
@Cadillac Mac you sound like minimum wage
C Davis
C Davis Mês atrás
Dog walked 😤🤣
30% of Bobby $wag
30% of Bobby $wag Mês atrás
It was abducted...🤣
Domiano Hunt
Domiano Hunt Mês atrás
It was appropriated, not taken.
Ryan Townsend
Ryan Townsend Mês atrás
Kenny dropping the Charlie Murphy "habitual line stepper" reference had me rolling.
Ryan Townsend
Ryan Townsend Mês atrás
@Christopher Custon "you know you can get another couch....'
Christopher Custon
Christopher Custon Mês atrás
What the fingers said to the face? Slap.
Lenox H.
Lenox H. Mês atrás
Smooth correction 😉
They Call Me Gator
They Call Me Gator Mês atrás
I know lol. Too bad he actually got it wrong when he said Dave Chappelle said it.
Burt Garwood
Burt Garwood Mês atrás
Mitchell exposed what we have all been seeing about Brooks. Brooks is a dirty player and a thug. Great work Donovan! It goes back to Brooks' foul on Gary Payton II during the playoffs. The NBA needs to discipline Brooks this time. And part of that discipline should be some counseling sessions with Uncle Shannon. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Indira Stone
Indira Stone Mês atrás
@CynFR It's his behavior in it's entirety. He's a sissy-thug. That cheap shot to the trifecta got him lit up! Too bad the Assistant Coach was the better man & saved his weak-minded behind.
Flavadave Mês atrás
*wanabe thug
CynFR Mês atrás
How does him being a duck in game equate to him being a thug?
marquismcghee Mês atrás
There isn't one thug in the NBA
Big dic1
Big dic1 Mês atrás
Yall crybabies
Robbie Mulvany
Robbie Mulvany Mês atrás
Brooks makes it so easy to root against the Grizzlies
Seven Stars of the Dipper
Mitchell tossed Brooks like a rag doll. He is not that tall but he has very long arms and very strong. I am glad we got him.
Aidan Gallagher
Aidan Gallagher Mês atrás
@Yo Steeze he's not 6'4 he is 6'1 - he's about avg maybe on the shortside for a guard
Tyler Mês atrás
@Aj Phelps he clearly wasn't expecting to get the proverbial chair pulled on him. Don didn't overpower him. His initial push with a moving start didn't even budge a standstill brooks. When brooks put all his weight into the push back don stepped back and pulled him down. Brooks is a dirt bag but that doesn't change physics pal, neither does don playing for your team
Willy Mês atrás
@Bryl Dagalea 6’5 and flat-footed😂
Bryl Dagalea
Bryl Dagalea Mês atrás
@Yo Steezespida is 6’1, Brooks is 6’5 lol
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan Mês atrás
@J Da great riiiiiggghhhhhhhttttt
Boots Camaro
Boots Camaro Mês atrás
I love Donovan Michell I’m glad he didn’t back down
MayjahFlavaz69 Mês atrás
Dillon Brooks trying to be a tough guy when he's not 😂😂😂
randomized uzername
His bf think he tough
MayjahFlavaz69 Mês atrás
@John Nguyen ummmm yea.....don't think so 😂😂😂
MayjahFlavaz69 Mês atrás
@BrooklYN stop playing man 😂😂
Racquel Welch
Racquel Welch Mês atrás
Inside the NBA has the perfect complement of characters! The GOAT of sports talk shows.
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg Mês atrás
@Dash Cash if you’re miserable, just say it
Dash Cash
Dash Cash Mês atrás
They getting a bit played out and their “replacements” are not worth watching at all
Dennis Dixon
Dennis Dixon Mês atrás
Dillon Brooks gonna get a lot of hard fowls on him now because Donovan is right. He been doing shady 💩 like this for awhile and now someone just pushed back.
Vincente’ Mês atrás
Yeah man, He did GP2 dirty in the playoffs last year.
Jay Mac
Jay Mac Mês atrás
Bane low key has been the same way
Jabulani Chinkwita Phiri
@Naaman Rivera same here we saw what morris did and he walking away like he did nothing, these guys be dishing what the cant take he should have got up and try to face yokic to get knocked the f**k out
hbk. nick
hbk. nick Mês atrás
@Forever Gooner right
Dave Portillo
Dave Portillo Mês atrás
This is what I wanted to happen with him and Shannon 😭
wushuup_boyy Mês atrás
"loose ball foul" is crazy 💀💀
Norf Mês atrás
Crazy asabih 😂
Raphael Mapp
Raphael Mapp Mês atrás
How he rolled onto Spida's ankle to me was so dangerous. Sorry he didn't get a punch in the mouth
Mando Melmadri
Mando Melmadri Mês atrás
If Mitchell was able to rag doll Brooks like that imagine what unc shay shay would of done to him 😅🤷🏼‍♂️
Up Front
Up Front Mês atrás
@Jaay Murray U might be right about him but trust me bro, it's easier to fight a big guy who hits hard but slowly than a smaller quicker man. I never said I would win😅I just see more chances against Shannon than say a Vernon Maxwell.✌Brother
MALIK Mês atrás
calm down that push ain’t all that softy
Jaay Murray
Jaay Murray Mês atrás
@Up Front Shannon had muscles before the league. Thats home grown, country eating muscles right there. That man works out religiously everyday, even now. I’ll take Shannon, respectfully 🤝🏾
JusTrynaHustle Mês atrás
Brooks got thrown like a ragdoll 😂
Alejandro Mês atrás
Chuck: 'They both gotta be ejected, can't have them out there making loose ball fouls" LMAO
Qarcon Mês atrás
Mitchell threw Brooks on the floor like how you throw your lil brother in the pool 😂
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel Mês atrás
Donovan Mitchell hit him with an MMA judo throw. Was that his mom he hugged? She was like "it's alright baby. Don't let nobody hit you in the nuts." lmao
FJ Ness
FJ Ness Mês atrás
I was thinking the same 🤣
Courtney Bean
Courtney Bean Mês atrás
@Ninja Channel 🤣🤣🤣
Jesse James
Jesse James Mês atrás
The grizzlies been getting all the “Smoke” they been asking for lately 🤣
Seven Stars of the Dipper
Facts. Writing checks they asses can’t cash. They don’t want none of that Land smoke.
chosen one
chosen one Mês atrás
aye still number 2 in the west with multiple all stars and we get aquaman back after allstar weekend, bring all the smoke
Thabiso Mvulani
Thabiso Mvulani Mês atrás
He also tried to hurt his ankle, surprised no one is mentioning that.
EJ x SB Mês atrás
One of them did real quick
Bacon Buddy
Bacon Buddy Mês atrás
Anyone playing casual pickups that are feeling others feet underneath their body would’ve instantly moved away slightly just to put the body weight away to give room for the other guy to move away. That one feels intentional too.
Grape Ape
Grape Ape Mês atrás
The post game presser players/coach all say it multiple times in this video
Hunter Brooks
Hunter Brooks Mês atrás
Good on pointing that out I didn't really pay attention to that
RiruKrypto Tempest
RiruKrypto Tempest Mês atrás
Losing 10 straight as a playoff contending team is crazy, yeah they don’t have their key players healthy like Zion but I remember this team taking the Suns to their limit without him.
Stephen Bishop
Stephen Bishop Mês atrás
After seeing this, I’m positive Shannon would have beat the entire Memphis team if they had scuffled.
Jman Mês atrás
that loose ball foul joke was legendary 🤣🤣🤣
Brumfeldo Mês atrás
That loose ball foul bar was so good they didn't even acknowledge that amazing shot that Ja does at 2:12
Promo Fritz
Promo Fritz Mês atrás
Haha. Nice 👍
Dad E Fresh Experiment
Garland is so freaking underrated is a crime.
Artdog Mês atrás
Has played one more game than Donovan Mitchell has too, so they need to stop the 🧢
SportNut Mês atrás
And Memphis fans have the audacity to say Brooks is not a dirty player and make fun of Kerr saying he broke the code
Seb G
Seb G Mês atrás
@Blake Jensen hypocritical? when did draymond push a player out of the air?
Blake Jensen
Blake Jensen Mês atrás
I agree, except that I 100% support the coach of Draymond Green getting clowned nonstop for talking about the Code. I usually like Kerr but that hypocritical BS made me mad.
EJ x SB Mês atrás
Broke what code? You in too deep man
Vincente’ Mês atrás
@SportNut ditto 😎
SportNut Mês atrás
@Vincente’ Yes, and coming from someone who support all Canadian players. That's not how you do it man
Anthony B
Anthony B Mês atrás
Just looked at the stats for Jrue Holiday & Darius Garland. In my opinion based off the numbers, he should be an all star but oh well. Could also be impacted by being a higher seed. *For those curious* Jrue Holiday 19.4 PPG, 5.3 REB, 7.2 AST, 1.4 STL, 3.2 TO, 40 GP, 46.1 FG%, 36.9 3P% Darius Garland 21.8 PPG, 2.8 REB, 8.1 AST, 1.3 STL, 2.9 TO, 44 GP, 45.2 FG%, 39.9 3P%
Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols Mês atrás
@Adam yea that's true. Still I feel if Cleveland had the 3rd spot DG would have went
Adam Mês atrás
@Michael Nichols The players and media have a big say on the vote too, I assume they care as well
Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols Mês atrás
@Adam You have a point but at the same time the starters are voted in right? I don't think the fans are varying in defense. And yea that's wild with Trae, his team is struggling right now.
Adam Mês atrás
@Michael Nichols Getting picked for an All Star is about all round performances in the regular season, which includes defense as well. (That's why I assume guys like Trae Young didn't even get a sniff either)
Michael Nichols
Michael Nichols Mês atrás
Lol didn't know they were checking on defensive attributes for an All-star game. Jrue has been playing well tho. I agree probably the seeding.
Juan Saenz
Juan Saenz Mês atrás
Yo that loose ball foul joke was pure gold 😂
Every1H8s Chris
Every1H8s Chris Mês atrás
Shannon Sharpe somewhere smiling hard as hell!!!😂😂😂
ethanmon Mês atrás
I love how Chuck hesitated when he cracked that loose ball foul joke. Man probably thought “Will I get in trouble for saying this?”
Peaceful Vegan Warrior
Brooke forgot Adams wasn’t there to protect him. 😂
Trancendent Resurrextion
not gonna lie, mitchell built like a body builder. like that old school nba physic
djbabyboi Mês atrás
@Quan 144 there was not a single gayer thing to respond to that wth lmao
Cleveland Softball
Cleveland Softball Mês atrás
@Phil O Yep, totally is. Bigly arms. Tremendous strength. The most strength.
Gibowski Mês atrás
Yup. Biggest 6’1 in the league. I think he’s around 210-220 lbs. And he just shrugged off a 6’6 guy with ease.
Phil O
Phil O Mês atrás
No he not
Bobby Mom
Bobby Mom Mês atrás
The moment Adams went down, I said they lost their most important defender, and they'll go on a slump, I was hounded by Ja fans saying a bunch of BS... guess I was right, hope the Grizzlies lose every game here on out
Boris Sibor
Boris Sibor Mês atrás
On the Spur of the moment, Brooks gives Mitchell a Grizzly punch right in his Rocket and Nuggets. He really put some Heat on that. He must have been all Jazzed up. When I saw this, I was Piston furious. This kind of behavior is total Bull. He should have just given him a simple Knick or Buck in the Calvs. Good on Mitchell for being a true Warrior. That was a Magic moment.
Jude Goodman
Jude Goodman Mês atrás
😂 “Habitual line stepper” RIP CHARLIE MURPHY 🙏🏿
Wills Power
Wills Power Mês atrás
“Loose ball foul “, me spitting up my morning coffee 😂😂
Shard Mode 247
Shard Mode 247 Mês atrás
Can’t be out here committin “loose ball foul”😂😂😂😂😂 Barkley nailed it!!!
Tn duo
Tn duo Mês atrás
That was on purpose, He was down for at least 5 second before he swung his arms up smh
Juancho Arguelles
Juancho Arguelles Mês atrás
That was all balls. 😂
King Darryl
King Darryl Mês atrás
He even looked behind him before rolling and swinging.
Lord Holmes
Lord Holmes Mês atrás
Exactly what the NBA needs!!! Lets go D Mitch!
Kendall K. Howard
Kendall K. Howard Mês atrás
Shoutout to Kenny for the Charlie Murphy story on Chappelle’s show reference 😂 one of my favorite lines
chad wynn
chad wynn Mês atrás
Habitaul line stepper
Rodney Burnette Jr
Rodney Burnette Jr Mês atrás
🤣“That play was nuts” “out here committing loose balls fouls” “his favorite player is lonzo balls” 🤣protect this group at all cost
Bob Mês atrás
That tackle by the coach was impressive
Top G
Top G Mês atrás
1:56 that dude is the real MVP for jumping out there like that. 😂😂😂
musyarofah1 Mês atrás
2:41 Jarrett Allen with the invisible high-five 💀
SilentShores Mês atrás
Why you do him like that lol 😂
nba talkz
nba talkz Mês atrás
J T Mês atrás
Mitchell is New York tough. Damn shame Knicks didn’t bring him back home. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Martn Mês atrás
the thing is that every other player in the league would've just stood up in that moment, but ofcourse dillon brooks the type of dude to do an extra roll and stick his fist up in the air. dude knew what he was doing, he was going for his ankles and put his fist up in case the ankles didn't get hit, the guy is just a dirty ass player. you don't have to be 100% sure of intent to see that he was trying to hurt donovan.
Mitchell choked that boy like Homer Simpson😂
Jack Chang
Jack Chang Mês atrás
They didn't want to say nothin bout whether or not it was okay for Mitchell to react back cause they know they would have done more then just "throw" him lol.
Marcus Bell- Dixon
Marcus Bell- Dixon Mês atrás
Shaq: that play was nuts 😂. He can't do things without Chuck, Kenny, and ernie. That's what makes this group so special on tnt
Bert BralaBrala
Bert BralaBrala Mês atrás
Brooks just got manhandled 😂😂
REGO Mês atrás
“That play was nuts Ernie” lmaoo💀
PlutoDre Mês atrás
Chuck: It’s called a fight Ernie not a incident 😂😂😂
Daniel Hettesheimer
never been a huge fan of spida, but he just gained my respect big time
Tyler Mês atrás
During the highlights Kenny said softly "he did that on purpose" Then he gets his screen time and "isn't willing to assume anyone's intent". hes frustrating sometimes, and I wish chuck would call him out on that stuff lol would be a great episode
Steven T
Steven T Mês atrás
Reminds me of the old days of the NBA😊
XxXFlyingArmBarXxX Mês atrás
Brooks is the light skin version of Grayson Allen 🤣
MidWest Ent.
MidWest Ent. Mês atrás
"loose ball fouls" I see what you did there chuck 😂🤣
Darwyn Carriedo
Darwyn Carriedo Mês atrás
Brook thrown like a baby 😂😂😂
Ran Sandy
Ran Sandy Mês atrás
They crack me up EVERY DAMN TIME!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Moxman Mês atrás
They said the Toronto Raptors need to start over, a lot of good pieces. Then named their entire lineup OG, Scottie Barnes, Van Fleet, Gary Trent. Only person missing was Siakim. It may be time for a new coach that's willing to play Boucher, and Achiuwa more. They have the talent.
Jelani Billups
Jelani Billups Mês atrás
"Out here committing loose ball fouls" 💀
Will Tree
Will Tree Mês atrás
I’m happy y’all got it right. I watched a clip from another sportscasting network and they acted like they didn’t see the cheap shots after replaying it 4 times.
09lowkey Mês atrás
8:14 - Most impressive thing about this sequence is Luka didn't even carry the ball... Magnificent...
La Man
La Man Mês atrás
That's what I like about Chuck. When it comes to these things, he's going to say it as it is.
INmyGUNiTRUST Mês atrás
How is Morant not a starter in the All Star, hes clearly the most exciting player to watch by far🤣🤣
dbsti 300
dbsti 300 Mês atrás
1:35. 'That play was nuts Ernie." Chuck is by far funnier, but sometimes Shaq gets that quick zinger in. 😄
Anthony Toledo
Anthony Toledo Mês atrás
4:48 u can clearly see Brooks was looking at Mitchell 😂😂
Peter Walsworth
Peter Walsworth Mês atrás
Shout out to the assistant coach putting his body on the line
David John
David John Mês atrás
That "Expert" line that EJ keeps on saying and that same reaction from Chuck XD
therealityoftruth Mês atrás
When Steven Adams returns you know grizzlies gonna rock everyone
angel medina
angel medina Mês atrás
Notice how ja never comes to back him up 😂. I think he can’t wait for him to be off that team. Dude has a good defensive game once in a blue but swear he Dennis Rodman
Insta Tv_
Insta Tv_ Mês atrás
We need to give Brooks the same energy as Grayson Allen
Branden Simmons
Branden Simmons Mês atrás
Well Memphis wanted all the Smoke ever since then every team has circle their calendar to beat them
CuteClaire Mês atrás
How many fights should we expect to see every game?
Hot Sauce In Her Rose
5:23 i can’t believe out of the crew Ernie was the one to laugh at the word balls 😂
usmnt442 Mês atrás
Shoutout that Grizzlies assistant who took Brooks down and kept him there
Dregon28 Mês atrás
"Loose balls foul" dying bruh 🤣
Uptown Delaware
Uptown Delaware Mês atrás
Brooks could be a huge liability, imagine if they were in the championship and that happened
jayceeDope Mês atrás
Damn it. That "loose ball foul" got me! :D
Jeezy Mês atrás
“Habitual line stepper” that’s some charlie murphy line there kenny 👏🏼
Ben Den
Ben Den Mês atrás
That was definitely intentional by Brooks
unclestreetz Mês atrás
Love my cavs stick together coach to player 💪🏾 💯
Dom Vic
Dom Vic Mês atrás
Murray is underrated. Probably from his injury, he fell under the radar
FreedomFighter2112 Mês atrás
"He's a habitual line stepper" - That was coined by Charlie Murphy
Sirius Bizniss
Sirius Bizniss Mês atrás
Maniac driver ploughs down sidewalk and kills hundreds. Kenny: “well I don’t know his intent, but he did see those ppl on the side walk”🤷🏾‍♂️
Tecumsehdc Mês atrás
Chuck got me crying😂😂
Almost Awesome
Almost Awesome Mês atrás
Speaking of old Draymond anyone else notice how he kicks his leg out on free throws and almost hit Mobley in the nuts right before hitting Mitchell
Tedde LeMarc
Tedde LeMarc Mês atrás
"if u can't guard someone just say that" 😂😂
Sheldon Conk
Sheldon Conk Mês atrás
Chuck with the “loose ball fouls” joke. 😂
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This Basketball Doesn't Need AIR 😳
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