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Supermodel Gigi Hadid unpacks the contents of her glossy Prada tote for Vogue India's In the Bag. The LA-born star reveals all the essentials she takes with her, no matter where she is in the world - her passport is always packed, so she can fly at a minute’s notice. The eclectic selection includes sunglasses, hot sauce and toys for her daughter Khai. The 27-year-old IMG model also includes some colourful cashmere samples in her bag, which are a clue to Hadid’s latest launch. “I’ve been working on a new venture, a cashmere company.” Proving that she is more old-fashioned at heart, Gigi, who has fronted 35 International Vogue editions, likes to capture her hectic day-to-day with a trusty disposable camera, and relies on notebooks and wire earphones instead of her phone and AirPods.
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Credits -
Starring: Gigi Hadid
Director: Andrew Rothschild
Director of photography: Igor Kropotov
Supervising Producer: Leandra Behrens
On Set Producer: Marcos Fecchino
Supervising Production Manager: Nikki Hopkins
Production Coordinator: Ryker Allen
On Set Production Assistant: Rachel Coster
B-Cam: Kyle Taylor
Gaffer: Brad Burke
Sound Engineer: Matthew Ericsonn
DIT: Dominick Pietrzak
Make-Up Artist: Erin Parsons
Make-Up Artist Assistant: Aya Watanabe
Hair Stylist: Esther Langham
Hair Assistant: Ginger Ryan
Editor / Colourist: Darnell Depradine
Localisation Editor: Jasjeet Singh
Creative Producers, NY: Gabrielle Reich, Efrat Kashai
Production Assistant: Katie Haworth
Senior Lead, Central Productions: Tom Sandford
VP, Production Operations, Digital Video, Local Language: Michael Gora
SVP, Digital Video, Local Language: Ezzie Chidi-Ofong
With thanks to: Gordon Chambers
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22 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 973   
@sammyg3617 Anos atrás
Dude i completely forgot she was a mom!!
@sabaroberts5872 Anos atrás
Me too😅
Yeah me too😂
@popbeni9834 Anos atrás
Is* you mean
@applecinnamon8411 Anos atrás
I love you profile picture! Such a great colour!
@naro9413 Anos atrás
Gigi gives out such relatable and comfy vibes.
@kiah5071 Anos atrás
she’s the complete opposite
@jonathanman8299 Anos atrás
@@kiah5071 to your own idiot opinion 😂 she is comfy but youre not relatable to her cs bro you’re average human she is supermodel,
@tdow9689 11 meses atrás
-Come over and see ‘everybody worth a damn supports Amber Heard’
@RussellBlare-ub3ge 3 meses atrás
*luxdups* There is no competition in the world of fashion replicas. These bags are on a whole new level
@GreenGretel Anos atrás
She looks good in any hair color, but seeing her with the platinum blonde makes me realize how perfectly she suits the dark blonde. Not specifically talking about Gigi, but I think so many blonde (and even non-blonde) starlets feel the pressure to bleach their hair and go very light blonde, when often a darker/honey blonde looks prettier and obviously more natural.
@ClaireEmilia Anos atrás
It’s not just that. Her hair looks badly bleached and treated. Like a teenager doing box dye
@berlinr.8065 Anos atrás
I actually love this shade. Golden/medium ash blonde looks softer and more natural on Gigi. But this looks more iconic, striking and eye-catching 💎 they're totally different concepts.
@pamelachacha Anos atrás
You took the words straight out my mouth! I always thought she would look great as a platinum blonde. It turns out she looks washed out. I personally much prefer her with dark blonde. I’ve come to realise that you need soft features to carry off very light blonde hair. Too many people with strong/ heavy features try to pull it off but end up looking harsh and uncanny.
@user-ct8us9un1f Anos atrás
I don't like this yellowy blonde on her. She's gorgeous so she pulls it off but I agree with you about dark blonde looking better
@Suee2023 8 meses atrás
Hell yea
@kritika1120JB Anos atrás
She seems so relaxed and fun. Love it!
@snailmail2135 Anos atrás
-come over and see 'Rihanna Hires Racist Johnny Depp'
@Sultanahmet88 10 meses atrás
Explains the lighter 😂
@_beex6 Anos atrás
I love how Gigi really looks and feels happier now that she's a mom. She's super gorgeous and I am so happy for her ☺️
@maybeinsha 11 meses atrás
Gigi is that one model who makes you feel comfortable and is real in front of everyone, always! And she is also such a great mom
@nangsbusysleeping Anos atrás
I love how relatable all the things in her bag are and how real she is
Gigi Hadid is the best supermodel for me: kind, simple, smiling, and of course, beautiful! And she is a mom first time like me:). Love you, Gigi!!!
@sukayahramli4343 Anos atrás
She is so fun, down to earth and easy going.
@melaniecain9228 Anos atrás
Gigi is so genuine and easy going . Love the Prada bag
@Henry-kd6ir Anos atrás
She always gives the good vibes ❤️
@iam_minnie Anos atrás
No air-pods, no calender app, something most of the people from the 90s have in common 🙌
@Justtobe7 10 meses atrás
No air-pods because they don't want sponsor brands for free. Let's be honest.
@anti_fascist 10 meses atrás
Not having airpods is what you call an “old soul” these days?
@technicallyeverywhere 9 meses atrás
Bro she legit said the reason.. she has a toddler and she doesn't want her to choke on it + doesn't want to charge them. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Gigi, but you don't call someone an old soul js bc of these reasons.
@Likelyfairy 9 meses atrás
It’s like people online find one word and run with it without even knowing what it means 😂
@gloss127 8 meses atrás
Airpods r just not comfy for some,as a 2000s person I don't use it either
@Opalmiller19 Anos atrás
I love the game for her kid, they way she grins when holding the little animal figurines, I know she care about animals a lot 💛🦢 Also how she and her agent write the calendar commitments down on paper together. even her little disposable cameras, she reminds me of myself down to the samples of fabric and sensory joys and baby bag within her own ‘take everywhere’ one
@Sidism2010 10 meses atrás
You got all that from a 7min staged video?
@thechosenpit Anos atrás
i love her so much 🥲 so high-fashion & boujee while also somehow still being as down-to-earth as she can
@gogolaygo1903 Anos atrás
Gigi’s gotten noticeably more comfortable in her own skin I love that for her!!
@nimm9077 11 meses atrás
i LoVe ThAt FoR hEr
@jannatulferdous450 10 meses atrás
what do you mean by comfortable? How was she before?
@astridkjellberg 8 meses atrás
what does that even mean
@juliannah1380 11 meses atrás
I forgot how much I liked her. Now after this, I’m a real fan. She’s so relatable! ❤
@wazkalifa Anos atrás
I love these! Always find a new useful thing to add to my bag
@Kittles9 3 meses atrás
Can someone please help me understand what is the wallet brand or type that has??? I'm looking for something similar to buy
@krutindalwala4134 Anos atrás
what company pen and notebook is she using? Im more interested in knowing that.
@baidaan1894 Anos atrás
Old school vibe. Il love that. Didn’t really know anything about her. Not very interested in her profession. But as a human being, she seems great.
@ygtchris1626 10 meses atrás
Gigi is not only beautiful but she comes off as genuinely kind 🌻
@avanipanikar90 Anos atrás
She is so simple but still so angelic 😍
@ABVRealEstate Anos atrás
Wow, that Prada tote fits A LOT. This bag wasn't really on my radar before watching this video, but after watching this, I'm sold!
@brookestanley1392 Anos atrás
The bag at this size wasn’t for me
@justinafoo Anos atrás
That's the first thing on my mind after the video end, that bag really hold a lot of stuff.
@paulbonifacio901 Anos atrás
The Prada Cleo bag ❤
@ABVRealEstate Anos atrás
@@brookestanley1392 what about the smaller version?
@sashademidova4209 Anos atrás
The bag does not hold a lot because of the sloped bottom there is no way everything was in it, the inside is very small.
@user-ts5sb3gd3j 7 meses atrás
She is so fun, down to earth and easy going.. She always gives the good vibes ️.
@evyssw Anos atrás
I just love her way, she is amazing and a great inspiration to many,including me!💗
@michellekings272 Anos atrás
Love her ❤❤ she’s so genuine
@user-zm4dk1zi8o 10 meses atrás
I love her unique beauty and her shining personality. A lot of models are similar to each other, a pretty & simple beauty, but her personality sticks out so much; amazinggg charisma. And so cute yet mature ! Love her.
@Jesslee435 Anos atrás
Her bag is gorgeous ❤
@sakshibhandarkar1 Anos atrás
I liked her previous hair more but still she looks gorgeous
@gunjanjain4771 Anos atrás
wasn't this episode posted on Vogue a month or two ago?
@sakinasamoon944 Anos atrás
@joodelissaoui7958 Anos atrás
this is vogue india they posted the same video
@elaus1541 Anos atrás
she's a classic beauty 💓 love her personality and attitude
@Patriciadas Anos atrás
i love how she prefers a handwritten calendar too! yassss
@marlaluster8275 Anos atrás
Gigi is so PHENOMENAL!! I think she has SUCH A UNIQUE LOOK! Her and Beyonce have a similar look but NO ONE ELSE has it, in my view! But her beauty is so inspiring! I think it BRIGHTENS the world! It sounds shallow, but truthfully, LOOKS are pretty important and so models like Gigi are SIGNIFICANT PEOPLE, for sure!
@ankitadesai_ Anos atrás
This was my favv so far❤
@insiyar917 Anos atrás
She is such a fabulous person I love her 🥰
@8xil.7 6 meses atrás
Do anyone knows where to find the pimple stickers?
@worthigirl2946 Anos atrás
Gigi or Kate Hudson? Look so much alike!❤️
@siyachimes94 10 meses atrás
You are giving such postive vibes❤️..i love how u have things like a commoner in your bag... otherwise i have mostly seen celebs bragging about each and every stuff that comes out of their bag..😅
@elizaerchel9021 10 meses atrás
She herself is an Art ✨ love her vibe 💕
@jogisele9 8 meses atrás
Does anyone know the product name of her bag? Thanks!
@knics33 Anos atrás
I’m 35, so a little behind the curve with “newer” models/celebrities… but Gigi is so cute! I first got to see her personality when she guess judged on Project Runway; really liked her ever since. 💜
@ivyrainbitch Anos atrás
You're 35 not old
@Opalmiller19 Anos atrás
I need to watch that, I rlly liked her for her and Bella’s style, energy, heart and the energy she brings to everything she does,
@gracie99999 Anos atrás
oh it’s gigi aha okay
@knics33 Anos atrás
@@ivyrainbitch I don’t believe I typed that I was “old”.
@annatimms2337 Anos atrás
So genuine and lovely ❤
@Sophesi Anos atrás
She is very genuine I'm glad the family came out about having chronic LYME it shines more light on the illness, and can help educate people on it
@Opalmiller19 Anos atrás
Tick repellent and long pants and tall socks and good boots >>>>>>>
@nabilaaism 11 meses atrás
I love her!!! She’s fun & real
@sakshi2958 6 meses atrás
Relatable max from the instant she pulled out that band-aid box till the very end with the sanitiser! Also what a great bag.
@curiousgeorgia11.11 28 dias atrás
Anyone know the bag details
@janj.4092 Anos atrás
oh god she looks AMAZING !! 🌼✨
@deepanshisingh2611 9 meses atrás
True stuff that she is carrying in his bag . Very relatable to every women💞
@CarolMcLean1972 9 meses atrás
I carry people.
the fact that entertainment has come to getting to know what's in a celeb's bag funnnn!!
@katkat_1987 Anos atrás
love her simplicity
@samk2377 Anos atrás
I've never seen tangled earphones look so fabulous
@patriciatapia1710 5 meses atrás
she really made her motherhood her whole personality. good, she needed one
@louanarose 11 meses atrás
I love her even more now. Especially that now she is a mother. 💗💗💗💗💗
@nandadevinta Anos atrás
"I'm team wire headphones" yeah, me too. I can't relate with airpods. Wire headphones so simple, easy and no drama 👌👌👌
@gracie99999 Anos atrás
headphone I have one in car one at home one at sis’s another over nieces etc just in case I forget it’s very important ting
@Ananayat Anos atrás
Gigi is so real & fun ❤ what i love about her is her confidence in her own skin. She owns it. I guess she is few of the celebrities who have not got any surgery done ? Correct me if im wrong !
She’s so real and genuinely stunning
@user-ly4vx2id3n 2 meses atrás
Love everything you put out here! I was so surprised by the uzbagx crossbody bag. love it! ❤
@analashasaikia1 Anos atrás
Queen Hadid 👑
@gigikornikova5469 Anos atrás
I love this is so her like other what's on my bag is like sponsor products not really used by that celebrity like everyday. Now we can see how down to earth Gigi is. Love her.
@smritichetna4485 Anos atrás
Am I Gigi Hadid ? Comeon i have never actually seen an interview before of her. But wired earphone and paper calender and notebook. Oh she is my spirit animal ❤️
@sonat7928 Anos atrás
Good Job Vogue India ! This is the content we need ❤
@shedinabalino4819 Anos atrás
starting to love her. she's so simple
@sobia.k Anos atrás
love her! ❤
@amymccoy6382 10 dias atrás
I love the old soul vibes with the headphones, the paper calendar notepad, and the disposable cam!
@hmsingappa8890 9 meses atrás
I love watching her daily because her voice is wonderful. Thanks for posting this.
@CarolMcLean1972 9 meses atrás
Send me the link to the livestream of her house.
@melikeates3962 Anos atrás
Wow, she seems really sweet and sincere 💗
@inezangel Anos atrás
Gorgeous 😍
@xeeuw 6 meses atrás
she's such a chill person. love that
@lauraannclark3971 Anos atrás
Sometimes there hiding ! Wow she reminds of my sister watching her and my sister has OCD. And I love her for it. I love Gigi a little more after watching this ❤
@meraki2222 Anos atrás
Really wanna know the lip crayon shade that she’s using
@classy_lili Anos atrás
Gigi is one of my favorite model!❤️Love you Gigi❤❤
@saraas790 Anos atrás
Love you Gigi from India❤
@preetishapaul4960 11 meses atrás
She's so down to Earth!
@sszzsxvs Anos atrás
she’s so old school i love it
@whateveridc6525 Anos atrás
I so understand the band-aids being toddler treats. My kids call them stickers. Just loved hearing that from her.
I never realized how Gigi looks sooo much like Kate Hudson
@ellentran96 Anos atrás
Can’t unsee it now
@soulseek80nic20 11 meses atrás
Omg yes
@ashton8878 9 meses atrás
Can’t see it.
@uglypanda2262 9 meses atrás
i just watched rose blackpink whats in my bag then i watch didi hadid . i found that they both have some similarities 😂 they both using wire earphone , love to cary more than one sunglasses and have hot sauces in their bag😂
@tee261 Anos atrás
Gigi is so natural and genuine
@Kimber123 Anos atrás
Don't like that hair color on her at all. She was much cuter before.
@elise6802 Anos atrás
@@Kimber123 no one asked??
@Kimber123 Anos atrás
@@elise6802 First of all, go take a grammar class since that's not a question. Second of all, stay off BRvid if you don't want to read other people's opinions since that's pretty much the point of the Comments section dummy. Thirdly, I don't think this little twit needs you of all people to defend her.
@gargiganguly5076 9 meses atrás
@@Kimber123 she has gained weight too
@DearAlIda 9 meses atrás
She looks so much like a normal fun person n I loved that. Seriously, I love her for now
@user-lw3by4pv4m 11 meses atrás
Сколько интересно обошлось такое осветление?
@jasminecara8317 5 meses atrás
What’s the wallet purse thing? Jlo has one too
@APJI-786 3 meses atrás
This one is very elegant and spacious bag ,love the presentation Gigi 👍🤩
@BrandiJ75 8 meses atrás
I like her…she seems down to earth ❤
She’s surpringly likable!
@gorgeous9682 Anos atrás
Talking relatable. I like she is real and practical.
What size is this prada bag?
@holrobinson Anos atrás
i genuinely love her, reckon she'd be the best friend to have
@chickenkalgusu5324 6 meses atrás
the wire earphones are too fr i literally love this gal
@ankitakarna9110 Anos atrás
She is damn❣️
@pkcollins8300 Anos atrás
I loved her other hair color on her best.....she is a gorgeous young lady - and she is sweet embracing her mom role in life! Good for her.
@ellagrunerova6416 Anos atrás
She is so fun. I love her
@cconnected3657 Anos atrás
Whats The bags Name
@pj26587 6 meses atrás
I love everything about her ..she is so simple, down to earth and fun....and she was born to model....I mean those expressions....those vibes ...she is my airs about being so famous . unlike celebrities in India ...who think they descended from heaven ..
@catsika3887 Anos atrás
LOL the tangled headphones. Literally me.
@gracie99999 Anos atrás
i need to stop doing that cause it messes it up..just a hassle though with some headphone wiring designs. have a headphone that has idk these type of spiral wiring connection and these the absolute worse cause as you could imagine entangles into ball and takes an effort to reclaim. great awesome sony headphone but wit major flaw in designing that portion of wiring [just keep it straight and no turns and twirls, keep it simple sheesh] actually so much so that within few months of heavy use yet taken care of damn thing no longer works [😐]
@ellentran96 Anos atrás
I literally fold them and clip them with a tiny hair claw
@sammyg3617 Anos atrás
GIGI is just so iconic
@thelegends6640 Anos atrás
She's just famous
@beth5633 Anos atrás
Why actually?
@zizivenus6877 Anos atrás
Yes she is❤❤
@israalqaisi6676 9 meses atrás
She's the best model for me ❤
@tcam1828 Anos atrás
Ella es tan hermosa ✨
@user-vx8ue6ur9o Mês atrás
May I know where you bought your bag rack? Are your items as good asuzbagx I like their bags yt
@kmkajal1455 Anos atrás
Why are uh so original Gigi just love uh
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