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Man tries to cheat a breathalyzer test. You should never drink any liquids period. Dry throat gang.


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23 Jan 2020



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Comentários 80
NotDead 2 horas atrás
What you talking about, you talking bout fuckin’, teach?
Colton Baumann
Colton Baumann 5 horas atrás
I love that he dressed up in a nice shirt to film this video like it’s a late night tv commercial
Jam 13 horas atrás
Wouter de Vries
Wouter de Vries 7 horas atrás
12 year old
TheAvirus 17 horas atrás
Don't worry after the 5 months you can give ur homies amazing head
Good job you figured out that heat destroy alcoholic content.
GnomeYS Dia atrás
my dad had one of those and i didn't know what it was until i saw this video
the croaked toaster
the croaked toaster 2 dias atrás
Lucky fuck i have to have that fucking thing in my car for a year
Caleb Redwine
Caleb Redwine 2 dias atrás
That’s not a breathalyzer! That’s a beer juul
GodzillaTMNT F.W
GodzillaTMNT F.W 2 dias atrás
This is literally describing cold ones
dan33 2 dias atrás
He knows this video goes online, right?
J o e
J o e 3 dias atrás
Why the hell is he using Mario 3D World music in the beginning?
Nicole 3 dias atrás
Did that man just bark at me
Cmtfrblnum22SYD 3 dias atrás
Hennessey is a cognac not whiskey you simp
JTheMovieMaker 3 dias atrás
3:22 catch an uper
Random Dane
Random Dane 3 dias atrás
Aries 4 dias atrás
This guy looks exactly like my band teacher freshman year, knowing that teacher he could actually be him
Franco Fassi
Franco Fassi 4 dias atrás
Man cheats the breathalyzer like his gf cheats on him 😂
hamborgor 4 dias atrás
Us normal people dont smoke our alcohol, ron, your wife left 2 years ago get over it
scott cline
scott cline 4 dias atrás
Has anyone just thought about just farting in the brethalizer????
Nicole 3 dias atrás
Layne Kurt Chris
Layne Kurt Chris 4 dias atrás
Lil baby boy toot. Lol
Good Deal Dave
Good Deal Dave 4 dias atrás
What the fuck is wrong with idubbz
coleman walsh
coleman walsh 4 dias atrás
Damn in my state it's not the first DUI you have to do that it's when you get second one less then ten years after the first time. Not condoning it just saying it's a little different depending on what state your in but I bet money too you blood alchohol levels have to be higher in my state for that to happen. Like a 0.01 difference in my state wont be a big deal depending on why they pulled you over if it's something stupid. Like your your registration just expired if you dont smell like alcohol and you deal with it well you wont get baged for that and if you do it's just a fine
epic gamer
epic gamer 5 dias atrás
epic gamer
epic gamer 5 dias atrás
I can see myself doing that
Corndog1911 5 dias atrás
I don't think this guy knows how the human body works. It doesn't matter if you drink it or inhale it. Once its in your bloodstream, its all the same.
Terry Kaufman
Terry Kaufman 5 dias atrás
They already had vapor liquor. Its like 1 of those co2 canister things.
Terry Kaufman
Terry Kaufman 5 dias atrás
Dudes doin what they do w rock cocaine lol. Glass bowl. Fire. The straw.......
Joshua Volpe
Joshua Volpe 5 dias atrás
I dig the SSBM music at the beginning
Andrew 6 dias atrás
xXxpockyParadoxXx 6 dias atrás
Um he is actually using heat to vape alcohol???? Just drop dry ice into it and you get tons of vape and wont catch on fire (but its very dangerous still wouldnt recommend it bypasses your liver like buttchugging, very not cool)
Stuart Dance
Stuart Dance 6 dias atrás
"after your 1st DUI"
Yes Get
Yes Get 6 dias atrás
Imagine a drunk guy robs a store and the getaway driver has been drinking and his car has one of these and they can’t drive to get away.
Michael Popup
Michael Popup 6 dias atrás
Lego Gary
Lego Gary 2 dias atrás
Stfu ur a simp
Dental Shark
Dental Shark 6 dias atrás
Why does this look like the jinks content cop set up
Papukala Oy
Papukala Oy 7 dias atrás
"I was out smoking a beer with my friends..." - Jonathan Jafari
DavidPhaze 8 dias atrás
lmfao bro i still sie laughing when you make fun of the little pop
Avery David
Avery David 10 dias atrás
He sounds like a cop
Reindeer 10 dias atrás
Hennessy's not a whiskey
Jake Lavalle
Jake Lavalle 10 dias atrás
7:40 sounds like joe Biden
NoXX 11 dias atrás
1:24 either I’ve been playing too much Minecraft or the snare in the background music sounds like a villager grunting after getting hurt
Banana Goblin
Banana Goblin 12 dias atrás
This guy just made a bong for alcohol
We are all fish boi
We are all fish boi 12 dias atrás
Boohoo in Australia ya gotta keep it for 5 years
Jamie Rogers
Jamie Rogers 12 dias atrás
Smoking a blunt while watching this is the diddly
stimulatechamind1 13 dias atrás
this is the video that made me subscribe. this guy is so funny!
Biggie mediumz
Biggie mediumz 13 dias atrás
I hailing alcohol fumes is harmful to your health
Kickiusz 14 dias atrás
The amount of people in comments who are offended either by the video or by comments bashing drunk driving saddens and frightens me at the same time.
Datboi Saalty
Datboi Saalty 14 dias atrás
No more moouustacche
Itachi is life
Itachi is life 14 dias atrás
I haven't had a drink in 19 years because I don't drink
Dennis Randolph
Dennis Randolph 12 dias atrás
You aren't missing anything believe me. I tried drinking twice, and it is complete shit. You feel dumber, you lose your inhibitions, you potentially say and do stupid things if you have too much, and you feel like shit the next day while ruining your health. Abstinence from alcohol is a huge benefit in life, so stick to it.
Cruize Graphics
Cruize Graphics 14 dias atrás
This was uploaded on my bday and I remember being so happy you uploaded then
Cryo Gyro
Cryo Gyro 14 dias atrás
hint: it's all about the water vapor.....
sean gleason
sean gleason 15 dias atrás
hey :) have you ever done cocaine and stolen a car ? its tricky right they dont trust you with cars and you cant do cocaine. im here to show you that if you drink 20 red bulls and inject yourself with some house hold cleaning chemicals and then close your eyes wile robbing a train, its pretty much the same rush :D away with those pesky complaints of " oh you almost killed someone " or " you did kill someone and your on parole after 50 years " its as easy as 1 2 3 :) hahaha dont take my word for it ! seriously dont take my word for it.
Jack Clemens
Jack Clemens 15 dias atrás
And this little device is how the government is slowly taking over our lives
RudexCrow _
RudexCrow _ 15 dias atrás
What if you had another person in the car to just breathe in it
Broken Window
Broken Window 16 dias atrás
Oh man I guess this was the beginning of watered down simp mode idubbbz....
saint nigero of the dick
Anyone realized ian's muscles? He aint no simp He an alphamale
TheZombieKiller06 17 dias atrás
There's two types of people in this world: the people who smoke their alcohol and people who will never get laid
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 17 dias atrás
I hope he smokes himself into a memory for making this video
BM03 17 dias atrás
I can't believe to this guy having that breathalyzer is embarrassing but making that video isn't.
BM03 17 dias atrás
I just want to know if it was Professor Layton's Theme playing at 6:39 for a second.
Rachel Colameco
Rachel Colameco 17 dias atrás
What the FUCK kind of pants are you wearing?!? Why do they look like that??
Nitroblast 17 dias atrás
AHAHAHAHA i found this video a few weeks ago and sent the guy an email telling him he's a piece of fucking shit, guess this explains the dislikes
JJ Special
JJ Special 18 dias atrás
Why does Ian remind me of the train conductor from the Polar Express
Walter K
Walter K 16 dias atrás
Fuck yes
fearwinston 806
fearwinston 806 19 dias atrás
6:42 I loved that bc I'm 16 and I legit said that in sex ed last year😂
Jacob Imbler
Jacob Imbler 19 dias atrás
Why ian I incognito
Patr1ck 20 dias atrás
6:09 Best part of the video😂
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata 20 dias atrás
You're mustach says I used to be a porno director but then I had a cocaine addiction and had an od but survived and saw the way of god.
Conner Phillips
Conner Phillips 20 dias atrás
YES I see what you’ve done with the beginning of the video by adding the lottery music from super smash bro’s melee, I respect that.
Plastic Rat
Plastic Rat 20 dias atrás
Although inhaling alcohol initially bypasses your first pass metabolism and venous system allowing you to beat the breathalyzer, it won't be long, 15 minutes or so, for your breath to catch up to your brain.
Ethan 915
Ethan 915 21 dia atrás
Sierra Something
Sierra Something 21 dia atrás
“Just smoke a blunt” 😂😂🤞 thats it
JaBoi Mansoon
JaBoi Mansoon 22 dias atrás
Whos here in june crying for our lost king
Joseph Winkler
Joseph Winkler 22 dias atrás
Oxygen displacement with alcohol no different than propane or glue
Swifttyku141 23 dias atrás
Trophy room from SSB melee.... good shit iDDDoops
Alex Ortlieb
Alex Ortlieb 23 dias atrás
Or you could buy a new car
DeadLokk 23 dias atrás
*”edups died of a concushion”*
erfan moghaddam
erfan moghaddam 24 dias atrás
monetized wtf?
QPALZM Devil 25 dias atrás
"Want to get drunk faster? STICK IT UP YOU ASS!!!!!!"
Adrienne 25 dias atrás
Homeboy really wants to fucking feel something.
misantrope 26 dias atrás
You got to be a really garbage person with a sad excuse of a shitty life when you feel the need to inhale (or smoke) alcohol to trick your cars breathalyzer test.
flipper boi
flipper boi 27 dias atrás
I love this dudes rants Edit: also MOVE TO A STATE THAT DOSENT DO THAT
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