Imagine vaping 🤡 😂

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28 Nov 2021



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Riceman Mês atrás
The paper in his mouth got me dead like 💀
Rumb Blob
Rumb Blob 16 dias atrás
@faytz and no to this
Rumb Blob
Rumb Blob 16 dias atrás
@Forever Forgiven no to that too
Rumb Blob
Rumb Blob 16 dias atrás
@Kaniyah&KeontayeWorldTv no
Killua Kun
Killua Kun 24 dias atrás
Samuel Valentine-Jones
What paper, that smoke
Sashabugz Mês atrás
I remember me and my cousin used to use a humidifier and a straw to pretend that we were actually vaping 💀
Leah 🐈🤍
Leah 🐈🤍 Mês atrás
Omg this bots are so annoying!!! Literally we are kids nobody wants this inappropriate content leading if we click on the link, it will take us to a website thats not for kids… dont click on the link theres really bad stuff on there and i know it
William afton
William afton Mês atrás
faytz Mês atrás
my parents promised me a new pc, monitor , gaming chair at 2000 subscribers please help thanks ❤❤
faytz Mês atrás
my parents promised me a new pc, monitor , gaming chair at 2000 subscribers please help thanks ❤❤
Natalie Mês atrás
Now this is creativness
LukeBeGone Mês atrás
It’s so funny how I see people smoking and then cough their lungs out and are like, my allergies are crazy
KC Mês atrás
@Dom Fr I mean I have pretty bad asthma so it’s not all because of smoking but that shit doesn’t help at all 🤣
faytz Mês atrás
my parents promised me a new pc, monitor , gaming chair at 2000 subscribers please help thanks ❤❤
faytz Mês atrás
my parents promised me a new pc, monitor , gaming chair at 2000 subscribers please help thanks ❤❤
superscatboy Mês atrás
I used to have allergies before I became a smoker. Now I don't have allergies, because of the protective layer of tar that lines my lungs and airways. Almost nothing can make me cough now.
Tate Delton
Tate Delton Mês atrás
risk Mês atrás
I can watch shorts all day no cap 🥰
Aldy's Mês atrás
What Seek Ye
What Seek Ye Mês atrás
The devil wants us all distracted. Let us all turn to Christ. God bless you all.
iiamianna Mês atrás
Hamnie Mês atrás
Is better than the ig rip off
GlitchHoodiez Mês atrás
@GD Fishy Oh dang-
the dark pits of JELLY
My favorite part is him struggling to spit out the paper
ʿabdu ʾlBar
ʿabdu ʾlBar Mês atrás
@faytz Shut up
faytz Mês atrás
my parents promised me a new pc, monitor , gaming chair at 2000 subscribers please help thanks ❤❤
faytz Mês atrás
my parents promised me a new pc, monitor , gaming chair at 2000 subscribers please help thanks ❤❤
Islomjon Akramov
Islomjon Akramov Mês atrás
ʿabdu ʾlBar
ʿabdu ʾlBar Mês atrás
𝙢 𝙤 𝙣 𝙤
I have no issues with vaping, only with the people who act cool/tough and share it to everyone that they vape.
𝙢 𝙤 𝙣 𝙤
@Zeelal my man 😂
KC Mês atrás
@Bully maguire awe look at little bully McGuire jr GONNA CRY
KC Mês atrás
@Bully maguire “I missed the part where that’s my problem”
Zeelal Mês atrás
i know what the 2nd panel of your pfp is and i hate it
ZenWrldBetrippin Mês atrás
@Bully maguire that's a weird one but ok
Dam Mês atrás
I learned to just not care, if people want to ruin their lungs, let them. They’ll regret it soon after more studies come out. Edit: this comment thread is pure comedy.
flitsplik Mês atrás
@Lana del Rey needs to release her unreleased songs ya
MylesGarciaTV Mês atrás
Do people not realize you’re literally inhaling metal and oil into your lungs when you vape?
Eshaan Rishi
Eshaan Rishi Mês atrás
@Geri Lomas yes we gonna die one day but it's good to die naturally rather than bringing death to yourself
Maliyah Hale
Maliyah Hale Mês atrás
@You kinda cute I feel the same. They're always like, "well vaping is okay because it's just water." Like no, there's still chemicals that can harm you.
bany Mês atrás
@KTX Vipers dude you vape of course you’re not gonna admit they’re bad for you lmao there’s no point in talking to you
TimeBucks Mês atrás
The tissue is everything
I Dislike Eating Chicken
@Xx_dude_official2202_xX AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
@Xx_dude_official2202_xX facts
faytz Mês atrás
@Xx_dude_official2202_xX ikr
The Lizard
The Lizard Mês atrás
@Xx_dude_official2202_xX ikr lol
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Rowy Rowy
Rowy Rowy Mês atrás
As a 17 year old vaping I don't think I'm cool when I'm vaping it's actually really bad for you and it kind of a struggle to deal with addictions so all I could say to this is damn I only vape to make pain go away I don't do it for attention or to make people think I'm cool hope y'all can understand how harmful this substance is and take care 🙏
Rowy Rowy
Rowy Rowy 27 dias atrás
@Dark Strike thank you man, I’m trying my best and hopefully everything will work out 🙏
Dark Strike
Dark Strike 28 dias atrás
@Rowy Rowy yes I understand, i had some addictions too and it’s hard to stop but don’t stop trying to quit and make sure it doesn’t get in the way in your life whether it’s school career relationships etc. I want you to be successful in life👍
Captain Crunchy
Captain Crunchy Mês atrás
@Anshu Riku yeah fs. Its not a problem in moderation for certain things (social smoking/ drinking) but any other drugs are off the list. At least imo. Also, I’ve got a fucking addictive personality so im better of ditching it all to get some clarity. Even if going through some tough things rn
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis Mês atrás
@Emma :3 I agree children should not be vaping but there are kids that start sneaking cigarettes that young too, which is wrong either way, but js once i quit smoking and just vaping I felt so much healthier and iv3 been vaping since it first started coming out and have no issues at all. While people like my mom, girlfriend, and tons of people every where use it to quit smoking all together by going down to eventually 0 nicotine juice go quiting. It's made from things that are not toxic.nthe best thing to do is not smoke or vape but I suggest vape over cigarettes all day. I also believe God is the way 100%. Thank you for your side of things I'm sorry for the trouble you had with the vaping and breathing problems
Emma :3
Emma :3 Mês atrás
@Rob Lewis yes it is. anything that causes addicted tendencies is bad for you. no it’s not anywhere near as bad as HEROIN but jesus that is close to the hardest drug you can get. i am very active naturally, and the more i vape the more my lungs start to hurt and the more my breathing becomes irregular. i used to WHEEZE before falling asleep when i was vaping heavily, and would struggle to breathe naturally. i do not have asthma of lung disease that runs in my family (it is 100% from vaping) just because vaping is not as bad as harder drugs, does not mean it is good. i am not trying to diminish your experience i just believe that younger kids AND CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS 11 who are vaping should know the damage it causes physically and mentally. have a good day. congrats on pushing to be clean.
Rhea! Mês atrás
It’s just stupid, I’m born in 2010, and eleven by the way. People in my class are doing it to be cool, it’s not. So are lots of people in the high school. I get people do it because they are addicted and can’t quit vaping or most of them are old enough to be doing it or whatever. For younger kids though, they all think it’s trendy now and honestly it’s disgusting.
I’m 15 and proud of you dude keep that mindset I’m glad you are smart enough to realize how stupid smoking is your parents did a good job of educating or if you just educated yourself I’m even prouder :) I don’t see a lot of kids your age with this mindset you’re soo smart I hope you know that stay away from those types of kids and don’t give In to any kind of peer pressure as you get older I can tell you have a bright future ahead of you Have a blessed day stay safe And healthy! :D 💜
Rhea! Mês atrás
I was just trying to reply to all of these but it’s easier just doing this, I have read all of these about two or three times. I was having a bad day, for no reason, I was just a bit down, and these comments have just made my day! I hope that every one of you have an amazing life, thank you for everything you have all said :)
Rhea! Mês atrás
@ReniTube I won’t! :)
Rhea! Mês atrás
@grandmarie thank you! :D
Rhea! Mês atrás
@Jlo thank you! I will :)
Yousifgamer 007
Yousifgamer 007 Mês atrás
Their lungs department in 20 years : "Mr stark I don't feel so good"
KC Mês atrás
@Lee look it up bud
Lee Mês atrás
@KC I give up lmao .. maybe ... maybe your not understanding my comment... anyways I give up
KC Mês atrás
@Lee I mean there’s evidence to suggest it makes existing lung disease worse and yes it can cause lung damage your literally inhaling chemicals my guy
Lee Mês atrás
@KC of course its not 100% harmless on the body mate , I never stated that , I’m just saying there is no evidence atm to prove that there is significant harm being done to your lungs vaping as opposed to cigarettes. I vape too and am an avid long distance runner and it does not hinder my cardio at all but what needs to be understood is that when you make bold claims like that ( saying it kills cardio ) you need DATA/STATISTICS AND PROVEN TESTS RUN MULTIPLE TIMES OVER A SET PERIOD TO CONCLUDE THAT VAPING SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECTS YOUR LUNGS/CARDIO . The key word there was significantly^ . Now as you said if you are not a regular runner(less physical endurance) and you do chain-Vape you might experience a slight hinderance in your cardio,,, but something to be noted is that there are many other variables that could cause that , And another thing to add is that vaping has already been proven to be about 95 percent more safer on the lungs than a cigarette .
KC Mês atrás
@Lee bruh it does unless your training cardio weekly, I personally know I vape everyday if you think it’s harmless your just in denial nothing besides oxygen is supposed to go into your lungs
Ziggyzaggy 300
Ziggyzaggy 300 Mês atrás
I like how these popular guys don't vape and instead mock it
Unlisted Gaming
Unlisted Gaming Mês atrás
@David Martinez I mean weed does way more when i come to relaxing but i would not know anyways i dont like drinking anyways hate the taste
David Martinez
David Martinez Mês atrás
@Unlisted Gaming same goes with alcohol it makes then “relax”
Unlisted Gaming
Unlisted Gaming Mês atrás
@ST0CKT4N3 oh yeah for sure i love smoking carts they feel way better on my throat and i feel higher from them
Unlisted Gaming
Unlisted Gaming Mês atrás
@David Martinez cus they smoke weed? Some people do it to help with pain and others because it helps them relax
David Martinez
David Martinez Mês atrás
@Unlisted Gaming just as smoking people think they look cool
Blue Mês atrás
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better🎄
Brick Mês atrás
Waseem Mês atrás
Lol desperate for likes and only got 5
Meenex Mês atrás
Fricking bot
Bouncy Orange
Bouncy Orange Mês atrás
23 seconds ago
notcatfood Mês atrás
All fun and games until the parents find out 😂😂
Lisa M. Willson
Lisa M. Willson Mês atrás
The paper in his mouth got me dead like 💀
Zev Mês atrás
The way he spat out that paper got me dead 💀
enigmaboyz Mês atrás
I love how it’s a pen and tissue 😂😂😂🤣
JEÑÑY 🅥 Mês atrás
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MY Name
MY Name Mês atrás
I remember in middle school there was this one kid in my English class who would get ‘bullied’ for vaping and he never stopped, honestly sad but glad there was some genuinely nice people in my school
Maisey Jeyes
Maisey Jeyes Mês atrás
I always pretended to smoke with my stick from my lollipop 😂😂
Vamping is so fun!! The Vamps make really good songs!!
idk Mês atrás
faytz Mês atrás
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faytz Mês atrás
my parents promised me a new pc, monitor , gaming chair at 2000 subscribers please help thanks ❤❤
Erin Liz
Erin Liz Mês atrás
@Kanade what?
Blue Chicken
Blue Chicken Mês atrás
YuHh SlaTtT*
Ultra Mês atrás
I love vamping, especially o- and b- blood🧛
Alyssa 29 dias atrás
@Caillou mabe keep that to yourself , just to be safe 🙏
Lamp Shade
Lamp Shade Mês atrás
@Volo 🤡
Lamer İlker • 16 Yıl önce
@Puppy queen Jaylyn in my country they say B positive negus
Lamer İlker • 16 Yıl önce
@Puppy queen Jaylyn you cant decide my dumb level because you dont know *anything* about me
Lamer İlker • 16 Yıl önce
@Puppy queen Jaylyn shut up
Jameson Mês atrás
I personally believe it’s just people thinking they cool. I vape to get off smoking, which has worked. Now I’m working on getting off shit.
Jonah Mês atrás
Hilarious…. Totally hasn’t been done ten million times before
henry paul Peralta
henry paul Peralta Mês atrás
Lmao that had me dying literally everyone who smokes a blunt on their story
LightningTech Mês atrás
Yo im fine with people vaping and it really is a great option for people the quit smoking but it can also be used the other way. The amount of teens that start smoking because they get addicted to nicotine from vaping is higher than you would think. No vaping is not worth being banned, it can be helpful, but we do need to be stricter and willing to teach the youth that it's not good for you to start especially smoking chemicals when your brain is under developed and your lungs aren't fully grown isn't good for you either. I would recommend many adults smoke weed for medical reasons or recreational but the youth I would not.
Qiwak Mês atrás
The paper part got me wheezing!
YoItsAlex Mês atrás
Everyone’s talking about the paper in his mouth,but the fact that he uses a pen as a vape is smart.
thirtyonepigeons Mês atrás
I did react this way the first time I saw one of my friends vape on their story bc I was shocked 😅 It made me feel sad too :(
Dark Strike
Dark Strike Mês atrás
It happens, I had friends that said that they will never smoke and was even shocked when someone he or she knew smoked, few years later they started smoking.
Will Zill
Will Zill Mês atrás
Don’t worry dude, people like that aren’t worth hanging out with
•Alicornyay• Mês atrás
The fact that he used a pen and spit out a tissue- 💀😭
Gracie May Bacon
Gracie May Bacon Mês atrás
i wasn't expecting that to come out of his mouth 😂
faytz Mês atrás
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ICXNIC _PUBZ Mês atrás
It in the thumbnail lol
poo Mês atrás
Cesar Alcantar
Cesar Alcantar Mês atrás
Damn bro you got the whole squad laughing 😐
Yarra Fashion
Yarra Fashion Mês atrás
That's what you call a real vape pen 🤣🤣🤣
Vic Mallowpuff
Vic Mallowpuff Mês atrás
I know most of you won't see this but- We had this project in class where we had to come up with a solution/improvement to a problem and one pair chose stress in students. They covered how that stress can lead students to doing stuff like vaping and drugs and they had another friend help them out in acting for their video. He 'vaped' using a phone and paper. He spit out paper multiple times. (and proceeded to fidget with the paper he spit out-) It was iconic. Every single time he spit; **aggressive laughing and seizures.**
Amanda Diaz
Amanda Diaz Mês atrás
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Fia Valenti
Fia Valenti Mês atrás
TocaIzz Mês atrás
I like how the vape is just a pen😹🤣
The High Dreams
The High Dreams Mês atrás
Hey, I am glad I’ve found this channel - Really appreciate all the time and effort you put into your videos! - I am here to support you, never give up! 💖 +1 Subscriber! 💕
DragonFaith2002 Mês atrás
When you think ppl vape to be cool lol
jeaijo4 Mês atrás
I love how he uses a pen and a cotton ball
May Notreply
May Notreply Mês atrás
I love how people jump on the vaping but prob smoke weed every day 🤣🤣
My feelings Are hurt
Dude I remember seeing dudes vape. They are terrifying. Like I honestly am scared of men who vape. There’s murderers. Then theres vampers bro.
ReniTube Mês atrás
@Count Dracula lol
Count Dracula
Count Dracula Mês atrás
My feelings Are hurt
@poo thank you.
poo Mês atrás
Mikeracexfy Mês atrás
My dude really had tissue in his mouth like that lmaoo😂😂😂
disablepre Mês atrás
Imagine having a dad that has nonstop addiction to cigarettes 🤧🤧🤧☺️
kahfsy Mês atrás
The way he just spits out the tissue
faytz Mês atrás
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rayyan Mês atrás
@bang bang it’s not 17th century You’ve never been to school 💀
Red Jake
Red Jake Mês atrás
@Oscariguess where the joke i don't get it???
Oscariguess Mês atrás
@bang bang it’s a joke
bang bang
bang bang Mês atrás
@Justin Lalonde English man not everyone speaks the 17th century
xChristax Mês atrás
The part when the tissue paper 🧻 is out 😂🤣😂🤣💀💀💀
hueo far
hueo far Mês atrás
i wasn't expecting that to come out of his mouth 😂
LISA - Ann
LISA - Ann Mês atrás
I remember me and my cousin used to use a humidifier and a straw to pretend that we were actually vaping 💀
Jerry Gil
Jerry Gil Mês atrás
Your pfp tho
Rp Pt
Rp Pt Mês atrás
The fact that he is just holding a phone cover encourages me to die
Kemo Tamim
Kemo Tamim Mês atrás
Imagine being 14 and vape 💀🤡
And if kids do vape then thay shouldn’t be stupid and post it just do tricks in the mirror with it whatever just no body cares in this world about your cancer stick clouds ☁️😂
Puppy_god763 Mês atrás
The fact he’s using a pen 😭
iheartloonaa Mês atrás
i remember when me n my friends in 3rd grade use to use her inhaler n pretended we was vaping💀
Pdh Clan
Pdh Clan Mês atrás
My bus driver came to my seat and said I know it was you and my friend who was vaporing. We're just like no we weren't. Because how are you supposed to vape without a vape?....
Da besties
Da besties Mês atrás
That is the most realistic vape i’ve seen yet!
Islamic knowledge
Islamic knowledge Mês atrás
The tissue is everything 😂
Islamic knowledge
Islamic knowledge Mês atrás
@Jerry Gil wrong actually armyblink 😁
Jerry Gil
Jerry Gil Mês atrás
Islamic knowledge
Islamic knowledge Mês atrás
@BellaDaCat if only I was born a few years before and had learnt full Korean I only know a little
BellaDaCat Mês atrás
@Islamic knowledge lmao ikr, too bad for us
Islamic knowledge
Islamic knowledge Mês atrás
@BellaDaCat well sad for us I guess he is like double our age 😂
luke davis
luke davis Mês atrás
I used to go outside with veggie straws and pretend I was smoking
rayeann3 Mês atrás
In 6th grade some kid was flexing a video of him vaping to everyone 💀💀
jj ss
jj ss Mês atrás
Definitely why I vape 😂
J D Mês atrás
A dude with 50k subs went #1 trending on all of youtube and got millions of views in a short period of time this is a big feat
Hinokami. Mês atrás
This is literally my friend sending me his vape vid and he couldn't even do a trick lmaoo
Aurelia Cathey
Aurelia Cathey Mês atrás
Him spitting out the tissue is hilarious
Xipo Mês atrás
Wise man said "If you smoke, start vape. If you don't smoke, don t vape". And that s fucking true I started to smoke when i was 13y.o and i finally quit when i was 22y.o by using vape. After 2-3weeks i started to feel big differences, i can run now, i can swim better, my lungs are more healthy r.n And now after 3years of vape i try to quit that too but nic addict is so strong. I hope in max 2years i'll do it❤
Classic Pinball
Classic Pinball Mês atrás
read the book Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Vaping. Take notes, highlight impactful passages. Really take in what he's saying and reflect on how it relates to your addiction. The key takeaway is: any excuse you give yourself to smoke is BS and he goes in depth as to why. There's a bunch of other stuff in there as well and it's all important that you read front to back. You'll do great
lowercase Mês atrás
jwaj Mês atrás
You got this brodda
Floppa The Cringe Hunter
You’re the reason my meme is still alive
dami's slave
dami's slave Mês atrás
"imagine vaping" All the people trying to get over smoking using a vape: 😐
Blonded Radio
Blonded Radio Mês atrás
Thats how i always be when i see a slime like this pull a vapw trick 😂
Meh gameplay
Meh gameplay Mês atrás
The paper in his mouth got me dead like 💀
AppleCider IsCool
AppleCider IsCool Mês atrás
like the kids who vape cause they won't make it past 30 😂
JEÑÑY 🅥 Mês atrás
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ReniTube Mês atrás
I literally saw my friend tagging someone who sells drugs and she showed a video of her vaping and smoking blunts on her story. I asked her why she did it and that it was bad for her but she said life sucks so we aren’t friends anymore. I still look at her snap stories but still it’s sad to see people throw away their health like that :(
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson Mês atrás
l love to not vape but they got me dead lol🤣🤣🤣
Toast_ Mês atrás
“That boy bad news. He a menace to his lungs” 😅
Andres Calancha
Andres Calancha Mês atrás
The fact that he’s using a pen and tissue😭
SDMaro1 Mês atrás
When will people realise that vaping isn’t cool 🤣
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey Mês atrás
should rename it "imagine giving up smoking" encouraging people to keep smoking when vaping is 95% safer for them
Canaan Darnell
Canaan Darnell Mês atrás
Not at all what he is saying
MC69 Mês atrás
Didn’t expect the tissue 😂
Bryson Mclellan
Bryson Mclellan Mês atrás
I remember when I was like 13 i would smoke tea bags out of a water bottle bong cuz we thought it was cool 🤦‍♂️
Ava Rose Mcavoy
Ava Rose Mcavoy Mês atrás
It’s all fun and game till their mama catches them😅
F҉root B҉at
F҉root B҉at Mês atrás
It’s actually Lowkey sad how kids now a days think that shit is “cool” like bruh your gonna be winded walking up one flight of stairs before the age of 20.
Aikoshi Mês atrás
lovelysunnies Mês atrás
every time i take my inhaler, i pretend im vaping even tho no smoke comes out. (obv i dont vape fr)
I lIkE yOuR cUt G-
I lIkE yOuR cUt G- Mês atrás
Ah yes 🩸🧛‍♂️VAMPING🧛‍♂️🩸
faytz Mês atrás
my parents promised me a new pc, monitor , gaming chair at 2000 subscribers please help thanks ❤
Eljunior Mês atrás
I hate that damn emoji 💩
Cherry Bomb🍒
Cherry Bomb🍒 Mês atrás
Count Dracula
Count Dracula Mês atrás
ah yes
Cherry Bomb🍒
Cherry Bomb🍒 Mês atrás
vamping is my favorite 😋💃
JayyBrrd Mês atrás
He’s using a pen, bro, 🤣🤣🤣
Emily Bruner
Emily Bruner Mês atrás
The paper tho 😂
Llama Lag
Llama Lag Mês atrás
That really is how I react to that shit tho
Mês atrás
The tissue lmfao this is one of the only tiktoks I appreciate
isabelle frank
isabelle frank Mês atrás
How we actually react: "yo bro what flavors that!?"
Louie Valle
Louie Valle Mês atrás
It’s funny when they record themselves vamping then cough 😵💨
Slash ꪜ
Slash ꪜ Mês atrás
"These shorts make my day😇"
Vibezbloxyt Mês atrás
Lol the paper 😭😂💀
Ez Razonable
Ez Razonable Mês atrás
Haha, fair play that pretty funny
Macet Mês atrás
Dang a channel with under 100k subs and #1 trending, truly something awesome 🙌
How they expect to react is how their lungs react
Muffin Cake
Muffin Cake Mês atrás
Yeah dude me and my friends are “vamping” 24/7 we go real freaky with them twilight role plays
XbeenFly Mês atrás
I only vape when I drunk, them flums go hard asl
Comical Mês atrás
I don’t what the “how they expect us to react” reaction is suppose to be
[ Dragonheart Edits ]
In gym class like in the changing rooms one of my classmates was like: My mom found my vape under my pillow, I should have hidden it better While I was there like: You WHAT
Emily nam
Emily nam Mês atrás
Vamping sounds like a verb for vampires going camping 🧛‍♂️
Gremlins Mês atrás
Him spitting out the napkin 😂😂😂🤣🤣👌👌😭💀💀💀😂😂😂
llosaa2012 Mês atrás
This how we actually react:damn he got some bad parents
Demon XuKaϟ
Demon XuKaϟ Mês atrás
I got no problem with ppl that vape but people that walk around thinking it’s a flex 🤡🤡
Usual TikTok
Usual TikTok Mês atrás
It is so cringe when you see edgy teenage smoking vape in the school bathroom😤
Xxx Tentacion
Xxx Tentacion Mês atrás
Every kid do be vaping these days even in middle school
TÏTÀÑ Gamers
TÏTÀÑ Gamers Mês atrás
In first scene he only had cover no phone lol 😂
Theweirdgirl Mês atrás
Imagine not being able to spell vaping 😭✋
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