Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Official Trailer - Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering
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On the treacherous world of Ikoria, there’s always a bigger monster. Find yours on MTG Arena on April 16.

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2 Abr 2020



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Comentários 80
Gandang Filipina
Gandang Filipina 2 horas atrás
Hi new friends here thank you for sharing im done pabalik nalang
R .R
R .R 4 horas atrás
I kinda find the music choice funny, doesn't really mesh well with the feel of ikoria but it at least made for a fun trailer
Meesa McCyka
Meesa McCyka 11 horas atrás
Why so many dislikes?
John Robinson
John Robinson 13 horas atrás
This one was lame. They should chill with these
Makuta Nazo
Makuta Nazo Dia atrás
When your 3/4 flying doublestrike beast commander is blocked by a 3/6 nightmare insect commander with undying.
Scarecrow Dia atrás
Trailer is mega epic ❤️: Please more dwarfs, giants, samurai, owls, (cats / fox warriors) and magicians than creatures & planeswalkers. 🙏
Gus Swanson
Gus Swanson Dia atrás
I'm gonna sound so weird but... What's the name of the song?
Cabrera Hernàndez Angel Rogelio
Jeffrey Chang
Jeffrey Chang 2 dias atrás
Spent too much on licensing Godzilla that they mailed in the trailer
Gianna And Kayden The Weirdos
I honestly like the song they picked
Ралан Мадаев
music is absolutely not suitable
Ricardo Orozco
Ricardo Orozco 3 dias atrás
Everyone: The music in The trailer. Me: Wait what Godzilaaa!!! Shut un and take my money.
scorpious1109 3 dias atrás
Cute, but the song choice makes me want to vomit. Nothing has topped the War of the Spark trailer yet.
MikaeruDaiTenshi 4 dias atrás
I know it's meant as a teaser with only the shadow and scream of Godzilla, and then throwing the Card in, but for me, it's just a missed oportunity they didn't actually show Godzilla.
Meganormal 4 dias atrás
what the name of song ?
ja da
ja da 4 dias atrás
I am not even sure why I bothered to watch through this. The music choice could of been much better. But the mentioning of Godzilla was worth it.
cyotielove 5 dias atrás
I saw this as a commercial on another video, its so bad I looked it up to give it a thumbs down.
Sebastian Taylor
Sebastian Taylor 5 dias atrás
the amount of outraged neckbeards in this comments make this trailer so much better
Cristian Blanco
Cristian Blanco 5 dias atrás
name of the song?XD
Evan Landry
Evan Landry 5 dias atrás
Can you guys bring back the Godzilla cards when magic arena comes out on Mac?
Peter Uhlenberg
Peter Uhlenberg 6 dias atrás
Why this stupid Musik
miguel gonzalez
miguel gonzalez 7 dias atrás
Who wins: a gigantic dinosaur-like monster that shoots lazers or some black guy that doesn´t let you play?
valentinfueller 7 dias atrás
Bad reputation was not the song you were looking for
Patricio Lautaro Zarzuri
what is the name of the song?
Rochaj2 7 dias atrás
It is just now occuring to me that the bad monster mutated at the end....jeez I'm slow.
thecomradered 7 dias atrás
The lore of Ikoria is not bad and having monsters is also welcome. But why did they pick this song for the trailer and why show off a Godzilla card at the end ? And Ariel typeface?
Elgene David
Elgene David 8 dias atrás
Mutation Cards when they don't have "Whenever this creature mutates": Useless! Useless! Useless!
Âjax 8 dias atrás
Even though this trailer is visually impressive as always, im slightly disappointed, probably because no MTG-cinematic will ever match the War of the Spark trailer.
Hell Arrow Noe
Hell Arrow Noe 8 dias atrás
Fantastic song choice for this trailer
Gamdan Yunizar
Gamdan Yunizar 8 dias atrás
You are trying to sell classic godzilla with that youngster type of music, good luck Ps: animation feels flat and not dynamic enough, just a gamer's feedback ✌️
Isac Strömgren
Isac Strömgren 9 dias atrás
Song? any one... hello
Snowee Frost
Snowee Frost 9 dias atrás
Its not an awful trailer. I would've liked to see more about the way of life story/monster interactions with humanity.
Laynner Drawings
Laynner Drawings 9 dias atrás
Music please??
C.M. Cameraman
C.M. Cameraman 10 dias atrás
Btw love my new Mothra card thanks MTG! Hope to find more of Mothra's buddies soon.
Petey Pierre
Petey Pierre 10 dias atrás
Is the archer in the green supposed to be Retina?
M4kiNA1337 10 dias atrás
please more monitor resolutions
kid_kaos 11 dias atrás
The music selection needs to be better
oq You Dont Know Jack po
ok wotc we get it! you love shrek.. can we now get something not so silly plz? theros and war of the spark was epic more of this plz
Woogy 11 dias atrás
Was thinking about picking up a fat pack- I mean, 'bundle', (wouldn't dare to offend the folks from tumblr) but I think I'm just gonna pass now.
JKordero 11 dias atrás
I hate it...
Kerta Losataure
Kerta Losataure 12 dias atrás
If they really wanted to catch the Godzilla train, they should have dug up the rights to Jet Jaguar and his amazing theme!
William Simkulet
William Simkulet 12 dias atrás
Ban Agent of Treachery already. We all know it shouldn't be a triggered ability on a creature, and I'm getting sick and tired of 4 major decks which turn on cheating out and/or repeatedly blinking Agent of Treachery. It's all fun and games to make fun of Oko; but at least people cast Oko for it's mana cost.
максим кадиков
Two words. Zigmund Freid
BlurryWhale FTW
BlurryWhale FTW 13 dias atrás
Trailer looks awesome, song choice is not.
JevilTarengan 13 dias atrás
Music pls :c
Snowthree 13 dias atrás
Terrible song choice. Like, seriously, what the heck?
Justin Divide Sane's The Royal Tiger of Winter
I Don't Want Chris So Itstarts Might As Well Be Metall Versus Blood, Why, Cause I Know MY Stamina.. etc...
Andrea Toto
Andrea Toto 14 dias atrás
Diego Meringer
Diego Meringer 14 dias atrás
Hahahahahah this made me laugh funny soundtrack
johnpaulnotjohn 14 dias atrás
music? plz tell me
Daiane Martins
Daiane Martins 14 dias atrás
music name?
Rounda Rousey apperad!
John Daig
John Daig 14 dias atrás
Now compare this to the War of the Spark trailer :/
Erick Solis
Erick Solis 14 dias atrás
name of this song???
; 3 dias atrás
2018: Ronda Rousey WWE Theme Song "Bad Reputation"
Thiago Vinicios
Thiago Vinicios 15 dias atrás
Music: Bad reputation
Filby 15 dias atrás
Vivien Reid is a way better iconic green planeswalker than Nissa Rivane
Mamode 15 dias atrás
What a silly song, I love it!
; 3 dias atrás
2018: Ronda Rousey WWE Theme Song "Bad Reputation"
Benjamin Torres
Benjamin Torres 15 dias atrás
what is the name of the song?
; 3 dias atrás
2018: Ronda Rousey WWE Theme Song "Bad Reputation"
Dezmond 15 dias atrás
Please,writing song title
ADD SKANE 15 dias atrás
; 3 dias atrás
2018: Ronda Rousey WWE Theme Song "Bad Reputation"
Jr. Elwood
Jr. Elwood 16 dias atrás
What a lame soundtrack...
; 3 dias atrás
2018: Ronda Rousey WWE Theme Song "Bad Reputation"
BeepBoop_Bop 16 dias atrás
This SUCKS lol
Gustavo CVE
Gustavo CVE 16 dias atrás
an otherwise good trailer ruined by the music
Inspiración Original
Inspiración Original 16 dias atrás
My... I know it is hard to get a top tier musician this day, so, just use my music, take it...
ThatBeggar 16 dias atrás
i like the song choice tho :(
Schmurxzl 16 dias atrás
A pity the song ruined the mood for me. The visuals are beautiful and the story very enticing. But I think they should have chosen a more epic music. I can see how they tried to convey the ironic, carefree mood of the main character, but that was a bit too much for me.
HO3L4 16 dias atrás
Soooo, does that mean Vivien Reid is Ronda Rousey? Is this a teaser of a future WWE and WOTC partnership? Naaaaawwwwww, this is certainly a Shrek reference, I mean there is so much green, even Shrek is not so green! XD
Mr Sarky
Mr Sarky 17 dias atrás
QuakcD 17 dias atrás
She and hanzo would get along
Blaiks Blaiks
Blaiks Blaiks 17 dias atrás
music ?
Sadam 17 dias atrás
Trailer is OK but music is atrocious.
M4kiNA1337 17 dias atrás
Matthew Devine
Matthew Devine 17 dias atrás
Coming into this trailer I had high expectations. It seems like all their videos have really peaked my curiosity. And then the song started, and the odd battle. It just didn't work.
Electro Selekta Project
Soundtrack + 8 years old kid godzilla card (drawn by the same kid) : I really asked my self if it was an april fool. Sadly, it's not
davi oliveira
davi oliveira 17 dias atrás
Alejandro Balmaceda
Alejandro Balmaceda 18 dias atrás
I am your Mother’s Day gift
2:22 Godzilla!!!
Chris S
Chris S 19 dias atrás
What did I just watch? Just a junky trailer with bad music and nothing to make me want this set. Good thing I already knew about the Godzilla monsters, maybe should have included that WOTC??!
Relex 2
Relex 2 19 dias atrás
Barry Studios
Barry Studios 19 dias atrás
I for one enjoyed the advertisement
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