iKON - ‘죽겠다(KILLING ME)’ + ‘사랑을 했다 (LOVE SCENARIO)’ in 2018 SBS Gayodaejun

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25 Dez 2018



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Comentários 100
_SimplyAlan_ Hora atrás
Deepika Symth
Deepika Symth 2 horas atrás
How can i move on when im still in love with you ,hanbin?
2ags.d TV
2ags.d TV 5 horas atrás
loves ikon
SHRINNE 6 horas atrás
I am a hardcore VIP but since Bigbangis still on hiatus, I have binge watching iKon.. And I can really say that they are very talented group. I learned to love them OT6 and I think they are doing good. Because of scandals and Hanbin leaving the group, some group members are evolving into something more talented like DK. He is really shining now unlike before. Chan has more lines too.. All in all, OT6 is still a very good group and I really hope they can overcome everything. I am sure Bigbang and iKon will rise again because both are still shining. If not because of Covid, Bigbang must be rocking the Kpop world now because of their comeback in Coachella.. And together with them is iKon. YG will rise again.. ❤️❤️
rojeenhh bin__
rojeenhh bin__ 10 horas atrás
hanbin Lu cakep bnr c?!
Emzy shers
Emzy shers 15 horas atrás
I miss ikon❤
Riza sell Karki
Riza sell Karki Dia atrás
Hanbin.. Plzz comebackk😭
MML Dia atrás
They are a very talented group. They could've been as great as BTS if YG led them down the right path, and guided them properly. They can still do it. If only there was a dedicated management team to help them and promote them.
maral_m.1.94 Unik
starryluna 2 dias atrás
Jeremiah Levi
Jeremiah Levi 2 dias atrás
The way hanbin starts sing love scenario, i'm still crying.
Hazell ke4 Temennya Beomgyu Treasure.
Eh kangen BI deh padahal aku stan ikon setelah BI kluar dan waktu tu aku gk tau apa apa.
Hazell ke4 Temennya Beomgyu Treasure.
Ku bingung knapa banyak yg comment miss bi ternyata oh ternyata hiks.
Hazell ke4 Temennya Beomgyu Treasure.
Boleh lha ikon collab ama bi sekali aja deh nggak papa.
Alphabet T
Alphabet T 3 dias atrás
i watched them as team b this breaks my heart
Alphabet T
Alphabet T 3 dias atrás
i miss him so muchhhh omg why the fkkkkkkkkkkk
Khaila A. Calumpad
Khaila A. Calumpad 3 dias atrás
It's 2021 and still got goosebumps seeing Hanbin sings first
meese 3 dias atrás
hello friends! if you're a discord user, here's an ikon server to join! it's a little slow right now but it'd be great if we could populate it and build a discord community where we talk about the boys~
Nikka Ella Largado
Nikka Ella Largado 4 dias atrás
Kapogi ni bobby 😍
Laarni Apostol
Laarni Apostol 4 dias atrás
#iKON #ot7 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Z9 NX 4 dias atrás
YG please take hanbin back to ikon 😢
zar ni myint maung
zar ni myint maung 4 dias atrás
fav song ever
김민 4 dias atrás
김한빈 ,,, 보고싶어 ,,,,ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
mariane abarcar
mariane abarcar 4 dias atrás
Sorry for the interruption but this is an urgency LORD JESUS is coming soon and we are trying to help spread this message as many as we can. Please repent and come back to GOD. Ask for HIS Guidance and help through LORD JESUS CHRIST. Nothing will be lost if you'd just give it a try and keep on pressing on to HIM and trusting HIM in all HIS Ways and in everything that you're going to do. AMEN!!!!!!
Fitrya Ismi Nuzula TBI 4D
Emitha Bulan Ajizzah
Emitha Bulan Ajizzah 4 dias atrás
ma, kangen hanbin😭
Aakash Rajput
Aakash Rajput 4 dias atrás
So cool 🇮🇳
Aakash Rajput
Aakash Rajput 4 dias atrás
So cool
Ivanna Martinez
Ivanna Martinez 5 dias atrás
2018and they
Shi Lang
Shi Lang 5 dias atrás
One of IKON's best performance, missing 7KON ..
Kazhandra Dulay
Kazhandra Dulay 5 dias atrás
miss this days. let's support ikon and hanbin all the way. let's stream all the full ver of IKON's performance in KINGDOM!!!!!
Elanur Yiğit
Elanur Yiğit 5 dias atrás
Hanbin please comeback
Callista Ern
Callista Ern 6 dias atrás
I see lightstick exoL I click :) OMG this guy so iconic 3:42
Sara g
Sara g 6 dias atrás
I remember the happinnes that I was this day
MOONRAINE 6 dias atrás
Hanbin is irreplaceable.
Jannah Mae
Jannah Mae 6 dias atrás
kpopmylife a
kpopmylife a 7 dias atrás
the cameraman didn't know his job
ajg plstik
Krung Grabeh kwon
Krung Grabeh kwon 8 dias atrás
When everyone else ikonics they say its look like im jealous because why dont you to be happy for iKON OT6 NOW? they have why why why..and kingdom... Me-- because my bias was hanbin...but when hanbin released song...still the same...i really feel EMPTY...i dont know IF IM the only one like this.....maybe because i stan them as a love for them was fair..and .im broke
Norma W
Norma W 8 dias atrás
Fantastic iKON❤️
vibin 8 dias atrás
hanbin presence is too big, the way he interact w audiences and camera.. when he gonna perform live again..
Azithatic 8 dias atrás
Petition for YG family reunion and Family Concert ..just imagine the power they'll produce performing together🔥
Azithatic 8 dias atrás
Anyone watching it from 2021?
김지우 8 dias atrás
이렇게 잘 나가고 멋있을 때도 있었는데 참 윈 때부터 아픈 손가락이다 아이콘
Amanda Putri Dewi
Amanda Putri Dewi 8 dias atrás
I miss bi so much
Korean World
Korean World 8 dias atrás
irish ambol
irish ambol 9 dias atrás
KINGDOM VOTING ALERT! April 29, 2021 the start of voting in Whosfan please create more account and kindly follow @iKONSKINGDOM on twitter for more information regarding the votings. Please ikon need our teamwork. THANKYOUUUU FIGHTING IKONICS 💖
irish ambol
irish ambol 9 dias atrás
KINGDOM VOTING ALERT! April 29, 2021 the start of voting in Whosfan please create more account and kindly follow @iKONSKINGDOM on twitter for more information regarding the votings. Please ikon need our teamwork. THANKYOUUUU FIGHTING IKONICS 💖
Catherine Cadungog
Catherine Cadungog 9 dias atrás
Before you guys say that YG wasted ikon or B. I,, just take note that it is not Yg's fault that media accused hanbin. If you say YG sucks,, girl,, if yg sucks then mostly of his artists who left or who stayed in YGE will forever be idols. But no,, some YG artist, became a CEO, Producer, create their own label, produce their own music. Compared to other artists from other company, Yg artists earns more dispite of having comeback every 3 years. Yg artists were given freedom to create their own music, to have a wonderful dorm, nice outfits, give them freedom to do the things they wanted during a performace. Yg gives more of their profits to his artists, its like 70 to artists and 30 to the company. B. I left ikon, he wasn't removed nor fired by YG. He left according to his will. If yg doesn't care about his artist, he can sue hanbin and force him to continue performing with ikon members even if hanbin is busy with his case because hanbin signed a contract with YG. But yg let go of hanbin, so that he can focus more on himself and his case. If you didn't know this things, just keep your mouth shut, coz you didn't have a right to accuse someone
Catherine Cadungog
@vibin and oh,, i know that the word RESPECT wasn't taught to you by your parents and you were sleeping while your teacher discussed about it in class, coz your here in my comment section and the first word you said is stfu. I felt sorry to your parents, really, such a shame how the person they raised became like this. Now get the fuck out of my comment section.
Catherine Cadungog
@vibin really? 🤣🤣🤣 Im so done with an unappriative and inconsiderate fan like you. 😂😂 I'm so ashamed that a person with the kind of attitude exist. It makes me question how your parents and grand parents raised you. Coz you've been so inconsiderate, self centered and only recognized other people by their mistake. Tsk tsk.. You can't even answer my questions to you. What an asshole.
vibin Dia atrás
@Catherine Cadungog bullshit hahahahahahhaha hanbin said himself he just give that old man the same song, because that old man always forget things hahahha im done with you
vibin Dia atrás
@Catherine Cadungog omg you really clueless.. they get roty in their first year, get microphone like 3years after that, you really don't know anything.. typical yg stan, this is why company stan are the worst, they don't know anything, you don't even care, at least do some homework bfr coming at us. 🤫
Catherine Cadungog
@vibin let me ask you something, if YG didn't take care of his artists, why would ikon signed another contract with YGE? If yg is treating them like shit why would they stay with YGE? Yg is perfectionist and strict. All CEO of a multi million companies are like that. Dont be so full of yourself, if YG didn't help hanbin, he wouldn't be who he is now in the industry.
Park Pengsoo
Park Pengsoo 9 dias atrás
This is by far the most annoying camera angles of their performance btw, it didn't give justice to their performance, especially in kiling me part. Wow I'm actually annoyed up to now even after 2 yrs lol
Joemar Alterado
Joemar Alterado 9 dias atrás
i really love hanbins stage presence, he handle stages so well
Ellie 9 dias atrás
kim Tristan
kim Tristan 9 dias atrás
I miss B.I
Evos Fams
Evos Fams 9 dias atrás
Hanbin 😭
Jinhwan Jiwon
Jinhwan Jiwon 10 dias atrás
I’m back
Siti nuraisya adelia
Siti nuraisya adelia 10 dias atrás
I like bobby
Mariami khmaladze
Mariami khmaladze 10 dias atrás
i'm living for sulky san and his cute noises
this sounds exactly what donghyuk performed on kd performance film right?
iKONIC OT7 9 dias atrás
@i'm living for sulky san and his cute noises YES
i'm living for sulky san and his cute noises
the intro i mean hehe
Qin 11 dias atrás
good old days 🥺
melva chavez
melva chavez 11 dias atrás
BTS is good but I think IKon having there own way to having a great songs that cannot compare to any group IKON was the best voice and very good this group
melva chavez
melva chavez 11 dias atrás
Thy are the best no group like IKon on stage the are so Versatile and amazing voices
I always root for 7, but whatever the roads they are taking right now...full support imma give it to them
Hannah Da Costa
Hannah Da Costa 12 dias atrás
5:15 B.I be checking to see if his abs are still there lol
Nur Syahirah Tasnim
Nur Syahirah Tasnim 12 dias atrás
It's still upset me seeing how hanbin's hardwork all this time were taken away so easily. Knowing how hard he worked to get Ikon debuted. I know that I should move on but I'm still hoping hanbin will comeback to ikon one day and I will wait for that to happen.
Leonarda Suico
Leonarda Suico 12 dias atrás
one of my favorite songs of IKON ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It hype me sooo muchhh ❤️
왕왕 12 dias atrás
보고싶어 죽겠다 김한빈
Averie Gaviola
Averie Gaviola 13 dias atrás
I love you.
Mave Wong
Mave Wong 13 dias atrás
i miss hanbin so much, its starting to hurt physically
Asfahani Abdulradzak
Asfahani Abdulradzak 13 dias atrás
Im missing B.I sooooo much🥺😭
gnyllnn xx
gnyllnn xx 13 dias atrás
Watched this again coz i missed 7kon
팅팅 13 dias atrás
Samsung Samsung
Samsung Samsung 13 dias atrás
Nobody: Subtitles : I saw a goat man
Usa Av
Usa Av 13 dias atrás
always gonna be a legendary performance
just_소녀 13 dias atrás
사랑해 아이콘
Danyella Joyaaa
Danyella Joyaaa 13 dias atrás
Danyella Joyaaa
Danyella Joyaaa 13 dias atrás
Anjalee perera
Anjalee perera 14 dias atrás
I miss u hanbin....
Hannah Librando
Hannah Librando 14 dias atrás
I miss this dude's so much
Adni Ayu
Adni Ayu 14 dias atrás
Miss you 2018:)
Adni Ayu
Adni Ayu 14 dias atrás
Shyra Alvarado
Shyra Alvarado 14 dias atrás
Why does he left the group?
Lita permata sari
Lita permata sari 13 dias atrás
Hanbin as the group leader left because of the fake scandal
Joie Ann Tamayo
Joie Ann Tamayo 14 dias atrás
2021 and I'm still here ♥
Y R 15 dias atrás
All My Love
All My Love 15 dias atrás
Mariefe Sabido
Mariefe Sabido 15 dias atrás
Wow love you ikn
K. Sarah
K. Sarah 15 dias atrás
I hope hanbin leaving was fair, with respect for all his work. He gave so much to the band
NAURA OLIVIA 16 dias atrás
BBBIDO HANBIDO 16 dias atrás
I MISS HANBIN SO MUCH :'( but im happy to support all of them .
The Pinks Four Ever
The Pinks Four Ever 16 dias atrás
Hanbin please come back 😭
aln 16 dias atrás
Look at BOBBY, man. So inspirational
세히 16 dias atrás
돌아와 비아이
Aidakhalida1992 Aida92
Aidakhalida1992 Aida92 16 dias atrás
I remember when bobby say.. without hanbin we cant go this far...😭😭😭...
living my life 2
living my life 2 17 dias atrás
Lmao I knew the sound used for KINGDOM to introduce iKON by Donghyuk sounded familiar,how about YG use this kind of stage /remix for KINGDOM
Yeeyah Eztabaya
Yeeyah Eztabaya 17 dias atrás
is it just me? who randomly goes back to videos where hanbin is still there? just because i missed him.
AILEEN THOUGHTS 14 dias atrás
what happen to hanbin?
Kwami 17 dias atrás
I'm a newbie iKonic, but it feels sad that Hanbin is not in this band anymore. Hoping for their comeback with hanbin.
Kisha Nissa Nesperos
Kisha Nissa Nesperos 17 dias atrás
Missing OT7 😭😭
RadK0neQ 17 dias atrás
OMG IT's a guy from Fortnite
Prasansha Prajapati
Prasansha Prajapati 17 dias atrás
After kingdom performance They performed same songs Its just hanbinnie wasn't there
Stefanni Joy Laranjo
Stefanni Joy Laranjo 17 dias atrás
Reka Putri
Reka Putri 17 dias atrás
other member fighting dont be sad, the world know that u are famous
Reka Putri
Reka Putri 17 dias atrás
hanbinaa I miss u so much
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