Iggy Pop: "My Dad Bailed Me Out Before Nightfall" | Jonesy's Jukebox 

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Iggy Pop and Josh Homme join Jonesy in-studio! Iggy gets real about fellatio and his time in prison for indecent exposure. Plus, he talks about whether he'd do a Caesars Palace residency or not. Watch now!
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10 Mar 2016



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Comentários : 325   
Jonesy 7 anos atrás
I'm glad Jonesey is back on the air...he's got a great way with radio ( and guitar ) and Iggy is an inspiration! Great stuff !!!!
peytdawg s
peytdawg s 2 anos atrás
I like how he lets you talk and he actually listens that's how you do an interview!
Twinkle 4 anos atrás
Jonesy's dulcet tones are just pure melted chocolate! Lovely voice and great interview!
juveale29 5 anos atrás
Great interview. Steve and Iggy seem like genuinely nice guys
heliopolis29 6 anos atrás
A gem of a casual interview. Legends.
heliopolis29 2 anos atrás
@MASTER SUPREME one can still be alive and be a living legend. Maybe you should go to Dingle (in Ireland); you’re depriving a village of an idiot! (Ryan’s Daughter reference).
Steve Mora
Steve Mora 4 anos atrás
At 71 and all he's been through Iggy is still a cool dude.
Steph Nuggs
Steph Nuggs 2 anos atrás
Man what are gonna do when these legends are dead....
Michele Donahue
Michele Donahue 2 anos atrás
Steve you must be young cause 71 is young
Đanfranko Geza Martinčić
Iggy is older then my mother, and i'm 54
David Kenneth
David Kenneth 10 meses atrás
Every time i hear his age im either getting older or hes getting younger now hes only 5 years older he used to be 10 and more befor that ?ive been following since 70s early,he was a lot older than me .
ben ben
ben ben 2 anos atrás
I could listen to Iggy talk for days. He’s so cool and funny!👍🏻
Marika 7 anos atrás
such a great and chilled interview + Iggy's voice ahhhh
Watchalot 6 anos atrás
Marika his red bull interview from this year is incredible
DimiLeventis 6 anos atrás
Oh man, if Iggy Pop decides to (pod)cast a Radio Show, I would totally hear it every single time.
Gutter Dandy
Gutter Dandy 5 anos atrás
Iggy does a radio podcast for the BBC currently.
Justme77 2 anos atrás
Iggy’s got a great voice.
Jérôme Wagschal
Jérôme Wagschal 11 meses atrás
It's so cool to think Steve and Iggy are together in a studio again after the amazing "Instinct" album they did together back in 1988...I wish they would do another album together again...
Madeleine Hague
Madeleine Hague 7 anos atrás
So much love for Iggy.
Jessica Amber
Jessica Amber 4 anos atrás
I love Steve's laugh. Makes me happy.
musicisbrilliant 5 anos atrás
GOSH this is so wonderful!!!! Is there more to this interview??? I MUST know!!!! Iggy is forever the king.
J T 11 meses atrás
Steve really has a knack for interviewing. Its nice to see how well his life ended up.
theonlyantony 7 anos atrás
Great shows, Jonesy! Keep 'em coming And Iggy FFS get that Caesar's gig! COME ON!
pointnozzleaway 5 anos atrás
I could have listened to this for HOURS !
Fabio Punk
Fabio Punk 2 anos atrás
amazing broadcast. Steve Jones emanates vibes that put his guests at ease so they come up with very interesting stuff that they disclose openly to us viewers.
Lincoln Whisler
Lincoln Whisler 5 anos atrás
I know this is late to the game, but Billy was at the House of Blues in Vegas... Got to see him and it was amazing. Stood about 20 feet from him on the floor. Long lines to get a drink, but the music and Stevens guitar work was the shit. Love the stories and Iggys voice is so great. Thanks Jonesy.
Sonblok 4 anos atrás
How cool is Iggy! Great interview!
itkojecockot 3 anos atrás
"Berlin" was truly magical album..... easily one of the greatest in Art Rock department
JayCeeSway 7 anos atrás
Top stuff, could listen to them all day :)
Filipe Matias
Filipe Matias 4 anos atrás
Iggy Pop should do a radio show: his talking voice sounds great on the airwaves!
William R
William R 4 anos atrás
He has had a radio show at BBC Radio for years now -- 6 Music. You can listen to it online.
Filipe Matias
Filipe Matias 4 anos atrás
@William R : Thanks for the info!
Sic Synch
Sic Synch 2 anos atrás
3 personalities, 3 eras. Good tunes between them.
Evan Abbott
Evan Abbott 3 anos atrás
The living KING of rock and roll, IGGY POP👍
Sherri Lewis
Sherri Lewis 7 anos atrás
Good to see you Jonesy. Iggy is a great interview! Love
McFly JL
McFly JL 6 anos atrás
Sherri Lewis
Sherri Lewis
Sherri Lewis 6 anos atrás
Julian Langhinrichs Great interview. Love Jonesy. Lou Reed discovered me at Maxs Kansas City in 1979 and then put me and my band in RCA studios. History. Then a hit record and TV. 30 plus years later I have recorded some new tunes available on iTunes and and Amazon but being on Jonesy's show would be great to get it out there. Sherri Beachfront. Turn Up The Radio
Lanette Amourose
Lanette Amourose 5 anos atrás
Would you consider reuniting with Lambchop for a tour? Does the sock still fit?
LazyLinePainterE 5 anos atrás
Could listen to iggys story's all day
FRONESIS 6 anos atrás
I enjoyed listen every minute of this great and fun conversation! Iggy come to Panama!
Julia Fox
Julia Fox 7 meses atrás
Iggy Pop- you are a living Legend- love your new stuff too 🤍Frenzy reminds me of one of my favourite albums“Kill City”.
Adrienne Tabakow
Adrienne Tabakow 4 anos atrás
Iggy is so lovable 💕
Alan Cawthorne
Alan Cawthorne 6 anos atrás
Iggys voice is possibly the greatest tone my headphones have ever heard ha ha ha.
Angie Rucker
Angie Rucker 3 anos atrás
Lol.yeah, I was gonna say Iggy has a great radio voice"
Evan Abbott
Evan Abbott 3 anos atrás
Such a great unique😁👍
madarab37 3 anos atrás
I was just thinking that about both Jones and Iggy, headphones on.
john Sharkey
john Sharkey 2 anos atrás
you aint heard much
Eleventh Earl of Mars
Eleventh Earl of Mars 2 anos atrás
Plenty of low end. It’s getting to I was born under a wandering star level by Lee Marvin. 😆
Fashion DIY
Fashion DIY 7 anos atrás
Love that bit of nostalgia & forward thinking at the same time
K Kula
K Kula 5 anos atrás
It's not cool to be a tool. God Bless you IGGY, you are a true rags to riches story not even talking about money so a lot of people will think. You transformed yourself my brother on this planet, and I can relate my friend, long live your life and everyone who appreciates it as much as we do. It is a blessing to have a passion for life and you are an inspiration to everyone my friend. Take Care Iggy Pop!!!#1 Brother. Thank you for all you have done for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya buddy!!!!!
the mad daddy
the mad daddy 7 anos atrás
this is brilliant two heroes...
Jenna Mês atrás
I count three here 🧐
Insect Politics
Insect Politics 7 anos atrás
Josh homme is so happy to be talking shop with these legends
Kevan Dalzell
Kevan Dalzell 7 anos atrás
And, they... respect how he is their equal without trying...!
Luke Savva
Luke Savva 7 anos atrás
I think he's on E
mynameisBS98 7 anos atrás
+Luke Savva he is the E
Vitor Manuel
Vitor Manuel 6 anos atrás
mynameisBS98 cccccocaine
termsofusepolice 5 anos atrás
I think it's funny that people consider Jones a legend when the only notable thing he ever did was 30 minutes of music, 40 years ago, with the punk Monkees. Also, Homme is 100 times the musician of either Iggy or Steve.
Ray Dio
Ray Dio 5 anos atrás
Iggy is the true king of rock and roll.
Jennifer Holt
Jennifer Holt 2 anos atrás
Love Iggy, always, the OG God Father of Punk, thank you Jonesy, love you too!!!😁😁
yobhsiFehT 4 anos atrás
I've been getting more and more into Iggy lately - or endeavoring to, at least - and one thing I, as a Michigander, find surprisingly endearing is just how *MISHIGGIN* he still sounds! lol The weird, pinched vowels, and like 4:27 when he hits the "better'n me," I'm just like... hangin out with my rural grandparents and their friends for a minute here! lol
cudaus1 4 anos atrás
Iggy's Dad was my English teacher in 1966 at Fordson High School in Dearborn MI.
Tom Bingham
Tom Bingham 4 anos atrás
cudaus1 Any memories with him?
cudaus1 4 anos atrás
@Tom Bingham Not really Tom. That was over 50 years ago. I was only in his class for one semester. Nice guy , tall , nice personality.His son definitely resembles him in looks.
Tracy Dearsan
Tracy Dearsan 4 anos atrás
Mr. Osterberg?
cudaus1 4 anos atrás
@Tracy Dearsan What's your ? about? Iggy's real last name is Osterberg.
Tracy Dearsan
Tracy Dearsan 4 anos atrás
Daniel Reilly
Daniel Reilly Anos atrás
Legends, both.
TripleZero626 4 meses atrás
Two of my favorite people just talking 👍👍👍👍
PSYCHOTRONICbrdcst 5 anos atrás
Great stuff. Is that the whole interview or is there more?
Outta Thyme567
Outta Thyme567 4 anos atrás
You can tell Jones looks up to Iggy
Ewen Nicolson
Ewen Nicolson 2 anos atrás
Jonesey's freudian slip is hilarious.
William R
William R 4 anos atrás
Iggy at Caesars, dressed as a Roman legionnaire, singing Search and Destroy! :0)
Peter Daigle
Peter Daigle 7 anos atrás
This is classic!
Kevan Dalzell
Kevan Dalzell 7 anos atrás
Fucking, indeed!!!!
Angie Rucker
Angie Rucker 3 anos atrás
They need to give Iggy a residence in Vegas .. He deserves it.. He can bring the crowd in... Hes a legend he's well worth it
SICKS6SIX 3 anos atrás
Iggy pop with chicken and chips in a basket at caesars palace, no way man. . ill hold on to 1977 when I seen him @ 3000 venue 3/4 full with void-oids one of the best gigs ever,
Eoin Murphy Eoin Murphy
Iggy Pop uses the phrase , I,m knackered. Fantastic.
MaSSa Power
MaSSa Power 2 anos atrás
Your Definitely missed on Radio JONESY 😢
ExoShaman 7 anos atrás
His talking voice is so deep! I had to turn the bass down on my headphones' mix!
VaNSaNT85 7 anos atrás
+ExoShaman i wonder how does his voice sound in his head, must be even lower and deeper
antigen4 7 anos atrás
it's all in the mic!
Scott Hanley
Scott Hanley 4 anos atrás
lol (Y)
peytdawg s
peytdawg s 2 anos atrás
Great radio voice
Eleventh Earl of Mars
Eleventh Earl of Mars 2 anos atrás
Iggy could do a legit version of wandering star by Lee Marvin, not that he’d want to lol.
David Brown
David Brown 3 anos atrás
Listen up, here's your homework assignment: Search for Iggy giving the acceptance speech at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame for the Stooges, it's the best because it's honest and reveals what a Fucking Sham it truly is : seriously, Madonna, Madonna?..I'm laughing Oh yes and this: Also look for Iggy's talk at BBC4(?), he teared up at times and so did I, this man is smart and when he reminisced about hearing a special song on the radio I felt his happiness with that discovery...All praise for the Ig, when the time arrives ( as it will for all of us ) his passing will leave this world a bit darker ....Peace.
Thurein Tun
Thurein Tun 4 anos atrás
They really go along. Oh i forgot they're in the same era, Golden age of punk! And both Iggy one of the punk king , Steve one of the members of the most influential punk band in the world (it's real, you only know Sex Pistols as a punk in S.E.Asia zones, They don't know other shit)
vivaldi -ett
vivaldi -ett 2 anos atrás
We should get as much of what goes on in our rock stars lives, minds and video it to keep and cherish and to show it to our young up and coming stars how it’s done the university of life is priceless and we should interview them all and when they are out and about just doing whatever they get up to 💞✝️😘🤘💕🎸🎸💞🙏🏻
sasse Brasse
sasse Brasse 7 anos atrás
Iggy and Steve made many good songs together!
StArBuRsT 7 anos atrás
+sasse Brasse Repoman may be the best song either of them ever did I dunno I just love that song and the movie was great too.Instict album was great too probally my favorite Iggy album fom '80 til now
Watchalot 6 anos atrás
StArBuRsT over Lust for life and The Idiot? really??
resonantfilterblog 4 anos atrás
Red Tie I think that’s why he said post 80. Lust for Life and The Idiot were both 70’s albums.
Herman Helmich
Herman Helmich 5 anos atrás
Iggy's the MAN
GuitarsAre LikeStupid
GuitarsAre LikeStupid 7 meses atrás
Jim (Iggy) is the kind of guy you hope lives forever.
Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira 2 anos atrás
This voices. I am hearing this guys talking just to get relaxed while doing architecture projects.
ČKD Praha
ČKD Praha 3 anos atrás
Two coolest dudes having a chat😀
Mark Andersen
Mark Andersen 5 anos atrás
Cool dudes, Iggy is an original, he reminds me of Frank Zappa, he marches to his own drum. Josh paints outside the lines with Queens Of The Stone Age.
Drew 77
Drew 77 3 anos atrás
I love watching these old punk rockers chewing the fat. Think of all the people we've lost who never made it to this age and aren't around to tell us their stories.
Arvid W
Arvid W 6 anos atrás
Cedars hahaha... And Joshua adding that about "a residency"... that's really freakin funny!
Deanna Witt
Deanna Witt 6 meses atrás
Love Iggy
Толстый Кот
Настоящий динозавр ! Живой !
William Steeves
William Steeves 7 anos atrás
that was awesome. subscribed.
Mark Rago
Mark Rago 4 anos atrás
It's like Iggy got so stoned in the 70s and 80s, his voice got permanently stoned in the process.
Landin Lewis
Landin Lewis 2 anos atrás
Heroin does this to almost everyone
justsomeguytoyou 5 anos atrás
I don't care if he has an IQ of around 70, Iggy and the Stooges are still one of the greatest punk bands of all time. Notice that I didn't say proto-punk----the Stooges were as full-on punk as it gets, before the term was even invented.
Christopher Alton-MOONN
Iggy is actually a very intelligent well read man
Lonny Starr
Lonny Starr 7 anos atrás
hi, mr. pop; great interview and kudos on hooking up with the talented josh homme. i just wanted to offer an observation regarding your story about the rum drink you had while on grenada. it brought to mind my experience with a delicious rum concoction i discovered shortly after i moved to st. croix in the late 70s. there was a small shop in fredriksted where people would gather to imbibe beulah's fantails, poured by beulah from small baby food bottles... you would get slowly ripped after one. and two would have you stewed, as you watched the sun set wildly over the ocean. what i came to learn later , was that the fantails were not only infused with delicious local spices like nutmeg and coriander, but belladonna, as well, which was derived from the datura, a flower which grew profusely on the island. wonder if your strong rum drink had any similarity with the fantail. hmmmmmm.
Garrett Lewis
Garrett Lewis 6 anos atrás
A radio station that plays Lou Reed... and not Walk on the Wild Side... good fucking station.
A Tree
A Tree 6 anos atrás
Adam Crane Guilford
Adam Crane Guilford 5 anos atrás
Is it out of Los Angeles ?
Brad K
Brad K 5 anos atrás
Yes, Los Angeles. ...But most of the time only Jonesy plays such a variety. Most of the rest of it is the standard "List."
Adam Crane Guilford
Adam Crane Guilford 5 anos atrás
KVOQ Open Air out of Denver will blow you away with GREAT music you've never heard .... you can stream them
mzaputil 5 anos atrás
No, this station is garbage, 24 hours a day of Stairway to Heaven, Bon Jovi, and Boston. Only Jonesy's show has some of the good stuff like the Tubes, Stooges, Pistols etc. But like I said, KLOS in L.A. is and has always been backward lame...
JaCee Music
JaCee Music 7 anos atrás
Luv this!
Suzanne Morrow
Suzanne Morrow 4 anos atrás
I just love you xoxo Mr. Pop❣️🎶
Thurein Tun
Thurein Tun 4 anos atrás
Why didn't they put John Lydon on Jonesy's Jukebox!?!?! WHY!!!!? That's the best interview ever done to Lydon, by his own bandmate!!!!!! He was fucking true to himself at that time (he had already been, but that jukebox moment, ah!!! why!!?I want to watch that in video!!)! I want to watch that in video, and if some of you know/have that in your possession, please do me a favor and link it to me. Or share it on BRvid and link it here, please. You can listen it on their website and its such a great moment with fascinating Lydon's speechs! I can't believe why it didn't make it on YT or any other video's sharing places. Why!!?
Thurein Tun
Thurein Tun 4 anos atrás
Also, if you don't mind, where is the one with Malcom Mcleren? Also link that please.
Jessica Amber
Jessica Amber 5 anos atrás
He's voice is nice.....
Pablo Masi
Pablo Masi 3 anos atrás
i love this.....
Enlig Ulv
Enlig Ulv 2 anos atrás
“We all need new kitchens” 👌🏽
Rosemary Mills
Rosemary Mills 2 anos atrás
this was shortly after Bowie's death...surprised he wasn't mentioned since they were good pals
Trevor Black
Trevor Black 7 anos atrás
does it get any cooler than this....whoa!
Adam Findlay
Adam Findlay 6 anos atrás
all good guys, A+plus interview and the way-people dont walk around the block in LA...
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada 6 anos atrás
good guy always true
Ze Ro
Ze Ro Anos atrás
Hilarious since Queens did San Quentin Prison since this. I like that it's really cool of them
Ricardo Wilson Alves Timóteo
Marco Gloder
Marco Gloder 3 anos atrás
Iggy is THEE dude!
Felix Felix
Felix Felix 4 anos atrás
Car imsurance ads.Caesars palace? And we still think hes the coolest guy ever ? OMG how cool is he? 🤔 love you iggy
Jonesy 3 anos atrás
Iggy is guilty of 'public wildness' Lol
Nikolas Linardos
Nikolas Linardos 7 anos atrás
The Stooges, Sex Pistols' most important member besides Sid and Kyuss, it's definitely a YES from me.
Randy Young
Randy Young 7 anos atrás
+Nikolas Linardos scratch that...JOHNNY was and will always remain the most important and Glen Matlock second for writing the bulk of the tunes.
SpookyBaba 7 anos atrás
It took me a few mins to realise it was Steve Jones from the Pistols. Bloody hell, he's not aged well. But I still love him.
Jamie Stevens
Jamie Stevens 5 anos atrás
SpookyBaba he looks fantastic baba!
sausagefinger12 4 anos atrás
He aged perfectly well with charisma
Dan Maler
Dan Maler 4 anos atrás
He gained even more weight since this interview, but he looks good today. Heavy, but cool.
Matthew J Douglas
Matthew J Douglas 2 anos atrás
He's 63, not everyone can look 50 when they're not 50
SpookyBaba 2 anos atrás
@Matthew J Douglas Try again. 1955. 😂😂😂
Alison Oatis
Alison Oatis 6 anos atrás
I love you Lou.... RIP💋
Matthew Took
Matthew Took 11 meses atrás
Jonesy, iggy and josh homme. Not bad.
Kevan Dalzell
Kevan Dalzell 7 anos atrás
Steve, that is all!!! Plus, JHo! And the Pop man!!!!
mynameisBS98 7 anos atrás
so glad i found this
Highland Fleet Lute
Highland Fleet Lute 7 anos atrás
Good old boys!
Sybille Nova
Sybille Nova 5 meses atrás
JUAN O' SAVIN and former Mexican boxing champion NINO RODRIGUEZ (Iggy's Mexican wife should meet him !) also like to reside in Las Vegas.There is something about Vegas that frightens me. My friend NICO wrote the song VEGAS which I never totally understood. IGGY is such a fresh breeze...a real human..indestructible.
Phil Ware
Phil Ware 5 anos atrás
Thats a deep voice Iggy, ROLL'ON! Lets do a residency at cedars sinia lol
Roter Fuchs
Roter Fuchs 6 anos atrás
I only realized after 4 minutes that was Steve Jones when he asked you got a misses, fuck he's nearly unregnizable
Douglas 7 anos atrás
so glad he's all about moderation
naianoiker 2 anos atrás
Iggy like the Tubes, both does. White Punks on Dope was released on single as late as 77??. It was in fact on their first album from 1975. By 1977 the band had already released 2 more albums.
Midnight Thud
Midnight Thud 3 anos atrás
Arrested in Romeo Michigan?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I lived there since 74 and it's still a hole in the ground town. The chief of Romeo police said Iggy was purity and had soft skin.😂😂😂😂
Evan Abbott
Evan Abbott 3 anos atrás
Oh wow I used to play there a lot with my punk band back in ‘05, that’s cool😁👍
Gañones Lopé
Gañones Lopé 3 anos atrás
Freekin Legendz!!!
Wally Bing Bang
Wally Bing Bang 2 anos atrás
This is brilliant. I need very little more in life besides BRvid. Josh is involved in so many bands. Queens of the Stone Age - Eagles of Death Metal - An album with Iggy Pop. What a life 🎶 🎸
TommyTwobats 2 anos atrás
They say men shouldn’t wear leather at 40, and low v cut inners. He’s 70 and he looks cool IMO, but maybe I’m biased...cause he’s Iggy.
raindogred 7 anos atrás
3 generations of cool
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