Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater - Lola (Official Video)

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Listen to the single "Lola". Out now!
#IggyAzalea #AliceChater #Lola
Official Music video by Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater performing "Lola" (Official Video) © 2019 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE


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7 Nov 2019



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Comentários 80
Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea 6 meses atrás
I’ll be online at 10:30 pm EST to watch the premiere with you all ! We’re gonna have some fun! Comment below with your questions about the video 😊
Thái Tâm Phạm Vũ
Thái Tâm Phạm Vũ 5 dias atrás
Riddhi Parashar
Riddhi Parashar 6 dias atrás
I’d love to meet you up someday, love ya lots. 💝
אלכס אילייב
אלכס אילייב 13 dias atrás
ניקי חיים שלי את!!
Kronoszx YT
Kronoszx YT 14 dias atrás
Comment 500
betch okツ
betch okツ Mês atrás
taki gacha:3
taki gacha:3 5 horas atrás
I liked all of the outfits from the song but the outfits from the 2nd verse were my favorite
jt afolabi
jt afolabi 9 horas atrás
Hair grow long like chi-yuh
Afs B
Afs B 10 horas atrás
It’s sounds a bit like one of Cardi’s songs at 0:36 🤔
Nikki Natural Fan
Nikki Natural Fan 7 horas atrás
Afs B hater. It samples mambo italiano by dean Martin
Jasmine Thompson
Jasmine Thompson 11 horas atrás
I love Iggy right but someone tell me that at 0:38 she didn't look like a sponge.
Daniel Lara
Daniel Lara 11 horas atrás
Alice Charter sacó una nueva canción hoy 😍
MedSou 15 horas atrás
*someday someone will find this comment* . . 👇 *if you found it then i wish you luck for the rest of your life* 💙💙💙
Champel Adams
Champel Adams 18 horas atrás
Girlie it awsume
Khalid bin Zaman
Khalid bin Zaman 19 horas atrás
Cristiana Jardim
Cristiana Jardim 19 horas atrás
00:38 Coronavirus started earlier there...
Khalid bin Zaman
Khalid bin Zaman Dia atrás
They look like twins
Elizabeth Dia atrás
God this just screams MK Ultra
Nikki Natural Fan
Nikki Natural Fan 7 horas atrás
Elizabeth hater
June B
June B Dia atrás
The background tune feels a little like ILikeItLikeThat
Nikki Natural Fan
Nikki Natural Fan 7 horas atrás
June B nope. Mambo italiano is where Iggy got it from
YOCABAR Dia atrás
This song deserves so more
Nikita Projansky
Nikita Projansky Dia atrás
This is a really great song to dance to ❤️
Ndubuisi Muna
Ndubuisi Muna Dia atrás
Forget about Iggy being underated .. This song would have pushed hard if she feature a market popular artiste like Ariana, Dua lipa, halsey or even nicki
lolahouka_roblox Dia atrás
Brittany Forster
Brittany Forster Dia atrás
I love it 😍 so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
LIL D Dia atrás
me: wondering how much they waisted on there wigs
Amani Dodson
Amani Dodson Dia atrás
"Say mermaid five time, don't speak until you repost this, then touch water."
Jure Pejovnik
Jure Pejovnik Dia atrás
i listen to this music at least 4 times a day enjoy it every time
Tara Storf
Tara Storf Dia atrás
if i have a crazy child, i will call her Lola, courtesy of this song
Elvina Nnenna Okereafor
OMG her songs are super cool she's a real artist
everything IsMIne
everything IsMIne 2 dias atrás
Iggy is a body goal 😱😱
Deejay Collins
Deejay Collins 2 dias atrás
Not gonna lie I love this song and everything in it but I feel like this is an underated song
Heder Nasc
Heder Nasc 2 dias atrás
Merecia mais neah??
jamariah Warfield
jamariah Warfield 2 dias atrás
For real
R I R I 2 dias atrás
Anyone listening in quarantaine?
Sarah Leanne
Sarah Leanne 2 dias atrás
U love sarah she can talk crazy ain't no lie she can get a lil jelouse let be honest with BiCuriousBeVicious Aint no lie she can be so much drama such as Haras Fallow my Twitter Biggseeharas plus fallow me at soundcloud Biggseeharas snapchat Biggseeharas
Anna Cheryl
Anna Cheryl 2 dias atrás
I love how they look like twins in this video . either that or one looks like she could be her mom an then other shes the look alike mini baby girl
Logan G. '
Logan G. ' 2 dias atrás
everyone is like iggy is so underrated but i didn't know that a youtube channel with 7.42 m subs is underrated like tf
Nikki Natural Fan
Nikki Natural Fan 7 horas atrás
Logan G. ' you might not understand
Edilson Ama Deus Filho
hino injustiçado
Heder Nasc
Heder Nasc 2 dias atrás
Sim amg, sim
Ákos B
Ákos B 2 dias atrás
I listened this at its premier, and i still comeback sometimes
Polly Hartcup
Polly Hartcup 2 dias atrás
Phhggg Giggles
LARISA 2 dias atrás
Iggy & Alice vs Karol & Nicki 😍❤️
Heder Nasc
Heder Nasc 2 dias atrás
Ashley Sills
Ashley Sills 2 dias atrás
WeVibin' 3 dias atrás
The beat reminds me of Cardi B's I like it like that. I ain't complaining tho
Lenny Brown
Lenny Brown 3 dias atrás
Why do most of there looks look like a Family resemblance challenging RuPaul drag race
Alison Chesterfield
Alison Chesterfield 3 dias atrás
It was so pink i hate too click it 😍😅😅
Fool With Too Many Names
Wow, she can actually rap now
Lehione 3 dias atrás
so this is what it's like to take LSD?
Aleksandra Qoku
Aleksandra Qoku 3 dias atrás
This song in fact is like a remix Mambo Italiano
luccas silva
luccas silva 3 dias atrás
Shafick Cherry
Shafick Cherry 4 dias atrás
The best iggy
Sorrow Soul
Sorrow Soul 4 dias atrás
I'm obsessed with the outfits!
MAster Senpai
MAster Senpai 4 dias atrás
I hope she will collab with Nicki Minaj and Doja cat or Meghan Thee Stallion❤😍 Like if you guys agree😑 (Edit:ohw no they agree with me... Thank you guys lol.)
RaiderGame 4 dias atrás
FlowZ TESLIC 5 dias atrás
This is fire i SCARE YOU!
Beat 35
Beat 35 5 dias atrás
Ok now i love this song. This is sooo good 🤯❤️
Touka xx
Touka xx 5 dias atrás
Damn this song is lit
hazy-skies 5 dias atrás
What sample is this? Mambo? 😂
Nikki Natural Fan
Nikki Natural Fan 3 dias atrás
Maevka Mole exactly
Maevka Mole
Maevka Mole 4 dias atrás
@hazy-skies she find it cool and interesting maybe. It suits the song perfectly
hazy-skies 4 dias atrás
@Maevka Mole I find it strange that they sampled an Italian folk melody from 50s. Or there's something else about it+
Maevka Mole
Maevka Mole 4 dias atrás
Stephany Bravo Castillo
black beauty
black beauty 5 dias atrás
Like it😍
Ghjgfhbc Vhjhvg
Ghjgfhbc Vhjhvg 5 dias atrás
I LOVE YOU ıggy azalea ı LOVE YOU alica chater
Anastasia Tamaititahio
😍😍😍😍😍 Magnifique 💚💚💚💚
Lola Qadir
Lola Qadir 6 dias atrás
Y’all I’m Lola
anna Powers
anna Powers 6 dias atrás
Wassup lola
Alonso Cely
Alonso Cely 6 dias atrás
Intro; Americano- Lady Gaga.
Reni Reni
Reni Reni 6 dias atrás
"Mambo italiano" original version 😏😏
Kasie mccollo
Kasie mccollo 6 dias atrás
This shows u the illuminati knew about the virus coming 6 months ago. Watch the video. Also watch out of shadow's. Its really good.
Nikki Natural Fan
Nikki Natural Fan 3 dias atrás
Maevka Mole ikr
Maevka Mole
Maevka Mole 3 dias atrás
But the virus was there 6 months ago not coming.
Nikki Natural Fan
Nikki Natural Fan 6 dias atrás
Kasie mccollo hater
Jorge Gutiérrez
Jorge Gutiérrez 7 dias atrás
Imagine a remix feat. Camila Cabello 😱
La Diva Del Jazz
La Diva Del Jazz 4 dias atrás
Camila y Alice me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
BBR Recording
BBR Recording 7 dias atrás
Alice chater
BBR Recording
BBR Recording 4 dias atrás
Elaisa Grace
Elaisa Grace 7 dias atrás
Ripe for further exploration. Thank you, Ladies. 🙏🏽 IAMCC/IYA
Almosthalo 7 dias atrás
Loving this song!!!
S-Cut 7 dias atrás
This is so good! I love it! I was very disappointed when Digital Distortion didn't get released and I thought Iggy might end her career, but in the last years she dropped so many cool tracks again! For me, Lola is one of her best tracks :)
Nikki Natural Fan
Nikki Natural Fan 6 dias atrás
S-Cut ayee
Szymon W.
Szymon W. 7 dias atrás
I love this LSD version of Botticelli's "Spring". 😍 Btw this video is actually pretty damn entertaining, beautiful and funny.
SweetProudBitch1 7 dias atrás
corona masks prepaired
zin82e98 7 dias atrás
Keep doing your thing Iggy 💕
den ten
den ten 7 dias atrás
"We stopped to check if there were monsters under the bed when we realized they were inside us.
den ten
den ten 7 dias atrás
"Why so serious?"
X25 8 dias atrás
This sounds exactly like *mambo italiano* by *sophia loren*
Maevka Mole
Maevka Mole 4 dias atrás
@X25 that's a sample like for I like it from Cardi B.
X25 4 dias atrás
Maevka Mole wha?
Maevka Mole
Maevka Mole 4 dias atrás
KeylimePie 8 dias atrás
there is the actress Vera Farmiga?
Vain Nyson
Vain Nyson 8 dias atrás
Well done Azallions We made till 7.4 million subscribers Keep going
OCEAN VIEWS 8 dias atrás
💯 Iggy the type of female that would post my video to make it go viral overnight. 🦊👇
toxic mind
toxic mind 8 dias atrás
Iggy was on the mask gane before us !
Ana patricia Padilla
Ana patricia Padilla 8 dias atrás
Tik tok
Ayesha Shakir
Ayesha Shakir 8 dias atrás
Looks like the nurses inspired face mask trends for COVID.
Андреяна Петрович
Wow 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tony Rizzo
Tony Rizzo 8 dias atrás
why is she wearing a loofa
Moyosoreoluwa Oguntimehin
I don't why but Iggy reminded me of Nicki in this video.
Jacob May
Jacob May 8 dias atrás
Alice at the end bro... this chick got talent for real
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