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Oh hi there,
This is an experimental video essay looking at what would happen if the MCU ever decided to re-use their different character themes throughout their other films. I've taken the Hellicarrier scene from Avengers 1 and using the other MCU soundtracks, pieced together a new score with each character's individual leitmotifs returning as they would if this were, say, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

I hope you enjoy and if you did be sure to pass it along to your friends!

Following MCU themes were used:
Brian Tyler's Iron Man theme from Iron Man 3
Craig Armstrong's Hulk theme from The Incredible Hulk
Brian Tyler's Thor theme from Thor: The Dark World
Brian Tyler's Loki theme from Thor: The Dark World
Alan Silvestri's Captain America Theme from Captain America: The First Avenger
Alan Silvestri's Avenger's Theme from The Avengers
Bear McCreary's Agents of Shield Theme from Agents of Shield.

All rights belong to the composers and those at Disney and Marvel who created this wonderful art/entertainment. This is purely for educational purposes and critical analysis. No disrespect meant, nor monetary gain sought.

I might make another in the future for the Airport scene in Captain America: Civil War if there is enough demand. Enjoy!

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2 Jun 2017



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Comentários 1 624
marsellusdurden182 3 anos atrás
i think it's a fun idea.. ...and some spots it works. Some spots it doesn't and if it's overused the effect is gone. Not to mention the original film had such a strong score already, unless you time it perfectly and subtly it's a little too much tbh
M AE23
M AE23 4 dias atrás
Yea the music is too much in this
MagicChris86 5 dias atrás
Axe act Lee!
Nayaasa Hai
Nayaasa Hai 8 dias atrás लोहे का जिगरवाला 👌👌👍👍
paolo thorpe
paolo thorpe 22 dias atrás
The Avengers was perfect in every way. No Music when there wasnt supposed to be and when when there should be music, they kicked ass
Lilian Tan
Lilian Tan Mês atrás
OK, but can you even do it like the video creator?
Gonzalo Collao
Gonzalo Collao 3 anos atrás
Imagine Endgame's score having a collab of Alan Silvestri, Brian Tyler, Tyler Bates, Michael Giacchino, Ludwig Goransson, Christophe Beck, Henry Jackman, and all the rest of the fine composers the MCU has worked with. A continuous piece with a few bars of the original theme each time a character gets the spotlight in the big fight (of course they'd have to modify the keys to make it sound smooth and even). All of these musical geniuses figuring out how to place their themes in the action; that'd be the closet thing we'd get to the Avengers in real life, lmao!
Nayaasa Hai
Nayaasa Hai 8 dias atrás लोहे का जिगरवाला 👌👌👍👍
Mr Nolalife
Mr Nolalife 2 anos atrás
What about Danny elfman big sad ik he wasn’t in mcu but he worked on the hulk
Abby McConville
Abby McConville 2 anos atrás
Don't forget my main man Hans Zimmer!
JordanStuff 2 anos atrás
Noah Clark your dream came true they used a slowed version of caps theme
An old bloke
An old bloke 3 anos atrás
Keep dreaming
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan 3 anos atrás
The hulk theme from the Incredible Hulk was amazing same with the way he looked
Bappo Jujubes
Bappo Jujubes 3 anos atrás
7:15 Love that you put the Agents of SHIELD theme in there. Coulson always was a hero.
Vik Rants
Vik Rants 2 anos atrás
@mngentry but wait
mngentry 3 anos atrás
Rorschach He did. That’s not Coulson. Sadly.
Fede Formichella
Fede Formichella 3 anos atrás
@Gaming Ninja51 or did he? Take a look to the season 6 trailer
Gaming Ninja51
Gaming Ninja51 3 anos atrás
@Hayden Lau sadly yes he passed away in Agents of SHIELD season 5.
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau 3 anos atrás
@Gaming Ninja51 Is he dead?
Olek Piechaczek
Olek Piechaczek 4 anos atrás
This just makes me sad that we can't have this level of musical continuity of the MCU... :(
Nayaasa Hai
Nayaasa Hai 8 dias atrás लोहे का जिगरवाला 👌👌👍👍
Abigail Preece
Abigail Preece Anos atrás
Shadirsha 123
Shadirsha 123 2 anos atrás
@CaaaramelApples mhj
Shadirsha 123
Shadirsha 123 2 anos atrás
@Campbell Cutler eèy🔚🔚@ ⏳⏳@ 🚮♐♒♒
Paapu Haransikari
Paapu Haransikari 2 anos atrás
Soul Index
Soul Index 3 anos atrás
Fun idea, but ultimately you can -see- hear why they went for a more unified theme.
Зулихан Дудаева
ббураева амина
Vinayaka Kumate
Vinayaka Kumate 3 anos atrás
TenacityXL 3 anos atrás
Babaloga someone should try that!
BluenoteNinja 3 anos atrás
Good job on this video! I would enjoy more thematic continuity in the MCU, for sure. This also came out really well, considering you edited clips together rather than created a new score from scratch. I feel like the most challenging themes to include are Iron Man's themes, because his early themes were much more... let's call it 'film rock', vs. the 'high orchestra' sound that the music of the MCU took on in later films. Again, really well done!
Jonathan Lin
Jonathan Lin 3 anos atrás
This is interesting. I like the part where Brian Tyler’s Iron Man 3 theme came on
Ridam 18 dias atrás
Dusty Brownewell
Dusty Brownewell 3 anos atrás
Loved the experience! I would love to see what a professional composer could do on blending these together so they seem more unified and in place. Wonderful job giving the experience Marvel is unable to for your audience.
localblackman 4 anos atrás
"Riding with the top down" should be the theme for Iron Man in the MCU
Nayaasa Hai
Nayaasa Hai 8 dias atrás लोहे का जिगरवाला 👌👌👍👍
Rao salman
Rao salman Mês atrás
Rosangela aquino
Rosangela aquino 2 meses atrás
@Daniel Montoyaw q
Shaym Sarsar
Shaym Sarsar 2 meses atrás
AA1w ji
Kald Kald
Kald Kald 2 meses atrás
@Daniel MontoyaAaaazaaaaaaaaamm
Dr4gonr4ge 3 anos atrás
I know it feels very overdone in this, but had all composers throughout the MCU taking care of using the old themes, and Silvestri tasked with combining them. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING!!
ᗰ O ᑎ K E
ᗰ O ᑎ K E 3 anos atrás
The iron man scene when his armor appeared was a great mix of music
Gabriel Berger
Gabriel Berger 3 anos atrás
Amazing, it's great to hear some of the best film themes in one place. Are these your own arrangements or is it a copy-paste job?
Kowonski 2 anos atrás
I really wish they did something like this, maybe not the exact themes but definitely renditions of it. Very cool edit
the madafaka
the madafaka 4 anos atrás
The Hulk theme especially just adds more to Black Widow's fear, as Banner turns into Hulk. and by meshing together Thor's and Hulk's theme together for the Thor and Hulk's first ever just has more weight to it, as a result of it as well.
et Kalra
et Kalra Mês atrás
et Kalra
et Kalra Mês atrás
Ty and
Sir SupesAfro
Sir SupesAfro 3 anos atrás
I had never really paid much attention to the Hulk's theme before, but in this video I noticed there's a bit of an eerie organ Halloweeny feel to it, alluding to that Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde dynamic, the roots of Banner's character.
Gojirawars 03
Gojirawars 03 3 anos atrás
Hulk’s Theme is so f*cking underrated. It’s absolutely terrifying in this scene.
Ollie 3 anos atrás
Really well done. I enjoyed bits of the movie I never did before. Just goes to show how music can put emphasis on different parts and influences your mood. I like your version way better.
Abednego Stanley
Abednego Stanley 3 anos atrás
Great job, didn't think that this would be awesome, if they implemented it, their (the heroes) themes would be more remembered and the scenes would give a feeling of nostalgia of the films before
James Harrelson
James Harrelson Dia atrás
The Iron Man 3 theme was so good. They should have used it in the later films as well. I don't understand why the MCU can't be more like Star Wars and use the character themes for each new entry.
Tom Chaney
Tom Chaney 3 anos atrás
Excellent sound mixing, I don't think I've seen anyone integrate new music with the existing audio of a scene so smoothly without access to the raw recordings
Spencer Creaghan
Spencer Creaghan 5 anos atrás
Thanks everyone for checking out this video! More are coming :) I've gotten many asks about why I chose these particular themes opposed to others. The main reason being in order to keep the musical transitions smooth and allow for theme variations, I used themes that already had a lot of variations included in the OST releases. Since Bootleg Extended scores and recording sessions aren't mastered and are usually low quality audio, I veered away from those. While I adore many of the early themes, some of the later themes (particularly Iron Man and Thor) have more variations from both their original films and Avengers 2! Thus allowing more flexibility when combining the cues and keeping the music flowing as flawlessly as possible. While the other themes for these characters are lovely, they didn't provide the same level of flexibility. Those themes felt awkward and out of place compared to the rest of the music, making for an uneasy listen, regardless of how much they might have worked with timeline - which doesn't matter to me as much as I know it does some of you - sorry!! Each character's theme entry time codes: Iron Man - 1:45, 3:46, 8:37, 10:18, 15:25 Hulk - 1:13, 2:10, 4:35, 5:17, 6:27, 8:01 Avengers - 3:29 Captain America - 4:01, 8:55, 9:11, 14:31 Thor - 6:06, 6:34, 13:30 Agents of SHEILD - 7:13, 7:28 Loki - 12:06
Leighton Wagner
Leighton Wagner 3 anos atrás
What exactly does "more to come" mean ;)
R0bilicious 4 anos atrás
I wish they did this more often, and they tried at times, but with different composers working on the different films, they don't have the rights to use them. The only exception I can think of is Danny Elfman quoting the Avengers theme in Age of Ultron. In AoU, they used Brian Tyler's Iron Man theme since he was a composer on both films (AoU and IM3)
Andrew I. Crocker
Andrew I. Crocker 3 anos atrás
I love that the MCU is actually starting to do this a little. Made me so happy during Endgame to hear Cap's theme
Lemonferret 3 anos atrás
I love how the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D theme plays for a while after Coulson appears, even if the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D theme only ever appears after the Avengers took place. In fact, the theme appearing here makes its appearance as the main theme of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D that much cooler.
Iiiiit's Magreta!
Iiiiit's Magreta! 3 anos atrás
As a proof of concept as opposed to a polished final product, I think this works super well. Reading some people saying it's too dynamic... isn't that, like, good?
KirtleyKhaos 3 anos atrás
This actually worked really well, great job!
Indy Studios
Indy Studios 4 anos atrás
A thing that could make an already perfect movie even better.
Nayaasa Hai
Nayaasa Hai 8 dias atrás लोहे का जिगरवाला 👌👌👍👍
Id Fv
Id Fv 2 anos atrás
Jhb vnđ phim
Legendary Niwatori
Legendary Niwatori 3 anos atrás
@Side Character Perfection is PERFECTION. By definition it is the best it can or ever will be.
Side Character
Side Character 3 anos atrás
O Justiceiro hey chill out dude
MrHaydnSir 3 anos atrás
incredible work on the synchronisation and use of the music pieces .. love it
game talk
game talk 3 anos atrás
"seems to run on some form of electricity" Still my favorite line, the way he delivers it is amazing
Bay Stitz
Bay Stitz 3 anos atrás
Omg this is all I have ever wanted for the MCU! ❤️
scott pierce
scott pierce 3 anos atrás
This movie in general is just amazing. I haven't seen it in a while and now I'm going to watch it again all the way thru.
MSR-24 4 anos atrás
the agents of shield theme gave me goosebumps!!!!, along with Iron Man's theme
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 3 anos atrás
Iron man what theme? AD/DC?
Zing Zaber
Zing Zaber 3 anos atrás
@ohifonlyx33 He used three 2013 scores and it distracted the heck out of me lol.
Gustavo Matias
Gustavo Matias 3 anos atrás
One of the best parts
ohifonlyx33 3 anos atrás
Funny, I recognized it immediately... but that theme didn't even exist until about a year later. Bear McCreary's Main Theme for AoS is almost as iconic as the main Avengers theme.
Brady Domingo
Brady Domingo 3 anos atrás
When Iron Man clicked the remote to reveal his suit! That’s the shit we need in these movies! Some music score that elevates the scene into a memorable moment that gives the audience a feeling of true awesomeness! Well done!!!👏
Shane Fussell
Shane Fussell 3 anos atrás
My favorite moment was the hulk theme coming back as he transformed, I honestly felt that really fit. If the moment he smacks the giant tube or whatever it is was timed with the music, it would’ve been even better.
anubhav deep
anubhav deep 2 anos atrás
1:46 is the bestest iron man theme of all time.
Mr. IIconic
Mr. IIconic 10 meses atrás
@buggyracer yt you too.
buggyracer yt
buggyracer yt 10 meses atrás
@Mr. IIconic you too and thanks for not arguing
Mr. IIconic
Mr. IIconic 10 meses atrás
@buggyracer yt oh. Hope your day is better
buggyracer yt
buggyracer yt 10 meses atrás
@Mr. IIconic and is isent corny just just no
buggyracer yt
buggyracer yt 10 meses atrás
@Mr. IIconic i said what i said because it was a long day
Deniz Inan
Deniz Inan 2 anos atrás
I think the main idea is really great!!! Especially Iron Man and Thor suited very well. Great editing by the way. Silvestri should have consider this as well. Just a nuance of each theme would spice up the score for sure.
Jiraiya 3 anos atrás
Am I the only one who LOVES the iron man 3 theme?
Nayaasa Hai
Nayaasa Hai 8 dias atrás लोहे का जिगरवाला 👌👌👍👍
Aidan Purkiss
Aidan Purkiss 16 dias atrás
@Zing Zaber me too
Lana Lan
Lana Lan 17 dias atrás
@CSlack true
COOLPEAK Anos atrás
Best theme in the mcu besides the avengers theme
Jiraiya Anos atrás
@The Mad Titan ily
LukeIzGaming 3 anos atrás
Characters in films (especially ones that take place in a large shared universe with many characters) really need leitmotifs (themes) that appear and reappear nearly every time they are on screen. Star Wars is an incredible example of the use of leitmotifs for not only characters, but objects and places as well.
Abe 3 anos atrás
I just want to say the editing work you did here is rather impressive!
J Mac
J Mac 3 anos atrás
Maybe they can do this in a MCU 10 year anniversary edition! Really do it justice!
Emmanuel Labeille
Emmanuel Labeille 3 anos atrás
Amazing job.I love it and especially the theme of iron man and thor.😍🔥👏
Hector Caballero
Hector Caballero 4 anos atrás
Very good experiment! The leitmotif continuity would be a dream come true, but it needs to be done in a way similar to Hans Zimmer's work in Batman v Superman. He doesn't change the entire music out of a sudden, instead he just added some melodies that we could relate to either Batman or Supes. Whether it was the piano from Man of Steel's soundtrack or the new theme Junkie XL composed for Batman, the background music would often tell you who was the main focus of a certain scene.
High Q
High Q 3 anos atrás
Hector Caballero did u just try to compare DC to Marvel. Why would u try to recommend something from a shity movie to something as successful as Marvel even if it is music. thats like a poor guy giving advice to a billionaire on how to get rich.
Mike Bliss
Mike Bliss 3 anos atrás
I might literally pay good money to watch the entire MCU canon re-edited like this.
M AE23
M AE23 4 dias atrás
I like thors reaction to finally seeing the hulk 😅 like thor has fought many beast before but seeing this hulk is something he's never went up against and actually surprised him as if he kinda knew what to expect but completely threw him off 😆
Treadstone71 3 anos atrás
Now, this is a movie I want to see. Incredible work!
Mr. Fizzle
Mr. Fizzle 3 anos atrás
Interesting video, but I think people underestimate the importance of non-melodic composing and use of silence. IMO the Hulk scenes are much more powerful with an eerie silence.
The Ponderer
The Ponderer 4 anos atrás
I think the Thor theme comes in way too early. I’d let the original music play until Mjolnir is in his hand.
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 2 anos atrás
Saroj Limbu
Saroj Limbu 3 anos atrás
@Decapitationtrain i
Evan 3 anos atrás
​@Jo Not really. Thor's main theme was used for badass Thor moments multiple times in the first film and it worked perfectly. Immigrant song would stick out like a sore thumb.
Jo 3 anos atrás
Thor theme doesnt work because, well it is Asgard theme . Immigrant song would have worked better.
Evan 3 anos atrás
Also, should have used Doyle's Thor theme. That's the original.
Adi Sajwan
Adi Sajwan 3 anos atrás
I wish we had cameos from the agents of shield in the marvel movies as much as we do the movies in the show. It'd be a nice reward for keeping up with the show.
Blaise Dahl
Blaise Dahl 3 anos atrás
I think a big part of this idea works really well. here are a few things I noticed 1. In some moments when we're switching between characters in from shot to shot, the theme music change is a bit too abrupt. 2. If only we could regain those precious sound effects/foley audio, it would make everything seem more natural, rather than just bringing down the original volume to cover the original music. I really like this concept, and with some tweaks this could gain more popularity/awareness.
Traxathon 3 anos atrás
y'know, it really fits with the theme of the movie. on the helicarrier, they're working as individuals. separated, doing their own thing, some working against the others. so the individual themes are playing. it's only after coulsen's death that they work as a team, as a single unit. so the avengers theme plays during new york. food for thought
#Amateur-Madman 3 anos atrás
It’s great at some spots. Like when Iron Man was about to suit up, that was a great little break in the music to put in his theme.
71775926 4 anos atrás
This would make more sense if the leitmotifs were taken from movies (and TV shows) that were released before the Avengers was. But, yes. This idea of musical continuity absolutely needs to be a thing. It's galling to think Kevin Feige ran such a tight ship for the MCU but completely neglected the music aspect of it. It's disgraceful that even after a dozen MCU films, Iron Man's theme still did not feature once in Spider-man: Homecoming.
Nayaasa Hai
Nayaasa Hai 8 dias atrás लोहे का जिगरवाला 👌👌👍👍
Jackson 3 anos atrás
Selina Kyle bruh
Iris 3 anos atrás
K Jeezy
K Jeezy 3 anos atrás
I think I would get tired of hearing the same scores over and over again
Jackson 3 anos atrás
Theres definitely a lot more musical continuity than there was before, but I think its harder for composers to reuse themes in the MCU. Especially with the amount of composers they've hired over the years, and each composer wanting to add their own influence on each film, it's getting increasingly harder to establish a firm musical continuity. That being said, it's not like it's nonexistent. Theres actually a lot of continuity if you really study the music. I just think its an unfair comparison to compare MCU music with the only other franchise that comes to mind in terms of music, which is Star Wars.
Mylar 3 anos atrás
This was amazing. And I know it wasn't technically part of the MCU, but I was secretly hoping you'd sneak in a little Danny Elfman's 2003 Hulk in there. ;)
Yormp Birdhouse
Yormp Birdhouse 3 anos atrás
Gotta love Leitmotifs. This was actually pretty good. Maybe some spots don’t fit with what was going on itself, but overall, great job. Some abrupt changes took away from the moment, other than that. I rate 6.5/10. Mostly because it’s better than a 6/10.
I mean it when i say you've matched john williams with a star wars film! With how beautifully you've webbed all these themes together! Bravo! Would love to see more scenes from ultron civil war and infinity war 💖
BobbyBoucher31 3 anos atrás
I like how the scene plays out with Hulks theme. Makes it that much more suspenseful
MiniLogan 3 anos atrás
I had a similar thought for infinity war. Led zeplin playing when Thor lands in wakanda I feel would've had such an immersive effect on that scene.
Charlie Morris
Charlie Morris 3 anos atrás
Something like this would really add to moments like Thor fighting hulk. If their themes battled for dominance as they fought on screen, it would’ve really upped the level of engagement from the viewer imo. Awesome idea!
ramzezsandoval 3 anos atrás
My favorite one was the Iron Man 3 theme when he reveals the suit. Absolutely one of my favorite themes of the entire MCU
Dr Nebulae
Dr Nebulae 2 anos atrás
I still come and watch this now and again due to how this could work if professionals had the same idea, especially giving each Hero their own spotlight theme for a certain scene for them. It looks great here but that's 15 mins out of a 2h movie. So If you imagine each of these themes but spread out in movie length, then editing skills on top, even the most subtle of inclusion of the iconic tones for each Hero's scene, I think it would be brilliant to watch.
Capt Grovesy
Capt Grovesy 3 anos atrás
13:47 the issue i had with Avengers is how Loki was holding down that button for over 5 minutes for that cell to hit the ground
Kevin Bui
Kevin Bui 3 anos atrás
I like how Steve fired his gun like a WW2 soldier, attention to detail lol
Frank Montilla
Frank Montilla 3 anos atrás
this is a MASTERPIECE! im amazed! great job!
James Lo
James Lo 3 anos atrás
Marvel has definitely improved there music in the later years, but this is on another level.
Gui Caldo
Gui Caldo 4 anos atrás
This was amazing, obviously, but as a MCU fanboy, I still feel the need to point out that the Iron Man, Thor and Agents of SHIELD themes you used didn't exst yet at the time, so something like this wouldn't have been possible. I understand your decision to use the more catchy and recognizable themes, though, even though I'm a huge fan of Ramin Djawadi's "Driving with the top down". Amazing job!
Simon Wivell
Simon Wivell 3 anos atrás
Hulk’s theme really works in this scene and when combined with Thor’s theme it is awesome
Spoinky 3 anos atrás
This is really good I wish the actual movie was like this
Ryuku Jordison
Ryuku Jordison 3 anos atrás
i thought this was going to be like a side by side comparisson, it's almost unoticeable lol, but here sounds more accurate to the characters and their action, sounds more fluid, 10/10
Cel TV
Cel TV 3 anos atrás
I think it was good for the introduction of the characters, but continuing the themes at different times just makes it sound chaotic at times.
Bob Snel
Bob Snel 3 anos atrás
Weird. The score suddenly works against the action, making it feel like a bloated tv-episode. Thanks for showing the importance of the right music at the right moment. Good work.
ShortyGotSauce 3 anos atrás
I'm just amazed at how easy it was for them to pretty much take out the helicarrier
Nathan Leschke
Nathan Leschke 3 anos atrás
The magic really did happen. That has to be one of the greatest edits I've ever seen!
Mojam Khan
Mojam Khan 2 anos atrás
When I see avengers it's feet like it's ending so early & always expected more action. ♥️♥️♥️
Ayman Rahman
Ayman Rahman 4 anos atrás
I felt like in the real scene, Captain America only got his theme played because Alan wrote his
Danoofaz 3 anos atrás
No I didn’t? Edit: Shit I now realize I’m not using my “Alan” account
Zing Zaber
Zing Zaber 3 anos atrás
They had him there and didn't need to pay another composer so makes sense.
Shakeel Thomas
Shakeel Thomas 3 anos atrás
Not gonna lie this is good, all it need is a good way to mesh each theme seamlessly and it will be close to perfect
GroundMemory 3 anos atrás
I love that you added the Agents of Shield theme for Coulson. Very nice touch.
Sean Morton
Sean Morton 3 anos atrás
While the individual themes would have to be recomposed into one piece, the general concept works really well. Especially at this point in the movie, where each of them were working together, but were not yet a team. This would work especially well if they did this throughout the movie until the final battle, where they would finally play each of the individual themes leading up to the main Avengers Theme. However, here we are, with what we have, and I'm fine with that.
Tyler Bradfield
Tyler Bradfield 3 anos atrás
This was really cool! I was praying you'd use the iron man 3 theme, and then when Tony goes to suit up... Badass!
Mr. ShyRyHud
Mr. ShyRyHud 3 anos atrás
It's been some time since I've watched this film, I find it interesting that they had Black Widow recovering herself emotionally after she gets knocked over by Hulk. Usually, in these movies, big traumatizing things happen and then it's no big deal right afterward. It is too bad these things don't get sprinkled in more often
Yasin Rodoy
Yasin Rodoy 3 anos atrás
Good Job 👍🏽 for doin it without raw media etc. really good The main idea made me watch the video, cause I thought about exactly the same once before... the continuing themes for each appearance of characters reminded me of GOT, where Ramin Djawadi did exactly this for each house/character , and did a great job with it... I think they did thought about the idea at marvel studios. would be interesting to hear Kevin Feiges answer to this topic...
Tom Macrossan
Tom Macrossan 3 anos atrás
Yeah, imagine if the biggest franchise on earth could discover the concept of a leitmotif
MrJedabak 3 anos atrás
2:32 that brief moment works so, so much better with the Incredible Hulk theme.
Isaac Wells
Isaac Wells 3 anos atrás
Hearing The Incredible Hulk theme gave me chills.
kdoty 3 anos atrás
Awesome idea and well done on the video! But it's better the way it was, sometimes it's awesome such as when Iron Man was activating his suit, but other times it gets way too chaotic and ruins the flow of the movie.
fireball111121 3 anos atrás
Captain America had probably one of my absolute favorite themes in his first movie. There's a lot of thing Marvel films do well. Music scores is one of it's weakest areas BY FAR. They seem to recognize the importance of the Avenger's theme, but if each individual hero had their own theme that they could use, mix and play with properly, it would help the movies be even better. But other than Avengers, no character really has their own theme that is instantly recognizable. Maybe Spiderman, but honestly only the part that repeats some of the classic theme for me.
Daniel Maluenda
Daniel Maluenda 3 anos atrás
Good job on the video. I personally still enjoy the original scene, but it was a good idea.
Carn0 3 anos atrás
That would be pretty good! The Iron Man theme is stuck in my head, last time it was stuck in my head the year was 2013 and I came home from the theatre after seeing Iron Man 3.
Andrew Goldsmith
Andrew Goldsmith 3 anos atrás
It would have been so coo if they did the scene this way, with the separate themes playing while they all fight each other, and then when they all united at the Battle of New York, the Avengers theme would play, thematically showing now they are unified.
王敬文 3 anos atrás
It's a bit overwhelming cause you used it in almost every shot, but true, they should definitely repeat the themes in key cinematic moments. They kinda did that in IW while introducing wakanda and the guardians tho, and it was pretty spot on. Hope they do it more in the future.
David O'Donoghue
David O'Donoghue 3 anos atrás
I didn't even know I wanted the AOS theme in this until I heard it, it should have been in Age of Ultron and hopefully it'll be in future movies. Here's hoping it may be hinted at in Captain Marvel!
Simeon Harris
Simeon Harris 3 anos atrás
there's a lot to be said for maintaining thematic continuity and i definitely think it's something that marvel really dropped the ball on, especially as they were probably always planning on films with multiple characters. there's one moment in infinity war, where we get a few bars of the wakanda theme as they fly in and it works really well. good effort on this vid though, i can't imagine how much time it took you to put together, but i think it would have to be handled a little more works really well in some scenes, but not others. and i still get a laugh when hulk grabs the guy ejecting from the plane!
FreemanC17 3 anos atrás
okay i got legit goosebumps when i heard the melody for Agents of Shield
SpFlash1523 Anos atrás
Same. It sounds so good.
Aussious07 3 anos atrás
Wow it’s like a different movie, it works in animation I don’t see why it wouldn’t in live action. Great work dude salute!
DethroneME 3 anos atrás
This is definitely one thing the DC movies have over the MCU. Its one of the reasons why that Captain America reveal in Infinity War was so effective.
PrinceJarming 3 anos atrás
Fun experiment, and a lot of moments do work, main problem being given how bombastic superhero themes tend to be you run into the Michael Bay problem where you give too many moments that high impact effect that they just drown each other out and it all feels empty. Obviously you're kinda limited to what YOU can do by just editing in the themes but if they were to repeat themes for characters I'd pick out a particular melody out of the individual tracks and make a more subdued leitmotif out of it so you have something that represents every individual character when they're on screen then only use the full themes for specific "epic" moments for each character
David Triphon
David Triphon 4 anos atrás
The music feels way too, ... dynamic? It just feels abrupt and takes me out of the moment every time the music changes. I think it would have been better if little melodies were kept for characters, but certainly not entire swaths of a musical score.
Blacktizo king
Blacktizo king 2 anos atrás
Killer123ofs 3 anos atrás
@Connor Ellis Music The original MCU themes from 2008 fit perfectly well in 2019 because the tone is similar, unlike Danny Elfman's themes that have a very different intention that the DCEU do, so your point is wrong
@Ths1derfl lyph man, in this case you don't have to be interpretive and try to guess what this guy tried to do, 'cause he said that on the title... so it's not a really worthy viewpoint saing that he tried to experiment a new style to make scenes more suitable or more horrific (full of emotion in general), 'cause if you ever study cinematography and acting, if there's an obstacle or a distraction that draws you out of the context with continuous spoilings and pins it just makes the rest difficult to follow and less interesting, like tiring and odd. And I can't even say that he did a good supposition or job with the mixing, 'cause he didn't.
Ths1derfl lyph
Ths1derfl lyph 3 anos atrás
One could argue that the aburpt sudden tone shifts only adds to what the film makers tried to convay to us. What they should have gone for becuse the purpose of this scene was to show how disjointed the avengers are as a team at this point in the beginning. I love how compared to all the others theme Hulks seems the most like a horror theme ONLY furthermore establishing in great detail what Natasha feels at that very moment. Pure fear! Zero control of the situation something shes not use to. The music really made it seem like her life was in danger. It cascades into other aspects of there relationship. If you really think about it.
patsfreak 11 meses atrás
This is something Marvel has gotten a lot better about. The musical cues in What If especially have been on point.
Angel C.
Angel C. 3 anos atrás
I really wish they would stay consistent with their character themes. Cap's theme is so amazing.
Jamie O'Hare
Jamie O'Hare 3 anos atrás
The iron man suit scene with the music was good, the hulk transformation scene no music was necessary as it is supposed to create tension. All together, this scene is supposed to divide the avengers and the character specific themes creates a sense of individuality, but the mix and match, and constant switching of music creates a cluster in a scene which should be a straightforward plot device
Gojirawars 03
Gojirawars 03 3 anos atrás
As someone who is a huge fan of musical consistency in movies, this made me so happy! Thank you so much! You even used the Dark World theme for Thor and the Iron Man 3 Theme for Tony! Well done!
Matt 3 anos atrás
This could work better if the changes were more subtle.There’s a way to have motifs of each character’s themes flow in a piece without overpowering the scene. The Nerdwriter did a video on the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings that I think explains my point a lot better.
Matthew Bancks
Matthew Bancks 3 anos atrás
This just reminds me of how much I love the original hulk theme
SpFlash1523 Anos atrás
Especially 2:15 - 3:10
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