If Social Media Hosted A Party

Ryan George
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My intention with that "temporary ban" bit of the video isn't to call for full-on censorship. That's nuts. I was trying (and I guess failing) to express that those weird "12-hour suspensions" that Twitter does, literally don't do anything. They've performative-- so that they can then say they're doing something about disinformation.

I can see how making fun of temporary bans could imply that permanent bans were the go-to solution, and I could have been clearer in writing that bit. The point is: I don't know what the solution is to the very complicated issue of disinformation, but time-outs aren't it- and I wanted to poke fun at that. Next video will be about farts or something.

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2 Set 2021



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Ryan George
Ryan George Mês atrás
*For some reason BRvid won't let Sheets & Giggles leave their usual comment, so here's a note from them:* Hi there hello 👋 it’s Sheets & Giggles™, the company advertising on this social media video. We made a Ryan-themed landing page at where you can get 10% off everything S&G! If you’re feeling sad, we actually *can* help with that - getting 3-4 uninterrupted REM cycles nightly can help your body heal and grow, and improve your daily mood and energy! Our Eucalyptus Lyocell sheets and comforters help keep you cool and dry throughout the night, so you can sleep deeper and toss and turn less. Even better, our sheets’ fabric is made from renewably grown wood in a closed-loop process, so they don’t destroy the environment or shed microplastics like polyester sheets. In fact, we also saw Ryan’s recent video about the trees, you know, on fire… and figured someone should do something. So aside from the sustainability of our fabric itself, we also plant a tree somewhere that needs reforestation on behalf of every customer. That’s over 50,000 trees planted in the US or Canada so far in under 3 years of business! If you love S&G, tell your friends, tell your family. Or in other words… _engage_ - the S&G team
Mepsie Mopar
Mepsie Mopar 6 dias atrás
Hi hello there 👋 some guy paid me a small amount of money to say this on this comment section so your viral reply won't be pinned here today. K bye.
the mysterious
the mysterious Mês atrás
@Sheets & Giggles do you ship to India?
DucksFor4 Mês atrás
Rucker park legend
Rucker park legend Mês atrás
I also think "the first guy to make a boat" could be interesting thing.
Loke Mês atrás
Not gonna lie this the most tempted I’ve ever been to order a sponsor
mrmicro22 Dia atrás
Disinformation is an Orwellian term. Sometimes it means inaccurate, sometimes it means misleading, sometimes it means unpopular. How did we get along without this term for so long?
Matt Finish
Matt Finish 2 dias atrás
The problem with the whole disinformation thing is that the peaple of power and running the social media set them shelves up as the all knowing judge of the truth. Sure there is bad information out there but If they don't like your politics or beliefs they remove, ban or attack you for it. Everyone has an agenda these days, especially the news and social media platforms.
josh bannink
josh bannink 2 dias atrás
This is all so true though 😂
Ian Ashmore
Ian Ashmore 3 dias atrás
It's too infuriating to laugh about.
Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson 3 dias atrás
First guy to dance!!
TheGamerAdrian 3 dias atrás
Facebook, instagram, and twitter are using fact-checkers to fraudulently censor conservatives. Even jokes. It is truly orwellian how much they lie. And we are sick of democrats being corrupt, crushing freedom and promoting degeneracy. So, save the world, vote right-wing
Veto Bandito
Veto Bandito 3 dias atrás
Another comedian advocating for privatized censorship xD that's funny
Bazargidargus 4 dias atrás
Tomorrow we rise lol 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂
karen norman
karen norman 4 dias atrás
me: fast forwarding when the ad starts the adstronaut: im the ads
Brad Heff
Brad Heff 4 dias atrás
Paweł Wolnicki
Paweł Wolnicki 4 dias atrás
better if he left and they kept his Data ;)
ftd888 4 dias atrás
Excellent points. And there’s absolutely no way that censoring disinformation could go wrong or be corrupted. We could even create an organization to monitor this disinformation…maybe like a ministry. What about the Ministry of Truth? Sound good?
Nick U
Nick U 4 dias atrás
I mean, there are ideas that are objectively false. Facebook can, in fact, just remove posts encouraging people to drink bleach or take Ivermectin. There’s absolutely no reason for a third party or a government “ministry of truth”. Imagine thinking your comment being removed by the private company that gave you the platform to begin with was like 1984. Lol
superman_KalEL 5 dias atrás
That was a nice party going on here
spikedwk 5 dias atrás
I agree, anyone that disagrees with me should be banned from social media. That being said I expect Ryan to voluntarily remove himself from all social media, including BRvid, becuase I disagree with him.
Daniel's Corner
Daniel's Corner 5 dias atrás
you could get on Gab, they don't sell your info.
Sounds Channel
Sounds Channel 5 dias atrás
Reminds me of pewdiepies racism who lost his contract with disney and youtube account shut down just to be let back in and gained up to 100 million subs despite spouting far right culture and one fan started a mass shooting in nz mosque
Rylo 704
Rylo 704 6 dias atrás
The guy screaming disinformation should have said the 2020 election was rigged by China and also that the 2016 was rigged by Russia.
Mared83 6 dias atrás
Nice BLUE shirt
12vscience 6 dias atrás
How come the big fish get to say something and nothing happens to them but if a small fish repeats it they get harsh treatment?
HamadaGaming 7 dias atrás
Ah, Addstraunot never gets old gets me every time!
ben ivinson
ben ivinson 8 dias atrás
When you let antifa in the party
Changer 8 dias atrás
The biggest issue with trying to stop misinformation is figuring out who is allowed to say what is or is not misinformation. Sometimes it's really easy to tell when something is misinformation, but quite often it feels like something is labeled as misinformation, and then 3-4 months later it comes out as being true. Clearly our system for figuring out who's telling the truth or not needs some more work.
the Q&A
the Q&A 9 dias atrás
There should have been someone saying obviously true things who actually got kicked out of the party.
Jeffrey Droog
Jeffrey Droog 9 dias atrás
100% of social media "businesses" about getting people to use their social media apps and websites.After that,the concern of good or bad is out the window.
WorldBeater123 10 dias atrás
Actually, social media deserves a censorship video. That’s far more dangerous.
Lukrezia Laval
Lukrezia Laval 10 dias atrás
Nice detail on 2:14 :)
Yevki 10 dias atrás
“I haven’t been in your aunt’s bathroom for weeks” Wait, what?
Shock Shock
Shock Shock 11 dias atrás
Your social media sketches are so on-point! I left the scrolly ones a few weeks ago because sadness awareness month was coming up. Now I fill my days watching BRvid videos and checking the fridge... I do feel better though.
Matthew Tratz
Matthew Tratz 11 dias atrás
Social media needs to get out of the dis-information policing. Too many times in the last year their "fact checkers" were completely wrong or mis-information themselves.
Alexander Zamani
Alexander Zamani 12 dias atrás
That ending.. when it's supposed to be a joke not a horrifying reflection of yourself!
Tom Lis
Tom Lis 12 dias atrás
I don't understand why people are DEMANDING censorship now.
PatrickPaul1203 12 dias atrás
This sketch is basically what today’s headlines are about with Facebook. A whistleblower said what we all knew and Ryan was able to make humorous I’m pretty that means Ryan wins, not sure what but definitely means he wins
jimv1983 12 dias atrás
That really is a good analogy for social media. It's a private party. Follow the rules of the host of the party or you aren't invited.
Justin Ashbrook
Justin Ashbrook 13 dias atrás
Not loving that this is pro censorship
evilbunny7603 13 dias atrás
Look what you started 🤣
Chris-Adebayo Palmer
Chris-Adebayo Palmer 13 dias atrás
Who is here after the Facebook whistle blower?
Bargins Galore
Bargins Galore 13 dias atrás
Interesting that the person allegedly planing something violent says tomorrow in an American way but the person complaining says tomorrow in a Canadian way
BBTManiac 13 dias atrás
"85% of doctors bathe with plugged in toasters" Not wrong... I'm sure about 15% of doctors unplug their toasters in the kitchen after using them. Seems like a reasonable statistic
Paul Petersen
Paul Petersen 13 dias atrás
I haven't been in your aunt's bathroom in weeks.
ImAEpicCoderGaming 14 dias atrás
This was pretty based
Kaden Young
Kaden Young 15 dias atrás
I didnt realize until the third watch that the background is just the sims
Charlie Chuckleberry
Charlie Chuckleberry 15 dias atrás
They should've had some dude named Alex show up saying, "They are turning the frogs gay." Just to show the over reaction of kicking him out permanently.
vike 15 dias atrás
Wow you are pro censorship....
K rook
K rook 16 dias atrás
Censorship sucks. No matter who gets censored.
Doron kleiner
Doron kleiner 16 dias atrás
As a fellow canadian, you compatriots make me sick how you feel you can decide what peope whould be allowed to say. Mind your own fucking business and just rolls your eyes at the shit you don't agree with and move on with your life. stop trying to control others. "the greater good" is inherently tied to "i was just following orders" BTW, some of your sketches are very funny
John M
John M 18 dias atrás
Deleting my facebook account was the best thing I ever did.
DMPawn 18 dias atrás
Quitting facebook and twitter (the only social media I used) in December has completely turned my life around. If you're thinking you might be better off without it, trust me, you are.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 18 dias atrás
3:41 *hol up*
Joey O.
Joey O. 18 dias atrás
I dunno... why are people on Facebook, Twitter, etc. treated as if they must live up to journalistic standards but EVERYWHERE ELSE IN LIFE we can just say what we want and somebody just goes, "Nah, that's not true." Nobody has to get "held accountable" or be canceled or anything. Reasonable? Or am I already too old for a world that thinks the 1st amendment is "outdated"?
Centuri Capital
Centuri Capital 18 dias atrás
The accuracy...
ColeOfficial 18 dias atrás
I like the sims backround
JJSmith Lago
JJSmith Lago 18 dias atrás
Remember the good old days when we just blamed people rather than their right to speak freely?
Tuxified Art
Tuxified Art 19 dias atrás
Good job completely missing the point. It's already too strict. Make it less strict not more strict
n h [1st bonked Apostle of Vivian Voss]
Those were alot of words just to tell people to drink bleach
purple gaming
purple gaming 20 dias atrás
Social media company: ok his Adress is 1726 Mapple street Eveyone: hey you can't give people my personal info Social media company: oh I can it was on the invitation in the fine print did you read it cause you said you did Everyone: .....damit
Austin Williamson
Austin Williamson 21 dia atrás
“Did ya read the fine print” Yeah that kinda scares me haha
chad corrado
chad corrado 21 dia atrás
Am I the only one who realized that's gotta be SIMS in the background???
Caprice 1988
Caprice 1988 21 dia atrás
where was the taliban
Cognitive Dissident
Cognitive Dissident 21 dia atrás
Thank god Mark and Jack are here to keep us all safe from ourselves. It's for our own good, of course. "Some people" might be too stupid to believe what we do.
nic thomas
nic thomas 22 dias atrás
Yay censorship that's what good guys do
nintendo fan
nintendo fan 22 dias atrás
this guys underated
Willy Nymbus
Willy Nymbus 24 dias atrás
Ross Tully
Ross Tully 25 dias atrás
The criticism of social media is reasonable but to pretend that they are not being active enough in shutting down free speech is ridiculous.
ScipioAfricanusI 26 dias atrás
I do appreciate that Ryan George is a very good comedian and I generally really enjoy his videos. However, this was a call for private censorship. Respectfully, I disagree with giving the power to prohibit speech without a legal means of redress/challenge or implementation. The internet is the modern public square and free speech is precious. It restriction should only be made under the color of law. After all, when a crime is committed the phone company is not held liable for any conversations made over it to plan a crime. That is proper.
The Host
The Host 26 dias atrás
I haven't had a social media page in over 10 years. Ive never been happier.
cory6266 26 dias atrás
People with an internal monologue don't need white noise to fill the empty space, because there is none. So, regular social media users are just NPCs, barely sapient.
jmc28J17 26 dias atrás
This one isn't funny, and I have laughed my ass off at Ryan's other vids. This just proves social media is shit. Also, it is not everyone else's fault that the common person is stupid that will fall for stupid comments, and actually go through with them. Basically, do your own research and don't be ignorant.
jmc28J17 26 dias atrás
Then again, most people are sheep and fall for fake news on a daily basis lmao
jdfree49 26 dias atrás
Gets harder and harder to watch Ryan when you realize how left-wing he is. His perception of social media censorship is very, very different from what it would be if he wasn't.
Kai Park
Kai Park 27 dias atrás
i love the sims background lol
Kai Park
Kai Park 27 dias atrás
TheMaleRei 27 dias atrás
"Tomorrow we *rise!"* "That guy just said 'Tomorrow we rise'!" "That's okay, he's a Fed honeypot." "Wait, what?"
JA Rahman
JA Rahman 27 dias atrás
His mother’s maidens’ name is…
Mr creeper barış
Mr creeper barış 27 dias atrás
69 xd
aazhie 27 dias atrás
Joe Dominguez
Joe Dominguez 27 dias atrás
Your ads are the best...only ads I ever watch..."I haven't been at your aunt's house in weeks" lmao...I'm dead
LabradorIndependent 28 dias atrás
ʸ ᵉ ᵃ ʰ ᵉ ⁿ ᵍ ᵃ ᵍ ᵉ
Todd Blackmon
Todd Blackmon 28 dias atrás
Its official, Ryan George's glare as he declares, "Yeah, engage," is one of the most unsettling things I've ever seen.... By the way, why doesn't everyone stop using social media (unless for business purposes, I get that)? Twitter especially.... "hey guys, make sure your thoughts are so short and shallow that people can understand them- because we won't facilitate the means to add anything beyond that." How the hell did 90's texting sweep the nation again?
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez 12 dias atrás
if everyone stopped using social media, why would business want it?
lebensraummetal 28 dias atrás
the mainstream media says just as dangerous and untrue things all the time..
Lego Gonk Droid
Lego Gonk Droid 28 dias atrás
Hey I heard this guy got shot on maple street
Mike Dub
Mike Dub 28 dias atrás
Still funny, but don’t think we should be encouraging censorship. Not gonna end well for the people.
Deepgreenbear 28 dias atrás
so yeah.. GAB LOL!
Moose Modifire
Moose Modifire 28 dias atrás
" his address is 3742 Maple St-"
John Gondek
John Gondek 29 dias atrás
He’s the only BRvidr that has me laughing and watching the adds 😂
Burnt Toast Space Girlfriend
Indiscriminate censorship 🎉🎊🎈
Akompliss Akompliss
Akompliss Akompliss 29 dias atrás
Or we could just stop protecting stupid people to keep them alive? Oh you think drinking drain cleaner is a good idea, might be fun? Go for it.
Guy on Grass
Guy on Grass Mês atrás
Ant the man
Ant the man Mês atrás
Dam I presssed a button a lot Hi It really lets you press it forever Wow this is very long Gg This is getting boring Nobody even gon see it Mm M MF DOOM iS rlly good Ur mom Aight bye 👋
U made me read it all
Super Fire 64 Gaming
If some random person on the internet is saying things, and then a thing on the message says "this is probably not great" and you do it who's fault was that?
Manicca Mês atrás
Summarised "Please censor everything I disagree with. Thank you."
John palmer
John palmer Mês atrás
Bathing with toasters is tight
2B Mês atrás
Way to advocate censorship and stepping on 1A
Richard Mahn
Richard Mahn Mês atrás
Sorry, but Ryan George is showing his lack if understanding of how it is wise to question science even when it comes to the pandemic. We do need to hear why the vaccine is not the holy grail and understand more and more the harmful effects rather than letting Facebook and others sensor us.
The TonyMks
The TonyMks Mês atrás
It's a long time since the last time I have seen a video without seeing OwO comment
Kev Lew
Kev Lew Mês atrás
I uh... I should deactivate my Twitter account immediately, shouldn't I?
Matt James
Matt James Mês atrás
1:35 is accurately haunting. Thanks for the future nightmares.
GrymReefer 420
GrymReefer 420 Mês atrás
That “fake” address is creepily close to mine lol
Hadu Mês atrás
Oh adstroanate. Only ad I watch
Timo Menz
Timo Menz Mês atrás
3:40 had me dead xD
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