If insects had to introduce themselves.

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Yea so they're basically just organic killing machines.
Oddwin - 8.16.18

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Comentários 100
gamehead Mosby
gamehead Mosby 18 minutos atrás
Wasp: what have i done to you
chocolateGiddyup 19 minutos atrás
"It's coming for me!!" Dead
Rygester 23 minutos atrás
“Be careful around those flowers tho, I heard they can be crazy” Rip my boy bumblebee, he tried to spread that pollen.
Dankzel 2
Dankzel 2 36 minutos atrás
2:16 💀💀💀💀
MVP Mal 37 minutos atrás
Wasp are literally just thugs
Darius Feliz
Darius Feliz Hora atrás
The zoom ins 😂
Darius Feliz
Darius Feliz Hora atrás
Im actually hype 😂
Brendan Thomas
Brendan Thomas Hora atrás
This needs a part 2
【deejay from apple】
Human: *Exists* Wasp: Aight NIGGA, this .44 finna go off
j Hora atrás
Joseph Crawford
Joseph Crawford 2 horas atrás
2:35 when my mom hittin me with the belt
Eternity Star
Eternity Star 3 horas atrás
The wasp should be the mosquito
Meredith Clark
Meredith Clark 3 horas atrás
I don’t know why I found this so goddamn hilarious, but this is a blessing to the world.
falken-punch 4 horas atrás
Come errr
Nikko lasu
Nikko lasu 6 horas atrás
PrettyBead WithaK
PrettyBead WithaK 8 horas atrás
I liked the reference to the video about plants.
Lancer boi14
Lancer boi14 10 horas atrás
Wasp: WOW hold on, is that a huma- Observe! Everyone:•-•
cyp 10 horas atrás
Caracal Lover12
Caracal Lover12 10 horas atrás
The wasp thing true ash😂😂😂🐝🐝🐝
Gisselle Johnson
Gisselle Johnson 10 horas atrás
Nah, but where the roaches at?
Anastasia Pastel
Anastasia Pastel 11 horas atrás
A wasp stung me for no reason once... So that's true af.
Diarmid O'Connor
Diarmid O'Connor 11 horas atrás
Such a hack ass nigga
The Architect Of The Hounds
I feel like I would be the wasp in this svenario its just so straight up and honest sbout itself lol.
s0lga 12 horas atrás
Lol Wasp and USA have alot in common
Infinity 1
Infinity 1 12 horas atrás
Actually wasps are incredibly beneficial to agriculture. They protect plants by keeping caterpillars and insect to a low. They have a bad name but they do more good than harm.
schoolscooter 13 horas atrás
*o* *b* *s* *e* *r* *v* *e*
Ishtube23 16 horas atrás
A lot of people say I’m annoying but I’m actually HELLA HYPE lmao genius
Kyro Conure
Kyro Conure 20 horas atrás
*doodoo water*
Ifa-Druid 21 hora atrás
Wasps are the serial killers of the insects.
Tazmanian Devil
Tazmanian Devil 22 horas atrás
Really a bug orientation
Insta Crush
Insta Crush Dia atrás
*Literally DooDoo Water*
Beatriz’s Vlog Channel
You come up with creative ideas but there so dumb...(I still like it tho) :)
Kitty Mittens
Kitty Mittens Dia atrás
Not an insect, but the homo sapien is both useless and harmful to the environment
Gia Favis
Gia Favis Dia atrás
im michael with a b
Alex Riofrio
Alex Riofrio Dia atrás
Doo-doo water
ro onion
ro onion Dia atrás
Well fly, DOO what ya gotta DOO. Don't listen to them haters. You DOO you.
ZCS Dave
ZCS Dave Dia atrás
Can we have an insect review lol
Cash0311 Dia atrás
1:12 Who’s ever said that?
Cash0311 Dia atrás
This is amazing.
Offord Family
Offord Family Dia atrás
Observe 🔪
Jonathan Waites
Jonathan Waites Dia atrás
Jonathan Waites
Jonathan Waites Dia atrás
I’ll go out of my way. If I see somebody....imma hurt em
Char Sharman
Char Sharman Dia atrás
Actually, wasps pollinate too! Funny vid though!
Robert Owens
Robert Owens Dia atrás
Forgot the yellow jacket. Extremely aggressive, will chase you down to sting you, without provocation
Whatwhat Thuglifewith
Mosquito,where you at?
Jesse Dia atrás
You can just tell Caleb was stung by a wasp just before making this
2Coop 4U
2Coop 4U Dia atrás
1:11 So this is proof that there is a CalebCity BRvid Universe. Cant wait for the team up clip.
FknParker Dia atrás
Chuck E Cheese
Chuck E Cheese Dia atrás
this is basically a superhero interview but with bugs and its a group interview.
Ess B
Ess B Dia atrás
Pure comedy😂💀
Dalton Brown
Dalton Brown Dia atrás
2:20 "I saw you were over here minding your business" XD
2:34 *when yo mom whoop you for lying:* 💀💀💀💀
shihoblade Dia atrás
Watch out for them flowers for real. Some of them want meat!
TheSeñorPapaya Dia atrás
I'm a Wasp, and *I like to hurt people* Everyone stares in his direction in fear
Auys Dia atrás
While watching this, a literal fly flew into my eye. wtf.
The Florida Bros
The Florida Bros Dia atrás
I am a serious nature nerd, and this is definetely both humerus and true.
Outspoken Detachment
Outspoken Detachment 2 dias atrás
Aaaaa! This was made on my Birthday, this makes me happy 🤣
Creamofthecrop 2 dias atrás
doo doo water.
Tjacks 4201
Tjacks 4201 2 dias atrás
Wasp: “I’ll go out of my way to hurt people for no reason” Human: *walks by* Wasp: OBsErve 😂😂😂😂
Indigo Johnson
Indigo Johnson 2 dias atrás
"Is there supposed to be a spider here?" Me as a bumble bee: *Oh hell no*
KALVIN BENTLEY 2 dias atrás
Bro the reference abt the plant wanting to eat meat from his old episode
vast wealthy
vast wealthy 2 dias atrás
It sounded like the wasp whooped him
Sleepyhead Productions
he got stung by a wasp and got hella mad then made this video
Amaya Fernandez
Amaya Fernandez 2 dias atrás
jake kendig
jake kendig 2 dias atrás
Yooooo this fuckin hilarious
Widget Midget
Widget Midget 2 dias atrás
*lmaooo I'm literally a wasp*
Jkila25 2 dias atrás
Can definitely make a part two lol
HalcyonSerenade 2 dias atrás
Dragonflies eat wasps :D
jonathan jaimes
jonathan jaimes 2 dias atrás
Wasp’s definitely wear black air forces
iNfamos Wordz
iNfamos Wordz 2 dias atrás
Wasps like to hurt ppl not even self defense they just like to hurt ppl..... Inuendo much?
um cara Qualquer
um cara Qualquer 2 dias atrás
blasianFMA 2 dias atrás
"literal doo doo water" instant subscribe. thx.
Kijjuan Reid
Kijjuan Reid 2 dias atrás
Should added cockroaches
Gamer Tigrex
Gamer Tigrex 2 dias atrás
Lol you should get with hard stop lucas
Meme Queen
Meme Queen 2 dias atrás
DOO DOO water 💦💩🤣
Jinnah Bristol
Jinnah Bristol 2 dias atrás
Dontai’s thiccer
Dontai’s thiccer 2 dias atrás
2:48 “On my laaarvae no.”😂
AA KíñgšĆültûrè
No one got the "be careful around those flowers tho I heard they can be crazy"
Lindsay 2 dias atrás
As soon as the wasp showed up I had flashbacks to being stung four times by the same wasp. Now I have a somewhat phobia of them. 👊🏼😔
Lorynda Benson
Lorynda Benson 17 horas atrás
🙃 wtf
Rique Souls
Rique Souls 2 dias atrás
1.4k people eats literal doo doo water...
Jacktrack7 2 dias atrás
"Dummy good for the environment" I love that sentence for some reason 😂
Px Treme
Px Treme 2 dias atrás
Peep the Venus Fly Trap video reference at 1:09
Crackerz GD
Crackerz GD 2 dias atrás
*Literal DooDoo Water*
The Alpha Wolf Girl
The Alpha Wolf Girl 2 dias atrás
The wasp part is true lol when I was a toddler I was playing on a slide and the wasp came ALL the way across the whole yard just to sting me. XD IT HURT. ALOT.
The Alpha Wolf Girl
The Alpha Wolf Girl 11 horas atrás
+Lorynda Benson I think so but lol ikr THE PAIINNN
Lorynda Benson
Lorynda Benson 17 horas atrás
I def been chased by them mofos. Luckily didn't get stung but they are absolute ass holes. They will leave their nest and fly across a field just to chase you and sting you. Like Bruh I'm not even bothering you. 🏃🏾‍♀️🐝🦗 the damn grass hoppers In Texas will chase you too. Hate those damn things. They just hop their big asses on you like they run the place then eat your food. You ever been debo'd by a bug?
Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson 3 dias atrás
1:17 lmao
AwkwardRainbowPotato 3 dias atrás
Literally the wasp is that weird serial killer kid in class.
Zach Yim
Zach Yim 3 dias atrás
Wasp actually kill hella spiders
Naruto Uzamaki
Naruto Uzamaki 3 dias atrás
*on my larva no*
Mikey 546
Mikey 546 3 dias atrás
Anybody know what the sound effect at 1:19 is called?
Logical Overdrive
Logical Overdrive 3 dias atrás
they say that the human died with 97 stab wounds.
Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce 3 dias atrás
I was kinda hoping a roach would be on the list like "I am the superior life form on this planet. Imma outlive errbody. Humans don't scare me tf? And they always be in my way in shit like move, damn. Lastly, I take my gang everywhere I go. Haha thug life✌️"
Boi Head
Boi Head 3 dias atrás
Anyone catch the throw back when he said “ be careful around the flowers” he was referencing the Venus fly trap video
Aria *Dimples*
Aria *Dimples* 3 dias atrás
😂😂😂 this just popped up in my suggestions! Definitely a new subscriber after this!
Jadyn Winston
Jadyn Winston 3 dias atrás
*dOo DoO wAtEr*
RYUK 3 dias atrás
Why i watch this 😂😂😂
Lyv Rue
Lyv Rue 3 dias atrás
“I just like to hurt people” “I go outta my way to hurt people” lmfao
BakuhoeCanRunMeOver ByABus
I was really out here waiting for the spider until I saw the end
Bolt 3 dias atrás
Nobody: Wasp: COME HERE! **stinging intensifies**
hector lopez
hector lopez 3 dias atrás
Wasps are the assholes of the insect world
John Bily
John Bily 3 dias atrás
Wasps are also just important in the environment. Social wasps are predators and as such they play a vital ecological role, controlling the numbers of potential pests like greenfly and many caterpillars. ... A world without wasps would be a world with a very much larger number of insect pests on our crops and gardens.
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