If Adulthood Had A Job Orientation Day

Ryan George
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26 Mar 2021



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Ryan George
Ryan George 3 meses atrás
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Lucy 7 dias atrás
Lucy 7 dias atrás
The orientation guy came to me when i was 12 apparently there was an issue in the system but he was still required to adult me. Luckily he said you can just ease into it to remedy for it being too early
Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
You are my favorite part of BRvid.
YoSpiff 13 dias atrás
Speaking like Yoda prefer I. Sounding me wise it makes.
Amber Perea-Cross
Amber Perea-Cross 18 dias atrás
GhoulHunter_MC Hora atrás
Consider me oriented, I simply can't wait
Harmen Greven
Harmen Greven 21 hora atrás
This should be played on every high school
Ash W
Ash W Dia atrás
I'm 30. Running up the stairs on all fours IS faster, and I still do it. I'm going back to my blanket fort now.
TheErnieforss Dia atrás
The tired is so true.
This just made me remember how much I miss running up the stairs on all fours.
Deadwing Jockey
Deadwing Jockey Dia atrás
I like how even the sponsorship spots are even skits.
Eka Dia atrás
Sigh.... My heart breaks watching this video. ADULTING!
jamba desdig
jamba desdig Dia atrás
i was terrified of stairs going on all fours helped
Jim P
Jim P 2 dias atrás
Painfully accurate
Elvin Mateo
Elvin Mateo 2 dias atrás
lmao "adultery"
FalconFlyer75 2 dias atrás
...... 28 still counts as a kid right? I'll just stay here for the next... eternity
adir mugrabi
adir mugrabi 2 dias atrás
Yes, but as an adult, you get to have more sex. So, tots worth it.
Christopher Murphy
Christopher Murphy 3 dias atrás
I’ve watched this multiple times and it’s still funny
the bestest sheep
the bestest sheep 3 dias atrás
fun tip: send people recipes and then never make the recipes they send you.
JD Railfan
JD Railfan 3 dias atrás
The sad thing is that I’m already starting to feel like this. And I’m only 14!
JD Railfan
JD Railfan 2 dias atrás
@Michael Karlin Yeah, just minus the back pain and stuff, it’s basically a definition of life as 14 year old. Not including school.
Michael Karlin
Michael Karlin 2 dias atrás
same :/ like with the age and everything.
Bird Soldier
Bird Soldier 3 dias atrás
As an adult I can finally own and play with all the toys I kept being told I was to big for since I was 8 My desk is my 10 year old self's dream and I Love it
Sean O C
Sean O C 4 dias atrás
The lines about being tired just resonated so deeply with me. Im 32 and so very very tired 😴😂
"That'll make you tired..." HaHa!!! This...well some vertion of this should be a standard class. Maybe not till highskool but as common as meth or scienk class...xD
The horror... The horror..!!
Stephen Shoihet
Stephen Shoihet 4 dias atrás
The only thing worse than not knowing what's going on, is knowing what's going on.
Veronica Evans
Veronica Evans 4 dias atrás
3:19 ...Patton?
DinoHat 4 dias atrás
the stairs on all fours lol that's funny, I do that still in my late 20's... all of this is on point dam
Kinosho Kawakami
Kinosho Kawakami 4 dias atrás
so Grammarly is basically for non-native speakers that wanna better their english since native speakers don't care how they speak or write and constantly make grammar errors that 1st year elementary kids master by the end of the school year. consistently wrongly used double negative i'm looking at you. also lol at lost spaceship.
blank 80
blank 80 5 dias atrás
I'm 40 years old and just went up the stairs on all 4 yesterday while chasing my kids. I honestly never thought any other adults did this
Lawsonomy 5 dias atrás
I figured this stuff out on my own, but I wish someone would tell people the part about no one really knowing what was really going on. I have meet many adults under the delusion that "the people in charge" know what is going on. The most enlightening part about going to graduate school was realizing that "experts" were people like me, and we were all desperately trying to pretend we knew what we are doing ... frightening stuff when your wearing a labcoat and your name badge unlocks the door with all the scary symbols on it.
Officer Mahoney
Officer Mahoney 5 dias atrás
"And no matter how long you sleep, you're going to get some back pain" as I'm shifting around trying to ease my back pain lmaoo
Eric Jourdain
Eric Jourdain 5 dias atrás
I am staying a child I decided.
Michael Karlin
Michael Karlin 2 dias atrás
Yan Martin del Campo
Yan Martin del Campo 5 dias atrás
I'm in the process of becoming an adult & this just makes my eyes watery
Nathan Hariths
Nathan Hariths 6 dias atrás
The running up the stairs on all fours really hit me hard
Roger Sepeda
Roger Sepeda 6 dias atrás
I usually don’t like videos where the same person plays multiple parts but Ryan George can pull it off . Friggn killed me at the end “ adultery” lol 😂
Philip J. Fry
Philip J. Fry 6 dias atrás
Me: I will look on the web for a house I can afford. House worth 5 million: Mmm seems nice but the backyard isnt what I want.
RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More
Hey, it's the first kid to go to school!
Fettman89 7 dias atrás
"Adultery" lol
Lucy 7 dias atrás
The orientation guy came to me when i was 12 apparently there was an issue in the system but he was still required to adult me. Luckily he said you can just ease into it to remedy for it being too early
Mike Newman
Mike Newman 7 dias atrás
My entire BRvid feed is now entirely Ryan George & Nina Conti videos and I am a happier person and the world is a better place.
Z Shieh
Z Shieh 7 dias atrás
Dexter Norcross
Dexter Norcross 7 dias atrás
This should be required before High School graduation.✌
Robeon Mew
Robeon Mew 7 dias atrás
Not wrong. Adultery is an adult activity
Anthony Leone
Anthony Leone 8 dias atrás
Finally an ad for Grammarly that's watchable.
Jacko Coyne
Jacko Coyne 8 dias atrás
GameCrafter117 8 dias atrás
He forgot the "livin' the dream" part 😂😂😂
Gajendra Ku
Gajendra Ku 8 dias atrás
How does you feel as you are the only one whose ad I watch completely..
spitfire boom
spitfire boom 9 dias atrás
Ah yes adultery my favorite part of being an adult
K C 9 dias atrás
"But I can complain, I can complain a lot!" "Nobody cares or wants to hear it!" Life lessons people... Also - They re-up the orientation day theme every 5 to 10 years as you get promoted through adulthood. 22 year old me - Augh this is the worst!! 30 year old me - No, I'm finally ok with this, stop changing! 38 year old me - Must... stop... the flow.... of time...
The BatFan (formally, The Zombie Slayer)
BRvid recommended this on my 21st birthday 😂
Dominik Wilson
Dominik Wilson 9 dias atrás
Getting an ad for headspace and better sleep while its 2am and this is my 584,000th Ryan vid in a row seems pretty ironic
joseph warren
joseph warren 9 dias atrás
Wait his supervisor didn't have a better mustache. He should be the subordinate. More powerful mustache=more powerful in the Ryan universe
jokes on you
jokes on you 10 dias atrás
Teenage Ryan is dressed almost the same as the school video
P 10 dias atrás
He didn’t talk about sex though. That’s something to look forward to
david goldrock
david goldrock 10 dias atrás
Is this really how adulthood is? Like if it sucks that much, why even go on the ride? (Not in a "I'm gonna suicide" way but more of a "what the fuck is this place?")
Dean Cole
Dean Cole 10 dias atrás
This was hilarious and my back does hurt so it makes it more fun. I was also not told about the appointments thing. I haven't been to the doctor in 38 years.
Dirk Van der Merwe
Dirk Van der Merwe 10 dias atrás
Adultery. That is definitely a grown-up thing.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 10 dias atrás
This video is actually helpful thanks ryan
Blizzard Animations ッ
Varsnicky 10 dias atrás
There are actually people who knows what's going on and what are they doing. And those people did not do these "adulting" stuff. They had people to do it for them.
R G 10 dias atrás
I still run up the stairs on all fours if I’m alone
Nick Haggerty
Nick Haggerty 10 dias atrás
Pro tip: Send people recipes and then never make the recipes they send you :)
E.Sangeetha Pandy
E.Sangeetha Pandy 11 dias atrás
I love your videos and always binge watch it
Taft Fletcher
Taft Fletcher 11 dias atrás
Ryan I’ve spent an incredible amount of free time watching pitch meetings, and I’m so excited I came across your personal channel. Your content is amazingly accurate, relatable, and hilarious! Keep up the content man 👍🏼
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson 11 dias atrás
BrittainX Goffy
BrittainX Goffy 11 dias atrás
ChrisCrond 11 dias atrás
I think we should all start using "adultery" in place of "adulting" from now on 😂
Nurse08 11 dias atrás
I remember the last time I got a new vacuum cleaner. I was excited for a week. 🤣🤣😭😭😭
Luke Caputo-Sullivan
Luke Caputo-Sullivan 11 dias atrás
Yay! Adultery!
Aquarian Dawn
Aquarian Dawn 11 dias atrás
An adult does not say "adulting".
Triforce of Porridge
Triforce of Porridge 11 dias atrás
Oh, man, going up the stairs on all fours really is the best. 😭
Psudo Nym
Psudo Nym 11 dias atrás
I got fired during the job orientations.
Xnoodle 0
Xnoodle 0 11 dias atrás
MR Rogue
MR Rogue 12 dias atrás
you're still a kid: :D you realise in just a couple of years this is gonna be you: -_-
HeavyDemir 12 dias atrás
how was the ADstonaut pich meeting_
Jonathan P.
Jonathan P. 12 dias atrás
On point.
Arkisenn 12 dias atrás
As an adult, I've tried warning teenagers in a diplomatic and approachable manner that being an adult sucks. But those little shits don't seem to understand that being an adult is literally just a series of shitty events that rob you of all the fucks you have to give. To them, the here and now is their entire life and Ragnarok will come if things don't get better. To which I apologize to all the adults who tried to warn me.
Bivamshu Khadka
Bivamshu Khadka 12 dias atrás
How come the supervisor doesn't have a commanding mustache? How'd he even get the job? Kinda sus ngl
Dairo Leon
Dairo Leon 12 dias atrás
You know, adulthood would probably be a lot easier on teenagers if it *did* come with an orientation day.
huntingwall8910 12 dias atrás
Fun tip: send people recipies and then never make the recipies they send you
Rulo Ag
Rulo Ag 12 dias atrás
This is genious
skug9bob 12 dias atrás
If your parents are rich and indulgent enough, you can essentially put zero effort into the position and still do fine, but be warned adult relationships are still going to be a puzzler.
Quintusblake 12 dias atrás
If this was a real things kids had to watch, my life would have taken some turns by now.
Ryan george With fake mustache
I like the guy with the mustache. I just decided that.
Michael Karlin
Michael Karlin 2 dias atrás
? What do you mean fake
Max Peterson
Max Peterson 13 dias atrás
You forgot nose and ear hair.
Max Peterson
Max Peterson 13 dias atrás
I felt that coffee shop one. I mean I would if I could find a cool one.
R - G - C
R - G - C 13 dias atrás
"No one really knows what's going on, we're just pretending."
JC 13 dias atrás
Should add: - Can I still go to parties? - Well yes but instead of wild keg parties, they’re gonna be replaced with dinner parties. - Oh that sounds great. It combines two of my favorite things, alcohol and food! - No actually it’s going to be quite depressing. Instead of doing shots off girls’ stomachs, beer bongs, flip cup, and dancing to music till 4am, you’ll sit around a table drinking two glasses of wine while people complain about their lives, politics, and the general state of the world while indie acoustic guitar music plays in the background. - wow wow wow, wow. So I can’t party hard anymore. - No, you can but instead of taking 7 hours to get over your hangover, it’s going to take 7 days…
The Stupid Panda
The Stupid Panda 14 dias atrás
Nim 14 dias atrás
Ryan: "You're gonna find other stuff fun now" "Like getting a new lamp, that's gonna be fun. That's a good one." Me: "I mean, I've been looking for a good room lamp since my las-" Ryan: "Finding a nice little local coffee shop that no on really knows about yet" Me: "Hey now, I actually like my newest discovery. The cups are so big and-" Ryan: "Going on the internet and looking at houses you can't afford" Me: "Ryan, please stop. This is getting too real for m-" Ryan2: "This is getting a little depressing" Ryan: "Yeah that's on brand too" Me: "I didn't ask for this, Ryan. I didn't want to be called out like this."
Bubble Rose
Bubble Rose 14 dias atrás
Allen Hammer
Allen Hammer 14 dias atrás
Now do one for old age.
TKG 14 dias atrás
me right now : *grammerly ad comes* *skips* *music* This video is sponsored by grammerly :l
Brice Towell
Brice Towell 15 dias atrás
I lost it at "adultery"
teadrinkerfication 15 dias atrás
‘Adulting!’ 🤦🏻
ThatDudeWithBoobs 15 dias atrás
1:03 Ethan Nestor: Try me, b!tch.
ThatDudeWithBoobs 15 dias atrás
Where was this video when I turned 18?!
James smith
James smith 16 dias atrás
Grammarly is a necessity for me. By the way, I had to add Grammarly to my Grammarly dictionary
Dana Respress
Dana Respress 16 dias atrás
I really have no idea what I’m doing all the time.
Eric Dickison
Eric Dickison 16 dias atrás
I need to show this to my son, he’s 20 now and needs to start aduler......adulting!
Nemitri 16 dias atrás
Adult Ryan should have told In-training Ryan that he can do other fun stuff in all fours 😏.
Rafael Markos
Rafael Markos 16 dias atrás
Here's another fun tip - you want all the fun stuff back, just find a kid and live vicariously through them, subjugating their sense of self to yours and giving them crippling trauma that will haunt them for the rest of their life.
Paula Siqueira
Paula Siqueira 16 dias atrás
the back pain is so real
John Williams
John Williams 17 dias atrás
I’m 45 and still go up the stairs on all fours. It’s faster, more fun, and takes the pressure off my knackered knee ligament. I do restrict it to when I’m at home because I’m good at adultery. I mean adulting.
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