I Won The First MultiVersus Tournament 

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We play a tournament in MultiVersus!
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24 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 2,6 mil   
@mlgfox31 Anos atrás
By SSundee saying "I'll tell you next week" we can obviously point it to the next insane craft episode so the surprise will most likely be a very op weapon
@vinnschoutens2524 Anos atrás
This was awesome, I'd love to see more MultiVersus content. Great job on the victory SSundee!
@zanemehta6476 Anos atrás
this makes me want to see him and the boys play smash ultimate sometime...
@spiral5513 Anos atrás
@Message SSUNDEE1 on TELEGRAM shut up kid
@HPSWSM Anos atrás
I want to see him and the boys smash
Yeah me too, speaking of super smash bros, I play this game before
@PSVitaat2am Anos atrás
They need to bring it back!
@SomethingEcxtra Anos atrás
I love how ssundee says he knows all the advantages and then casually throws the baterang above Superman
@dweemiesdarkmount Anos atrás
Ssundee's friends are so use to standing still and let him beat on them, that they forget to fight back and mash buttons and its hilarious.
@DBZSly Anos atrás
If any of em ever went competitive, they would regret their life decisions because there's a lot more to this game other than being a passive Pete, aggressiveness with a strong character like Finn is the best and only way to play when using him and others alike
@TheMotionKing Anos atrás
At least they making money stop being a hater
@dweemiesdarkmount Anos atrás
@@TheMotionKing what are you on about? how is that hate? do you even know to read? jeez
@trygal. Anos atrás
@@TheMotionKing he’s not hating lol learn too read
@AmadisLFE Anos atrás
@@TheMotionKing At least he can read. Start watching educational videos and learn how to yourself. Oh wait, this is falling on blind eyes in this case.
@badname7684 Anos atrás
If you ever do this again a tip for Finn: When swinging the bag you only get one coin from who you hit and the other coins are dropped from your bag, and the more coins you have the stronger the move is
@branhnavichoque6056 4 meses atrás
Cause the more coins you have the more heavier the bag making it stronger cause the mass of all the coins so ye makes sense
@BlueeTheGorilla Anos atrás
A multiverse video from ssundee?! This is something I would never amagine
@ChaojiV3 Anos atrás
I agree
@yeat2446 Anos atrás
I could never imagine not knowing how to spell IMAGINE
@BlueeTheGorilla Anos atrás
@@yeat2446 amagine 😳 spelling error
@wahooman4348 Anos atrás
@@BlueeTheGorilla you good man
@marx_and_mags Anos atrás
@@yeat2446 nowing*
@keyonisaacs4784 Anos atrás
I never thought he would play this game!! Imagine finding out you got your opponent out but he wasn't even fighting but playing with you
@Corbeanplayz11 Anos atrás
@Kevinzen no
@AgileOnTop Anos atrás
@Kevinzen sounds like something that someone without a father figure would say
@moozebugz1583 Anos atrás
This was pure chaos and I loved it!
@championman7688 Anos atrás
Level one noobs
@runks242k Anos atrás
@@championman7688 bro they just started the game what you expect
@agentduck.5488 Anos atrás
I always love when sundee plays a new game
@lubiepizzechyba Anos atrás
@Kevinzen i love your videos
5:55 Henwy: is that mister missix
@noahpatterson5430 Anos atrás
Oh Lord, I never thought I would watch SSundee playing his friends in Multiversus. This is total chaos, but I love it! SSundee is the best, and I hope he knows that if I met him I would say... FOOT!!!
@mct058 Anos atrás
Why though it's not even funny and its cringe, older him was better tbh
@noahpatterson5430 Anos atrás
@@mct058 your just jealous of SSundee.
@colefleming5 Anos atrás
@noahpatterson5430 Anos atrás
@@colefleming5 suuuuuuure
@mct058 Anos atrás
@@noahpatterson5430 tf nahh, you trippin
@MRmonke964 Anos atrás
Great vid. Love watching you play this game.
Everybody else: "their content never seems to be unfunny" Henwy: IS THAT MR.MESIX!?
@PSVitaat2am Anos atrás
@ducc995 Anos atrás
@@ducc995 like we didn't know already
@ducc995 Anos atrás
@@bunnyqueengaming7222 well you did spell it as "mesix" so yeah, it IS like you didn't know already
@wade7660 Anos atrás
@@ducc995 thats because henwy said mesix and thats why they said it was funny
@superbattler2874 Anos atrás
I love Tom & Jerry in Multiversus especially the rocket
@CaptYid Anos atrás
I was playing this game it’s awsome I really want to see some more! Good job on the video
@bekkerk Anos atrás
I loved this SSundee and I hope that SSundee dose another video of this
@kento-jones Anos atrás
I like how he never played smash on his channel but played multiverse
@isolated1 Anos atrás
He just plays the most popular kid friendly games. Gotta rake in the views
Multiversus: the smash killer
@oiiv3r574 Anos atrás
cuz hes on pc
@rynowhiz1271 Anos atrás
@@isolated1 I mean it’s a smart strategy since he has a family to support, but someone also brought up that he has never really played anything by Nintendo
@lite8905 Anos atrás
@@rynowhiz1271 he played mario party in the last vid
@imortalkillz Anos atrás
Love the mix up on games feels fresh love your videos keep up the good work
@PRfSSRX Anos atrás
it would be dope playing in this against ssundee and his group cause they always have great times during videos
@SolarNawr Anos atrás
It is so weird seeing ssundee and everyone else fight so slow when I am so used to fighting extremely fast
@BBomb12 Anos atrás
Please play this game more!!! It’s so good
@BriancaGaming Anos atrás
yea he should try it
@AIN17 Anos atrás
Yes he needs to play it more
@fastshark-wq5cw Anos atrás
Wanna see Ssundee do a vacation vlog would be refreshing to see him do something new
@nerdgaming3976 Anos atrás
Yoooo let's go I was waiting for SSundee to upload a video on this game
@BriancaGaming Anos atrás
welp he did
@AIN17 Anos atrás
@collincouch9589 Anos atrás
@captaindelta43 Anos atrás
Never imagined Ssundee will play this game . Honestly looks good... The thumbnail really showed Finn from adventure time character and i was like clicked it within a sec
@OceanicSnow Anos atrás
Finn is the worst in this game anyone who uses it sucks
@CowKirbo Anos atrás
Yeah it's characters from wb which has so many different franchises.
@niamations2582 Anos atrás
@@OceanicSnow NO NO, NO NOOO
@OceanicSnow Anos atrás
@@niamations2582 yes they just spam backpack every game
@Epicrapper1 Anos atrás
me when you called smashbro ripoffs good
@smokydarkex5591 Anos atrás
I’m loving the different amount of content he’s making
@ABekfastBoi Anos atrás
@kevinzen we know now stop
@gimmedaremote4361 Anos atrás
Love the great content Ian! 👌 Keep growing
@vluxvlux5316 5 meses atrás
@batammajam5343 Anos atrás
It been so long watching ssundee play a fighting game.
@Shadowplayz584 10 meses atrás
Amazing vid I hope you make more multi versus content
ssundee yo videos r awesome and i appreciate eveyrthing u do. ur hilarious and amazing
ADVENTURE TIME❤️ I miss my old days when I usually watch that😥
@bullet6496 Anos atrás
I love this game so much if been waiting for this
@BriancaGaming Anos atrás
me too
Play this game more!! It's so much fun
@BriancaGaming Anos atrás
I know right
@Ethanito123 Anos atrás
After watching the sidemen do it, it looked fun
@portiac6097 Anos atrás
You want HATE i’ll give you hate?!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I hate my life I’m serious
@emegoat1706 Anos atrás
glad to see ssundee playing multivursus
@kingbob4826 Anos atrás
I like how Ssundee makes the explanation so fun
@wyattdacosta3520 Anos atrás
can you please do another one of these it was so epic and cool thanks! :)
@loganlefebvre2538 Anos atrás
I play this game so much I love it! Thank you for playing it
@jakewasfound5812 Anos atrás
good job on the new types of vids Ian!
@playerjmr Anos atrás
Henwy’s icarus moment reminds me a lot of the channel alpharad when alpha flies too close to the sun
@ssundeereact Anos atrás
I love your vids❤‍🔥 Keep up the great work❤‍🔥
@DJMitch29 Anos atrás
I love multi-verses in the fact that he posted this
@gabe1034 Anos atrás
He should play multiversus a lot more, its a real fun game
@FINNYVR1234 Anos atrás
Yea it is I play on ps
@goatyg2870 Anos atrás
Honestly tho
@buihaanh Anos atrás
I cannot not believe he finally playing it!, i love him :)
@johnbrown-ex8rw Anos atrás
that game is so fun you should play it more in the futcher
@ProjectVenom118 Anos atrás
@fangdhoshang4099 Anos atrás
I love you so much because you played multiversus
Please do more of this
@BriancaGaming Anos atrás
@AIN17 Anos atrás
Yes for sure
@Linxo11 Anos atrás
ive been addicted to this game for forever
As a guy who play smash bros a lot, this was fun to see. I have to agree, this game is a lot of fun as well 😄
@kento-jones Anos atrás
As a guy that plays smash a lot I was tortured with the lack of combos
@Dude.Im-inna-mood 6 meses atrás
Famous Last Words: "I can fly Ian! I can fly!" ~Henwy September 2022
@PSVitaat2am Anos atrás
Man shaggy is really got some skills!
@pizzathecool3123 Anos atrás
hey man nice vid you should make more multiversus content
@daniele.h7697 Anos atrás
That was like being back in the cafeteria watching the other kids who didn't know how to play smash, playing smash. Actually Kinda hard to watch a couple rounds lol
@ItsMeBox Anos atrás
Yea lol
@wingedpeanut5703 Anos atrás
@kento-jones Anos atrás
@kento-jones Anos atrás
I felt like I was about to die do to the lack of combos and skills
@Thug_Gru Anos atrás
DC smash Bros
@hypercatxr9679 Anos atrás
Happy to see ssundee branch out to diffrent games
@Hannieb555 Anos atrás
Bro legit I can't believe it thank you for playing this hoping you do more of this game it's the best game trust me
@tanjirokamado1065 Anos atrás
The best?
@bambambash9756 Anos atrás
I love this game, I’ve grinded so much of it since it came out. And Batman is my main
@thebossmd6023 Anos atrás
Is there a way to get it on mobile?
@Nerfminer2 Anos atrás
I LOVE multiverses, I can’t believe Ssundee is playing it
@petergabriel8961 Anos atrás
It’s awful people would probably like playing super smash brothers then multiverses
@AIN17 Anos atrás
Adventure time will always be my fave cartoon, and Finn will always be my favorite.
@yazanandary6412 Anos atrás
7:00 only henwy would do this
@macplayzvc2889 Anos atrás
Brag about something he can do and instantly die for it, yep. That’s Henwy.
@fff_playgames4941 Anos atrás
dam i dowloaded this game on xbox yesterday good to see my first multiverse video keep it up!
@user-eu6jn4wb9r Anos atrás
Sundee I love the content and PLEASE make more multiverses. Love you and you vids
@mr-scammeth Anos atrás
Zud: freezes sundee Sundee: why am I frozen? Zud: idk but I like it
@greekboy_2714 Anos atrás
I love multiverse so it's cool the he played this
@ceadvin3767 Anos atrás
That bugs bunny part is an every cartoon moment ever if i ever saw one
@DragoneyeChoppy Anos atrás
Just as an avid Finn player myself wanted to let you know the up special where he spins his bag makes you lose a bunch of your money you can recollect it but you lose some when you use that move and the moreover you have the stronger that move will hit since you bag has more gold
@Azoruth Anos atrás
It's why Finn is a grindy rpg type character in multiversus
@salvus314 Anos atrás
@adamayers7587 Anos atrás
This was an amazing upload once again from SSundee
@obedshrayef7347 Anos atrás
Can you please make another hardcore world in the new version. That would be awesome to see.
You should make this a series
@robogaming6079 Anos atrás
I think ssundee is clever in every game like batman
@Supimagamer28 7 meses atrás
Who else is watching this in 2023 just because they miss the days when multi-verses was popular
@davidbenoit5395 3 meses atrás
It was only in beta
@karlhanmore 2 meses atrás
@georgenakla7869 2 meses atrás
@mohammedrida3205 2 meses atrás
@Kingslayer2593YT 2 meses atrás
Never got to play it 😢
@TheKate2409 8 meses atrás
Please keep making more multiversus
@filename2793 Anos atrás
pleas make more MULTIVERSES VIDEOSSS!!!!!! HUGE FAN!
@djbubbles6735 Anos atrás
Please do more Multiversus content I'd love to see you as stripe the gremlin
@danielscar4448 Anos atrás
This game is awsome, I played it a little off launch
@aubaub2397 Anos atrás
I can tell this is going to be an amazing video
@georgerunyon5741 Anos atrás
This game is going to be so fun
@brysonmoore1324 Anos atrás
I always play as shaggy! I can't believe they made shaggy able to go super!
@Sponge_tube Anos atrás
I would like too see more, this is great
@tenkash3956 Anos atrás
awesome vid i have been playing this game recently its cool but i’d like to see another vid like this when more characters come out
@marcucu9933 Anos atrás
Fun fact: if you do the move right, you can deal over *150 damage* with on move from *Iron Giant*
@spitfire-3604 Anos atrás
Watching this Man is like a morning routine
@spacepopsicle Anos atrás
@Buzzumbud Anos atrás
You wrote this at 2 30 PM
@zer0-2inf63 Anos atrás
@@Buzzumbud that is assuming he lives in the same time zone as you bud
@czarnykruk903 Anos atrás
For me its a night time routine
@ItsDragonEdits Anos atrás
I love your vids SSundee they keep getting better
@micahsilver4411 Anos atrás
Ngl SSundee should play this more
@JKK121K Anos atrás
It's exactly like brawlhala. loved it
@Kudopuro3168 Anos atrás
I love brawlhalla
@areeghadi866 Anos atrás
I’m happy seeing you grow I was watching you in my old account I remember you was like 3mil subs
Ssundee do ore of these videos they are insane
Let's just say this I have seen SSundee's videos for 6 years and never failed to make me smile :)
@j0sh6979 Anos atrás
So u smiled when ssundee and his wife were at a point of breaking up?
@HadiPetVlogs Anos atrás
You Subbed 9 months ago and Ur saying that You Watched him for 6 Years😑😑
@Blueshow. Anos atrás
@@HadiPetVlogs he probably got a new account man
@oreanjohnson5558 Anos atrás
I like this multi Versus game 😍😍
@jiaung8502 5 meses atrás
This watch is grateful Visio I hope sundee do more of this Visio
@reylobingcosr1835 Anos atrás
Plss do this again SSundee it's really fun it's super fun plss make another video of this
@trevorrhodes3868 Anos atrás
You should play prop just among us or random roles those are my favorite mods you have posted plz do another
@Ale37YT Anos atrás
Sundee be stealing biffles lunch money
@Blank-yt Anos atrás
Man this guy has made me laugh for over 6 years
@Drolish. Anos atrás
Love this game, my main is Harley Quinn and most the characters are great
@nicholasbosak2331 Anos atrás
I remember my days of super smash bros. The good ol days of playing as solid snake
@kento-jones Anos atrás
U mean liquid eel
@nicholasbosak2331 Anos atrás
Oh I thought it was solid snake
@ZackTheTurtle Anos atrás
@ThisIsMe_101st Anos atrás
zud: super man is super strong ssundee: im about to end this man whole career
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