I Watched Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

The Canadian Lad
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It took 3 entire days to watch this movie in 0.25x speed. With this being a 2 hours movie, I found 1 detail every 3 minutes on average. Hopefully you'll like the video. Please let me know in the comments. :)
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1 Jul 2022



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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad Mês atrás
Thanks, Topps for sponsoring this Video. Follow me on Marvel Collect! By Topps by clicking here: and add my username LADFROMCANADA It took 3 entire days to watch this movie in 0.25x speed. With this being a 2 hours movie, I found 1 detail every 3 minutes on average. Hopefully you'll like the video. Please let me know in the comments. :)
Bhagwant Singh Nagar
Bhagwant Singh Nagar 2 dias atrás
Hey The Canadian Lad You might have missed a detail that I want you to add.... You know the time when Wanda reached the mountain, the woman carved(on thewall behind wanda ) has 3 fingers and one toe in her left foot.... Please mention
Alexander Villanueva
Alexander Villanueva 11 dias atrás
I was watching another video and the guy said that the dark hold is still technically not completely destroyed because Stephen strange has photographic memory so the last remaining dark hold is in his mind
xDasMottex 13 dias atrás
Strange knew there is one dark hold left. He has a eidetic memory and he has read the dark hold, so he remembers everything from this book and so it exists in his mind, thats the reason for his third eye
Sohan Prasad
Sohan Prasad 21 dia atrás
Moavia Walayat ullah
Moavia Walayat ullah 21 dia atrás
Have you noticed that in multiverse drama the cloak of levitation don't take eye of ogomoto with it being in main universe while on counter hand in other universes it takes eye of ogomoto with it during seprating from doctor strange .
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
I really appreciate the insane amount of details the visual effects team put in for the scene where Strange and Chavez were traveling through the universes. I love how they gave a nod to the comics that everything is canon there to the MCU as well.
Shinning FM
Shinning FM 17 dias atrás
U just watch everything!!!mcu,anime, wwe,world facts etc. Fun fact:I watch everything as well
Bubba 17 dias atrás
You’re inevitable. I see you everywhere
Batfreeze 24 dias atrás
Right? It's a great Ditko shout out.
Ayaka Baal
Ayaka Baal 25 dias atrás
This man is everywhere
just a cringy gamer
just a cringy gamer 25 dias atrás
6ayayyayayayay ur backkkk
CurtDog Mês atrás
I found it interesting that when Strange said "she destroyed the Darkhold in *every* universe", he put special emphasis on the word "every" This implies to me that Strange was either shocked by her immense power in being able to do that OR that the Darkhold was needed for something, and Wanda messed something up by destroying it
brodotzip 3 dias atrás
@LD_rey yea that's why he said that joke wym
Y. 16 dias atrás
@the Fawn Lindsay ok whatever
the Fawn Lindsay
the Fawn Lindsay 16 dias atrás
​@Y. it shows so that our personal comment is at the very top. Also, what makes you think I care enough to actually scroll through and find your comment :|
Y. 16 dias atrás
@the Fawn Lindsay it's not ¿? I'm talking about the answers in this comment, not the comments in the whole video
the Fawn Lindsay
the Fawn Lindsay 16 dias atrás
​@Y. you do know that comment algorithm is different for everyone right 😗😗
Game Roy
Game Roy Mês atrás
In the first Doctor Strange movie, we’re told that he has a photographic memory, and that’s how he was able to memorise the Ancient One’s spells. This means that our Doctor Strange still remembers the Darkhold even tho it’s been destroyed
Rotsen 7 dias atrás
@vishalb777 that is sinister strange not strange supreme. supreme is far more powerful and in pocket dimension which a destroyed reality/universe he is trapped to.
JBOY _ 18 dias atrás
@vishalb777 *Sinister Strange
Y. 21 dia atrás
It is implied that you need the Darkhold energy to perform the powerful dark spells that's why Wanda goes to Mundagor with Wong, it's not a simple as just remembering the spell. Strange having photographic memory doesn't affect at all(as far as I know)
Tony Guwop
Tony Guwop 21 dia atrás
@kiro yes it did kuz now hes plays a big part in upcoming avenger movies
Voli 24 dias atrás
That means its literally inscribed in his mind. There is still one dark hold left out there. The one inside stephen strange's brain
Silverfox Gaming
Silverfox Gaming Mês atrás
There is one hard to spot detail as well with Charles, where the Scarlet Witch didnt just snap his neck, but if you look closely, she ripped his head off from the jaw, which is why he died
JBOY _ 15 dias atrás
When Strange saved America, you can see the third universe when they went through, I know what the honey/comb universe look like,with the giant bee and honey/comb buildings
JBOY _ 15 dias atrás
No , it's not look again
King James
King James 15 dias atrás
@JBOY _ The 3rd universe is the bee/honey comb universe.
JBOY _ 15 dias atrás
@Jeffrey Von Stetten when Strange and America went through the third universe, is the cartoon one.
JBOY _ 15 dias atrás
@Darshika Gangar when Strange and America went through the third universe is the cartoon one
Ilyas Ashraf
Ilyas Ashraf 26 dias atrás
One detail im a little surprised you didnt notice: When Wanda is in the mirror dimention, when shes looking at all her refelctions, the one above her head to the left is reaching her arm out, while Wanda and all the other reflections have their arms down next to her hips.
lumpyspacecadet Mês atrás
My theory about 838 Strange's cloak being blue is that it's a really special cloak made from the same material as Reed Richard's costume. Meaning, Reed Richards probably made it for him and Strange likely ditched his Cloak of Levitation because the new one could do so many different cool things with that tech. Also important to consider, 838 Strange may have lost his Cloak of Levitation due to using the Darkhold so much because it has sentience and seems to have a set of ethics/morality. After he was abandoned by it, Strange may have been gifted a brand new blue cloak made by Reed Richards from his special tech cloth. That's also what is patched into 616 Strange's cloak after it got burned.
flipflop 17 dias atrás
I'm quite sure the blue cloak is just The Cloak of Levitation, just in a diffrent color.
Shontae Williams
Shontae Williams 22 dias atrás
@Art is the coolest thing in the world Thanks! Even my teenager told Should have known. I rarely win anything and nothing as cool as that.
Art is the coolest thing in the world
@Shontae Williams it's a scam
ZanyPain Mês atrás
@Shontae Williams I also got the message, I am quite sure it is a scam. Stay safe! :D
Shontae Williams
Shontae Williams Mês atrás
Did you send a telegram to the official_lad for a PS5? I got the same message, but I don't know if it is a scam or not.
Noah Welsh
Noah Welsh 25 dias atrás
I saw a theory about the darkhold not being entirely destroyed since Stephen is confirmed to have a photographic memory so depending on how well he read the darkhold he is technically a living darkhold
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris 15 dias atrás
Hence the manifestation of the 3rd eye
Marshall Egam
Marshall Egam Mês atrás
At 4:19 you can see an amazing continuity detail from Black Widow. When Natasha puts her hands to her stomach, many suspected she was pregnant. Although in Black Widow we know she underwent an involuntary hysterectomy, leaving her sterile and incapable of reproducing. She was actually worried about Yelena, who gave her the vest at the end of Black Widow when Melina and Red Guardian went with Yelena and the other Widow's at the end of the movie.
Marshall Egam
Marshall Egam 24 dias atrás
@Thembani the One probably, prior to watching this, I had scene a lot of old theories of "Natasha might've been pregnant" despite the impossibility of that
Thembani the One
Thembani the One 24 dias atrás
Pretty sure most people assumed Widow had been injured in that scene, especially after seeing her being beat up by Proxima Midnight and then having a cage of rocks dumped on her by Thanos. We've known since Age of Ultron that Widow was sterile.
К. Илья Магомет
17:44 ish was a great time to point out 1 thing about the Wanda under the rubble. If you really slow it down when Wanda pulls her hand back right before Wanda's true form kills Prof X, you can see that her fingertips turned dark right before she fully puts her hand back into the darkness. Also, if you have the brightness up or you watched this on a big screen, you can see Wanda under the rubble after she pulled all the way back...she didn't disappear. This could suggest why Prof X was acting strange or seemingly confused. Maybe he thought he breached her mind when in actuality he never did. Maybe Wanda's spell tricked him? Thus, why he looked like "oh sh*t, something is up with this." I liked how it was pointed out her true form was showing during the limping chase sequence.
Justin Herrera
Justin Herrera 19 dias atrás
That proves that reality warping is stronger than mind control
Hanazawa Kana
Hanazawa Kana 25 dias atrás
i thought it was the darkhold version of wanda. Didn't know it was her true form after being corrupted. And I thought Wanda tranced charles inside her mind so he cant move so the witch wanda form can snap his head
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Tiago Mês atrás
16:55 I'm glad you pointed out how Wanda absorbed Captain Marvel's power before killing her bcos it seems like a lot of ppl thought Capt. Marvel was defeated too easily, but it makes perfect sense that Wanda would be able to kill her after absorbing her power.
WeAre Harbinger
WeAre Harbinger 9 dias atrás
@BlackHeart But she didn't, because Wanda still had her power. So my answer remains: doesn't make any fucking sense.
BlackHeart 9 dias atrás
@WeAre Harbinger how did Agatha absorbed wanda's Magic in the first place !!? You have your answer I think
Atlast Vera
Atlast Vera 22 dias atrás
@鹿鹿梦 x Somili yeah I like how there are small details in why someone won in a fight instead of a simple just because they are more powerful
鹿鹿梦 x Somili
鹿鹿梦 x Somili 22 dias atrás
@Atlast Vera and from wandavision too. Cuz she learnt power absorbtion from agatha
digitalcurrents 26 dias atrás
@Vergil Sparda Wanda has been reliving Vision's death over and over again. She's been asking herself, what could she have done differently to kill Thanos. Eventually, she decided that instead of blocking Thanos' power stone, she should have tried to absorb it and use it against him. Well, she used this strategy on CM.
yumijandro Mês atrás
3:28 i love that detail because of 1 reason. A lot of people says she "learned touse her power out of nowhere" but as Strange said, she always knew how to control it, she always sent them to the right places in the multiverse
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beshar adil
beshar adil 27 dias atrás
A detail you missed. When scarlet witch stepped on the button and when the glass appeared she got scared and then went into a block pose flinching so this means she actually got scared when he trapped her in the glass dimension which proves there’s a part of her that’s still human and that’s still young.
User123 6 dias atrás
What? LMAO
PyrowolfCB 29 dias atrás
17:10 I knew that Wanda absorbed Captain Marvel's power even though everyone else was confused to why a pillar would kill her. I don't know why people were confused about this.
Prajjwal Tiwari
Prajjwal Tiwari 20 dias atrás
That's why strong writing and explanation matters. All the things you said about Wanda being too strong were true but we still find it difficult to take the illuminati seriously. People will always doubt how those idiots were a bigger threat to Thanos than the 616 Avengers.
Marcusjohns25 Mês atrás
As a fan of Elizabeth Olsen she really did a great job in this film! Great acting, you can see the sadness in her eyes. I actually thought this is more of a Wanda/Scarlet Witch movie than Doctor Strange. IMO. Overall its an Excellent Film!
FunnyMan 9 horas atrás
The film was ok I didn’t like how they killed characters too early but overall this movie was good
Jelita 2 dias atrás
@FJT productions I balance it by always praising his performance. His acting was more subtle
User123 6 dias atrás
@pranav Sharma just made she solos it fav 10/10
Walmart Fredboi
Walmart Fredboi 7 dias atrás
@jason kal inhumans i mean lol
Walmart Fredboi
Walmart Fredboi 7 dias atrás
@A PC Gamer meanwhile the mutants
William Vega
William Vega Mês atrás
The one thing I truly loved about the introduction of Professor X. Besides him having his iconic yellow hover chair from the 1997 X-men cartoon show. U can also hear the X-men theme that played during the beginning of the show. Also if they can bring back Patrick Stewart to play Professor X. I'm wondering if they'll bring Hugh Jackman back to play Wolverine. He literally said that he's always wanted to be in a movie with The Avengers. I'm truly hoping he does come back. Even if it's just one time. Marvel has the chance to finally make a Hulk vs Wolverine movie. I know for a fact that it would break Endgame's box office record.
Pedro Arocha
Pedro Arocha 23 dias atrás
Sorry to nitpick, but how can you know "for a fact" something that has not happened yet? 😂
Roberto Del Conde
Roberto Del Conde 29 dias atrás
16:48 Capitan Carter's death is also similar to the Green Goblin in Spiderman. The Close up of her face before the shield hits her is the same as Osborn's before he gets stabbed by his glider, I half expected her to say "oh" This is a clear reference to Rami's other films
Doomanji Mês atrás
There is one detail about Wanda's "death" scene you didn't mention. When Darkhold sanctuary is crumbling, there is a moment, when we can see red light flashing from under the stones. Maybe this means she somewhat teleported or shielded herself, or maybe just like with Hela death scene, where there was green flash, this just proves she realy died. Anyway I'm just pointing it out. Great video as always :)
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Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! Mês atrás
There's one reference I think you may have missed during the Multiverse traveling scene. The universe with the blinding lights in the middle of space might have been one of two things. It could have been the timeline from the Loki show, which is likely but I think what it actually was was the zero point which if you don't know what that is, it's basically the core of the multiverse.
werty vid
werty vid 18 dias atrás
Isn't that the thing from fortnite?
Scott Weiderman
Scott Weiderman 28 dias atrás
I didn't think this movie was the best the marvel crew had put together, my biggest take away was how they created a villain out of someone with all the perfect power, but imperfect/broken in every respect as a human. It made it completely relatable, and the absolute power corrupts absolutely trope didn't feel like a trope.
John Moses Aposaga
John Moses Aposaga 27 dias atrás
I was amazed how wanda was able to lift the whole darkhold building without effort because some telekenetic people struggle lifting heavy objects. 😂
deebznutz100 20 dias atrás
#39 I think the "long pause" Strange takes is him remembering what he saw of the dark hold. Remember in the first Dr. Strange he says he has a photographic memory. That's how he got his doctorate. It's possible that he may not only remember how to dream walk but he may also remember what was written on the walls in the temple.
Anirudh Kumar
Anirudh Kumar Mês atrás
There was a mistake I noticed towards the end of the movie which is that when wong and chavez escape through her portal they go to Kamar Taj, but then immediately after, when they open a portal for Strange they're still on top of the mountains. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong but I did notice it during the film .
Isabella Davy
Isabella Davy 27 dias atrás
I noticed that as well and was so confused!
John Lee
John Lee Mês atrás
Maybe they go back to the mountain to see if wanda is still alive cause wong still cares
Blue Crewmate
Blue Crewmate Mês atrás
12:00 Stephen's injury is calculated to be from 2021 because she saw how old it is and subtracted those years from the current date, however she did not realize he didn't exist for 5 years so 5 years of age is missing. If we add those 5 years to the age of his injury, it would go from 2021 to 2016, which was the correct year he sustained the injury.
Adriana A
Adriana A Mês atrás
Wow nice catch!
Anushka Nehare#clotheshavenogender
This sounds true
Joshua Crisanto
Joshua Crisanto Mês atrás
@Buckethead from what i heard, the Home movies are completely Marvel/Disney production, while Sony just did the marketing and distribution. why would that mistake be Sony's fault? unless my knowledge is wrong.
Buckethead Mês atrás
@Joshua Crisanto That was Sony, not marvel.
Joshua Crisanto
Joshua Crisanto Mês atrás
@The Flash fr MCU has great details but why the hell did they mess up the Homecoming timeline "8 years later"
Riley's Skits
Riley's Skits 17 dias atrás
Thanks for another great video! A great representation of all the hard work the visual effects team does. Just want to say that Bach is not pronounced Back but Baugh! Thanks again for the video!
Arijit Das
Arijit Das Mês atrás
That detail about all those universes shown in that scene and the detail that shows the various POVs of the bots were the most mind-boggling for sure.
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Nukimemes 23 dias atrás
13:26 Thanos has the Power, Soul, Space and Reality Stone so he still encountered Thor and most likely killed loki for the Space Stone, he still managed to kill the Collector, and he sacrificed Gamora to get the Soul Stone, it's safe to say he was completely obliterated at Titan so Vision still lives and Steven never gave him the Time Stone
GippyHappy 19 dias atrás
You know what- our Stephen's cloak having a piece of 838's cloak actually makes a lot of sense. I wondered why they drew attention to his cloak getting a hole in it and then being patched up, it never goes anywhere or is even really mentioned. So it's either a very subtle detail just for eagle eyed fans or it was going to be more significant but got cut in all the rewrites.
Kitty Legault
Kitty Legault 17 dias atrás
It might just popup in another movie
vsunghoonyeonjun Mês atrás
There's another hidden detail. When Professor X said "Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they're lost forever" to Mordo, it's a reference to X-Men Days of Future Past. He also said the same line to young Charles Xavier. It's so amazing.
oscar sanchez
oscar sanchez Mês atrás
@Butcher thanks butcher It felt weird like no way he missed it lol
Butcher Mês atrás
Nah!Canadian Lad mentions about that dialogue in the previous mom breakdown.He left it out on purpose in this one.
AP Mês atrás
@oscarsanchez he probably noticed it but like he said, he didn't want to do the obvious ones. he wanted to give us the ones we are less likely to notice
oscar sanchez
oscar sanchez Mês atrás
Can’t believe he missed that lol
RiGGy TV Mês atrás
In 4:35, the sorcerers casting spells on the floor are actually the ones who made the mirror dimension trap. The shield that protects kamartaj is made by the standing sorcerers, hence why it was ruined just by one sorcerer running in fear from Wanda. And if you look closely on the shields, you can see it has many mandala circles with different sizes. Perhaps the sizes represents the different sorcerers' strength when conjuring the shield. And the sorcerer that ran away from wanda just proved my point because a mandala shield disappeared when that weak sorcerer ran away, creating the opening for Wanda. The protection wasn't a one-big-shield. It only looks like one but in reality it's a stack of individual shields conjured by the sorcerers.
Colby Patrick
Colby Patrick Mês atrás
Yes if I didn’t see this comment I would’ve put the first part
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine Mês atrás
Yes. Good
Kyle Belafonte
Kyle Belafonte 17 dias atrás
I really loved this and enjoyed the analysis. Some of the assumptions were off but some amazing ones, I wish they'd slow down the film so I could see the Hydra-controlled world etc.
Forest Armstrong
Forest Armstrong 12 dias atrás
I'm glad you gave a quick recap; I've seen so many people gloss over the significance of the movie for Strange's character; it's not the greatest movie, but it was some Raimi fun and it did have a point that it communicated, I think, quite well.
Mieczysław Beger
Mieczysław Beger Mês atrás
I've just spent 20 min in the morning wasting my time to watch this BUT!!! I've actually found it super interesting! All those details, all this pixel peeping, man, big RESPECT for your efforts! 😎 I can't force myself to watch a movie with commentary and you watched it in ¼ of the speed ;)
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mikeawesome3 23 dias atrás
Such a fantastic job on this series of videos. I look forward to all of these, even the videos based on movies that I haven’t seen. *cough* The Matrix films *cough* . Thank you for the unending entertainment sir
CY Leong
CY Leong 17 dias atrás
I think when dark holds destroyed, Strange might have feeling that the power still resides in him, which is odd since every universe’s temple destroyed. And I think it’s because Stange’s photo memory let’s him remember the pages within dark holds, thus the third eye at the end of movie.
vikrant010 22 dias atrás
love the way you break it down for us... everytime i finish a movie i watch your breakdown.... man u make this so simple but i knw how difficult the job is... awesomeness buddy... love from india
VIRTUAL REALMS 23 dias atrás
Outstanding analysis! One possible point of contention though. I believe that Defender Strange was using his universes version of the Vaulting Boots of Valtorr (although the color of the magic is different) just as Mordo was using his universes version of them later in the film... possibly indicating that Defender Strange had already dealt with his universes version of Mordo.
Ankur Dhawan
Ankur Dhawan Mês atrás
3:33 notice how the room in Wanda's dream sequence is actually mirror image of the room in WandaVision. The lamp between Tommy and Billy's bed and other things placed there indicates that. Maybe it hinted towards 838 being reverse of our universe. They go on red and stop on green.
Ankur Dhawan
Ankur Dhawan Mês atrás
​@Smakajo Well, Mount Wundagore in all universes is still intact, which means spells of darkhold are still accessible, reversed or not. Otherwise they would have shown destruction of wundagore in 838 too, and mordo would realise that steven did beat Wanda, which would be a lie as wanda got defeated by her own kids and not steven
Smakajo Mês atrás
So since then she destroyed every Darkhold apparently, there may be another temple in 838 all the same then...but reversed.
Smakajo Mês atrás
@Gary Delaney Continuity detail that they missed I guess.
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon Mês atrás
KNOTS TheBestGamer
KNOTS TheBestGamer Mês atrás
N pizza is balls instead of triangles
Wanda is still alive At the end when the rubble is falling on her the camera shows the whole view from the sky and we can see one extra red shield made by wanda which I believe is for protecting herself from a stone she didn't see coming.
The Gaming Crow
The Gaming Crow Mês atrás
19:17 Strange definitely knows there's no good ahead. If Wanda really destroyed all the Darkholds in all universes, she shifted scales towards Order and unbalanced the multiverse. Living Tribunal won't be happy once he figures out. Maybe he shows up in the next movie, or maybe not, but a shift to just one side of power is against the rules of balance the one above all has established.
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geovani s.
geovani s. Mês atrás
3:07 I like how the sore tone she uses to give depth to the phrase is also the same in both scenes, awesome acting
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Angga Leonard
Angga Leonard 7 dias atrás
I just recently what MoM and its actually great, its a fresh, unique, fun but also still got the emotion right It would be even better if they actually made this into horror movie like what it was suppose to Dunno why people complaining so much about it
domblue Mês atrás
The reason I think Iron man was not around is because "Ultron" the peacekeeping initiative worked in this universe, Tony's reasoning in Avengers: Age of Ultron was that he wanted to make Ultron so that he could rest and not worry about future threats that faced earth. Hence in this universe it worked so he could retire and not worry about putting himself out there to fight threats.
Philly Mar
Philly Mar Mês atrás
@Lightningboy I think when she said Vision was out, it made me feel like Wonder Man was in. That's why I speculate that in his show/project it could take place on earth (838) and he'll either have been the biological father of Billy and Tommy, or it may have been a love triangle.
Lightningboy Mês atrás
@Philly Mar elizabeth olsen did say vision was divorced from wanda in 838
Gemilang Bayu Ragil Saputra
More likely marvel don't want to introduce another iron man due to iron man's impact on endgame
Philly Mar
Philly Mar Mês atrás
@Lightningboy I think her husband in this universe was probably Simon Williams (Wonder Man), who had a relationship with her in the comics and brainwaves were used for vision similar to how Banner, Stark and Jarvis were used in the MCU in AoU.
Ultrcombraun Mês atrás
In the original comic series, Ultron is made by Hank Pym (Ant Man), so in that universe it was probably made by someone like Reed Richards.
Alexander Silva
Alexander Silva 27 dias atrás
one detail i noticed is why was America trying to learn to do portals in the sanctum when she can already do portals, when wanda was gonna destroy the temple America opens a normal portal to the sanctum in their universe, so she can do multiversal portals and normal portals
Benisys 18 dias atrás
It Was Amazing Seeing How Marvel Pay attention to details and Creating them and How YOU Noticed all of them. Great Job.
Kelly Carter
Kelly Carter 10 dias atrás
At 4:37 those sorcerers are laying the mirror dimension trap that she steps on, or so I've heard. Cause the shield is being held up by the individual sorcerers as she's attacking hence why she gets in their mind(s) to break through it.
Максим Цыба
Максим Цыба 2 dias atrás
Another hidden easter egg: when Christine is defending against the damned souls, she uses the device which Strange used in his previous movie to threaten Kaecilius - until they figure out Strange doesn't know how to use it.
musa khosa
musa khosa Mês atrás
Only The Canadian Lad can watch his own breakdown and still find new details.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Mês atrás
Not only but yes that's how it usually goes lol
Scarlet Ragneel
Scarlet Ragneel Mês atrás
@Dooney he didn't point it out because there are tons of screenshots on Twitter saying exactly that. It's not very uncommon.
Booki Mês atrás
@King blue axolotl In the scene where Professor X enters Wanda’s head, when she “snaps his neck” as most assumed she actually split his head in half. Look for the scene and watch his death on a slower speed
King blue axolotl
King blue axolotl Mês atrás
@Dooney where?
Dooney Mês atrás
He didn't point out Professor X's upper head being ripped off his jaw, I'm pretty sure the majority of people missed that their first watch.
Lady A
Lady A 26 dias atrás
One thing I've noticed watching this movie is that around 51:42 minutes in the movie, Wanda seems to be looking directly at the camera. Did our Wanda possess the Wanda that was inside the Hex?
Kyle Belafonte
Kyle Belafonte 17 dias atrás
@Ace Trainer Jose this one nearly gets it, don't worry lol, you get it and I get it
Ace Trainer Jose
Ace Trainer Jose 20 dias atrás
FrozenBurrito 17 dias atrás
I like how Mister Fantastic basically explained Blackbolt's weakness to Wanda. Then after Wanda gets rid of his mouth, Blackbolt still tries to talk. Like what? Did you expect the sound to come out of your nose?
FLuffyAdiT 4 dias atrás
I’m still wandering though, would MoM Wanda clap 5 Stoned Thanos? I really would’ve like to see that matchup. EG Thanos didn’t have the stones, and Wanda never fought Thanos in IW. He was even able to hold her down for some time before she did what she did in EG. Could Wanda make the glove disappear? Or is it not that simple to do against other infinity stones. It took a while for her to destroy the Mind Stone with both hands in IW. When she was gripping him in EG, you could see that Thanos hands were closed. At that point he can activate a stone because thats how he uses it. He just grips his hand. He’s also smart at which stones to use. If you noticed in IW, when he blocked Iron Man’s blast… he used the Power Stone only, but when he was blocking Wanda’s blast… he used the Power and Space Stones together to push through. So, who’d win? 5 Stoned Thanos or MoM Wanda?
Максим Цыба
@FLuffyAdiT So I'd still bet at Thanos. In addition to supernatural abilities given by the stones, he also posseses incredible physical strength and durability, as well as hundreds of years of combat experience and good strategic abilities. What I find even more interesting, is who would win - MoM's Wanda, or Supreme Strange from "What If?" episodes? They both gained incredible dark magic abilities, they both were shown to be able to absorb energy, and they both quite easily defeated the "classic" Dr. Strange.
Максим Цыба
@FLuffyAdiT Yep, Thanos has to close his fist in order to use the stones. So in theory, Wanda could use the magic to prevent him from closing his fist, and then it will rely on whether Thanos could overpower her grip with just his brute force. And I believe he could, because Thanos is incredibly strong - he managed to crash Vision's vibranium skull with quite a small effort, and using just two fingers. Also, as you mentioned, he overpowered the grip of few dozens of Strange's clones during their battle on Titan and managed to close his fist. Also, you're right that illuminati probably managed to win against Thanos only because of the Darkhold. So perhaps, my assumption that Wanda could easily defeat 3-stoned Thanos was a bit too hasty.
FLuffyAdiT 2 dias atrás
Yes, Wanda powers did get vastly enhanced in Age of Ultron. Now the question is… can Thanos resist her preventing HIS gauntlet hand from closing by trying to close it? He did this against a bunch of strange’s and took complete control over the battle. He also can destroy portals too, but if he can get his hand closed then it’s kinda over. Can’t Wanda just pull the glove off? If Thanos decides to close his hand while she pulls the glove, would it rip his arm off? Well… by then he would activate a stone. Besides, he can use them without the gauntlet too. I researched all 6 infinity stones from everything it can do. They seem pretty deadly. I don’t want to count if Thanos snaps. This needs to be a fair fight though. Wanda has shown to defeat a variant of Captain Marvel. Did the Illuminati only defeat 838 3-Stone Thanos because Strange’s use of the Darkhold?
Максим Цыба
Максим Цыба 2 dias atrás
@Morpheus Enchanted maybe you should go and rewatch Avengers 2 and WandaVision before making a statement that her powers don't come from the infinity stone? She does posses magic powers, of course. But it got significantly enhanced by the impact of infinity stone. Hence why she was able to destroy the time stone in the end of Infinity War - a stone can be destroyed only by another stone.
Morpheus Enchanted
Morpheus Enchanted 2 dias atrás
@Максим Цыба maybe you should do the most basic of research since Wanda’s powers don’t come from an infinity stone, the fact you actually think that is reason enough to ignore your opinion 🤡 But Wanda’s power is from magic that’s vastly superior to Strange and we already saw Strange matched Thanos with 4 stones, and by this point clearly shown in MoM Wanda is massively more powerful than Strange at the moment 🤦
Drew Edward
Drew Edward Mês atrás
first video i watched from this channel and i love how nicely it was done and kept my attention the whole time i enjoyed watching it so much i had to subscribe and like
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Hero Forging
Hero Forging Mês atrás
When the Canadian Lad said that "Captain Carter" was sliced in half, we can already know that she was sliced in half without that tiny detail at 16:47 . If she wasn't cut in half, her shield wouldn't have hit the wall after we see her die. But it did. which automatically means it went straight through her.
Ortology Mês atrás
@Tommy boof that wrong because we see the shield hit the direct centre of her body, she obviously got cut in half just the front half that hit got covered in blood because of the speed
Brent Nakamura
Brent Nakamura Mês atrás
@Jacob Anderson Cyborg Captain Carter?
Jonathan Barreto
Jonathan Barreto Mês atrás
She does not get fully sliced in half, it bounces off and hits the wall It cut her, but not fully thru
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson Mês atrás
She may not be dead. If anything if not helped soon she will be. I cant accept that universe has all that tech. And some how cant help her.
dominick castorena
dominick castorena Mês atrás
Correct the spinning of the shield would cause the blood to travel to the edges of the shield.
Will Munoz
Will Munoz Mês atrás
16:39 I disagree, the first shot is too blurry to tell whether she fell in two pieces, but in later shots you see her lying on the floor in one piece, falling like that after being sliced in half at the waist and you would see some separation between the upper and lower halves.
Will Munoz
Will Munoz 26 dias atrás
@Ferdous Esha not necessarily, if it hit her while spinning rapidly enough, the spin would accelerate the shield sideways, making it miss part of the side of her stomach. Im just saying, its not shown in this clip well, but if you watch the movie you can clearly see her laying on the floor in one piece while Scarlet Witch is fighting Captain Marvel.
Ferdous Esha
Ferdous Esha 27 dias atrás
when the Canadian Lad said that "Captain Carter" was sliced in half, we can already know that she was sliced in half without that tiny detail at 16:47 . If she wasn't cut in half, her shield wouldn't have hit the wall after we see her die. But it did. which automatically means it went straight through her.
John Lee
John Lee Mês atrás
Maybe just physics manipulation(in movies i mean) but it was really meant for her to be cut in half not just injured or something they just didn't show it because it's not r-18
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Getting2crazy 15 dias atrás
A hard to spot detail is when it shows Thanos dead on Titan they stopped him only when he had 4 stones in his gauntlet which made him a tiny bit weaker, you can see that at 13:50
Zaki Mês atrás
I missed most of these awesome details. i can't believe it, this just makes my experience of the movie ten times better
sto doew
sto doew Mês atrás
The movie actually scared me more than a common horror movie😂😅
Mic Glou
Mic Glou 27 dias atrás
I always thought Strange and the Witch were much closer matched... him being the sorcerer supreme and all.
Justin Houle
Justin Houle Mês atrás
One more detail : When America Shavez want to open a portal whenever during the movie, she always open a lot of portals at the same time. We can actually see it because there are multiple stars (one by portal). But at the end of the movie, when she shows to Wanda what she wanted, we can only see one star. Which means that she finaly has the control over her power and she can choose which universe she wants to go !
Justin Houle
Justin Houle Mês atrás
@PeinSama Thank you buddy !
Chirag Parmar
Chirag Parmar Mês atrás
it was like Interdimenasional extrapolator in the Flash series. maybe Marvel is also planning to do crysis on Infinite Earths. :-))
AmazingFantasizer Mês atrás
That’s pretty cool I don’t know why I didn’t notice that
Pranay Kumar
Pranay Kumar Mês atrás
Good observation buddy...
BeActive Behappy
BeActive Behappy Mês atrás
@PeinSama you articulated what I wanted to say !!
#Dark Phantom
#Dark Phantom 15 dias atrás
this man took "Once you see it,you can't unsee it" to a whole nother level
Rohan Lalka
Rohan Lalka Mês atrás
He watched the movie at 0.25x, In contrast i watched at 1.75x, so i did watch it under 72 mins whereas it took him probably 504 mins. He's totally insane!!!
Kirius Mês atrás
Amazing work. Didn't notice most of these. But I've got one more for you (perhaps you just left it out): When Scarlet Witch kills Charles Xavier it looks as if she breaks his neck, but she actually rips of the top of his head which is easy to miss at regular speed.
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Vic Miko
Vic Miko Mês atrás
18:18 wasn’t her true witch form it’s just the perfect face structure matching with the upper lighting and the red eyes , it’s just giving horror element , u can tell because when she walks foward it fades away
Pottah Boy
Pottah Boy 18 dias atrás
I realised that when Strange uses his "show the monster magic" to the octopus, the eye of Agamotto opens a bit
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray 25 dias atrás
Honestly as flawed as Doctor Strange is he's probably one my top 5 favorites.
Mohammed abdul razakh
I am literally shouting out wow here.. for the insane amount of details they captured and for you to notice and explain them.
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John Gentley
John Gentley 21 dia atrás
I thought it was a cool detail that when traveling between worlds it looked like glass breaking, this sorta related to the What If series as the Watcher would look at the multiverse at a glass like substance
Oscar Castañon Faviel
That detail of Wanda actually looking like a witch and appearing normal through magic is amazing, I would've never noticed. Specially in that underground scene where Dr. Strange floods the tunnel.
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Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Mês atrás
you definitely gave us something we haven't seen, Lad, i especially loved the continuity on the different ultron PoVs in the illuminati fight sequence
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Lewis Jenkins
Lewis Jenkins Mês atrás
I believe strange has a photographic/ great memory, so he might still remember the darkhold.
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Rohith Teja
Rohith Teja 28 dias atrás
There's so much ambiguity over how Scarlet Witch managed to win over Maria's captain Marvel. Some say she willed her powers to be absorbed, some say she just absorbed like Agatha did. Well, I believe the first to be true. It's because, Captain Marvel should possess a similar kinda power, To absorb kinetic energy..But The fact here is that Wanda never attacked her she was just defending her. It prompted her to take control of the power Maria's just giving out.
Wesleeroth hidden
Wesleeroth hidden 25 dias atrás
I hope that the alternate Wanda comes back. Just imagine how ruined her life was from 616 universes abuse of her body. She is basically framed for the murder of the greatest heroes of her universe.
yuukitaiyou Mês atrás
Another thing to notice is how every Strange variant is shown with a cape except for Defender Strange, which could mean that Defender Strange has an entirely diferent set of magical item that selected him as its master.
Blake Capson
Blake Capson Mês atrás
It was setting up the Cloak of the Souls of the Damned
Nolan Navada
Nolan Navada Mês atrás
14:20 that's what she said
Collin Sausville
Collin Sausville Mês atrás
@Shadow 138 oh yeah. My bad I got them mixed up.
Shadow 138
Shadow 138 Mês atrás
@Collin Sausville that’s supreme strange tho not defender strange
Collin Sausville
Collin Sausville Mês atrás
If you look at the titan scene, Mr fantastic can be seen holding a blue cape, which I think is dr strange’s
sto doew
sto doew Mês atrás
Thank you for the work you put into it!
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Neiman 9 horas atrás
10:03 I Dont Know If Someone Has Pointed This Out Yet But The Portal Behind Them Looks Like A Star
Bhargava N H
Bhargava N H 25 dias atrás
You've missed one major yet minor detail. When Wanda burns Book of vishanti at the intersection point before sending Dr strange and palmer to sinister strange's universe, in 0.25z we can see that one page which burnt there was a star symbol indicating that only America Chavez is the best to win against Wanda. so it happens at the end.
HopefulAardvark Studios
I caught a couple of the details you did just by watching it once but you definitely showed me way more 😁 I honestly thought that Defender Strange’s powers were blue simply because he was from a different universe. I noticed the star from the rock America stomped on. I like your theory about the cape but I do think that would’ve been a bit cruel considering the cape is sentient 😅 Thanks for making these videos. Every time a new Marvel movie comes out I ALWAYS look forward to your breakdowns of these tiny amazing details. I honestly watched your .25x speed videos as basically a partner show with WandaVision and it was the best way to watch that show.
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Mr. Mês atrás
I really like how they manage to keep every movie kind of connected to other movies and the details they make in doing that.
WeAre Harbinger
WeAre Harbinger 13 dias atrás
@Rondale Gray And you are? I'm not making these movies because one, i don't work in that industry and two, even if I did, i'd never want to be attached to this shite. I ask these questions because i have this thing called a working human brain. IT has the ability to think logically. Yours, apparently does not.
Rondale Gray
Rondale Gray 13 dias atrás
@WeAre Harbinger There are unlimited universes, asking questions like that is ridiculously asinine. This is why you’re commenting and not actually making any of these movies.
Mk Gayak
Mk Gayak 25 dias atrás
This is both a virtue and a curse of MCU, it makes the watchers obligated to watch every of their film but it’s also amazing how they connect them
Chris Nolan
Chris Nolan Mês atrás
@Fyn Kozari that's easily explained. That guy was so mesmerized by the giant octopus that he kept coming back for a closer look and regretting it instantly. Duh. XD.
Sayeed1601 but munches curry
One thing I noticed when watching this was when America, Strange and Christine found the book of vishanti, before it got destroyed you could see a star on the page indicating that the thing needed to defeat Wanda was America all along, and I noticed that without 0.25x speed
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 4 dias atrás
13:50 You must be right that he never made it down to Wakanda (or wherever the Soul Stone was in this universe) because he is missing that stone from his gauntlet.
• Spirit Creator •
The two sorcerers weren't making a sheild they were creating a mirror trap and you missed the detail of Wanda throwing red magic in the mirror dimension when she threw the red magic you can see spikes growing on the floor
Galvawave 841
Galvawave 841 Mês atrás
I find it amazing how even though I saw the film in IMAX, I never noticed the hydra insignia detail until this video
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Túlio Tonheiro
Túlio Tonheiro Mês atrás
This breakdown simply shows how everyone is wrong when saying it would be impossible for Captain Marvel to be killed by a statue. You, sir, needs more love just for this
WeAre Harbinger
WeAre Harbinger 27 dias atrás
@John Lee That doesn't explain anything. You yourself said Agatha had the darkhold, which means she should be more powerful than Wanda, but Wanda defeats her (pretty easily), and then somehow gets the darkhold. Which she was already more powerful than. I is a continuous loop of nonsense because it was just a plot device they invented for the TV show.
John Lee
John Lee 27 dias atrás
@WeAre Harbinger wanda overpowered her because just like agatha said wanda can cast spells without incantation also she have a reality warping powers so she can also avsorb Agatha's power
WeAre Harbinger
WeAre Harbinger Mês atrás
@John Lee I don't know, because its not explained. Making assumptions that MIGHT be true means it was not explained adequately, or in this case, at all. If Agatha had the darkhold, then Wanda wouldn't have overpowered her.
John Lee
John Lee Mês atrás
@WeAre Harbinger she do that using the darkhold at salem witch trial where do you think agatha learns how to absorb other enemies powers
Varun Patil
Varun Patil Mês atrás
Guys wanda not just use her photon power but use spells on it that's why captain Marvel didn't absorb it
SLAYER 0.117
SLAYER 0.117 2 dias atrás
17:48 Here Wanda didn't break his neck, she sliced the head in two
Rohith Teja
Rohith Teja 28 dias atrás
2. Even tho, Charles said ' They defeated Thanos together(they+ Supreme Strange), here it mostly seemed like Strange did all the work. They were present there posing without a scratch fighting Thanos with his armour and Infinity gauntlet. So either he's lying or it's continuity error. I believe Supreme Stange did kill Thanos after all. That prompted Illuminati to realise how dangerous he could be when he decides to go Evil. It's really superb that you mentioned Strange just trapped her inside some glass world, you didn't mention mirror dimension. It's cuz It's not, Mirror dimension still holds the key in containing threats . You cannot just have your way by going through the reflections like it's some ghost movie. Cool video as always.
Syukri Imran
Syukri Imran 24 dias atrás
Holy shit!! Strange in Charles universe already posses the dark hole.. like he could be much more to kill Illuminati for example; use the dark magic or casting some spell. This prove to me that, Mordo was the caused for strange to posses the dark hole for him to be soccerer supreme!
Shantanu Puradkar
Shantanu Puradkar 17 dias atrás
19:00 Dr strange has photographic memory as he says in his previous movies refering that he might not need dark hold to dream walk as he knows the spells
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 21 dia atrás
11:42 damn like holy shit, steven manage to use Darkhold and completed his mission by killing thanos without losing his mind unlike wanda who is corrupted and doing every killing spree to take bsck his children, this is exactly what ancient one said to bruce that stephen was meant to be the best of us" dude can literally became a monster if he wants to
Hobbyist Anonymous
Hobbyist Anonymous Mês atrás
When I saw this in theaters I was thinking Mr Fantastics death just didn’t make sense. Turing him into noodles wouldn’t actually kill him. His body can literally mold into any shape. When I watched it again I noticed once she got to his head she actually blew it up. That made so much more sense. I also like how they made it look like she was using the reality stone.
BushLemur99 2 dias atrás
@Janatsak her powers came from the mind stone though didn’t they? They showed it in Wandavision I think
Laun Sallee
Laun Sallee 23 dias atrás
@Ola Gente ye, they aren’t noodles but they are snakes. That’s why they move
Ola Gente
Ola Gente 27 dias atrás
Presiona el botón de traducir En realidad si te fijas,las partes de Reed aún se mueven
TheSteelSquid 29 dias atrás
I don't think it's like plastic man where bits of himself can survive separated. He's stretchy, but if you cut a limb off or shred him that should do the trick like stretch Armstrong 😔
Simon8463 Mês atrás
@Janatsak Yep, I think alike, reality stone can be absorbed like Jane did in Thor the Dark World. And Wanda knows how to destroy an infinity stone. Where did he get it? Check the infinity gauntlet at 13:33.
Stor Speaker
Stor Speaker Mês atrás
Hi Ladd!! At 14:02, it could also be a nod to Stevens original cape. In the comics, his first Cloak of Levitation was blue, but a lot less powerful then the original red. This could be a nod to the comics and recognizing that Steven was powerful enough to not need the full extent. Also, there is the theory that the patch used for 616 Strange was part of the fabric used by the Fantastic Four. The adaptable cloth I think? Love the video!!
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Shaz Masud
Shaz Masud Dia atrás
Well done for how much time and effort you put to make this video👍👍👍👍
Wanda is still alive At the end when the rubble of falling on her the camera shows the whole view from the sky and we can see one extra red shield made by wanda which I believe is for protecting herself from a stone she didn't see coming.
Enigma 9 dias atrás
Everytime I watch this movie it becomes more and more of a horror movie 😂
Spider-midget6932 Mês atrás
I always feel so proud when I spot a detail in the movie and then see you mention it in your videos
Rayzer Maniac
Rayzer Maniac Mês atrás
The amount of dedication to watch a movie at 0.25x speed is commendable. For a 1.5 hour movie that makes it a 6 hour job, not including any times that you think you spotted something so you rewind to double check.
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lumpyspacecadet Mês atrás
The ability to absorb other people's magic comes from the Darkhold, doesn't it? I think if Defender Strange was able to take America's power for his own, he would have had to also been using The Darkhold in order to be able to do it. That would explain why he didn't have the Cloak of Levitation, just like Sinister Strange. The Cloak draws the line at over-use of the Darkhold. Defender Strange really was a bad guy.
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P.A.W.S The Traveling Gamer
Reed Richards :smartest man in the universe Reed Richards : takes all possible victory and throws it out the winder.
TheRealRevelation 24 dias atrás
I would think that Wanda knew what vibrainiam shield can do from the time she spent with Ultron (and they were going around getting vibrainiam).
Menno gaming channel
Menno gaming channel 25 dias atrás
It’s so awesome how the Illuminati was able to take down thanos even with two or three infinity stones if you go in 13:52
Gabriel Furio
Gabriel Furio 21 dia atrás
At 17:47 where the part Wanda kills Proffesor X, she doesn't break his neck. She actually rips his head in half but you can't notice it very well because of the smoke and quick cut.
SnowbenXD 27 dias atrás
Theres a small detail where when in the scene where it shows supreme strange after the fight of thanos you can see in the gauntlet he doesnt have the soul stone and thats because the Ultron project was a success so Vision never existed so there was no soul stone
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